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Advocate P’mok and the jilted promichai

On qonos,a defense attorney was considered one of the worst occupations one could have. Defense lawyers almost never won a case. Most Klingon trials ended with a guilty verdict. Most were show trials.
No one wanted to be a defense attorney. In the past when the warrior cast was just starting to take over,lawyers hoped to use the law to stop the takeover. That ended a long time ago. Those who did practice law in the empire knew there jobs were useless.
P’mok loved being a lawyer. He hated the system. He did not believe in lying to his client’s. He was not as bothered if he was prety sure that they were guilty. If he was sure that they were innocent ,he hated it.
This case was far worse. This was hus coursing. They were raised as siblings. She was like his sister. He was certain that even if she was innocent,that was probably nothing he could do about it.
He was able to visit his client . he had to visit her In her cell. He had to speak to her with oversight by guards.
“I am glad you are hear!”curia said. “Curia I wish this has not happened. “He said. “I am innocent.I did not kill him!”she said. “Please tell me you have an aliby!”he said. “I am afraid I don’t. I was alone when the crime was said to have ocured. “She said.
“You put me in a bad position. I have never won a case. Not guilty verdicts are rare. “He said.
“I am innocent. “She said.”I know that. I am bound by the way things are not as I want them to be!”he said “if you have overwhelming evidence the judge would have to dismis the charges. “She said. “It would have to be beyond compelling. “He said.
“Will you take my case?”she asked.”I cannot refuse you. I am bound by family honor and by personal conviction. I won’t lie to you. Slaying a targ assimilated by the Borg would be easier. “P’mok said
“So it’s over. I am doomed just like that. There is no hope?”curia asked her cousign and lawyer. “Not that I can see. “He said.
P’mok never menaced words. He told it like it was. She appreciated his honesty. She wished that it was not true.
After his meeting with his client he arranged to meat the advocate for the sate. Advocate chipok considered himself a warrior for the law. He saw the courtroom as a battle field. As a prosecutor he was almost always a winner. It was an unfair fight. Everone knew it.
“Advocate P’mok !”the proscicutor said. “Advocate chipok. I assume you will be leading the prosecution ?”P’mok asked. “Of course I will . I would not leave a case like this to an underling. “He said.
“I did not think so. Look this case is hardly what humans call a slam dunk. This should be an actual trial not a show trial. The evidence is not there to convict. There is what humans refer to as responsible doubt. “The defense laser declared.
“We do not have that criteria in the Klingon justice syistom. ” the proscicutor said. “It irrational  to assume that she is guilty.”he insisted. “We have motive,ability to have commited the crime. There us sufficient evidence to warrant such a verdict. The chancellor Is working on a judicial reform but it has not yet passed. The old syistom stands!”he said
. “so curia gets executed and that is just how it goes!”the defense lawyer said. “The best I can is to forgo the death penalty. “He said. “Let me gues, she will be sent to aurora pentae. A death sentence by any other name. Sorry !”he said.
“You should take this to your client.under the circumstances it is a good deal!”he said. “I won’t waste my client time!”he said.
He thanked him for his time. Then he left the office. He knew that it was a long schot. He needed overweliming evidence proving her innocence. That was a tall order.
P’drak was once a promising warrior. His arm was lost in a battle. He was deemed unworthy to serve in The k.d.f. . he decided to offer private security to whatever house would hire him. It was usually smaller houses. Then there was p,mok. P”mok had plenty of work but he was limited in what he could pay. It was usually a barter syistom. It was usually useles junk. All of all the recess he could have been born into it turned out to be Klingon.
P,drak spent a lot of time at the bar. He was not quite a drunkard but he drank more then was socially  aceptible. Power dreaded p’drak. Almost as much as the man he found himself working for more then he wanted.
“You know you could work anywhere in the galaxy and be sucesfull yet you chose to stay in The empire!”the bartender said. “I know .I am a patriot. I love the empire!”he said. “You know your a sap!”the bartender said. “I do. Doi really want to be successful in the nighbrite alience. There unofficial moto is paperwork is next to godliness!”he said.
“Hey !”a waitress said.”if p”mok wants me I am not available! “The investigator said. “He says it is urgent!”The female waitress said.”it is always urgent with him. That job on the nighbrite alience looks pretty good right now!”he said .
Against his better judgement,he went to the office of p,mok. He went to see his usual boss.the lawyer explained the situation to the private detective.
“You got to be kidding me? You took the case of curia? You realize gired Is a war hero. He is beloved by warrior and comon person. I mean duras and the Borg and the dominion are slightly more popular then curia. I thought you wanted to improve the image of lawyers in the empire. The only thing worse then this is becoming good will ambassadors for the romulans.”he said.
“She is family! She is a consign by birth but she is my sister. I cannot abandon her. I May not be a warrior but I am a child of keyless.horror demands I act on her behalf “he said.
“She could be guilty?”p’dark suggested.”she is not. “He said.”I know martok is working on reforming the justice system but this case could put it on the back burner. Leave this case behind. “He said.
“I can’t.I won’t. You going to help me or shook hire someone else ?”the lawyer asked. “As the humans say if we don’t hang together we will hang sepritly. I will get on it.”he said.

To be continued.
My inspiration for p’drak is Paul drake. Drake was the private detective on the show Perry Masson.


The jilted pormachi part two.

Home of gired.
House of qotim.
Jorsa was a house keeper for the family. She loved and adored both the farther and son. She was going to check the room. She knocked on the door. Usually if gired was in the room, he would say if she could enter or not. She decided to enter.
She found him dead. A Klingon even one of a non warrior cast did not scream. No matter what. She found the captain of the gourd.
The Klingon high command sent the brotherhood of the sword criminal investigation unit. They quickly converged on the site. Colnel trag was placed in command the investigation.
He interviewed the house keeper. He interviewed the captain of the gourd and the security force.
“No one was admitted to the property prior to the murder?”trag asked “no sir ! No one tried to or were admitted!”captain jetair a answered. “Your certain ?”the colonel asked. “On the hourner of kahless I speak the truth!”the official said.
“What about transporters?” the investigating colonel asked. “We are checking. Our internal scanners do not scan for dominion devices.there are method of transportation that mat not be detected. “The head of the private force said.
“I want to know the minute you have something!”the colonel said. “Of course sir!”jetair told them.
“There is one person you should be talking to !” gired’s brother said. “Who is that ?”the colon asked.”Churia a non noble member of society. She threatened his life in front of his pre engagement procession. “Cholark informed him.  “You suspect this individual carried out the crime?”trag asked. “She threatened his  life. Now he is seams prety clear to me !” huleer his sister said.
“These non aristocratic citizens think that a polite content is a pledge of mating. They get confused easily. They can become very impulsive. “Qotim the head of the house said. He had been silent up to this point.
  “We will look into that. I an interested in justice. The killer Will be brought to justice regardless of class or standing in society. I will have you know I was not noble born nor are most of my staff. We all have vowed to serve the empire in an honourable fashion including chancellor Martok also of non noble blood!” the colonel said.
The head of the family ignored the colonels statement. The colonel could tell that he was irritated by the statement. While qotim was a superior officer the colonel saw him as a political apouinte not a fellow soldier of the empire.
The investigation had began in Ernest. The probe was going forward. “Sir! You have been summoned to see advocate Chipok!” an underling said.
“I hate it when superiors meddle in our affairs. We are in the middle of a criminal investigation. I have to leave it for a meeting. Its like what kahless once said’the death of the empire will be from endless meetings!”the colonel said. “He never said that!” a Jr officer said.”he would have had he had similar events in his day!”the colonel in charge said.
Office of public advocate Chipok
“Sir!”the colonel said. “Be seated !”the prosecutor instructed him. The military officer was reluctant to sit but decided to comply.
“Why have you not arrested Churia?”the head prosecutor asked.”the. Investigation is not complete. There is no direct evidence linking her to the crime !”the colonel declared.
“She threatened his life in front of thousands of people in the streets of the capital. Now he is dead.I see no reason not to have het charged.”Chipok said.
“I need to be able to conduct a through investigation. Please let me do my job!”the colonel pleaded.
“I see cause to arrest Churia.I order you to do so at once!”the prosecutor asked. “This is too early in the investigation. I ask you not to give that order. “The colonel said. “I disagre. I see plenty of evidence to justify going forward. I will not ask you again. My orders will be followed.
“I must object !”the colonel said.”your objection is noted.will you follow my orders?”the prosecutor asked. “Yes sir. Your orders will be followed ‘s is!’the colonel said
“A wise decision !”the prosecutor said.
Churia was walking with her friend though the streets of the business district of qamche.she had no idea that gired was dead.
Sudenly they were swrounded by Klingon military officers. Curia arms were placed into large wooden restraints.”what is going on?”her friend asked. “She is charged with murder!” the lead officer declared.
She was escorted to the local lock up. The cells were cold and damp. She asked for a lawyer. Her cousign was a lawyer. He was not very good. He had never won a case. Then again few lawyers in the Klingon empire did. Klingon trial we’re not known to be fair and impartial.
P’mok was at a cafe ran by a Vulcan. Kitomer three opened up trade and interaction between the federation and the empire. Surprising the cafe was quite popular.even the chancellor frequinted the establishment as did the clone of kahless who Sat as emparor.
“I should practice law in the federation. Then I have a chance to win !”p’mok said. “The greater a challenge the greater the victory. This is just another battle field!”his assistant drelia said . “now you sound like Chipok!.” he said.
“In this he is correct. The law is a battlefield. You have to keep pushing. Besides the council is going to debate marrok’s judicial reform package. “She said. “Mayby I am not really a fighter like my esteemed college who represents the sate. Perhaps I am a paper tiger after all!”he said.
“I have never believed that. I don’t think you do either!”the Secretary said. A Klingon security officer went to the cafe.
“Advocate p’mok?” the officer asked. “Yes! “He asked. “Curia has been arrested for murder! She has asked for you to represent her!”he said.
He and his cousign had always been close. They were raised as brother and sister after her farther died. He liked her. Now she was good as dead. An arrest on son is was a conviction. Not even a good lawercould help her and he was not a good lawyer.
End of part two.

Advocate p’mok and the case of the jilted parmochi

Planet qonos
Curilia was walking the streets of the capital city. She went though the market. She walking fruits and vegtibles. She enjoyed the imported foods from bolias. The pro federation government on qonos has increased trade with the federation . while curia was apolitical,she did love bolien produce. She hopped that the trade continued.
She heard a ruckus.on the Klingon home world,a commotion like this usually ment that a legendary warrior was returng from a conquest. Either that or a warrior that was legendary in his one mind and needed confirmation form the mrsses so he would organize a magshift perade. Klingons loved pageantry so they would join in no matter what. It was hardly a gauge of one standing in imperial society.
She decided to see what was going on. Sure enough there was an extensive throng.
Sh saw that it was thought admiral qotim . qotim’s rank was mostly ceremonial. His grandfather had been a fleet admiral who commanded several raids against the federation,Romuluns and the keel. Qotim lived off of his family glory. He was more successful at the chessboard then the battle field.
She had no idea what the fuss was all about. She asked a friend of hers. “Kuri what is going on?”curia asked. “The thought admiral is celebrating the parmoch of his son gired and the lady huela !” she said.
“They have become parmochi ?”she said. “Aperently. Why does she get him? “Her friend said.
Unlike his farther gired was a genuine war hero. He disabled a scrudrin of jemheder fighters with just four birds if prey. Not only that Klingon women found him irresistible. Everyone women wanted to be mated with him.
Curia got very angery. Not academic wage but a furias wage. A wage combrible to Gary Mitchell after he was subjected to the energy barrier at the center of the galaxy.
What no one knew was that she and gired had caried on a secret romance for quite some time. Despite his great grand farther military success,the family were comoninors. They had planed to be formerly we’d. Then the Klingon’s brief war with the federation over archanis and then the dominion war broke out. He joined the k.d.f he rose to a Commodore. It seem the hype had gone to his head.
Lady hurla was a member of an aristocratic family.rumors were that th family patriark had been a soldier who served under simple considered the greatest emperor second only to kahless himself. Marying him would be a huge boon both to gired and his farther.
Before the war gired had been a man of horror. His New fame had gotten to his head. She was furias.she moved on. “Curie whare are you going?” her friend asked.
She headed for the throng. Gired was with his betrothed. Both sets of presents were present. She went right up to gired.
“How could you? You scheming furengi romulina hybrid!”Curia said.”please let me explain!”gired pleaded. “He has no time for you! Your not women enough for him!”huela said.”he is not interested in you only your land,and prestege. “Curia said.”my son is a giant he has no time for a peasant!”gired farther said. ” well if I can’t have him,no one can! You are a dead man!”she said .she ran off.
Admiral qotem wanted her placed under arrest but gired would not hear of it. They tried to get him to reconsider but he would not.
She told her friend what happened.”Curie that is a really bad idea to threaten the life of a war hero. “Her friend said “I know. He was a man of hournor before. Now he is drunk with power. He used to make fun if people like huela. He would not even be in the same room as her let alone marry her. ” she said .
After a time gired returned to the family estate. He went into his private study. He ordered his body gourds not to let anyone into his office.
Klingon hated paper work. It was necessary. Gired had to clean up the mass made by his father. He was a terrible accountant and administrator. Gired had to correct it. It was a full time job keeping the house of qotim a float.
He heard a noise.he turned around.a dager was pushed into him. He fell to the ground. He died shortly after.
The war hero. A future leader of the Klingon empire.dead. had done it?
To be continued.