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Legend of zarcan 

New vulcan 

Five years after the destruction of vulcan by nero. 

When the nerada was burowing though the planet, the vulcan government tried to upload as much from thr archives as they could. Most of the archives were back up on memory alpha but some of it was not. A lot of the information had not been shifted though yet. 

A vulcan in a robe entered.  “I am far away. I wish to view the archives! ” the hooded man said. “Folow me!” the clerek said.

The visitor followed the clerek into the archives. The clerek got him into the archives central computor. The visitor wated for the clerek to move away. 

The visitor wanted privacy. He was doing things that he did not want the clerek to see. He was carefull. He did not want to arose suspicion.  

He was skiled with technology.  He knew how to get around a computor terminal. He got right to work. He was able to hack into thr archives. He got to files that were off limits to most but senior clereks. He knew how to get pass the secuity system. After going though several computor archives, he saw what he was looking for. He activated it. 

“It was called the age of zarcon. Before the reforms of surek,vulcan was governed by mind lords. Tribal leaders who used there mind and influence to rule reigions of the planet. With infigting between various factions, and the advancements of technology, vulcan seamed destwned to choas.” the comoutor vioce said.

“150 years before surek,one of the mind lords saught to unite vulcan.not in peace but by the sword. ” 

In the archive,a masive army was assembled. This army was all loyal to one man. The army perpared to move on. The vulcans had also asembled a fleet of ships. 

“Zarcon son of zerfat. Zarcon was the son of a mind lord. He took over the family and became mind lord upon his farthers death. He joined with other tribal leaders and became a regonal power. ” 

“At first many tribal leaders embraced zarcon. As zarcon and his folowers desended futher ,many war lords wilingly terned over there land to zarcon. He became a regonal king. He consolidated his power and created one cohesive army.”.

“Nearby war lords fearing the influence of zarcon banded together to opose him. A huge battle near the plains of zorbad resulted in a huge victory for zarcan. ” 

“Zarcan became ruller of vulcan. At first his power was undisputed. He became very impulsive. He waged war on anyone who oposed him. Using telipathic weapons he suceeded. He even taunted the andorians. ”

“Peace of zarcan did not last long. Masive insurections broke out. It became all out war. The weapons got more and more deadly. This included nuclear weapons. None of the factions had any qaums about using weapons of mass destruction.any weapons including biological or chemical were able to be used and were. Vulcan were on the brink of destruction. ”

“Then surek taught non violence,limiting the use of telipathic abilities and logic and non emotion. Surek’s influence grew. Zarcan ruled on fear. Surek was able to circumvent his power. Zarcon was forced to flea. Rurmors were he esaped from vulcan and went elsewhere.”

“Some beleve he was killed on vulcan. Some beleve he died on romulous. Some beve he died in exile. His fate is not known” the comoutor said.

The clerek turned around. He had been doing other things. “Sir! This file is off limits. How did you get in there?” the clerek asked. 

The hooded man went for the clerek.the clerek tried to fight back.the man was knocked out. Th hooded man used the famious vulcan nerve pinch. The man uplouded various datta into a smal device. Finaly the upload was complete.he then purged the files. The entire archive deeling with zarcan was erased. The hooded man removed the hood of his tunic. He was a vulcan.he pulled out his communicator and fliped it open.

“Sybok! This is ston, i have the data. ” he said. “Good work . stand by for transport. ” the superior said. The man was beemed up.

On a secret ship, the commander looked over the data ston obtaned. “Now we fulfil our destiny. Helm set course for the prosser nebula.” sybok ordered.the pilot set the course.  The ship was off. 

Prosser nebula 

The area was remote.  It was not near any major power or miner ones.there were habited planet. All of them were pre warp some even pre industerial. It was the petfect hiding spot. 

“Now entering the nebula.” t’pring reported. “All stop! ” sybok ordered.  “We are now at all stop.” the helm officer xon reported. “Begin the scan!” sybok ordered.

T’pring had been a leading mind of vulcan. Though young she was considered to be a future leadibg scientific mind thoughout vulcan society. She attended the vulcan science academy and joined the faculty staf. Then the destruction of vulcan by nero. It changed her.

She would never considered abandoning the philosophy of surek.when she met sybok she decided to hear him out. She chose to join him. She rejected surek’s philosophy.  She embraced emotion.  She joined sybok. 

She continued the scan. She did deep scan. Then after extensive scans she found something. “I have something!  Sending coordinates to the helm. ” she said. “I have it.” xon said. “Take us there!” sybok ordered.

The vessel headed deeper into the nubula. Using a repulser beam three vessels are pulled out. “Sybok the vesels style and configuration confirn totaly to ships used during the time of surek. ” tpring said.

Sybok smiled and laughed. The crew on the bridge claped and cheered. The crew all smiled.

Sybok led the away team. He put stone im charge of the ship. They beemed down to the ships. 

“Sir! ” a vulcan said.sybok came over. “Look. Its zarcan!” he said.”he did survive. ” tpring said. “I hoped he had. “Sybok said. 

Zarcan was revived. The situation was explaned to him. He was not pleased with the situation. He already had an idea. 

End of part one. 

Sybok was the older son of sarek with a wife before amanda. He apeared in star trwk five played by lawerence lukinbin. The inclusion of star trek five in the st canon had ben called into question.  I believe that jj abrams has said that sybok is a canon character. 

Tpring was espoused to Spock in amock time but wantef ston.

Xon was a character created for phase two. He never apeared in a series except for the fan series phase two. 



Quizmaster the conclusion

A few minutes earlier 

“Excellentcy! We have located the Lexington! ” Durona said. “Good. We meet at last. No pretense. One warrior to another. Take me to him!”the quizmaster ordered. The vessel headed for the Lexington. The tunnel opened.the pilot took the combat ship into the tunnel. The ship though it. 

The vessel arrived in open space.”now in fireing range!”enreq the henchman said. “Fire!”the quizmaster said. The combat ship unleashed a berage of romulan style disruptor at the Lexington. The Lexington was hit on its left,right and center. 

U.s.s Lexington


“Damage reported on multiple decks. “Lucy hogen reported. “Shields at sixty five percent “Becky said. “Return fire!”the commadore ordered. The Lexington hit back. They fired multiple phasers at the warship. “We barely puts dent into that ship.” Donaldson said. “We are being hailed.”Lucy reported

He got up from the command chair. “On screen !”the commadore said. The com tech activated the view screen. On the view screen,the image of the bridge.the quizmaster was in the shoes. The quizmaster came out of the shadows. It was revealed that he was a romulan. The commadore recognized him.”rozek I figured the quizmaster would be hear. I was looking froward to meeting him!” He said sarcastically.

“There seams to some confusion hear commadore. You see I am the quizmaster.”rozek size. “What happened to the previous quizmaster?”Wesley asked. ” The first quizmaster was very colorful with his riddles and trivia questiones. He was a pirate. His raids were fairly petty. He was arested. He died in a romulan labor camp. I decided to take his place. I wanted to do it qietly. Make people think it was him. I wanted to stay anonymous. High command suspected I may be aiding him but they no idea that I was in charge of all this!”rozek said. 

“Why are you going after us. It was the preator and the Senate that banished you. Why target the federation?”wesley asked. “I am still a patriot. I am loyal to my home land just not those who govern it. If I can wage a successful war against the federation. The leaders on Romulus will have tow choices. Back me or be overthrown. A new order headed by me.”rozek said. 

“You have not won yet. I doubt your plan is going as you hopped.”Wesley said.”you think your prepared. You think you are safe. You are not. I am five steps ahead of you commadore.you will loose. You will lose life’s planets,even star systems! Your federation will be brought to its knees. You will have to make deviating concessions. Then. The Klingons,tholiens and other race will test you. Every major power will move against it. You won’t survive. “Rozek said. 

“Your qaurel is with the government on Romulus. It is not necessary to pick a fight with us!”Wesley insisted. “Oh but it is commadore. It must certainly is. You see in every epic all over the galaxy. There is a good guy and and a bad guy. The epic struggle. The romulan empire needs an enemy. You are that enemy. The Klingons don’t quite fit the bill. Eventually our empire will have to contend with each other but not today. Today we have a common enemy. The people need a rallying cry. I can give them a winable war. With the gateway technology and the talons and the mine I can devices the federation and destroy it. I am only sad that you won’t get to see it. You are going to die now!”he said.

The screen faded.the ship fired talons.a talon exploded near the warp core. The explosion spread. “Sealing off erected decks.”Donaldson said.”shields at thirty percent.”Becky said. “I want all non essential decks cleared . I want all non essential equipment deactivated. I want all the extra power I can. “Wesley said.”aye sir!”Baker said. 

The Lexington moved away. The Lexington fired phasers and photon torpedoes.the power was transfered. “Power transfer complete.”first officer Baker said. “Alright !Hear goes the hard part!”Wesley remarked. The Lexington fired the deflector dish. It pulled out the talon that hit the haul. The haul was sealed off with a force field. The talon was going by the defector dish to the warship.

The spent talon hit the warship. The talon was not as potent as it had been but still caused damage. The Lexington fired with phasers and photon torpedoes. The Lexington kept fireing and fireing.

“Come now Robert. That was good but you will still loose. Give up while you still can. Hail them!,”the quizmaster said. “Is this necessary! We can still outpower them!”the lead henchman said.” Follow my orders!”rozek insisted. 

“We are being hailed.”the com tech said.”on screen !”Wesley said. “Robert. You are very resourceful. To honor your skill I offer you a compromise. “Rozek said.”I’m listening!”Wesley said. “You agree to withdraw from the x zone and I will give you time to evacuate. A phased withdrawal over a year. By then the federation must be fully disengaged form this sector.”rozwrk said.”,that is a very fast reigon rozek. Your asking a lot!”Wesley said.”oh I am not asking. This area is mine from this point on. Either I will take it by force or you will give it to me. Either way it is mine.”he said.”no deal. End transmission!”Wesley ordered. 

“I was woried you were going to negotiate !”Baker said.”I listened . No I’m not giving away the store dylen. “Wesley said.”I did not think so.”Baker Said. ” The Lexington used the defector again. The Lexington fired a pulse at the warship. The Lexington fired on the com really. 

“There com relay is off line!”Donaldson said. “They can’t call for reinforcements.”Baker said. “Suppose they come if they don’t hear form them?”Becky said.”one issue at a time !”Wesley said. The Lexington opened the gateway. The Lexington was hit again. The Lexington blocked the entrance to the gateway. 

The Lexington was hit. “Shields at 11 percent.”Donaldson said.”we can’t keep taking these hits.”tonor said.”I am aware of that navigator. Now!”Wesley ordered.the science officer located the sauce of the gateway control on the ship. The device was destroyed.”they are trapped hear.”Donaldson said. 

The Lexington was hit. Several decks were hit. “Our shields are gone!”Becky said.” Dawn it. “Wesley said. The warship headed for the Lexington. “The are looting a collision course.”Donaldson said. The warship headed for the Lexington. Wesley pushed the helmsman’s aside.he sat in the helm. He dodged the warship.the ship tried to get away. The Lexington fired on the warship. The Lexington went inside the debre. The Lexington flew at warp speed towards the warship. The warship was hit. The Lexington fired a torpedo. The torpedo exploded. The Lexington went to warp. It got pass the warship. The warship exploded. 

“We have extensive damage on several decks. There are fires.”Donaldson reported.”send damage control to affected decks. “Wesley said. ” Aye sir.”hogen said. “We are not out of the woods yet. “Wesley said. “The quizmaster may be dead but the plot remains.”commander Baker said.

“We have the mines. We have the attacks. The plot involved a multi faceted invasion. Where is the bio weapons phase come from?”Wesley said.”my guess is will be a surprise attack. Perhaps form a freighter.”Donaldson said.”I a calling up all records of transport. Only one vessel has not reported in or accounted for. The Montana.,” Becky said.”where was the last known location of the Montana?”Wesley asked. “Near Iona base. “Donaldson reported.”that is on the course to the planet Alton. There are nine million people on that world. ” Baker said.”order all ships to locate the Montana. The Montana is to be considered a clear and deadly threat. “Wesley ordered. “Sending!”Lucy hogen said. “That ship is a deadly threat . My guess is that ship is on a suicide attack. That ship has to be destroyed. “Commadore Wesley ordered. 

The freighter neared Alton. The freighter stood ready to release it’s payload. The crew was not planning to survive this.They planed to die. It was about the cause. The cause would go on. The freighter boldly went towards the planet. The Lexington went at high warp. The Lexington was followed by other ships. The Lexington fired on the freighter. “The freighter has been retrofitted with advanced shielding.”,Donaldson reported.”why am I not surprised?”the commadore said. The freighter kept going. The Lexington and the other ships fired a volley on the freighter.

“Ship is unharmed.”Donaldson said. “Warn the planet !”Wesley ordered.”sending.”the com tech said.”the planet has an obital defence syistem.”Becky said..”it has never been tested for bio weapons.”Baker said. The freighter neared the planet. The obital platform fired a series of mistle at the freighter. The freighter was hit. The Lexington fired torpedoes at the freighter. Part of the freighter exploded. “Command module left the freighter.”Donaldson reported. “Man they never quit!” The commadore declared. 

The module got passed the mistle shield. The Lexington went at warp speed after the module. The Lexington fired a series of volleys at the module. The module was hit. The module exploded.”it ejected a small device.”Donaldson anounced.”destroy it!”Wesley ordered. The device exploded. 

“Commodore’s log, the high alert is still on while the fleet try to find the rest of those involved in the plot. The mines have been detected and removed. The romulan government deny involvement. The evidence points to former members of the imperial forces not current ones. The crises seams to slowly dying down. I hope that calm will be fully restored. For now that seams to be be happening. 

Quarters if wesley.

“I guess this old dog still has tricks up his sleeve !”,weesly said.”I never doubted that!”Julie said. He kissed his wife. 

The end

Robert wesly will return. 


An ancient ship carying followers of a pree Reformation Vulcan is recovered. The group plans to invade Vulcan and bring Vulcan back to its old ways. Now Robert Wesley now a governor on the colony of  mantilies is recruited to come back. He teams up with ambassador sarek to stop this threat. 

The quizmaster part two.

” commodore’s log,what we believed was a distress call from a cargo vessel may have been a diversion. The attack may have been to lure us away from there true target, star base 47. All attempts to contact the the base have failed. This is a grave concern to me. I am pulling all the stops to get there as soon as possible.” Wesley said. 

I am still detecting life signs. There is evidence of massive damage.”science officer Donaldson reported. “Detecting three vessels. All known designs used by pirates. We are now in weapons range.” Navigator tonner said. “Open fire!” The captian ordered. The Lexington fired phasers and photon torpedoes struck the nearest warship. The Lexington tried not to give time for the vessel to react. 

The Lexington was hit. The Lexington quickly fired back on the war ship. The base itself also hit back on the warship. ” We have an incoming vessel. “Donaldson reported. “Can you identify the ship?”Wesley asked. “Sir it’s the defiant!” Donaldson reported. 

The defiant imidietly joined the fray. They fired a massive volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the nearest warship. The Lexington shifted to two other nearby attack ships. The defiant then followed up and fired I. The warship. 

“Yorktown,Potemkin,and hood have arrived . They have already begun to be fire on the hostiles.” Donaldson reported. “Hit that lead ship Mr. Tonner. Spare no expense!”the commadore remarked. The Lexington fired a series of phasers blast followed up by photon torpedoes. The leadship was heavily damaged in key places. “Vessels are attempting to withdraw!” Donaldson reported. “Stay on um Mr. Braden! “Wesley ordered. The Lexington continued to Persue the leadship. The warship lunched a non incidiary mine. Star fleet corps of engineers had Nick named it a stinkbomb. The device mominterily blocked sensors. It was designed for ships to stage a get away. “They are gone right?” Wesley asked. “I am afraid so sir!”donaldson said. 

The commadore slammed his first on the command chair’s arm chair. “Sir! We are getting a message. Text only. Unknown source. ”  Com officer Lucy hogen reported. “Let’s hear it! “The commadore ordered. ” Who was behind the attack on s.b 47?” Hogen said. ” The quizmaster!”Wesley said.

Star base 47

The star base was a remote base out post on the edge of the federation. It was near non aligned space. It was a port of call,center of trade and vanguard for scientific research. It also served as a command post for the sector. The attack left sections of it in shambles. The station suffered casualties as well as damage to the property. Several more ships arived to offer aid . This included the medical ship murcy. The ships instantly sent aid. 

Conference room.

“I’m of. Collen archer. Acting commanding officer. Commadore neztbit is dead.”she said. “I am sorry to hear that Lt. The commadore was a friend of mine. I am saddened by her death. “Wesley remarked. ” Thank her sir. We are all sadened by her loss. “She said.

The door swished opened. Captian Thomas blare of the u.s.s defiant entered. “I owe you big time!”Wesley said. “Don’t worry about it! I am glad I can help. “Blare said. ” It was much appreciated Tom! “He said. 

After everyone arived,the commadore called the meeting to order. Everyone shaped to attention. “Lucy do you have star fleet command?” Wesley asked.” I do sir!”she responded. On his order,she turned on the   view screen. On the screen. Displayed the image of admiral komack.

“Admiral! Will you brief us on the information you have accumulated?”the commadore asked. “Yes Bob. Star fleet believed that the mastermind of he attack on SB 47 was someone who calls himself the quizmaster. He has in the past been involved in raids against the federation,romulan and Klingons and others. ” The admiral said.

“His real name is kruzok amnon.There were reports that he had been arrested by the romulan. His last known whereabouts were a romulan labor camp on omzeta 7. ” The admiral added.

“His previous raids were acts of piracy. This raid was a terrorist attack . ” Captian Derek eagon of u.s.s Yorktown commented. ” That is our conclusion as well. Perhaps his incarceration has altered his life goals.”komack said.” Could he be a romulan agent now?” Blare asked. ” At this point,we cannot rule it in or out. This whole area will now be on high alert. All bases,ships and planets will take all pro cautions. I want a task force set up with the goal of stoping the quimaster. Commadore Wesley will head this up. This is a top priority!” The admiral said. 

Commadore Wesley knew that this would not be an easy task. This appeared to be a declaration of war on the federation by the quizmaster. Wesley knew that the quizmaster would not stop. He had to be stopped. Bon Wesley was the man to do it. 

Wesley bit his lower lip. “We will get the job done admiral. ” Wesley assured him. “I know you will. We will keep In touch Starfleet out. ” The admiral said. The image faded. The screen was deactivated. Wesley then dismissed the asambly. 

Everyone got up. Captain blare went over to Wesley. ” This won’t be easy Bob! I have a feeling that this quizmaster is ten steps ahead of us. “Blare remarked. “No one is perfect. Tom he will mass up. When he does,we will get him. ” Wesley said. ” Bob you never change. Always so confident!” Blare said. “I am. I won’t roll over and play dead. Not for anyone especially not this quizmaster! Not on my watch! ” Wesley said. “Still trying to prove your not obsolete? ” Blare asked. “If I’m obsolete so are you !” He said. True!” Blare responded. ” I have nothing against him Kirk or his generation but you and I still have something to offer. ” Bob said. ” I don’t disagree. Let’s go get him!” He said.” You got it!” Bob said.

End of part two.


This is set after “the ultimate computer but before “the tholien web”. The name of the captian of the defient was not given In “the tholien web or “in a mirror darkly”. The name comes from the star trek Novak’s published by pocket books. I decided to use the name. 

Star trek the universe holiday special

U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log, it seams that a lot of societies on several different planets have different kind of festivities during this time of year. There is christmast ,winter solstice ,Chanukah, kwansza and others . on Vulcan there is a solum ceremony commemorating the establishment of a government based on the philosophy of surek. The andoriens have a festival witch name is unprononcible but it appears that it is loosely translated conflugation of eyelids. Not much is known about it. ” captain Norris said.
“The crew of enterprise is from multiple backgrounds and traditions. I have decided to hold a dinner in the rec room. The crew has been though a lot recently. The attack by the one true path that killed the captain and others . the mass crises and it’s after math. Then the zombie situation. Right now we are in a survey of Klingon space effected by the mass. It is fairly routine. I am hoping that the crew can take advantage of this down time.”
“On a personal note I can’t help but think of my childhood. As a kid Jason and I waking up my presents as early as possible. Then when becca was born getting her involved. I remember coming home from the academy the night before and getting up with my younger siblings .Sense Jason died and then. Rebbeca mind was altered by one true path it is just not the same.as captain it is my job to respond to the emotional wellbeing if my crew as well as physical wellbeing. I have to put aside my desire to go crawl in a hole. ” Ben Norris said.
Rec room
Dr. Carol Marcus was setting up a plant by the door. “Carol ! Go easy !”lt. Commander Jim Kirk said. “Jim I’m fine . I can do this!”she said. “I know that. ” Kirk said. “I am pregnant not dead. I can handle this . I am setting up holiday decorations not taking on the sheliek. ” Carol told him.
Kirk laughed. “Ok ! ” he said. The door opened,several crewman brought in trees and other decorecations.
Another set of crewman brought in a large satue . “what is that?” Dr. Elizabeth  dahner asked. “It is the telleeite symbol of fertility. We want to honor all cultures . we have multiple telleeite serving on the ship. ” Dr. Piper said.
“I am aware of that . it is really gawdy?” Liz said. “Wait until the Klingon Santa Claus arrives!” terasha said . “this is going to be really strange isint it?” Liz asked .”oh yes!” yeoman Smith said .
People came in and out. People brought equipment in and out of the rec room. It was a buz of activity. People were doing this on there off time.Manny. found it to be relaxing . there were those. Who. Did not.
Addison Ryan and her. Young son and daughter put up a smal tree. They put on decorations they made.  Three bolien children and two kiterian. Put up decorations they made.
“We have quite a baby boom. On the ship!” Christine chapel commented. “I had planed to be returning to earth after a breef visit.there has been a change of plans for now. ” Ryan said . ” your stil. Planing to. Return to earth eventuality?” Smith asked. “We are still in discussion on that. ” Addison said.
” where is the captain? I figured that he would. Be hear.  He ordered the event. ” Lee kelso said. 
The captain decided to avoid the holiday hoopla.he supported the idea of holiday party. He came up with the idea. He would participate but not go all out.
Odd. He tgought . last year captain Conklin held one.they were in a survey mission. Rebecca dragged him and her husband to. Get a tree on a planet they were studying. The tree made humans break out In hives.  They. Had to use e.v.a suits to beam it off the ship. It sheaded. They had to made the rec room off limits to. Humans and the party was held in the briefing room.  He laughed. This year was different. Conklin was dead, the. First officer convolescing on earth. Elese Vernon had to have all her limos amputated.  Rebecca hospitalized on Elba and her husband dead. How things Had changed.
” you ok Ben?” lt. Mia bolt asked.”I use to love Christmas. Then Jason died. I was just starting to like it again. Becca did not give me or my brother in law a choice.  ” Ben said.
“She did not give any of US a choice. ” mia said. ” this year I just don’t feel it. !” Ben. Norris. Said. 
  “Are you going to. Not attend. Mr. Spock?” Gary mitchel asked. “I am not sure.  In Years. Past I have not. ” Spock said . ” he usually volunteers to command the bridge. ” mia said.
Rec room.
Kolona entered. She had just been turned into a zombie. Her recovery was difficult. The vaccine made. Her sick to her. Stomach.  She was finally on the mend. 
” how are you feeling?” lt. Commander gioto asked. “Better !” she said. “Glad to hear it. ” Dr. Shall said . ” has anyone seen kalera?” jesshop asked. “S he has kept a low profile. Lately..” ensign Davis said. “I thought she might to be romulunafi. The festivities. ” Kylie said. ” great! Something Gray. ” Davis said .
  Captain Norris did. Put in some Turkey in the galley. He made a green marshmallow salid.   He brought it to the rec room. Music was playing. There was. Various. Music from Manny cultures.
Some stil wore there uniforms. Others wore civilian clothing.Addison wore a blue green. Multi. Patterned dress.  Mia wore a pink dress.
Spock came in. “Spock your coming this year?” Gary Michel asked. “Yes Mr. Mitchel. Please do not gloat! ” Spock. Said. ” I would not dream of it. ” Gary said.
“Welcome to the holiday celebration 2266. We have Had a hard year. We have lost search friends but have had new editions. We. Have list much but gained mutch. We are now working with the romulans and Klingon and tholuens.   (Xi nodded) we are stronger even with all that has happened. We have made it so let’s celebrate together. ” he said.
There Was food laughing. Gary went over to Liz. “Care to dance doc?” Gary asked. “I don’t know gare. Dancing with a walking freezer unit could. Pose a risk to your health.” Liz asked .”you ever going to let that go?” Gary asked .”we will see. Come on.” she Said. Liz took her hand and they went to the dance floor.
Aaron and terasha started to dance. They were newly weds sort off. It was clear. Yeoman Smith asked the security chief to dance. Hallak eat a lot but contacted the engine room every ten minutes making sure everything was fine. The engine wach commander “loved” that.
After a while the door opened, kalera entered. She wore a purple dress. She had braided her hair. Things had become odd between her and the captain. They were heading towards a relationship until it was revealed that she fired the shot that led to his brother’s death.
They looked at each other but moved on. She went to a far off table . Addison went over to the captain. “Ben with all due respect your being a but head . go talk to her. ” Addison said .”how can I possibly get over that? ” Ben asked.”you just do !” she said.
The door opened. Kor came in with a large targ. “If your getting tired if bird meet.I have teal food. Happy festivities!”kor said. The animal was stil living mostly. The crew decided not to decline.
Norris thanked the Klingon commander. Ben went over to kalera. ” want to dance?” he asked.she smiled. They went hand in hand to the dance floor.
The end.
Mary Christmast!

Revenge of nomad conclusion

Home of Amber
“Amber says I should Mary you.she says you saved her family. “He said. “It was not quite like that. “Amber said. “You seam distant.you ok?”he asked.
“Look Ben. During the war, I was forced to join the star navy. I wanted to stay in the star navy but my farther would have none of it. I was assigned as a weapons officer. I tried to transfer but I was denied that request. ” she said
“You fired on federation ships?”he asked. “Yes. Ben I fired on the hood. I killed your brother. ” she said. Ben got really quiet.
“Ben talk to me!”she said. “Kalera I have nothing to say. I would ask you to please leave. “He said.
“Alright. “She said. She started to leave. He went in the opposite direction. “Where is lari?”aber asked. “They needed her on the enterprise “he said. “Is everything ok between you too?”she asked. “Of course .”he said .
“Ben people change. People grow. Perhaps it’s best we keep the past in the past. Our family have been though a lot. It might be time to let it go. “She said. “Its not that easy. You were young when Jason died. You don’t remember him like I do.”he said.
“All I know is she saved my family.she protected me and my kids. “She said.
“Why are we hear?”Addison asked. “Trust me addie !”Liz told her. They walked to the embassy. “Vulcan embassy. ” Addison said.
She saw Ryan. “Ry! What’s going on ?”she asked.”Addison I wanted to renew our vows. Thank to Mr Spock ambassador sarek has agreed to aficiate. Will you Mary me again ?”he asked.
She hugged him.”you bet. “She said.”come on. We have a dress for you!”Liz said.”is the command staf coming?”she asked. “They are already hear. Even xi. “Liz said. “Why am I not surprised. “Addison said.
“Sure you want to do this again?”Kirk asked.”I am sure Jim.”Ryan said. Ambassador sarek was on hand. Dr. Piper escorted the bride down the isle. Bridesmaid included Liz, terisha,Kalera and mia. Kirk,Norris ,the chief and MITchel were groomsmen.Dr. piper gave her to Ryan.
“We are hear today to renew a marriage. In many ways to start anew. Many view our people as cold but we do not engage in emotion. While some of my people see marriage as a biological imperative. Vulcans accept that coupling must be more then simple accepting biology. Vulcans do accept that there is no logic in being alone. There is no logic in going though life alone. Love is not an emotion it is a choice. It is a decision made made once but also continually made.” sarek said.
“”Ryan does your heart only beat for her?”sarek asked. “It does!”Ryan said. “Addison does your heart only beat for him?”He asked .”it does”she said.
“By the authority given to me by the United federation of planets ,I declare you husband and wife. ” sarek said.
After they went to star fleet command bal room. Addison and Ryan danced.there kids joined them as well.
Terisha and jess were dancing. “So your taking over as records officer on the enterprise ?”terisha said. “And second officer. Jim and Addison are sharing first officer duties. I heard your staying on as an advisor?”he asked. “Yes . your stuck with me jes!”she said. “Good!”he said.
“Want to dance Liz?”Gary asked. “I did not think that a walking freezer unit can dance?”she said. “Your never going to let that go are you? ” he asked. She took his hand and hit the dance floor.
“May I join you?”Galloway asked the women he met while watching xi. “Of course!” s he said .”I never caught your name?”he asked.”Tonia barows.”she said.
Dr. Piper was dancing with a wheat chair bound Elise Vernon. “So I heard they are working on prosetic legs for you?”Dr. Piper asked. “I intend to galivant though the stars soon. ” she said. “I know you will. “Piper said
Ben just looked around the room.he did not feel festive but wanted to be there for Addison.Kirk and Carole sat out the next song.”cosmic thoughts Ben?”Jim asked.
“I am not really hear I gues Jim. I figured I would stic around to honor protocol. “Ben said “Ben just don’t rush into a final decision.”Jim said. “Of course.”Ben said
Alll acros the room people were enjoying themselves. Even security chief giotto was dancing. He was with yeoman Smith.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Department heads hear as ordered.” Smith said. “There have been reports of unusual activity in a neutral area near klingon and romulan space. “Ben said. “Let me gues we get to investigate. “Dr. Piper commented. “Where your Sense of adventure Mark?”Ben asked. “Far away ” Dr. Piper said
“Course plotted ” Addison said. “Helm take us out!”Addison ordered.the enterprise went to warp.
The end.

The Klingon war part six

U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Captians log,captain James komack reporting. We have been dodging mines. While the new shielding poetical has worked,wr have to ‘ve catefull. We have been intentionally detonating mines. ”
“So far our forces have been unable to push the Klingon forces out of the donatu syistom. ”
“Wr have incoming. Klingon cruiser d-5. Vessel is on an intercept course.wait I believe it is on a Collison course. “Lt. Addison mccomic reported.
“Shields up . brace for impact “the captain said. Helm officer Leland and navigator Conklin tried to stear away form the warship.
Addison altered the shielding. The enterprise deflector dish fired a pulse at the ship.the enterprise fired all weapons at the warship. The warship was struck. It would either have to withdrawal or implode.
The Klingon ship refused to yield.the vessel imploded. The enterprise was able to get away in time.
Romulan vessel Grace fire .
Office of the commander
“You wanted to see me?”kalera said. “Sit down sub lt.”the commander said. She Sat down.”your a fine officer. You are a skilled weapons officer. You are command officer material.”he said.
“Why do I get the impression that this is not a congratulations talk?”kalera asked .”lt,you have shown a reckless attitude. You have shown a level of brutality we find disturbing.”the commander said.
“We are at war. ” kalera said. “Yes I understand that. We are not Klingon.we do what we do because we must.brutality for it’s sake alone. “The commander said.
“I am doing what I must. “Kalera said. “Kalera whatever you trying  to prove. This is not you.”kalera said.
“What do you expect me to do sir. “Kalera asked. “Tone it down.  “He said . ” I will try “kalera said. He dismissed her. She left the office. The door closed.
Planet earth.
Office of the president.
“The Romulans want us to anex the Caleb sector to them. They will create a New neutral zone hear. “The foreign Secretary said.
“This is unwise. This is a very serious concession. “Gia said.
“We are not wining the romulan front. We could negotiate a process of transition. ” an advisor said.
“If we can defeat the Klingon and force a surrender the romulans might be willing to end there occupation. The war was not there idea. ” gia said.
The president considered his options. He was in many ways a pacifist. He was also a realist. He was practical. He did take his role as president ,leader of all of the people seriously.
“We will continue negotiations . I will not sacrifice our citizens. I would prefer not to have to cede the Caleb sector to the romulans.” the president said.
U.s.s confederation
Confrence room
“I have an idea on how to break the stand off.”lt. Halak said. “Let’s hear it. “Admiral hamin said.”this is a probe that has been retrofitted. The probe is now a weapon. “The Orion said. “I have modified three of these weapons.”he said.
On the screen the unmanned drones entered a simulation of Klingon space. “The probes will hit three unmanned Klingon post. At the same time we can hit the territory occupied by the Klingon. “The Orion said.
“If successful we can modify more of these probes. This will demonstrate our resolve.  A long range weapon capable of attacking Klingon territory. ” lt.giotto said.
“Alright I like this plan. I am going to present it to the president. “Hamin said.
The president approved the plan. The federation sent more ships to the fleet. The probes were launched to the Klingon space. The probes arrived in Klingon space and detonated. The setilites were destroyed.
Then the fleet fired on the Klingon ships. The fleet used New shielding designed to withstand the mines.the fleet held it’s own.
The fleet tried to advance. The Klingon wanted to keep hold of this territory. The federation fleet was not making that easy. The federation fleet was mobilized.they were determined. This was important. They wanted the battle won.
The fleet was able to break the stale mate. The fleet moved forward. The Klingon were surprised. The federation.had a lot of resolve. They surprised the Klingon.
“Breaking news. We are hearing reports that the Klingon have been pushed out of the donatu sectors .the federation fleet was able to push them back. It is uncertain what will happen next. “Jesica Armstrong said.
Klingon flagship
Mukurat was furious. The fleet was wining.they had won a huge victory early on. Now the Klingon had basically been defeated.
“You are incompetent . “mukurat said. “This was a poorly planed operation. You cannot do things on the fly.” General kord said.
“Kahless did.as did sompeck.I will not tolerate these incompetence .”mukurat said.
The fellow commanders were not thrilled by this. They did not like being thrown under a bus.
“I want to attempt another invasion of the donatu sector.”mukurat said. “Sir! The war is over. We cannot risk another defeat. “A General said. “We can win. We almost did.” the chancellor said.
“We need to wait. Slowly build up our forces. Prepare to strike in a few years.”an admiral said.
“Do you not have the will to fight?”the chancellor said. “You do not have the ability to lead” a commander said. “Are you challenging me?”he asked.
The commander was not ready to take on the chancellor. The commander backed down.
Office of the president
“Mr.  president “the chief of staf. “Yes! “The president said. “There has been an internal shake up on romulus. The Senate voted no confidence in the preator. Pro clnsul jihal has been maimed the new preator. The Senate is suspending the war. The romulans are withdrawing from the neutral zone. ” the chief of staff said.
“The romylons are abandoning the war?”zurek asked.”we are hearing that many in the leadership on Romulus are unhappy with going to war in the first place. “The chief of staf said.
“I’m Jessica Armstrong with this news update.the federation fleet has launched attacks into Klingon space. The plan is to convince the Klingon to end the war. ”
The federation fleet was able to advance. The federation was not interested in territorial expandion. They wanted to stop the Klingon war machines . the Klingon did not Like that there territory was being ransacked by the federation.
Office of the president
“Mr. President the klingon are asking for a cease fire. They are willing to negotiate an end to the war. “The chief of staf said.
End of part six.
To be concluded.

The Klingon war part five

“This is Jessica Armstrong with the federation news service, we have just confirmed that the federation fleet has sucesfully liberated donatu five. The fleet commanded by reserve star fleet admiral transmet hamin has sucesfully pushed out the Klingon fleet. The battle of donatu continues. The fleet is stil engaging the enemy fleet.” Jessica said.
U.s.s vericruz
Lt. Ben Norris was really happy about the victory everyone was. Now the fleet was planning on advancing further into occupied space.
“Lt, you have a personal messege from your sister. “The com officer. “Captain with your permission I would like to take it in my quarters.”Ben said. “Of course.”the captain said.
Ben Norris went to his quarters.he activated the screen. “Beck what is it?”he asked. He could tell that she had been crying. “Ben! Jasson is dead. “She said. “Oh my! What happened. “He asked.
“His ship was attacked by a romulan bird of prey. He was killed while in the command chair on the bridge. ” She said.Ben got teared up.
Ben did not know how to feel. Angery,sad distraught .He felt numb. Lost. He wished he could  fly to the romulan front and find the ship that fired on his brother and blow them out of The stars. He knew that that was not possible.
Klingon fleet
Command ship
“How did this happen?”the chancellor asked. “They found a defense against the mines. Once they were able to shield themselves from The mines,we lost our advantage ” a lt named kor said.
“We still have a good section of the donatu syistom. We could be able to retake The sector. ” Commodore arjitos said.
“It will be a long and dirty campaign . we may take heavy loses. “Kor said .”we are Klingon. It is our way. We live for struggle. ” the chancellor said.
“Then we are continuing the war?”kord asked “of course we are. Failure is not an option. We make our stand hear. Hear we prove that we are warriors. “The chancellor said.many of the commanders had there doubts.
Aaron Jessup was devisated. Why did she leave. He did not get it. He wished he could find her. Convince her to come back. There were bigger issues now. There we’re more pressing matters.
At his apartment in sanfransisco, he stared at a picture of him with her. In the picture he had his arm around her. They both smiled. He looked at it for a prolonged time. Then he put the picture in a drawer.he put cloths on top of it.he closed the drawer.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral Lawrence
“Your help was invaluable. “The admiral said. “Thank you sir. “Jessup said. “You have a bright future ahead of you.I think the sky could be the limit lt. “The admiral told him.
“Perhaps sir!”jess said. “What  I do for you?” the admiral asked. “I would like to join a combat unit. ” jess said. “Really? You could get any assignment you want?” the admiral said. “I realize that. I want to do my part. “Jess said. “If this is really want you want. Ok. “He said.
Pallice de ls Concorde
Office of the president
“Donatu five has been liberated.donatu station is back in federation control. Our Forces are moving in on donatu six and four. While the fleet has been able to set up a wall and so far we have held the line against them. ” admiral Lawrence said.
“Our next goal is to drive them totally out of occupied zone. Then hopefully drive them back into Klingon space. After that hopefully the Klingon will sue for peace. ” Secretary of defense Rob alexander said.
“Are we near the end of the war?”the president asked. “I don’t know frankly Mr. President I have my doubts it will be that easy. “Admiral Wilson said.
“I agree. This could be a long sloug.it May be longer and harder then we can possibly think. ” admiral Lawrence said.
“Can we sue for peace now?”the president asked. “We have sent some feelers but we have not gotten any resonce yet. “Foregn Secretary groden of andor said.
This made the admirals of star fleet nervous. Was the president faltering. They hoped he was not.
” I would prefer to end this peacefully.even if it ment agreeing to less then desirable concensons. If we cannot then we will continue the operations to liberate the occupied zone. ” the president said.
“There is also the question of the romulan front. “Chief of staf corington of teller said. “The romulan have taken advantage of our forces being stretched too thin. They have been able to fortify there New holdings. ” the defense Secretary said.
“If we were not fighting a war on two fronts we could probably retake it fairly easily. The manpower issue is hurting us. “Gia said.
“Could we negotiate a truce with the romulan?” the president asked. “What we are hearing is the romulan are willing to entertain begoatiins but they want heavy concessions including a New neutral zone. “The foreign sec said.
The president after a time dismissed the meeting.the staf dismissed.
Many of The staf especially those in star fleet felt disheartened. They feared that the president may snatch defeat from the jaws if victory. None of them wanted this war but they wanted the conclusion of the war to be with the federation getting there old territory back.
Romulan federation space
Kalera had changed. She went from a sweet person to a cold callous person. She wanted to crush the federation.no one wanted to be around her. People were worried that she was spiraling around the control.
The victory In the donatu sector had turned into a stand off. Both sides were forced into a stand stil.neither side was wining. It was more like the first world war on Earth. The war was undecided.
Donatu seven
The Klingon sent ground forces early on. The Klingon tried to get a. Administrative foot hold on the planet early on. The citizens of the cony tried to be peaceful and service before the star fleet troops arrived.
Aaron was assigned to a unit tasked with liberating the planet. The force. Began to attack the Klingon.
The force hit a Klingon command post. The Klingon were force. Every grain of sand was considered sacrosanct. They refused to yield.
Jessup watched friends die.others wounded. He had no idea why this was happening. Indications were that that this was to prop up a leader who had no support.
Now terisha had joined them..why?why did she switch sides. He tried to forget all that.he wanted to stop them.
His unit was tired cold Hungary.the command post was smal. It was lightly armed. It should have Ben am easy victory.the Klingon made I’t as uncomfortable as possible.
After s while Jessup ordered the force to retreat. The battle was now was lost. The teem returned to a federation staging area.
They would rest then prepare to try again. The command post had to fall. There was no denying that. It would not be easy.
Terisha took a freighter to deniva. From deniva She boarded s non aligned freighter. She made it to s neutral planet.she went to qonos.
She was allowed to realist in the kdf.she worked on defensive technology. While she did not regret helping the federation she would not aid the destruction of her empire.
She did regret betraying Jess. She had to level the playing field.now that she had she would be  loyal to her people. What happened after that was left to the leaders of both sides.
Jessup and his unit charged again on the command post. They attacked the post. After a long struggle the post fell. The Klingon retreted.
After he looked over y he Carnegie.he saw the bodies.he saw the damage it felt awfull. It was not a victory. There was no joy in it.notice relief.this was a meaningless battle In a meaningless war.
The planet was still in Klingon hands. The Klingon had to be driven off the planet. Then they had to be driven away from the occupied zone. This war had to end.
With romulan support,that seemed to be a taller order then thought. The war was far from.over. it stil had a ways to go. More lives we’re at steak. How many more casualties could happen?
End of part five