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Legend of zarkan part six 

Spock was brought to the bridge. Spock recognized some of the crewmembers.many he had grown up with. He was surprised they had agreed to join this movement. He suspected that they had gotten over there heads. They did not sign up for this.  

Spock entered the bridge. He was shocked to see sybok. Spock knew sybok well. They had grown up together. Like spock,sybok too is a son of sarek. 

Sybok was theveon of a vulcan noble women. She died when he was young. Sarek and later amanda raised him. He was seen as a future figure in vulcan sosiety. He had extreme views. He was exiled never to return. 

“Qol satu sybok.”spock said. “After all these years you have finaly caught up with me. “Sybok said. “Why have you done this? Surely we can solve the differences between us with out violence. Things are changing within vulcan sosiety. The old rigid syistom is a thing of the past. These acts of force are not needed. “Spock said.

“Sybok is not in charge hear mr. Spock.  I am. Any inquries regarding the true vulcan government should be directed to me. ” zarkan said. 

“Of course. I ment no disrespect.  Who sir are you?”spock asked.”i am zarkan.sovereign of vulcan people. “Zarkan said. 

“What are your intentions? “Spock asked. “Logic has failed. Non emotion has failed. Surek has failed. The universe is governed by force. Human philosopher neztche called it a will to power. On earth Darwin called it servival of the fittest.only the stribg survive. Vulcans unser surek became weak complacent. Only those with overwelming fire power can be truely free. “Zarkan said. 

“Violence is hardly necesary hear. Your goals could be acheved without force. Why reject surek and embrace hate,violence ,war?”spock asked. Spirituality can only be acheved though survival.

“I dont hate violence.  I dont fear it.i dont see it as bad. I dont equate violence with evil. Vuolence is an ally.  “Zarcan said. 

“Violence is powerful but it is unpredictable.  It has bo lotalty. It acts only acording to its own agenda. “Spock said.

“Our people needed change. We were on a destructive path. My regime had become decident. I needed to be overthown.that has changed now. I am needed again. Surek served his genetation. It is time for a new comitment. A change.  “Zarkan .

“I am not interested in the kind of change  your offering. “Spock said. “Spock.  You must know the toal logic takes on someone. It too much of a burden. “Zarkan said. 

“I suspect the road you offer is just as burdomsome. I suspect more so. “Spock said. “I will give you time to consider it. Put him in the brig.  “Zarkan said. 


“Our fleet is bigger then theres. “Steve observed. “If they use there bag of tricks. It could even the scales a bit. If they use the bio weapons it is a whole new ball game.”warren said. 

“You think they will?”oneil asked. “I am not sure. I suspect they might.  “Warren said.

“Fleet command is ordering us to intercept. “Palmer said. “Acknowledged. Hear we go!”warren said.

The fleet headed for the proto vulcan fleet.  The vulcan fleet headed for the federation fleet. It would soon begin.  

Rougue vulcan ship

Spock meditated on his bunk. The door opened. It was sybok. “Spock i need your help!”sybok said. “From my vantege point you brought this on yourself. You must know the kind of man zarkan is. As the humans say,if you play with fire your going to get burn. To bring zarkan to power was a bad idea.”spock said.

“You always had to have the last word spock. Always had to one up me. You can just leave it alone. “Sybok said. 

“I may have gone overbored. This time the consequences may be far greater then you can posibly imagine.  “Spock said. 

“Zarkan is going to destoy anyone that gets in his way. I know who i can count on amoung the crew. We may be able to stop him. We have to move quickly. Please spock help me. If not for my shake,for all our people. ” sybok pleeded. 

“Very well. You have my suport. ” spock said. “Thank you.”sybok said he lowered the force field. “We have to move quickly. We dont have a lot of time. “Sybok said.spock agreed. 

The two ran from the cell. Several joined them. They had to move quickly.  Zarkan would not hesitate to put down there little rebelion.they have to stop zarkan from getting any where close to new vulcan. 

U.s.s frontier


“Warren can you come over hear for a minute?”lt. Palmer asked.warren got uo from the command chair and went over to the com station.

“Star fleet security ity and intelligence is concerned about commander burgelle. “Palmer said.

“Why?”he asked. “She has been known to associate with individuals now identified as key members of the regresives. She met witg sybok on several occasions.they both lived at rygal 11 and visited eachother frequently.  He made several visits to his home. She has made visits to planet  frequented by smuglers. Star fleet suspect that she may still be stil a regresive. Star fleet wants her relieved of duty. They want her questioned. “Palmer said. 

“I will handle it. Chief norton.”warren said. “Sir?”chief brenna norton said. He motioned to her to keep a distance.  

“Sarah can i talk to you for a minute?” the captain asked. She came over. She noticed that he was not himself. Even during all this,he saw evidence of him being a playfull. It was a smal digree but it  was still there. 

“Whats going on warren?” she asked.  “I know you were a member of the regresives. It hae been sugested you may have been on there steering commite. ” he said.

“I cant get pass my past can i? After the destruction of vulcan i was confused. The regresives started off as a book club.later on it became a political party. Sybok then became a kind of ghandi.  As the group became bigger, hardliners came in. Sybok got frustrated by the government of new vulcan. He started surrounding himself with more militent members of his team.  I left. “She said. 

“Who is Zarkan? ” warren asked. “At first sybok looked to philosophers who were before surek who advocated reform without logic. Zarkan became a syimbol of the movement. He was a ralying cry for the movement.   ” she said.

“Is it posible that Zarkan could have been in suspended anination?”warren asked. “That was one of the rumors?” she said. “Will they resort to using weapons of planetary destruction?”warren asked. “Before i would have said no. Now i am fearfull they might. I fear that sybok may just be a figure head now.  That concerns me. “She said. 

“Sarah i need you to stay in your qurters for now.  “Warren said. “I understand. I will fuly coperate. ” she said. She folowed the secuity officer into the lift. The door closed. 

“Why did she not trust me?”steve asked.  “Warren your angery with her. You still love her. Keep that in mind. Eventualy you wont be angery any more. Your love will endures. You two will get though this. “Steve assured him.

“How do we get though this?” waren asked. ” i am maried to a cardesien.she is impulsive. She is arogent at times. Prone to moodiness. Both of us have pulled our hair out. We love each orther. You know in your heart she is not a terrorist.  She is not a sleeper agent. You know that. “steve said.

“Don’t lose sight of what you know.dont go on other people’s assumptions.  Dont read stories by those who really dont know. Go with what you know. ” steve said. 

The two fleets were near eachother. “The enemy fleet is not advancing. “Ilisia reported. “Why are they standing pat? “Steve asked. 

“We are being hailed. “Palmer said. “On screen! “Warren said. “This is Zarkan, sovereign  of the vulcan people.  New vulcan is the home world of vulcans. I am declaring new vulcan to be an independent sate. I request that the federation withdraw from all space recognized as belonging to vulcan. “Zarkan said. 

“The federation has a process for departure from the union. If the requirements are met,we will withdraw.  We cannot just unilateraly withdraw without a plan and process.  “Warren said. 

“New vulcan is for by and off vulcans captain. If we want to be independent.  We have that right.we do not wish to be caught up in foregn entaglements. I must incist you vacate our sovetegn territory now!” zarkan said.  

“We cannot do that . “warren said. “I will give you one more chance. Leave now!”zarkan said.”i cannot comply. “He said. 

The screen faided.”the regresive fleet is advancing. ” steve anounced. “Hold our ground people! “Warren said. 

The ships created a blokade. The ships created a wall around new vulcan. The proto vulcan fleet ran for the blokade. 

An unmanned and empty ore freighter made a run for one of the ships. The frieghter tried to ram into u.s.s constantinople . the frieghter exploded and hit the ship.the vessel was damaged but still intact. 

The vulcan ships tried to punch though the blokade. Several other unmanned ships rammed into blockading ships. 

“They are getting passed the blokade. “Steve anounced. “Dawn! Break formation. Fall back.we will atempt to recreate the blokade. It seams they are playing dirty. ” the captain said. 

The ships loyal to zarkan did everything they could to stop the formation of a new blokade. The ships pounded the federation ships. 

Zarkan looked at the frontier. The captain started to have a savere headache. He was in heavy pain. Steve went over to the command chair.  

Steve helped his friend. Steve ordered the fleet to hit the ships loyal to zarkan. 

Zarkans ship

All of a suden,the power went blank. “Whats going on?”zarkan demanded to know. “Saboterge! Someone is attempting to overide bridge functions. “A bridge officer said. “Sybok!” Zarkan said. 

Zarkan was unhappy.  “What do we do now?” an aid asked.  “We go to plan b. One sybok has no knowledge of. ” zarkan said. Zarkan beemed away from the bridge.  

Spock ,sybok and his alies had been able to take key parts of the ship. An alarm claxon went off. Zon looked at a terminal. “They have activated auto destruct. ” xon said. 

“We have to get to the life podes. “Spock suggested.  The people moved out. 

“The flagship is riged to blow.”Steve reported. “Have all ships beam out as manny as you can.” warren ordered. 

Zarkan beemed on to another ship. “Orders sir?”zordole asked. “Head for new vulcan. If i cant have new vulcan.  No one can.prepare the bio weapon. “Zarkan ordered. 

The ship moved out.

To be concluded.

Next up

The federation fleet sucessfully stoped the attack by the warlord Zarkan.  Zarkan plots to have one more act of  spite by destroying new vulcan.  


Legend of zarkan part five 

“Now clear of the enterprise.  “Uhua reported. “Now heading for the planet new vulcan.”spock said.”course plotted. Engaging now. ” uhua answered. The shartle craft went in an oposite ditection from the enterprise. The shartle headed for new vulcan.  

Proto vulcan ship.

Office of zarkan.

The chime rang. “Come” zarkan said. The door opened, sybok entrted. “The federation fleet is still licking its wounds. Several ships are are on an intercept course.  Ships loyal to us are also on there way. “Sybok said.

“Good. I have been catching up for galactic politics.  A lot has changed. Empires have risen and fallwn only to be replaced by empires who have also rissen and fallen. I understand manny of our people fled the old homeworld. One of these groups is the romulans. I would like to reach out to them. “Zarkan said. 

“I would advise against them. They are eratic. They are whimsical. They are militaristic.  They may see you and a vulcan empire as a competitors.  Any alliance between us and them would be with us as jr partner. “Sybok told him.

“We are the same race.i knew the founder of the romulans. He was an acolyte.  I cant beve that we cannot have a reunification with them.”zarkan said.

“In time perhaps.  Let us build up the new vulcan sate first. Later on we can perhaps open a dialougue but not now. “Sybok said.

“I want a new age. The new vulcan order. This order must be for all vulcans. This must include our brothers and sisters on romulis. “Zarkan said.

“I urge you to reconsider that.  The romulans cannot be trusted. Things have changed sense your days. We should focus on vulcans. “Sybok said.

“We will table this debate for now. I am not totaly convinced to go along with your point of view. I will defer to your wisdom for now. “Zarkan said. “I appreciate that excelentcy.” sybok said. 

“I am saddened by the plight of our people.  Displaced. Directionless.  I can give that direction. ” zarkan said.

“I know you stole biological weapons.  I ask you not to use them.”sybok said. “I cant tie my own hands. I perfer to win this war on the up and up.conventional warfare is preferable. The fact is we are undermaned and out gunned. We may have no choice. Your people brought this upon yourself. You clung to pacifism.it is about to bite you in the but. I will try not to use them. I cannot make any promises. I will not tie my own hands sybok. If push comes to shove i will use them. “Zarkan assured him. 

Sybok did not like that answer. He did not like it at all. He did not expect him to be like this. He was not what he expected.  He was very confused. He did not think that this would play out likw this. He should have but he did not. Some times people see what he wanted to see.this was what comonly happened. 

“I will not take up any more of your time. “Sybok said. “You are dismissed.  “Zarkan said. The vulcan left the bridge. The door closed. The closed.

Zarkan was troubled by his conversation with sybok.sybok brought him to power.  Now sybok was wavering. He was a meens to an end. Had he out lived his usefulness.for now he was stil needed. If he became a liability he would be delt with. No one was indispensable.  The only thing that matered was winning. Zarkan deternined to win at all coast. 

New vulcan

Sarek went to visit his old friend sivol. He filled the older vulcan on what happened in the meeting. “You cannot be sure that this zarkan is the same as the zarkan that was overthown before surek. “Soval said. 

“I agree with that sivol. The fact that this zarkan has come out of no where leeds me to suspect that this man caling himself zarkan could be zarkan the last. “Sarek told him.

“Sybok has realy to qote humans has realy steped into it this time. “Sarek said. “It seams that he has. “I know that this is not how you would have wanted things to go for sybok. ” sovel said.  “Indeed it is not. ” sarek said. “He could come come around. “Soval said. “He could at that. I just fear that it may be too late for us all. “Sarek said. 

U.s.s frontier


“I have located the proto vulcan ships. More vesels have joined the task force.  ” ilisia reported. 

“Send  coordinates to all alied ships. ” the captain said. “Sending” palmer said. 

“I have located a single warship. It is heading for the fleet. We might be able to keep them from the rest of the fleet. “Sarah said.

“Send coordinates to the helm.mr. oneil plot an intercept. Lets stop that ship. “Warren said. Oneil got the corse and ploted it. The enterprise headed for the single ship. The goal was to head it off at the pass. 

The frontier headed for the warship. The warship detected the frontier and set an intercept course of its own. Both had weapons on stand by. 

The vulcan war ship got off the first schot. It fired a volley of phasers at the war ship. “Shields holding. Minnor damege on several decks.”steve said. 

“Return fire!”warren ordered. The frontier fired on the warship. “We did some damege but not enough.”steve said. “This is an old ship but they have made a lot of upgrades.  ” ilisia said. 

“Of course they did. “Warren said.the frontier was hit. “Shields at 77 percent. ” steve reported. “Get me a target people! ” warren ordered. Sarah studied the ship. She found a target.  Thr frontier fired on a non critical part of the ship. The frontier folowed up by firing aditional shots. 

The warship fired on the frontier. The frontier was hit. “Shields at seventy percent. “Steve reported.”we have an incoming. “Ilisia said. 

“Another regressive ship?”warren asked. “Negitive. It is a klingon vessel.”ilisia said. 

The klingon war cruser fired a series of disruptor on the. Proto vulcqn vessel. Thr frontier fired as well. Both ships did not give them time to catch there breath. 

“There shields are down. “Steve anounced. “Advise the vulcan ship to stand down. “Warren said. The klingon ship fired. “Order that ship to stand down!”waren said. Before palmer could send the message, the vulcan ship exploded.

“Dawn it! Get me the klingon commander now! “Warren insisted. Lt. Palmer activated the com system.  “They are responding ” palmer said.

The view screen displayed the bridge of the klingon battle cruser.”this is captain warren burgele of the federation starship frontier.  “He said.

“I am khas of the inperial klingon vessel tizrek. “He said. “This is federation space. You are trespassing into our territory.  While i appreciate your help,you had no right to destroy that vessel.i wished to interogate the crew. “Warren said.

“They are the enemy.  This is war.in war you destroy the enemy. Interrogation is irrelevant.  Conquest is the only answer. “Khas told the star fleet commander. 

“You had no right to come into our space. You commited an act of war against the federation khas. “Warren said. 

“We are at war with the vulcans that destoyed our base and stole our weapons. Our laws alow us to persue an enemy even inside soveregn teritory of non aligned planetary nations. ” khas said.

“Give me one good reason i should not blow you out of the stars?”warren asked. “We are on the same side captain.we want the same thing. We want to see this terrorist network dismantled.  “Khas said.

“You built these weapons. I have a feeling they were designed to be used in a war against us. I dont see your people as the inocent party. The fact is you built a pendoras box and it got away from you.now your trying to cleen up your own mess before you guys get burned. Rerurn to your side of the border. We will deal with this problem on our own terms. “Warren said. 

“We are klingons! We solve our own problems our own way.  “Khas said. The screen went dark.  “The ship has gone to warp.”steve reported. “Do we persue? “Oneal asked.”Negitive we havr bigger fish to fry. Mantain course for The vulcan fleet. “Waren ordered.”aye sir.”oneal said.

“Inform sat fleet about the klingons. I hope they lodged a protest. “Warren said. “Sending”palmer said. 

Shartle craft Galileo 

“Now nearing new vulcan space.”uhua said. “Very good. Odd it is my home but i have nevet been there. “Spock said. “I gues you realy cant go home again. I can never realy undetstand. It is unthinkable yet you have to live with it.”uhua said. “I try to muddle though it as best as i can. It os not easy. “Spock said. 

“Incoming ship.  Combat ship. Non aligned. ” computor said.”evasive action”spock ordered. The ship tried to get away.  

“Nyota you must get to an esape pod. “Spock said. “I can’t leave without you spock!”she said. “It is paramount that you do. “Spock said.he gets ready to perform a mind meld. “Please tell me your not trying to transfer your katra to me.”uhua remarked. “No i have a message for my farther. ” spock told her.  

He performed the meld. Then he helped her on a pod. “I love you”he told her. “I have always known. I love you too. Stay alive!”she said. 

The pod lunched. The pod  Headed away. The shartle kept going. The shartle was tractored into the bay. Spock hoped uhua would make it to vulcan. 

Zarkan’s flagship

Office of zarkan

“The zorek has commander spock. His mate got away in a pod. “Zordol said. “No matter.i want spock. I have so wanted to meet him. He could be an ally of a liability. “Zarkan said. “Sybok has no knowledge of this.”zordol said. “Speaking of liabilities. I grow concerned about sybok. He found me. Revived me. He does not have what it takes. He is too soft. He dors stomich a revolution.  He may have to be nutralized. I hate to do it. I owe him a great debt of gratitdew. We are too close. We cannot lose again.  We undetmasted the opposition before. We cannot do it again. We risk losing everything.  “Zarkan said. 

“I myself grow weary of sybok. He has cloat among the rrgresivese. We may tisk losing them. We need alies. ” zorbol said.”watch him. If he betrays us we may be able to justifyjustifyg with him. “Zarkan said. “Understood. “Zarbol said. 

U.s.s frontier 

“More ships have joined zarkan’s fleet.”ilisia said. “More of our ships are on the way. “Palmer said. “They might be able to take over new vulcan. Once they take the planet.  It might be difficult to get it back. “Steve said.”i know. Beleve me i know. “Warren said. 

Sarah was concerned by what he said.he could see it in her eyes.  She was a child of vulcan. This was dificult. 

“Sir we are just getting word that the planet arnex was just destoyed. A combined viral war head struck the planet. The planet is gone. “Ilisia said. “There planet  was not habited. “Steve said. “Why hit an uninhibited planet?” oneal asked.”a test a demonstration. A warning.”warren said. 

Planet new vulcan 

The pod was picked up by a vulcan potrol ship. Uhua was taken to the planet imidiately. Uhua was escorted to the home of former ambassador sovel. 

Uhua had great respect for ambassador sarrek,spock’s farther.she considered him a potential farther in law. She had corresponded with him while the enterprise was involved in deep space research.  

“It is quite agreeable to see you again Nyota.  “Sarek said. “It is good to see you ambassador as well.i wished that it was under better circumstances.  “Uhua said.”as do i. I have learned to accept the negitive and the posisitive. They both offer valuble lessons. ” sarek said.

“Ambassador sovel. Greatings.your banter with admiral archer for legendary and your deelings with the Andorian shran. “Uhua said. “I am certain that they were. “Sovel said. 

“Ambassador i have a mesege from spock. “Uhua told sarek. “May i join your mind?”sarek asked. “Of course! ” she said.

He placed his hand on her temples. “My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Our mindsare merging.  Our minds are one. “Sarek said.

He tried to acess her mind. He saw images. Her childhood.  Growing up in the united sates of africa. Studying linguistic.  Meeting kirk at that bar in iowa. Interaction with spock. The incident on qonos. The destruction of the enterprise at tge hands of the swarm. Then he found the messege.

“Farther. I wish i could be hear in person.  ” spock told him. “As do i my son. “Sarek said. “These are precarious times for our people.  We are on the edge of a clif. I fear we nay not be able to avoid it.”spock told him.

“I too have suspected that spock. “Sarek said. “The disident group atempted to assassinate me. They had a sleeper agent within the enterprise. I suspect she was not the only one. There may be more within star fleet or in the federation or on new vulcan. I suspect the actual membership in this orginization is small.  They are well planed. They have there proverbial bases covered. ” spock said.  “It seams they do. ” sarek said.

“The fact they have captured me is important. I do not know if they will kill me or attempts to recruit me or interogate me. I will do what i can to thawt there plans”spock said.

“I know you will my son. I will do all i can to thawt them on my end. “Sarek assured him. “I have no doubt.”spock said.”i will rescue you if i can. “Sarek said. “I know that. “Spock said.

Sarek raised his hand and gave the salute.  Spock reciprocated.   “Peace and long life. “Sarek said. “Live long and prosper. ” spock said. 

The link was severed. “I receved his message. “Sarek said.”sir.arnex was destroyed. A combination of tri cobalt and a bio weapon. “An aid said. “Oh my. “Sovel said. 

Vulcan ship


The turbo lift opened, sybok and ston enteted. “How dare you detonate a weapon of planetary destruction . “sybok said.

“Watch yourself sybok. You are addressing the monarch of the vulcan people.  ” Zordol said.

“I revived you. I made all this posible. Without me you would be in a deep freze headed for a black hole. “Sybok said.

“You are nothing but a smal never was who wishes he were a has been.i do not intend to use the dirty weapon unles i have to.it is a weapon of last resort. My people are weak defeated. We must rise. I cannot tie my hands.  I will not. ” zarkan said.

“Sir our guest has arived. “Zordol said. “Excellent.  Have him brought to the bridge.  ” zarkan said. 

The frontier arived at the staging area. The frontier joined the rest of the fleet.  

Vulcan ship

Spock was brought to the bridge. Sybok was shocked to see him.as was tpring. Tpring had been bethrothed to spock.she chose ston over him. “We meet at last Spock! “Zarkan said.

End of part five. 

Next uo

Zarkan meets Spock.  Sybok takes a risk in enlisting the help of spock . the federation fleet faces zarkan agqin. Warren has doubts about tsarah. 

Quizmaster the conclusion

A few minutes earlier 

“Excellentcy! We have located the Lexington! ” Durona said. “Good. We meet at last. No pretense. One warrior to another. Take me to him!”the quizmaster ordered. The vessel headed for the Lexington. The tunnel opened.the pilot took the combat ship into the tunnel. The ship though it. 

The vessel arrived in open space.”now in fireing range!”enreq the henchman said. “Fire!”the quizmaster said. The combat ship unleashed a berage of romulan style disruptor at the Lexington. The Lexington was hit on its left,right and center. 

U.s.s Lexington


“Damage reported on multiple decks. “Lucy hogen reported. “Shields at sixty five percent “Becky said. “Return fire!”the commadore ordered. The Lexington hit back. They fired multiple phasers at the warship. “We barely puts dent into that ship.” Donaldson said. “We are being hailed.”Lucy reported

He got up from the command chair. “On screen !”the commadore said. The com tech activated the view screen. On the view screen,the image of the bridge.the quizmaster was in the shoes. The quizmaster came out of the shadows. It was revealed that he was a romulan. The commadore recognized him.”rozek I figured the quizmaster would be hear. I was looking froward to meeting him!” He said sarcastically.

“There seams to some confusion hear commadore. You see I am the quizmaster.”rozek size. “What happened to the previous quizmaster?”Wesley asked. ” The first quizmaster was very colorful with his riddles and trivia questiones. He was a pirate. His raids were fairly petty. He was arested. He died in a romulan labor camp. I decided to take his place. I wanted to do it qietly. Make people think it was him. I wanted to stay anonymous. High command suspected I may be aiding him but they no idea that I was in charge of all this!”rozek said. 

“Why are you going after us. It was the preator and the Senate that banished you. Why target the federation?”wesley asked. “I am still a patriot. I am loyal to my home land just not those who govern it. If I can wage a successful war against the federation. The leaders on Romulus will have tow choices. Back me or be overthrown. A new order headed by me.”rozek said. 

“You have not won yet. I doubt your plan is going as you hopped.”Wesley said.”you think your prepared. You think you are safe. You are not. I am five steps ahead of you commadore.you will loose. You will lose life’s planets,even star systems! Your federation will be brought to its knees. You will have to make deviating concessions. Then. The Klingons,tholiens and other race will test you. Every major power will move against it. You won’t survive. “Rozek said. 

“Your qaurel is with the government on Romulus. It is not necessary to pick a fight with us!”Wesley insisted. “Oh but it is commadore. It must certainly is. You see in every epic all over the galaxy. There is a good guy and and a bad guy. The epic struggle. The romulan empire needs an enemy. You are that enemy. The Klingons don’t quite fit the bill. Eventually our empire will have to contend with each other but not today. Today we have a common enemy. The people need a rallying cry. I can give them a winable war. With the gateway technology and the talons and the mine I can devices the federation and destroy it. I am only sad that you won’t get to see it. You are going to die now!”he said.

The screen faded.the ship fired talons.a talon exploded near the warp core. The explosion spread. “Sealing off erected decks.”Donaldson said.”shields at thirty percent.”Becky said. “I want all non essential decks cleared . I want all non essential equipment deactivated. I want all the extra power I can. “Wesley said.”aye sir!”Baker said. 

The Lexington moved away. The Lexington fired phasers and photon torpedoes.the power was transfered. “Power transfer complete.”first officer Baker said. “Alright !Hear goes the hard part!”Wesley remarked. The Lexington fired the deflector dish. It pulled out the talon that hit the haul. The haul was sealed off with a force field. The talon was going by the defector dish to the warship.

The spent talon hit the warship. The talon was not as potent as it had been but still caused damage. The Lexington fired with phasers and photon torpedoes. The Lexington kept fireing and fireing.

“Come now Robert. That was good but you will still loose. Give up while you still can. Hail them!,”the quizmaster said. “Is this necessary! We can still outpower them!”the lead henchman said.” Follow my orders!”rozek insisted. 

“We are being hailed.”the com tech said.”on screen !”Wesley said. “Robert. You are very resourceful. To honor your skill I offer you a compromise. “Rozek said.”I’m listening!”Wesley said. “You agree to withdraw from the x zone and I will give you time to evacuate. A phased withdrawal over a year. By then the federation must be fully disengaged form this sector.”rozwrk said.”,that is a very fast reigon rozek. Your asking a lot!”Wesley said.”oh I am not asking. This area is mine from this point on. Either I will take it by force or you will give it to me. Either way it is mine.”he said.”no deal. End transmission!”Wesley ordered. 

“I was woried you were going to negotiate !”Baker said.”I listened . No I’m not giving away the store dylen. “Wesley said.”I did not think so.”Baker Said. ” The Lexington used the defector again. The Lexington fired a pulse at the warship. The Lexington fired on the com really. 

“There com relay is off line!”Donaldson said. “They can’t call for reinforcements.”Baker said. “Suppose they come if they don’t hear form them?”Becky said.”one issue at a time !”Wesley said. The Lexington opened the gateway. The Lexington was hit again. The Lexington blocked the entrance to the gateway. 

The Lexington was hit. “Shields at 11 percent.”Donaldson said.”we can’t keep taking these hits.”tonor said.”I am aware of that navigator. Now!”Wesley ordered.the science officer located the sauce of the gateway control on the ship. The device was destroyed.”they are trapped hear.”Donaldson said. 

The Lexington was hit. Several decks were hit. “Our shields are gone!”Becky said.” Dawn it. “Wesley said. The warship headed for the Lexington. “The are looting a collision course.”Donaldson said. The warship headed for the Lexington. Wesley pushed the helmsman’s aside.he sat in the helm. He dodged the warship.the ship tried to get away. The Lexington fired on the warship. The Lexington went inside the debre. The Lexington flew at warp speed towards the warship. The warship was hit. The Lexington fired a torpedo. The torpedo exploded. The Lexington went to warp. It got pass the warship. The warship exploded. 

“We have extensive damage on several decks. There are fires.”Donaldson reported.”send damage control to affected decks. “Wesley said. ” Aye sir.”hogen said. “We are not out of the woods yet. “Wesley said. “The quizmaster may be dead but the plot remains.”commander Baker said.

“We have the mines. We have the attacks. The plot involved a multi faceted invasion. Where is the bio weapons phase come from?”Wesley said.”my guess is will be a surprise attack. Perhaps form a freighter.”Donaldson said.”I a calling up all records of transport. Only one vessel has not reported in or accounted for. The Montana.,” Becky said.”where was the last known location of the Montana?”Wesley asked. “Near Iona base. “Donaldson reported.”that is on the course to the planet Alton. There are nine million people on that world. ” Baker said.”order all ships to locate the Montana. The Montana is to be considered a clear and deadly threat. “Wesley ordered. “Sending!”Lucy hogen said. “That ship is a deadly threat . My guess is that ship is on a suicide attack. That ship has to be destroyed. “Commadore Wesley ordered. 

The freighter neared Alton. The freighter stood ready to release it’s payload. The crew was not planning to survive this.They planed to die. It was about the cause. The cause would go on. The freighter boldly went towards the planet. The Lexington went at high warp. The Lexington was followed by other ships. The Lexington fired on the freighter. “The freighter has been retrofitted with advanced shielding.”,Donaldson reported.”why am I not surprised?”the commadore said. The freighter kept going. The Lexington and the other ships fired a volley on the freighter.

“Ship is unharmed.”Donaldson said. “Warn the planet !”Wesley ordered.”sending.”the com tech said.”the planet has an obital defence syistem.”Becky said..”it has never been tested for bio weapons.”Baker said. The freighter neared the planet. The obital platform fired a series of mistle at the freighter. The freighter was hit. The Lexington fired torpedoes at the freighter. Part of the freighter exploded. “Command module left the freighter.”Donaldson reported. “Man they never quit!” The commadore declared. 

The module got passed the mistle shield. The Lexington went at warp speed after the module. The Lexington fired a series of volleys at the module. The module was hit. The module exploded.”it ejected a small device.”Donaldson anounced.”destroy it!”Wesley ordered. The device exploded. 

“Commodore’s log, the high alert is still on while the fleet try to find the rest of those involved in the plot. The mines have been detected and removed. The romulan government deny involvement. The evidence points to former members of the imperial forces not current ones. The crises seams to slowly dying down. I hope that calm will be fully restored. For now that seams to be be happening. 

Quarters if wesley.

“I guess this old dog still has tricks up his sleeve !”,weesly said.”I never doubted that!”Julie said. He kissed his wife. 

The end

Robert wesly will return. 


An ancient ship carying followers of a pree Reformation Vulcan is recovered. The group plans to invade Vulcan and bring Vulcan back to its old ways. Now Robert Wesley now a governor on the colony of  mantilies is recruited to come back. He teams up with ambassador sarek to stop this threat. 

Star trek the universe holiday special

U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log, it seams that a lot of societies on several different planets have different kind of festivities during this time of year. There is christmast ,winter solstice ,Chanukah, kwansza and others . on Vulcan there is a solum ceremony commemorating the establishment of a government based on the philosophy of surek. The andoriens have a festival witch name is unprononcible but it appears that it is loosely translated conflugation of eyelids. Not much is known about it. ” captain Norris said.
“The crew of enterprise is from multiple backgrounds and traditions. I have decided to hold a dinner in the rec room. The crew has been though a lot recently. The attack by the one true path that killed the captain and others . the mass crises and it’s after math. Then the zombie situation. Right now we are in a survey of Klingon space effected by the mass. It is fairly routine. I am hoping that the crew can take advantage of this down time.”
“On a personal note I can’t help but think of my childhood. As a kid Jason and I waking up my presents as early as possible. Then when becca was born getting her involved. I remember coming home from the academy the night before and getting up with my younger siblings .Sense Jason died and then. Rebbeca mind was altered by one true path it is just not the same.as captain it is my job to respond to the emotional wellbeing if my crew as well as physical wellbeing. I have to put aside my desire to go crawl in a hole. ” Ben Norris said.
Rec room
Dr. Carol Marcus was setting up a plant by the door. “Carol ! Go easy !”lt. Commander Jim Kirk said. “Jim I’m fine . I can do this!”she said. “I know that. ” Kirk said. “I am pregnant not dead. I can handle this . I am setting up holiday decorations not taking on the sheliek. ” Carol told him.
Kirk laughed. “Ok ! ” he said. The door opened,several crewman brought in trees and other decorecations.
Another set of crewman brought in a large satue . “what is that?” Dr. Elizabeth  dahner asked. “It is the telleeite symbol of fertility. We want to honor all cultures . we have multiple telleeite serving on the ship. ” Dr. Piper said.
“I am aware of that . it is really gawdy?” Liz said. “Wait until the Klingon Santa Claus arrives!” terasha said . “this is going to be really strange isint it?” Liz asked .”oh yes!” yeoman Smith said .
People came in and out. People brought equipment in and out of the rec room. It was a buz of activity. People were doing this on there off time.Manny. found it to be relaxing . there were those. Who. Did not.
Addison Ryan and her. Young son and daughter put up a smal tree. They put on decorations they made.  Three bolien children and two kiterian. Put up decorations they made.
“We have quite a baby boom. On the ship!” Christine chapel commented. “I had planed to be returning to earth after a breef visit.there has been a change of plans for now. ” Ryan said . ” your stil. Planing to. Return to earth eventuality?” Smith asked. “We are still in discussion on that. ” Addison said.
” where is the captain? I figured that he would. Be hear.  He ordered the event. ” Lee kelso said. 
The captain decided to avoid the holiday hoopla.he supported the idea of holiday party. He came up with the idea. He would participate but not go all out.
Odd. He tgought . last year captain Conklin held one.they were in a survey mission. Rebecca dragged him and her husband to. Get a tree on a planet they were studying. The tree made humans break out In hives.  They. Had to use e.v.a suits to beam it off the ship. It sheaded. They had to made the rec room off limits to. Humans and the party was held in the briefing room.  He laughed. This year was different. Conklin was dead, the. First officer convolescing on earth. Elese Vernon had to have all her limos amputated.  Rebecca hospitalized on Elba and her husband dead. How things Had changed.
” you ok Ben?” lt. Mia bolt asked.”I use to love Christmas. Then Jason died. I was just starting to like it again. Becca did not give me or my brother in law a choice.  ” Ben said.
“She did not give any of US a choice. ” mia said. ” this year I just don’t feel it. !” Ben. Norris. Said. 
  “Are you going to. Not attend. Mr. Spock?” Gary mitchel asked. “I am not sure.  In Years. Past I have not. ” Spock said . ” he usually volunteers to command the bridge. ” mia said.
Rec room.
Kolona entered. She had just been turned into a zombie. Her recovery was difficult. The vaccine made. Her sick to her. Stomach.  She was finally on the mend. 
” how are you feeling?” lt. Commander gioto asked. “Better !” she said. “Glad to hear it. ” Dr. Shall said . ” has anyone seen kalera?” jesshop asked. “S he has kept a low profile. Lately..” ensign Davis said. “I thought she might to be romulunafi. The festivities. ” Kylie said. ” great! Something Gray. ” Davis said .
  Captain Norris did. Put in some Turkey in the galley. He made a green marshmallow salid.   He brought it to the rec room. Music was playing. There was. Various. Music from Manny cultures.
Some stil wore there uniforms. Others wore civilian clothing.Addison wore a blue green. Multi. Patterned dress.  Mia wore a pink dress.
Spock came in. “Spock your coming this year?” Gary Michel asked. “Yes Mr. Mitchel. Please do not gloat! ” Spock. Said. ” I would not dream of it. ” Gary said.
“Welcome to the holiday celebration 2266. We have Had a hard year. We have lost search friends but have had new editions. We. Have list much but gained mutch. We are now working with the romulans and Klingon and tholuens.   (Xi nodded) we are stronger even with all that has happened. We have made it so let’s celebrate together. ” he said.
There Was food laughing. Gary went over to Liz. “Care to dance doc?” Gary asked. “I don’t know gare. Dancing with a walking freezer unit could. Pose a risk to your health.” Liz asked .”you ever going to let that go?” Gary asked .”we will see. Come on.” she Said. Liz took her hand and they went to the dance floor.
Aaron and terasha started to dance. They were newly weds sort off. It was clear. Yeoman Smith asked the security chief to dance. Hallak eat a lot but contacted the engine room every ten minutes making sure everything was fine. The engine wach commander “loved” that.
After a while the door opened, kalera entered. She wore a purple dress. She had braided her hair. Things had become odd between her and the captain. They were heading towards a relationship until it was revealed that she fired the shot that led to his brother’s death.
They looked at each other but moved on. She went to a far off table . Addison went over to the captain. “Ben with all due respect your being a but head . go talk to her. ” Addison said .”how can I possibly get over that? ” Ben asked.”you just do !” she said.
The door opened. Kor came in with a large targ. “If your getting tired if bird meet.I have teal food. Happy festivities!”kor said. The animal was stil living mostly. The crew decided not to decline.
Norris thanked the Klingon commander. Ben went over to kalera. ” want to dance?” he asked.she smiled. They went hand in hand to the dance floor.
The end.
Mary Christmast!

Wars and rumors of wars. Part five

Dominion vessel
Qurters of the general.
The vorta supervisor was the only person on a dominion ship that hit there own Qurters . they usually reserved Qurters just in case a founder was abored. Catlin kept the ship as it was. No changes well very few.
The door opened.Sence no one else In the crew dared to intrude without permission,he knew it could only be one person. Kirel.

enough it was.

“The incident with the Difient has blown Everything up. The federation is on high alert .there are rumors that the federation is considering striking the dominion in the gama quadrant. The plan is going well.”she said
“Why does this not feel

like a victory?   We accomplished the mission. We put things in motion. It did not go as planned . the Difient servived the attack. The admiral is stil alive.  I fear this portends badly for the future.”Catlinsaid.
“You worry too much . you always have. Nothing goes quite the way you plan it too. It was not a total victory. That happens. We can pull this off. We already are. “Kirel declared.
“I would believe it were it not for the incident with the Borg cube. All my life I have been a murcinary or fighting in other people’s armies. All my life I have yearned for a zeravuen empire. This is what I want for a legacy. I have no children.this is my chance. This is my gift to the galaxy. My gift to my people!”he said.
Kirel had not told him that she was pregnant with his child. “We can pull this off. We can create the universe you envision. We will. “She told her.
He hoped she was but he was not sure. He had become obsesed with recreating the zeravuen empire. She wanted to tell him her news but decided that this was not the time.
Gama qudrent
Founders home world.
The founders had moved there home world a few years earlier due to a plot by the romulon telshiar and Cardesien obsidian order to destroy it as a preemptive strike.
A vorta briefed the founders on current events including odo. “The federation believes that we are behind the attack?” odo asked.
“Yes they do.”the vorta said.”we were not involved of course. The federation May not believe them!”a founder said.
“You believe they will restart the war?”odo said. “They may! Another founder said. “We know a dominion fleet was involved. Where did it come from?”odo said.
“We are looking into it. The cardesuen and Breen has aces to our technology. Someone could have rebuilt the fleet using wrekege from battle sites. ” the vorta said.
“I want a patrol of the wormhole. “A founder said. “Of course founder!”the Vorta said.
Star base 381
Jake interviewed various people from the staf of the station to First responders. He went to the mess hall. He noticed life on the station was slowly getting back to normal. Everyone was stil on edge. They all feared another attack.
Jake got a plate of food. He saw Gabriella Fullerton. “May I join you ?”he asked.”sure! I hope what i say won’t show up in print?”she commented. “No I never print anything without expresed permission. “He said.
“Alright I just wanted to make sure.”she said. “Ok! That’s fine. How are you doing?”he asked. “Ok I know the dominion do not have the greatest reputation but I really thought the war was over,really over” she said.
“Thus could just be a miner set back.perhaps a rougue faction of the dominion. I was there on a planet near archanis after the martok changing was exposed. It looked like the war with the Klingon was on. Then it just stoped as if it never happened. “Jake said.
“You think this will blow over?”she asked. “I think  that there is a good chance of it. “Jake said.
U.s.s Difient
Admiral Ross got the damage report. It was bad but could be a lot worse. It could be repaired fairly easily.
” I want to do the repairs that can be done hear. I want to keep the. Defient on the frontier. “Admiral Ross said.
“Keep the sansors up to full strength. I would like to find that fleet. The longer they operate In this sector,the more of a threat they pose. “Ross said.
Planet deniva
Reese and tyme decided to follow up on a lead. They beamed to the surface. They went to a farm house. They saw animals.
A women held a baby in her arms. “Annie towels?”Reese said.”I have honored the condition of my perole! She said.
“Have you heard from Jack torence?” rese asked. “I have not seen him since my arest. I heard he was on desica two. There is rumors that he wants to revive the marquus but I want nothing to do it.a few weeks ago I was contacted by a friend of his named powers.he was on desica two. They want to replant colonies along the old d.m.z.” Annie said.
“Is he stil on desica two?” tyme asked.”that I don’t know . “he said.tyme and tease went over to a corner. “Feel like taking a trip to desica?”Reese asked. “Sounds like fun!” tyme said.
Desica two.
There was a bar on desica that was known as a center of activities for all kinds of activities. These included legitimate and otherwise. The two entered the bar.
He saw torence and powers. As they went over to the table. A sniper fired a phaser blast on the two. The sniper beamed away. They ran up to the area.
“Dawn it!”tyme said. “The case has just gone cold. “Reese said. “Incoming ship”the Hoover computer voice said. They beamed back to the scout ship.
They went back to the cock pit. Tyme looked at the sansors. “It is a romulon transport. “Tyme said. “Serva?”Reese said.
There was transporter beam. “Are we being captured?”tyme asked. “Teran humor!hey babe!”she said she hugged him.
“Did you come hear for a date ?”Reese asked.”if we can fit it in definitely! My superiors won’t listen to me. The attacks on the klasen system is not a coincidence .it is part of a coordinated effort. All of the attacks seam to be centered on an area once known as the camberin protectorate.it was part of the zeravian empire. I believe that the dominion has nothing to do with this. I believe that this is a plot to restore the empire. The dominion is a pawn in all this.” serva said.
“Wait a minute. Computor scan computer archives. Subject events in the camberin expance in the last forty years. “Reese asked.
It went though several entries. “Computor stop! I remember hearing about this one. A group stole a Borg cube . the real Borg showed up and dealt with them. “Reese said.
“How do We get more evidence?”Reese asked. “We need to go to the camberin sector. “Serva said. “Care to come with us?” “Reese asked. “Absolutly!” she said. The ship headed to the sector.
End of part five.

Sphere of influence part six

The enterprise entered the area. The enterprise spared no time.the enterprise immediately fired on the Borg cube.
The colonel watched the battle with interest. Jean luc Picard was a name that was known throughout the galaxy. Picard had climb though the ranks at a fairly rapid pace. He had began as very unremarkable. He was one officer out if Manny.
Even after becoming a rising star inside star fleet, he still had not had a reputation in the non aligned sectors . that quickly changed. His encounters with the furengi,the angosians,the anserta and now the Borg.
The colonel had been fully briefed on Jean luc Picard. He knew he might encounter Picard on this mission.a part of him hoped he would.
The Borg cube fired on the enterprise. “Shields are down to 20 percent!” Gleason reported. “Reroute non essential powers to shields. “Picard ordered. The power was transfered. The enterprise was hit before the transfer could be completed.
“The transfer was unsucesful!”ensign Kenny lyin reported. “Dawn it! “Picard said “shields at 10 percent!”Gleason reported. “I would advise against attempting to transfer shields ! Data said .”agreed !”Picard said.
The enterprise fired on the Borg cube with a massive volley of phaser and photon torpedoes. The projectiles struck the massive starship.
  “They are no match for us! They must know that. We have there people! Perhaps this Picard is just foolish!”Caitlin proclaimed. “Foolish or desperate!” major kirrel said.
“I recommend we withdraw captain.without shields we will never hope to hold out against them!”Gleason reported.
“No we stop now,they go back into that conduet. We will have no hope of catching up with them. We lose them,the entire federation is vanersble!”Picard exclaimed.
“Captain I may have an alternative!”data said. “Explane!”Picard ordered. “I believe I can create a hyper sonic burst that might temporarily disable there shields. It will be on a short time but perhaps long enough. “Data explained.
“Do it!”Picard ordered. The enterprise hit the ship from several angles. They tried to avoid the hits from the Borg vessel. Ensign alenbeam got a clear view of what it was like to be a starship helm officer. It was not easy. It could be rewarding.
Data thought differentially then the rest of the crew. He saw things anyilitically. Everything was seen though a positive and negative point of view. He accepted that impossible excited. It was the last step not the first. Data exhausted any avenue before accepting defeat. That made him a crucial part of the crew. 
Data was able to generate the burst. “Everything is set up. Standing by on your orders!”data reported. “Mr. Gleason ready all weapons!”Picard ordered. “Ready!”Gleason announced. “Make it happen data!”Picard ordered. Data activated the burst.the burst overpowerd the Borg shield grid. The enterprise quickly followed up with phaser and photon torpedoes. The enterprise did not give them time to adapt. Picard hoped that without the link to the collective,it would be unable to regenerate.
The enterprise hit again and again.the cube fired back. The enterprise dodged the impact. The child’s nichelle were hit.
Inside the cube,the battle between the away team and the asuslt team continued. The asuslt team advanced on the star fleet team.
Gordi was determined to protect his team. Gordi. Aimed his phaser at the control panel. The panel exploded. The energy hit the leader of the a sit team.the explosion spread to Gordi.
Gordi fell to the ground. Gordi was rendered uncnscious. He woke up somewhere else. He had no idea where. He saw what looked like a white room. He had no idea what it ment.
He saw images. They we’re going to fast. They came at him all at once.he had no clue what they ment. He felt overwhelmed. It made no sense.
He tried to absorb all of the Information. Finally it all slowed down. Gordi started to wake up.
“Commander! Commander laforge !”ensign pavlic pleaded with the commander to wake up. “The battle!”he said. “We were able to fall back to a safe position. The crew of this ship are more concerned with the ship wide battle. “She said. “We are safe for the moment  !”baur said.
“My mind was merged with the leader of the asuslt force. I think I know what this is all about!” Gordi said.
The enterprise had inflicted considerable damage on the Borg cube. The cube crew had to deal with th multiple fires and damage throughout the ship.
“Is there a nebula near by. A place where we could use as a safe harbor ?”Picard asked. “There is the erebor nebula!”data reported. “Picard to transporter room 2. I am going to lower the shields fora few seconds. See if you can get a lock!”Picard said.”aye sir!”obrian said.
The shields were down. Obrian activated the beam. The away team were beamed away. “They are a bored! Obrian announced. “Go ensign!”Picard ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. The Borg cube kept perusing. Gleason fired at soft spots on the cube. The enterprise got closer to the nebula. Picard hoped that they would not follow them into the nebula.
“Entering nebula now!”alenbeam reported. “We are inside!” the ops officer announced. “The vessel is moving off!”Gleason said. “They will be back. They will lick there wounds and swoop back in.we will be ready for them!”Picard said.
“How are you feeling Mr. Laforge?”Picard asked. “Like a super nova fell on me!”he said. “I thought as much! ” Picard said.
“I have much to tell you sir. I was linked to the leader of the asuslt team. I saw things,images. It was all a jumble but I have bean able to make sense of most of it!”Gordi said.
“Say on! “Picard instructed. “In the past there were a series of empires. Many rose and fall . some fell to super novas,others to conquest . “Gordi said.
“Historiens refer to it as the age of empires.”data said. “The last big intergalactic power was the zuravien empire. When it fell there was a group of interlecuals from many worlds who became disturbed by the fact that unlike the previous times,there was no empire in the waiting. There was a huge vacume that did not appear to be filled this time. “Gordi said.
“A group from many worlds formed a secret society based on philosophy but also mystism as well. They go by Manny names. The society the beatified “Gordi said.
“Yes! “Picard said. “You recognize this name? “Bevily asked. “A faction of this particular organization plotted to stop the federation at its very inception. A hundred years later they tried to ster up tensions between corridor. And the andorians. “Picard said.
“Colnel catlin the man who appears to be the commander is zuravuen. I believe this operation is part of the society. “Gordi said.
“To what end? Why steal a Borg cube? “Bevily asked.”the area around the nelric system was part of the zuravien empire. Perhaps they wanted to soften us up. Make the area ripe for conquest. ” data remarked.
“If they are concerned about power vacume,the federation has provided stability. With the peace treaty with the Klingon the galaxy has become more stable. There plan Is no longer nesisary!”bev said.
“They believe there order is the only real solution!”Gordi said. “Its a very old story! “Picard said. “This was only the beginning. Unless we can stop it now!” Gordi said.
“I think I have figured it out. “Pavlic reported. “What do you got?” Picard asked. “They call it the Hunter maelstrom . it is a turbulent aream. It is also a sight to see. I beleve that the society plans to pilot the Borg cube into the malestrome. “Pavlic said .
“If that happened the nelric syistom would be incinerated. The whole region will be u uninhabitable!”data announced.
“The federation would pull out. The old zeravien anex would be ripe for conquest. “Gordi said. “The ship will repair itself. Then they will resume the operation. Then so must we!”Picard declared.
To be concluded.

Interest and principles part 7

The enterprise had to holdout long enough for the rest of the fleet to arrive. The enterprise participSated in hit and run attacks on the enemy ships trying to ware down the enemy. It was designed to buy time.
The enterprise fired on the enemy ships. The ships fired back on the enterprise. Multiple decks were hit. Walls caved in. Computors circuits exploded.
“Emurgentcy protocols in place!”uhua said. “Come on !Spock get me a target!” Kirk said. “Jim he is a science officer not a marksman!”mccoy said. Kirk gave him a dirty look.
Spock sent a target to soul’s station. Sulu plotted the target. Then he pressed the fire button. The enterprise fired on the command ship. It fired on a crossover area on the ship. Sulu programmed a percussion strike on the area.
Two escort vessels hit the enterprise. Both nicheles were damaged. The vessel hit on multiple sides. The command ship hit the ship from the center.  The enterprise returned fire on the ships. They used phasers and photon torpedoe volley at the ships. The Enterprise did not give time for the ships to return fire. They kept fireing.
Enemy ship
“This ship is annoying!”the admiral in command said. “They cannot service forever. They are one ship. No ship is invincible. They are doomed. “The admiral said .
U.s.s faragut bridge
“How much longer!”Addison asked.”we are two minutes closer then the last time you inquired!”sotril said. “Sory!”Addison said.
The faragut and protempkon  finally arrived. The two ships did not hesitate to fire. They fired on multiple targets. Shortly after the Excalibur and hood arrived. Then other ships arrived.
The ships decided to fall back. The society did not want an armed conflict with the federation.the plan depended on the collapse of the federation. That now seamed unlikely. The fleet withdrew. They then would reevaluate that plan.
Planet earth
Pallice de la Concorde
Office of the president
” Mr. President We retrieved a data base that verifies that a secret group plotted  To destabilize the federation . they were behind the attacks on the tellerite and coridon. This was an effort to devide the federation. The andorian were not involved in this. ” admiral komack said.
“After looking At the evidence mr. president, it is the view of the coridon government that the whole afair is the work of outside forces. We are satisfied that the andorians did not commit acts of agressons against the coridon people!” the coridon rep said.
“As is the tellerite government. We are convinced of there innocence !” the tellerite ambassador said. “I am recommending to the council that they consider the matter closed.”the acting president said. “We have no objections Mr. President!”the tellerite ambassador said.
“This is a federation news service update, the council has voted unanimously to accept the star fleet report that  vindicate the andorians. The council has voted unanimously to restore the andorians to full membership status. The road to coridon membership will go forward as scheduled. “The reporter said.
“We have also confirmed that the vice president will take over as acting president until president zal can resume his duties. ”
“People of the federation. Although I have represented the andorians ,as Secretary of defense and intergalactic security advisor and vice president,I have endeavored to work for the federations. All of the federation. While I am exercising the duties of the president, I will endever to work for everyone in the federation. The federation world because we are United. We are one federation. We are one. We depends on each other!”the vice president said.
The end
Next up
  Set between final mission and the loss, in a remote sector of the federation space ,a Borg cube appears. The enterprise is called to deal with the situation. All is not as it seams.