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Interest and principles part two

Planet earth
Office of the president
Pallice de la concorde
Zall hardicore was a rygelian. He had been the president of the federation for six years. He had served the federation in multiple compacities including several cabinent posts. He also represented his world in the federation council.
He was not in the best of health lately. He had contracted a virus and has never quite recovered form it due to his age and prior ilneses. He was 204 years old. He wanted to continue his term and then retire to rygel.
“Mr. President the andorian ambassador has arived. “An aid said. “Send him in!”the president said. The door opened,the andorian ambassador and his enterage entered.
“Mr. President! I am deeply troubled by what occured. The emparor himself is overseing this investigation. He wanted me to assure you that we will fully cooperate with any investigation.”ambassador tishik said.
“I apreciate that mr. Ambassador. “The president said.”the tircabera and its crew did what they did without the knowledge or aproval of the andorian government.”the ambassador said.
“Why was the tricabera placed so close to the coridon sector?”intergalatic security advisor hilken juraniv a delten.asked. “i am not sure mr. Juraniv. He was assigned by the sector commander. We are looking into that. ” Tishik informed him.
“Is it posible that the captain was not acting on his own acord but at the behast of a faction inside your military ?”tesrek a vulcan who served as chief of staf asked. “It cannot be rulled out at this jucture. “The ambassador said. “I want to be kept fully aprised of every detail of this investigation “the president admonished the andorian representive. “Of course mr. President!” The ambassador said.
“Could you wait in the ante room. I wish to speak to the coridon representive in private!’the president said. Ambassador tisik agreed. He was escorted out the back door.
Then the coridon representive entered. “Mr. Ambassador it is good to see you. I wish it could be under better circumstances !”the preaident said. “As do i. We were thrillrd by the vote of the council. The margon of pasege was quite reasering given the vocicificous opposition before the vote. This event is quite troubling !” Brink ajer said. “We all are quite desturbed by these events” the president said.
“Do the andorians have a response ?” The rep asked. “They report that the tricabera crew were acting without orders. They are conducting a full investigation. They have pledged to fully coperate with us. “The chief of staff said.
“Then you believe that they are syincere? “The coridon rep asked. “Without evidence to the contary i am inclined to believe them!’the president said.
“I will consult with my government. I hope that this truely is an asolated incident ! ” the rep said.
Uss enterprise
“You will need time to recover. Bed rest. No aceptions!”dr. Mccoy said. “I will see to it. You have my word!”amanda said. “I feel much better!”sarek said. “If you want to continue to feel that way,you will follow my instructions to the letter! No deviation! Is that clear!”dr. Mccoy said. “Quite clear doctor!”sarek said. “Vulcans! You could drive me to drink. I thought spock was bad. “Dr. Mccoy said.
Qurters of kirk.
Kirk was resting in his qurters. He had finally been discharged from sickbay. Dr. Mccoy stil would not let him return to duty.
  “Bridge to captain kirk!”uhua said. Kirk got up and activated the com unit. “Go ahead uhua!”kirk said. “Captain! Incoming message from admiral komack. ” She said. “Pipe it down hear!”kirk said.”sending now sir!”she said.
Kirk activated the view screen. “How are you feeling jim?”the admiral asked. “Like i was stabed by an andorian or an orion!”kirk said. ” “Jim the coridon situation apeared to be resolved. ” Komack said.
“Apeared?”kirk asked. “Yes. An andorian crusher crosed into coridon space and attaked a base at bratir. The ship was destroyed. Both sides are calm. I fear it might not last. I assume that ambassador sarek is not well enough to travel to earth?”he said.
“He is still recovering sir. I don’t feel he can resume his duties yet. “Kirk said. “I see. Can you reach out to ambassador soval! Perhaps he can fill in!”komack said. “Ambassador soval?”kirk asked. “You seam aprehehensive jim!”the admiral commented.”he just intimidates me?”he said.”jim kirk intimidated? “He asked.
“Alright. I will muddle though!”kirk said. “Very good. Witb sarek out of comision we will need a a strong Vulcan. A.Vulcan will be esential in a situation like this!”the admiral said.
Planet bethasda
The planet was one of the federation pre eminent non criminally insane mentile health facility. Different from elba two wich treated criminally insane. It was basically one big mentle hospital.
  One of the patcient was a Vulcan female who apeared to be 35 years of age. She was acualy 140 years of age. She has sufered a series of nervous breakdowns. This required long term hospitalizations. She wore pink scrubs and sandles.
She had a keen sence of hearing.she heard more then the average human. She heard the two orderlies talking.
“Andorians attacked a coridon planet. Every thing is In a major uproar !”one orderly said to another. “No not again !”she said.she beged to see an orderly. One rushed in.
“What is it?”the orderly asked. “Please i need to speak to my daughter! Its urgent!” Kinera said. “I will see if i can reach her!”the orderly said.
“We have breaking news. Our corispondents on coridon have confirmed that there is a masive protest outside the andorian embasy in the capital citty. The protest started with a few people but has grown to a group mesuring in the hundreds of thousand. They are chanting things luke “down with andorian imperialsm”. “Make them pay” and “no federation with the andorians” the chancellor is calling for calm. He is urging the protesters to go home. The embasy is on lock down. The embisy public information office says while there no plans to evacuate,it is an option. ”
U.s.s enterprise
The command crew were dressed in dress uniforms. “Nervous jim?”dr. Mccoy asked.”of course not!”kirk said. “The ambassador has a reputation for being quite imposing. ” Mr. Spock said.
The three entered the transporter room. “The ambassador is ready to come abored at your leisure sir!”lt. Kyil said. “Enerzize mr. Kyile!”captain kirk ordered.
The transporter operated the controls. The ambassador was brought onbored. He had retired several years erlier but continued to advise on occasion.
“Ambassador welcome abored!”kirk said.”captain kirk,you don’t look anything like captain archer!”soval commented. “No i don’t believe i do!” Kirk said. “Ambassador it is agreable to see you again !”spock said. “You as well. Your grand farther served as my aid during the federation’s charter process!”soval said. “He mentioned it frequently!”spock said. Kirk directed him to the door.
“My orders are to escort you to uss feragauit witch will transport you to earth. Unfortunately you will be tosed from ship to ship !”kirk said. “I have been a diplomat and a satesman for many years. I am used to it. “Soval said.
Alpha cinterie
University of alpha cinterie
  Profesor shivea owens completed her morning lecture. She ajurned the class. She saw her husband bob. ” This can’t be good bobby!” She said. “I just got a call from bethasda.”owens said.
“Is my morther alright ?” She asked. “She is. She wants to speak to you. “Owens said. “It is difficult to see her. I remember her before her episodes. I wish to remember her in that fashon !”she said. “It could be important. She is your morther and the grandmorther of our children. It is not logical to abandon her!”she said. “You are corect as you often are. I will go see her.”she said. “I figured!”he said. “That’s meen your teaching my class!”she said. “I saw that comming!”he said.
“Excellentcy! Every thing is in place for phase two! “The second in command told his superior. “Procede with phase two!” The elder said. The second agreed.
Andorian shipyard
Planet dreya four
Though the andorians were a federation member,they did have a military.  It was mostly for protection of shiping lanes and comerce. It was similar to the Vulcan star navy. Several member world had space service . They usually stayed close to home.
The andorians employed aliens from non andorian worlds. Most were from the federation but a few were not. There were coridonians. Though the two worlds had been at ods over membership in the federation,they did work together. The coridon who worked there had left. All but one.
That one stayed out of sight. He waited. He knew how to stay qiet. He was traned in evasive tactics. He was waiing for the right moment. That moment had arived.
He went to a cralway. He stoped. He tapped on a device embedded in his arm. The device exploded. The blast spread though half the shipyard.
A transmison went out on several frequency used by federation com users. “This is the free coridon army. As of now we are at war with the andorians. We will not be in the same allience with the andorians.we demand that the andorians be kicked out of the federation. Failue to comply with these demands will result in more attack. Long live coridon!” The message faided.
The president watched the tape. “I want to meat with the represenrives of the andorians and the coridon. “The president ordered.
The president was very worried. He saw the big picture. His health was falling. He was in a weak sate. His body was failing. His mind was as sharp as ever. He knew what was comming. He feard that it might not be stoped.    End of part two.
There is no reference to who the president of the federation was during the original series. I have a playground hear. I decided to go with a rygelian sense they are not depicted often in star trek.
I made up the bathasda planet. Elba two apeared to be a asylium for the criminally insane so i figured it would not be proper to have kinera there.


“Interest and principles”

Star trek
The society
Star trek the original series
“Interest and principles”
With the decline of the ancient empires,a group made up of multiple alien races created a secret society bent on creating stability in the universe. As the united federation was formed briging stability but not every one was pleased with this. ”
Federation newscast.
“This is Jessica Armstrong with the federation news service. We have this breaking news. The babel confrence has anounced that the council has unenimously voted to admit the planet coridon into the federation. This concluded two weeks of intensive negociations and deliberations by the ambassadors. While the andorians and telerites were last holdouts,both voted in favor of the admission. There will be time of transistion before coridon takes its seat at the council as a full member.” The reporter said. 
Planet andor
Capital citty
“Sir we have lost contact with the tircabera! The vessel has failed to respond to all hails. One of our long range setilites traced it to bratair.”andorian admiral shibret said.
“A coridon colony!”the emparor said. “Corect excellentcy!” Admiral shibret answered. “The commander is oposed to coridon admission to the federation. If the ship opens fire on the planet,this could be seen as an act of hostility on the part of the andorians!” The emparor said.
“Get me the consul general from coridon to earth. Perhaps we can prevent a major incident if we act quickly!” The emparor ordered. His military commanders agreed.
“Have all of our ships intercept the tricabera but make it clear that our ships are not to cross into coridon space !”the emparor ordered. “Understood !”the admiral and generals said.
The emparor was very concerned by this news. Manny in the andorian government were vehitmently oposed to coridon membership. The emparer was nutral even apithetic towards this issue. He did not want war between coridon and andor. He feared there own future in the federation if the tricabera did attack the colony. He hoped that this could be stoped.
By the time the andorian task force neared the last known location of the tricabera,the ship was gone. The task force would not disobey orders. The task force did inform command of what had occured.
“Sir we are unable to get any message in or out of the planet!”a tech said. “What is the nature of this interference?”the coridonian commander asked.”it could be from a comet or orther steler phynomina. It could also be some kind of dampening field. “The tech responded.
“Send to tildarin citty. Inform them what has happened. “The. Obital station commander informed the com tech.
The andorian battle crusher came out of warp. The crusher opened fire on the obital base. The crusher fired multiple phaser burst all over the outpost.
“Our shields are down!” A tech said. Near by coridon vessels intercepted the warship. The warships quickly returned fire on the andorian vessel. The warship was no match for the coridorn vessels.
The andorian vessel was disarmed. Instead of surendering,the andorian vessel ploted a colision course for the coridon lead ship. The orther vesels tried to protect there command ship. They fired multiple burst on the hostle ship. The explosive wave hit the command ship. The ship was wounded. There was exstensive damage. The real damage was the fact that one federation member apeared to have attacked a member to be. This was the begining of a masive power keg just beginning.
  Planet andor
“Excellentcy! The tricabera opened fire on the bratair’s obital station. The outpost was heavily damaged. The tricabera was destroyed. The ship seamed to have trigered the self destruct protical. “Shibret said. “Oh my !”the emparor said.
“The intersection on earth never got our warning. There are already theories that the attack was not a rougue strike. “General teverek said.
“I see. I want to speak to the chancellor of coridon,the federation president and our ambassador on earth. I want to hold an emergentcy cabinet meating right away!” The emparor ordered.
Office of the chancellor
“Sir! We have confirmed that the bratair base was attacked by an andorian vessel. The vessel has been confirmed to be the tricabera. It is taelcher class war crusher. The commander was commander tashaeer. He was known to be oposed to our admission into the federation!”the minister of defense said.
“This news is quite troubling !” The chancellor said. “The andorian embasy on earth claims that had no knowledge of the attack. It claims the vessel.went rougue!”the foregn minister said.
“Do we have any information that substaniates there claim ?”the chancellor asked. “At this point we have no information for or against !”the defense minister asked.
“I want to speak to the head of the interasection on earth. I also would like to speak to the federation president at his erliest convenience. ” The chancellor declared.
Planet argelius
A man went into a bar. He saw a ring on a table. He took it. He went outside. He went to a park banch. He waited. Then a man who had watched him came over to him.
“It has begun! The coridon chancellor is acting with extreme orthers. There is also outrage especially by those on bratair. While the andorian government is trying to prove that they were not involved. Others say the coridon are trying to frame them. The seeds of discent are being sown. “The seccond man told the first man to arive.
“We need to go slow. We muat avoid the mistakes of the past. I want this to work. “The superior said. “Yes sir!” The seccond man.said. then the two dispersed.
End of part one.
Although the andorians are a federation member,i have surmised that they have a cerimonial emparer.

Birth pains part 7

“Captain’s starlog ,the coilition we have worked so hard to create is hanging on by a thread. A third party,a secreat society that is part mythological part ideological is trying to destroy the coilition before it starts. It is a kind of devide and conqur like aproach. ”
“Unfortunately we have no proof. All of our evidence is mostly conjecture and speculation. We have nothing that can be tied to this group or even prove it exists. ”
“So we know soong aided kareth in reserch in genetic enhancement. Enhancement used by tera prime. “Archer said.
“The evidence does provide a link between kareth and tera prime. The tera prime members claim they hired kereth not the orther way around. “T’pol said.
“Tera prime is compartmentilized. It is a top down group. “Kinera said. “Let my gues vashar has several files on tera prime!”shumar commented. “Yes we do. “She said. “Mostlikly that knowledge died when ogden died. “Travis said.
“We have to keep going. There has to be something ,some evidence implicating off world agitators. “Archer said.
“I reccomend we start at squre one. We intervue family members,group members every thing. What is the human expreson? No stone unturned. “Kinera said.
Planet earth
Montrial earth
“Hello i am lt. Commander read and this is colnel hays.”he said.”i have barely ever talked to a star fleet officer in a life time. In the last few days i have seen enough to last a lifetime. ” alysia ogden said.
“Your brother. Did he travel off earth controled space recently ?”read asked. “He went to rygal 8 to meat with a rygelian group that disagred with colition membership. That was a mounth ago. “She said.
“Do you know who he met with?”hays asked. “No i don’t. I never paid too mutch attention to his rhetoric . I loved my brother but he comonly had a pet cause. That changed frequently. He staged protest against the use of the transporter. For a while he was oposed to using technology to deflect asteroids. I tuned it out most of the time!” She said.
“Did he make any orher visits off sector?”read asked. “No! I don’t think so. “She said.
Planet rygal 8
Argert caphal was a rygelian business man. He was also a member of the executive comite of the planetary legislature. He had fallen into disrepute over the last few years.
A group of macos arived. They stormed the complex. They stuned several body gourds. Archer went to argert.
“Mr.caphal. I’m captain jonathen archer. “He said.”what do you want?” He said. “You seam to have been a very buisy man!”archer said.
“I thought that fredom of movement was a gurente in your charter. ” caphal said. “It is. You met with anti coilition group all over the coilition. This includes violent radical groups!”archer said.
“I don’t want this alience. Until the charter is ratified,it is not a total reality. I do not engage in violence!”caphal said.
“You turn a blind eye towards those who do. “Shumar said. “I hope to have a peaceful resolution. “Caphal said.
“You met with tera prime?”archer asked. “Yes i did. “He said. “You have ties to business inteterest outside of the rygelian sphere of influence?’ Archer asked. “Yes i do!”caphal said. “You aware of a group called the beatified?” Archer asked. “It is a myith. It may have excisted a thousand years ago but not now. “Caphal said.
“I think that the beatified is trying to destabilize the coiition. I think you are a part of it!” “Archer said.
“I heard humans love conspiracy theories. This one is a whoper. “Caphal said. “I dont think so. I dont think so at all!” Archer said
“You will never prove any of this. “Caphil said. “Your going to blow the whistle on all this. Your going to blow this plot sky high!”archer said.
“Me? Come on? “He said. T’pol went over to him. “A mind meld? It will never hold up in court?”he said. “I am not looking for a conviction , i am looking to convince the council!”archer said.
T’pol placed her hand on his temples. “My mind is your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. Our minds are murging. Our minds are one. Tell me about the beatified. “She said.
Sanfransisco earth.
“Caphal was recruted by an orion naimed kereth. His job was to locate potential desenters to the coilitiion. Group like tera prime. The goal was to colapse the coilition before the syimbolic vote could take place. “T’pol said.
“Why?”the andorian ambassador asked.”we don’t know. Some speculated that it was the work of the orion syidicate. The colition presents a threat to there ligitiment,iligitiment and nutral business. “Read said.
“We have goten several members of tera prime to admit that they were provocked by those linked to off world interest. We have found links to the orions and orher smuglers and gansters!”hays said.
“All of this was outside agitation ?”soval asked.”yes ambassador !”read said. “You understand my scepticism. That human were so piliable is troubling!”gral said. “Things take time. We have gone so far. This is not the time to turn back. The orions and orther fear the stability we have already created. Think of what will happen if we fully abandon it!” Archer said.
“They have been debating for six houers!”hoshi said. “It is nurve wracking!” Archer said. “I can’t believe we have no evidence to tie it to the beatified!”read said. “Will they go away?”travis asked. “No. The group will factionize,a remnant will go underground. They will be back. “Kinera said.
The door opened,president Vanderbilt came over to them,”get your dress uniforms ready. We are about to have the bigest party in galatic history !’the president said. Archer smiled.”yes sir!”he said.
Unknown location
“The coilition is going foward. The telerites are back in as are the rygelians. “An aid said. “This is an unfortunate event. “An elder said. “The coilition can be stoped. We will need to prepare. I do not intend to give up. This is not over!”the zackdorn said.
Earth sanfransisco
Aliens races from multiple worlds were assembled. There were multiple oficials and dignitaries from human worlds were there.
Archer went to his crew. “We did it. The moment we have worked so hard for is hear. Though we will be going our seperate ways,this is not an end but an beginning. “Archer said. Archer went to the center of the room to give his speach.
The end.

Birth pains part six

Terna,the delten was abored his ship. He looked out in to the stars. Terna had been put in charge of the operation. Terna was suposed to make the operation work. If it suceded,he would receve some praise. If it failed,he would get all the blame. He knew that well.
Terna had got kereth to set all this up. Terna presented himself as an arms dealer. He was careful not to implicate the society.  If he was exposed,he would take the blame for it. The society must endure.
Archer got too close. Terna had killed kereth killed. He hoped to be off planet before he could be aprehended by archer. Archer had no jurisdiction hear but terna would take no chances.
“The enterprise left orbit. It is on an intercept course . It is heading straght for us. ” The tactical officer told him.
“How did they figure this out? We killed kereth before they arived. Besides he knew nothing !” An eloriam named rizza said. “I don’t know. Feign ignorence. No agresive moves!” Terna said.”we should have screens up!” Dezrek the tactical officer a gazerite said. “We do. We will arouse suspisions. We cannot risk exposing our organization!”terna said.
“Suspose they already know?”reza said. “They will be destroyed!”terna said. “What if archer told his superiors?”reza asked. “One thing at a time!”terna said.
“We are on intercept course!”t’pol anounced. “There shields and screens are down!” Shumar said. “Odd. I believed that they would have come in weapons hot'”travis commented.”they are going to play the by stander card. ” Archer said. “Should we activate our shields and screens?”shumar asked. “Negitive! I don’t want to be the bully. “Archer said.
“This is risky!”t’pol said.”i know. If we are being set up,i don’t want to give them a plasible plan b. We do this carefully. ” Archer declared.
“This breaking news,the earth news network has confirmed that the telerite legislative asambly is considering leaving the coilition. They have suspended all activities involving the coilition. While the rygelian have also suspended all activities as well. The alience seams to be falling apart. While coilition president thomas Vanderbilt is trying to show a brave front!” Reporter gannet brocks said.
“We are hopeful that these isues can be resolved in a timley fashion. “The president said.
“It is unclear if the vote witch was mostly cerimonial will take place. There is a  question wrether the coilition could occur only with humanity,Vulcan and andorians. Coilition oficials are debating contingency plans just in case.” The reporter said.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral gardner
“We have confirmed that the fighters were unmanned. ” Read said. “Were they controled by remote?” Admiral gardner said. “We don’t Know yet sir. “Read said. “Was there an order given to detain the telerite vessel?” Gardner asked. “We have not found any. We checked and rechecked. ” Read said. “I see. I want you to keep looking into this. ” Admiral gardner ordered. “Yes sir!” Read said.
“We are now in ip with the alien ship!” T’pol reported. ” Hail the vessel!”archer ordered. “Your on!”hoshi said.”alien vessel this is captain jonathen atcher of the earth vessel enterprise. “Archer said.
“No responce!”hoshi said. ” they feel cornored! Give the go order!”archer said. The columbia and intrepid went at high warp towards the ship.
“Try again !”archer ordered. “The ship is heading in the oposite direction!”t’pol said.”they are uncomfortable !”shumar said.” We are being hailed !”hoshi said.
“On screen !”archer ordered. On the screen displayed the image of the bridge.
“What is this about ? I have had no deelings with your people! “The deltin said. “You seam nervous !”archer said. “I am not acustomed to being bulied by a race i have never met before. “Terna said.
” You killed mr. Kereth ! “Archer said. “Who?” Terna said.”we know your trying to destabilize the coilition of planet. I know about the beatified. ” Archer said.
The view screen went dark. “I am detecting a masive energy surge comming from that ship!”t’pol reported.
“Order all our ships to back away!”archer said. The ships backed away from the ship.the ship exploded.
Ready room.
“The ship was uterly destroyed!”trip said. “It apears to have been a self destruct detonation. “T’pol said. “We currently have no proof of the society. We have nothing directly tied to outside groups being involved in the incidents. “Archer said.
“We basically have a conperacy theory with absolutely no proof.” Trip said. “What do we do now?” Trip asked. ” I am working on it!” Archer said.
Unknown ship
“Excellentcy! Terna’s ship has been destroyed. The evidence sugest that they destroyed themselves.”an aid said.
“I see. “The elder said.
End of part six
Gannet brooks apeared in ” demons” and “tera prime” although the reporter is a day job,i decided to use her as the reporter rather then create a new character.

Birth pains part five

Office of the president
“I am deeply troubled by the incident ambassador. The coilition,military asult command and earth government are looking into this. “President Vanderbilt said.
“Mr. President,when i acepted the post of ambassador ,i was assured that i could traval safly to and from earth. Yet my ship was attack. This was an unprovoked attack!”grall said.
“Mr. President we are conducting a full investigation. I consider the response by the telerite ship to be overkill. An entire fighter crew are dead. “General cassy said. “We had no chioce! “Grall said. “We do not have all the facts. I urge all sides to keep an open mind until the enquiry is complete.”president Vanderbilt said.
“This attack was an act of war mr. President. I have spoken to my superiors. They have agreed to hold off any judgement until the investigation is complete. Whoever i have oficialy been recalled to teller. My government is reconsidering our paticpation in the allience.” The tellerite ambassador said.
“I am sory to hear that. I do not want to lose the tellerites. I am commited to getting to the botom of this!”Vanderbilt said. “I will comunicate that to my government.”grall said.
Star fleet command
“This is petposterpus. The telerites engaged in overkill! “Colnel hays said.”i can’t discus this! “Read said.”the telerites overacted. If they had just coperated with the inspection!”read said. “Look i really cannot this with you jeff!”read said. “I know. I don’t like having my friends killed and then have them being rail roaded.”the colnel said.
The door opened,a jr star fleet officer entered. “Commander read,we found no evidence of any dna In the floatsome!” The ensign said. “Thsts imposible!”hays said. “Your sure?”read said. “We checked and rechecked. The black box was unsalvegible. “Ensign emma rese said. “The black box is made to last though anything. I can’t believe it was destroyed. “Hays said.
“We don’t know who was flying those ships?”read asked. “Negitive. All of bravo scraiud are acounted for. “Emma said. “What if no one piloted those ships?”read said. “Auto pilot?”hays asked. “Captain archer suspected a third party is trying to disrupt the coilition. “Read said.
“Someone had to steal those ships. “Rese said. “According to the bravo commander,the fighters were suposed to be at the base. No one knew that the ships were not at the birth.” Hays said.
“Did you check for known ties to tera prime or afiliated or like minded group associated with bravo group?” Read said. “I found none. ” emma said. “Who was in charge of the hanger deck where bravo group is birthed?” Read asked. “Chief petty officer tyrel. “Emma said. “We need to have a chat with mr. Tyrel!” Read said.
Space dock
“The chief never showed up for his duty shift. We came to see him and found him.”a superior officer said. “Phased pistol to the head!” A security officer said.”no suiside note?”emma asked. “No mam.” The officer said.
Star fleet detention center.
“They all claim to have no knowledge of the involvement of the orions or the telerite attack,”security officer boyed said. “You believe them?”hays asked. “I don’t know sir! I have no information either way!”boyed said.
Office of ambassador soval
“Sir!  The rygeliam ambassador is ordering all non esential staf to leave there embisy. He is suspending all oficial activities until further notice!”skoden said.”curious. We have accomplished so much. Now we are In danger of losing it. “Soval said.
“It is puzzling. “Scoden said.”indeed. Captain archer suspect a third party may be involved. Perhaps non humans!”soval said.”i remember the archives mentioning a similar that ocured just prior to our contact with the humans.”scoden.said. “fasinating. Perhaps there is a conection. We should look into this!”the ambassador said.
Vulcan security ministry.
“Agent kinera?”the director said.”you asked to see me sir?” She asked. “Please come in. “Dirctor shapal said.
“We suspect that the group that calls itself the beatified may have been behind the crises on earth.”the director said. “I too have had suspected that. “Kinera said.
“Right now the coilition is at a stand stil. I want you to brief captain archer. He is on rissa. “The chief said.
“Rissa?”she asked.”they located an orion who may be involved in the plot. He was found murdered. I want you to coordinate with archer and his crew. ” The director said. “I will do that sir!”kinera said. “Good!”the director said.
“Captain’s log april first 2161. With a few days before what was suposed to be a syimbolic vote to create a coilition of planets,the aliience is faling apart. I have come to suspect that this is the work of a third party working to obstruct our alience. We have been anable to prove it. Now with the death of our only link to a plot,the case has seamed to have cold. ”
“The risian government has taken over the case. The cause of death is a phase pistol. I cannot determine if the cause of death is self inflicted or murder!”dr. Phlox said.
“I can’t believe this was suiside'”shumar said.”nor do i but i have no idea to prove that it was not! ” archer said.
“Captain to the bridge!” T’pol said over the com. “Lets go to the bridge!”archer said. His crew agreed.
Archer and commander shumar entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge!”an officer said. “Report!” Archer ordered.
“We have an incoming ship. It is runing at high warp! It is heading right for us!” T’pol said.
“Can you identify it?” Archer asked. “Atempting to!”hoshi said. Hoshi tried to id the ship. “The vesel is Vulcan. It Apears to be a curior. The vesel is requesting permission to dock with us.” Hoshi said. “Granted. “Archer said.
The vessel came along side the enterprise. The vessel linked up with the earth vessel. “Docking complete!”t’pol said. “T’pol with me. ” Archer said. The first officer followed the captain. They excited the bridge.
Docking bay
The airlock opened,a women that looked half Vulcan half Klingon. The crew was startled. “Are you Klingon or Vulcan ?”trip asked. T’pol gave him a dirty look. “My maternal grandmorther was the product of a union between a Klingon and Vulcan. “She said.
“It is agreable to see you again! “T’pol said. “And you. I have inportent information for you captain. I believe i know. Who is involved In this. “Kinera said.
Captain’s qurters
“Twenty years before first contact between earth and Vulcan ,my great grand morther uncovered a plot by a group known as the batified. They are a group that is involved in mythology and political intrege. After the fall of the empires,the beatified saught to preserve order. There definition of order is only those they created. “She said.
“What was the plot that occured a hundred years ago?” Shumar asked. “The beatified framed Vulcan for an attack on the Klingon high council during a perade on the homeworld. They then tried to escilate the war. My great grandmorther helped expose the plot and stop the war. “Kinera said.
“Bridge to captain!”trip said. Archer pulled out his com device. “Go ahead!”archer said.”kepin a vessel registered to a delten left orbit an hour after his death. “Trip said. “Locate that ship! It may be the key to stoping this!” Archer said.
End of part five.

Birth pains part four

Enterprise bridge
“I gues its one for one last mission !” Archer said. “Sounds good to me!” Travis said. “Control has cleared us!” Lt hoshi satto reported. “Clear all mornings!”captain archer ordered.
Travis jetisoned the morings. “Morings away!” Travis anounced.”take us out!”archer ordered. The enterprise left the dry dock.
“We have cleared dry dock!” Travis reported. “Set course for the orion syindicate!” Archer ordered. The helm officer ploted the course.
“On course sir!”travis ordered. “Engage!” Capitain archer ordered. The enterprise went to warp.
Qurters of t’pol
“Weird i did not expect to be hear again. At least out in space! “He said. “Things seldom go as we expect it to you.”t’pol said.”yea. I am glad to be off on more adventure. Well at least on the enterprise. “Trip said.
He sat down to eat. “It my favorite dish. Please don’t tell me I’m dying. That would be ironic. Servive 12 years in deep space only to be killed before the decommision. “Trip said.
“So far as i am aware you are perfectly fine. Keep in mind i am a science officer not a doctor.”t’pol said.
“Alright! So what is it?”trip asked. “Well trip i had an exit physical from doctor phlox…”she said. “Is every thing ok?” Trip asked. “Yes.”she said. “Then.what is it? I know something is up! ” trip asked. “I’m pregnant !”t’pol said.
“A baby really ?”trip asked.”yes!”t’pol said. “Is it myine?”trip asked. “Of course it is!”she said as she lighly jab him.
“Is the baby ok?” He asked. “So far every thing is fine. Phlox wants to take extra measures but he is very optomistic about it. ” She said.
He hugged her.He thought back the tears. She held on to her. “Are you happy with this?”she asked. “Yes i am. I would be lying if i said i was not a little nervous but yes i am. “Trip said.
“I confes i was not sure how you would react.”t’pol said.”this child wont ever fill the void left by Elizabeth but we will love this child. “Trip said. “I know that!” She said.
  Telerite vessel
“We are evacuating non esential personele from the planet!” Ambassador gral told the captain. “I thought that we were one big happy fleet now?” The captain said. “There have been complications!” Gral told the.starship captain.
“This alience seamed to be almost a reality!”the captain said.”it was but it seams to be crumbling apart. “Gral said. “I see. Is the coulition In jepordy of faling apart?” The captain asked. “I am not certain !” Grall said.
“We have incoming! It is an earth fighter squadron !”the tactical officer reported. “They claim that they are hear to escort us to another birth. Apearently this area is unsicure'” the com tech said.
“This is very iregular!”the first officer said. “It is indeed! Get me admiral gardner!” Grall said.”no response. We are being jammed!” The com tech said.
The fighter started to seround the telerite vessel. “This does seam friendly!” The first officer said.”No it does not!” Grall said.
One of the fighters slammed into the telerite vessel. There was a smal explosion near the reactor.
“Earth space or no. This is an act of war. Open fire!” Grall ordered. The telerite ship picked off the fighters one by now. 
Outside borderlands.
“We are right outside the borderlands!” T’pol said. “Bryce stand by all weapons! ” archer said.”weapons on stand by!” Shumar reported. “Travis take us in!”archer ordered.
“You do know how to fire phased canons?”trip asked. “Yes i do!” Bryce answered.
“We are now inside the borderlands! “Travia reported.”i have located arand sar’s ship!”t’pol said. “Send it to the helm! Once you have it set course!” Archer ordered.
The vesel run by arand sar was not far from where the entrence to the borderlands. The enterprise made it in record time.
“Stand by!”archer said. “I’m ready !”bryce said. “Now in weapons range!” T’pol reported.”now!”archer ordered. The enterprise fired miltiple voleys of photonic torpedoes at the orion ship.
“We are being hailed!”hoshi said.”i thought that might get there attention ! On screen !”archer ordered.
On the screen displayed the image of a surely orion male.”what is this?” Arand said. “Our last encounter was not promising towards future contact. “Archer said.
“I hear your starting some kind of alience. Your stil a war criminal as far as the syindicate is concerned. It is stil dangerous for you to be hear. “Arand said.
“You trying to stir up trouble for the new coilition?”archer asked.
“Why do i care about your alience? “Arand asked. “Your friend kereth is designing augmentation for a faction of humanity oposed to the alience. “Arand said.
“Kereth. He and i parted ways mounths ago. He is no good. “Arand said. “You know where he is?”archer asked. “I heard he was on rissa. He is persona non grata with the syindicate. “Arand said.
“You don’t know anything about this plot?”archer said. “I try to avoid political intregue! There is enough politics in the syindicate. You going to repare the damage you caused? ” arand asked.
“Now entering orbit of the planet!”travis reported. “Take us into orbit!”archer ordered. “Now in standered orbit!”he anounced. “I hacked into the central mane frame! Turns out that kereth is at the central hotel in the capital room 456.”bryce said. “I domt wana know how you got In there!
Ok! Lets pay mr. Kereth a visit !”archer said. Every one agreed.
Archer shumar and t’pol emurged near the hotel. They went inside. They went up the elivator and went to the room of kereth. Opening the door, they entered.
They saw an orion man lying in a pool of blood. “Kereth i would presume!” Shumar said. He was clearly dead.
The case had just gone cold.
End of part four

Birth pains part three

Confrence center
Captain archer looked over the confrence center. He was working on putting the finishing touches. He saw an officer comming up to him. “Captain ! There has been an incident at the andorian embasy!”an officer said.
Star fleet medical and security arived at that scene. Star fleet security sicured the scene. The medical and first responders started to treat the wounded.
Captain archer arived at the scene. He was alowed in.”it was a human ! It was an explosive device implanted in his chest. The device is orion but can be found on the intergalatic black market. “A security officer said.”can you identify the attacker?”archer asked. “Donald crane he was a member of tera prime. He had seam to leave that life. He got maried,had a child he started his own business. “The security officer said.
Paris france
Pallice de la concorde
“Mr. President! You assured us that we would be safe! I lost five people ! 29 Injured. “Ambassador storvan said.
“If you cannot protect us during a confrence,how can you protect us if we take up perminent residence hear?”ambassador grall said.
“This event is tragic and unacceptable. We are doing every thing we can to get this situation under control !”admiral Gardner said. “It is not suceding!”storvan said.
“Earth voted unanimously three times to create this coilition. This is a loud minority i assure you. “Earth president Samuels said. “A fly can be dangerous if it feels threatened. I will not endanger my staf any further. I may have to evacuate the embasy. “Grall said.
“I would ask you to reconsider. This is a serious situation but we can get it control. “Soval said. “I do not wish to risk my people on empty promises you canot keep.”storvan said.
“We knew that this would a long hard process. Look at what we have overcome. Look at what we have accomplished. We are building something that could change the face if this reigion. “President Vanderbilt said.
“You contend that this is not a coordinated group but individuals. To my way of thinking smal leaderless cells or lone individuals may be a more problimatic situation. Manny revolutions started with a single spark. I do not want to see that!” Grall said.
“We will have this situation under control !”the federation president said. “I am going to start moving non esential personale back to our ships. “Storvan said. “Of  course!”the president said.
Outside the office.
“The deligates seam to be getting ansy?”archer said. “They are. Look i fear they may start puling out. This thing could all fall apart!” Gardner said. “I can see that! I just can’t believe that a few rable rouser could destroy what took ten years to create.”archer said.
“We have to get this under control jon!” Gardner told archer. “I will do every thing i can to accomplish that. I am going to intervue the widow of the bonber. “Archer said. “Get some answers!”the admiral said. “I will sir!”the captain assured his superior.
Seatle Washington
Archer knocked on her door. He waited but then the door was opened. She had brown hair. There was two young kids behind her.
“Elsa crane?” Archer said. “Come on in!”she said. “Mrs crane i am really sory to brother you at this time. “Archer said.
“I had no idea that don had been a member of tera prime. We only met two years ago. I was a college student and frequented his cofe shop. We just conected!”she said.
“Did he ever vioce concerns about the coilition or alien influence?”archer asked. “No . He never talked politics. Every thing was his business or sports. Little else. He said little about aliens or the coilition. “She said.
“You never suspected he might do something like that? “Archer said. “No he was not a violent man! I can’t phatom him doing something like this!” She said.
Star fleet medical
“Phlox please tell me you tell me something?”archer asked.”the device is orion. What’s odd is that i find evidence of genetic alteration. The device was fuised in to him. “Dr. Phlox said.
“Mr. Crane has no back ground in genetics. ” Wiliams said. “You think he had help?” Shumar said.”i am certain of it Bryce !”archer said.
Star fleet command
“Well those involved with genetic reserch who were part of tera prime are either dead or in prison. None have been around crane!” Shumar said.
“Crane kept close to his circle of friends. None were involved in tera prime or like groups. The evidence sugest he avoided anything asiciated with his old life!”read said.
“A sleaper cell perhaps ?”t’pol asked. “Usually i would say yes but the evidence does not indicate that. “Commander read said.
Seatle Washington
“You were a friend of donald crane?”archer asked. “Yes i am. I don’t know why don did what he did.”greg said.” You did not see any red flag? “Archer said.
“Well four days ago. He did not show up for a run. He has not missed a run in four years. He refused to talk about it!” Greig said.
Star fleet command
“He was totally off the grid for four hours!” Colnel hays said.”yoyr sure?”archer said.”yes!”read said. ” I found something.  The method used to implant the device was developed by everyone’s favorite geneticist!” Phlox said. “Soong!”archer said.
Dentention facility
“Bored! Jonathan? Sick of perades in your hornor?”soong asked. “WE found your handiwork on a suicide bomber!”archer said. “I have been a guest of the rehab commission. “He said.
“I don’t think your involved doctor but someone is banking on your work. Who knows of your work?”archer asked.
“Can i see the autopsy?”soong asked. Archer handed it to him. “Oh my!”soong said. “What is it?”archer asked.
“It has a marker that indicates who designed it? “Dr. Soong asked. “Who designed it?” Archer said. “Dr. Kereth ferind an orion geneticist who worked for arand sar. When i realized humanity would never acept my work. I turned to aliens. “Dr. Soong said
“Your not sending me on a wild ghose chase?”archer asked. “I have no dog in this fight. Why not cooperate? I am done with human genetic reserch. I have no reason to lie. “Dr. Soong said.
Star fleet command
“Kereth feran is known to Vulcan security. He work for the syindicate but has known to what is the human expresion moonlight. He does it with and without the knowledge of the syindicate. “Soval said.
“It seams far fetched ,i believe it is a plausible explination!” T’pol exclaimed.
“This could indicate that a third party is atempting to destabilize or even colapse the coilition before it starts! ” shumar said.
“Perhaps the orion syindicate ir perhaps someone else?” Hays said. “Klingons romulons? Kitasens because we snezed in there presence?” Eller asked. “The romulons have seamed to have retreated from universal afairs following the defeat at cheron. The Klingons are buisy deeling with the aftermath of the augment virus. I suspect it may be something else.”t’pol said.
“I want to folow up on this admiral. I want to take the enterprise to the borderlands!”archer said. “Are you serious kepin? Remember the last time we went to the borderlands?” Trip asked.
“I am inclined to suport surch an operation. I want you to take columbia and intrepid with you. I don’t want to put all our eags in one basket! Read i want you and hays to continue the investigation hear on earth. ” Gardner said. They agreed. “Well gas up the enterprise  Hear we go again !”archer said.
Every one got up. “Bryce ? Care to take over armory for this mission ?” Archer asked. “Absolutely !”he said. 
Space dock
“You volunteered me?”captain erica Hernandez asked. ” It was Gardner’s idea. I had nothing to do with it!”archer said. “You did not protest?”she asked. “Look erica i really did not want to do this now. I planed on doing it during the cerimony but every thing is in limbo.”Archer said.
He took out a box from his pocket. “Is this what i think it is?”erica asked. He got on one knee. “Erica Hernandez will you mary me?”he asked. ” Yes! I will!” She said.
End of part three
The star trek novals published by pocket books mention thomas Vanderbilt as the first president of the federation. I can’t find any information on him. I did not have a lot to go on as far as his personality.
In the star trek crosover book series “destinyz”, captain Hernandez and the columbia who captured by the qaylar. I disliked how the books handled her future. I am disovowing that story line.