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Future day part two

The universe had been destroyed. All that was left was a large void. There was nothing apon nothing.
In another place,space was as it should be. There would be stars and planets. 
Out of no where,the calm was interupted. An arpiture in space opened up. A door way was  created. A ship fell out. It was voyager.
The crew was unconscious. Janeway started to wake up. She felt grogy. She was out of it. She started to become more and more coherent. She looked around the room and saw orther crewman starting to be revived.
Tuvuck and kim quickly got up and returned to there stations. They scaned the area.
“Report!”janeway said. “Captain! We are no longer in the twenty fouth or forty fith century. We apear to have travaled back in time. We are in the twenty seccond century !”tuvuck reported.
“Twenty second century !”chacotay commented. “Confirmed captain!”ensign kim reported. “The next question is where are we?” Janeway asked.
The bridge crew conducted scans of the serounding reigion. This included tactical officer tuvuck and ops officer kim. “I believe we are in the alpha qudrent. “Tuvuck said.
“Once again we have returned home only to return to the past. “Chacotay declared. “It would seam so!”janeway said.
“Captain we apear to be near a reaigon of space near Klingon control. Using our historical data base! “Tuvuck said.
“Captain i sugest we don’t stic around ! The Klingons in the twenty second century were far more agresive then they are now!”paris said.
“Agreed. Get us out of hear!”janeway said. Paris set course away from klingon controled space. The voyager went to warp.
“What do we do now? We were swept into the distent future . We witnesed the destruction of the universe now we are hear in the past !”kim said.
“It does not make any sense to me either mr. Kim . I am sure as time goes on,we will be able to make sense of it!” Janeway said.
Seven was looking things over in the astrometrics. The door opened,it was chacotay. “I feel like you have been avoiding me sense we returned from the vintu settlement. “Chacotay said.
“Commander this is not a good time! “Seven said. “Seven you and i had a fundimentle disagrement but we got though it. You have been a key aset to this ship. “Chacotay said. “This is probably not the right time! “Seven said. “It never is!”chacotay said.
“Perhaps when this situation is resolved,we can discus it further!”seven said.”i would like that! “He said.
“I think i have something ! I am detecting an intermittent energy reading near hear. It is a reaigon known for a lot of magnetic activity”icheb said.
“Could it be a ship hiding in there?”chacotay asked. “It is a destinct posibility! “Seven reported. “Chacotay to captain janeway! Your needed in astrometrics !” The first officer said.
Planet earth
At a bar a middle aged man sat near the bar. He looked unhappy. Another man went over to him. “I thought i would find you hear john!”the man said.”i can’t do it admiral! I can’t wait around hoping that the vulcans lose the grip on us!”he said.
“John i can’t see you just giving up ! Space is in your blood! “The admiral commented.
“I am not just not sure star fleet is the way to go sir!  Star fleet is cowtowing to the vulcan and there ‘ambassador’ ,there are other options! Earth cargo service or i could go into business for myself! I am no where near retirement i hope but i am not a spring chicken max either! Space is the new fronter mayby the final fronter. Who knows what out there. Its been my dream to go where no human has gone before. “John said.
“John be patcient,an opportunity will come. Humanity is destened to explore deep space! It will happen !”the admiral said. “I know but i can’t wait. If the vulcans have there way. It will be in a hundred years. Maybe longer. “He said.
“I would hate to lose you john. I really would. You have a bright future. Star fleet is the instrament for humanity next big leep. Zefren cocren believed that and your farther believed that. You did once!” The admiral said.
“I did. Star fleet has become an instrament of holding humanity back. Vulcans control star fleet now. I don’t see it happening. I just can’t play the game any more admiral. I can’t play by there rules knowing when we acheve there goal ,they will just move the goal post ! “John said. “I’m sory you feel that way. I hope you will change your mind!”the admiral said.
The man decided to leave the bar. He walked to the door of the establishment.
The man left the bar. Suddenly out of no where a large projectile came at him. He ducked the blast. He stoped,droped and roled. He was far enough away from the blast.
He got up. He saw a doorway of some kind open up. He wished he had a phased pistol with him.he wished he was not slightly inebreated.
Several soldjers in a kind of matilic armor apeared. John tried to get away. One of the soldjers struck him. The human kicked the soldjer. The soldjer was unefected.
The commando picked him up. The doorway reopened. They were about to go in. The camando was hit by a phased pistol blast. The admiral fired along with several security officers.
The commando fell to the ground. The star fleet security officers ran to john’s position. The other commandos left the area. They reentered the doorway. The doorway was closed and vanished.
  The security team serounded the commando that had been wounded. He woke up. “Don’t move!”the lead security officer admonished the wounded man. The soldjer detonated himself. The security officers tried to move away from the blast. The soldjer was dead.
U.s.s voyager
“Every thing seams fine. The time traval did not seam to have any ill efects or any efects on you or your unborn daughter!”the holographic doctor said.
“Your sure doctor ?”balana tores asked. ” Yes i am very thorough especially in a matter like this. You can be assured i take great care in this kind of examination !” The doctor assured her
“Ok. I am just concerned. So much has happened so fast. “Balana said. “I completely understand ! I will do every thing i can to make sure this pregnancy goes smothly!”he said. “Thank you!”she said.
“I have used every bit of spare power to enchance astrometrics. I can’t get a solid image but i have deternined that it is some kind of star ship. I do not like to speculate but i believe that ship did not originate in the twenty second or twenty fouth century !”seven anounced.
“Let me gues! Some time in the future!”janeway asked. “I can’t say to a certainty but it is a sound conclusion!” Seven declared.
“We could be dealing with time travalers like captain braxton or hostles. Star fleet has certainly delt with there share of them over the years!” Chacotay said.
“Indeed! The davidiens,the vorgons,even the borg have engaged or atempted to engage in temporal minupulation. There seam to be evidence that the krenum engage in sutch activities as well!” Icheb said.
“You don’t get out much do you?”janeway said. “No sir! I don’t. I am fine with that.”icheb said.
“Could this ship be conected to the destruction of the universe in the distent future?” Chacotay asked. “I think it is highly likely!” Seven said.
“Logic sugests that that ship is hiding. It does not want its presence known !”tuvuck said. “If there is anything i can’t stand more its uninvited guests. Have mr. Paris set course to intercept that ship! Its time we crash the crashers!”janeway said
End of part two


“Future day”

  Previously on star trek voyager.
Uss voyager was traped in the delta qudrent after being brought by an alien being refered to as the catetaker. The caretaker was dying. The voyager destroyed the station to protect a race that lived there. This action stranded the crew in the delta qudrent.
Voyager is propelled back in time to earth year 1996. A hipie captured a time ship from the future and attempted to canobolize it. Future technology led to the computer age on earth.
Voyager able to comunicate with earth is asked to retreve an ancient space probe lunched shortly after first contact. The probe proved toxic to a planet.
And now tonight’s episode.
U.s.s voyager
Chacotay was walking though a coridor. He saw seven of nine. He wanted to talk to her but decided not to.
Seven had the same inclination but followed a more rational course of action. There relationship had become straned recently. Seven had had feelings for chacotay even had a holo program involving chacotay.she would not act on it. She deleted the program.
Recently the two had a disagrement over a planet of primitive tribal people seperated by the civilized part of the planet. Both wanted to renew ties but neither were ready to do it.
Seven decided to stic to business.she walked to the astrometrics. She entered. Present there was tal celeste. She had two aides celeste and icheb. One she liked. Celeste was not the one.
“Report!”seven ordered. “I know you have set the computer to scan for temperal signiture!”she said. “Yes for some odd reason,voyager has encountered its share of temporal activity.”seven said.
” your early detection protocal found one!”tal said. “I see!”she said. Seven looked over the was nearby. “Thank you crewman!”she said.
“Seven of nine to the captain!”she said. “Go ahead seven.”janeway said. “I nead you to come to astrometrics!” She said. “On my way! “She said.
Janeway entered a little while later. “Report!”janeway said.”we have detected what could be a temporal desturbence!” Seven said. “I knew i was getting a headache for some strange reason. Now i know why!”janeway said.
“It seams to be fixed in one location !”celeste said. “I gues we had better investigate! As much as i would rather not! Send the coordinates to mr. Paris! Lets go see what’s out there!”janeway said.
“Now entering the area!”kim reported. “Drop out of warp! All stop!”janeway ordered. Lt. Paris took the ship out of warp. “We are now at impulse !”paris said.
“All stop! “She ordered. Paris took the ship to all stop. “We are not at all stop!”kim reported.
“I have a visuel on the phynomina!”tuvuck reported.”lets see it!”chacotay ordered. The view screen was activated. On the screen was what looked like a gient hole in space.
“The computor acknowledges that it is there but cannot identify what it is. “Kim reported.
“Lets keep a distence from it!”janeway said. “I am reading a temporal signiture ! “Tuvuck said.”is it fixed or random?”chacotay enquired.
Tuvuck did some checking. “It is random! It seams to change every few secconds. “Tuvuck anounced.
“Could this be some kind of space time rupture ?”kim asked.” I have insufficient data to form an acurate conclusion at this time!”the vulcan said.
“It is not similar to the nexis phynomina encountered by the enterprise b and later the enterprise d. It is not the temporal pynonina that produced a diplicate picard.”kim said.
“Captain i am detecting an energy emission from the phynomina!” Kim reported. “Veer us off tom!”janeway said. Tom set the ship to evade the pulse. The voyager left the area. The object lunches a pulse. The energy pulse headed right for voyager.
Voyager did every thing it could to get away from the pulse. The pulse was ganing on them. The pulse did hit the voyager.
The voyager was hit. The ship began to vanish. The ship was gone. The phynomina vanished as well. Every thing was qiet. It was like the phanimina and voyager was never hear.
In another place. In another time there was cities in space.self contaned bubles. There were pulsars and other steler phynomina. The area was relitivly calm. 
Then the calm was broken. A large phynomina started to form.the phynomina was everywhere. A shute like arpiture formed. An object was spewed out. It was voyager.
Voyager had lost cohesion. The vesel was adrift. “Atempting to restore attitude control!”paris reported.
The bridge crew did all they could to slow the ship down. Finally the ship came to a dead stop. “We are at all stop!” Kim reported.
“Janeway to engineering ! How are you balana?”she said. “We are ok captain. The engines are in good condition. I am going to do a multi phased inspection just to be sure!”balana declared.
“Where are we?”janeway asked.”seven of nine to the captain!”she said. “Go ahead !”captain janeway said. “Captain i believe we have travaled in time.i have calculated that we have travaled to the 43rd century using federation standered calander. “Seven said.
“Captain! I am detecting a masive energy phynomina! ” kim reported. “Is it the temporal anomily?” Janeway asked. “Negative! It is a different phynomina! “Tuvuck reported.
A large shock wave hit the area. The shock wave hit the habitats. “Captain this is masive explosive WAVe! “Kim said. The wave exploded and the explosion spread. The area was now a waste land. It was just void.
End of part one.

Harbinger part 7

Delta qudrent
“Why did you send those ships back?” The robot asked. “They were not what i needed. I am running out of time! “The alien said.
Uss defient
Sisco sat in his smal cramped office. He staired at the picture of his son and a seperate picture of his new wife. He feared what would happen if he failed. The alpha qudrent would be foever altered. The federation would be all but destroyed. There would not be mutch left of the Klingon or romulin empire.who knew about the tholiens?
Sisco felt like this was wolf 359.he did not want to experience this again? He feared the results from this threat could make wolf 359 look like a food fight. He hoped they could prevent this carnege? He was deturmined that he would.
U.s.s voyager
Ready room
Janeway sat in the ready room. She sent a letter to her fiencae mark. It was designed to be sent only if something has happened.she was woried. The clock was ticking.
“I have located the hostile ship!”tuvuck said. “Send it to the helm!”janeway said. “Got it!”rolins now at helm. He set an intercept course. The liberty and defient folowed suit. The vessels headed for the ship.
  “We have three ships on a direct intercept course. They are heading straght for us!”tom paris. “Increase spead! We must outrun them! This is very urgent! We must get to the site!”yaela declared.
Tom paris increased speed to the reigion. The warship went to the area. They ship solved the power acuation isues was solved.the life suport was limited to two people.  The ship only power the decks it needed. Food was limited as well. The ship used only the power it absolutely needed. The ship’s only perpose was this one mission.
“Vessel has increased speed. They are transfering as much power as they can to there engines!”tuvuck said. “Can we increase spead!”janeway asked.
“Not at our current spead and power usege!” Kim said. “Dawn! “Janeway said.
“My ship uses less energy then the voyager does but it would be difficult even for us to catch up with them!” Sisco said.
“I have an idea but your not going to like it. I am not sure i like it! “Janeway said.
“I think i know what your i don’t like it but it may be our only option!” Sisco said.
“Can you pull it off?'”janeway asked. “Yes i can. Balana! Get on it!”chacotay ordered. “Aye sir! “She said. “We will need to beam up all but a skeleton crew to voyager!” Chacotay said. “Do it!”janeway said.
The crew began to leave the liberty and beamed to the voyager. Balana got to work on the ship making the needed modifications.
Then the evacuation was complete. The modification were complete. The liberty went to maximum aceleration. The ship pushed its engines to the absolute limits. The ship was determined to ip with the warship.
The liberty went to maximum warp. Finally the ship made it to the ship. The libety fired on the warship. The libety did not conduct a battle like star fleet did. The ships hit with a dive bomb like attack structure. The ship pumaled the ship with phasers and photons.
The voyager and defient came at there spead. They went at.maximum warp. The liberty tried to slow them down. Stal them until the two ships arived. 
The liberty was hit by the warship. The aft part of the ship was hevily damaged. The back of the ship showed signs of damage.the liberty came back at the warship.
The liberty fired a series of volleys at the warship. The liberty then moved out of the way. The warship then headed closer to the test area.
The liberty made it to the ship.the liberty fired a series of volleys at the ship. The warship hit back on the liberty. The ship was hit.
“Transporters off line!” Balana reported. ” I hope star fleet get hear soon!” Chacotay said. The ship was hit. ” phaser aray is off line!” Balana said. “We have to rely on photons!” Chacotay said.
The vessel hit the warship with photons. The warship hit back on the liberty.
“We cant keep taking these hits! ” she told him. “I know ! I know !”he said.
The ship fired on the liberty. The photon canon was disabled. The liberty was adrift. The warship did not brother to finish them off. Instead it headed towards the nebula like area.
The ship entered the area. “Assume a position in the center of the mass!” Yaela ordered. Paris did so.
The mass rocked. The defient and voyager entered the mass. The two ships fired on the warship. The warship was hit. The warship returned fire. The defient dodged the attack.
The voyager fired on the warship. The warship came back at the voyager. The voyager was hit. The damage spread thoughout the ship.
Voyager hit back on the warship. The warship even with its power isues was stil damaged by all of the weapons fire that was inflicted on it. The warship was not quite itself. 
The defient flew towards the warship. It fired the quntrum torpedoes at the vessel. The warship fired a pulse at the defient. The defient fell backwards though the mass.
The voyager flew at the warship.voyager hit the central plasma turet. The turet was hevily damaged. Voyager fired on the ship.
The ship was hit. Voyager’s phaser aray was put off line. Another hit placed the photon banks off line. There was not much they could do.
The alien ship neared the center of the orther badlands. The ship activated a type of lazer beam at the center of the mass. The ship began the process.
The lazer began to impact the center of the mass. “Mr. Rollins! Ramming spead!”janeway said. Voyager flew at high warp. Voyager was fired on. Voyager ignored the ship and flew at the lazer. Voyager was about to rig self destruct.
The mass came in on itself. The mass got smaller. The mass vanished. Voyager,liberty and the ship was gone.
“I can’t find the mass or any of the orther ships! “Obrian said. “Do you think they are all dead?” Bashir said. “I don’t know !”sisco said.
“Commanders log the defient and several other ships have completed there search for the vessels. Unfortunately we feel that we have no choice but to call off the search. “Sisco said.
Deep space 9
” we are hear to pay our respects to the hornored dead.they gave there lives to save the greater reigion. They put aside desires,ambition even ideologies to create a better universe. We owe it to them to ensure that the universe is a better place. That is the only way there deaths won’t be in veign. ” Sisco said.
In attendence,janeways fiencae mark,kim’s parents were also there. Tuvucks wife and children were present. Other family members were there as well.
Delta qudrent
The liberty was adrift. Chacotay woke up. He went over to balana.he discovered that she was stil alive. He woke her off. She came to her sencess.
“Captain! Acording to sansors we are 750000 light years from where we were!”kim said. “We have incoming ships. They are heading right for us! ” tuvuck said.
The kazon ships serounded the voyager and the libety.
The end.

Harbinger part six

“I need your help!”she said. “What do you need?”tom asked.”i need you to save my people !”she said.
“What’s going on?”he asked. “The area you call the bad lands is an over flows of my home realm. Some how the realm got away. Eventually the realm will inplode. We could evacuate with time to spare. We don’t want to lose our home! ” yaela said.
“How did this happen ?”he asked.”i don’t know. It could have been an acident. A fluke. We just want to fix it!” She said. “How can it be fixed?”he asked.
“Well! We need to reinvigorate the realm. We need to cause another energy on the orther end. Then the two can merge and recreate our realm. That is all we want!” Yaela said. “Where do i come in?” Tom asked. “You are a good pilot! “She said.
“I do ok!” He said. “You can generate the new bad lands. We will generate it in a remote area. It will have no lasting ecological efect on the area or to any where else !” She said. “I think i know what your asking!”he said. “Will you help? Thomas eugine paris?”she asked. “YES!”he said.
U.s.s defient
Commander sisco woke up. “Careful sir!”bashir said. ” How long was i out?”he asked. “20 Minutes. ” Kira said. “The ardosians as they are called contacted me. They claim to be on a mission to return to there after life. They claim to meen no ill intent towards us. “Sisco said.
“Do you believe them?”kira asked.” I want to but it seams odd,it does not add up! I can’t get pass a few things! ” sisco said.”the two fleets will near eachorther soon! “Obrian said.
“I.p estimated for forty minutes.”dax said. ” Get me admiral lesitor,prority one! “Sisco ordered. Obrian activated the com unit.
Within a few seconds,the bridge of the admiral’s flagship was displayed. The commander filled in the admiral on what had taken place. “What do you think ben?”lesitor asked.
“I think we can’t take a chance! Intercept !”sisco sugested. “Agreed! Randevez with the fleet! We will go from there!”the admiral ordered. “You got it! We will see you there!”sisco said. ” You got it ben!” He said.
After the transmission,the commander snaped to action. “Old man! Set course for the fleet! “Sisco ordered. Dax set the course. “On course Benjamin !”dax said. The defient went to warp.
U.s.s voyager
The voyager was adrift. The bridge was in shambles. Sparks could be seen.  There was evidence of the attack everywhere.
Janeway woke up. “Damage report!”she asked. “The sickbay exploded. The entire medical staff was killed. Exstensive damage in engineering as well.chief engineer was killed. Lt. Carry has taken over down there!”rolins reported.
“Have we begun damage control protical?”janeway asked. “Already underway!”kim said. “What is the satus of the marquis ship?” Janeway asked. “The vessel is adrift but is stable!” Kim said.”the enemy ships?”janeway asked. “They are In the area but holding position. They seam to be potroling the area!”rollins said. “We have to take out those ships!” Janeway said.
Marquis ship
  Though a smaler ship,the raider had wrethered the storm nicely. The vessel was in good shape.  It had been damged but it could have been worse.
“Voyager servived the attack !” Tuvuck said. “Too bad!”the bajoren women naimed seska said. Chacotay gave her a dirty look. Seska stoped.
“Captain in this we are on the same side!”tuvuck said. “We are never on the same side as them!”seska said. Chacotay thought it over. He felt abandoned by the federation. Voyager did help out them out in the battle.
“Get me voyager !”chacotay said.”your considering working with them?”Seska said. “Balana!”chacotay ordered.”on it!”she said.
The federation fleet is heading for us!”the tactical officer said.”i figured sisco would not fall for the rouse!”derozed said. The admiral looked foward to this.
“Incoming vessel!”kim anounced. “It is the liberty!”rolins reported. “Hail the vessel!” Janeway ordered. Kim sent the message. “They are responding!”kim said. “On screen !”janeway said.
“I am not going to prison! If you plan to bored,you will need to be prepared for a fight!”chacatay said.
“Look! There are bigger isues then the treaty. I think we can put aside our diferences during this crisis. ” Janeway said.
“What do you perpose?” Chacotay asked. “We need information on these ships. We need to bored one of those ships! “Janeway sugested. Chacotay agreed.
U.s.s defient joined up with the rest of the fleet. The fleet neared the ardosian fleet. The fireing start.
The warships fired a kind of weapon called a talon schoter. The schoters were a turet that fired a talon. The talon had a spyke that fired though shield and alloy. The ships fired multiple volleys of talons.
Several ships were hit. The talons tore away at the infrastructure of the ship. The defient used ablative armor wich more easily withstood the attacks from the enemy talons. Other ships were not as lucky.
Several ships were pumalled by the enemy.
The defient returned fire on nearby warships. The vessel hit them with quntrum torpedoes. The rest of the fleet tried to hit back on the ardosian fleet as well.
The ships held position. They waites for voyager and liberty. They figured they would be coming eventually. The liberty fired on a plasma partical near voyager. Voyager rode the wave and got out of the way.
It made the enemy vesel think that the vessels were at odds with eachorther whitch was kinda true. They wanted the enemy to think that voyager had been destroyed.
The liberty set course for the patrol ships. The patrol ships flew on an intercept course right for the liberty. A plasma wave came at them. Voyager flew out of the wave. Voyager fired phasers and photon torpedoes on the vessel. A storm hit the orther ship.
The liberty hit the other ship. The ship exploded. The voyager fired on the other ship. The voyager found a flaw in the shields and exploited it.
Ardosian vessel
There were multiple beams in. Janeway and a heavily armed away team emurged on the bridge. Another beam emuged with chacotay and a team from the liberty.
The defient and the orther ships tried to keep the ardosian fleet at bay. Several star fleet ships had been imobilized. Two vessels had to be abandoned. Uss Casablanca had been destroyed. Most of the crew made it to the esape pods in time.
“I am detecting a masive energy spyke!” Kira anounced. “Where?”sisco asked. “Right on top of us?” She said. “Order alied fleet to back off! “Sisco ordered. The fleet tried to move away. The federation ships tried to get away.
A large ring enveloped the area. The ships were gone. It was replaced by empty space except for the federation fleet.
Then a vortex opened,the voyager and liberty and the ship excited the vortex. “Voyager is haling us!”obrian said.
U.s.s vespa
Galaxsy class
Confrence room
“The ardosiens were teling the truth in that they originated in another realm. They called it the omicron sate. They were chased off by a preditor race. They ajusted in our space and were content to live in what we call the delta qudrent until they discovered a vast power aray. They discovered it had enough power to send them back. “Janeway said.
  “Apon returning they discovered that what we call the badlands is a remnent of the realm. Somehow the realm is losing cohesion. They are going to atempt to restore cohesion to the realm and return!”balana said.
“I see a problem ?”sisco comented. “In order to restore cohesion to the realm,the area known as the bad lands and another area wil be murged together. The murger will lead to the destruction of several sectors. This will be from bajor to vulcan! All of it will be gone! “Janeway said.
“We stoped the fleet. The threat is over is it not?”a captain asked.”no its not ! We discovered that they have another agent and a ship and they have a contingency plan. ” janeway said.
“Star fleet intelligence has learned that the a smugler serving on a federation prison was an ardosien agenr. She esaped with this man! “Lesitor said.
“Tom paris!”chacotay said. “We believe that they are headed to the other area. “Janeway said. ” The voyager and defient will go to the area while the fleet will begin evacuation of the efected reigion. The federation is temporarily suspending its policy on the marquis. The liberty will be aiding the operation. “Lassitor said.
“We will never be able to evacuate this large a reigion! “A captain said. “We are all aware of that! ” lesitor said.
After the meating was ajurned,everyone got up. Tuvuck went over to chacotay. Janeway did as well. “Sir, i need to inform you of something. I am working for star fleet. “Tuvuvk said. “You were hear to deliver us into her waiting hand?”he asked. “First i was to report on your activities then to deliver you into there waiting hands!”tuvuck said. “I am glad we are all on the same team now!”he said.
The ships went to warp. There was not a lot of time. Time was running out.
End of part six


Harbinger part five

  U.s.s defient
“I have located the alien fleet commander!”kira reported. “Plot an intercept course old man!” Sisco ordered. Dax ploted the destination on her screen. She engaged the course. The ship went to warp. The ship headed for the battle fleet.
Marquis vessel liberty
“Ships log chacotay reporting. We are trying to locate any star fleet or alied vessel. Damage due to the battle with the unknown hostiles have slowed us down. My crew are fevorishly trying to keep the vessel in one peace. ”
“One of them is my engineer,balana tores. She is doing every thing she can to keep this ship together. The plasma storms are making it difficult !” Chacotay said.
Balana and two others were looking over a damaged power node. “This is lunicy!”a bojoren crewmember commented.
“What is?”balana asked. “This could be a misunderstanding! That fleet could be a potential ally! ” the bojoren female said. “If they are using the badlands as a staging area ,i don’t trust them. I know where your going with this but chacotay is right. These people are a threat perhaps to the whole qudrent!” Balana said. “You don’t know that. In order to win this war,we have to think outside the box. We have to use whatever we can to win!” She said. Balana said nothing in response and the conversation ended. They continued work.
  On the bridge,tuvuck atempted to enchance the sansors. He was not sure who he worked for. His involvement in the marquis had been a rouse. He was an operitive for star fleet inteligence. His mission was to gather inteligence on the group ,its hierarchy and its activities. Now the steaks were higher.
The alpha and perhaps beta qudrent was in jepordy. Getting information on the threat superceded his previous mission. Even at the expanse of his cover.
Right now he and the crew of the liberty were on the same side.  that could change at any time.
His enchanced sensors found something. It was two destroyers.they seam to be on some kind of potrol. “Tuvuck to chacotay,can you please come to the bridge?”tuvuck asked. “I’m on my way!” Chacotay said.
In a few seconds ,the captain entered. “I have detected two hostile vessels. I believe they may be on a reconisense mission ! “The vulcan said. “I see get the iner circle up hear. We have a job to do!”chacotay said.
“We are going to take them on?”ayala said. “Just one of least that is the plan! “Chacotay said. Tuvuck had some concerns but decided not to vioce them just now.
When the senior officers arived,chacotay set the ship on an intercept course. The clash was about to begin.
  The ship headed for the recon vessel. “Nearing weapons range!”balana reported. “Stand by weapons !”chacotay said.” Weapons on stand by!”tuvuck anounced. “The second we are in range fire!”chacotay ordered.”understood!” The vulcan responded.
The marquis ship got off the first schot. The phasers hit the enemy ship. The ship returned fire on the scout ship. The scout ship would not take it lying down.the vessel returned fire on the ship. Chacotay had been a star fleet officer. He knew he would have to adapt due to insufficient manpower and equipment. They took a page from bajoren recistence and his ansestors and waged a gurila war. The goal was not to destroy the enemy ship just to ware them down. Death by a thousand lazer blasts.
Uss voyager
“Captain i am detecting phaser fire nearby! ” rolins reported. “Captain one of the ships is one used by the marquis! “Kim reported. “Mr. Rolins send coordinates to stadi!” She ordered. “Got it!”she reported. “Don’t wait for a formal invitation go!”janeway ordered. Stadi activated the engines. Voyager was off.
Delta qudrent
“W e m u s t s t o p the. Ardosiens!” The robot exclamed.”there is not enough time. I don’t want to see the ardosiens inflicted on orther races but i don’t have the time! Time is runing out. I have a debt that can never be repayed. Perhaps i am fixing one mistake only to cause another. I simply have no orther choice! “The humanoid looking man said.
The marquis vessel fired on the warship. The warship fired on the marquis ship. The aft part of the vessel was struck.
“That was close!”balana reported.” Evacuate efected areas! “Chacotay said. The ship was hit again. “Life support faling in several areas!”tuvuck said. “Come on ship,we have been though a lot together ! Don’t fail me now! ” the native American said.
The marqauis ship fired on the warship. The marqauis had inflicted some damage on the hostile. The hostile hit back. “The phaser aray is off line! ” tuvuck anounced.
“I never did like that aray! “Chacotay said. Every one laughed except for tuvuck and the bajoren female. She never understood what humans refered to as gallows humor. She really disliked it but would never say so out loud.
“Please tell me the photon banks are still working!”chacotay asked. “They are !”tuvuck said. The ship hit the vessel with photons.
“We have another ship coming in!” Balana reported. “Please don’t tell me that it is the sister ship!” The commander of the vessel commented. “Negitive! It is a federation vessel!”tuvuck reported. “Almost as bad!” The bojoren said.
Chacotay ordered the bridge crew to qiet down. “Are they an ally or enemy?” Chacotay asked. The voyager fired on the alien warship.
The voyager hit multiple sections of the hostile. The ship had a bigger challenge then it did when it just battled the liberty.
The liberty took advantage of the situation and fired with the weapons it had. The two ships usually on oposite sides have common interest in this instense. 
The two ships worked together to stop the hostile. Weird that this situation brought these two groups together. The two ships hit the hostile.
While voyager’s tactic was very sergical. It was a military style that janeway followed. The marquis persued a gurila war style. The two styles were paying off. For now it was working.
“We have incoming ! It is the second ship!”rolins anounced. The ship did not fire on voyager or the liberty. They fired on the warship. The plasma weapon hit the wounded warship. The vessel exploded.
The two ships tried to get away. They ran at high warp. The explosive wake combined with the plasma storm. The liberty struggled to outrun it. The vesel was pushed away. The vessel began to drift.
The voyager tried to outrun the wave. Voyager’s aft section was hit. The blast spread to orther parts of the ship.
“Damage to multiple sections of the ship!”rolins said. The voyager was hit again. This was a direct impact. It spread thoughout the ship.
Another hit struck the voyager. This was a direct hit. The bridge was hit. The helm concil exploded. Stadi was hit. Stadi was killed instently.
The voyager was hit again,commander cavit was struck. Voyager was adrift. The ship wandered amlesly.
U.s.s. defient
  “We are now in com range!”obrian said.”send out a general hail!”sisco ordered. Obrian complied and send the message. “Your on!”the chief reported. “Attention unknown fleet! This is commander Benjamin sisco of the starship defient. We represent the united federation of planets. I am deeply disheartened by your presence in our space! I request face to face contact!” Sisco said.
“You think they will talk to us?”kira asked. “I don’t have a clue!”sisco said. Sisco fell to the floor. Dr. Bashir went over and checked him.
Sisco felt himself floting out of the bridge and floating into space. He felt he was going at warp speed. He fell on a large planet. It resembled saturn but it was not saturn.
He found he was in a structure that resembled stone hinge. He found a vault. He went inside. He opened a hatch. He went inside.
He saw a group of humanoids. The leader of the humanoids motioned his aides to scatter. Thry quickly dispersed. It was just the leader and sisco.
“Benjamin sisco!  I am derozed! I am surpreme grand admiral of the ardosian fleet! “He said.”what are you planing? Why have you come hear? ” sisco asked. “We are not interested in your space! We fully respect your sovereignty and atonomy!”the commander said. Sisco thought to himself,well isint that nice of you?.
“Then may i ask what is the perpose of your travals? Your fleet is clearly a battle fleet!”sisco exclamed. “We are. On a long jouney! A pilgrimage if you will! ” the admiral said. This concerned sisco.
“What kind of pilgrimage ?”sisco asked. “I see that many culture in this sector believe in an afterlife of some kind. We do as well. We have located ours! We ment no disrespect. Our actions were misinterpreted by the cardesiens and the marqauis. “The humanoid looking admiral said. Sisco found it hard to believe. Something was off. He just did not know what it was.
Tom paris woke up on the ship. He was in some kind of holding cell. Great he thought he broke out of prison just to end up in another one. Just his luck he thought. He just wish he knew why.
The door opened,the women he knew as yaela entered. They looked at him. “What is going on ?”tom asked. “I need your help!” She said.
” How can i help?” Tom asked. “I nead you to save my people ?” She said.
End of part five

Harbinger part four

“There is another problem!”gull evek said. “What is that? “Sisco asked. “We detected a fleet. There were of no design i recognize. The fleet seamed to be in quite a hury! “The gul said.
“In the badlands?” Dr. Bashir asked. “I cannot begin to understand it all! This fleet could change every thing. It certainly represents a huge threat to the sector. Perhaps beyond that. “Gul evek declared.
” the treaty alows exchange of information. I would like to look over your sensor logs. This information will be invaluable in trying to encover who these people are!” Sisco said.
“Of course. I will have the information sent to you right away!”evek said. Sisco nodded.
“What happened to the crew of the marquis ship?”bashir asked.”we were forced to destroy it in the battle with them. The vesel was old and in need of repair. It exploded. No one survived I’m afraid !”the gul declared. ” I. Sory to hear that!” Sisco said.
Uss defient
Ready room
“Your not convinced that the marquis ship was destroyed?” Janeway asked. “No I’m not. The fact that the vitar was adrift sugest to me that they got away!”sisco said.
“Why would evek lie about the ship being destroyed?”cavit asked. “It is more for domestic consumption. Gul evek is a soldjer not an administrator. He has not made the results that his superiors hoped. “Sisco said.
“This is a huge gamble. If the marques ship turns up, evek will be exposed!”janeway said. “HE may be beting on the liberty destroyed. That could have happened. I for one perfer evek to gull du kut!” He said. “Who?”she asked.
“Does this threat not endanger the cardesiens more so then the marquis?” Cavit asked. “We do not know what there plan is. We don’t know there target!” Sisco said.
Uss voyager
Confrence room.
Sisco,kira,obrian and dax joined the voyager crew. Voyager crew included the captain,first officer cavit,the chief engineer,chief medical officer,acting security chief rolins,stadi,doctor Fitzgerald and ensign kim.
“Hear is the images from the cardesian sansors. “Dax said. On the screen the alien fleet Was displayed. “This has all the characteristics of a battle fleet. Dreadnaught,crushers,heavey crushers and support craft. The ships use some kind of plasma based canions and multiple mistle lunchers and orther weapons we are having difficulty identifying. “Dax said.
“These ships are not like any we have encountered before?”kira asked. “Negative. These ships have never been encountered before in this qudrent. We have confirmed that!” Dax said.
“Can we determine there location ?” Sisco asked. “Not to a total certenty but i believe i can locate basically where they will be! ” dax said.
“Star fleet is asembling a task force headed up by admiral lassitor. The defient will be going ahead. “Janeway said.
“I really don’t like the sound of this!”bashir said. “We are going to atempt contact with the alien flagship. It is risky but perhaps we can evaluate what is going on.”sisco said.  “Hopefully we can get back in one peace!” Dr. Bashir said.
“Then if i may ask,what is voyager’s mission ?” Kim asked. “We are going to look for a mising marquis ship. “Janeway said. “Why exert so many energy looking for a ship of outlaws? “Rolins asked. “they may not be federation citizens any more but they are fellow human’s. Besides i have an operitive abored. The man who will be security officer!” She reported. Every one was stuned by that revilation including commander sisco.
“If the ship servived,they may have aditional information on the hostiles. ” Janeway said. Every one agried.
“Any other questiones! Coments. Alright we are ajurned!”janeway said. Every one got up.
“Commanders log we have escorted the vitar to the cardesien border. They have put to port at a border outpost. The voyager and my ship are leaving for our destinations !”sisco said.
“All decks stand ready!” Commander cavit said. “Alright! Lt. Stadi set course for the last known location of the marquis vesel warp six. “Janeway ordered. The batazoid plotted the course. “Course plotted and engaged!” She reported. “Take us out!” Janeway ordered.
U.s.s defient
“The voyager has departed!” Kira reported. “I gues we had better get under way ourselves. Set course for the alien fleet maxumum warp old man!” Sisco ordered.
Dax set the course. The course was set. All that was left was to engage the heading. On sisco’s order she did so. The defient was off.
Federation penel colony
Aukland new Zealand
This was his life now. He was mining for the federation. The bracet on his ancle was a constent reminder that he was not free. It chafed badly. Every prisionor had to ware it.
There were all kinds of inmates.many were from non federation worlds. Many were smuglers. Some wilingly serendered to star fleet to avoid ending up in a Klingon,romulan or furengi labor camp.
Many newer arivals were x marquis. Marqauis were not considered federation citizens any more. No one recognized the marquis as a seperate sate.  The federation was reluctant to extridite anyone to cardesian space given that cardesien jurice prudence is guilty and then the trial begins. Cases like this usually warent the death penalty. A life sentence in a labor camp was hardly better.
Tom was different. He had been in the marquis. He had not been there for long. He had not yet been fully acepted. He was seean as an oportunest. He was cashered out of star fleet after lying about an incident. He was seen as someone looking for a cause. He had found it. Manny resented him. He was an outsider.
Tom kept to himself. He worked and then went to his cell. He had privledges but did not use them.he wanted to do his time then leave and hopefully pick up the peaces and move foward.
There was a fellow inmate who had other plans. She was called yaela. She had been a smugler. Her word was not known to the federation or any one else. She was very secritive. She has interested in tom. He pushed her away. She was atractive but he was did not want that hear. This was just not the time or place for romance. He rebuffed her every time. She stil did not give up.
After a shift,she came up to him.”come on tom'”she said.”look i can’t do this! I told you that!”he said. “You don’t like me?”she asked. “Its not about that and you know it. Please respect my privacy !”he said.”fine!”she said.
Tom went to his room. It was sm but comfortible. The federation modeled there prison after hospital. The rooms resembled dorm room at the academy. The beds were comfortible. He layed down.
He fell asleep. Yaela came in. She scaned his mind. She found what she was looking for. She put him into a trance and then they left together. They had to get off of the compound. The area used transport inhibitors. They would have to imploy quick thinking.
They acted in a very stelth manner. She could keep him in this sate long enough. It required a lot of energy on her part. She had to be careful. If she was not,she could be killed.
They found a terminal. “Tom i need you to acess the inhibitor. You need to deactivate it!” Yaela said. He tried to hack into the security system. It was a difficult task. He finally brought it down. They beamed to another part of the planet.
They beamed to a remote island in the south pacific. From there they beamed to a near by ship. Paris was knocked out. He was not needed for now. He might be later.
End of part four.


Harbinger part three

Deep space 9
Qurters of commander sisco.
“So orther then the vadic and a pryler,no one knows that i am now mrs sisco!” Granera said. “No one not even dax. “Sisco said. “Or your son!” She said. “I will tell him eventually ! “He said.
“Why are you secritive about this?” She asked. “It is something i want to be for me. I am a star fleet officer,station commander,now starship commander and emisary of the phrophets. This is for me alone for now!” He said. The bajoren women smiled. “Very well!” She said.
” Ops to commander sisco!” The ops officer said. He hit the com unit. “Go ahead!”sisco said. “Captain janeway is wondering if your coming!” The dutty officer asked. ” i told her i would be there at 0600 sharp,it is 04:55!”sisco said. “Apearently the captain is eiger to get started !” The ops officer said.
“Fine! Give me ten minutes. Tell the galley on the defient that there had better be a cup of ractigino in my hand when i arive on the bridge or someone is being transfered to a trash barge!” Sisco said.
“Who is this captain janeway?” Glaera asked. “The c.o of new ship voyager. She is a bit of an overachever !” He said. “I can tell!” She said. “She wants to get the voyager though shakedown. She is going to be looking for marques! “She said.
“The marques crises is realy heating up!”she said. “Yes it is unfortunately ! A lot of star fleet officers are leaving the service and joining the marqius. “He said. “You should get going ben! Janeway might leave without you!”she said.
U.s.s defient bridge
Sisco entered. “Captain on the bridge!” Dr. Bashir said. A crewman hastily handed him the cup. It was the way he wanted it.”ops has cleared us!” Chief obrian said. “Clear all morings!”sisco ordered. The defient left the station. The ship waited.
As soon as the ship went to a full stop,another starship left the dock. The ship came alongside the defient.
“We are being hailed!” Obrian said. “Captain janeway i presume!” Major kira said. “On screen !” Sisco ordered.
On the view screen the image of the intrepid class starship voyager was replaced by the bridge of the vessel.
“Captain was it really necessary to start an hour early?” Sisco asked. “Why commander you don’t like to get an early start. There is a huge galaxy to explore. “She said. “Well sense this is your ships shakedown,care to begin?” Sisco asked. “Very well! If something goes wrong ,you will give my ship a push ?” She said. “Of course!” He said. The screen faided.
“Set course to follow them old man!” Sisco ordered. “You got it Benjamin!” She said.
U.s.s voyager
“Commander cavit,care to do the hournors?” Janeway asked. The first officer smiled. “Lt. Stadi take us to warp one!”the exo said. The betazoid helm officer presed the apropriate buttons and the ship began to leave.
“They have acheved warp one!” Obrian said. “This ship is ment to be an exploration vessel?”kira asked. “It is smaller,more minuverable then a galaxy class starship. Bigger then the defient.the vessel uses experimentle circitry!”sisco said. “Bio nural. It is the future! “Obrian said. “You heard it hear first!” Bashir said.
U.s.s voyager
“Everything is functioning acording to desired outcome!”stadi said. “Very good. Warp 8!” She ordered. “Make it happen stadi!” The commander said.  the voyager began to acelerate.
“Now at warp eight!” Ensign hary kim anounced. ” Very good! I think i like this ship!” Janeway said. “This is a controled environment. The real test will come later!” Cavit said. “Remind me not to talk to you when i have a bad day and need to be cheered up!” Janeway said. The commander laughed.
“Care to go to warp 9?” Stadi asked. “Go big or go home!”hary kim said. Kim did not realize he had said it out loud. He was embearished. “Sory sir!” He said.
“I am in ful agreement mr. Kim. Warp nine!” She said. The batazoid pilot took the ship to maximum warp. 
“They have gone to warp nine!”kira said. “I think she may be showing off !”dax said. “I think you may be right! “Sisco said.
The voyager stayed at warp but then went to a full stop. Everyone was happy with the results.
U.s.s defient
“I am getting a distress call from the cardesian vessel vitar. They are traped in the bad lands.we are the closest ships. “Obrian said.
“Get me voyager!” Sisco said. The screen was actuvated. “Captain,care to go on a rescue mission?”sisco asked. “Sounds like fun!” Janeway said. “I take it that your in?” Sisco asked. “You got it!” Janeway said. “Care you lead the way?” Sisco asked. She agreed.
“Do you have the coordinents?”janeway asked.” I do!”ensign kim asked. “Send the coordinants to the helm!” Janeway ordered. “I have it!”stadi reported. “Set course for the vitar! Maximum warp!”janeway ordered. The voyager went to warp. The defient folowed the voyager and headed for the ship.
The vitar
The vitar was adrift. Some decka had lost gravity. Those decks were sicured. There were some injuries but nothing too serious.
“We have incoming vessels!” A female science officer reported. Gull evek thought to himself,” please tell me it is not hostiles!” He would not say it out loud. “It is two federation ships!” The science tech said.
“Now in tractor range!” Ensign rolins ,the officer anounced. “Engage tractor beam hary!”the captain said. “Aye sir!”kim said. “Please don’t call me sir! Captain will do fine!” Janeway said. “Aye s.. captain! ” kim said.
The voyager activated the tractor beam on the cardesian vessel. The vesel was pulled out.
U.s.s defient
“Julien prepare a medical team!”sisco ordered. “You got it sir!”bashir said. “Kira take charge of the ship. Old man,obrian with me! ” sisco said. They went to the turbo lift.
They went from the turbo lift to the transporter room. Dax pulled sisco aside. “Benjamin ! No time for a huny moon i gues!”dax said. “I am not sure what you are refering to?” Sisco said. “Did you really think i would not find out?” Dax said. “I want to keep it low key at least for now!” Sisco said. “You kept it from your oldest friend?” Dax asked. Sisco smirked.
The away team emurged on the bridge of the vitar. The crew got right to work. “Gull evek! I see you have falled ob tough times!”sisco said. “I’m use to it.this ship will recover. “Evek said.
“Was it the marques?”bashir said.”we were chasing them. The vesel was commanded by chacotay. “Evek said.
Both sisco and janeway recogized the name. Neither had met him but knew him by reputation. He had been a star fleet officer and was considered an up and commer.
“There is another problem! “Gull evek said. Then he told them. End of part three