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Dawn of the day

  “Who would have thought i would get a new ship. I certainly didin’t. After disobeying direct orders of a superior,getting my ship destroyed and going to a forbiden planet,i figued i never command a ship again !”
“After saving earth from certain calamity ,they decided only a demotion. I never wanted to be an admiral any way. It all worked out”

“Hear am i back on a starship. Not just any starship but the enterprise. Mayby you can go home again !”
“Our mission right now is scientific in nature . We are ,whoever near the Klingon nutral zone. While the federation is not techically in a sate of hostility,peace talks have been suspended indefinitely. We are keeping a close eye on the nutral zone just in case. ”
U.s.s enterprise ncc 1701-A
“Is in time for you to retire jim!”dr. Mccoy said. “No way. Too much left to explore. So much more to see. “Jim said.”i thought you said galiventing the cosmos was a game for the young?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“I never said that!” Kirk said. ” yes you did!”dr. Mccoy sugested.”captain i am detecting a masive energy disturbence. I canot determine what it is but it uses a masive amount of energy! “Spock said.
“Keptin the energy originates inside the Klingon side of the nutral zone!” Checov said. 
” can you determine what it is?”kirk asked. “Negitive. The computer canot determine its function . I do not have enough information to speculate!”spock said.
“Could it be the Klingon trying to create there own version of project genises?” Scoty asked. “No i can verify that it is not project genises'” spock ansered.
“It could be a weapons experiment!” Scoty sugested. “The Klingons are not known for scientific research for the hack of it !”mccoy said. “No they are not! “Kirk said.
“If they are doing reserch,i gurente ye that there are military aplications to it!”scoty said.
“Jim! Please tell me your not considering going into the nutral zone?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“I have to know what they are up to bones!”kirk said. “You just got  out of hot watter! They are going to demote you to chief petty officer or worse! “Mccoy said.
“Something is going on. The Klingons are up to something ! I have to know what it is! Mr. Sulu take us in to the nutral zone! ” kirk said.
“Aye sir!”sulu said. The enterprise went at warp into the forbiden zone. “Ve are now in the nutral zone!” Checov reported.
Klingon crusher
“Energy is at full my lord!”a science officer anounced. “Activate the time wave!” Klingon admiral k’vet ordered. A Klingon tech presed the button. In space a gray like ribon seamed to apear out of no where.
“I have a visual !”commander uhua said. “On screen !”kirk ordered. On the view screen was displayed the masive image of the energy wave. There were several Klingon ships as well.
“What in blazes is that?” Dr. Mccoy asked. “It apears to be a rip in time. I believe the Klingons are trying to puncture a hole in the space time continum! “Spock said.
“They are going to atempt time travel ?”kirk asked. “Perhaps or they could be planing a temporal attack or a sorced earth tactic !”spock said. “Oh gosh!”mccoy said.
“Target the wave! We need to disperse this!”‘kirk said. “Targarted!” A weapons officer said. “Sulu take us in!”kirk ordered. Sulu folowed the order. The enterprise flew it at high warp.
The enterprise ran at high warp. The vessel fired on the energy wave. There were a series of explosions thoughout the wave.
“What is going on?” The Klingon admiral asked. The tech look over data. ” It is a federation starship ! It is the enterprise!”a monitor said.
“The enterprise was destroyed by kruge the brave!” First officer gintrep said. “It is probably a new enterprise !”the admiral said.
“Kirk! He always medles in things that had nothing to do with!” Second officer joseg said. “Target that ship! I want kirk and that ship out of my stars!”k’vet declared. The gunner aquired the target. Then he presed the fire button.
The Klingon katinga class d-7 war crusher opened fire on the enterprise. It fired disruptors and photon torpedoes at the enterprise. The projectiles struck the back of the ship as well as the other areas in the aft section of the ship.
The bridge felt the shock from the impact.” Do we ruturn fire?”the weapons officer asked. “Negitive vall ! Target the energy wave. The wave is the threat!”kirk said. “This is your plan jim?”mccoy asked. The enterprise fired multiple voleys of photon torpedoes on the wave. The Klingon ships hit the enterprise. The enterprise relied on the shields to protect them.
“Sulu take us to the center of the energy wave!” Kirk ordered. Sulu and checov ploted the course. The enterprise was hit repeatidly. It did not deter them.they kept going.
There were explosions thoughout the ship. The damage was not too savere,it was building up. “Jim! We can’t keep taking these hits!”dr. Mccoy said. “I am aware of that bones. We have a mission hear!”jim said. “We are now in position !”spock said. ” Fire!”kirk ordered.
The enterprise fired multiple volleys on the energy wave. The phasers and photon torpedoes pounded the eye of the wave.
“We are having a minimal efect!”spock reported. “Take us in closer!”kirk ordered. “How much closer can we get?”dr. Mccoy asked.
The enterprise went into the eye of the storm. The enterprise fired a phaser burst into the wave. The wave exploded. The enterprise was pushed backwards. The ship lost cohesion.
The crew tried to stop the stil drifted at a very fast speed. The energy wave was no longer stationary. It headed straght for the enterprise.there was no stoping it.
The enterprise was hit. The enterprise vanished. The energy wave continued on. The wave decreased and eventually disipated.
Space was restored to its usual form. Stars were seen again. There was no evidence that the wave had been there.
End of part one


Future day part 7

Delta qudrent
  A young women left the underground complex. She wanted to see what was beyond the underground city. She waa curious.
No sooner did she make it to the serface,she was sited by those who dwelt above the serface. They were gansters,thugs. They were called kazon. She was about to be captured by them. There capture was interupted. The combat team opened fire on the would be kazon captors.
She was alarmed. She had no idea what was going on. “Who are you? What is going on?” The young women asked.
“Kess i know you have no idea who i am but you will! I need your help. “Janeway said.
“My help?” She asked . She was quite confused.  They teliported to the relitivity. Kess was given information about her orther life.
“Are you up to speed?” Janeway asked. “I think so!”kess said.”good ! This won’t be easy! “Ducane said. “I understand my role in this captain!”she told ducane. “Alright! I hate to put presure on anyone but this is crucial to the future literally!” Ducane said.
“After the mission is over,i won’t remember any of this?”kess said. “No you won’t! “Janeway said. “Do you do this kind of thing frequently ?”kesss asked. “More then i like to!”janeway said. “Oh!”she said. “Ok are we ready?” Ducane said.
  Derozed’s ship
Chacotay and seven were studying the ship. Suddenly a light was seen. Kes apeared. “Kes?” Chacotay said puzzled. He was not expecting to see her.
“Look !i have a mesege from captain janeway. She needs your help!”kes said.
Janeway returned to the ship a few minutes before the battle begun. “Can you generate the transporter field ?”janeway said.”i can. “Tuvuck said. “Do it!”janeway said.
The doorway was opened. The voyager headed out. “What is that?”archer asked. “It is some kind of doorway!”t’pol said. “Follow that ship travis!” Archer ordered. “This is not wise captain. These are more advanced ships then enterprise!”t’pol remarked. “I am not siting on the sidelines sub commander. ” archer said.
The enterprise followed the voyager into the field. The ships were gone.
On the alien ship,chacotay and seven got to work. They found a node that atempted to bring in another time line. Seven took out a phaser and fired. She knew just where to fire. Chacotay followed suit and fired on a different temporal node.
The voyager excited the hub. The voyager came in weapons hot. Voyager fired phasers and photon torpedoes on the alien vessel. The temporal nodes being hit by the crew caused parts of the ships to go out of phase within the time line.
The alien ship was not whole now. The evidence of that could be clearly seen. The alien ship fired on the voyager. The enterprise fired on the ship as well. The enterprise fired on the ship repeatidly.
The voyager folowed up and fired. “Don’t fire on voyager! Fire on enterprise!”derozid ordered. The ship fired on the enterprise. The enterprise was hit.
“They focusing on us'”read said. “Go for the weaker link. ” Archer said. The voyager tried to cover enterprise. Voyager fired multiple voleys on the alien ship. The enterprise followed suit and fired on the ship. 
On the bridge of the murikanos ship,kes apeared. “Who are you?”derozed asked. ” Your worst nightmare !”she said. She used her telipathic abilities against him. The captain felt the energy coming at him.
The general was suprised by this. He would not think this possible . He did not expect to have a serious challenge from a little girl.
While voyager fired on multiple parts of the ship.  While more nodes were hit by chacotay and seven. The ship’s cohesion was obstructed by the attacks. 
Things started to go weird on the ship. The ship was in a kind of temporal limbo. Chacotay and seven saw evidence of that.
Chacotay and seven saw a central node. They both fired on the nodes.
“The ship is about to explode!” Kim reported. “Can you get a lock on the away teams?”janeway said. The transporter locked on to paris,chacotay and seven.
“bridge i have them!”the transporter chief reported. “Get us out of hear con!” Janeway ordered. The voyager and enterprise went to warp. They went into the field. The ship was away.
The murikurion vessel exploded.the explosion resonated though time. The time line started to be restrored. Time and space had been saved.
“Where are we?”archer asked. “We are where we were!” T’pol said. “Take us out of hear.”archer ordered. Enterprise left the area.
“Captain we are back in the delta qudrent. We are where we were.” Tuvuck said. “Of course we are! ” janeway said. “We stopped derozed!” Kim said. “It seams so!” Janeway said.
Janeway went to her ready room.”so did we do it?”janeway asked. “We did. Derozed plot has been stopped. Kes was returned. She won’t remember any of it! “Ducane said. “Thank you!”she said. He nodded.
“A part of me would love to be a fly on the wall. Archer and the enterprise. I wounder if they realize how much history they are about to make?”janeway said. “Probably not. I suspect they know things will change. Exciting isint it?”ducane said. “It is indeed!”janeway said.
Archer entered the bridge. “I spoke to admiral forest. We both agree that there is no need to turn back. We are heading into the unknown !”archer said. The enterprise went to warp.
The end

Future day part six

“Detecting energy reading!” T’pol reported. A large arpiture in space opened. “Detecting multiple vessels!  They are all heavily armed!” Read reported.
The vesels imidiately opened fire on the enterprise. The ships hit from multiple directions of the ship. The goal had been to draw the enterprise out and to destroy it.
“Return fire mr. Read!” Archer ordered. The enterprise fired a series of phase volleys at the attacking ships. 
“Detecting a masive energy emision. It seams to some kind of transporter beam!”tuvock said.” In space ? I did not think that was possible !” An ensign said. “It seams it is !”janeway said.
“The beam has transported the ship only a short distence. The ship are attacking a 22ond century earth ship. It is the enterprise!”tuvok anounced.
“There was a pre star fleet space vesel called enterprise?”kim asked. ” Yes i believe it was commanded by a jonathen archer!” Janeway said.
“Helm! Set course for the beam!”janeway said. “Would that not constitute a violation of the temporal prime directive?”an ensign asked. ” we are preventing temporal incursion.the enterprise was not destroyed in 2150. “Janeway said.
The voyager went to warp. The voyager entered the door way. “Excellentcy! Voyager has entered the door way!”the science officer reported. “They must not be alowed to stop us!”the exo said. “They won’t make it! They will fail!”derozed said.
The enterprise was hit again. “Shields at 87 percent but we are ok!”read said. “We canot keep this up foever kepin!”trip said.
The enterprise fired again on the attacking ships. The ships fired again on the enterprise. “Damage to multiple decks!”t’pol said.
“We are not going to make it are we?” Travis asked. “We are not dead yet!” Archer declared. “I am detecting another energy emision! Something is emerging!”t’pol said.
The voyager came though. The ship fired on the two nearest ships. Voyager then hit the third with a series of voleys. The enterprise took advantage of the situation and fired on the nearest vessel.
“That ship is on our side?”read asked. “They are against us’ ” archer said. “A wise conclusion !”t’pol said.
The voyager and enterprise fired on several ships. The ships were hit. “Order those ships to back off !”Janeway ordered. “Sending !”kim replied.
One of the ships headed to enterprise. It riged a colision course. The voyager tried to aid the enterprise. The two orther ships delt with voyager.
The enterprise tried to get was no match for the alien vessel.
The vessel came at the more primitive vessel. Travis cut all power to the ship. The ship started to drift. The enterprise crew let the ship get close ,dangerously close. Then the enterprise fired every thing it had. The enterprise coasted and the explsion sent the ship flying.
The voyager fired on one of the ships. Voyager then fired on the orther ship at close range.  The two ships acidently colided into eachorther. The ships exploded.
“That should not have worked!”trip said. “Mayby we are ment to be out hear! “Archer said. “That is highly ilogical. That is highly non sensensical !”t’pol said. “Works for me!”trip said. “I’m sure it does!”t’pol said.
“We had better get out of hear! Take us back though the beam!” Janeway said. “Course ploted!”the relief helm reported. “We are being hailed by enterprise!”kim said. “We cannot talk to them. I don’t want braxton trying to schot us down as a threat to the time line!”janeway said. The voyager started to go to warp.
“The enterprise has laid in a persuit course !” Kim said. ” Captain i have an idea!”tuvuck said. “Lets hear it !”janeway said.”Vulcan were much more advanced then humans. Why not convince them that we are an advanced prototype!”he sugested.”there is a Vulcan abored is that not?”janeway asked. “I believe i can still put it off!”tuvuck said. “Mr. Tuvuck no ofense but your not good at ablibing!”janeway said. “I can handle this!”tuvuck asured her. “Very well!”janeway said.
“We are being hailed! They speak a formal english ! “Hoshi said. “On audio!”archer said. “This is the Vulcan ship shakerie,i am captain tuvuck !”he said. “Your ship is not a design known to star fleet! “Archer said. Voyager crew was puzzled “it is a prototype! We were testing our drive system when we found you!”he said. 
“I apreciate your help! Some Vulcan ships would not!”archer said. “We are not all the same captain. Vulcan society is made up of individuals. “He said.
“Do you have any idea of who those ships belong to?”archer asked. “No i not! This is the first time i have encontered them! “He said.
“They were involved in an atempt to asasinate me. “Archer said. “I see! You traced it to them?”tuvuck asked. ” you probably think i am full of it?”archer said.”on the contrary ,i am trying to asertain what is ocuring. I have no aganda!”tuvuck said. “Your like no Vulcan i have encontered!”archer said. “We should get out of this area. “Tuvuck said. “I want to get to the bottom of this. “Archer said. “You need to make repairs. It is a resonible course of action !”tuvuck said. “Very well. “Archer said.
Alien ship
“Look at this! “Seven said. “These nodes are generating the time distortions! “Chacotay said. “The ship is artificially creating the temporal distortion. I suspected as mutch! “Seven said. “Why? Why flood a ship with multiple time lines. We usually avoid it. “Chacotay said.
“Are you familer with a profesor paul manheim?”seven asked. “Yes!  he believed time could be a doorway to other dimension. His experiments caused a disruption in the space time continum a few years back. “Chacotay said. “I wonder if these aliens are not behind something similar. “Seven said. “I think you may be right. Where does the past come in?”chacotay said. “That i dont know !”she said.
“In star fleet history,we have encountered races who were humanoid and later went though a metamorphosis! The organians were once humanoids or so they clame. The enterprise encountered a race called the zonconians. Some wanted to transform orther did not.  ” kim said.
“I think i am beginning to understand all this! They are not wiling to wait. They are trying to transform early before they are ready! They are trying to cheat!”janeway said. “Why try to alter history at the same time? Why is humanity a threat to them?”kim asked. “I don’t know. “Janeway said.
“We have incoming !” A female ensign anounced. “Its the morthership!” Kim reported. “Shields up red alert!”janeway reported. The shil fired on voyager. Voyager was hit from multiple directions.
One projectile hit the cargo bay.the cargo bay exploded. The blast spread into kess’ garden.
“Shields at 33 percent!”kim said.the voyager was hit again. The engineering was hit. “Bridge this is ensign vorek. We have a containment breach!” He said.
Janeway was about to order an abandon ship. Suddenly time stoped. She fainted.
She woke up somewhere else. “Hello captain!”ducane said. “Mr.ducane ! I was wondering when you would show up! ” janeway said.
” This situation is very fluid captain. We have been working over time to figure it all out. We were as blind sided as you. We had no idea what was happening until the universe exploded. We were able to hault it. “He said.
“This is more serious then even i thought !”janeway said. “Correct. Perhaps more then even i realize! “He said. “I see!”janeway said. “i need to fill you in on what’s going on! I think you have peaced together some of it! “He said. “Lets have it!”she said.
” derozed the leader of the murikanons studied ancient readings of his people. He then discovered writing about metamorphosis amoung other race. He become obsesed with it. It is not something you can juat turn on. It is a natural event. A ceterpiller can’t decide when it happen ,it just does. “Ducane said.
“Derozed was not satisfied with that. It could be tomorrow or a thousand years from now. He refused to wait. He seized control of his government and built the starship he called the demolition.”
“Every atempt to cause the transformation failed. Then he came up with a plan. If he destroyed time itself,they could transform. Of course those of us involved in temporal waching noticed something. We conected the dotes and figured out his plan !”derozed said.
“Several temporal watch dog groups from several powers joined together. Derozed was defeated several times. Now derozed has decided to go on the ofensive. They believe that the glue that held the anti derozed coilition is the federation. The central fugure if the federation are humans. They believe the way to stop the coilition is to destroy the federation before it started. They believe the man primarily responsible for the founding of the federation was Jonathan archer!”ducane said.
“No archer! No federation. No federation no temporal integrity comison no comision no anti derozed coilition!” Janeway said.
“Your correct captain! Then they can destroy time and advance into the next level. “Ducane said.”voyager was not faring well when you pulled us out of the battle !”janeway said.
“I can help a little ! I cannot not as much as i would like to. “He said. “This really is do or die time?”janeway said. “Yes. You lose hear,its over. “He said.
“I know your limited in what you can do. I respect your position but i have one favor to ask. ” She said. “Name it!” He said.
Delta qudrent
On a desert planet a young women roams the planet. She was about to captured by a race of gangs. Suddenly they are stoped. A team came out of no where and stuned them.
“Who are you?” She said. “Kess i know you have no idea who i am but you will ! I need your help! ” janeway said.
To be concluded.

Future day part five

  From the bridge of the super starship,derozed watched several events on multiple monitors.
“Excellentcy! They have captured an intruder!” An officer reported.”have him brought hear at once!”derozed ordered.the officer agreed.
Tom paris was imidiately escorted to the bridge. The commander was tall. He was fit.
“Thomas Eugene paris. Lt star fleet. Asisgned as flight control officer u.s.s voyager. Farther is admiral owen paris. You maried a Klingon. How is her pregnancy ?”derozed said.
“How do you know that?”paris asked. “I know many things mr. Paris! I have my ways. Why were you trespassing on my vessel?”derozed said.
“We suspect your from the future. I doubt your little time traval is temporal tourism. We suspect your probably going to alter the time line for some naferious perpose. My mission was recon. We want to know why your hear!” Tom declared.
The man laughed. “You see yourselves as arbitors of the time line?”derozed asked.”as a star fleet officer and a husband and farther to be,yea i would say i have a vested interested in keeping the time line as is!”Tom said.
” What about preventing you from making the mistake that ended your carer before it began? What if you could change ending up in prison? What if you could stop the slaughter of the marquis? Or wolf 359?”derozed said.
“It is too big a risk ! You remove one thread and it all comes apart!”tom said. “It might be a positive change! You just don’t know ! ” Derozed said.
“That’s just it! We don’t know. It is better to just let it go! Leave it alone!”tom said.”i disagre! I cannot and will not do that! “Derozed said.
“Why are you doing this?”tom asked. ” Because i can! I am not afraid of challenging conventional thinking. I am not afraid of making waves tom! I am prepared to go against anything that comes against me. “Derozed said.
“My people won’t stand for this!”tom said. “Soon your people won’t exist!” Derozed said.”your erasing the time line?”tom asked.”you don’t understand ! You don’t have the fogiest idea what i am planing. When you do figure it out! It will be too late!” He said.
U.s.s voyager
“Captain! The delta flyer is reterng !”the ops officer reported.”bring them in !”janeway said. The voyager activated the tractor beam on the flyer. The flyer was brought in.
As soon as the flyer reterned to its usual birth,kim left the flyer. “I was forced to leave tom behind. I did get the data we came to get .”kim said.
Harry handed the data to the captain. She took the file. “We need to have this analized!”janeway said.
  On the alien ship, chacotay and seven were charting the mystery ship. “We have traversed five different time periods sense we arived!”seven said. ” Is the exterior of the ship fixed in time?”chacotay said. “Uncertain! It could go either way! “Seven said. “I suspected as much! “Chacotay said.
“Are you formulating a theory?”seven said. “I am forming about six. They are all contridictory and some are bordering on non sensical!”chacotay said. “In aa situation like this, a non sensical explination could apply ‘”she said. “I know what you mean! ” he said.
“On voyager,our mission often provide challenges for sciencentist!”she said. “You have no idea!”chacotay said. “We just crosed into another time period. “Seven said.
“Capin please don’t make someone else chief engineer !i know i am not flashy or a kiss but. I just work. I do my job! I leave my job evaluation to my supervisors. If i agree i say so. If i think an idea is lame but,i will say so. It makes me unpopular. I should be chief enginer not some but kisser who does not have a clue!”trip said.
” Relax trip! Your in!”archer said. “Really ?”trip said.” Your the best.i know it,you know it. I got you covered. “Archer said. “You always said you would bring me with you when you got into space . I wanted to believe you! “Trip said. “I need you ! Congrats commander!”archer said.
“So! You got someone in mind for armory?”trip asked. “I do but your not going to like it !”archer said. “Really ? An army brat!  Arnt we peace nicks ?” Trip asked. He laughed. “To every thing there is a season !”archer said. “Love it when you qote ancient popular music!”trip said.
Fort drum new york
A british sergent was deeling with raw recruits when archrer entered. “Dismished!”the sergent said.
” Sergent read!”archer said. ” Yes sir. General Santorum said you were stoping by! “Read the man with a british accent said. “I need an armory officer. I sm.authorized to comision you a major. “Archer said.
“I am a ground person ! I am not one of those exploers with star dust for blood or whatever !”he said.
“Look i need a wespons officer and you come highly recommended. “I am not interested!”he said. “Mr. Read are you going to make me beg?”archer asked. ” I was not planing to!”read said. “Are you in?”archer asked.
“If i say no,will you give this long speach about my duty to the future?”He asked. “I can. I am a man of peace,an explorer. I see the need for a good defense. I am not nieve. I know there will be dangers.  I know your up to the task of keeping this ship safe! Can i count on you?” Archer asked. “Fine! I will be there. I get to be a major.  A real comision not a brevet rank?”he asked. “Field promotion!”archer said. “Very good!”He said. “See you abored!”archer said.
An asain women was teaching a class in linguistics. The class was outside. The dress code was very informal. The teacher wore a tank top,shorts and sandles. She dismished the class. They began to disperse.
“Hoshi sato!”Archer said. “If i deny it will you believe me?”she asked.”not likely !”archer said.”that’s what i figured!”she said.
“I need a comm officer!”archer said. “Are the rumors true? Are you really planing to go into Klingon space ? “She said.”i go where the evidence leads!”archer said. ” I am reluctant to go off into deep space let alone into hostile space but it does offer quite an oportunity. Ok I’m in!”she said.
Archer took a pod from earth to the space dock. “I understand you were a space bomer?”archer said. “Grew up almost entirily on a fraighter.”travis maywreather said. “Why join star fleet? “He asked. “I want to explore. Not much time for that on a fraighter! “Travis said.”makes sense!”he said.
The pod neared the ship. “Is that it?”travis asked. “That’s it’ welcome to the future !” Archer said.
“Infirmery is ready!”doctor phlox said. “It is good to have you abored!”archer said. The alien nodded.
“All decks are standing by!”t’pol said. Archer was uncomfortable having her abored but she could be an aset. He decided to go with it.
“Ok lets get underway!”archer said. The enterprise left the morings. The ship left the dry dock. The ship was off.
Alien ship
“Excellentcy! It is as you said. The enterprise has left earth. They took the bait!”First officer ketair commented. “I knew they would.
“Begin our suprise! “Derozed ordered. The officers imidiately complied with the order.
“I am detecting an enurgy reading !”t’pol reported. “It is right on top of us!”read declared. A doorway opened,several smaler ships to the morther ship came though the arpiture. The ships imidiately opened fire.  End of part five.

Future day part four

Tom and hary proceded to the delta flyer. “I gues dad is stil up for adventure !”hary muised.”always harry! “Paris told him. The two laughed. They walked inside the scout craft.
The two went to the cockpit. Paris took the pilot’s chair. They got the delta flyer ready for take off. The hanger bay opened and the ship left the bay. The ship was off.
Chacotay walked to the main shartle bay. He saw someone walking towards him at high warp.he did not need to look,he knew who it was.  “Hello seven!”chacotay asked. “Could you use a co pilot?”seven asked. “I don’t know our last away team together did not go so well. “Chacotay said. “Very well!”she said. “I would love to have you along !” The two walked towards.the shartle bay.
The shartle began its pre flight protical then the shartle took off.the hanger deck opened,the shartle departed the bay. The shartle ventured off in a direction oposite of the flyer. Both ships were off.
U.s.s voyager
” They are in position !” A relief ops reported. “Lets get to it!”janeway anounced. The voyager neared the location of the vessel.
The voyager fired a few rounds on the enemy ship. The ship knew that they could not destroy it or even imobilize it but that was not the point. The voyager hit the ship from several sections.
“This is almost comical! We should probably return fire! Do so!” Derozed ordered.
The ship fired on voyager. Voyager dodged the attacks and servived. The voyager then moved out of the way.
The delta flyer took advantage of the diverson created by voyager and moved towards the back of the vessel. The vessel was able to near the aft of the large ship.
The delta flyer attached itself to one of the airlocks. Hary sent a false signal to the computor hoping it could be fooled into opening the hatch. The program was designed by seven so every one thought it had a good chance of working. “You ever think we rely too much on borg technology ?”kim asked. “I had not ! Until now!”paris answered. The door opened.
The two entered the large ship. the two ran though the ship. They tried to avoid being detected by any one. They found a computer node. “More borg technology !”hary said. “You got it harry!”paris said. Hary activated an interface that atempted to hack into the ships data base. They tried to acess the ships files. “Download in progress!”Kim said. The files began to flood into the tricorder. Suddenly they heard footsteps. “Hury it up hary! We are about to have guest! ” paris said. Hary tried as hard as he could. A potrole moved on. “Its not complete !”kim said. “We have to abort. We will take what we have. It will have to do! “Paris said. Kim abruptly ended the file transfer. The gaurds arived. They were shot at. They returned fire. “Hary get to the flyer!”paris said.
Before hary could protest he was nearly hit. Kim decided to run. He beged tom to go as well. Tom focused on covering hary. Hary was away. Tom tried to move away but was stuned by the gaurds. Tom fell to the ground.
Hary ran with all his might. He bairly remember the jount from the nodule to the delta flyer. He did not remember getting on to the flyer but it seams he did. He ran to the cockpit. He hated leaving tom like this. He had to get that data to voyager. He could not sever the ship from the morther ship.
Hary tried everything he could think of to get away. He decided to get an e.v.a suit on. He set the transporter for space. He had the disk stored in a compartment. The beam activated. Kim was beamed he hoped he would be rescued. He hoped it would be soon.
The shartle with chacotay and seven went to a different section of the ship. The vessel atempted to link with part of the ship. “We are conected!”seven reported. Seven was able to open the hatch.
The two got on to the ship. She scaned the area. “This is odd!”she commented. “What is it?” Chacotay asked. ” this ship is not fixed in time! I believe it is in different time lines!” She said.”how is that posible?”he asked. “I don’t know. I don’t believe we are in the same time as voyager. “She said. “Then the ship was it really in the 220nd century ?”he asked. “To tell you the truth. I have no idea. I don’t think all the ship is in one place . I believe that the ship is full of multiple time lines. Acident or intention i have no idea!” She said. “We will have to be careful where we step!”he said. “Indeed!”she responded.
Star fleet command
Archer went in to a bay. He looked for the man in charge. He found him. He was buisy. “You defied death! “The man said.”i don’t know about that ! Night stil young trip!”archer said.”i anilized the explosive device,well what’s left of it. The device basically came in or an advanced transporter beam. “Trip said.
“We are the only race that has a transporter. At least that’s what the vulcan told us. They also said it was the most ilogical peace of equipment to ever be invented!”archer said. “I am inclined to agree on that but someone beat us to it. I am thinking it is more advanced then ours!”trip said.
“They beamed the team in? The bomb as well?”archer said.”i think it was cloaked!”trip said.”cloaked?”archer said.”it is another theaory dismished by the Vulcan as imposible. It is the only explination i can think of. “Trip said.
“We are deeling with an advanced race unknown to the Vulcans. ” tucker said.
“Please tell me you have determined the point of oregin for the transporter?”archer asked. “That’s the weird part! “Trip said. “Now we are getting to the weird part?” Archer asked.”it is a remote sector of our galaxy. Acording to the Vulcan data base, it is an area of space belonging to something called the Klingon empire. “Trip said.
“They are able to transport from quite a distence!”archer said. “It seams so. You really think you were the target? “Trip said. “It seams it. I have no idea why? If it were not for the advanced technology ,i might suspect one or all of my students at basic traning. “He said. “You do really put the recruits though the ringing. I can speak to this from first hand experience !”trip said “i was not that bad!”he said.
Star fleet command
“Klingon space ?”soval asked. “Lt. Commander tucker confirmed it. The asalients used some kind of interspacial transport!”archer said. “The science directorate found that to be imposible. “Female Vulcan agent t’pol said.
“I wish to take enterprise into Klingon space and aprehend these people !”archer said. “Out of the question ! The Klingon are very teritorial. They would destroy your ship without a moments hesitation !”the lead ambassador said. 
“There seams to be some kind of efort to destabilize earth. In an investigation sutch as this,you folow the evidence. ” Archer said.
“The Klingons are a viotile species. We have done our best to give them a wide bearth. “T’pol said.
“We do have some contact with the Klingon empire.”tos said.”you said they were teritorial. You also indicated they schoot first.  I get the impreson they don’t take prisionors. I doubt they would share information if they did learn of anything. “Archer said.
“Enterprise is not capiable of acomplishing this kind of mision. “T’pol said. “I agree! This is fool hardy ! “Soval said.
“Enterprise is ready admiral. This is the time! Whatever is going on,we have to know. “Archer said.
“I wish to confir with my coleges in the general staf in private!” Admiral forest said. Archer and several orthers left. All of the Vulcan left as well except for soval.
“That includes you ambassador. We wish to deliberate unincumbered. “Forest said. The ambassador was not pleased by this but agreed. He left.
  The ambassador went over to his party. “Apearently i was not invited!” Soval said. “They cannot go out on there own!” Tos declared. “I believe they will incist on going even given the risk. We may not be able to stop them this time. T’pol i want you to go as our liasion. You have had experience in Klingon space. I know i am asking much!”soval said. “I am wiling to undertake this mission. “T’pol said.
“I was under the impreson you would !”soval said. “This is a fool hardy endevor!”tos observed. “Perhaps but they are incistent on it. We can only hold them back so long. Human history says they don’t give up. The story of Jamestown proves that. It may be time to give them some room to grow!”soval said. “It is too risky. They are too ilogical!”tos said. “They are determined. I fear they will go into space with or without our blesing. If they go we must guide them as mutch as they will permit!”soval said.
Tos did not fully agree with the wisdom of what soval perposed but saw the wisdom in it. Soval was the ranking Vulcan on earth so he agreed with it.
Archer was in the mess hall at headquarters when forest came to see him. “John pack up your gear. Enterprise will leave as soon as it is cleared by the dockmaster'”forest said. “Yes sir!”he said. “There is one stipulation!”forest said. “Oh? “Archer asked. “The Vulcans have requested to send a liasion to enterprise!”forest said. “Who are they assigning ?”archer said. “Who do you think?”he asked. “I should have known ! Alright !” Archer said.
End of part four

Future day part three

In a remote area of space,a ship waits. It was a large ship. It was a ship with multiple weapons,multiple shield grids and sensor arays.  The ship apeared to be a preditor and a reserch lab all rolled into one. A hunter scientist.
The ship was hiding in a nebula. The ship thought it was well hiden. They suspected it might not work. They never thought it would work foever. That was how it went.
A science officer called over the commander of the super ship.  The commander went over to his underling. “Speak!”the commander admonished the subordinate.
“Excellentcy! A ship is heading for us. The ship is from what the humans call the 24th century. It is voyager!” The science officer reported.
“How did they find us?” Another officer said. “The former borg drone!”high commander derozed remarked.
“What do we do?”a third asked.”let them come! They are no match for us! I would love for them to try. “The commander said.
The man called john was in schock. He had just dodged an assasination atempt.
“Please hold still!”the alien doctor said. ” What race are you?”john asked. ” Denoblian. I am hear as part of an interspecies exchange name is phlox. “He said.
“Will he live?”admiral forest asked. ” there is nothing curently that would caused a pathology to occur. Beyond that i can’t say!”philox said.
“Admiral! That was personal! I was the intended target!”the commander comented. “It apears that way! The dna is not human but it is not from an alien race known to the Vulcans.”the admiral said.
“Contary to conventional wisdom,Vulcan are not infallible !”the commander named john said. “Don’t say that too loud! “The man said.
Star fleet command
“The technology is not known to vulcan science or security directorate. “A female vulcan security agent said.
“It is an advanced race. They apear to be superior to us technologically ! “Ambassador soval said.
“I did not think that was possible !”john said. “Commander archer,i understand that you are upset. “Soval said. “I take it that you are unaware of who these people are?” Admiral leonard asked. “That is corect admiral !”toss said.
“We understand that you believe that humanity was the target. Earth is an insugnificant planet in an insugnificant area of the galaxy. No one has heard of your race. I cannot believe that. Humans were the target. I believe probably they were targarting Vulcans by proxy!”the female Vulcan said.
“With all due respect i don’t buy it. This seamed aimed at me personaly!”archer said. “You are unknown. I can’t believe that you were a target. “Soval said. “Commander archer is a rising star within our organization !”commander wiliams said. “Stil it is not logical !”tos said.
“Vulcan security should take over the investigation!” The female Vulcan said. “Admiral this is a human matter!”archer said. “I agree. Star fleet will command the investigation! “Forest said. “This is invadvisible admiral!”soval said. “My decision is made ambassador !”forest said.
U.s.s voyager
“Vessel is holding position !” Seven anounced. “They have to know we are hear!”kim said. “They do. I suspect they want us to come to them!” Chavotay ordered. “Lets not disapoint them! Tom gass up the delta flyer. Chacotay take a class three shartle. Lets do this!” Janeway ordered.
End of part three