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Star trek the universe holiday special

U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log, it seams that a lot of societies on several different planets have different kind of festivities during this time of year. There is christmast ,winter solstice ,Chanukah, kwansza and others . on Vulcan there is a solum ceremony commemorating the establishment of a government based on the philosophy of surek. The andoriens have a festival witch name is unprononcible but it appears that it is loosely translated conflugation of eyelids. Not much is known about it. ” captain Norris said.
“The crew of enterprise is from multiple backgrounds and traditions. I have decided to hold a dinner in the rec room. The crew has been though a lot recently. The attack by the one true path that killed the captain and others . the mass crises and it’s after math. Then the zombie situation. Right now we are in a survey of Klingon space effected by the mass. It is fairly routine. I am hoping that the crew can take advantage of this down time.”
“On a personal note I can’t help but think of my childhood. As a kid Jason and I waking up my presents as early as possible. Then when becca was born getting her involved. I remember coming home from the academy the night before and getting up with my younger siblings .Sense Jason died and then. Rebbeca mind was altered by one true path it is just not the captain it is my job to respond to the emotional wellbeing if my crew as well as physical wellbeing. I have to put aside my desire to go crawl in a hole. ” Ben Norris said.
Rec room
Dr. Carol Marcus was setting up a plant by the door. “Carol ! Go easy !”lt. Commander Jim Kirk said. “Jim I’m fine . I can do this!”she said. “I know that. ” Kirk said. “I am pregnant not dead. I can handle this . I am setting up holiday decorations not taking on the sheliek. ” Carol told him.
Kirk laughed. “Ok ! ” he said. The door opened,several crewman brought in trees and other decorecations.
Another set of crewman brought in a large satue . “what is that?” Dr. Elizabeth  dahner asked. “It is the telleeite symbol of fertility. We want to honor all cultures . we have multiple telleeite serving on the ship. ” Dr. Piper said.
“I am aware of that . it is really gawdy?” Liz said. “Wait until the Klingon Santa Claus arrives!” terasha said . “this is going to be really strange isint it?” Liz asked .”oh yes!” yeoman Smith said .
People came in and out. People brought equipment in and out of the rec room. It was a buz of activity. People were doing this on there off time.Manny. found it to be relaxing . there were those. Who. Did not.
Addison Ryan and her. Young son and daughter put up a smal tree. They put on decorations they made.  Three bolien children and two kiterian. Put up decorations they made.
“We have quite a baby boom. On the ship!” Christine chapel commented. “I had planed to be returning to earth after a breef visit.there has been a change of plans for now. ” Ryan said . ” your stil. Planing to. Return to earth eventuality?” Smith asked. “We are still in discussion on that. ” Addison said.
” where is the captain? I figured that he would. Be hear.  He ordered the event. ” Lee kelso said. 
The captain decided to avoid the holiday hoopla.he supported the idea of holiday party. He came up with the idea. He would participate but not go all out.
Odd. He tgought . last year captain Conklin held one.they were in a survey mission. Rebecca dragged him and her husband to. Get a tree on a planet they were studying. The tree made humans break out In hives.  They. Had to use e.v.a suits to beam it off the ship. It sheaded. They had to made the rec room off limits to. Humans and the party was held in the briefing room.  He laughed. This year was different. Conklin was dead, the. First officer convolescing on earth. Elese Vernon had to have all her limos amputated.  Rebecca hospitalized on Elba and her husband dead. How things Had changed.
” you ok Ben?” lt. Mia bolt asked.”I use to love Christmas. Then Jason died. I was just starting to like it again. Becca did not give me or my brother in law a choice.  ” Ben said.
“She did not give any of US a choice. ” mia said. ” this year I just don’t feel it. !” Ben. Norris. Said. 
  “Are you going to. Not attend. Mr. Spock?” Gary mitchel asked. “I am not sure.  In Years. Past I have not. ” Spock said . ” he usually volunteers to command the bridge. ” mia said.
Rec room.
Kolona entered. She had just been turned into a zombie. Her recovery was difficult. The vaccine made. Her sick to her. Stomach.  She was finally on the mend. 
” how are you feeling?” lt. Commander gioto asked. “Better !” she said. “Glad to hear it. ” Dr. Shall said . ” has anyone seen kalera?” jesshop asked. “S he has kept a low profile. Lately..” ensign Davis said. “I thought she might to be romulunafi. The festivities. ” Kylie said. ” great! Something Gray. ” Davis said .
  Captain Norris did. Put in some Turkey in the galley. He made a green marshmallow salid.   He brought it to the rec room. Music was playing. There was. Various. Music from Manny cultures.
Some stil wore there uniforms. Others wore civilian clothing.Addison wore a blue green. Multi. Patterned dress.  Mia wore a pink dress.
Spock came in. “Spock your coming this year?” Gary Michel asked. “Yes Mr. Mitchel. Please do not gloat! ” Spock. Said. ” I would not dream of it. ” Gary said.
“Welcome to the holiday celebration 2266. We have Had a hard year. We have lost search friends but have had new editions. We. Have list much but gained mutch. We are now working with the romulans and Klingon and tholuens.   (Xi nodded) we are stronger even with all that has happened. We have made it so let’s celebrate together. ” he said.
There Was food laughing. Gary went over to Liz. “Care to dance doc?” Gary asked. “I don’t know gare. Dancing with a walking freezer unit could. Pose a risk to your health.” Liz asked .”you ever going to let that go?” Gary asked .”we will see. Come on.” she Said. Liz took her hand and they went to the dance floor.
Aaron and terasha started to dance. They were newly weds sort off. It was clear. Yeoman Smith asked the security chief to dance. Hallak eat a lot but contacted the engine room every ten minutes making sure everything was fine. The engine wach commander “loved” that.
After a while the door opened, kalera entered. She wore a purple dress. She had braided her hair. Things had become odd between her and the captain. They were heading towards a relationship until it was revealed that she fired the shot that led to his brother’s death.
They looked at each other but moved on. She went to a far off table . Addison went over to the captain. “Ben with all due respect your being a but head . go talk to her. ” Addison said .”how can I possibly get over that? ” Ben asked.”you just do !” she said.
The door opened. Kor came in with a large targ. “If your getting tired if bird meet.I have teal food. Happy festivities!”kor said. The animal was stil living mostly. The crew decided not to decline.
Norris thanked the Klingon commander. Ben went over to kalera. ” want to dance?” he asked.she smiled. They went hand in hand to the dance floor.
The end.
Mary Christmast!


The klingon war conclusion.

“With federation news service I’m Jessica Armstrong. The United federation of planets has signed a treaty with the romulan star empire ending the war with them. The treaty restores the old neutral zone. All areas occupied by the romulan have been returned to the federation. ”
“The treaty was signed on parliament the capital of the organization for interstellar law. Neither president zurek or predator jihal were present.they both signed the document. ”
“While some have objected to the treaty. Some feel that the federation should have tried to get painful consesons. The president said that he wants to discourage any future attacks not to foment more trouble. The  federation hopes to give the New leadership in ki bartan to consolidate power and hopefully Persue a different course. ”
“The federation has negotiated a seperate armistice with the klingon empire. The klingon have agreed to create a New neutral zone. A wider buffer zone has been established. The treaty was signed on grazela home world.neither heads of sate were in attendance. ” she said.
United federation of planets
“Today I present a Mendel Of the stars to vice admiral transet hamin,he is an admiral and a member of my staf. A man dedicated to safety of the federation. A reluctant warrior.he prefers not to fight. “The president said.
The Medal was put on his neck. “Thank you Mr. President. While I am known as a man of battle. A strategist. I am a pacifast at heart. I wish that this war was unesusary. I hope that somehow our people’s will one day reach an understanding. I hope we can move pass this event. I hope that this will be a thing of the past. “Hamin said.
President zurek completed his second term. He did not run for a third term. He was replaced by foreign Secretary Rona benbet of rygel.
Transmet hamin returned to the zurek administration as an advisor.he was named intergalactic security advisor to president benbet.
Captain James komack stepped down as commanding officer of the enterprise.he became a member of the admiralty.
Despite his failure,murkeret was able to hold on to power. He blamed his failure on his admirals and generals. Many of the old guard retired or were retired.the empire decided to slowly rebuild.
Kalera was promoted to dub commander. She became a reserve officer. She went though a time of dipresion and addiction to a narcotic found in rihansu space. She returned to a scientific carer.
She played a key role in the mass crises and aided star fleet. She became a civilian advisor on the enterprise.
Aaron Jessup became a member of  star fleet security. He became an anylist. He played a key role in exposing a plot by a group that revered the preserver. While he and terisha went there seperate ways, they came back together and were remarried.
The federation,klingon and romulan empire did come together . during a crises that threatens the galaxy. After they worked more closely to gather to deal with The aftermath.
The experts run the galmut on the klingon war. John gill said that the klingon war was basically the creation Of one man. He blamed it on murkeret.
Marla mcguvers Saud that the klingon war altered history. Though it was unesusary it made a mark on time.
It was a met event in federation played a huge role in the history of the alpha quadrant .
The end.
Dedicated to star trek. Thanks for a great filthy years.

Revenge of nomad conclusion

Home of Amber
“Amber says I should Mary you.she says you saved her family. “He said. “It was not quite like that. “Amber said. “You seam ok?”he asked.
“Look Ben. During the war, I was forced to join the star navy. I wanted to stay in the star navy but my farther would have none of it. I was assigned as a weapons officer. I tried to transfer but I was denied that request. ” she said
“You fired on federation ships?”he asked. “Yes. Ben I fired on the hood. I killed your brother. ” she said. Ben got really quiet.
“Ben talk to me!”she said. “Kalera I have nothing to say. I would ask you to please leave. “He said.
“Alright. “She said. She started to leave. He went in the opposite direction. “Where is lari?”aber asked. “They needed her on the enterprise “he said. “Is everything ok between you too?”she asked. “Of course .”he said .
“Ben people change. People grow. Perhaps it’s best we keep the past in the past. Our family have been though a lot. It might be time to let it go. “She said. “Its not that easy. You were young when Jason died. You don’t remember him like I do.”he said.
“All I know is she saved my family.she protected me and my kids. “She said.
“Why are we hear?”Addison asked. “Trust me addie !”Liz told her. They walked to the embassy. “Vulcan embassy. ” Addison said.
She saw Ryan. “Ry! What’s going on ?”she asked.”Addison I wanted to renew our vows. Thank to Mr Spock ambassador sarek has agreed to aficiate. Will you Mary me again ?”he asked.
She hugged him.”you bet. “She said.”come on. We have a dress for you!”Liz said.”is the command staf coming?”she asked. “They are already hear. Even xi. “Liz said. “Why am I not surprised. “Addison said.
“Sure you want to do this again?”Kirk asked.”I am sure Jim.”Ryan said. Ambassador sarek was on hand. Dr. Piper escorted the bride down the isle. Bridesmaid included Liz, terisha,Kalera and mia. Kirk,Norris ,the chief and MITchel were groomsmen.Dr. piper gave her to Ryan.
“We are hear today to renew a marriage. In many ways to start anew. Many view our people as cold but we do not engage in emotion. While some of my people see marriage as a biological imperative. Vulcans accept that coupling must be more then simple accepting biology. Vulcans do accept that there is no logic in being alone. There is no logic in going though life alone. Love is not an emotion it is a choice. It is a decision made made once but also continually made.” sarek said.
“”Ryan does your heart only beat for her?”sarek asked. “It does!”Ryan said. “Addison does your heart only beat for him?”He asked .”it does”she said.
“By the authority given to me by the United federation of planets ,I declare you husband and wife. ” sarek said.
After they went to star fleet command bal room. Addison and Ryan danced.there kids joined them as well.
Terisha and jess were dancing. “So your taking over as records officer on the enterprise ?”terisha said. “And second officer. Jim and Addison are sharing first officer duties. I heard your staying on as an advisor?”he asked. “Yes . your stuck with me jes!”she said. “Good!”he said.
“Want to dance Liz?”Gary asked. “I did not think that a walking freezer unit can dance?”she said. “Your never going to let that go are you? ” he asked. She took his hand and hit the dance floor.
“May I join you?”Galloway asked the women he met while watching xi. “Of course!” s he said .”I never caught your name?”he asked.”Tonia barows.”she said.
Dr. Piper was dancing with a wheat chair bound Elise Vernon. “So I heard they are working on prosetic legs for you?”Dr. Piper asked. “I intend to galivant though the stars soon. ” she said. “I know you will. “Piper said
Ben just looked around the room.he did not feel festive but wanted to be there for Addison.Kirk and Carole sat out the next song.”cosmic thoughts Ben?”Jim asked.
“I am not really hear I gues Jim. I figured I would stic around to honor protocol. “Ben said “Ben just don’t rush into a final decision.”Jim said. “Of course.”Ben said
Alll acros the room people were enjoying themselves. Even security chief giotto was dancing. He was with yeoman Smith.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Department heads hear as ordered.” Smith said. “There have been reports of unusual activity in a neutral area near klingon and romulan space. “Ben said. “Let me gues we get to investigate. “Dr. Piper commented. “Where your Sense of adventure Mark?”Ben asked. “Far away ” Dr. Piper said
“Course plotted ” Addison said. “Helm take us out!”Addison ordered.the enterprise went to warp.
The end.

The Klingon war part six

U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Captians log,captain James komack reporting. We have been dodging mines. While the new shielding poetical has worked,wr have to ‘ve catefull. We have been intentionally detonating mines. ”
“So far our forces have been unable to push the Klingon forces out of the donatu syistom. ”
“Wr have incoming. Klingon cruiser d-5. Vessel is on an intercept course.wait I believe it is on a Collison course. “Lt. Addison mccomic reported.
“Shields up . brace for impact “the captain said. Helm officer Leland and navigator Conklin tried to stear away form the warship.
Addison altered the shielding. The enterprise deflector dish fired a pulse at the ship.the enterprise fired all weapons at the warship. The warship was struck. It would either have to withdrawal or implode.
The Klingon ship refused to yield.the vessel imploded. The enterprise was able to get away in time.
Romulan vessel Grace fire .
Office of the commander
“You wanted to see me?”kalera said. “Sit down sub lt.”the commander said. She Sat down.”your a fine officer. You are a skilled weapons officer. You are command officer material.”he said.
“Why do I get the impression that this is not a congratulations talk?”kalera asked .”lt,you have shown a reckless attitude. You have shown a level of brutality we find disturbing.”the commander said.
“We are at war. ” kalera said. “Yes I understand that. We are not Klingon.we do what we do because we must.brutality for it’s sake alone. “The commander said.
“I am doing what I must. “Kalera said. “Kalera whatever you trying  to prove. This is not you.”kalera said.
“What do you expect me to do sir. “Kalera asked. “Tone it down.  “He said . ” I will try “kalera said. He dismissed her. She left the office. The door closed.
Planet earth.
Office of the president.
“The Romulans want us to anex the Caleb sector to them. They will create a New neutral zone hear. “The foreign Secretary said.
“This is unwise. This is a very serious concession. “Gia said.
“We are not wining the romulan front. We could negotiate a process of transition. ” an advisor said.
“If we can defeat the Klingon and force a surrender the romulans might be willing to end there occupation. The war was not there idea. ” gia said.
The president considered his options. He was in many ways a pacifist. He was also a realist. He was practical. He did take his role as president ,leader of all of the people seriously.
“We will continue negotiations . I will not sacrifice our citizens. I would prefer not to have to cede the Caleb sector to the romulans.” the president said.
U.s.s confederation
Confrence room
“I have an idea on how to break the stand off.”lt. Halak said. “Let’s hear it. “Admiral hamin said.”this is a probe that has been retrofitted. The probe is now a weapon. “The Orion said. “I have modified three of these weapons.”he said.
On the screen the unmanned drones entered a simulation of Klingon space. “The probes will hit three unmanned Klingon post. At the same time we can hit the territory occupied by the Klingon. “The Orion said.
“If successful we can modify more of these probes. This will demonstrate our resolve.  A long range weapon capable of attacking Klingon territory. ” lt.giotto said.
“Alright I like this plan. I am going to present it to the president. “Hamin said.
The president approved the plan. The federation sent more ships to the fleet. The probes were launched to the Klingon space. The probes arrived in Klingon space and detonated. The setilites were destroyed.
Then the fleet fired on the Klingon ships. The fleet used New shielding designed to withstand the mines.the fleet held it’s own.
The fleet tried to advance. The Klingon wanted to keep hold of this territory. The federation fleet was not making that easy. The federation fleet was mobilized.they were determined. This was important. They wanted the battle won.
The fleet was able to break the stale mate. The fleet moved forward. The Klingon were surprised. The federation.had a lot of resolve. They surprised the Klingon.
“Breaking news. We are hearing reports that the Klingon have been pushed out of the donatu sectors .the federation fleet was able to push them back. It is uncertain what will happen next. “Jesica Armstrong said.
Klingon flagship
Mukurat was furious. The fleet was wining.they had won a huge victory early on. Now the Klingon had basically been defeated.
“You are incompetent . “mukurat said. “This was a poorly planed operation. You cannot do things on the fly.” General kord said.
“Kahless did sompeck.I will not tolerate these incompetence .”mukurat said.
The fellow commanders were not thrilled by this. They did not like being thrown under a bus.
“I want to attempt another invasion of the donatu sector.”mukurat said. “Sir! The war is over. We cannot risk another defeat. “A General said. “We can win. We almost did.” the chancellor said.
“We need to wait. Slowly build up our forces. Prepare to strike in a few years.”an admiral said.
“Do you not have the will to fight?”the chancellor said. “You do not have the ability to lead” a commander said. “Are you challenging me?”he asked.
The commander was not ready to take on the chancellor. The commander backed down.
Office of the president
“Mr.  president “the chief of staf. “Yes! “The president said. “There has been an internal shake up on romulus. The Senate voted no confidence in the preator. Pro clnsul jihal has been maimed the new preator. The Senate is suspending the war. The romulans are withdrawing from the neutral zone. ” the chief of staff said.
“The romylons are abandoning the war?”zurek asked.”we are hearing that many in the leadership on Romulus are unhappy with going to war in the first place. “The chief of staf said.
“I’m Jessica Armstrong with this news update.the federation fleet has launched attacks into Klingon space. The plan is to convince the Klingon to end the war. ”
The federation fleet was able to advance. The federation was not interested in territorial expandion. They wanted to stop the Klingon war machines . the Klingon did not Like that there territory was being ransacked by the federation.
Office of the president
“Mr. President the klingon are asking for a cease fire. They are willing to negotiate an end to the war. “The chief of staf said.
End of part six.
To be concluded.

The Klingon war part five

“This is Jessica Armstrong with the federation news service, we have just confirmed that the federation fleet has sucesfully liberated donatu five. The fleet commanded by reserve star fleet admiral transmet hamin has sucesfully pushed out the Klingon fleet. The battle of donatu continues. The fleet is stil engaging the enemy fleet.” Jessica said.
U.s.s vericruz
Lt. Ben Norris was really happy about the victory everyone was. Now the fleet was planning on advancing further into occupied space.
“Lt, you have a personal messege from your sister. “The com officer. “Captain with your permission I would like to take it in my quarters.”Ben said. “Of course.”the captain said.
Ben Norris went to his quarters.he activated the screen. “Beck what is it?”he asked. He could tell that she had been crying. “Ben! Jasson is dead. “She said. “Oh my! What happened. “He asked.
“His ship was attacked by a romulan bird of prey. He was killed while in the command chair on the bridge. ” She said.Ben got teared up.
Ben did not know how to feel. Angery,sad distraught .He felt numb. Lost. He wished he could  fly to the romulan front and find the ship that fired on his brother and blow them out of The stars. He knew that that was not possible.
Klingon fleet
Command ship
“How did this happen?”the chancellor asked. “They found a defense against the mines. Once they were able to shield themselves from The mines,we lost our advantage ” a lt named kor said.
“We still have a good section of the donatu syistom. We could be able to retake The sector. ” Commodore arjitos said.
“It will be a long and dirty campaign . we may take heavy loses. “Kor said .”we are Klingon. It is our way. We live for struggle. ” the chancellor said.
“Then we are continuing the war?”kord asked “of course we are. Failure is not an option. We make our stand hear. Hear we prove that we are warriors. “The chancellor said.many of the commanders had there doubts.
Aaron Jessup was devisated. Why did she leave. He did not get it. He wished he could find her. Convince her to come back. There were bigger issues now. There we’re more pressing matters.
At his apartment in sanfransisco, he stared at a picture of him with her. In the picture he had his arm around her. They both smiled. He looked at it for a prolonged time. Then he put the picture in a drawer.he put cloths on top of it.he closed the drawer.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral Lawrence
“Your help was invaluable. “The admiral said. “Thank you sir. “Jessup said. “You have a bright future ahead of you.I think the sky could be the limit lt. “The admiral told him.
“Perhaps sir!”jess said. “What  I do for you?” the admiral asked. “I would like to join a combat unit. ” jess said. “Really? You could get any assignment you want?” the admiral said. “I realize that. I want to do my part. “Jess said. “If this is really want you want. Ok. “He said.
Pallice de ls Concorde
Office of the president
“Donatu five has been liberated.donatu station is back in federation control. Our Forces are moving in on donatu six and four. While the fleet has been able to set up a wall and so far we have held the line against them. ” admiral Lawrence said.
“Our next goal is to drive them totally out of occupied zone. Then hopefully drive them back into Klingon space. After that hopefully the Klingon will sue for peace. ” Secretary of defense Rob alexander said.
“Are we near the end of the war?”the president asked. “I don’t know frankly Mr. President I have my doubts it will be that easy. “Admiral Wilson said.
“I agree. This could be a long May be longer and harder then we can possibly think. ” admiral Lawrence said.
“Can we sue for peace now?”the president asked. “We have sent some feelers but we have not gotten any resonce yet. “Foregn Secretary groden of andor said.
This made the admirals of star fleet nervous. Was the president faltering. They hoped he was not.
” I would prefer to end this peacefully.even if it ment agreeing to less then desirable concensons. If we cannot then we will continue the operations to liberate the occupied zone. ” the president said.
“There is also the question of the romulan front. “Chief of staf corington of teller said. “The romulan have taken advantage of our forces being stretched too thin. They have been able to fortify there New holdings. ” the defense Secretary said.
“If we were not fighting a war on two fronts we could probably retake it fairly easily. The manpower issue is hurting us. “Gia said.
“Could we negotiate a truce with the romulan?” the president asked. “What we are hearing is the romulan are willing to entertain begoatiins but they want heavy concessions including a New neutral zone. “The foreign sec said.
The president after a time dismissed the meeting.the staf dismissed.
Many of The staf especially those in star fleet felt disheartened. They feared that the president may snatch defeat from the jaws if victory. None of them wanted this war but they wanted the conclusion of the war to be with the federation getting there old territory back.
Romulan federation space
Kalera had changed. She went from a sweet person to a cold callous person. She wanted to crush the one wanted to be around her. People were worried that she was spiraling around the control.
The victory In the donatu sector had turned into a stand off. Both sides were forced into a stand stil.neither side was wining. It was more like the first world war on Earth. The war was undecided.
Donatu seven
The Klingon sent ground forces early on. The Klingon tried to get a. Administrative foot hold on the planet early on. The citizens of the cony tried to be peaceful and service before the star fleet troops arrived.
Aaron was assigned to a unit tasked with liberating the planet. The force. Began to attack the Klingon.
The force hit a Klingon command post. The Klingon were force. Every grain of sand was considered sacrosanct. They refused to yield.
Jessup watched friends die.others wounded. He had no idea why this was happening. Indications were that that this was to prop up a leader who had no support.
Now terisha had joined them..why?why did she switch sides. He tried to forget all that.he wanted to stop them.
His unit was tired cold Hungary.the command post was smal. It was lightly armed. It should have Ben am easy victory.the Klingon made I’t as uncomfortable as possible.
After s while Jessup ordered the force to retreat. The battle was now was lost. The teem returned to a federation staging area.
They would rest then prepare to try again. The command post had to fall. There was no denying that. It would not be easy.
Terisha took a freighter to deniva. From deniva She boarded s non aligned freighter. She made it to s neutral planet.she went to qonos.
She was allowed to realist in the kdf.she worked on defensive technology. While she did not regret helping the federation she would not aid the destruction of her empire.
She did regret betraying Jess. She had to level the playing that she had she would be  loyal to her people. What happened after that was left to the leaders of both sides.
Jessup and his unit charged again on the command post. They attacked the post. After a long struggle the post fell. The Klingon retreted.
After he looked over y he Carnegie.he saw the bodies.he saw the damage it felt awfull. It was not a victory. There was no joy in it.notice relief.this was a meaningless battle In a meaningless war.
The planet was still in Klingon hands. The Klingon had to be driven off the planet. Then they had to be driven away from the occupied zone. This war had to end.
With romulan support,that seemed to be a taller order then thought. The war was far from.over. it stil had a ways to go. More lives we’re at steak. How many more casualties could happen?
End of part five

Klingon war past four

Part four
“Lines in the sand” .
“This just in. The federation fleet under the command by admiral emit Dawkins have been forced to withdral from the donatu syistom. The fleet was unable to push out the Klingon from the occupied area. The federation fleet took heavy loses in man power,equipment and personnel. Star fleet command had declined to comment. Federation president zurek has convened a meeting of the intergalactic security council. The pallice de la concord press sacitary has said that the president is considering all options on how to deal with the stand off with the Klingon. ” Jessica Armstrong said.
Space station k-7
The demoralized fleet returned to the station. Morale could not be any lower. The ships took heavy damage. K7 staf as well as the crews of the ships got right to work on repairs.
Confrence room.
“We need overrelming force. I intend to ask star fleet for more ships. If we match there ships we can drive them out. ” admiral Dawkins said.
“With all due respect lack of the ships is not a problem. “The Orion engineering officer said. “Who are you?”admiral Dawkins asked.
“Lt Jr grade hallak ,former Sr com tech relay station 46. “He said. “How else are we are going to win this battle without the use of overwhelming force?” the admiral asked in an incredulous manner.
“The problem is not the fleet sir. The problem is the mines. We have to find a way to defend ourselves against the mines. We need a way to counteract the mine. ” hallak said.
The admiral was unhappy with that statement. He could not dismiss the statement off hand. “What do you suggest?” the admiral asked. “I suggest we go behind enemy lines and attempt to steal one of the mines in order to study it. “The Orion said.
“Are you mad lt. That is a suicide mission. “Dawkins commented.”with all all due respect admiral. So is your plan. “Hallak said. “Put together a plan and I will consider it. “The admiral said.
Kalera reported to rihansu star naval command. She had her military status reactivated. She went to personnel. She was shocked to hear that she was assigned to the grace fire as a weapons officer. While she had the training her specialities was more suited to a scientific position.
Office of admiral kibet
“Sir? Why was I assigned as a weapons officer?”She asked. “You have the training for a gunner. We don’t need scientist. We are in a war. You don’t get to Pick your assignment. A soldier folows orders. ” he said.
“Yes sir. “She said. The admiral dismissed her.she Said the customary greeting the office. The door closed.
Qurters of lt. Norris
“So are you stil on bored the tyconderago?” captain Jason Norris asked. “No I have been resigned to special ops. “Ben said “I gues you can’t discus it?”Jason said. “I can’t. Not even with my older brother a starship captain. ” he said. “Why am I not surprised. Well as long as it helps us win this war,I’m ok with being kept in the dark. ” Jason said.
“Alright. ” Ben said.”we will all get together when the war is over. You me ,beck heck we will get Amber and the little kids up hear. “Jason said. “Sounds good. See you then jaYce. “Ben said.
Oifice of transmit hamin.
“Mr. Hamin, a former star fleet officer named Barron Jessup and his wife a Klingon national is asking to see you right away. ” the Secretary said.
“Can you confirm her identity?”hamin asked. “She was born and raised on qonos.she is from a comon family. She is a scientist but did serve in the k.d.f. ” the sacritary said.
“Send them in. “Mr.hamin said.the door opened. The two opened. “I’m transmit hamin special counselor to the president on the war effort. “Hamin said.
“Your from coridon ! I did not think coridon was a federation member.”terisha commented.
“It is in the process of reaplying.I grew up on rygel. I am a Federation you have information for me. “He said.
“I am from anon warrior cast. I don’t have any direct information. I will help any way I can.Klingon are by nature agresive as am I but I harbor no resentlessment or ill will towards the federation. I will help any way I can. “She assured him
“I appreciate that. ” hamin said. “Our inability to retake donatu is due to the use of heavily shielded mines. ” hamin said.”may I look at your datta?”She asked. He gave her a file. She looked it over.
“The Klingon believe in total war.consider the example of General Grant in the American civil war. While Klingon prefer hand to hand combat or personal combat,they won’t hesitate to use weapons whatever they are.” terisha said.
“They used mines in the previous conflict but these are different. “Hamin asked. “They have been working on renovating mines for specific use against the federation. I believe these mines were part of an above classified mission. ” she said.
Command deck
“Admiral you have a priority message from president zurek. ” manager lury said.
Confrence room.
Lt. Ben Norris entered the room. He joined mia bolt,Orion lt. Hallak ,Joshua Anderson and a few others. “Ah good” manger lury said. Norris saw a shadow man in the back.
“Where is admiral Dawkins?” the Orion asked. ” admiral Dawkins has been relieved of command of the Klingon front. “The man said.
“Who are you?” mia asked. “Transmit hamin I am a star fleet reserve. I have been reactivated and given a battle field commission of admiral. This briefing is classified. This mission is optional . I want to send a scout vessel to capture a mine . this is a dangerous mission. I am hoping that the mine capture could turn the tide of this war. “Hamin said.
“I am in lt. Noris.”he said.mia agreed to participate in the mission. Hallak agreed.
The scout ship Cassandra was birthed outside k-7. The Cassandra left The station. The Cassandra went to warp.
“We are clear. ” Joshua Anderson reported. “Set course for the occupied zone. ” Norris ordered. “Course plotted and engaged.”mia bolt reported. The Cassandra went to warp.
The mines were very creative. The mines only affected federation ships.Klingon ships could travail in and out of the mines. These mines assured Klingon control of the occupied zone. It had to be dismantled and soon.
The Cassandra had to take the long way to the occupied zone. The Cassandra was smal but was a tough and durable ship.
“I am lunching a probe. “Hallak said.he launched the probe. The probe left the ship. The probe headed for the mines.
“I am activating the jamming device.” the Orion said. The probe neared the mines. The probe hit the mines. The probe exploded.
“It was a test. I am going to ajust the settings on the next may take some time but we can overtake these mines. “The Orion announced.
Another probe was launched. The probe entered but suffered a similar fate as the first probe. The Orion was determined to keep working. This was too important to just simply give up.
“With federation news,um Jessica Armstrong,the romulan fleet has captured territory in the kaleb sector. They are fortifying the newly acquired space. While there have been raids by scouts. The romulan are using swams and single vessels.”
“At the same time the Klingon have held on to there territory They captured. The Klingon are raiding ships and outpost outside the occupied zones. There are unconfirmed reports that admiral emit Dawkins has been relieved of command of the fleet tasked in retaking territory seized by the Klingon. ” She said.
There had been a series of failures. The Orion created a new that one works just like the mines worked. The probe was launched. The probe headed to the mine field. The mine went inside the field.
“Probe is holding. “The Orion said.”come on,come on. “Norris said . the probe had made it though. The probe kept going.then when they were convinced that the probe worked. The probe exploded. The Cassandra would now report it’s findings to fleet command.
“Alright the fleet is being refuted even as we speak. Our mission is to breach the mine fields. Once we are inside we Will fire on The Klingon fleet and we hope to force them out out of the occupied zone. First we push them out of donatu then we work to fortify donatu.then we work on work on liberating The rest of The occupied space. ” admiral hamin said. 
“You saved my people tarry. I Will never forget this I . “He said. He hugged her. “I love you. I hope you will always know that.”she told him. That night she waited until he was asleep. She left a note by his pillow.she kissed his head. She then left the room. She changed and snunk out if his apartment.
U.s.s hood
“We are receiving a distress call from a supply convoy. They are under attract by romulan bird of prey. ” plotark The com tech said. “Head for the convoy. “Captain Jason Norris said.
The hood went to warp. It headed for the convoy. The romulan vessel hit the convoy. The vesel’s mission was not to destroy the convoy but to chip away at the fleet. It was also to attract a star fleet ship. The romulan fleet hoped to chip away at the federation. A death by a thousand slashes like strategy. Romulan vessel
“Sir! Federation starship hood is on an intercept course.they are heading for us “The pilot reported.
“Cease attack on the convoy. Head for the hood. If they want to battle us then I will gladly give it to them that chance. ” commander hired said.
“Weapons standing by!”Kalera said. The rihansu ship fired on the hood. She was vicious in her attacks.she did not let up. She inflicted a lot of damage.
A plasma weapon hit the bridge. Jason Norris was hit. He was knocked of the chair and was killed. The hood was wounded.
Several other ships arrived but not in time for Jason. Kalera had not acted like her.She had been a kind and compassionate person. That all changed that day. A new Kalera emerged.sweet lari was gone.she was sub lt dravet Weapons officer.
On earth Jason woke up the next day.he looked for terisha.she was gone. He found the letter.
“Dearest jess. I live you. I felt I had to help star fleet even the playing field. I don’t support this war. I don’t support mukerat. I gave your people a fitting chance . I am Klingon.I can’t run from that.I am returning to the empire .I filled for divorce. I wish you well terry. ”
He threw the letter across the room. He could this have happened.
End or part four.
Next up
Jess rejoins star fleet and volunteers for the front lines against the Klingon.Norris learns of his brother’s death. The federation scores it’s first victory against the Klingon. Kalera continues a downward spiral. 

Klingon war part three

Episode two war progreses.
Pallice de la Concorde
“Welcome back “talburt said.”I want my old staf back. Including gia tananie. I don’t care if they in andromida galaxy. “Hamin insisted.
“They are all hear. “Talburt said. “You expected I would have come back. What I I declined?”hamin asked. “We would offer it to the next best person for the job gia.”talburt answered.
Office of the president
“Mr. President, the Klingon attack took us all by surprise. By all accounts it was hastily planed. “Hamin said.
“What was the reason for it?”the president asked. “A starship commander with no political experience challenged the chancellor to a duel and won. He had no support. This war is what humans refer to as wag the dog. Basicaly a ploy to unite the empire under him. If we can win a major victory against the federation,he will be able to retain power. “Hamin said.
“It is a gamble,if he loses he would lose his leadership and his life .”the president commented. “Klingon live for risk.”hamin said.
“Right now Klingon control most of the donatu syisyom. Do we have to completely defeat them before they will back down?”the president asked.
“Mr. President the Klingon won’t back down. They will keep fighting.”hamin said.
“The fleet is assembling. Admiral Dawkins plans to hit the fleet at donatu. “The president said
“With all due respect admiral Dawkins is too cacious. He is timid.”hamin said. “He is the only member of the general staff who has battled the Klingon. “The president said.
“He is too conventional. Too predictable.”hamin said. “It is too late to replace him. “The president said. “Mr. President we need to take them off there game. “Hamin said. “The admiral has put things into motion. I believe he can handle it. I have full confidence I. His abilities. ” the president said.
Ki Barton
Senate building
Office of senator dravit
“You wanted to see me farther?”kalera asked. “I need you to return to the star navy. ” het farther said. “I had hoped to remain in the science corps.”she said. “We are at war. I need to set an example. You must return to the military. ” he said.
“I will not defy you. I know my duty. I am not pleased by this. “She informed him. “I cannot be swayed by you. ” the senator said. “Very wel. I will reinlist.”she informed him.
“You are dismissed.”he said. “Jorlan tru”she said. She left .
Planet Ossetia seven.
Former star fleet ensign Aaron Jessup and his wife terisha had gone to a remote planet. They were conducting research. They came back to the citty after several dad exploring ancient ruins.
They walked into a restaurant holding hands. “I can’t believe I agreed to go with you to the enge of no where to look for ancient technology. “He said.
“Despite your complaining,you love It!”she said. “I love you. The heat the sand the ancient boobie traps I am not so sure. ” he said.
She laughed. “We do make a good team!”she said. “We do. “He said. He saw a viewing screen. He saw an image of donatu station. “I don’t speak osetian. Do you know what’s going on?”Aaron asked.
She watched the view screen.”jess my people have invaded federation space. They have captured donatu v.”she said. “I got to get back to the federation. “He said. “I know. I will brief star fleet. I don’t know a lot being a civilian from an unimportant family. I’m sure my information can help. “She told him.
“Will you go back with me?”he asked.”you bet. “She said. They Got ready to return to the federation.
Freighter captive heart
The freighter had to dodge Klingon patrols. The freighter tool every detour it could find. Nebula,comets whatever.
“You did not have to help us. You risked your lives your ship. Thank you!”hallak said. “I attended the academy but did bot graduate. I stil bleed star fleet. I would not ignore your cries for help. ” Mia told said.
“I know that. ” Bianca said. “We are nearing space station k-7” Josh Anderson said. “Take us in”the captain said.
U.s.s confederation
“All ships in place admiral. “The com officer announced. “Order our ships to move out. “Admiral Dawkins ordered. The ships were everything from frigates to dreadnaughts.
The admiral had Gray hair. He was somewhat balding.he was not short but not tall either. He had a dominant personality. He was rigid.
The fleet headed out. The fleet went at high warp towards the the Klingon fleet.
The Klingon had tried to fortify the donatu sector. They set up mines that searched for federation warp signatures and detonated upon detection.
The mines were warp capable. The federation fleet headed to the Klingon fleet. Before even the federation fleet could even fire a schot,the mines went off.
Several mines went off simultaneously. Several ships were hit. The u.s.s tianimon a light cruiser exploded. The uss akagi a destroyer bottom half exploded.the vessel separated from the hulk in time.
Several ships were badly damaged. The ships had no real defense from the mines. The Klingon engaged in dirty wars. They used anything they could.
The Klingon fleet then fired on the federation fleet. Dawkins ordered the fleet to hold there ground.
Romulan vessel
“You wanted to see me?” the centurion said. “Yes my friend.”commander m’len said. The two men were veterins of the rihansu star navy serving sense they were eligible to serve. They participated in every major campaigns of the last forty years.
“We have New orders I assume?”the centurion commented.”we do. The preator in his infinite wisdom had decided to declare war on the federation joining the Klingon. The preator wants to force the federation to extend themselves too thinly. We are to participate In a raid on the neutral zone.our orders are not to conquer territory but to make it’s impossible for the federation to shore up there Klingon front. ” the commander said
“You don’t sound pleased by these orders. “The centurion said. “When I was young I never questioned our policies. The empire had to I don’t know. I just don’t feel as I once did. ” the commander said.
“You will do your duty if I know you as well as I believe I do. ” the centurion said. ” you do. I can think out loud . I will do my duty as I always do. “The commander said.
“I know that. Dosint the preator know that this will build up the Klingon. If the federation falls,the Klingon will turn against US eventually they will have to.we may be creating a monster. “The centurion said .
“It could be a great blunder my friend. I am too good a soldiers not to do my duty. I will do that duty.”the commander said. “I know that. “He said
Federation Romulan neutral zone.
“You can’t pull so many ships off of the Romulan border. “Commander Hanson said. “We have no choice commander. We are at war with the Klingon. We have a personal problem. “Admiral Lawrence said. “The Romulan are allies with the Klingon. They have treaties between them. ” Hanson said. “I’m sorry I cannot help you.”the admiral said.
The Romulan ships crossed the border. They fired on every outpost they came into contact with.the ships that were there were outnumbered.
Space station k-7
“I spoke to star fleet miss bolt. You are not eligible for a commission.the best I can do is a non commission post. “Mr. Lury said. “Oh no. I was a bridge officer on the freighter. “She said. “I can’t do it. You don’t make the muster to be an officer. “He said.
“I want to serve but not as a non com .” she said. “Alright I Will see what I can do. No promises. “Lury told her.
Pallice daconcorde
“Trans, “gia said. “Let me gues you have bad news. “Hamin said. “I have a lot of bad news. “She said.”ok let’s hear it. “He said. “The federation fleet barely made it into occupied territory. The Klingon fleet was ready.admiral Dawkins was forced to withdraw. We took heavy loses. “Gia said.
“Why do we sense you have even worse news?”hamin asked. “I am afraid I do. “The deltin said. “Ok let’s hear it.”hamin instructed. “The Romulan have declared war on the federation. A Romulan fleet crossed the neutral zone and hit our bases and ships. We now have a war on Two fronts. ” gia said.
“Oh my. This has gone from bad to apocalyptic. I need to see the president. “He said. “Do you have a recommendation?”she asked. “No but I will come up With something in the time it takes to walk from my office to the soval room. ” he said.
The end of chapter two.