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How to date a Vulcan. 

Humans met a an alien in 2061. It was the vulcans. The vulcans were aliens in every sense of the word.  They could not be any different from us. They are capable of emotions but do not practice it. They have to discipline themselves to not exersize it. 

Vulcan and humans had a rocky word at first. Vulcans looked down on us humans. We saw them as intergalactic prudes. At first vulcans wanted to limit human activity into deep space. The vulcans tried to slow down. Men’s TREK into space. Finally after almost twenty years,mankind went into space. 

Despite the differences,man kind and vulcans did cooperate. They both became key members of the united federation of planets. The strange bound between the two races grew.

While human Vulcan relationship seemed unlikely and even problematic, they did happen. The most famous was the marriage of Vulcan ambassador sarek and his wife Amanda greyson. There is also the mariege of Dr. T’pan head of the Vulcan science acedemy who is married to doctor Raymond Christopher. 

Wouldn’t such a union be illogical. Why would a logical! Vulcan want to be united to a emonal irrational whimsical Vulcan? Is it true that opposites attrat? Why do these relationships develop?  

Why am I?Max Dean, A Star fleet officer be interested in dating and then marying a Vulcan? Well I will get to that. First lets discus how to meet a Vulcan. 

How to meet a Vulcan

Standard pick up lines don’t work. Not that they work well with humans. They don’t work as well with vulcans. Vulcans usually get anoyed. It usually has the opposite effect. 

Cadet max deen was walking around the campus. He liked the acedemy grounds. He took it all in. He was walking around. He was carefully not to disturb bothbys plants. He saw a young lady. She had long black hair. She was not waring a Star fleet cadet unifrom.she wore a black dress. He figure that she was either off dirty or a civilian.he found her quite attractive. 

He went over to her. “Come to this planet often?”he asked she turned around. Her hair covered her ears but she was clearly a Vulcan. ” I grew up on Vulcan but I have been. To earth quite frequently. Currently I am a cadet so yes I do come hear often. “She said. “I see! Well excuse me!”he said.

He started to walk off. She stoped him. He as really embarrised.It was an assasinine thing to say to anyone but even more so now. He feared that he was about to set back human Vulcan relations two hundred years. “Were you employing a human romantic tactic known as a pickup line?”she asked. 

I was really embarissed. I was not sure how to get out of this one. He was not sure how to procede. He did not like to lie.  I was not sure if i could wiggle my way out of this. I took a breath and decided to procede.  

“Yes i gues it was a pick up line.”he conceded. “That was what i suspected.  ” she said. “This was all a mistake.i said. I was hoping to get out of there as soon as he could. She was not alowing that to occur. 

“What was your intention?” she asked. “I am not entirety sure. I gues i acted out of impulse. ” he told her. If i was not sure why she continued to engage her. Try as he might,he could not get away. 

“You find me attractive? “She aaked. If i was not nervous before ,i really was now. “Well yes i do. I know that seams illogical to seams ilogical to manny humans. ” i remarked. 

“I see. Do you always  answer inquries with caviets?”she asked. “Not always. Often when i am nervous. “I reaplied. “Are you nervous? “She asked.  “Yes i am a bit. Your not exactly catching me at my best!”he said. “There is no need to be in a sate of agitation. You are among friends. ” she said.

“I will keep that in mind.  I said “please do. ” she responded. I figured i would not wee her again.  It was a large campus with a large student body. Right now i was not sure that i was wanted to see her again. I hoped she would forget this whole encounter.  If she was like most vulcans, she probability had a photographic memory.  She probably had a full trtranscrip of  this entire terrible conversation.  Preserved for her entire life. 

“Look i thought you were a teran. Most vulcans female ware there short. “I commented.  “Your no longer interested in me romantically now that you know that i am a vulcan?” she asjed.

If i did not know better,i would have suspected that she was enjoying this. 

“Well i was not certain before. I was  curious.  I suspected that that was a posibility . i wanted to explore that posibility. ” i told her.

“You are no longer interested. In me as a potential mate?” she asked. “No i stil am!” i said. “You are not open to a romantic relationship with a vulcan? ” she asjed.

I had no idea how to answer this one. If i answered yes. She might go into a diatribe on why human-vulcan coupling is ilogical. She might add that i was irrational and ilogical for even sugesting such a union.if i said no she might ask ne why not.  Either way,i was backed into a corner. That might have been her intention.  I suspected that it was. 

“Yes i would be open to a romantic relationship!” he said. I hoped that that was the right answer. 

 “As would i? Are you available tomorrow morning for cofee?” she asked. “Absolutely! “I said. “I am residing at sato hall. Please meet ne there promotly at 0730. Please do not be late!” she insisted.  “I wont. ” he said. “I am agreable to flowers.  I am found of lilacs.  ” she informed me. .

This was perhaps the weirdest first meeting i have ever had. That day i wanted it over.  Now it is a found memory.  This vulcan would one day be my wife. 

End of part one. 


The quiz master

Location u.s.s Lexington

Quarters of commadoreRobert Wesley.

“I am glad you let mom and I come with live with you on the Lexington.” His 11 year old daughter Katie told him. “This is on a trial bases for now! Let’s see how it goes. ” the commadore said. “I know! We missed you!” Katie said. “I missed both of you. It is good to have you two hear. ” he said.

“I am glad to be hear. I am hoping you will let me move that mounted Klingon animal out of the bed room. It kinda gives me the creeps. ” his wife Julie said. “I went on a hunt with a Klingon general . we captured the animal. It stooed a war!” He said. “I have told me the story often. I am proud of that too. I just would rather admire it from afar. ” she said. The commadore laughed. “OK!” He said.

“Bridge to commadoreWesley!” The first officer commander baker said. “Its never ends!” He said. “I see that. ” he said. “I can see that.”Julie said. He went over to a com unit. He activated the unit. ” go ahead!”he said.

“Captain we are receiving a distress call. It is from the cargo vessel sudberry. They are under attack by pirates. ” the comm officer reported. “Let me guess Jim kirk and the enterprise are too far away.” Wesley remarked.”we are the closest sir. “Executive officer baker reported.

” very well. Have the helm officer alter course. Then inform the sudberry that we are on our way. ” the commadore ordered. “Acknowledged on both counts. ” the exo said.”I will be right up!”he reported. “Understood” the first officer said. 

“I really need to go to the bridge!” He told his wife. ” I remember the routine. “Julie said.” OK! I will be back as soon as I can.”he told her. “I know that.” She said. 

Julie had been a star fleet yeoman on bored u.s.s constitution. That was when she met Bob Wesley. When her term was up,she opted not to reenlist. While there was no star fleet regulation for officers not to fratinize with enlisted,it was not considered a good idea. She never intended to make star fleet a carer. Sense they married she decided her time between mantilies and the Lexington. 

In Manny ways there were two Robert Wesley. The public and private.the public was no nonsense. He kept everything very professional.he was buttoned up.he was known to be stoic. He was always focused on the task at hand. The private Wesley was still serious but did let down his hair a bit. 

On the bridge the helm officer altered course. The Lexington was on course for the freighter. While trade routes inside the federation were safe. Areas outside was not. Star fleet heavily potriled there trade routes. Most pirates did not dare target the federation trade routes but outside was a different story. 


“Now in range!” The science officer reported. “Visuel!” The commadore now on the bridge ordered. The com officer activated the view screen. On the screen was a large combat ship. “Vessel is a retrofit of a war ship used by the geridins.vessel has seven photon lunchers. Four photon lunchers and talon schoter area.” The science officer reported. 

“Target the vessel!” The commadore ordered. The helm officer adjusted the targeting sansors. “Target acquired!” The helmsman anounced.”fire!” Wesley ordered. 

The Lexington fired a full volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the combat ship. The combat ship was struck. The ship had advanced shielding. The ship held together. The freighter tried to evade the pirates. The Lexington tried to run interference for the freighter. The vessel had a maximum speed of warp six. The Lexington fired everything it had at the warship.

The cargo ship was behind the Lexington.the Lexington provided a wall for the freighter. The Lexington refused to let the combat ship get to the freighter. “Order the hostile to back off!” The commadore ordered. “Sending!” The comm tech reported. 

“Vessel is not responding!” The com officer reported. “Vessel is not powering down!” The science officer reported. “Captain I believe I can jam there shields long enough to get a photon torpedo though. ” the navigator suggested. ” do it!” Wesley ordered.

The navigator activated aa jamming device. The device was designed to block the shield. It canceled out the single that shielded part of the ship from impact. The helm fired the phasers. The phasers pumalled the ship. The Lexington fired several more volleys as well. “Order the ship to stand down!” Wesley ordered. The comm officer sent the mesege. The warship did not respond. 

The Lexington sent a photon torpedo. The torpedo hit the ship. The ship was wounded. The ship suddenly the ship exploded. “The vessel did not lunch esape pods.” The science officer said. 

“Captain I have list contact with star base 45. ” the comm officer said. “Dawn it! Order all ships to head for the base. Navigator head for the base. Advise the sudberry to head for a safe harbor. ” Wesley ordered. “Course laid in !” The navigator reported. “Engage!” He ordered. 

The Lexington went to high warp. The vessel tried to get to the base as fast at it could. The commadore feared that it might be too late.

End of part one. 

One true path

Planet abkelast
The planet was inhabited by primitive tribes. They knew of other planets. They knew of other beings. They knew something was wrong.ships have left the syistom by the fleet load. The elders were convinced that there was some kind of imminent catastrophe. They did not know what.
Then the planet got darker.wreaber had changed. They knew whatever was going to happen,it would happen soon.
Qutir was only ten years ago.he knew something was up. He knew it was bad. “Grand farther what is going on?”he asked.”it is not for you to be concerned with young one.”the elder said. “I wish to know the truth.”he said. “We all Spence danger. We do not know  it  is. It will soon threaten us all. “The grandfather .

“Will we servive?”the young boy asked. “I do not know.”the old man said. In space an asteroid got closer. The asteroid was about to hit the planet.
The sky was darker and darker. Then the asteroid was visible. The tribes all believed that they would soon be dead. All of a sudden a large beam seam to have come from no where. The asteroid seemed to have been deflected.
As soon as it was gone. The Sun resumed. The tribal people rejoiced.many engaged in ceremonial dances. The boy had to know what had happened.
He followed the trail. It led to the forest. He. Found a structure. The tribes believed it was a diety.he called on it and somehow he fell inside.
He saw that it was a kind of command center. He would learn all he could. This was now his life cause to do the biding of the Huber race.the race who saved them from outer doom. Those the computer called the preservers. He would find them.
Thirty years later.
Qutir the young boy eventually left the back ward planet. He made it to The non aligned sector. He began to preach the good news of the preserves .he called his group the one true path. He had a plan. A plan that would change everything.
He gathered his followers. “If I can have your attention. Today is the day we have worked for for some time. Today we put an end to the old order and usher in a new one. Today we  destroy so that one day we can create. All followers of the one true path must unifyin comin cause. We must all wor together.we must rise up and seize our destiny. ” Qutir said. They all agreed. They cheered.
“Today is our day! Today the dream is born. Today we truly live. Today is our day. No one will be able to take it form us. “He said. His followers claped and cheard.
Qutir went over to his aid. “Zedker give the unit the go ahead to begin.”Qutir said. “Sucess today and for all time!”the aid said. “Sucess for us all today and for all time!”Qutir said.
Planet argelius
The planet was non aligned but was a port of call for many world’s. It was a friendly world. Many species liked to stop there. The bar was frqented by many races. It was a popular spot.
Today was many from may diverse races. There were federation citizens. There were Klingons and multiple others. Though many were advaseries hear they all leave them alone they did the same. That was how it was at least at this moment.
An alien man walked in. His species was not known but that was not that surprising.unknown aliens came hear many times. Suprise was always the order of the day. Today was no different. No one would expect this to happen.
The man shouted out that he was part of the one true path. He then detonated himself. He had a smal device embeded in his wrist. The explosive device spread though the room. This was an opening salvo.
End of part one.

Baby shower

The planet be taxed ,an influential member of the federation. Batazoids played a key role in federation affairs. Many were diplomats,scientist philosophers and many were in Starfleet.
Natasha ryker Picard was partily batazoid. Her mother was half human half beta zed and her farther human. She grew up mostly in space and spent little time on the planet. It held a special place in her heart never the less.
Her grand mother lived on beta zed.she tried to visit as much as she could. This visit was not quite her idea.
She was nine mounths pregnant. Her family decided to have a baby shower. She was not against it but she never liked having a fuss made about her. Her grandmother a diplomat and states women was all about it.
Luxana was a former head of sate and a former cabinet member to a president so she had her superior order her to beta zed. You don’t refuse the daughter of the fith house.
She did not know half of the attendees. She ran into her mom and mother in law. “I promise we were not involved! “Deana said. “I hardly know anyone!”she said. “Many of them are powerful. Probibly good gifters!”bevily said.”just what my baby needs,gd presed latnum crib!”she said.
Outside the home,an alien disguised as a beta zoid neared the gate. He took out a device. Several other aliens took out smal devices.
Beta zed orbital base
“Sir! I cannot detect the estate of the troy!”the tech said. “Are you sure?”the watch commander asked.”it’s like part of the planet is musing!”the tech said.”get me the first minister! “The watch commander ordered.
Natasha nor any of the guest was aware that the house had been cut off form the rest of the galaxy. None of the guest with telepathic abilities sense that something was amiss.
Natasha talked with several of the guest. The ones she knew and the ones she did not know. While mysterious aliens were at work.
Several walked up to her. “Hello!”Natasha said. Deana suddenly sensed something was art.she excused herself and ran to her daughter.
Sudenly the creature created some kind of force fielf. Deana tried to breach the field but was repelled. Bevily Picard ran over to her.
She asked someone to call  for security. None of the com badges we’re functional. They were trapped. Unable to escape and unable to help Natasha.
Obital base
“Your saying part of the planet is gone?”first minister hovered asked.”according to the sensors it does not exist . I do not know why!”the tech said .”security forces are on route to investigate !”the base watch announced.
“I want updates as soon as you know something. “The minister said.”you Wil be informed as soon as we know something excelentlcy.”the commander reported.
Deana tried to contact her daughter from inside the void. She could not get though. She suspected that the void or
Whatever it was was cut off form the rest of time. Perhaps she was in a different dimension. She was very woried.
Natasha was not sure where she was. The area looked green. She was not sure what was going on. She did not know where was was.
“Where am I? Is anyone else hear! I demand you show yourself! “Natasha asked.
No one showed up. She had no idea if she was being watched. For all she knew she was inside a her time in star fleet she had seen a lot of unusual things . that was not to mention the things she saw growing up on the u.s.s titen and star base 388. Of course she heard the stories of her parents on the enterprise and other ships.
Could she be inside negilum’s void? Could this be the bizare phynominion that targarted Picard due to the fact that it perceived Picard to be it’s brain. Could it be a creature?
She applied her telepathic abilities. She was more limited in her abilities then even her mother. She still tried.she senced nothing. Nayby this life form could not be detected.perhaps there was no creature. She did not bring herself hear. She got hear somehow.something else was at work.
Any attempt to get to the properly had failed. It was like it did not exist.planetary security assumed that it was the work of a force one was sure.
Planetary officials worked around the clock to breach the barier or whatever it was. They tested a transporter using a test clinlinder but it all failed. They still tried.
Inside the green area,Natasha just wanted to be home. She wanted to be free. She yelled but no one answered.
Was this a prison? Was this a waiting room. Why was she hear.Was this an abduction or something else. Was she being scanned and she just did not know it? She had no clue. All she could was wait.
Star fleet corps of engineers had an office on the planet. They joined the beta zed government in trying to get into the estate.
The s.c.e came up with a creative idea. The corps suspected that the area might be under a phase cloak. They attempted to send in a team under the phase cloak. The team headed inside the field.
Luaxana was very worried for her granddaughter. Not nearly as woried as her mother Deana. So was natasha’s mother in law.the gateway opened, the team emerged.
Office of the first minister
“The estate was some how caught off from the rest of the galaxy. It was a self contained cylinder. The government working with the s.c.e sucesfully retrieved the estate and restored it to our time. Unfortunately we have not located lt. Natasha rycer Picard!”the minister of interior Said.
“You have no idea where she is?”the first minister asked. “Not as of yet minister!”the interior minister said.
Deana tried to access her daughter. She tried to contact her.she was unable to find her.she was not sure where Natasha was. She was not if she stil was.she clung to the view that Natasha and her unborn child were alive and well.she just wished she knew where.
Deana Sat on the ground .she tried to focus on Natasha. She closed her eyes. She tried to call out in her mind to tasha. “Tash! Can you hear me?”she said.
Whever Natasha was she Was stil there. There was no sign she was going to be free any time soon. There had to be a way out. She could not accept that she was stuck hear.
She saw someone. She saw the person in the shadow. The person came out of the shadows . “you should not exist. You would not had it not been for the qayler!”the shadow man said.
“What are you some kind of watch dog group? ” she asked. “We stop the unatual! You are unatual!” the shadow man declared. “No I am not! Oh my! You want to stop me and my baby! Why are you doing this?”she said. “Wrong ! Unatual !”the shadow man said.
“I am not unatual. The reason for my inability to thrive was the result of interference. This was a correction of manipulation. “She declared. “Two wrongs do not make a right!” the shadow man said.
“Please let me continue. Let my daughter continue. “She said. The shadow man said. The man considered it.
Deana thought she got something.she focused. Sudenly tasha was back. Deana hugged her.
The u.s.s ticonderago was on petrol. “Sir! Your neaded on beta zed ! “The Jr officer said. “Do you know why?”lt commander Rene Picard asked. “You are now a farther! Mother and daughter are doing well!” the officer said.
The end

Torents of fire

Tadeb looked over the terminal. Everything was in place. The fake distress call had been sent. The fake sensor readings were in place. Now he would wait. Then he would strike.
Most humanoids were unable to servive in the vacume of space for a prolonged time but he could. He could not be in space without an e.v.a suit indefinently but a few days was not a problem. This mission would not take days. In theory it could be over rather quickly. That was the hope.
The Carolina was a scout vessel that was part of star fleet patrol fleet. It was smal and cramped. It was designed for utility not comfort. It served it’s purpose.
“I should have not have said anything!”lt Rene Picard said.”what’s that? “Lt j.g Natasha Ryder asked. “At the first contact dinner I mentioned to my dad I would like a command of my own. I ment in a few years. I did not mean a glorified shuttle! ” Rene said.
“Captain! We are getting a distres call from a talerien freighter. They say they are experiencing engine trouble. “Lt. Broskel a benzite said.
“Send the coordinates to my station!” Rene said. He got the coordinates. The ship set course for the freighter. “Course plotted.”Natasha said.
“Why are the teleriens this close to Cardesien space? I understand that the teleriens and Cardesien are part of the kitomer coilition but given the bad blood between the two,I would not risk it.”Rene said.
“I thought you wanted excitement Rene ?”Natasha said. “I did!”he said. “The other ships are on there way!”a bolien said. “Have them stand by. We have no idea what this is. ” Rene said.
Tedeb could empathically sense the presence of the crew of the scout ship. He knew they were getting closer. He would soon be able to challenge them.
The scout ship headed to the source of the distress call. They had no idea that it was am ambush.
“We are nearing the source of the dibre!”the benxite said. “Scan the area!”‘rene the pilot and commanding officer said.”I am detecting dibre. It is telarian.I believe that the vessel was destroyed.” the bolien said.
“Whoever did this did it fast!”Natasha said.” sir The dibre was not recent. “Broskel said.”it’s a trap! We are getting out of hear!”the commanding officer said.
The scout vessel tried to get out of the way. The Cardesien augment left the debre field. He appeared to fly though space. The augment arrived at the ship.
“We have incoming! “Natasha said the Cardesien arrived at the ship. He seemed to walk though the walls of the ship.
The augment entered the cock pit.he appeared to have the ability to walk though walls. Was he phased or something else? The crew was shocked.
The benzyte got up. His eyies emitted a kind of pulse. The Jr officer was  vaporized .
The chasers were locked away. Rene figured that the Cartesian would never let them get to the weapons.
“What do you want? “The officer in charge asked. “I want the ship! I will have it!”the man said. “Who are you? I am thinking your true way?”Rene said.
“Surender and you will not be harmed. I am only interested in the ship!”the augment said. “What is your aim with the ship?”Rene said.
Rene suspected it was probably some kind of Trojan horse style invasion it attack. The true way was a quasi political and religious group. They opposed Cardesien involvement in the kitomer coalition.  He was guessing that this was a plot to pit the federation against the Cardesien and fracture the alience. At the same time emberes the detopa council who support the partnership.
There was rumors that the true way were involved in genetic augmentation. This was similar to earth ‘s eugenics program that led to the rise of Khan Singh. It seemed that those rumors were true.
The Augment went for the bolien.the bolien tried to lunge into the attacker.the man’s eyes emitted the weapon at him. The officer was vaporized.
“You have no choice ! I am basically in charge of this ship any ways so why not yield?”the cardesien said. “Never! You won’t my ship! You Wil do it without my help!”Rene said. “Or myine!”Natasha said. “Very unwise!” the alien said.
Rene knew that they had to resist but did not know how to accomplish that. The cardesien was in charge of the ship effectively. The ship was basically under the control of the attacker. The alien did not have actual control. Might made right but only to a point.
Rene had to think fast. That was not much to combat generic enhancements. Rene lapped to his feet. He set up a forcefield. His eyes fired on the force field. The field held. The augment was furious. “Deactivate that field!” the cardesien insisted.”what you will destroy the ship if I don’t?”the star fleet officer in command said.
The cardesien was furious. The commanding officer could tell that. The cardesien tried to back them to a corner.
He had to come up with a longer lasting solution. He had to do it now. Time was of the essence. That was not an understatement. He was known for thinking on his feet. That was his reputation.
He scanned the area. After a scan by the computer ,he was prety sure that he found what he could find It.
The ship went to warp. Natasha. Had no idea what he was planing.she trusted him. She knew he only did what was absolutely nesciary. She would not questione him. She knew he had a plan even if she did not know what that was.
The ship headed for a nebula. It was a tactic many star fleet captains might attempt. Many if course have. He was out of options.
The ship headed into the nebula. He hoped maybe the nebula would render his abilities neutralized. He had no idea if that was the case. He released the force field. Natasha was shocked that he would attempt something this bold.
The cardesien augment found he could not operate in the nebula.he would not just give up. He decided to try to get the upper hand the old feshoned way. He hit him. Rene struck him back. The two wrestled though the ground.
They exchanged punches. They Rolled around they punched.they kept doing that over and over .the Victor was undetermined for quite some time.
Natasha went and took out a phaser and fired on the attacker. The phasers did nothing. The nebula did not effect his natural armor.
Natasha wanted Rene out if danger.  She knew him sense they were both babies. His parents we’re friends with her parents. She went from being his best friend, to having the turlurian plaugue to being friends. She wanted it to be more. She cared for him deeply.
He punched the super cardesien. He punched back. He had quite a punch. Rene would not yield. He May not be as strong as tedeb but he was just as determined.
Natasha fired again. She had the phaser on kill. He barely did any damage. She went for a head schot. She fired. He stumbled. He got back up. Rene punched him.
He fell over. He collapsed. The blast took a bit but he keeled over.
The two hug each other. “I was so scared for you!” she said. “I was scared for you! “He admitted.
After a few minutes of embracing,they decided to get back to work. The scout ship left the nebula.
The vessel randevez with the rest of the patrol task force. The true way planed to have tedeb seize one of the patrol ships. They would have a fleet standing by . the ship would collide into the observation post at the planet cafeer four. The fleet would strike and would capture the sector.
They hoped that the victory would inspire citizens of the cardesien republic to overthrow the elected civilian government and ask the true way to form a new government.
Now that would not happen. The true way would not give up. This was a major set back. This would bring the federation and cardesien republic closer together not further apart as the plotters hoped.
Both Rene ans Natasha were given comidations. Rene hoped that this would bring him closer to getting a major class of a starship in the fleet. When he got a command he would definitely want Natasha as his exo.
The end.
This is set in the early 25th century.
The cardesien union is now a republic. The detopa council is an elected border with a written constitution.
This is rewrite of the previous post.I was not pleased with the earlier version but liked the concept.


Planet rougue

In 2401, the Cardesien union had been transformed into the Cardesien republic. A once warlike empire replaced by a peacefull stabilizing force.
A group opposed to the reform called the true way revolted. They seized control of the planet sucrora.they declared it the real Cardesien home world.
While the federation has returned to it’s roots. They have returned to exploration. They have responded when necessary.
The planet m 137 was a planet that was near territory belonging to the federation. The true way claimed it as well. Star fleet mantaned an unmanned facility on the planet nicknamed planet rougue. A team came to checked it out every six mouths.
“Scan for any ships in the area!”the officer in charge ordered. The other officer began the scan. “I am nit detecting anything sir. “The female officer said. “Ok move in closer to the planet. Prepare to land. “Lt. Jr grade Rene Picard ordered.
The scout ship moved closer to the planet. The vessel began to land. The landing was complete. The Door opened, the four officers excited the smal craft. The officers headed toward the facility. The facility would have all the data the setilites gathered on true way activity in the sector.
Standing orders was to be eternally vigilant. All scans showed the planet to be life less. They still had to be carefull. Truy way optitives loved to diploy mines or other Bobby traps.
They neared the facility. Lt. J.g Picard entered his password. All of the team members had to give there hand print. The door opened. The team entered. They were inside. “Corbin Jefferies proceed to the reactor. Conduct the usual diagnostic then report back. Natasha with me !” he said.
The door closed . other doors shut. They were trapped. Some kind of door way opened up. Corbin prepared to open fire. A mobile mine came though. He tried to dodge it. The mine exploded killing Corbin.
The rest of the team got there phasers ready. Another door way opened, Jefferies fired. A Cardesien came though. The man fired on Jefferies. Then he phased away. Natasha went over to Jefferies. The officer was dead.
The two ran to a doorway. Natasha tried to override the lockout  and open the door. Rene attempted to cover her. The door way could oppen any where. It seemed that this was a planned ambush. The purpose of the attack was not clear.
Ensign  riker did everything she could think of to oppen the door. They both knew that Time was not on there side. At any time a door way could open. Either a mine or true way soldier or any other surprise they could think off might come against them.
Natasha was an expert on computers. She was well versed in technology. She was highly saught after for missions such as this.after multiple attempts she thought of something. She jumped at the chance and gave it a try. She had no idea if it would  work or not. She had no choice but to try.
The door opened. The two ran out. They had there phasers ready. “It worked?” Picde declared. “Why rin you sound surprised. What ?.you don’t have confidence in my abilities?”she asked.
“No of course not tash! “Rene said.”we need to seal this door!”she told him. “If we do we could be trapped ” Rene told him.
“We have no Choice. According to the tricorder, only the bay is susceptible to the doorway. Somehow the bay was slightly removed from the space time continuum. I don’t think they can use the gateway in hear. At least not yet. I have no idea how long that will last. ” she said.
The two officers revealed the hatch. He knew that she was right but  he stil was concerned by all this. It was a risk.
The team continued to move out.they kept going. They tried to get to a computer terminal. She scanned the terminal. “The terminal is rigged with explosives. ” she reported.
“Of course it is. They think of everything. “Rene said. “Indeed they do. Lets see if maybe there are other terminals that have not been tempered with. “Natasha suggested.”lets see. Can’t hurt to look!”he said. “Agreed”Rene said.
The two made it to another terminal. She scanned it with the recorder. “It is boobytraped!”she announced.
To the officers in charge’s astonishment, she went for the terminal. “Tash what are you doing?” Rene Picard asked. “As i suspected. It was a false reading.they were trying to fool us. Scare us into cowering in fear. The syustom was purged. They erased everything. “She said.
“So they got whatever information this facility had accumulated and we can’t get to it.  “Rene said.
“It would seam so!” he said. “I am guessing that they are either planing to mobilize near hear or unleash some kind of weapon perhaps a biogenic or either kind of weapon of planetary destruction. “Natasha said.
“They have to be up to something. I am sure of that. “The Sr officer said. 
“They have gone to a lot of trouble to keep us hear. ” she said. “Yes they certainty have. “He said.
They heard noise.someone was heading there way. Rene decided to engage them. They got there phasers ready. A Cardesien fired  on them. They returned.
Natasha ducked the fire. She nearly made it. Rene fired. The scooter seemed to divide himself.
Starfleet and allied intelligence suspected that the true way was experimenting in genetic augmentation. This seemed  to include  some Kind of bilocation.
The Cardesien split into five.they all came at them. Rene fired on the head of the first scooter. The rest vanished. The scooter fell to the ground.
The scooter was dead. They got the disruptor. “I am detecting multiple augmentation!”she said. “There were rumors that the true way had been researching genetic augmentation. It Seams its true !”Rene said .
“It is like they are toying with us. Taunting us. They have the information. They May have this planet. “She said.
“The true way is a quasi political and religious. Mayby they want to prove the superity of Cardesien over humans or over the federation. “He said.
“We should get moving. “She said. They got moving.they made it to the command deck. The control room was like the rest of the was smal. The base was mostly automated. Use by actual people was on routine visit that ocured twice a year. There were not a lot of creature comforts.
She tried to access the back up files. Mostlikly they had been erased as well. Mayby there were in a hury.
“If my parents knew what I was doing right now they would be in a panic!” tasha said.”she cannot sense you?”he asked. “Not from this distance. I hope. Hopefully grandma can’t. “Natasha said.
“You think you have it bad tas,I was born later in both my parents life. I am surprised they let me go to class which was on the other side of the ship. “Rene said
“You think we will make it out of hear ren?”she asked. “I am not giving up? “Rene said.
“Secondary backup files were erased. “She said. “I am not surprised. This sector is remote. An attack on the Cardesien republic or the federation would be impractical at this juncture. “Rene said.
Rene motioned for her to follow him. “What’s going on?”she asked. He turned on the outside monitoring devices.
“They are trying to steal the scout ship. My gues they will arm it with a biogenic weapon. The vessel will head for star base 492. It will detonate the weapon. The true way can force the federation to pull out of  the sector. They can curve all enough sector to lunch sn invasion of the republic. “He said.
“I am attempting to activate the photon launcher. Its off line. “She said. “I have another idea. ” he attempted to override the shops functions from his watch.
The scout ship left the ship. “They are clear of the planet. “She said. The vessel stayed on course.
“There is no way to stop that ship now!”Natasha said. “Mayby there us!” the commanding officer said.
It j.g Picard went to the bay. He took a device he found on the augmented Cardesien. He activated the doorway.
The officer emerged on the ship. The vessel was on auto pilot. He cod not deactivate the auto pilot. He took out a phaser. He set IT for over load. He tried to open the doorway. It would not oppen.
It had to be done. His sacrifice would hopefully save federation and Cardesien lives. He hoped that his action would stop a war. The scout ship exploded.
Natasha saw the ship explode. She started to cry. She turned around and saw Rene. “How are you hear?”she asked. She hugged him and held him tightly. “I have no idea. The ship exploded and then I was hear. “He said.
They repaired the com relay. Then the u.s.s Constantinople arrived to pick them out.
With the plot thawed the invasion was postponed. They had dodged that bullet. Calm returned to the region.
Was this a fluke between Rene Picard and Natasha Rucker. Time will tell.
The end.
Rene Picard was the son of Jean luc and bevily Picard. His character was used in the poker book star trek the next generation novels that took place after star trek nemesis.
Natasha Ryker is the daughter of William t Ryker and Deana troy Ryker. In the destiny novels Deana appeared to be poised to lose the baby. Intervention by aliens called the queler . alowed her body to be restored an bring her to term.
In the. Noval needs of the Manny, a mobilization of the star trek on line, Rene and Natasha married. Rene did not join Starfleet. That was a parallel universe.