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Sphere of influence part four

“Captain’s log,while attempting to intervene in an alien attack,the enterprise has lost an away team abored a Borg cube. The Borg use transwarp conduet. It is not certain how we can find them. ”
“Mr. Data I want you to turn science two into a station dedicated to locating the Borg cube!”Picard said. “Aye sir!”data said.
The android lt.commander got up from the ops station and went over to the science two consul. He got to work at once. He knew how important it was to accomplish this mission.
“So was this part of there plan? Did they intend to abduct our people and hold them hostage?” Deana asked. “I don’t know. I suspect they thought it might happen. I suspect they had several contincenty plans this was probably one of them” Picard told the counselor.
On the Borg cube,commander rycer had been hit. The engineers worked to stabilize him. The security officers were at the door.
“He is unconscious but stable! “Pavlic said. “Is he out of the woods?”gordi asked.”I don’t know!for the moment but I don’t know if he is totally out of the woods. He needs medical attention.”Larson said.
“Unforunently they may not be possible!”worf Said. “Based on how fast we are moving,I believe we are at warp even something beyond warp!”Bauer reported.
“Then we are probably out of the range of the enterprise or the federation.we are on our own!”Gomez said.
“Agreed! I want to establish a chain of command while we are hear. Worf your my second then Sonya and Linda. “Gordi said. The team members agreed.
Gordi appeared shy. He was amiable.he did not Like to make waves. He was not a wilflower. He was chief engineer. He was a leader. He was good at it. When it counted he took charge and no one questioned him.
Before becoming chief engineer,Gordi took command of the enterprise while Picard and rycer were on the planet minos  during a dangerous mission. Gordi had to stand up to the chief enginer who wanted to circumvent him.Gordi held his own and won.
Ensign Pavlic was not sure how to deal with all of this. She was nervous. She tried to be a very professional . she wanted to keep her cool. She did all she could to do that. It was nerve wracking . She had no idea how it would play out.
In the area that was serving as a command area,the colonel was ready for a report from his team. “The enterprise team is secure in b quad!”major torad said. “The commander was injured. The officer with the prosthetic appears to be in command!” “major kirel said.
“I see. Have our forces hold position. Get the hollow grid ready!”major catlan ordered. His underling agreed.
The engineering team tried to hack into the cube. Though Barkley was awkward and nervous he was a good enginer. He knew his stuf. Gordi came to value him even though he could Be s nuisance at time.
Saduenly a figure entered. Several security officers aimed there chasers at the figure. Worf stopped them. “It is just a projection !”worf said.
The officers stood Down but Were ready. Odd the Klingon thought. This was him a few years ago.during there first mission,worf almost fired a hole into a view screen when the image of seemingly all powerfull entity called q appeared. He was different then he was then. Much had changed.much of it unnoticed especially by worf himself.
“Commander laforge !” colonel  Caitlin said. “To whom am I  speaking? ” gordi asked. “My name is colonel Caitlin ? I am in command of this ship?”he Said.
“You don’t look like any Borg I have ever seen before!”gordi said.
“This vessel is under New management as it were using human coloquism. “The colonel said.
“Steling a ship from the local giant is hardly a good ide colonel! “Gordi said.”il like to live dangerously commander laforge! “The colnel Said.
“Play with fire you get burned! “Gordi said “that is the excitement. It is like what do humans call it Russian roulette. “He said.
“What do you want from us?” Gordi said. “All in good time!”he said.
The image faded. “What was the point of that?”Pavlic asked.”they are trying to taunt us!”Gomez said.”to try to steal a Borg cube. I cannot decide if it is incredibly brave or incredibly stupid?”worf said .”on the one hand I can’t believe the Borg would just allow there ship to be seized by what they would consider an inferior life form.”Larson said.
“I can’t see them doing that!”Bary said. “We could be facing a war on two fronts !”Barclay said. “So Could we!”Gordi said.
U.s.s enterprise
Ready room
“You don’t believe this is the work of the Borg?”admiral Hayden Said.”no sir.the vessel is a Borg. We have confirmed that . someone else us controlling it at present !”Picard informed the admiral.
“Who us behind it?”the admiral said “we were unable to do extensive scans but there were multuple life forms. It may not be a power but an organization comprised of  various groups. “Picard said.
“I can’t say I liked this Jean luc!”he said.”I feel the same way admiral. “Picard said. “Do I us us a sector wide sate of emergency or do I issue it for the entire federation ?”he asked. “As if now the federation. I don’t know where they Will strike next or if they will strike now what they intend to do with the away team !”Picard said.
“Jean luc that cube Is a clear and present threat to the federation. One that must be neutralized. “Hayden said .”I understand andrae.I will do I have to to protect the federation at all coast! “Picard told him.
“I have no doubt about that ! We will keep in touch Starfleet out!”He said. The screen turned from the image of the admiral’s office to the syimbol of the United federation of planets. Then the screen went blank.
Picard had an idea. It was risky. He believed it was doable. “Commander data I need to speak to you,counselor troy and doctor Crusher in my ready room in the double!”the captain said. “Acknowledged. We are on our way!”the android commander said.
A few minutes later.
“With all due respect caprain,this is. Terible idea!”Bevily said.”It is very risky. We need you in command!”Deana said. “That cube is a huge threat to the federation. It has to be stoped. In this occasion the needs of the many outweugh the needs of the few. “Picard said.
“What do you think data .you have been awfully quiet though this! “Dr. Crusher commented.
The doctor knew that would make him uncomfortable. That was her plan. She wanted him to be put on the spot.
“We do need all hands on deck as the expression goes. Whoever your idea does have meter. I might be able to do what you plan to!”data said.
“You dint have the link. I believe we have no choice!”Picard Said “we need you in command. Your the caprain. With Rycer gone,we need you!”bev said. “I appreciate your position on thus doctor but I see no other choice! Make it happen Mr. Data!”Picard said.
“Dawn it Jean luc. Listen to reason !your not thinking clearly on this !”bev said. “That will be all!”Picard said.
Dr. Crusher backed off. She never knew Jean luc Picard to behave irationaly. He was the consummate professional. The Borg was his arkealias heel. The Borg brought out the worst In him. She could not blame him. He was in command of not just the ship but this sector. The federation counted on him being on his game. She was not sure he was. She did not want to admit it but she was prety sure he was not.
End of part four.


Sphere of influence part three

The cube was under the tractor beam of the galaxy class starship enterprise. The away team had emerged on the cube.
Rycer tapped on the com badge. “Rycer to enterprise we are in place!”the enterprise first officer said.  ” understood number one!” Picard said.
“Ok fan out!”rycer ordered. The team dispersed. All of the team members had phaser.
This was ensign Pavlic first away mission a bored the enterprise. She did not like being on a Borg cube.
Reg Barclay was awkward. So far he had lasted longer on the enterprise then any orther assignment. On the captains order,Gordi made Barclay hid pet project. Despite his many idiosyncrasies,he was becoming an important member of laforge’s team. He was stil the same old Barclay. Gordi was able to navigate those as well.
Gordi looked at his team.funny hw thought. Lt Gomez was just as awkward as re g had been at she was a trusted member of his team. Mayby there was hope for him yet.
The first goal was to establish a beach head. They had to fortify an area. While the last time they used Picard’s link to the collective to destroy the cube. They could not do that this time. They had to think fast.
The engineering team got to work. They tried to access a nodule.they tried to access all or part of the ship. Worf and his team we’re protecting the engineering team.
U.s.s enterprise
“You don’t think the Borg is in control of that ship?”Deana asked.”no I don’t counselor. The fact that we detect life signs makes me think that someone is either trying to or had hijacked this cube!”Picard said.
“That would be highly dangerous. I doubt the Borg will just a low someone to have permanent control of there ship. Once the Borg learn that this ship has been compromised they will do whatever it takes up to and including going scorched earth won’t they?” ensign alenbeam asked.
“You are quite right ensign! They will. I suspect whoever is behind this,they are quite aware of the risks. They are probably some kind of elete special forces unit prepared to die if need be.  They were prepared and willing to do whatever it took. That I am sure of.”Picard said.
“Why attack one of our colonies?”Deana asked. “Perhaps they are our enemies as well. Use a gient to kill a Dragon even knowing that the gient will turn against you. It is the piped piper playing out before our eyes!”Picard commented.
“Are we deeling with the romulons? “Deana asked. “Perhaps or someone else! “Picard said.
On the cube,the engineering team were at work. “Commander! The circuitry is almost identical to the cubes we encountered in system j25 and at above earth except I am detecting separate equipment. The technology is from several alpha and beta quadrant powers.”Gordi informed him.
“Other powers? Your certain?”the commander asked. “Yes I am commander!”Gordi responded. “Someone is trying to or has seized control of the vessel?”rycer said. “I believe so ! “Gordi said. “I see. We have to stay on our toes!”rycer said.”agreed!”Gordi said .
On another part of the cube a group of aliens from various alien races  had a base of operations. “Colonel catlin,we have located the enterprise away team! “Major kirrel said.”alright we need to hold this area above all else! Have the asualt team deal with our New guest !”the colonel ordered. “Understood!  I will communicate the order to the assault team. “She answered her superior. 
” very good ! “The colonel said. The two dispersed. The crew was about to procede with phase two of there plan.
The assault team went in two companies. They headed to the federation command post from both sides. There guns were blazing.
“We have incoming!”ensign baur asked. “Stand by phaser!”rycer ordered. The strike team rammed into the area. The enterprise team returned fire on the strike team. There were snipers that fired from a railing like structure.
The team hit back on the sniper and the strike team. The whole team had to stop the work on the Borg cube and focus on the attackers.
This was public’s first outing in. Combat situation. At the academy there  was a course designed for engineering officers on how to handle a combat situation.  This was way different then any syinerio in a classroom or in a Holowdeck simulation. She knew she did not like it.
The team kept fireing. Barclay thought to himself,”you can do this re g! It is just like those holow fantasies you used to engage in. ” except he knew it was different . this was real.
A sniper moved to a New pirch. They targeted commander rycer. Rycer was hit. He fell to the ground. The team ran over to help there commander. They had to fire on the hostle as well.
Worf and his team tried to cover The engineers who were trying to provide help to the commander. The hostile refused to make it easy.
Then the hostile pulled back from the  star fleet command post. Then the room was sealed.
“Sir the ship us going to warp!”ensign Gleason who was at the tactical post in the place of Worf reported. “Alenbeam lay in a pursuit course!”the captain ordered.the enterprise went after the cube. Then the cube went into the conduet. Then the conduet and the ship was gone.
“I have lost them!”Gleason reported. The cube was gone and so was commander rycer and the away team. “Dawn!”Picard said.
End of part three.
I like to come up with actors and actress to play some of the characters I come up with. My inspiration for colonel catlin is Robert davi. My inspiration for his major is Keri Russell.
Ensign Gleason appeared in “best of both words part two” and “future imperfect” . he manned the tactical station on the battle bridge. He was seen briefly on the bridge in place of Worf in the letter.


Spere of influence part two

The Borg cube came out of the transwarp conduct. The cube fired a pulse at the orbital station. The station got off a distress call. The pulse struck the station.
The station shield grid was pummulled by the energy pulse. The shields began to fluctuate. The shields were decreased.
The Borg cube struck the base again. Part of the base was hit. The base was devided from the orther. The Borg cube wanted the base out of the way. The Borg cube then disabled the weapons port. The cube then focused on the planet.
U.s.s enterprise
Ncc 1701-d
Captain Picard had assumed once again the role of fictional detective Dixon hill.
Hill was in his office. The door swung open. A man in a Nazi uniform came in. He fell to the ground. He had been shot. He was dead. Hill looked him over. He looked him over. He was a United states senator.
“Bridge to captain!”the voice of commander William rycer said. Picard went back to Picard mode.”computer freeze program. “Picard said.
The scene froze in place. “Picard hear!” the captain said. “Sir! Your needed on the bridge right away!” the first officer said. “I will be right up number one. “The captain said.
“Computor end program.”Picard said. The scene from 1940’s flim noer was replaced with a black and gold grid. The door opened. Captain Picard excited the Holowdeck.
The turbo lift door opened,captain Picard excited the turbo lift and entered the bridge. He was now Waring the standard duty uniform.”captain on the bridge!”ensign McKnight announced.
“Report!”Picard ordered. “The nelric colony is under attack. ” Rycer said “the nelric  colony is deep in federation space. Who is behind these attacks?”Picard asked.
Before he could even end the sentence,he had a feeling he already knew the answer. Then it was confirmed. “They claim it is the Borg!”Worf reported.
“Oh my!”Picard replied. Floods of memories came back to Picard.he saw the image of the Borg hiting the enterprise. Then the drones emerging on the bridge. He saw himself being captures. He saw himself transformed into locutas.
“Do we have confirmation that It is. The Borg?” Picard asked. “Negitive! All communication with the planet has been severed!” data informed him.
“Ensign alenbeam ! Set course for the nelric system maximum warp!”captain Picard ordered. The con officer altered the heading. The course was plotted. She then presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
“On course sir! “Ensign alembeaam reported. Picard tried to conceil his unease. He wanted to be the leader he usually was. The leader that the crew needed him to be.
Several ships headed for the planet.the ships came in with shields up and weapons on stand by.
“I have a visual on the planet!”lt. Worf reported. “On screen!”Picard ordered. The tactical officer transferred the visual to the view screen. On the screen,the cube hovered over the planet.
The orbital space station was stil there. It was heavily damaged. There were several ships that were adrift. The cube was in charge of the space near the planet.
“Send to star fleet command confirming that it is a Borg cube!”Picard ordered. “Sending sir!”the Klingon at tactical reported.
“Stand up phaser and photon torpedoes!”Picard ordered. “Shields up yellow alert! Wepons on stand by!”Worf reported.
“Sir! The cube has fired on the orbital station and virtually every vessel in orbit but it has not hit the planet. ” data said .
“Why has the cube not hit the planet?”Deana asked “I don’t have sufficient information but it seams that they want to take out our ability to threaten them. ” data said.
“Why this planet? Why this syistom. If they are planing another invasion of the federation this does not seam like the best place to lunch it!”Deana asked.
“Borg reasoning is different from ours. I am certain they have a complex and intricate plan that makes perfect sence to them!”data said.
“Whatever it is,I don’t like it!”the first officer said. “I don’t like anything the Borg does number one.”Picard said
The crew was not used to hearing the captain talk this way. The Borg brought us some thing different,something unusual in the captain. The emotional scars from his experience with the Borg were as raw as ever.
The enterprise remained on a direct intercept course with the Borg cube. Picard wanted them there yesterday but tried to be patience.they would get there when they got there. Picard wanted a chance to once again engage the Borg. He wanted to gain the uperhand over them. They had become his most lethal enemy.
The u.s.s enterprise got close to the cube. “In fiering range in twenty seconds. “Data reported. “Fire as soon as we are In range Mr. Worf. “Picard ordered.
As soon as the enterprise was in range,Worf fired phaser and photon torpedoes on the Borg cube. The cube fired back on the enterprise.
“Shields down to forty percent!”Worf said. “Not this again ! Rycer said. “Captian I am sensing life forms on that ship!”Deana declared.
“Borg drones do not usually register as life forms. These are highly unusual! “Data said.
“Indeed!” Picard reported. The enterprise fired on the Borg cube. The cube was hit.
Picard tried to access his Borg memories. Sense leaving the collective,he tried to forget the collective. Now he needed those memories.
One thing that puzzled Picard was how much the Borg trusted Picard.he had been an enemy. Were the Borg nieve? Were the Borg so emursed in there ideology that the assimilation had to work? What worried Picard was that it might have worked? He dared not say that out loud,not even to counselor troyi.
Picard tried to access his memories. He found it. “Mr. Data please go to science station! “Picard got up and went to the station station. He sat down. Picard had data design a program that sent a pulse that weekend the cube. The enterprise fired on the cube from multiple sides.
Data tried to devide a key section of the cube from the rest of the craft. He had the area sealed off.
“Stand by tractor beam !” Picard ordered. Worf complied with the order.
The enterprise headed for the cube.the ship began to activate a tractor beam. It tried to move the craft away from the planet. The cube fired at the enterprise. The ship was hit.
“Shields holding!”Worf said.the enterprise hit the cube. They held the cube in the beam. The cube tried to get away. The vessel hit the cube.
“Keep a close eye on them Mr. Worf!”Picard ordered.”aye sir! “The Klingon said.
“Number one assemble an away team. I want you to gain control of that ship ! “Picard ordered.
The first officer was surprised by this order. It was a risky mission. “Right on it! Worf, with me! Rycer to Laforge!”rycer said. “Go ahead commander!”a stresed out gordi with several task all at once said.”I need an engineering team to meet me in transporter room 2. “Rycer ordered.
Gordi did not like order. He did understand it. “Understood we Will be right there. Duffy! Take charge of engineering!”gordi ordered. “Aye sir!”duty said .
“Reg,Larson, Gomez.Costa with me!Pavlov feel like stretching your legs?”gordi asked. “Yes sir!”pavkic said. “Then what are you waiting for?”gordi asked.
Pavlic smiled and joined the chief enginer and his team. They left the engine room. Duffy had no time to seam in his pro temp appointment as chief enginer . He hit the ground running. There was a lot to do.
Gordi and his team left the engine room. They ran to the transporter room . they met up with the commander and the team. “Ready for a road trip?”rycer asked. “Not really but let’s do it any way! “Gordi said. “I know what you mean! Lets do it!” the first officer said.
The team got on to the pad. “I have the coordinates! ” transporter chief obrian said. “Enerzize!”the first officer ordered.
The transporter chief activated the controls. The team was beamed off of the ship and on to the cube.
This was perhaps one of the hardest away mission an enterprise d team had ever gone on.
“What is going on? “Deana asked the captain. “I don’t think that the Borg is in control of that cube !”Picard declared.
End of part two.
I am trying to rely more on best of both words and q who for information on the Borg. I am trying not to contradict information from future episodes,first contact or voyager. Future instalment of the society series will occur in those series.

“Spheres of influence”

The society
Star trek t next generation
“Spheres of influence”
U.s.s enterprise d
Ten froward
” good morning guinen!”ensign tess alembeem said. “If it is our New con officer. I assume your on this morning !”guinen said. “O700″ she said .”the usual?”the elorian asked. She smilled .” I have only been hear for a few weeks and you already know my breakfast order?”the young ensign asked. ” I make it my business to know these things. “Guinen said.
“Things have been prety hectic Sense I arrived. I came onboard just before the captain had to arbitrate the sucesion of a New Klingon leader and then worf killed one of the challengers. Then commander Rucker vanished for a while. Then there was the garbage scowl. I have been pretty busily!”she said .
“In the time I have been hear I have observed that It is only going to get stranger. ” guinen said. “Why am I not surprised. Yes I can see that being true !”alenbeem said.
Enginering .
“Ensign pavlic your sift does not start for another thirty minutes!”lt. Commander laforge said..”I know. I just wanted to have a look around. Get to know my is a lot different form the potomic. “She said.
“It is quite different goin form a tug to a galaxy class starship?”gordi asked. “It is. When I graduated I was told there were no openings on a galaxy class starship. Then the enterprise opened up.”pavlic said.
“I am glad to have you a came highly recommended . “gordi said. “I will try to love up to those recommendations commander!”she said. He smiled
“So why are you hear early ?”she asked .”I am. Hieg engineer of the flag ship of the federation. I get to come hear every day. Where else would I be?”he said. “I understand. If I were chief engineer I would feel the same way!”she said.
“I am sure you will be. Not hear but some where !”gordi said. “Fair enough sir!”pavlic answered. He laughed.
Within a short time the morning engineering shift arrived. This included lt. Duffy,lt.jg Sonya Gomez,lt. Costa, lt. Linda Larson and brothers entered. The shift was about to begin.
The bridge crew for the day entered. The day shift took over. The ship was ready for whatever the day would bring.
Federation colony
Nelric four
The nelric syistom was home to five colonies. Most of the colonies were begun in the middle of the twenty third century. The religion was not near the romulilon or Klingon space so the area was desirable to start a colony. The settlements thrived . They became a massive center of trade commerce an scientific research. Manny came to this syistom for various reasons.
The nelric four orbital space station was a center of administration for the sector and various research .
“Sir! I am detecting intermittent energy readings throughout the sector!”a tech said. “These are unusual readings?” the commander asked. “Yes sir. Nothing that usualy occurs commander!”the tech responded. “I want more intensive scans. “The commander ordered. The science staff got to work on it.
“We have incoming. Unknown warp signature!”a tech reported. “Nothing was scheduled at this time!”a computer officer said. “Can you identify it?” the commander asked. “I am adjusting sensors. It is stil not on sensors. I believe it maybe jamming us.wait I have it.oh my!”the tech said.
“On screen!” the commander said. The tech had the image transfered to the Maine view screen. On the screen a large mass filled the screen. It took up most of the screen. It looked like a large cube.  The crew of the orbital station it was clearly recognized.
“Oh my! Send a sector wide distress call and send to star fleet command. We have sighted a Borg cube! I repeat we have sighted a Borg cube. This is not a drill. “The commander said.
End of part one.
I wanted this story to follow a different format then the first three. I decided to set it in the midst of the threat of the Borg.
Ensign tess alenbeem appeared in multiple episodes during the south season. She was the first mostly female con officer set in the post Wesley era of next gen. She was played by Mary conhart. The name tess was never used on air but was cited in the star trek the next generation companion by lary nemek.
Ensign pavlic was an enginer that appeared in “galaxy’s child ” she was played by Jenna Marie hump.
Ensign Sonya Gomez only appeared in two episodes. That was in the second season. There is no reason to believe she was not stil around. I promoted her to like grade.
Lt. Linda Larson appeared in the enth digree. Lt. Duffy and Costa appeared in “hollow pursuits” and lt. Barclay of course needs no reference.

Interest and principles part 7

The enterprise had to holdout long enough for the rest of the fleet to arrive. The enterprise participSated in hit and run attacks on the enemy ships trying to ware down the enemy. It was designed to buy time.
The enterprise fired on the enemy ships. The ships fired back on the enterprise. Multiple decks were hit. Walls caved in. Computors circuits exploded.
“Emurgentcy protocols in place!”uhua said. “Come on !Spock get me a target!” Kirk said. “Jim he is a science officer not a marksman!”mccoy said. Kirk gave him a dirty look.
Spock sent a target to soul’s station. Sulu plotted the target. Then he pressed the fire button. The enterprise fired on the command ship. It fired on a crossover area on the ship. Sulu programmed a percussion strike on the area.
Two escort vessels hit the enterprise. Both nicheles were damaged. The vessel hit on multiple sides. The command ship hit the ship from the center.  The enterprise returned fire on the ships. They used phasers and photon torpedoe volley at the ships. The Enterprise did not give time for the ships to return fire. They kept fireing.
Enemy ship
“This ship is annoying!”the admiral in command said. “They cannot service forever. They are one ship. No ship is invincible. They are doomed. “The admiral said .
U.s.s faragut bridge
“How much longer!”Addison asked.”we are two minutes closer then the last time you inquired!”sotril said. “Sory!”Addison said.
The faragut and protempkon  finally arrived. The two ships did not hesitate to fire. They fired on multiple targets. Shortly after the Excalibur and hood arrived. Then other ships arrived.
The ships decided to fall back. The society did not want an armed conflict with the federation.the plan depended on the collapse of the federation. That now seamed unlikely. The fleet withdrew. They then would reevaluate that plan.
Planet earth
Pallice de la Concorde
Office of the president
” Mr. President We retrieved a data base that verifies that a secret group plotted  To destabilize the federation . they were behind the attacks on the tellerite and coridon. This was an effort to devide the federation. The andorian were not involved in this. ” admiral komack said.
“After looking At the evidence mr. president, it is the view of the coridon government that the whole afair is the work of outside forces. We are satisfied that the andorians did not commit acts of agressons against the coridon people!” the coridon rep said.
“As is the tellerite government. We are convinced of there innocence !” the tellerite ambassador said. “I am recommending to the council that they consider the matter closed.”the acting president said. “We have no objections Mr. President!”the tellerite ambassador said.
“This is a federation news service update, the council has voted unanimously to accept the star fleet report that  vindicate the andorians. The council has voted unanimously to restore the andorians to full membership status. The road to coridon membership will go forward as scheduled. “The reporter said.
“We have also confirmed that the vice president will take over as acting president until president zal can resume his duties. ”
“People of the federation. Although I have represented the andorians ,as Secretary of defense and intergalactic security advisor and vice president,I have endeavored to work for the federations. All of the federation. While I am exercising the duties of the president, I will endever to work for everyone in the federation. The federation world because we are United. We are one federation. We are one. We depends on each other!”the vice president said.
The end
Next up
  Set between final mission and the loss, in a remote sector of the federation space ,a Borg cube appears. The enterprise is called to deal with the situation. All is not as it seams.

Interest and principles part six

Admiral komack had his team get together to formulate a briefing to the president and federation council. They were able to put together a cohesive beefing.
Pallice da la Concorde
Office of the president.
The acting president was a diplomat and an administrator. She had a very different style from the elected president. She saw herself as a caretaker,a place holder. Either she would yield to president zal or she would yield to the vice president. Until that time according to the charter, she was in charge. This was a crises situation . there needed to be a leader so she fulfilled that role.
“I have invited the andorian and tellerite ambassador as well as the coridorn council. Admiral you may begin !”she Said.
“Thank you madam president. Star fleet has determined that apart from the tricabera, the ships that have engaged in agresive action of ships that were sold to orther world’s,to private organization or persons or sent to a surplus depot. We have also determined that ships that were supposed to be at a surplus depot are missing. These ships are among the debree.  “Admiral komack said.
“What are you suggesting?”tellerite ambassador horchub asked. “Well the evidence does call into questione the andorian involvement In these attacks. ” the admiral said.
“You beleve this vindicates the andorians?” the coridon representative asked. “It does all andorian involvement into question. It is certainly  justifiable doubt. “The admiral’s aid said.
“Who is behind all this?” the president ‘s chief of staf asked. “I don’t know . we beleve this indeterminadate third party is trying to destabilize the federation from within. Probably for the purpose of invading some of all of the federation after it collapses. ” admiral Fitzpatrick said.
“You are convinced of the inosence of the andorians or at least the andorian government?” the president asked.
“That is correct madam president!”admiral komack said. “How do I know that this is not some kind of white washing by star fleet. In order to save the federation you come up with your theory to protect the federation?”the coridorn rep asked.
“I assure you that star fleet would not engage in that kind of activity Mr. Representive. “Admiral Fitzpatrick said.
“I will want to look over all of your evidence admiral!”the tellerite ambassador said. “That will be provided to all of the council members. “The acting president assured the ambassadors.
“It will be closely scrutinized. “The tellerite ambassador informed the president. “Of course. We wood expect no less!” admiral komack said.
“I am sceptical. I will try to keep an open mind. “The Representive of the coridon said. “Very good!” the president said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Did Spock give any indication why he had called us out hear?”Dr. Mccoy asked. “No. He did say that this was important !”kirk said. “You trust him Jim ?”mccoy asked. “Implicitly bones. Why? You don’t trust him ?” kirk asked.”I have my doubts about him Jim !” mccoy said. “Now why am I not surprised by that?”kirk asked.
“‘ve have incoming keptian! It is z Gallo!”checov at science said. ” have it brought in! “Kirk ordered.
The Shartle was brought into the hanger. Spock excited the craft. “Do you have a lead?” kirk asked. “Captain I beleve that someone wants to an an anax words near the fegen system. I beleve that the attacks attributed to the andorian are a distraction and a plot to open up the frontier to conquest!  “Spock said.
“The fegen system? That area is remote and insignificant. Why go to all this trouble? ” Dr. Mccoy asked.
“At current it is insignificant and unimportant. That was not always the case. This area was once part of the ilvian imperial order. ” Spock said.
“That was three thousand years ago. “Kirk said. “Many of the world’s remane. I beleve that someone May be trying to recreate that empire or part of it. I don’t yet have proof!”Spock said. “Let me gues that is where we come in!” Dr. Mccoy said. “The enterprise can get there faster then the Shartle can. ” Spock said.
“Where can we go is get this vaunted proof?”Dr. Mccoy asked. “The fegen system!”Spock said.  ” so we go there and ask them if they are planing to invade the near by world’s?”mccoy said.
“Captain we have to follow up on This. We may not have a lot of time.someone is invading or persuading world’s to join a secret pact. They are gobbling up world’s on the edge of the federation frontier!”Spock said.
Kirk went over to a com unit. “Mr. Checkov what ships near us,”kirk asked. “The faragut,hood,Excalibur and potempkon.”he said. “Have all ship head for the fegen system!”kirk ordered. “Aye sir!”uhua said.
U.s.s faragut
“Addison! The enterprise is asking us to procede to the fegen syistom!” the com officer said. “We seam to be doing a lot of favors for the enterprise!”Addison said. “Someone needs to Set up a tab!”ryian said. “Yes we do! Ry set course for the feign syistom. Maximum warp!”Addison ordered. “Course plotted!” the helm officer said. The faragut went to warp.
Fegan system
“We are getting closer to the Fegan system. We are now in sansor range!”science officer Spock reported. “Scan the area mr Spock! “Kirk said. Spock activated the scanning device. “Scanning. I have a visual !”the Vulcan reported. “On screen!”kirk ordered.
The science officer sent the visual to the Maine view screen. On the screen was a series of starships. They were from several different races. The ships ran the gammit from frigate to dreadnauhht. They were all heavily armed.
“I beleve It is a multi planetary fleet !”Spock said. “What is the glue holding this fleet together?” Scotty asked. “I wish I knew. “Kirk said .
“I hopped that you were wrong Spock?”mccoy commented.”uhua send to star fleet command. “Kirk said. “We are being jammed !”uhh said . “get us pass that jamming device!” kirk ordered.
The vessel headed in the opposite direction. The ship headed back for the federation.
Command ship
“Excelentcy the federation space is withdrawing. ” the sansor officer said. “The vessel is probably trying to get out of jamming range !” the first officer said. ” lay in a persist course!” the admiral in charge ordered.
The plan depended on keeping there activities low key. Without anonymity the plan would not work.the plan was to quietly build and then overwhelm and devastate.
“We have incoming. Several ships are on a direct course. They are attempting to intercept us. “Spock reported.
“Shields up! Red alert!”kirk ordered. Sulu raised the shields and screens. “Shields and screens up!”sulu reported. “Mantain course and speed!”kirk ordered . “aye sir!” sulu answered.
The enterprise kept withdrawng in order to get pass the jammers. The hostile ships remained on course for the enterprise.
The ships headed for the enterprise.once in fireing range,the hostels fired. The photon torpedoes struck the enterprise from several sections.
The enterprise quickly returned fire on the ships. The enterprise maintained course for the edge of federation space.
The ships hit the enterprise. “Damage on several decks!”Spock said. “Begin damage control procedures!” kirk ordered. “Damage control is on its way!” uhua said.
The enterprise unleashed phasers and photon torpedoes at the warships. It fired as many schots as it could get off.
The ships continued to fire on the enterprise. The command ship fired a large mistle . the enterprise ran to the mistle,fired a payload of phasers and photon torpedoes at the mistle. Then it got out of the way. The mistle exploded .
The enterprise has gotten away from the projectile. It fired at the wake. It hit the command ship. It stil had the rest of the fleet to deal with.
The faragut and several other ships were on there way. Would they arrive on time? Could the enterprise hold out until the orther ships arrived?
To be concluded .

Interest and principles part five

Spock had been rendered unconscious. Spock started to regain concsiciousness. Spock instantly got up. He was not where he was before. He surmised that the orions had moved him.
He figured that the orions did not want to kill him. They wanted him out of the way.
Spock had no desire to be in there way. He just wanted answers. The orions did not have those answers. At least they were not willing to share the answers they have. He would have to find them elsewhere.he came hear thinking that this was a plot by the orions like Babel. Now He was prety sure that it was not the orions .
Spock was not far from the Galileo.he had a smal device that located the shartle. He entered the craft. He went inside. The case had gone cold. He decided to head for the enterprise.
“Warning! Incoming vessel! ” the computer said. The startle tried to get out of the way. Sudenly the vessel was surrounded. There were three Klingon vessels all around him. This was quite an unexpected turn of events. 
Office of the president
“Madam president! The tellerite have set up a blockade at there border. They will no longer allow andorian murchent vessels to operate in there space. As a result The andorian have announced they are setting up a similar blockade. The andorian parliament is planing to consider banning Tellerite commerce inside andorian space. The tellerite ambassador has filled a complaint with the agency on member world’s. “The new Vulcan foreign Secretary said.
“I want to speak to the emperor of andor and the grand prefect of the tellerite. We need to calm things now. “The acting president said.
“That May not be easy madom president. ” The defense Secretary said. “We have to try!”the president said. They agreed.
Federation surplus depot 27
Planet angur four.
Shivea saw her husband. He hugged her. “I can’t believe I agreed to do this !” Dave said. “You said we need to get away just the two of us!”she said. “This is not quite what I had In mind but ok!” commander Owens said.
They held hands as they went to the control center. “Are you ernum cete?”Owens asked. “I am. Half of the federation is calling me. Usualy people avoid this place. Its like we are haunted or something?” he said.
“Are the ships hear ?”Shevea asked.”the ships described by the tellerite ,Manny were hear. They were procured by a colonial transport company two years ago .they operated out of Altair . they checked out. “The dock master said.
“Do you stil have the documents?” Owens said. “I keep everything. I am required to by the surplus intregrety act. We follow poetical to the letter. Everything from cataloging to waste extraction is done by the book!” he said. Neither knew how to respond to that.
“Can we see them?”Owens said. Come with me. They went to The Office. He took a pad and found the data. He showed it to them. “They intended to add it to there fleet? “Shevea said. “Yes. Under the surplus act The starship commission has to know what they plan to do with the ships. They want to insure no prime directive violation,no ending up in the hands of smugglers etc. “He said.
“If the buyers want to flip It? ,”Owens said. “They have to go though the same process. Once ownership is transfer,it is between the commission and the buyer. It is quite a castle!”he said.
“Can you access the comision records?”Shevea asked. “I am logging on to shipchive now. It says the ships were sold to aridon cooperation. Oh no! “He said. “What?” Owens asked. “The cooperation headquarters was in the malurian system. The cooperation was whipped out when well you know!”he said.
“So anything could have happened to those ships ? Including stolen by smugglers ?” Shevea said. “Yes. It seams so. ” the dock master said.
“What do you think babe?” Owen’s asked. “I think that either the aridon was a front for smugglers or some orther naferious group or someone else got to it. I don’t know that it was the beatified but I think that someone is trying to devide the federation. Posibly a prelude to  invasion. “The Vulcan told her husband.
“We have to go to star fleet!”Owens said. “Do we have enough proof ?”She asked. “Enough to prove that a third party is trying to meddle in the affairs of the federation. Probibly to bring it down. “He said.
Sudenly there was a transporter beam. Kor emerged.”where is your entourage?”Spock asked.”I am hear to have a chat Spock! “Kor said. “With or without the mind sifter?”Spock asked. “Without. Your federation is in quite a bind!”he said. “I figured you would be celebrating over a glass of vintage blood whine!”Spock u. “I don’t want the federation overthrown unless the empire is doing the overthrowing. The enemy of my enemy could also be my enemy. “Kor said.
“Do you know who is behind all this?” Spock asked.”over the past year,we started to see a paturn. Smaler powers were Sudenly going though upheavals. Insurection,revolts,revolutions. All centered near the federation most remote border. All too far away to be a concern. Last mounth the planet fezel was taken over by a seemingly insufficient political faction. I believe that soon a new defense fact will be created. If the Federation falls in rival war then this pact can anex minor world’s on the frontier of federation space. Qudrent affairs will shift hear. A religion barely  notice will be an emerging power. It will be some time before they pose a threat to the empire but they will eventuality will be. “Kor said.
“Who is behind this?”Spock asked.”I don’t know. My gues is someone we are not aware of. Someone who prefers to be in the shadows. “Kor said.
“Why share this with me?”Spock said. “As I said I want the federation conquered by the Klingon. The Federation does check the galaxy. It prevents expansion by the romulons,gorn,thalonians or the tholiens. The organisms won’t allow us to fight but the federation serves a useful purpose for now. While I don’t care to be on the same team. I wi share this information!”He said.
“Thank you commander. I am in your dept!” Spock said. “Perhaps one day I will collect. “He said. He returned to the ship and the ships left. This would need to be verified.

Star fleet command
“You believe this is all the work of outside agitators?”admiral Womack asked. “We are certain of it sir!” Owens answered. “It does seam to make sense. Do you know who is behind it?” he asked. “No not as of yet!” Shevea asked. “I see. Good work. Send me everything you have. ” the admiral asked.
The admiral asked to speak to the president at once. Perhaps there was time to stop the avalanche. There would not be a lot of time.
End of part five
Although this is a plot by the society,there are always outside unforeseen forces. There was usually coincidences. The society could not have the health of the president or nomad destroying the malurian system. It did work into there plan.
While this is set in the prime universe,I am using the events of the original series but not totally bound to it. This event could have happened.