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Star trek the universe holiday special

U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log, it seams that a lot of societies on several different planets have different kind of festivities during this time of year. There is christmast ,winter solstice ,Chanukah, kwansza and others . on Vulcan there is a solum ceremony commemorating the establishment of a government based on the philosophy of surek. The andoriens have a festival witch name is unprononcible but it appears that it is loosely translated conflugation of eyelids. Not much is known about it. ” captain Norris said.
“The crew of enterprise is from multiple backgrounds and traditions. I have decided to hold a dinner in the rec room. The crew has been though a lot recently. The attack by the one true path that killed the captain and others . the mass crises and it’s after math. Then the zombie situation. Right now we are in a survey of Klingon space effected by the mass. It is fairly routine. I am hoping that the crew can take advantage of this down time.”
“On a personal note I can’t help but think of my childhood. As a kid Jason and I waking up my presents as early as possible. Then when becca was born getting her involved. I remember coming home from the academy the night before and getting up with my younger siblings .Sense Jason died and then. Rebbeca mind was altered by one true path it is just not the captain it is my job to respond to the emotional wellbeing if my crew as well as physical wellbeing. I have to put aside my desire to go crawl in a hole. ” Ben Norris said.
Rec room
Dr. Carol Marcus was setting up a plant by the door. “Carol ! Go easy !”lt. Commander Jim Kirk said. “Jim I’m fine . I can do this!”she said. “I know that. ” Kirk said. “I am pregnant not dead. I can handle this . I am setting up holiday decorations not taking on the sheliek. ” Carol told him.
Kirk laughed. “Ok ! ” he said. The door opened,several crewman brought in trees and other decorecations.
Another set of crewman brought in a large satue . “what is that?” Dr. Elizabeth  dahner asked. “It is the telleeite symbol of fertility. We want to honor all cultures . we have multiple telleeite serving on the ship. ” Dr. Piper said.
“I am aware of that . it is really gawdy?” Liz said. “Wait until the Klingon Santa Claus arrives!” terasha said . “this is going to be really strange isint it?” Liz asked .”oh yes!” yeoman Smith said .
People came in and out. People brought equipment in and out of the rec room. It was a buz of activity. People were doing this on there off time.Manny. found it to be relaxing . there were those. Who. Did not.
Addison Ryan and her. Young son and daughter put up a smal tree. They put on decorations they made.  Three bolien children and two kiterian. Put up decorations they made.
“We have quite a baby boom. On the ship!” Christine chapel commented. “I had planed to be returning to earth after a breef visit.there has been a change of plans for now. ” Ryan said . ” your stil. Planing to. Return to earth eventuality?” Smith asked. “We are still in discussion on that. ” Addison said.
” where is the captain? I figured that he would. Be hear.  He ordered the event. ” Lee kelso said. 
The captain decided to avoid the holiday hoopla.he supported the idea of holiday party. He came up with the idea. He would participate but not go all out.
Odd. He tgought . last year captain Conklin held one.they were in a survey mission. Rebecca dragged him and her husband to. Get a tree on a planet they were studying. The tree made humans break out In hives.  They. Had to use e.v.a suits to beam it off the ship. It sheaded. They had to made the rec room off limits to. Humans and the party was held in the briefing room.  He laughed. This year was different. Conklin was dead, the. First officer convolescing on earth. Elese Vernon had to have all her limos amputated.  Rebecca hospitalized on Elba and her husband dead. How things Had changed.
” you ok Ben?” lt. Mia bolt asked.”I use to love Christmas. Then Jason died. I was just starting to like it again. Becca did not give me or my brother in law a choice.  ” Ben said.
“She did not give any of US a choice. ” mia said. ” this year I just don’t feel it. !” Ben. Norris. Said. 
  “Are you going to. Not attend. Mr. Spock?” Gary mitchel asked. “I am not sure.  In Years. Past I have not. ” Spock said . ” he usually volunteers to command the bridge. ” mia said.
Rec room.
Kolona entered. She had just been turned into a zombie. Her recovery was difficult. The vaccine made. Her sick to her. Stomach.  She was finally on the mend. 
” how are you feeling?” lt. Commander gioto asked. “Better !” she said. “Glad to hear it. ” Dr. Shall said . ” has anyone seen kalera?” jesshop asked. “S he has kept a low profile. Lately..” ensign Davis said. “I thought she might to be romulunafi. The festivities. ” Kylie said. ” great! Something Gray. ” Davis said .
  Captain Norris did. Put in some Turkey in the galley. He made a green marshmallow salid.   He brought it to the rec room. Music was playing. There was. Various. Music from Manny cultures.
Some stil wore there uniforms. Others wore civilian clothing.Addison wore a blue green. Multi. Patterned dress.  Mia wore a pink dress.
Spock came in. “Spock your coming this year?” Gary Michel asked. “Yes Mr. Mitchel. Please do not gloat! ” Spock. Said. ” I would not dream of it. ” Gary said.
“Welcome to the holiday celebration 2266. We have Had a hard year. We have lost search friends but have had new editions. We. Have list much but gained mutch. We are now working with the romulans and Klingon and tholuens.   (Xi nodded) we are stronger even with all that has happened. We have made it so let’s celebrate together. ” he said.
There Was food laughing. Gary went over to Liz. “Care to dance doc?” Gary asked. “I don’t know gare. Dancing with a walking freezer unit could. Pose a risk to your health.” Liz asked .”you ever going to let that go?” Gary asked .”we will see. Come on.” she Said. Liz took her hand and they went to the dance floor.
Aaron and terasha started to dance. They were newly weds sort off. It was clear. Yeoman Smith asked the security chief to dance. Hallak eat a lot but contacted the engine room every ten minutes making sure everything was fine. The engine wach commander “loved” that.
After a while the door opened, kalera entered. She wore a purple dress. She had braided her hair. Things had become odd between her and the captain. They were heading towards a relationship until it was revealed that she fired the shot that led to his brother’s death.
They looked at each other but moved on. She went to a far off table . Addison went over to the captain. “Ben with all due respect your being a but head . go talk to her. ” Addison said .”how can I possibly get over that? ” Ben asked.”you just do !” she said.
The door opened. Kor came in with a large targ. “If your getting tired if bird meet.I have teal food. Happy festivities!”kor said. The animal was stil living mostly. The crew decided not to decline.
Norris thanked the Klingon commander. Ben went over to kalera. ” want to dance?” he asked.she smiled. They went hand in hand to the dance floor.
The end.
Mary Christmast!