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Dawn of the day part seven

“Captain’s log,a klingon from the past has stolen a shipyard from our time. This has forced us to go back in time and retreve the shipyard. “Picard said.
The Klingon ship opened fire on the enterprise A. The enterprise D fired on the Klingon crusher. The shipyard fired on the enterprise-D.
“Shields and deflectors are up!”worf said. “Shields are holding captain!”yar said. “Without the shipyard,the Klingon have no chance but with it,it changes every thing!”rycer said. “If he gets reinforcement..’worf said.
The enterprise d was hit. “Your in my arena now captain picard! You were a legend in your time but soon your time will never come. Perhaps i will bomb your village in france,ensure your never born!”k’vet said.
“He must have acesed our data banks!”data said. “We must sicure that shipyard!”Picard said.
Klingon vessel
“Sir! Admiral k’vet claims that he is being attacked by two federation starships!”a com officer said.”this far in Klingon space ? Are you sure?”captain koloth asked. “Confirmed!”the science officer reported. “Order all nearby ships to converge on the vicinity of the battle!”koloth ordered. “Sir! One of the ships is the enterprise!”the science officer said. “My dear captain kirk! We meat again !”koloth said.
Several Klingon vesels from frigates,birds of prey to battle crushers headed for the battle.
While the two ships held there own against the shipyard and the battle ship.
“Sir i have detected multiple battle crushers heading our way.”worf said. “So much for aninimity!”rycer said. “Get me kirk. We need to change up our plans. Time is of the esence. “Picard said.
The shipyard had advanced shields . The shields were active. The Klingons were in control of the base and more Klingon ships were on the way. They had to act soon. They were about to.
The enterprise -A backed off a little bit. The enterprise-d fired on stratigic areas of the station. Then the two ships worked.
The crew tried to create a window of opportunity by there weapons fire. They got a crack in the shields. They were about to take advantage of it.
On the station,the transporter beam emerged. A team from the d apeared. Then a team from the A arived. They had phasers in hand.
The Klingons fired the minute they had fully materialized. The two teams returned fire on the Klingons. “Where is your captain?”kirk asked. “Captain’s don’t go on away mission anymore. Star fleet orders!”rycer said. “That is an order i would never folllow!”kirk said. They talked while exchanging fire with the eneny.” Are you advocating a course of action that is tentimount to insorbordination?”data asked. “It would not be the first time!”mccoy said. The android was confused.
The team fired on the Klingons.the Klingons hit back on the star fleet team. The team hoped to sicure the station. The station personale were in satus. The Klingon wanted no recistence.
In space the station still fired on the ships. So did the battle crushers. Picard feared when the orther ships arived. Even a galaxy class vesel from the future was no match for a fleet.
The enterprise -D hit the Klingon vessel. The ship sufered multiple hits. The Klingon vessel returned fire on the enterprise.”shields buckiling but stil holding!”the relief tactical officer reported.
On the shipyard the team continued to battle the Klingons. Kirk feared if the reinforcements arived. One thing at a time he suposed.
“Incoming vessels! It is the reinforcements!”the relief tactical officer anonced. The Klingon ships broke formation and fired on the ships. Kirk was not just going to give up. “Kirk to enterprise!” He said.
Koloth’s flagship
On the bridge,kirk emerged on the bridge. “Kirk! It has been a long time!”koloth said. “Not long enough my dear captain koloth. Look your on the wrong side. K’vet cannot be trusted. He is on the side of his ambition. He does not serve the best interest of the empire. He intends to seize control of the empire. He will destroy anyone who gets in his way!”kirk told koloth.
“It is the Klingon way. I don’t always like it but it is how we do things !”kirk said. ” This is different. That shipyard is from the future. He is trying to alter history. Not for the banefit of the empire but for his personal banefit.”kirk said.
The Klingon ship divided into two groups. One group hit the enterprise A and the orther hit the D. The two ships were no match for the Klingon ships.
“Most Klingon commanders tend to work for there own ambition!”koloth said. “Come on koloth! He is not business as usual. I saw the future. Don’t go down this road. “Kirk said.
“Our shields are down!”The weapons officer said. “Can you reroute non esential power?”spock said. “Not enough !”checov reported. “I see. Prepare a colision course. The admiral’s flagship !’spock said. The ship perpared.
“Come on koloth. K’vet does not play by the rules. Time traval. What other rules will he break? How far will he go? “Kirk asked. “Humans and Klingon are natural enemies. We always will be. It is our perpetual destiny to be at war?”koloth said. “Is it? Are you sure?”kirk asked.
There was a transporter beam. Worf emurged. “What is this?”koloth asked. “Hello koloth! It is time for a history leson!”worf told him.
The enterprise-a headed for the flagship. The ship got closer to the flagship. The klingon vessel left the area.
Kirk beamed to k’vets ship. Kirk struck the admiral. The bridge crew began to defend there admiral. The admiral called them off. He wanted to deal witn kirk himself.
K’vet batled the captain. Kirk struck him again. The man was able to stop himself from falling.he hit kirk. Kirk defelcted the blow and power drove the admiral to the ground. The admiral came back at kirk and pinned him to the ground. Kirk stugaled to regain uper hand after the admiral.
The admiral kept striking him. Kirk sumoned all of his strength and hit the admiral. He then kicked him to the ground. Kirk waited for the next move.
  The station sudenly vanished. The enterprises as well. Kirk was beamed away. The Klingon ships under koloth returned to the area. K’vets admiralty was about to come to an abrupt end.
U.s.s enterprise
Ready room
“The station is back under federation control. The Klingon have been returned to there time. “Picard said.”i gues it is time for me to be getting back as well!”kirk said. “Probably should !”Picard said.
  “Tell me do i stil have more adventure left ahead of me?”kirk asked. “Oh yes! Without going into details,there is much left for you to do!”Picard said. “Good! I am glad to see there is a bright future.”kirk said. “Good luck!”picard said. “To you as well!”kirk said.
Uss enterprise
“The enterprise A has returnes to its time. ” Data said. “Well we should be getting underway ourselves. Helm take us out !”picard said.
The end
“This fall a torch will be passed to a new generation. Based on gene rodenbary star trek,the next-generation will bodly go into new adventures. It all starts this fall.


Dawn of the day part six

“Captain’s log,there have been several unusual events that have transpired in the last few days. First a u.s.s enterprise from the past has emurged. Then a Klingon vessel has arived. I suspect they are about to atempt to steal a ship or ships for there own naferious perposes. “Captain picard said in his log.
“Captain’s log captain james t kirk reporting. One minute we are on a shakedown cruz of our new ship,the next we are batiling the Klingons. Then we find ourselves a hundred years in the future. Then we discover that the Klingon we were batiling are hear just as we we must again battle them. This time we have the advantage or do we?” Kirk said in his log.
“I am unable to raise the shipyard. “Yar said. “I don’t sense any iminent fear from the inhabitents of the shipyard. They are very concerned about the com blackout !”deana said.
“How did they intend to get the ship out?”rycer asked. “I wish i knew number one!”picard said. “This plan seems doomed to failue!”gordi said. “We do not yet know what they are planing. It is difficult to counter there plans until we do!”worf said.”agreed!”picard said.
U.s.s enterprise A
“He is bold! I will give him that!”mccoy said. “He must have a plan! I can’t believe he is just puling this out of no where!”sulu said. “That is a logical deduction mr. Sulu! “Spock said.
Klingon vesel
“Nearing the shipyard my lord!”the science officer said.”stand by all weapons ! Prepare our suprise as well”k’vet said. The officers did as instructed. The Klingon ship headed for the shipyard.
The planet wescot had one moon. The moon was placed in a
Planitary blindspot. No one on the planet knew that it excisted until the inhabitents began space traval. The moon was the perfect spot for a shipyard.
“Now in weapons and transport range my lord!”the science officer reported. “Disengage cloak!”he ordered. The vessel was now visible.
The two enterprises neared the base and the Klingon vessel. The Klingon vessel ignored the ships and mantained course for the shipyard.
“Hail them!”Picard ordered. “No response! “Yar said. “He will be not be  detered. They will not yield! “Worf said.
“No response !”uhua said. “They are stiking to z klingon playbook !”checov said. “Always ! Well at least the ones from our era!”mccoy said.
“Both enterprises are hear! “The science officer said. “Just in time to witness the final triumph of the Klingon empire. “K’vet said.
The vesel went towards the shipyard. “There deflector is emiting some kind of energy emission !”data said.
“Is it some kind of weapon?”uhua asked.”open fire quickly !”kirk ordered. The enterprise A fired phasers and photon torpedoes at the warship.before the weapons hit the ship,the station was gone.
“Was it destroyed?”rycer asked.”i do not see how it could have been!”data said. Then the Klingon ship was gone.
“They have travaled back in time!”spock declared. “My gues is they will send it to there space.the commander will present it as a gift to the emparor. “Dr. Mccoy said.
“If they use the technology ,reverse engineer it,make more. Then use the station and ships! It will alter the balience of power in the whole sector!” Scoty said.
“Spock. Can we go after them?’kirk asked. “Yes i believe we can. “Spock said. “Uhua get me captain Picard! “Kirk ordered.
Uss enterprise D
“You believe that they returned to there time?” Picard asked. “I suspect that they plan to use the shipyard and ships against the federation in there time. It could totally alter the course of history. The history you experienced may never happen. It has to be stopped !”kirk said.
“I take it you want to go back and go after them?” Picard asked. “I don’t believe we have any other choice ! “Kirk said. Picard gave it some thought. “I am reluctant to aloq you to go back and to retreve the technology. I am just as reluctant to  go back myself. If they have gone back,history is already in jepordy. Perhaps we have no orther choice ! ” picard said.
“Captain! The Klingons of our era are night and different from those of yours. They will use this technology against the federation and every one else. We have to act and act quickly! If we don’t,we could lose every thing. “Kirk said.
“Captain! He is corect. My people in that era will not hesitate to use those weapons against any and all of there enenies”worf said.
Picard paced around the bridge for a few seconds. Then he huged on his uniform. Then he came back to the view screen. “Very well my mr. Data will work with your mr. Spock. Lets get on it. “Picard ordered. “Agreed!”kirk said.
“Captain’s log with the combined resources of lt. Commander data and captain  spock we are ready to procede with a plan for time traval. I am hopfull that we can prevent the klingons from there plan. We do not have a lot of time!” Kirk said.
Uss enterpriseD
“All decks reporting ready!”yar reported. “Alright ! Its time we get underway. “Picard said. “You seam concerned about this?”rycer asked. “There are a lot of uncertainties with time traval. I see no chioce but it is a gamble and the steaks are quite high!”Picard said. “The orther enterprise signals that they are ready. “Yar reported. “Take us back!”Picard said.
U.s.s enterprise A
“We are cleared !”uhua said. “Take us back!”kirk ordered. The two ships headed into the sun.the ships headed back to the 23rd century.
23rd century
The shipyard had emurged. K’vet called in his alies and subdued the station and ships. K’vet convinced the emprarer to support his plan. The empire pretended to sue for peace but it was a stal tactic.
The empire built more ships. Then two years after the historic signing of a peace acord,the new Klingon fleet reveged though federation space. The federation took heavy loses. The federation gave in and acepted masive concessions including cedding all disputed teritories to the empire. They agreed to give concessions to the romulins as well.
The Klingons worked to undermind the federation by forcing them into proxy wars. While the empire continued to build. K’vet would become emparor. He would wage war on the romulins ,tholions and any one else who came agents him.
The federation chocked economicaly was forced to disolve. Some races agreed to a warsaw pact like organization with the empire. Some were conquered. Others joined other empires.
If all went well,that would all be changed. The enterprise united and worked to restore time to way it was. The way it should be.
The station had just emerged. It had worked. The station had emerged in Klingon space. The plan was sucseding so far. That was about to change.
“Thr high senate is dispatching a envoy at once to check us out!”the com officer said.”excellent !”k’vet said.
“Detecting temporal energy signiture!”the science officer said. “Where?”the admiral ordered. ” Right on top of us. It is in two locations. “The science officer said. The two ships excited the doorway.
This was not how the admiral had planed it. This was a definate set back. There was no denying that. He was stil confident.
“Sir one of the ships is from the future. “The science officer reported. This was not what he wanted to hear. He wanted a swift victory. It might not go that way. He could stil win this. He was not going to give up.
To be concluded
The Klingon government structure was not established until season three of next gen. The office of chancellor was not established until star trek 6. K’npeck was refered to as leader of the high council as was gowlone until ds9’s season four opening where he was called chancellor probably to syinct the next gen universe with star trek 6. The idea of a klingon senate was mentioned in the bantum book”spock must die”.  Sence this is not ment to be conotical i decided to go with tje Senate.

Dawn of the day part five

Without warning,the colony of almada three was hit by the klingon crusher. The Klingon knee they could not defeat the colony but they would do as much damage as they could . Fate had alowed them to be in federation space and they would take advantage of it.
They would deal as big of a blow to the federation as they could. “Sir,detecting incomong vessels !”the tactical officer reported. “Take us out of hear! Head for the next nearest colony. We will strike fear in the heart of the federation. They will.learn the true nature of our race!” The admiral said.
The Klingon vessel went to warp.tht were gone before the fleet arived. They had what they sat out to do. They instiled fear in the heart if those they preceved to be there enemies. They would try to do it again.
Olivet colony
Obital base
“Commander urgent buliton from sector command. Almeda four attacked by Klingon battle crusher. Vessel may be on route hear!”the com tech said.
“Klingon ? Are you sure?”the second in command asked.”yes sir. Confirmed. Could it be a mistake?”the com tech asked in responce. ” They try to be acurate in the bulitens. Isue a planitary sate of emurgentcy. “The commander said. “Aye sir!”the com tech said. “It is one ship!”the tech said.
“The Klingon are our alies. Have been for some time!”a science officer commented. “If the empire did decide to abandon the allience,would int they send more then one ship?”a tactical officer asked. “One would think so lt. This is very unusual !”the station commander said.
Klingon vessel
“Sir,i have anilized the technology. I have compared it with a servelience probe lunched a few years ago. The planet’s technology has advanced about a hundred years!”the tactical officer exclamed. “Are you certain ?” He asked. “Quite certain excellentcy!”the tactical officer answered.
“What is your explination?” The commander asked. “I only have a theory. It could be true!”the officer said. “Speak!”the commander ordered. “I believe that the experiment did suceed. I believe we have travaled in time. We have advanced 100 years from where we were. “The tactical officer told his commanding officer.
“Then we are out gunned. We cannot defeat this foe'”the commander said. “Not at our current level of technology excellentcy. There most certainly would have been advances in technology and shields and wepons!”he said. ” Discus this with no one. I will inform the crew as neaded!”he said. “Yes my lord'” the oficer said. The commander left the station.
The commander went to his chair. He began to do some thinking. He had to alter his plans. This was a great opportunity. He knew presisly what he wanted to do.
“Commamder kotek i want to see you in my office in five minutes!”he said. “Yes my lord!”the exo said. The c.o left the bridge.
Captain’s qurters.
Five minutes later,the chime rang. “Enter!”he said. The door opened,the first officer entered the room. “It seams we have crosed into the future. “K’vet said.
“The mission was a success ! “The first officer said. “It would apear so. I want to steal technology,bring it back to the past. Imagine what we could do with weapons and ships from the future. We could take over the empire and go beyond that. We could reverse engineer it,build more. We would change history in our favor. Build a Klingon empire far more glorias then even kahless could have conceved. “He said.
“I believe it is doable my lord. It will not be easy. “The first officer said. “Find me a target. Do it discretly. I want our ‘science ‘ staf to work on getting us back to the past !”he ordered.”understood! I will pass on the orders to the crew. “The first officer said. “Please do!”the admiral ordered. “Yes my lord!”kotek said. “Dismissed !”the commander said. The first officer left the qurters.
U.s.s enterprise -D
Commander rycer was glad to be on the enterprise. He decided to outwind for a bit. He headed for the holowdeck. The ship was designed for long term exploration. Unlike other clases of vessels ,the galaxy class was virtualy a city in space. It included families. The holowdeck was designed for training and relaxation.
Rycer entered the holowdeck. The scene was a wooded area with a beach front. The young commander took every thing in. The sight,the sounds,the smell it all seamed so authentic. Unlike on tellos four,his brain knew it was an ilision. He stoped and took it all in.
In many ways rycer was seperated from kirk’s era as a ancient sumerien would be from a 20th century American. Yet there were similar. Odd he thought.
The commander got totally lost in thought when he was brokon from his holowgraphic bliss. “Bridge to commander rycer!”lt. Yar said. “Go ahead lt.”he said. “Your needed on the bridge !”she said. “I am on my way! ” he said. So much for down  time ye thought to himself .
Rycer entered thw bridge. “Commander we have receved reports of an attack on the almada colony.”yar said. “Who were the perpitrators?”the exo asked. “The reports are Klingons sir!”yar said. “Klingon. Therehas been no agreson between us for thirty years.”the commander said.
“Sir the attacking vessel was withdran from service fourty years ago!”worf said. “Are you sure lt?”rycer asked. “Are you questioning my knowledge of Klingon history ?”the Klingon asked. “No lt of course not!”he said.
“Could this conected to the enterprise from the past?”deana asked. “I believe it very well could be conected!”data said. “I will inform the captain. Data you have the bridge !”rycer said. “Aye sir!”the android said.
Captain’s ready room
“More time travalers?” Picard asked. “It apears so. It could be that what propelled the enterprise A to the future also sent them!!” Rycer said. “I hope this does not become a regular occurence!”picard said. “Agreed. I am going to have a talk with captain kirk. Will work with commander troyi on a profile of 23rd century Klingons. “Picard said.
“Could i work with someone other then the counselor ?”rycer asked. “Is there a problem number one?”picard asked. “No of course not. “He said. “Do you find her job performance lacking?”he asked. “Quite the oposit i have great respect for commander troyi’s work. You know i think i can work with her on this!”rycer said. “Very good! Glad to hear it!”he said.
U.s.s enterprise A
Queters of kirk
“A Klingon ship?”kirk asked.”you don’t seam suprised?”picard asked. “No sir i am not. We encountered Klingon before we were sent hear!”kirk said. “I see!”picard said.
“We were on standered patrol. We detected unusual readings from the Klingon side of the nutral zone. Mr. Spock suspectes that it might be some kind of experiment. We went in!”he said.
“You violated the nutral zone?”picard asked. “It seamed expedient at the time. You don’t band protical ocasionaly?”kirk asked. “No i don’t!”he answered. “I am not suprised. “He said.
“They were conducting some kind of experiment involving time traval. We stoped there energy wave but it seams both our ships were sent hear!” Kirk said.
“I would like you to send all the data you have on the time waves. “Picard said. “Of course. I will have mr. Spock take care of it. “Kirk said.
“Thank you sir!”picard said. “I can’t believe that one ship from a hundred years ago could be a threat to the galaxy . You seam concerned.”kirk commented. “It is just all of this is out of the ordinary. I am just being caucious. “He said. “Of course!”kirk replied.
Enterprise D
“Counselor ! The captain wants us to work together on a psych profile of 23rd century Klingons. “Rycer said. “I would be happy to bill!”she said.
He wished she would refer to him as commander on the bridge. He was fine with familerity,there were times and places for it. It was a minor matter so he decided to drop it.
Klingon ship
The admiral entered the bridge. “You wanted to see me?”he asked. “Yes i did. “Kotek said. “Speak!”the admiral ordered.”i have located a federation shipyard near hear !”the commander said.
The admiral looked over the data. The admiral started to get an idea. He informed his underling of his plan.
“Detecting masive energy wave. It is the wave described in the older enterprise log!”data said. “Location ?”picard asked. “Wescot four moon of hort!”worf reported. “The shipyard!”yar said. “Mr. Laforge set course maximum warp. “Picard said. “Course set!”gordi said. “Have the other enterprise procede as well!”picard said. “What is going on?”dr. Crusher asked. “We have to interupt a theft! ” picard said.
End of part five

Dawn of the day part four

The enterprise-A was not the only ship from the past. A klingon ship had emuged. It was admiral k’vets flagship. Whatever plunged the enterprise 100 Years in the future had done the same to the Klingon vessel kuthula.
Thr crew were all unconscicous. It took a few minutes for the time travalers to be revived. One of the klingon officers started to wake up. Then more started to revive.
Then the admiral started to wake up. He saw his life began to flash foward.
K’vet was born into an aristicratic family. His farther had backed the wrong side in a power strugle. They were striped of title and lands but alowed to remain in the empire. He joined the military and eventually he earned a comision and was able to gain noteriety for himself. He saw it all.
He was interupted from his sleep. “Excellentcy ! ” the first officer asked. “Satus!”k’vet asked.”we are in federation space! We are near several key colonies. “The science officer reported.”excellent ! Head for the most populated colony. Maxumum warp!”k’vet ordered. The ship headed for the colony.
“Captain’s log,while i am having a hard time comprehending it,it seams the enterprise form a previus era has come hear. Doctor crusher has concluded that it is indeed is the crew of the enterprise-A. What is unknown is how they got hear. Then the question is what will happen to them now?”picard said.
Ready room
“Jean luc your doctor is certain that they are who they say they are?”the admiral asked. “Doctor crusher and several of her staff checked and rechecked sir. They are confident that these are the genuine article. “Picard said.
“Have they rulled out cloning of some kind?”hildalgo asked. “In a clone there are usually genetic iregularities. There is evidence of a coppy. Those who not present hear!”picard said.
“The fact they hit a Klingon ship is quite concerning. If there story is true ,it does make sense.”he said.
“Its funy,it many ways they are night and day different from the star fleet of today. Yet we are hear because of them. They are our ansestors in a real sense. “Picard said.
“I know. Well escort there ship to star base 314. We will evaluate how to procede at the station. Get them to the star base without incident jean luc!”hildago said. “Will do!” He said.

U.s.s enterprise A
Confrence room
“I have to be honest captain,i never gave mutch thought to the future beyond my time. I figured i would always command the enterprise. I could not imagine a time without me in command of the enterprise. It is a little humbling. To see that the federation and star fleet is stil thriving is beyond exciting. To see that there is stil reason to hope! I felt that my enterprise was special. I felt that the enterprise had an important role to play. It seams that is true.”kirk said.
“I would say the way things are today is in a large part due to the contribution of you and your crew. I am greatful for that. “Picard said.
“Is star fleet stil involved in exploration?”kirk asked. “Oh yes. We just began our mission. We stil have a lot of ground to cover. Our mission is to to boldly go where none have gone before !”picard said. “Good! I would not have it any other way!” Kirk said.
  Uss enterprise A
“Doctors have gotten pretier in the 24th century !”dr. Mccoy said.”i can’t speak to that but i am glad you think so!”dr. Crusher said.
The door opened,a teenage boy entered. “Hi mom!”he said. “This is your son? You don’t look old enough to have a son!”he said.”glad you think so! This is Wesley .”she said. “Your doctor mccoy. I am a doctor not a moonshartle conductor. “He said. “You know about me?”mccoy asked. “Of course. You healed the horta,treated the radiation poisioning on gama hydra, your work is legendary! “Wesley said.
  “Captain spock,it is good to meat your aqaintence. I am well versed in your carer. It is quite impressive !”data said. ” i have always tried to excell in all i do!”spock said.
“I do not fully understand the human need for hero worship,i do see how momentous this is.”the android told him.
“I do not apreciate the emotional eliment of this event but i do agree it is of great sugnificance!” Spock said. “I do not have emotion but i can see from an acedemic stand point why one might find an excuburence in it.”data said. “I could see that from that perspective .”spock said.

“I have not seen a set up like this in a long time!”lt. Gordi laforge said. “They no longer have helm and navigation ?”sulu asked. “We have combined helm and navagation into one council. We refer to it as flight control or we just call it the con. “Gordi said “oh great! I’m obsolete now.”checov said. “It might have been a rusan who invented it pavil!”sulu said. “I vealy hope so !”checov responded. Sulu laughed.
“Acualy it was a team at the utopia planatia yards headed up by someone from fineland!”data said. “Sounds like something a fin would come up with!” Checov said.
“I heard there is no comunication station any more?”uhua asked. “That is corect comander. The com unit is combined with the tactical station”lt. Yar said. “Weapons and comunication all in one post.the cerot and stic aproach!” Checov said.
U.s.s. enterprise-D
“Chief could they be sent back to there time?”picard asked. “I believe we could. The sling schot around the sun is the easiest. Mr. Spock seams to be an expert at that. “Chief enginer mcdougal said.
“Was there any mention of time travel to the future in the enterprise logs?”deana asked. “No. I fully checked all logs even those clasified. There was none. “Data said.
“They may have opted to not to mention it in order to preserve the time line.”deana said. “Perhaps! I find all of this concerning and perplexing. I fear we are only at the beginning!” Picard said.
Klingon vessel
“Now nearing the colony!”the tactical officer anounced. “Take us in! Target the colony! Fire!”the tactical officer said. The Klingon crusher fired on the colony.
The ship fired on several key targets in the capital. It hit command and control centers. The ship began the attack.
End of part four.
I alowed the next gen crew to fill in the tos crew on some of the future. This was to catch up the audience in the 1980’s.  it would if this episode had excisted.
Chief engineer sarah mcdougal apeared in the episode,”naked now!” She was played by broke bundy.


Dawn of the day part three

U.s.s enterprise
Ncc 1701 -A
“Captain i am detecting three vessels. I believe them to be Klingon vessels!” Lt. Rylie enders reported. “I agree with that conclusion jim!”spock informed him.
“We are in federation space corect?”kirk asked. “That is corect!”spock answered. “Vhy are the Klingons in our space?”checov said.
“I have no idea pavil. I don’t like that. Not at all. Mr. Sulu plot an intercept course for those ships. “Kirk ordered.
Sulu ploted the intercept course.”course plotted!”sulu informed the captain.
” Jim! Are you sure this is a good idea? “Doctor mccoy asked.”Klingon battle crushers in the heart of the federation. What is the confusion in that? It seams clear to me!”kirk remarked.
“Jim its been a little less then a  hundred years. A lot can change in that time. “Mccoy said.
“Not them! Not the klingons. The Klingon don’t change. Warfare is in there dna. Its who they are! You must see that!” Kirk declared.
“This is a new century. We cannot be sure of any facts. It would be unwise to make any asumptions! “Spock said.
“Come on spock! These are Klingons. We have seen what they are capable off. “Kirk answered.
“On earth it was believed that the united states and the Soviet union would be in a perpetual sate of war. Then in 1998,the soviet premer anounced they would end the arms race. In 2020,Soviet leader cherienko declared that any nation that wanted to could leave the Soviet union. History indicates that things and people change over time!” Spock said.
“People change,not klingons. Klingon are always blood thirsty. They don’t change. “Kirk said.
While kirk did not say it all,every one knew it was on his mind. It was a Klingon that killed kirk’s son. He had never goten over it.
  The enterprise headed for the Klingon vessels. The enterprise went as fast as they could. To kirk,this was a threat to the federation. One that had to be delt with. Kirk would deal with it.
Klingon vessel
“Sir. Detecting incoming vessel ! It is a constitution class vessel!”lt.McKenna libson commented. “Constitution class ! Those ships were retired from service a long time ago. “The Klingon commander said.
“It is on a direct intercept course for us!”a Klingon science oficer reported. “This is quite unusual !”the first oficer remarked.
The enterprise neared the vessels. “Now in veapons range!” Checov reported. “Open fire!”kirk ordered. “Now wait a minute jim! ” mccoy said.
Before mccoy could fully elaborate on his position ,the enterprise fired. The enterprise fired with a full volley of phasers and photon torpedoes on the Klingon ships.
“Why are they opening fire?”a jr officer asked. “I wish i knew!”the commander said.
” Do we return fire? “The gunner asked. “This is federation space. This could be interpreted as an act of agreson. We do by treaty have a right to be hear. Open hailing frequency !”the commander ordered.
“They are not returning fire!”scoty said. “Odd isint it?”kirk remarked. “We are being hailed by the lead ship!” Uhua said.
“This could be a Klingon trap. They could be testing a new weapon. No response. “Kirk said.
“Jim! This is a bad idea!”dr. Mccoy commented. “Bones qiet yourself.”kirk said. Mccoy was not happy but did as asked.
“Fire a warning schot!”the commander ordered. The Klingon flagship fired near the enterprise. The torpedo came near and detinated just off the nichelle. The ship felt the wake.
“See bones. Proof of agreson!” Kirk said. “That’s hardly proof!”the doctor said.
“We have an incoming ship!”rylie said. “More Klingons?”kirk asked. “Negitive. It is a federation. Call letters,ncc 1701-D u.s.s enterprise. ” Spock said. “The enterprise?”sulu said.
“We are being hailed !”uhua said. “On screen !”kirk said. The view screen turned on. On the screen was the bridge of the megestic starship.
A captain stood up from the center seat. The captain moved away from the hourse shoe like command area. He tuged on his uniform tunic. He went to the view screen.
“I am captain jean luc picard of the enterprise D. To whom am i speaking ?”the older man with a french accent asked in a commanding tone.
“I,sir,am captain james t kirk of the enterprise A. “He said. “Please stop your attack on the Klingon ships at once! “Picard demanded.
“Why are they alowed in federation space !”kirk demanded to know. “Captain things have changed. The federation and Klingon empire are no longer at war. We are alies. “Picard said.
Kirk saw a Klingon at one of the aft stations. “They have sued for peace before. It is a routine staling tactic. Either that or a decision perpetrated by the political government usually vitoed by the military one way or another.” Kirk said.
“That was true in the past. My people have changed. In your time the organiens predicted that humans and klingon would become fast friends. That day has come. Even in your day,you cooperated with kang to defeat a creture that fed on agresson. “Worf said.
“Captain,i urge you to stand down. Even with the alience they wil defend themselves. If a battle begins,there is no knowing what the results will be.”picard urged.
“Lower shields! Stand down!”picard ordered. The weapons officer complied with the order.
“There shields and screens are down! “Lt. Yar reported. “Thank you sir.” Picard said.
Picard gave a non verbal que to the female security officer to terminate the transmison. “Transmission closed.” Yar reported. “Counselor ! Can you sense anything from them?”picard asked “they believe they are the crew of the enterprise?” Deana troyi said.
“Do you doubt there syincerity?”will rycer asked. “I can’t determine that. They believe they are!”deana answered.
“Have doctor crusher asemble a medical team. Have her go over and examine the crew. Lets find out who these people are. ” Picard ordered. “Aye sir!”yar said.
Picard got up from the command chair. “Number one you have the bridge.”picard said.”your going over there? You said so yourself ,we don’t know who these people are for certain yet!”rycer said.
“If this is jim kirk,i should go over there. If it is,i would love to meat him. I would love to see an older starship ! The matter is setled. I am going over there. “Picard informed his second in command.
“Be careful sir. If this is an alien plot,your capture would be a huge blow to the ship and to star fleet!”rycer said. “I am aware of that.”picard said.
Transporter room
Picard and and android joined the medical team. Picard felt uncomfortable around the chief medical officer. She had been maried to his best friend. He was in command of the mission that led to her husband’s death. While they had always been cordjial,there was a unspoken frost between them. They tried to keep things professional. Both had respect for the ortner.
“I have the cordinents set for the bridge “a slightly balding officer reported. “Enerzize!”picard said.
The team emurged on the bridge. “After all the advances, you have not cured male paturn baldness ?”kirk said. “I am afraid not!”Picard answered. “It is not a high priority !”dr. Crusher said.
A male nurse scaned the captain. “He is human. Aperent age 56 give or take. His readings are consistent with the records of james t kirk!”he said.
“You thought we were lying ?”dr. Mccoy asked. “The thought did accur to us!” Picard said.
“Who or what pretell are you?”scoty asked commander data. “I am android sir!”he replied. ” Hopefully not like the ones on exo 2?”uhua said. “No very different. I am benevolent !”data said. “Oh!”uhua said.
“You believed that we were lying?”spock said. “The story apeared far fetched!’data said. “We are who we say we are!” Kirk said. “From the evidence i have,i believe that to be true!”dr. Crusher said.
“I had some doubts about you but mr. Spock believes being catipaulted into the future is possible . We have been knocked into the last enough times. Why not the future !”kirk said.
“I’m glad there is a future !”mccoy said. “I don’t want to blow the lid on events yet to occur but thr future is quite bright. In many ways you pqved the way for what we have today.we created a universe i think you would be proud off. We saught to protect your legacy. “Picard said.
Near by
Adrift in space was a klingon ship. It was a ship from the past. Right now the crew was asleep. They would not stay that way foever.
End of part three
I am writing this as if if was writen in 1986. Sense the soviet union was stil in excistence as well as the cold war. The fall of the berlin wall did not occur until 1989. It was not until December 1990 that michile gorbichov disoved the soviet union. The dates and name of the soviet premer was pulled out of my bum.
The male nurse was an unamed recurring character that apeared in several episodes including “heart of glory”. He was played by brad zerbrist.
The transporter chief was played by micheal ryder. He apeared in “code of hournor” among others.


Dawn of the day part two

  Captain james t. Kirk had been knocked out. He was unconscious. He was dreaming. Visions flew his head. His boyhood in iowa. His time at the academy including pranks played on by an uperclassman.
He saw gary mitchel. He saw the life form on tycho IV. He saw carol marcus,ruth,edith keeler. He saw tribles,nazies,klingons. He saw the enterprise.
He saw viger probe. He saw kahn.he saw spock dying. He saw the enterprise destroyed. He saw spock regenerated. He saw the whales. He saw himself returing to the new enterprise.
“Jim! Jim!”dr. Mccoy said. “Bones! “Kirk said. Kirk started to get up. “Easy jim!”the doctor said. Kirk gently got up. He was starting to get back to normal.
“Satus!”kirk ordered. “We sustained minnor damage on deck 10 Though 12. There was substancual damage to the main deflector dish. There was damage to the shartle bay and torpedo luch bay. ” Spock reported.
“Where are we?” Kirk asked. “Keptin we are near delta wega!”checov said. “Are you sure?”kirk asked. “Confirmed sir!”sulu said. “How in blazes did we get there?”mccoy asked.
“I believe the energy wave propeled us hear at high speads!”spock said. “It is theoretically posible!”scoty said.
“Hail star fleet command ! Inform them of what has occured!”kirk informed uhua. Uhua agreed. She sent the information to star fleet command.
“sir! I am getting a parculer response! They seam to doubt who we are! “Uhua said. “Whats going on?”dr. Mccoy asked. “I wish i knew. Uhua get a visual contact !”kirk ordered.
Lt. Commander uhua sent the request for a visual. The view screen was activated by the comm officer. On the screen was an admiral. The uniform was not one any of the enterprise crew recognized. The man in the screen was a man with the apearent age of being in his fithties or sixties.
“Who is this! This is a chanel no longer used by star fleet!”the admiral said. ” Why was i not informed?”kirk asked. “Who is this?”the admiral demanded to know. “This is captain james t kirk of the starship enterprise!” Kirk said.
“Is this some kind of joke?”The admiral asked. “I asure you sir,this is no joke! Who sir are you?”kirk asked. “I am reer admiral hildalgo star fleet command. “The admiral answered.
“I am not familar with you sir!” Kirk declared. “You cannot be jim kirk.  If you were,you would look a lot older. “The admiral said.”this is not a joke or a prank sir. I am captain james t. Kirk. I am abored the enterprise ncc 1701-A. “Kirk informed the admiral.
“If i may jim.”spock said. Kirk non verbily gave him the go ahead to procede. Spock went to the screen. “Sir! May i ask what year is this?” Spock asked.
The admiral was puzzled. “Earth calander 2386. “The admiral said.”the 24th century ?”kirk asked. “How is that posible?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“You claim your the crew of the enterprise A?”hildalgo asked.”we are the crew of the enterprise!”scoty said. “Your captain kirk?”the admiral asked.”yes i am sir !”kirk said. The admiral showed evidence that he did not believe the claim. “You travaled into the future ?”the admiral asked in a somewhat cyinical tone.
“If i may sir!”spock said. “Say on!”hildalgo said. “We encountered a Klingon experiment involving time waves.i believe that we got caught in a wave. It propelled us into the future.”spock said.
The admiral thought it over. “I want you to hold position where you are. I am dispatching a ship to your position. Please cooperate with them!”hildalgo said.
“You have my assurance we will sir!”spock said. “Very good. We will keep in touch ! Star fleet out!”he said. The screen faided. Open space could be seen.
Starfleet command sanfransisco
“What do you make of this?” The admiral asked an aid. “I have no idea. It could be an alien deception,hologrophy,or the itiotions. They do like to imitate. Temporal displacement is not that odd! “Lt. Rylie enders said.
“Do you believe that is little chance that they are who they claim to be?” An ensign asked.
“I have no idea ensign. It is definitely posible. I just don’t know. We will find out. “The admiral said. “Who are you going to send?”lt. Enders asked.
“There is only one person up to this task! Get me captain jean luc picard!” The admiral said.
In space a gigentic starship warped on by. It was one of the largest ship ever assembled by star fleet. Having a thousand people on bored,it was almost a citty in space. It was designed for long term exploration included families and civilian advisors. It had resorceses and fuel for a long trip. 
The vessel mission was the same as all of ships naimed boldly go where no one had gone before. It had a long term emphises.
  The ship’s captain walked though the ship. He looked at the vest engines. He could not get over the imensity of the ship.its magesty.
The commanding officer was from french lineage. He had grown up in a smal vilege in france. He was balding and not particularly tall. He had a commanding presence about him.
He left engineering and toured orther parts of the ship. He was a serious man. Some who call him stoic. This was not his first command. He had commanded starship before. He was considered one of the best in star fleet.
He was roaming the halls. His jaunt was interupted by the sound of the p.a syistom. “Bridge to captain!”a vioce said.the captain went over to a com unit in the coridor. “This is picard!”he said.
“Sir! Incoming message from star fleet command! Its admiral hildalgo!” The duty officer said.
“I will take it in my qurters!”he said. He went to his qurters. He went inside. He sat down and fliped on the monitor.
On the screen was the admiral.”jean luc i have a bit of an unusual asignment for you! “He said. “Ok!”the captain said. “We were contacted on an old style star fleet frequency. A man claming to be jim kirk abored the old enterprise contacted us. Sence your near his location. I would like you to check it out! “The admiral ordered.
“What do you think is going on?”picard asked. “Frankly jean luc i don’t have a clue. “The admiral told picard. “I see!”picard said.
“I want that ship brought to a star base. Evaluate what is going on. It could be a hoax or a prank. It could be hero worship. It could even be some kind of Trojan horse invasion by an alien race. Your the best man for the job of figuering all this out! “The admiral told the captain.
“I will do my best admiral !”picard asured his superior. “I know you will captain! “Hildalgo said. “I will keep you aprised!”he asured the spanish officer. “I know you will. Good luck star fleet out!”he said.
“The enterprise -A ?” Security officer lt. Tasha yar a women of eastern European discent said. “This is not posiable!”a Klingon officer who maned an aft station said.
“Do we believe that this is kirk?”First officer wiliam rycer asked. ” I have no idea number one. I want to keep an open mind! We rule nothing in or out. “Picard said. “Understood sir!”rycer said.
“I have the coordinates sir!”an officer who had an usual eye peace on his head said. “Very good! Mr. Lagorge engage!”picard ordered. The ship went to warp.
“Sir! I am getting a mesage from the Klingon crusher n’vedda. They say they are under attack !”yar reported.
“Inside federation space?” A female officer in a blue uniform dress commented. “They are being attacked by the vessel perported to being the enterprise-A. ” the Klingon officer naimed worf observed.picard thought to him”oh no!”
End of part two.
Keeping with the ncis-csi model for introducing spins offs, the enterprise-D was already operating. I am ignoring the events of encounter at farpoint.
I am ignoring history established by future episodes or future movies. I am writing this as if it was in 1986.
The year sighted by admiral hildalgo was pulled out of my bum. The year 2264 was not established til later. In encounter at farpoint,data said he graduated in 2379. I just picked 2386 at random.
The character of admiral hildalgo was depicted in the poket books novilization of “encounter at farpoint” writen by david gerold. The character was referenced in the lost era novel “buried age” by cristopher l bennet.

Dawn of the day

  “Who would have thought i would get a new ship. I certainly didin’t. After disobeying direct orders of a superior,getting my ship destroyed and going to a forbiden planet,i figued i never command a ship again !”
“After saving earth from certain calamity ,they decided only a demotion. I never wanted to be an admiral any way. It all worked out”

“Hear am i back on a starship. Not just any starship but the enterprise. Mayby you can go home again !”
“Our mission right now is scientific in nature . We are ,whoever near the Klingon nutral zone. While the federation is not techically in a sate of hostility,peace talks have been suspended indefinitely. We are keeping a close eye on the nutral zone just in case. ”
U.s.s enterprise ncc 1701-A
“Is in time for you to retire jim!”dr. Mccoy said. “No way. Too much left to explore. So much more to see. “Jim said.”i thought you said galiventing the cosmos was a game for the young?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“I never said that!” Kirk said. ” yes you did!”dr. Mccoy sugested.”captain i am detecting a masive energy disturbence. I canot determine what it is but it uses a masive amount of energy! “Spock said.
“Keptin the energy originates inside the Klingon side of the nutral zone!” Checov said. 
” can you determine what it is?”kirk asked. “Negitive. The computer canot determine its function . I do not have enough information to speculate!”spock said.
“Could it be the Klingon trying to create there own version of project genises?” Scoty asked. “No i can verify that it is not project genises'” spock ansered.
“It could be a weapons experiment!” Scoty sugested. “The Klingons are not known for scientific research for the hack of it !”mccoy said. “No they are not! “Kirk said.
“If they are doing reserch,i gurente ye that there are military aplications to it!”scoty said.
“Jim! Please tell me your not considering going into the nutral zone?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“I have to know what they are up to bones!”kirk said. “You just got  out of hot watter! They are going to demote you to chief petty officer or worse! “Mccoy said.
“Something is going on. The Klingons are up to something ! I have to know what it is! Mr. Sulu take us in to the nutral zone! ” kirk said.
“Aye sir!”sulu said. The enterprise went at warp into the forbiden zone. “Ve are now in the nutral zone!” Checov reported.
Klingon crusher
“Energy is at full my lord!”a science officer anounced. “Activate the time wave!” Klingon admiral k’vet ordered. A Klingon tech presed the button. In space a gray like ribon seamed to apear out of no where.
“I have a visual !”commander uhua said. “On screen !”kirk ordered. On the view screen was displayed the masive image of the energy wave. There were several Klingon ships as well.
“What in blazes is that?” Dr. Mccoy asked. “It apears to be a rip in time. I believe the Klingons are trying to puncture a hole in the space time continum! “Spock said.
“They are going to atempt time travel ?”kirk asked. “Perhaps or they could be planing a temporal attack or a sorced earth tactic !”spock said. “Oh gosh!”mccoy said.
“Target the wave! We need to disperse this!”‘kirk said. “Targarted!” A weapons officer said. “Sulu take us in!”kirk ordered. Sulu folowed the order. The enterprise flew it at high warp.
The enterprise ran at high warp. The vessel fired on the energy wave. There were a series of explosions thoughout the wave.
“What is going on?” The Klingon admiral asked. The tech look over data. ” It is a federation starship ! It is the enterprise!”a monitor said.
“The enterprise was destroyed by kruge the brave!” First officer gintrep said. “It is probably a new enterprise !”the admiral said.
“Kirk! He always medles in things that had nothing to do with!” Second officer joseg said. “Target that ship! I want kirk and that ship out of my stars!”k’vet declared. The gunner aquired the target. Then he presed the fire button.
The Klingon katinga class d-7 war crusher opened fire on the enterprise. It fired disruptors and photon torpedoes at the enterprise. The projectiles struck the back of the ship as well as the other areas in the aft section of the ship.
The bridge felt the shock from the impact.” Do we ruturn fire?”the weapons officer asked. “Negitive vall ! Target the energy wave. The wave is the threat!”kirk said. “This is your plan jim?”mccoy asked. The enterprise fired multiple voleys of photon torpedoes on the wave. The Klingon ships hit the enterprise. The enterprise relied on the shields to protect them.
“Sulu take us to the center of the energy wave!” Kirk ordered. Sulu and checov ploted the course. The enterprise was hit repeatidly. It did not deter them.they kept going.
There were explosions thoughout the ship. The damage was not too savere,it was building up. “Jim! We can’t keep taking these hits!”dr. Mccoy said. “I am aware of that bones. We have a mission hear!”jim said. “We are now in position !”spock said. ” Fire!”kirk ordered.
The enterprise fired multiple volleys on the energy wave. The phasers and photon torpedoes pounded the eye of the wave.
“We are having a minimal efect!”spock reported. “Take us in closer!”kirk ordered. “How much closer can we get?”dr. Mccoy asked.
The enterprise went into the eye of the storm. The enterprise fired a phaser burst into the wave. The wave exploded. The enterprise was pushed backwards. The ship lost cohesion.
The crew tried to stop the stil drifted at a very fast speed. The energy wave was no longer stationary. It headed straght for the enterprise.there was no stoping it.
The enterprise was hit. The enterprise vanished. The energy wave continued on. The wave decreased and eventually disipated.
Space was restored to its usual form. Stars were seen again. There was no evidence that the wave had been there.
End of part one