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Harbinger part 2

   Near Badlands
Chaotic reigion of space near cardesien and federation space.
   Marques ship
“Security officers log,clasified entry. Lt. Commander tuvok reporting. I am abored a marques vessel posing as a member of there group ”
“The marques are a rag tag army made up of colonest along the demiliterized zone. The marques reject a treaty negociated between the united federation of planets and cardesien union. There goal is to retreve world ceded to the cardesian empire. To some they are fredom fighters,to others they are outlaws!”
“We have incoming !” Tuvok reported. “What do you think? Star fleet or cardiesiens?” Ships commanding officer chacotay said. “Cardesien. They are much bolder and don’t care as much about safety !” A Klingon female naimed balana tores said.
Tuvok ajusted the sansor grid. He scaned the area. “Cardesien vessel galor class!” Tuvok anounced. “Told ya!” Balana said. “Never argue with balana!” Chacotay said.
“I was not aware i was!” The vulcan said. “We are being hailed!” Ayala said. “Do we want to talk to them?” Chacotay asked.”i don’t!” Balana said. “Put um on!”the native American commander said.
The screen was activated. On the screen was a cardesien male with the rank of gul. It was equvolent of a federation starship captain.
“This is gull evek of the vitar. You are in violation of the treaty between the federation and the cardesien union. Stand down and prepare to be borded! ” evek said.
“That is quite an offer but i gues i will decline!” Chacotay said. Chacotay turned off the view screen. “I am sure that he does not want us to go into the bad lands! We will go in any ways!”the commander said.
The scout ship headed into the bad lands. The cardesien vessel fired on the marques ship. The marques ship returned fire on the vitar.
The vitar fired on the marques vessel liberty. The liberty hit again. The marques ship did not want to destroy or even overpower the enimy ship. The captain did not think that they could even if they wanted to.
The ship went into the badlands. The ship kept going. The cardesien vessel headed inside the turbulent reigion.
  “Cardesien vessel has entered the bad lands!” Tuvok anounced. “Gull evek is feeling ambitious today!” Chacotay said. The liberty fired on one of the plasma storms. The storm hit the vitar. The libety flew into one of the storms at high warp. Then the liberty flew out of the storm.
“The cardesien vessel was damaged but they will be ok. “Balana said. The computer declared a perimeter alert. “Computer identify saurce of perimeter alert?” Chacotay ordered. “Detecting energy distortion !” Computer said.
The image was transfered to the view screen. On the screen was the image of the energy field. Then several ships started to exit the vortex.
The ships started to exit the gateway. “What is it? ” chacotay enquired. “Detecting several vessels. Unknown ships. ” Tuvok said. The ships seamed to just keep coming.
“They are not federation or cardesien! This is a design and technology not familer to the federation data base!”tuvok said.”what are they doing hear?”balana said. “I don’t know but i don’t like it !”chacotay said.
The ships left the area. One of the ships detected the liberty.
“We are being scaned!” Balana reported. “This may be the first information they have on this qudrent! Tuvok!” Chacotay said.
“They could be alies! Should we not try to work with them?”balana said. “We can’t take that risk. Sometimes a tyrent is always a tyrant !” Chacotay said. “Is there one of your native American trueism?”balana asked. “This is one of my own!” He said.
Tuvok tried to block the scan. The aliens worked to block his eforts to block them. “They are eager to get our data!” Tuvok said. “Keep stoping them tuvok!” The commander said.
The aliens did all they knew to do to gain acess to the ship’s information. The ships seamed to be on a dead line.
“Ships are underway!”tuvok said.”oh no you dont! Pursuit course!”chacotay ordered. The ship ran after the fleet. It fired multiple voleys on the alen ships. The nearest alien ship fired back on the liberty. The liberty tried to dodge the attack but was stil hit.
The fleet then left the area. “Hold position !”chacotay said. “We are going to let them go?”balana said. “We have to warn someone!”chacotay said. “Will anyone believe us?” Ayala said. “They have to or it could be too late!” Chacotay said.
The cardesian vessel vitar was adrift. Gull evek surveyed the damage on the bridge. He got a full damage report.
“Sir. You need to see this!”glin erkad said. The gul dodged the damage to get to the science council.
He wached the photege of the masive fleet leave the area. “That is not any known design or configuration i am aware of!” Evek said. “We could be facing s new threat to the galaxy !” Glin erkad said. “Yes it seams we are!” Gull evek said.
End of part two.


The harbinger

Delta qudrent
  Ib orbit of a desolate world was a large space station. Not just a station an aray capible of sending vest qantity of energy to the serface.
A man who looked human apeared. It was clearly not his real form. It was some kind of facsimile he used while in this space. A kind of avatar.
“Computer confirm estiments?” The avatar said. “Five days four hours. Estimated!” The computer said. A robot came in. “Troubling news?”the robot said.”it is what i expected ! I don’t have a lot of time! ” the alien facsimile said.
“Will you briging more ships?” The robot asked. “Yes. I must find a replacement and soon!” The man said.
The alien man asuming humanoud form knew his time was almost up. He had to get working. 
“Detecting incoming vesels!”the computor said. “Visuel!” The alien ordered. The screen displayed masive ships. “No! “He said.
“Why are they hear?” The robot asked. “They sense blood in the water! “The humanoid looking form declared.
The ships seamed to be heading for the aray. The humanoid was perpared to activate the stations auto distruct. The ship did not attack the aray but it kept going. The ships hacked into the aray despite the computer and robots eforts to stop it. The ships forced the station to generate a field. The field created a gateway.
A ring seamed to develop. This gateway was a doorway to another part of the galaxy. The aray fired on the ships. The ships had advanced shieldings. The ships were able to withstand the hits from the station.
The alien ships headed for the gateway. They went inside.the gateway then vanished. It was replaced by open space.
“This is not good!” The robot said. “No it is not! I caused this caticlism. One of manny caused by me i am afraid. Another debts that can never be repaid!”the creture said.
He stared at the port hole. He hoped that it was not too late.
End of part one.

Bajoren sector part seven

The runabout headed into the denorias belt. The area was lergly uncharted. There were stories,rumors and myiths but nothing proven.
This was not a exploration mission. This was a race to save bajor from a masive threat to its very excistence. The race was on.
U.s.s enterprise
“Sir. We have orders from captain picard!” Lt. Worf said. Rycer went over to the tactical station. He looked over the data. Rycer prepared to ajust to the new orders. They have work to do.
“Ensign mcknight set course for the denorious belt!”rycer ordered. The helm officer set the course. “Course layed in captain.” The young ensign said. The enterprise went to warp.
  The runabout sucesfully entered the denorius belt. “We are now inside the belt”sisco said.” Scan the area. “Picard said.sisco scaned the area. “You found something ?” Picard said. “Yes indeed i did!” The commander reported.
Sisco displayed the image on the maine view screen. The ship was bigger then he had ever seen.he knew what it was. He remembered it well.
The image of the ship fireing on the enterprise ran though his mind. He saw the image of an elderly human male. “I did not kill one hushnuk or 50 or a thousand or a million i killed them all!”
“You recognize that ship?”sisco asked. “Yes i do. They are a species that no longer exist. There ships remain. It seams that this one fell into the hands of elisoren and his ilk!” Picard said.
“The vessel has set course for us!”sisco said. The scout ship activated the shields. The vesel prepared evasive action.
The vessel scaned the warship.the vessel was heavily armed. The ship had a n aditional gun turet. This turet was armed with proto matter. A very violitile and potent force.
“They are either going to destroy bajor directly or destroy there sun!”picard said. “If they can’t have bajor,no one can. ” Sisco said. “There are bajorens thoughout the galaxy but this would be efectivly the death of the bajoren race. “Picard said.
“Sounds like the borg!” Sisco declared. Picard tried to ignore the comments of the jr officer. They had a job to do. They did not have a lot of time to do it.
Hushnuck vessel
“Vessel is a federation vessel. “The tactical officer said. “Enterprise captain picard and ds9 commander sisco are on that ship! “Elisoren said. “It would apear so!” An aid said.
“Head for the ship. Prepare to overtake the ship but then go to all stop. Then hail the vessel !” Elisoren said. The ship headed for the runabout and then stoped.
“We are being hailed !”sisco said.”on screen !”picard said. The commander activated the com unit. On the view screen displayed the image of the hushnuck bridge.
“Captain picard i presume. Gull madred says hi. “Elisoren said.”what are you planing to do elisoren?” Sisco asked. “Captain,you have no ability to stop me! We have superior fire power. Your only option is to stand down!” He said.
“You can’t posibly think that we are going to do that?” Picard said.”i don’t really care what you do. We are in control of this situation ? ” elisoren declared. “You would really destroy a world? You would rather see bajor in flaims then alow it to be free?” Picard asked.
“Bajor was declared to be eternally part of the cardesien union by the 2235 planery seison of the detopa council. That has been reisued six is and will always be part of the empire or it will not excist. You see captain might makes reality!” He declared.
The runabout tried to evade the ship. “Your not going to try to get away!” Sisco said. “I am not going to go away qietly!” Picard said. “Agreed!” Sisco said.
Sisco did not want to just give up.he did not posibly see how they could servive all this. That was a masive star ship. They were slighly larger then a shartle. It was the smalest type of starship in the federation fleet.
The hushnock vessel fired a conventle wepon port at the scout ship. The runabout dodged this mistle. The ship was hit a little bit. The ship kept going. So did the enimy ship.
The enimy ship persued the runabout. The vessel fired on the ship. The ship was hit. A few more hits and  they would be a goner. Sisco and picard both knew it.
The runabout fired on the enimy ship. They knew it would not do a lot of good but one never knew.
The ship kept going. The enimy vessel persued. The ship fired on the ship. This time the mistle was on a direct course for the runabout. If the vessel was hit,the ship would be destroyed.
Great sisco thought,the runabout would be destroyed soon. Sisco would never see his son. He would die. His last moment would be with a man he despised. Ironic he thought.
The mistle was about to hit.suddenly the mistle vanished. “What just happened?”sisco asked. “I am not sure!”picard said.the hushnuck came up to the ship.
They saw a lerge funnel like structure. The runabout was tractered inside. Then it was gone.
“Where are we?” Sisco asked.”we apear to be in some kind of worm hole. I believe that this is a stable wormhole. “Picard said.”i did not think that there was such a  thing. We may have made a major discovery!” Sisco said. ” I hope we will survive long enough to file a report! ” picard said. Sisco agreed.
The ship came to a stop. Then they fell to the floor unconscious. The ship stayed in one place. 
Planet bajor
Gull ersole qietly ordered his staf to leave the planet. Unfortunately in order to keep up the ilision of the cardesian presence,some would have to stay behind. Some would have to be sacrificed. It had to look like no one in the cardesian government had any knowledge of this.
Gull ersole had no intention of remaning behind . If the cotastrophe came,he had no intention of faling victom to it. Bajor would be destroyed. Vengience would be served.
Sisco woke up in gray. He was not sure where he was. He had no idea why he was hear.
“Helo! Is anyone else hear? “Sisco said. Sisco was puzzled. None of this made any sense. Perhaps it was not ment to.
  On the runabout,picard woke up. He was dazed at first. He started to come tu. Things started to make sense. Where was commander sisco? Where was he?
He scaned the area. He was in the gamma qudrent. He was on the orther side of the galaxy. How did he get there? It must have been the wormhole.
It seams they had stumbled on a stable wormhole. Picard decided that there was no time to explore. Now was not the time perhaps another time. He hoped so.
He set the ship back into the wormhole.  Picard hoped it really was stsble. He hoped that it was not like the barzan wormhole he encountered a few years erlier. He did want to get traped in far off sector unable to get home. The scout entered the wormhole.
The warship used by the cardesiens was heading out of the denorias belt. The ship thought that the disapearence of the runabout might garente the destruction of bajor.
On the enterprise,data had enchanced the sansors. The computor had detected evidence of what could be a ship. He reported it to commander rycer.
“Your sure about this mr. Data? “Rycer asked. “I am commander!” Data ansered. “Mcknight lay in a persuit course!”rycer ordered. The enterprise followed the enurgy signiture.
“The enterprise is heading straght for us!” The science officer said. “Intercept!” Elisoren declared. The war ship headed for the enterprise.
The ship opened fire on the enterprise. The enterprise opened fire on the war ship. The warship hit back on the vesel.
“Shields at 69 percent “worf anounced. “Return fire!” Rycer said.
The enterprise fired a volley of photon torpedoes at the hushnuck vessel. The hushnuck ship mantained fire on the enterprise.
“Shields at 57 percent!” Worf reported. “This was easier when they were automated!” Rycer said. “Agreed!” Worf said.
Data had been buisy trying to find a defense against the warship. Data knew the importence of stoping that ship. He tried to create a device that jammed the shields. It was a tall order. This mission required unconventional thinking. Even from an android.
“Commander i believe that i can jamm the shields on that ship!” Data said. “Give it a try!”rycer said. The commander activated the shield inhibitor.
The device created just enough interference for the enterprise to exploit. The enterprise fired near the wepon port for the proto matter weapon.
The weapon port was off line. The enterprise fired on the engines. The ship was stil a potent force. The ship fired on the enterprise.
The bridge was hit. Debre spread thogh the bridge . Fire supresion kicked in. The rest of the fire was put out by damage control parties.
The enterprise fired on the warship. The ship was hit. The enterprise fired a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes on the vessel.
“We dont have the weapon anymore but we have plenty of wepons left in our arsenal !”elisoren said. The ship headed for the planet.
“Sir! I believe that the warship has riged a colision course for the planet. “Data said. The enterprise headed for the ship. This was a race against time to save bajor.
  The enterprise fired on the hushnuck ship before it could get to the planet. The vessel returned fire. Several decks were hit by the blast. There was damage.
The warship neared bajor. Several fighters were deployed. Major kira led one of the scudrins. “Break in and attack !”kira said. The vesels fired on the warship. The fighters hoped to slow the ship down.
The ship was hit by a serface to space mistle. It was cardesian. One of the few anti space craft left by the soon to be disoved ocupation. The vessel was destroyed.
The runabout entered the worm hole. Suddenly sisco resumed. It took a few minutes for him to wake up.
“The worm hole is the home of non humanoid aliens. The bojorens believe they are the prophets. “Sisco said. “Yes i know bajoren mythology. This is a stable wormhole?”picard said. “They will alow pasege. I don’t understand it all yet. I am.beginning to. “Sisco said.
“If the cardesiens learn of the worm hole! They may try to reanex bajor. “Picard asked. “We must make it in there best interest for them to not do that! “Sisco said.
“This was a regretible series of events. The cardesian government had no knowledge of this. We should not alow terrorist to dictate policy. The withdrawl shedule will go as planed. We will continue the phased withdrawl. “Ersole said.
“I don’t think so! ” sisco said.”excuse me!” The gul asked.
“We intercepted comunication between you and erisole including a secret meating. You knew of the plot. Maybe not all but enough. I am prety sure you played some kind of role in all this. ” Picard said.
“What do you want?” Ersole asked. “I want you to order a full withdrawl to begin at once. I want you on the fatest ship to cardesia prime. ” Sisco said. “You have no hard evidence of any of this! “Ersole said. “I think i can convince the detopa council.”Picard said. “Very well! I will be reterning home. Gull verdahl will administer the withdrawl to begin at once!” He said.
Picard and sisco went into an underground stucture. They saw an older lady in cerimonial robes. “Commander sisco!  “Opaka said. She felt his head.”your pah is strong. You are the emisary!” Opaka said.
“So the enterprise will be getting under way !”Picard said.”i see. I supose our paths will cross again! “Sisco said. “There is a good chance of it. “Picard said.they dispersed.
Dollem and obrian went over to sisco. “How do we keep tabs of this wormhole?” Obrian asked.”i have an idea chief but your not going to like it!”sisco said.
The enterprise left the station and went to warp.
The end
This winter a new chapter in the star trek sarga begins. Set on a space station near a gate way to another galaxy. Commanded by reluctant officer ben sisco. Join us for star trek deep space 9. Comming January. 1993.

Bajoren sector part six

The secret encampment was well gaurded. The cardesian gerila force used equipment that masked signitures. The camp also was hevily fortified.
The group began moving asets hear the moment they heard rumors of an inpending withdrawl from bajor.
“Sir! We have detected the presence of a federation runabout,danube class. “A cardesian named emrek said.
“Once it is in weapons range,target it with serface to space misstles!” Elisoren ordered.
“I am detecting masive energy build up!” Sisco said.”we have been spoted. Brace for impact!” Picard declared. The vesel began evasive action. A large mistle from the complex headed for the runabout. The scout ship tried to miss the craft.
The mistle detonated far enough away. The ship felt the wake but there was no damage.
“Can you locate the mistle luncher?” Picard asked. Sisco scaned the area to find the turet. Sisco hated being in the same room as the man he would always know as locutas. Sisco tried to hold it together. It was only for this mission . Then the enterprise would be far away.
Sisco worked to locate the luncher. He believed that he found it. The craft moved away. They believed that they were out of range.
The runabout ran back at fairly high warp. The vessel fired a volley of phasers at the complex.the complex was hit. 
“Minor damage. Not enough to take it off line! “Sisco said. ” Of course not!”picard said.
The turet fired again. The runabout fired and detinated it before it could do any damage. “I have an idea!” Picard said. “Please tell me it does not involve borg technology ?”sisco asked. “Not that i know of!”picard said.
The scout ship generated a false image of a second ship. The so called picard minuver. The turet was fooled into believing that there was two runabout. The turet tried to hit both ships. The mistle detonated near the complex. The complex was hit by the debre. The ship fired on the luncher.
“Incoming ships!” The computer anounced. “Please tell me that they are not cardesien!” Picard commented. “Captain picard,please transmit the coordinates of the luncher!” Major kira requested from the command fighter. “Send it commander!”picard said. “Sending now!” Sisco said.
The fighter scaudrin fired on the complex. “You have won nothing ! Procede with the contingency plan!” Elisoren ordered. His team agreed.
The crew began to evacuate the area. “Captain detecting several outgoing ships. All cardesien. “Sisco said. ” stand by tractor beam!” Picard said. “I don’t understand !” Sisco said. “This is a gurila war. They are not just going to give up without a fight. “Picard said.
The runabout discended further into the planets serface. The ship headed to the complex. “Givin the amount of energy,i think that complex is riged to explode. I fear if it does,it will take half the planet with it. ” Picard said. “Sorched earth. Not atypical for the cardesiens.”sisco said. “No its not!” Picard said.
The ship neared the complex. The ship activated the tractor beam. The turet seamed to be fuised into the serface.
“We are going to  nead to help! Contact major kira! This is going to have to have to be a team efort!” Picard said. “The major does not strike me as a team player. ” Sisco said. “She is going to have to be or we could lose half the planet!”Picard said.
The turet was riged for self destruct. The turet was armed with warp drive. Self destruct would cause the anti mater to implode. It would cause masive tectonic activity. The damage would be devisating. The reigion around the complex would be unihabitible for cencuries.
The fighters led by kira headed for the complex. “We are in position. Standing by. “Kira anounced. “I need you to open fire in several spots. We have to get that luncher free from its birth. “Picard declared. “Understood. We will get it done.”kira said.
The fighters fired on the luncher.the luncher started to come lose. The luncher started to rise. The runabout went over and activated a tractor beam on the luncher.
” We don’t have a lot of time!” Sisco said. The luncher was going critical. The runabout went to high warp. “I’m seting course for the denorious belt!” Sisco said.
The ship went at maximum warp. The ship neared the belt. “This is as remote a spot as we are going to get. Drop it!”picard said. The ship released the tractor beam. The luncher drifted. It exploded. The runabout tried to get away. The explosive wave neared the ship. Then it vanished.
“The luncher. The wake. It is gone!” Sisco anounced. “How is that posible? “Picard asked.”i don’t know. This is a mystery to me. “Sisco said.
Elisoren made it out on a ship. The ships used the crises as a diverson so that they could esape.  Elisoren was not done. He was going to continue the gurila war against the bojorens. The ships headed into the danorious belt. “Order all of our alies to procede to the next phase of the plan!” Elisorian ordered. An aid agreed. The aid left the area and isued the order.
Planet bajor
Ro requested some time on the planet. It was odd to be on the planet of her origin. This was not her world not really. She had never been hear. She grew up in a refuge camp far from bajor. She did hold something for her.she felt that.
She toured a market. Many tried to set up a business. There was no economy yet. There was no infrastructure . The civilization was one big potempkon town. She stoped.she took it all in.
“My child,do not weep for this world. This planet will rebuild. It will be strong once again. “An older lady said. 
“How can you be sure? ” ro said. “The planet stil has a destiny. The planet will play a role in the future. The phophets will guide bajor. “The lady said. “I don’t believe in those myiths. The ocupation disproves all of that!”she said. “You are incorect. They have already chosen an emisary. The emisary will guide bajor to the future. ” She said.”who is this emisary?” Ro asked.”the time is not yet. Soon!” The lady said.
The lady left. She went over to a shop keper. “Who was that?”ro asked. “You do not know? How can you be bajoren and not know? “The shopkeeper asked.”i really do not know? Am i suposed to?”she asked. “She is the kai. She is the spritual leader of bajor. “A shopkeaper said. “To speak to opaka is a great hournor. “A male said.
In the capital there was multiple beams in.  Cardesian males wielded plasma rifles. They fired at anything that moved. By the time the bojoren security forces arived there was a lot of damage.
  During the gun battle,there was more beam in. The cardesiens continued to fire. While during a batle one of the schoter detonated an explosive device enbated in his skin. There were many deaths.
The situation was out of control. It was getting worse. The government had to deploy more forces. The government had to declare a sate of emergentcy and inpose a cewfew.
Office of first minister
“I demand imidiate withdraw of all cardesian forces. This must end now! “The first minister said.”this is a rougue operation. “Gull ersole incisted. ” The ring leader is a former officer as is manny in his group. You are responsible. The curent transistion is not workible. Acelerated withdrawl is the only answer. “Minister of defense keve falore said.
“We need time. I must incist on adhearing to the original agreement. “Gul ersole said. “Alowing the curent arangement seams to asure more violence. This is not aceptible!” The minister said.
“We will not leave until the apounted time. If you want a quicker withdrawl either you or your star fleet friends will have to force the isue. I don’t think either of those things will happen !”ersole said.
“If there are more casulties i will hold you personaly responsible gul!” The minister said.
“Those involved wil be delt with.we are interested in peaceful relations with the bojoren people. “Ersole declared. With that the gul and his aides left the room. The door closed.
“I am getting an odd reading captain.  There is something in hear. The belt is causing interference but something is hear!” Sisco said. “You think it could be a ship?” Picard said. “I don’t know but perhaps! I cannot discount it. “Sisco said.
“Perhaps we should investigate further!” Picard sugested. “Agreed!” Sisco said.
Inside the asteroid belt,there was a large vessel. A super star ship. The vessel was left over was a dead race called the hushnuck. The vessel was now commanded by the cardesiens. The vessel had powerful weapons. The vessel was part of a dreadful final solution. The ship was on stand by.
End of part six

Bojoren sector part five

“Captain’s log we are reterning to the sation after our meating with the bajoren provisonal government and the cardesian ocupation force. I am eiger to hear the report from my first officer wiliam rycer on a meeting with a potential go between with the cardesians. ”
Office of commander sisco
“Mr. Garek gave me the impresion that the attack were comited by an autonimous group probably x military. The group is doing this without the knowledge or conscent of any oficial cardesian conection except that they have people in place they know that will take up there cause. They are atempting to put the government in a corner and force them to do what they want. Reconcur the planet. I suspect they plan to wage a dirty war. A war of atrition. ” Rycer said.
“The cardesian empire is not the one happy fleet they like to depict. Like the soviet union on earth,it is a lose allience of various faction that usually work together. An event like this may unite them. A kind of gulf of tonkin like event. ” Sisco said.
” the key to this is the group itself .at least according to garek! I think he may have a point. “Rycer said.
“We need to start as the asalents. “Picard said. “Agreed. “Picard said. “Is there someone within the bajoren government we can trust? “Rycer said. “There is but she does not like the federations or star fleet or most sencient and non sentient life!” Dollem said. “Sounds like a great person !”rycer said. “She is good!” The bolien said.
Dr. Crusher walked though the coridor. She saw an officer inside the bar ran by a furengi. The enterprise had plenty of run ins with the furengi during there missions. Just recently a rougue group tried to steal the enterprise.
She saw the tril science officer.she was not aware that there was a tril serving in star fleet. She wanted to say hi. She hesitated but decided to enter.
She heard the furengi bar tender talk to the alien looking security chief. There were rumors that he was a shape shifter.
“Arnt you gone yet?” The bar tender asked. “I heard the Klingon security chief on the enterprise is taking my place! “The chief said. “Thats not funy ! Klingon make me nervous! I was glad that Klingon and cardesiens don’t get a long ! “He said.
“The Klingon and federation are alies! You may be seing them!” He said. “I won’t. I am getting as far away from hear as i can. This sector will discend into chaos. I am not convinced that the cardesian ocupation is going to end. ” the furengi said.
“It will soon be someone’s problem. “The shape shifter said.”your really leaving?”the furengi asked. “There is nothing hear for me any more. Besides i want to find out more about my origins. I have neglected it for far too long. I have to go to the denorious belt and try to find my origins!” He said.
Dr. Crusher went over to the tril. “May i join you? “Bev asked.”of course!” She said. “I visited your home world briefly !”bev said. “It is a great planet. We have many natural resorces and some artificial structures. We have a ritch culture and history. ‘Dax said. “I’m sure of that. Perhaps i will one say!”bev said. Bevily tried to hide her discomfort.
“You seam nervous. Do i make you uneasy ?”she asked. “The idea of two cretures in one body is trobiling. I understand it is so engraned in your culture but it is difficult for non syimbiotic races!” Bev said.
“To us it is second nature ! We dont think about it! ” dax said. “It wil take some time for us to get used to it. “Bev said. “Understandible!” She said.
Planet bajor
Bajoren military headquarters
It used to be a cardesien command center. The bojoren provisional government had taken it over. Sisco and picard entered.
“I am looking for major kira!”sisco said. a bajoren officer motioned to her location. It was an office.
In the office,kira was engaged in a heated conversation with an oficial. The two entered. The conversation abrubtly ended. “Major ! “Sisco said.
“Why are you hear? Your holowdecks malfunctioning again ?”kira asked. “I heard you were skeptical of our presence hear!”picard said.
“Bajor must stand alone. We want to be independent. The cardesians have not even left and your aleady hear. “Kira said.
“We are hear at the request of the provisional government. “Picard said. “I know! “Kira said.
“We have reason to believe that the attacks are orchestrated by a group hoping to force the hands of the cardesian hierarchy. We are hoping that you can provide information on the attackers! “Picard said.
“A group? “Kira asked. “Unafiliated with the cardesian union. It is a gestalt. A stuctered whole. They want to force the hand of the cardesian government. We have to find this group!” Sisco said.
“You have any evidence for any of this?”kira asked. “None! “Sisco said. “The cardesien don’t need an excuse to remain on bajor. “Kira said. “The cardesian government wants to withdraw. They are not interested in staying. They for the moment are in power. They have to be pursaded! ” sisco said.
“The first attacker was a former military officer. He reterned working for a mining conglomerate with ties to a legate. He was a known to be a member of cardesian nationalest group. He was involved in anti withdrawl protest. “Kira said.
“The second attacker was a member of a private construction firm with ties to central command member. He was anti bajoren. “An aid to kira said.
“Is there a common denominator? Something that ties this two together ?” Picard asked.
“Elsiron! He came over hear as an enforcer for the slave labor operations. He is currently under indiitement for war crimes. We can’t get near him. Suposidly he is back on cardesia. I think he is stil hear. “Kira said.
“You think that he is involved ?” Sisco asked. “I am certain of it.”she said. ” Do you know how to find him? “Sisco said.
“I understand you were at wolf 359?”Picard asked. “I was. My wife was killed in that battle. My son barly got out alive. We lost a lot a lot of good people that day. It was such a needless waste!” Sisco said.
“It was a horible tragidy. I greatly regret my role in it! “Picard said. “Your crocodile tears don’t change anything captain. They do not bring back the dead. They do not lesson the pain there loved ones endure. They do not lesson the pain of survivors.  You are responsible sir. The borg used your knowledge. You should have fought back. You were the best of us! You should have tried harder! “Sisco said.
“I could not. It was like i was asleep. I had no control commander. I wish i did. I could not ! Don’t you think i wish i could? Don’t you think the events of wolf 539 don’t haunt me? ” picard asked.
“Its not enough captain. You should not stil be waring the uniform. You should have reasigned. “Sisco said.
“I considered it. I can’t undo the damage i did. I wish i could. I can’t. I wish i could. I wish more then anything.  Is going away qietly really the answer!” Picard said. “Frankly it would make me hapier. I have a feeling orhers who lost loved ones or who survived might feel the same way i do!” Sisco said.
“I believe i have found something. It may be a secret encampment. “Picard said. “We should check it out!”sisco said. The captain agreed. The runabout headed for the location.
End of part five

Bajoren sector part four

Star base ds9
Most star bases were busiling with activity. Usually they were a port of call. Ds9 was erily qiet. It had a skeleton crew abored. The federation contingent was smal for now. There were plans for aditional personale after the withdrawl was complete. Now was not the time.
Most of the bojorens held as slave laboers left once the forced labor was suspended. The star fleet contingent was not the only people stil on the station.
Some bajorens did remain. Many shop kepers were stil present. Many planed to leave.a furengi businessman who ran a bar had already made arangements to return to furenginar. He did not like political instability. It was bad for business and hazerdous to ones health especially business men.
Once the cardesian withdrawal was complete,there would be instability.  The bojorens would have to set up a stable government. That would take time. They would have to create a stable economy witch would also take time. Many outside system would be reluctant to conduct trade and comerce with bajor. This was not a place for furengi or orther business men. At least that was the prevaling belief.
Dr. Bevily crusher headed for the infirmery. She studied up on dr. Basher on the enterprise way hear. He had just graduated second in his class at the academy. He would have been first but he got a gangular nurve mixed up with a post gangular nerve. He was known for being energetic and talkitive.
She went inside . The infirmery was in ruins. Like every thing else on the station,it had been guted. She looked for the doctor.
She went into a iner section of the medical bay. She found a man in a cover all with blue.
“Are you dr. Bashir?”she asked.”you must be dr. Bevily crusher.I’m honored. I am quite a fan of yours!” He said. “You are?” She asked.
“Oh yes indeed! Your treating of doctor manheim,being captured by the anserta,the patcient called john doe,it is all so fasinating!” Dr. Basher said. “Glad you aprove!” Dr. Crusher said. “I am pleased to meat you doctor. ” Bashir said. “Why chose ds9. It is in the middle of no where. You could have any asignment you wanted. Why hear?”she asked.
“This is the on the edge of the fronter ! I am convinced that the focus of attention will be hear. “Dr. Basher said. “Your probably right. “She said.
Planet bajor
“We have determined that the attacks were commited by lone individual and not part of any plot!”gul ersole said. The bajorens in the galery bood and exclaimed cat calls. The gul tried to reclaim the stage.
“These action show that the situation will continue to be viotile so long as ocupation forces remain! “The first minister said. The crowd claped and cheered.
“We demand you excelerate your withdrawl! Leave bajor at once!” The minister said. The claps and cheer increased.
“We stil have equipment we have to move. We are moving as fast as we posibly can. These incidents are regretible but should not impact our time table for withdrawl. I asure you they will not! ” gul ersole declared.
One of the bajorens in the galery shouted,”leave now! Over and over. Others folowed. The shouts got louder and louder.
The gul tried to speak. It was just shouted down more. As he got louder,the crowd got louder.
This made gul ersole even more angery. After a while the gul began to lash out. “We will never be intimidated ! We are cardesiens! ” the gul said.
The meating desended into chaos. Picard tried to regain order. “That’s enough! “Picard said. Finally the room got qiet. You could hear a pin drop.
“Gul ersole. These attacks are desturbing. They are unacceptable. They show a disturbing paturn. You need to control your personale. “Picard said.
“We are trying to captain! These are trying times. Tempors ans nurves are high. We are doing what we can!” Gul ersole said. “You should have never been hear!” A crowd said.
“You were a bunch of primitive tribes. We bettered you!” Ersole said. “Better! I am the only serviving member of a family of 12. I don’t consider my life better !” He said. The meating discended into chaos and efectivly ended.
Picard and sisco went up to the gul after ward. “Gul your words and action are at best unhelpful!” Picard said. “You raped there world of every resource they have.  Now you expect the bajorens to give you a pass. “Sisco said.
“These stories of histrocities are just not true. We are not butchers. It is propinganda. Every war crimes tribunal who has looked into this has cleared us. No serious investigator believes those fanciful stories. The attack though tragic do not represent the cardesien administration of bajor as a whole. “Ersole said.
“From what i have seen,i do not think i can agre. “Picard said. “Our administration of bajor provided stability to this world. Know this! The decision to withdraw was baised on praticality. Understand bajor wil always be part of cardesia!” The gul said. Then he walked of.
“I take that as a threat!” Sisco said. “As do i! “Picard said. “From what i heard, the military was shut out of this decision. Many commanders were unhappy to say the least! “Sisco said. “Do you think that the commanders planed these attacks ?” Picard asked. “I doubt they planed it. I don’t think they are disapointed!” Sisco said. “Your probably right! “Picard said.
“This could lead to clashes. The bojoren people are getting restless. The cardesiens don’t need any eagin on at this point. If this leeds to conflict,the cardesiens could send in trops for ‘force protection ‘ “sisco said.
“They are trying to force the government into changing there mind on ending the ocupation. ” Picard said. “Star fleet will never alow bajor to be reaxed. The federation ia commited to an independent bajor. How does the hardliners plan to deal with our presence because i have to be honest with you captain,i am not leaving even if i was ordered to by the president himself !” Sisco said.
“That i don’t know commander. I intend to find out. That does concern me. This situation has to be deflated now. “Picard said.
“I agree. I am just not sure what to do !”sisco said. “We have to come up with a solution soon!” Picard said.
Ds9 prominade
Commander rycer walked though the business district of the station. There was not mutch business going on. Rycer saw the shape shifting security chief tanting the furengi proprietor. The bearded first officer made it to the tailor shop. He entered the shop. 
“I hear you are the best place to get a suit?”rycer asked. “Indeed it is commander rycer!”the cardesian taler said.”you know who i am?” The commander asked. “In my business i need to know top people !”he declared. “The taler business ?”he asked. “Why yes! What business did you think?” He asked. “I’m not sure mr..”rycer said.
“Garek. Plain and simple garek. “He said. “I see. “He said.” These attacks are most desturbing dont you think?” Garek commented. “Yes. I cant help but think many guls are happy. They might be able to force the detopa council in changing there mind!”rycer said. “The gul don’t care about the detopa council or even central command. They do care about public opinion. On cardesia you can get away with treason if you have enough suport.  Whip the mases into a frenzy and the so called leaders will back down!” Garek said.
“How do we stop that chain of events?”rycer asked. “The gul don’t want to get there hands dirty. They never get involved in these short of things. This is an act of a thug. One acting on his own. No one is unhappy by this. They can’t look like they are suportive. “Garek said.
“Then the military are not the problem. At least not the imidiate isue. We need to deal with the bombers. Those behind it.”rycer said.
“Well that is how i see it. I am not a civics expert. I am just a simple tailer!”he said.
It was helpful. We were deeling with some kind of sleeper cell. A cell with no oficial ties to the cardesian union. Plausible denibility.  They had to go after the cell. If the cell was stoped,the guls would have no chioce but to back off. Rycer knew this was not over yet. It had only begun.  It would get a lot worse.
End of part four

Bojoren sector part three

Planet bajor
Bajor was once a beutiful world. Now it was a shadow of its former self. Its natural resources were all but gone. Stolen by the cardesiens. That waa not enough. They were not done yet. 
Sense the ocupation ended,the emergentcy government focused on housing. Most refugies were huduled in old government buildings used by the ocupation forces.
In one house, multiple families met to share food. They decided to go ahead with an ancient bajoren ritual. It was important for them to perserve there tradition.
A cardesian male was waiting in the bushes. The cardesian watched. When he felt the time was right he was off. 
He wanted to strike during the prayer. The cardesian stormed the room. He had a disruptor in hand. He opened fire on the dinner guests. He kept the disruptor on maximum seting.
He then ran outside. By the time the security forces arived,it was too late.  The damage had already been done. The cardesian man opened fire on the security forces. He was killed in the attack. The carnage was devisating.
Deep space 9
As sisco saw picard,the images floated back. He tried to compose himself. He wanted to be professional.
Picard tried to keep himself composed as well. Picard had found it difficult to recover from the events of wolf 359. He had had nightmares for a long time.he even considered leaving star fleet and working on a project on earth. Then last year he almost used a drone as a wepon against the borg. Now again it was all flooding back.
Sisco lost his wife on that ship.  His son bearly made it out. He had nightmares. In them he sees the face he most associates with the borg,locutas,jean luc picard. Every one could feel the tension between the two men. It was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. The two who felt it the most was commander wiliam rycer and lt. Dollem.
“Commander sisco i presume!”picard said. “Yes. Your reputation procedes you sir. “Sisco said. “Perhaps ! Commander rycer my executive officer and dr. Bevily crusher and chief obrian!” Picard said. “My executive lt. Dollem, science officer dax!” Sisco said. “A plesue to meat you!” Picard said.
” chief i know the enterprise is early but if you could report in,it would be most apreciated!” Sisco said.
“Yes you can take him! Not that i want to lose him but i understand the stress your under. Provided that’s ok with you!” Picard said. “Of course sir!”obrian said.
“Very good. Dr. Crusher dr. Bashir is buisy and regrets that he canot be hear to great you in person but he would love for you to meat him in the infirmery!”sisco said. “May i ?”dr.crusher asked. “Of course!” Picard said.
“I asume only star fleet is hear?” Rycer asked. “There are a few shop keapers left. Murchents. Many plan to leave including furengi. There is a cardesian tailer as well!”dollem comented.”a tailer as in someone who menda cloths?” Rycer asked.”we suspect he may be an inteligence opritive but so far he has minded his manors. “Dolem said.
“There is the old prominade security chief left over from the old regime. He is planing on looking for his people !”sisco said.”who is he?”rycer asked.”ge is a shape shifter. He was discovered in the denorious belt.he has no idea who he is!” Sisco said.
“We have any more information on the attack ?”picard asked.”a fouth person died from there wounds. Another security gaurd asigned to the ministers detail !”the bolien said.
“Ops to commander sisco!”ops oficer said. Sisco went over to a com unit. “Sisco hear go!” The commander ordered. “Sir! There was an attack at a home of several refuge families. All killed by disruptor. The gunman was killed in a schoot out with bojoren security forces!” Ops tech said.
“My gosh!”picard said. “Get me the home minister. Whoever is behind this just kicked it up a thousand notches. “Sisco said. “Right away!” The ops tech said.
“This thing is going to continue to escilate!”rycer said. “I have a feeling that it is what someone wants!” Picard said. “Hard liners within the cardesian ranks. Someone oposed to the withdrawl!”dollem said. “The rumors are that this was a political decision. The military is unhappy with it,at least a faction within the military. ” Sisco said.
“To resort to this kind of brutally ‘”dax commented. “It is the cardsian way. Believe me lt i know'” obrian said.
“This could turn into a schoting war between the cardesian and the bojorens. The cardesiens could decide to send there forces back in!” Sisco said. “The bojorens would never alow that. We would be caught in the middle!” Dax said.
“There must be cooler heads inside the cardesien government!”rycer asked.”the prefect of bajor has already left. There is no supreme commander any more. The cloest is a gul named ersole. He is a hardliner himself. “Dollem said.
“Will! I think you need a new suit!”Picard said. “Sir?”rycer asked. “This tailer,he could be a back chanel! “Picard commented.”how do we know he is not a hardliner? “Rycer asked.”we don’t. I am prety sure we canot trust any cardesien commanders curently on planet. I suspect the detopa council has no control over the situation. It is a chance slim though it be. We canot risk it. ” Picard said. “I agree!” Sisco said. “Where were you be?” Rycer asked. “Trying to stop a powder keg!” Picard said.