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The society part 7

Planet Vulcan
Capital citty shikar
Office of the administrator
“The vessel that caried out the suiside attack on the Klingon fleet was a vessel that was withdrawn from service 45 years ago. The vesel was suposed to be at the zedulon suply depot. It was not there. We have not determined how the vessel left the depot.” The minister of security said.
“This is a serious security breach! This is quite concerning!”the deputy administrator said. “I am in full agreement excellentcy. We are conducting a full investigation “the security minister said.
“Have we determined that the attack was not authorized by anyone in the Vulcan high command or any other aperatis within the comonwealth?”the administrator asked.
“We are stil investigating but we do not believe that this operation was authorized by anyone in the Vulcan government or anyone had knowledge of the mission !”the minister of security said.
“Unfortunately the operation did alow our forces to push the Klingon fleet back to near our border. We may not have been able to accomplish that without it!”admiral teveles said.
“That is quite desturbing. I want all suply depots secured. I want all shipyards and equipment ficilities sicured as well. I do not want any breches.”the administrator ordered. Those in the room understood.
“Suiside attack! The Vulcan have become desperate !”the chairman said. “We will need to send more ships chancellor. “The commanding admiral said.
“Our forces may be streched too thin chancellor. We will have to take key scrdurins away from ocupied worlds and key asets. “Admiral zurkren said.
“Chancellor this war may be unsustainable !”a military advisir said. That was the targ in the room. He said what every one else was thinking.
“We have superior fire power ,equipment and personale. We should be able to take out the Vulcan eventually !”the chairman said.
“Eventually yes. It will require a lot of effort. If some of the jeghpu’pwI revolt,we could face a war on multiple fronts!”the military advisor commented.
“Your not sugesting we retreat?’a council member asked.”no my lord. I am not sugesting that . We may need to revaluate the war. “The advisor said.
“We have to win this war! We were attacked. They declared war on us. We have to fight is a matter of hournor at this point !”the chairman said.
While some in the room might not agree but no one would say so. While he was oficily an eaquil among eaquils,he had become the vioce of the council. He was not sinply the presiding officer any more.  When he spoke the rest of the council listened. He was the leader of the council. He was the council in many ways.
Many in the private council chamber dissagried with him. They feared that this might be the council’s ondoing. 
  For brigadeer shracray,he feared that it might be the empires undoing.
The unknown combat ships took an ofensive posture. The vessel were designed exclusively for combat. They had multiple weapons turets. They utilized multiple kinds of weapons including nutrilizing pulses.
The vessels were under scrict orders to destroy the Klingon ship. Shivek had a reputation as a desenter. If he just dissapered it would not be a big deal so long as it was a mystery. A mystery that was never solved.
  While a Vulcan ship would atempt to contact the vessel ,Klingon would not. Klingons schot first. That was how it was.
The Klingon vessel fired as soon as it was in range. It fired a full volley of torpedoes. The vessels were hit.
The combat vessel returned fire on the Klingon ship. One of the nicelle was hit. The Klingon ship returned fire. The ship was hit.
The two orther ships fired on the Klingon ship. The other nichelle was hit. There was evidence of multiple damage on both the nicelle. The Klingon ship refused to give up.
The Klingon ship fired on the attacking ships. He fired and fired.
The three vessels hit back again and again. Several decks were hevily hit by the enemy. The Klingons faught on.
Tijira was watching from the side. She could not sit on the sidelines. She found an empty seat. She sat down and scaned the ships.
“Target the secondary node right hear!” Tijira said. Every one looked to shivek. “Do it!”the concil member in charge ordered.
The Klingon ship fired multiple torpedoes on the center of the warship. The flagship of the three ships was hit. The node exploded. The Klingon vessel fired on other areas of the command ship.
The Klingon ship fired on the orther two ships.  The command ship headed over to the Klingon vessel. The Klingon ship was hit.
“Got any more good idears vulcanian?”shivek asked. She looked at the screen. She had an idea. The Klingon ship fired on an area that controls gravity on the combat ship. The otther vesel came to there sister ship’s help. The Klingon ship fired on the sister ship’s gravity control node. The two ships gravity hit eaxhother. The Klingon vessel fired. The two ships imploded.
“I thought you were a pasifist?”the weapons officer asked. “We are. This is servival. These people are determined to make sure to make sure we don’t make it out of hear alive. I see no other alternative !”tijira said.
Now only one ship remaned. The two ships were about evenly matched. Both ships had been left batered and bloody. Both wanted a win.
The Klingona got off the first schot. The Klingon fired phased energy beam at the enemy ship. The vessel’s exoskeliton was definitely compromised.
The combat ship fired a few more volleys on the Klingon ship.the vessel was hit. Several decks were on fire. The ship was stil standing. The Klingon vessel fleq on top of the combat ship. It unleashed a volley of torpedoes and got out of the way.
The combat ship was hit. The vessel exploded. There was a shock wave. The Klingon vessel went to warp.
“Stay sharp crew. There could be more ships out there!”the commander ordered. The crew agreed.
Qurters of captain
“My food is Klingon qusine!”shivek said. “I have had Klingon food before. It is no big isue!” She told him. “You handle every thing with dispassion?’shivek asked. “I am a Vulcan !”she said. “That is not an answer !”he said. “I follow Vulcan philosiphy to the best of my ability. I am a firm believer in the philosophy of surek. “She told shivek.
“As an opritive in the security minustery,you often find your self beyond the conefines of the priest and priestess of Vulcan !”he said. “I chose the surek way of life. No one forced me!’she said. “Manny Klingons have shyied away from the philosophy of kahless. We give lip service but i imagine that neither kahless or sompek would recognize. “Shivek said.
  “Do you reject kahles’s and sonpek’s philosophy of hornor and hournor code ?”she asked. “Perhaps! I have not thought about it. I am not a phisopher. “He said. “Despite your command of this vessel ,you are a politician !”she said. “I don’t think about that too mutch. I gues i am a politician. The truth is i got the job because none of my brothers wanted the job. Sence i was the youngest adult male it fell to me. “Shivek said.
“You don’t want the job?”she asked. “I am glad that our family has a seat on the council. I am not a talker. I perfere action!’She said. “I see. “She said.
“Bridge to captain!”a first officer said via intercom. He went over and fliped on the intercom. “Go ahead!” Shivek said. 
“We have located a Klingon task force. They have set course for us. “The exo said. “Inform them we have urgent information for the chancellor!”shivek said.
Dytalix b
“Sir! The Vulcan agent got away.somehow the ships sent to destroy the Klingon vessel was destroyed. They had met up with a Klingon task force!”the aid said.
“No! This is a desaster! The whole plan is colapsing. “The elder said.”we cab destroy those ships!”the aid said. “No! If we do the council will conclude we destroyed them. This operations is over. The one hundred year plan can be salveged. We have to go underground! Order all of our opritives to abort the mission. I will inform the bored.”the elder said.
“What now?”the aid asked.”we will qietly build. No more starting wars. At least for now. We will get back on tract. This is not over!”the elder said.
High council
“A secret society ! Come on! You have beem drinking some bad blood wine!”a councillor said.
“Even if i acepted that this beatified was involved in starting this war,war has begun. I am loathed to stoping it!” The chairman said.
“The war should never have happened. It must stop. ” Tijira said. The chairman dismished the meating into a closed door seision of the high council.
The chairman of the high council agred to suspend the war.the Vulcan were given back the areas seized by the Klingons. The Klingons withdrew.
The Klingons struck the notely system and took control of the beatified base. The senior officers including the klaystone colnel had already fled. The jr officers knew little.
“The war is over!”tijira said. “I assume your returning to Vulcan !”shivek said. “I am going to return to my other life. Being an acedemic and a morther!”he said. “If your kids ever want a step farrher?”he said. “A Klingon and a Vulcan mating. It seams like an ilogical union.” She said. “I can kill targ with my bare hands. Oh yea your vagiterian. I could kill a plant for you!” He said. “Look i don’t think sutch a union would work!”she said.
“Well i wish you well. Peace and prosperity !”he said. “Qopla !”she said
  He watched her leave. He went back to the high council. He would go back to work.
Planet dytalix b
The aid was now an old man. He was now an elder. The plan failed.a new order was created. An order they had nothing to do with. This colition of planets created stibility. It was not from them.
A hooded man entered. “Excellentcy! “The younger man said. “The order is at a crosroad. Some are diserting us. Many have decided to rebuild our order. I have an asigment for you. This new coilition must fall!”the elder said.
The end.


The society part six

The gaurds aimed there energy rifles at tijira. They took aim. They were about to fire.
Tijira waited. As they were perparing to fire,she lifted up her leg and kicked the nearest rifle man. She then used the Vulcan and iniciated a Vulcan nerve pinch on the orther schooter.
She was fired on by other station’s security persons. She had grabed a phased rifle and fired. She ran and fired on the attackers.
The attackers fired back on the attackers. She knew that she had information that her superiors needed to have. She did have to make sure that they got it. The security of the comonwealth of Vulcan depended on it. That was not an oversatement.
She ran as fast as she could. Vulcans were known for there speed and endurence. She called on it in this case. She needed it. She found a utility closet. She went in and hid. She was well traned in evasion tatics and servival. She would need it in this case.  She kept as quet as she could.
The patrol went by the closet. They did not check the closet. She was suprised that they would be this sloppy but it did work in her favor. She would not complain.
She waited for several minutes before atempting to leave the closet. While those in emotional races might get very impatcient,tijira knew the importence of being carefull. She knew that endurence and prudence was the key to victory.
After she was certain that the coast was clear,tijira excited the utility room. She slethfuly moved though the coridor. She came upon a group of tropers.this time she got off the first schoot.
Three of the tropers were stuned. The others fired on her.she was able to dodge the schots.she quickly hit back. She hit all but one.
The one remaning gaurd fired. She droped and rolled. He missed her several times. She roled over then tackled the schooter. She got off another nerve pinch. The man was randered unconscious. She took the rifle.
She kept moving. She found an airlock. She tried to open the door. Of course the door required a pasword. She atempted to hack into the system and open the airlock. Finally the door opened. She fled the base
The planet was habitible for humans. It was considered by many humanoid races to be harsh. She had been on manny worlds. She learned to adapt to any situation. That was the nature of her work.
She started to move. She saw a staging area. There were suport crafts. She saw shock troops. This society ,this group that calls itself the beatified was heavily armed. This was not a social club but an army.  They were perparing for war.
She had been spoted. While those who were emotional might panic but not her. She was traned not to react by nuture and by her vashar traning. She would remain stoic.
They quickly turned there attention to her. They ran to her.she was in trouble . She stayed calm and Vulcan like though it all.that was who she was.
She was serounded. She would not yield. She would wait for them to defeat her. She would not give up. They would have to disarm her. It seemed like they were close to acheving that goal.
All of a sudden they heard a noise. She saw a Klingon battle crusher. It was a tershova class battle crusher.
Was it a friend or foe. Could it be neither. Klingon were unpredictable. The vessel fired on the societies forces. Tijira struck the nearest gaurd with her rifle. She kicked a few orthers. She fired on several others.
She kept going.  The Klingon warship flew low. It lunched a grapiling hook. She knew this was probably not a good idea but she had few options. She grabed on to the grapple. They fired on her as she was hoisted up.
She felt a bit disoriented as she was taken up to the ship. The hatch opened and she was brought in. The hatch was sealed.
The battle crusher went to warp.the ship cleared the planet. It reentered space. The base fired a serface to space mistle at the vessel.
The crusher fired on the mistle.the mistle exploded before it could inpact the ship. The ship was hit by debre but nothing serious.
The ship tried to get away from the planet. “HE pat magauD tlhap witihismo wo’vad!” The commander ordered. The helm agreed. The ship went to warp.
Tijira excited the hatch. She saw the gaurds on the orther end. Instead of thanking her they surounded her. “Follow me!”the Klingon sergent barked.
  For the moment she was not an ally . It was unclear if they considered her an enemy or if this was just Klingon hospitality. She was led to the bridge of the warship.
The door opened. She was shoved on to the bridge. “You! I should kill you where you stand!’shivek said. “You could have at least said hello first. “Tijira said. “You have certainly caused quite the chaos on qonos and hear !”shivek said. “It was unovoidible!”she said.
“Why did you come to cronos. Why did you end up in the notely system ?”shivek asked.
“I was looking for a parmokoi. No one was to my liking!”she said. The bridge crew wanted to laugh but no one dared until shivek did. “Amusing!”the coincilmember and starship commander said.
“I came to investigate the attack. The evidence brought me to notely four.  The Vulcan government was not involved in the attack. The attacker did so at the behast of a third party trying to provoke a war between the empire and the commonwealth!”tijira said.
“Wht would they do this?”shivek’s aid asked. “To destabilize the reigion. To create a vacuum they can fill!”she said.
“Who is thid mysstery cabal?”the first offficer asked. “They call themselves the beatifued!”she said. Shivek laughed. “The beatified is a myith! “Shivek said.
“Look ! Rather it is the actual group or people who are simply using the name is non seqitor. “She said.
“A group of people who is part political ,part military and part myistical is plotting to take over the galaxy.  You sure you have not been engaging in too mutch romusnagen asle or are in the early stages of bendi syindrome?”shivek asked.
Tijira perfered not to deal with the Klingons. They were irational,eratic,unqoth. From time to time she found that she had to. This was one of those times.
“I have proof. Look i am not your enemy. At least not in this occasion!”she said.
“In fitty to a hundred years our two peoples will be forced into conflict. It is inevitable ! Why wait?”shivek asked.
“We have a comon isue today. Down the road is down the road!”she said.
“My superiors wil be sceptical. Once batle begins like this  it can only  ended only by victory !”he said.
“There is no victory. Not for the comonwealth or the enpire. There is victory only for them. They are using us. We are playing into there hand !”she told him.
“I find it hard to believe that a multi planitary secret society is. Able to impliment such a plot. “Shivek said. “They have been preparing thia for some time. Can’t you see what is transpiring hear?”she asked.
“I will consider what you have said. Escort her to the brig. “Shivek ordered. “This way!”the security chief said. She decided to comply with the request.
She hoped that this would go bettee. She hoped that the Klingon she encountered would be more resonible. That did not happen. War was in no ones interest except foe those behind this plot. Convincing the klingon of that was quite a feat.
The Klingons had continued to advance into Vulcan space. The Vulcan had put up stiff recistence.Klingons had the advantage in ships and ofensive capibility.
The Vulcans had falen back. They were planing to regroup.they hoped to fortify the teratort stil in Vulcan control. They were sending reinforcements. They had to repel the attacks now or risk losing the entire comonwealth.
Klingon imperial flagship
“We have an incoming ship!”the science officer reported. “One ship?”the admiral in command asked. “Corect excellentcy!”the science officer answered. “Have you identified the vessel?”the admiral asked.
“It is a Vulcan heavy crusher. Sir! I am not detecting any life signs!”the science officer said. The admiral ordered the fleet to fall back.
The Klingon ships tried to fall back. The Vulcan ship exploded.the explosive shock wave hit the Klingon ships.
Tijira was in a smal cramped cell.she took her shoes off and laid on the bed. The bed was a shelf. Most likely the crew qurters were not much more comfortible.
The door opened,the security chief with a full contingency of gaurds barked at her. The force field was deactivated.
She was told to follow him. She was taken to the captain’s qurters.
“Leave us!”shivek ordered. The gaurds left. “A Vulcan ship detonated itself near our fleet. The flagship was destroyed. Fleet admiral zooran is dead. As is several of our senior starship commanders. “Shivek said.
“You don’t find that odd? Vulcans do not engage in suiside attacks. It is not our way! “She said.
“I know that. Something is very odd hear. “Shivek said. “Are you warming up to my resoning?”she asked.
“Yes i am. The council may have acepted it. That was before the attack that led to the death of the admiral. “He said.
“This war is in no ones best interest. We have to stop this! We are obligated to both our worlds to end this conflict. “She said.
“I will try. It will not be easy. The high council will be reluctant to even hear me out i am afraid. “He said. “You must try! You owe it to the Klingon people you swore to protect. “She said.
Dytalix b
“Excellentcy! The Klingon fleet was heavily damaged. The flagship was destroyed. Several orther battle crushers was destroyed. The Vulcans have taken advantage of the event and pushed the fleet back. We are planing more attack!” The aid said.
“We need to stop both fleets. I want both empires brought to there knees. I want it now! “The grand elder said.
“There is more! The Vulcan agent esaped. She was rescued by a Klingon ship!”the aid said.
“A Vulcan has linked up with a Klingon ?”the elder asked. “Yes sir! “He responded. “That ship must be destroyed! That is a high priority. This is not going as planed!” The elder said.
“I will order our forces to locate and destroy that ship!”the aid said. “Do it now!” The elder said. He agreed.
The elder was woried. He saw all of this falling apart. The plan was not working.
Klingon vessel
“Detecting three vesels. Unknown design . They are heavily armed!”the weapons officer said. “Stand by all weapons !”shivek ordered.
Perhaps tijira was correct. Perhaps some third party was involved. Would they be able to warn there seperiors? Would they in time?
End of part six

The society part five

  “Vulcan security log,vashar agent tijira reporting. My investigation has taken me to notley four. There i have discovered a secret base. I have been captured. I am hoping to get answers. ”
  She was escorted to the command center by the efrosien and a contingency of armed gaurds. She was led to the control room though a series of elivators. The door opened,they entered.
“A Vulcan ! I should have known. Vulcan don’t like to leave anything alone!” The man in charge said. “I recognize your species. You are a klaystron. “She said.
“I am.” He said. “This is far from klaystron space. Is this base part of the klaystron military?” She asked.
“Hardly! I am part of a different unit these days. “Colnel tiando said. “What unit would that be?”tijira asked. “Colnel!”an aid said. The colnel dismissed his aid. The aid backed off.
“Lets talk in my office!” Tiendo said. The two went into the office.the door closed. “I am part of a very ancient order known as the beatified. This entire complex belongs to that group !”the colnel said.
“The beatified. I have heard them called by manny things,the order,the society manny orthers.Vulcan security investigated claims of your order and concluded that it was mythical snd had no bases in reality. A simple conspiracy theory. “Tijira said.
“It is true! We do exist. We try to mantain animity. Our work requires absolute secrecy. Someday we will reveal ourselves. We hope that day will be soon. “He said.
“Your behind the attack on qonos. Your trying to start a war between the Vulcan and Klingons why?”tijira asked.
“Our group was formed after the colapse of the great empires. The supernova that erased the t’kon empire,the dissaperence of the iconians,the war that led to the mutural destruction of the menthar and promeliens,it left a huge vacume. We saw that there needed to be a new stability. A group representing a thousand worlds over a large distence United to create a better stronger universe. This is only the beginning. We are embarking on a one hundred year plan. “He said.
“A plot to enslave the galaxy !”she said. “Not enslave but to liberate! ” the colnel said. “You believe you poses secreat knowledge. Knowledge reserved only for the truely enlightened. The smart. The strong minded controling everyone else. “Tijira said. “We don’t see it that way. We believe that anyone can be beatified but most chose not to. Most perfer there sports,there roleplaying card games,entertainment. Those who are beatified have a sacred duty to act. We won’t scrimp on those responsibilities. ” the colnel declared.
“Why start a war between two major universal powers? This will cause more chaos! This will enable the doomsday syinerio you claim to fear!” Tijira said.
“You don’t understand. Yes sutch a war would bring about death,destruction on a masive scale.  The galaxy will be looking for someone to fill the void. That is us. We will pick up the peaces. We will save the universe. ” the colnel said.
“To break something for the perpose of fixing it is masicistic. It is not benovolent.”tijira said. “Is letting the galaxy get closer to an eventual caticlism murciful or benevolent. Races build more and more deadly weapons. To counter those weapons ,orther planitary nation states build even more dreadfull weapons. An arms race begins. Mayby the only answer is to let it happen . Let the empires colapse. Let the devisation come. Colapse the system in order to rebuild it later. ” the colnel said.
“I am stuned by your plan. It is very cyinical. It is very alarming.”tijira said.” It is the best idea we have. Alowing the satis qo is not an option for us. It is an ethema to our very thinking. ” The colnel said.
“Why tell me?”she said. “Your going to die anyways so why not. Besides i have to bottle it up. I do enjoy talking about it. It is an epic plan. One that will change every thing. “The colnel said.
“I don’t share that view. I do,whoever admit that it would profoundly alter the course of events in the universe. I don’t believe it would be positive in the short or long term. ” She declared.
“Have you contacted your superiors sense you arived on qonos?” He asked. “No i have been on a constent radio silence. I was ordered to do so. “She told him. “No one knows what you uncovered?” The colnel said. “That is corect!” She answered him.
The colnel presed a buton on his pad. The door opened and the gaurd entered the office.”take her to the lab. “The colnel ordered. She ofered no recistence. She went with the security detail. They left the office. The door closed.
High council
” Our fleet has pushed the Vulcans out of qutil. The planet is now under our control. The Vulcan have retreted to p’jem. “The admiral said.
“The winds of change are blowing in our favor. “A councillor said. “Lets not get too excuberent councillor liquil. This is very early !” Shivek said. “Vulcan are asking for reinforcements. Admiral shaveer is on his way with a fleet. It seams they will make there stand at p’jem. ” The admiral said.
“Send reinforcement of our own.have admiral turkrel command the fleet. ” The chairman said. The admiral agreed.
“I have a question for the admiral!”shivek said. The chairman decided to alow it. ” Admiral have you determined what caused the battle to begin?”shivek asked.
“It was one of our crushers. The i.k.c turshock under the command of captain jatleen. “The admiral said.
“Has the commander been releved of duty ?”shivek said. “No ! He has not!” The admiral answered. “Why has he not!” Shivek asked. “I don’t know councillor “the admiral said.
“I recomend he be releved of duty at once.” Shivek commented. “Have the commander escorted hear at once. He is to be arested!”the chairman ordered. Then the conversation moved to other topics.
Shivek returned to his house’s command post. He had all records on the commander brought to him. He looked it over.
Jatleen was of the house of quzek. Quzek was an influential house. His farther was a general and his grandfarther was a governor of a important world in the empire. The family did not hold a seat in the council but stil had influence.
Jeenteel had a prestigious record of his own. He dissapered during a battle with the mirradorn. He was presumed dead. He was captuted and took there ship.he became a war hero. He was cellebrated and given command of a war ship. Shivek wondered what happened to him during there time? This just added to a paturn he had been noticing. He could not ignore it.
The door opened,an aid entetered. “Excellentcy captain jatleen is dead. He commited suiside before he could be taken into custody. “The aid said.
Shivek found this curias. What was going on? Shivek wanted to get to the bottom of this.
“What it is sir?”terdek asked.”i suspect that someone in the Klingon high command has been compromised. “Shivek said. “For what perpose!”cherdek asked.”i don’t know. Perhaps this is a power play. A prelude to a hostile takeover. Perhaps someone on the outside has infiltrated the empire. I have to find it. “He said.
“Councillor’s journal, i have come to suspect that someone,either on the outside or inside is trying to sercomvent the empire.i don’t know who. I have decided to focus on the mysterious Vulcan security agent. ”
“Using my influence as a member of the high council?as well as head of a prominent house and my military carer i have found out where the mystery Vulcan women went. She went to the orions. She booked pasege on a trash barge.the vessel headed to the notely system. I decided to go after her.”
“I took my ship and headed for the notely system. I feared that this might be a wild globe fly chase but i suspected it was not.”
Planet notely four
She was escorted to the lab. Tijira saw a Vulcan female. She recognized her. She was a former agent that dissapered a few years ago. She was made to sit.
The rougue Vulcan placed her hand on hers. “My mind to your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. ” she looked into her mind. She tried to uncover what she knew.
“It seams that she did not contact anyone in the Vulcan high command after she arived on qonos. Her contacts on qonos are dead. She did speak to the orion syindicate following the incident. “The Vulcan said.
“We can handle that easily enough! Very well. The mission is stil savegiable. “The colnel said. “What do we do about tijira?”a corvelon asked. “Schooot her! “The colnel said.the gaurds took her out of the chair. They took out energy compreson rifles. They aimed it at her.
Datalix b
“The Klingons  have advanced into Vulcan space. Several Klingon ships have crosed into Vulcan space commiting raids in there teritory. The Vulcan are facing multiple attacks. Vulcan forces may be streched thin. ” the aid told his seperior.
“The Vulcan cannot lose totally. We do not want a strong Klingon empire. We need to put a elverian noise wrench in the plan. “The elder said.
“Tijira was captured by the notely base. It seams anyone she talked to on the qonos is dead. There is the orion opritives but we will deal with them. There is a Klingon councul member i am concerned about !”the underling said.
“Keep a close eye on this. I do not want any trouble.i fear this thing is faling apart!”the elder said. “It is going acording to plan?”the underling asked. “Is it?”the elder asked. He was not so sure.
End of part five
The notely system was naimed after rachel notely. Notely is a canadien polician and is a member of the new democratic party. She is premere of alberta.
The klaystron apeared in the ds9 episode dax. A klaystron ship made it to the micromichine set.
The corvelon are murcinaries.they were seen in tng episode “face of the enemy”


The society part four

The planet dytalic b was an uninhabited planet full of minerals. The planet was under the control of a multi planitary mining consortium.  The planet was a perfect cover for covert meatings. The planet was used for that perpouse on multiple occasions.
The mining operations were only in certain areas of the planet. Clendestine meatings were held in areas far away from
Mining complexes. The minerals provided natural shielding.
A man excited the shartle. He was ocompined by a contingency of body gaurds. The man had a hood on. He was greated by another man.
“This is not going according to plan!”the hooded man said.”there have been a few bumps in the road excellentcy but they are not serious. The plan while not totally according to our guidelines is going well. The Vulcans and Klingon are at war. The war will drag on for some time! The one hundred year plan can go unincumbered!”the visator said.
“The border was to be fully sealed off. A vulcan agent made it to qonos. She has seen too much. That mistle rases too many questiones and it failed to acheve its misson. This is unaceptible. The entire project is thretened!”the man in charge said.
“There is no need for panic excelentcy. These devopments are not ideal,i am convinced we are on tract. ” The guest said.
“We cannot be careless. We have worked too hard on this. “The genteman in charge said.
“I will handle the vulcan agent. This will work. “The younger man said. “See that it does! I dont tolerate failue! Our future depends on the sucses of this operation. Do not let me down druslik!”the hooded gentleman urged him. “I wont!”the younger man assured him.
Klingon high council
  “There was an incident at the medical complex in the goverment district. A mistle struck the complex. We have determined that the mistle was fired from a soulder fired mistle guidence device. The device is used by many races including the vulcans!” A planitary security oficial said.
“Why would the vulcans target a morgue? “A council member asked. “I dont know!”the security chief answered. “You dont think you should answer that question!” The council member asked. “This is a minnor event councelor! The chief of security said. “A mistle was fired in the capital ! There was destruction of government property and you dont see this as sugnificant? ” the council member asked.
“Not in the big scheme of things no !”the chief said. The chairman of the high council wanted to move the meating along.
  The door opened, a military advisor entered the chamber. The aid wispered something in the ear of the chairman.the two went back and forth for a few minutes.then the aid left.
“The battle has begun. Our forces have engaged the vulcans!”the chairman said. “On whose authority?”a councilmam asked. ” the admiral in command incist that it was not on his authority. The war isin ernest. Thereis no going back. So says the empire!” The chairman said. 
Councelor shelvik was very puzled by all this. While everyone else saw random insugnificant events,he saw a paturn. What if these random events were somehow conected. Orthers seam to be content to ignore it,he would not.  He would look into it.
Medical complex
  Shivek was given a personal security detail by the council and the house he belonged to. He refused to use them hear. He knew that his colegues and the military would object. He wanted to do this undetered. 
“You can’t come hear. This is a scene of potential terorism. Councillor shivek! I did not know you were comming!”a sicurity officer said.”i am displeased with the reports thus far. I wanted to see the progress for myself !”shivek said.
He looked over the evidence. He was unsure what was going on. Something was wrong about this.
He watched the servelience recording of the mougue. “Hold who is that?” Shivek asked. “We have not been able to determine her identity. She seams to be a guest of kazerek. “A security officer said.
Imperial inteligence building
“Who is she?”shivek asked. “She was a Vulcan agent. Kazerek used her as a go between Klingon and Vulcan inteligence aperatus. “Gired said.
“Why was kazerek meating with a vulcan inteligent ?”shivek asked. “He suspected that the Vulcan government may not have played a direct role in the bombing !”gired said.
“Klingon law has mantaned that an attack by a citizen of a foregn power was an act of war regardless of wrether or not the government was involved or not.”shivek said.
“He feared that a third party might be trying to start a war between two powers that had mostly avoided eachorther and had given them a wide birth. It seamed curious. ” Gired said.
“What kind of a third party?” Shivek asked. “He was not sure. While most Klingon dismiss the myithos pf Vulcan,they don’t do things for no reason. There is no logic behind that incident. There is no logic for a private Vulcan citizen to attack the Klingons. Anyone. Could be behind it. The orions,the romulins,tholiens, it could be someone else. A planitary nation sate or a group. The perpose mostly to destabilize one or both governments. “Gired said.
“Did you not believe this ?”shivek asked. “Kezerek tended to overthink things. He was not really cut out to be a Klingon. He was too interlecual.  Were he right,it is a problem but he seams to conect dotes that are not there. “Gired said.
Shivek thought it over. It was odd. What if they were being played? The evidence said that the mystery women was stil alive.where was she? He would look into all this.
Notley sector
Tijira was the only non syintentic life form abored. The ship was cramped and life suport was suficient but that was about it.
The area was under a qarentine due to the radition. The ship went to a safe distence. She took a shartle and went into the qarentine zone. She knew how to get pass the patrols. 
She realized this was a bit of a fool hardy plan but this was important. One had to follow the evidence. The evidence led hear. 
She had no idea who or what she was looking for. The evidence seamed to indicate that this was an important location in all of this.
She scaned the area. The equipment on the pod was limited. She believed that most obsticles could be overcome.
Then she found something. She discovered a faint reading in and out. It originated on notely four. She set the shartle on course for the planet.
Notley four
She landed the shartle in a remote location of the area near the readings. She was traned in stelph operations. She had to do it often. She continued on.
She came on to a large complex in the middle of a desert. It was an odd sight. An outpost in the middle of no where. The base was self sustaned.
While there was the radiactive contemination risk ,it was the perfect spot for a secret base. She suspected that this was the lyinch pin for some kind of covert operation. She believed that this was never ment to be uncovered.
This might be a set back to this shadow master plan but it was still not over. She had to know who these people were.
There were no gaurd towers,no patrols. She suspected that whoever lived hear did not leave the complex much. Inside they would probably be protected from the radiation.
She kept going. She hoped to find a way inside. She knew it was an important clue. She was not sure how to acheve that goal.
She found a door. It was sealed .she atempted to meld with the door. She tried to trigger the door. It was tricky . She was well traned in telipathic operations. It was very draning. The door finally opened.
She entered. She had an energy pistol in hand. She sealed the door. She heard a noise. She stoped. She waited. She listened.she focused her energy on hearing what was going on.
She heard two people talking. It was a trade langrege. It seamed that it was a multi species venture.
Suddenly someone entered where she was. She turned around and saw an efrosien. They were known for having long hair almost a mane. “Stop right there!” He said.
She was in a bit of a pickle. She knew it. She had to do some fast thinking. “I have an intruder!”he said. “Bring him up to control !”the commander said.
She needed answers. She decided to coperate with her captors for now. She hoped to figure out what this was all about.
End of part four.
Efrosiens were depicted in star trek four and six. In star trek four the helm officer of the u.s.s Saratoga was an efrosiens. The federation president was an efrosien in star trek 6.

The society part three

“Security agent report, agent tijira reporting. After successfuly gaining acess to Klingon space,i have gone to the planet qonos,homeworld of the klingon empire”
“While the empia made up of a predominantly warior society ,there are those who see the need for stable competitors. To that end there are lines of cominications even within races who at manny times find themselves at ods with one another. ”
“I have found a worthy go between in Klingon agent kazerek. I have made contact with him. He has agreed to present me with evidence of Vulcan involvement in the bombing including the body of the assalient!” Tijira said in her log.
She met up with her contact at kayless square. He took her to the morgue. Klingons believe that the body after death was an empty shell. Normally a body was just discarded. In a case like this,where it was a crime scene the body was kept and anilized. While the warior cast did not need justification to conduct military action but the ruling class wanted to pacify other powers that might be tempted to aly with there enemies.
The two entered the morgue. Kezerek had a corinor opened one of the cyro slots. Tijira looked over the corpse. Tijira had met her in nermerous ocasions. She work several cases with her. She found her to be an adequate opritive. It seamed ilogical for her to do something like this.
  She recognized her. It was sirel.she remembered the first time she met her. There was rumor that a non aligned scientist had created a bio toxen designed to supress the ability to supress emotion. The two were both involved in that case. There interactions were limited but did happen. They both played a piviotal role in the securing of the toxen and the downfall of the scientist and his ilk.
They encountered eachother on various other mission. They did not have a lot of interactions. Both left the inteligence comunity and went there seperate ways.
Tijira went to acedemia and parenthood. Did sijel go to being a murcinary,an ideological terrorist or something else. She doubted that a faction of the Vulcan government was involved in the plot. She knew that a good investigator never ruled anything in or out until the evidence does.
“Is it her?” Kezerek asked. “From the serface it does look like her. I cannot make a definate deterimation upon a visual inspection!” She informed him.
She fully familarized herself with the known medical data on the deseased.  Vulcans are known to have detailed memories. Tijira was no exception. She looked over the data on the autopsy report. “I believe that this is sijol. There is no evidence that says it is not her. I am resonibly convinced that it is her” tijira said.
“Not good for your people. It meens our crime scene staf is being through not that it will be apreciated !” Kezerek said.
“Her medical records are consistent with what i have. ” tijira said. “I know you probably hoped that it was not her,a clone or replicant or android replacement or some sutch thing. “Kezerek said.
“My first duty is to the truth. I am interested in the truth. If it leads to a conclusion i find unfavorable,i won’t minimize it. I don’t shy away from evidence. I have a bias but i avoid it in an investigation such as this. “Tijiera said.
“Wait! This is odd!”she said. “What is it? “Kezerek asked. “There is a negligible amount of mulceric radition in her system. “She said. “Mulceric radition is only seen in the area near notley prime. That area has been sealed off due to the meltdown !” Kazerek commented.
“Tijira tour of duty in the vashar ended six years ago. The meltdown occured two years ago.”she said. “Her levels indicate a brief stint there!” The Klingon said.
  “All of my documents don’t have any information on her activities after her deactivation with the inteligence service. This could be an important clue. “She said.
  Kezerek stoped her. “What is it?”she asked. He pushed her to the ground. A mistle hit the complex. She rolled around the ground. She moves to the door. The mourge attendent and the Klingon inteligence officer was.dead.
She ran out and she hid. Whoever was behind this was also interested in covering all this up. She had to servive. She had to find out what was going on. She was isolated. She was alone,behind enemy lines.
  She saw Klingon defence force ariving at the scene. Local police had all but dissapered,replaced by the Klingon military. She did not want to explain her identity to them. She has been traned in evasion teckneques. She could hide for houers if she had to.
She was patcient. She had to endure. She waited and waited. She then slowly got away. To her knowledge she was not seen by anyone.
  Klingon society was a controled society.  Some had described it as liberterianism in reverse. As long as you were not interfearing with the aganda if the sate you were fine. The problem was  knowing when you were interfearing with the sate. While there were writen laws that were straght foward and resonible. There were unwritten that included whims of oficials.
Klingon empire in some ways was under perpetual martial law. It would be more so now. She needed off qonos and now. Vashar had totally pulled out of Klingon space until the crises was over.
Her only potential aly in the empire was dead. She had no where to turn. She had to get to the notley system. She had no idea how.
She had gotten out of the old city. She eluded the patrols. She studied Klingons. She knew how they thought. She knew how to deal with them.
This was not going to get easier she thought. She had to find a way out of hear. She had no idea how.
She decided to go to an area freqiented by those associated with the orion syindicate. The syindicate was not alowed to operate inside the empire but the orions were creative. She decided to seak one out.
She went to an orion zone on the outskirts of qamche. “Well well well! A Vulcan agent struck in hostile space in the middle of a war!”the orion said.
“You know who i am?”she said. “It is my job to know everything. My inteligence capibilities far exceed that off imperial inteligence ! I think even if the trible inteligence networks is better then II. “The orion said.
“Look i need to get off qonos! I need to book pasege on a ship to the notly system !”she said.
“You think i am a shartle service? “The orion said. His cronies laughed. 
“I thought i would ask. “She said. “I supose i could help. I am not looking foward to a war between Vulcan and the klingons. Especially one that is sure to drag the rest of the galaxy into it. The andorians,tholiens,telerites ithimites and every one else. War put a damper on my business !”the orion said.
“I think a man like you can handle a war?”she assked. “War yes but not a universal war ! I would rather not see that!”the orion said.
“Look i just need to get off qonos. I can compinsate you!”she said. “I can help you. This on is on me!”he said.
She knew that the orions seldom did anything out of banevolence for its own shake. She also knew that the travel accomidations would be less then ordeal. She was corect.
She was placed on a trash barge piloted by robot. Esentialy a drone ship. At least it was warp capible. It would get her to the notely system.
Vulcan klingon border
Vulcan fleet
“Four more battle crushers have joined the fleet. “A science officer said. “They are perparing a full scale operation. Do we know what ship is in command?”captain volardic asked. “It apears to be this ship. The i.k.c lucara last known commander was fleet admiral zooran !”the com officer said. “Zooran is a formidable commander. He has been decorated for several campaigns.his brother is on the high council and his cousign is military governor of krios. The strike will come soon!” The commander said.
Klingon flagship
“We believe the v.s.s shikar commanded by volaric is commanding the Vulcan force!”tatics officer said.
“Volaric is not as anoying as most Vulcas. His tatics are almost admirable. He is a sheep with a dagger. “Zooran said.
“Sir! The ikc tarvek is leaving formation!”a science officer reported. “We are under orders to remain in formation until given the go ahead from high command. Com officer order that ship to return to formation'”the admiral ordered.”vessel is not responding'” the com officer anounced.
“Sir! One of the war ship is entering the border!”the science officer reported. “Only one?”volaric asked. “Confirmed!”the science officer responded. “That is very unusual !”first officer shidan observed. “It is indeed !”volaric said.
“Crusher is now in Vulcan space.”Weapons officer said. “Communications officer order that ship to return to Klingon space at once!” Volaric said. “They are not responding !”the com officer said.
The Klingon battle crusher fires a volley of photon torpedoes at the nearest Vulcan vessel.
Volaric knew if he gave the order to return fire,there would be no going back. The modern Vulcan society was founded largly on pacifism. Vulcan has become more milisteric in recent years. Some more traditional eliments of Vulcan society wanted to go back to the pratices of surek. Volaric was a military officer but preferred a non violent solution to isues. He had a duty to protect the crews under his command. “Order our ships to return fire!” The commander said.
The Vulcan ships fired on the warship. Klingon commander zooran hardly wanted to protect a ship commanded by an insorbordinate commander. The crews might object to a fleet siting idily by as there country men are cut down. He gave the order to cross the border.
The Klingon vessels crosed into Vulcan space . They opened fire on Vulcan ships. The Vulcan ships folowed suit. The cold war just got hot.
Office of the administrator
“Excellentcy, fighting has broken out between our forces and the Klingon empire.”a military aid said.
“Who provoked the incident ?”a minister asked. “Reports are that one of the Klingon ships crosed the border. Then the rest of the ships folowed suit. “The military aid said.
“Curias. Disobedience in Klingon ranks is not a regular ocurence. Klingon court marshal consist of starting with the fireing scraud!”a minister said. “No mater what,the war is hear. I am placing the entire comonwealth on high alert. “The administrator said.
War was hear. Two major powers were now at war. It was a cancer that would spread.
End of part three
This is about a hundred years or so before star trek enterprise. The hardline faction of the Vulcan are more or less in charge. They are not quite as militent as v’las and the high command as fetured in the Vulcan triology.
I’n borderlands the orions controled a reigion near Klingon space. It was the center for criminal activities and slave trade.
While mourges and coroners in the empire seams unlikely given Klingons view on post mortom bodies but it seams then some kind of pathologists might exist especially in criminal or terrorism cases especially before the warior cast fully seazed power.

The society part 2

  Planet Vulcan
  Tijira was a former agent with the Vulcan security directorate known as the vashar. Tijira had left the Vulcan security service. She was now teaching at the Vulcan science academy and serving as an ocasional acdvisor to the Vulcan high command.
Her husband had been a member of the Vulcan star navy. He was killed while on patrol near the andorian border. She has two children from that union.
“Tardek was inquiring about you!”her sister tiveek said. “I am not suprised. He seams to show up quite frequently!”she said.”he is an honerable man. He would be a logical chioce for a mate!”tiveek said. “Yes he would be a logical chioce. I am not seaking one at the moment. I am agreed with my curent situation. I have not a need for one!”tijra said. “You may change your judgement at a later time. A man like him might be unavailable !”She said.
“If that occurs then it is probably for the best. I see no need for copiling at this time. “She said. “It is ilogical to do things without a companion. “She said. “One does what one has to do!”tijira declared. “One does not have to do it alone!”she said. “Being alone and being lonley are two seperate things. I am in agreement with my current situation. Should that change i will revaluate it!”tijira said. “Very well. In that case i will suspend this discussion!”her sister said. “I am mutch abliged with that course of action !”tijira said. 
The com pannel went off. Tijira was releved to have the aqward moment disrupted. She went over to the unit and terned it on. It was the last person she expexted to see on the view.
It was Vulcan security minister ski-plegi. “Minister it is agrible to hear from you!”tijira said. “It is  agreible to be speaking to be speaking to you as well. I know that your time in the security directorate is over. If you are open to a brief reactivation!”skiplegi said.
“I am always wiling to serve my people ! I assume that this is an urgent mission. “Tijira said.
“Indeed it is. Can you come right away to the security directorate headquarters ?”the minister asked. “Of course!”she said.
She took a public transportation buss from her village to the Vulcan capital. She took a hover car to the vashar complex. She went into the front entrence.
“I am vashar agent tijira shoqan inactive agent 3039 701 . Minister skiplegi is expecting me.”she informed the receptionest. The receptionest handed her a security badge and told her to present it to the gaurds. She took it to the gaurds. She was escorted to the minister’s office.
The door opened,she was escorted inside. She gave the customary Vulcan silute. The minister returned the silute. He dismished the gaurds. They left. The two were left alone.
“What i am about to discus is beyond clasified. “The minister said. “I understand. I will fulfil my outh to the Vulcan people and to the high command in which i serve. “She said. “Your outh is recognized and apreciated as it your service to the Vulcan people. ” skiplegi said.
He motioned for her to sit. She did so. He sat as well.  “two days ago  at the anual kayless day parade! A suiside bomber detonated herself on the float carying the members of the high council. Five members of the council were killed including the vice chairman. The Klingon claim that the asalient was Vulcan. They have presented evidence to five government including the grazella. The evidence is being reviewed. The Klingon government is seiling off there border with us. They are setting up a blokade. We have gotten reports that they are detaning Vulcan citizen in there space. The emparor gave his rigal asent to a formal decleration of war with us. “The minister said.
“Do we intend to riciprocate?” She said. “the administrator will be holding an emergintcy meating of the high command. Klingons do not make idol threats. War will come to our space i reckon!” He commented.
“Do we know anything about the aledged assalient?”tijira asked. “Its sirel lizok!”he said. “Curious! The Klingon government suspect that she caried out the attack on bahath of the Vulcan high command”she said. “That is what they have been implying to anyone within ear shot!”the minister said.
“I work with sirel. She was a loyal agent. She was very anylitical and logical. I can’t believe that she would cary out such an attack. ” Tijira said.
“It seams unusual. It is unlike her. “He said.
“I agree! Look the high command does not know what to think. War with the Klingon. Empire is not in our best interest. If it is the work of a Vulcan citizen especially an x security opritive,the only way to avoid an all out conflict with the Klingon is agreing to coastly and demoriliyzing concessions. “The minister said.
“IF this is some kind of fabrication ? What then?”she asked. “We would have to provide irefutible proof. Your the cloest thing we have to an expert on the Klingon empire. I want you to go undercover and try to find out if the suspect was even a Vulcan. Your an investigator. Investigate! “He said.
“I will find the truth whatever it is. I asure you of that.”she pledged her superior. “Peace and long life tijira!” He said. “Live long and prosper minister!”she told him.
Home of tijira
“This is urgent?”her sister asked.”most urgent !”she said. “May logic follow your course. May the wisdom of surek leed you out of danger and lead you home!”she said. “Live long and prosper!”she said.
Usually Klingon alowed vulcan murchents to go in and out of there space. With a formal decleration of war with the blessing of the emparor,no Vulcan could get in or out. She had herself sergicaly altered to look Klingon.
She took a malurian vessel to a mularian colony. From there she booked pasege on a coberian vessel. She fooled the captain into believing that she was an opritive for imperial inteligence. From there she went to qonos. This was the easy part.
From there she went to the old citty. She went to an old antuque store. The military discoureged sutch activities. As long as it was kept in the old citty the warior cast paid little attention to it. This was no ordinary shop. She entered.
“I am looking for a second edition kirtek’s obsticle!”she said. “It has been years sence someone looked for that. Oh! I think i have one in the back!”he said.he was spooked. He motioned for her to follow him. She did so.
As soon as they were in the back,he pulled out a phaser. “Is this a way to treat your old friend?”she asked .
“Tijira i heard you had retired. The day i retire is the day i head for stoval core or you know!”he said. “they brought me back!” She said.
“Got tired of those romance noval. Realy they are all the same. Vulcan girl she is a profesor at the science academy,she falls in love with a felow acedeimition and an orion slaver. Every book she choses the fellow profesor!”he said. “Now and that we Vulcan get tempted by the non logical world,sooner or later we chose the logical. “She said.
“You have some nerve coming hear. Your dead the minute your discovered!”he said.
“I know kezerek! I had no choice. If one of my race especially an x agent caried out a terrorist attack on qonos i have to know! “She said.
” I can tell you it is a Vulcan. It is sirel. Look the council is not going to care. They might be wiling to negotiate but your losing qutil,qaylor,and probably vulvana raker. That’s for starter. She attacked the council. That is an unforgiviable act! “Kezerek told her.
“Can i see the body?”she said. “I will arange it. I would recommend you leave and go back to those awful romance book but i know you won’t do that. So come to kayless squre in one hour. Dont be late!”He said.
Office of administrator vahardt.
The door opened,the grazella ambassador entered the office. The door was closed. “Mr ambassador!”vahardt said. ” the Klingon empire has voted to declare war on the Vulcan comonwealth. The klingon demand you withdrawl to the 17th paralel and establish a nutral zone patroled by neutral peace kepers. “He said.
“I will take the perposal to the ministers. “He said. “the Klingon are not wiling to negotiate. Either you agree to the terms or be prepared for the full fury of the empire!”he said.
“Thank you for the message. We will take it into consideration. “He said. The go between then left the room.
Vulcan observation post
“I am detecting a spike near our border with the Klingons. I am detecting a masive presrnce. The fleet has doubled over the last eight houers!”a tech said. “They are mobilizing!”the commander said. “Orders sir?”a com tech asked. “Send to high.command priority . Whatever they are planing. It is going to happen soon.  “The base commander said.
End of part two.

The society

The society
Part one age of empires.
Following the colapse of empires, a secret group from multiple worlds decided to secretly bring order to the galaxy.  During the 21st century ,they devised a hundred year plan to bring stability to what world later be called the alpha and beta qudrent. The plan would ensure there power for a long time.
Earth year  2041
  Planet qonos
The Klingon empire was holding kahless day perade in the capital city of qamche. The kahless day perade was an event held every single year. The emparor attended every year.
While so much of the empire involved fighting amounst the various factons,kahless day always drew out unity. Today every one was a klingon. Klingon expresed there pride in being Klingon . They together to celebrate the man every one admired. Kahless the Klingon who founded the first Klingon empire. While some experts on the empire asigned more influence on the curent empire to sompek,to say so in public just was not done.
Every one came to see the perade. From wowier to farmer,men,women young old. There were even alien races. Manny foregn dignitaries attended as well. The Klingons loved to show off and provide potential enemies with reason not to mess with them. Manny conqured species attended. Klingon security kept a close eye on them. Recent observences had gone without incident but violent events at kahless day were far from unheard of.
In the parade was a float by the clereks. The clereks had established a monistary on borath. They tried to control the kahless myithology. This put them in conflict with the government and with the warior cast.
Then there were displays from wariors past and present. The warior class was building more and more power. The kahless day reflected that. In recent years,there had been more attention played to the military exploits of kahless and less on orther facets of his life. This made many nervous especially in the professional clases.
  There used to children’s pagents and children’s choirs. More conservitive eliments of Klingon society wanted to present a tougher image of the empire especially to off worlders. Kayless day portrayed strength.
Then the members of the high council came towards the end of the proceson. The high council had become very powerful. The last few emparors had become mostly fugure heads. The council had at first a circle of advisors. During the rule of emparter moncart,the council continued to govern in his name even though he was in a coma for the last ten years of his reign. The council seamed to enjoy this arangement. Emparors were chosen based on there ability to bend to the council. There was even talk of disoving the position and perhaps have the enpire governed by the council chairman. The current councillor in charge insist on being refered to as chancellor although no oficial title or office excist.
20 Years erlier,an emparor tried to reasert his power. He tried to have the chairman executed. The entire military refused and the emparor reinsated him. Sense then the power of the council increased.
The last float was the emparor. It was full of pomp and circumstances. The emparor wore a cloak similar to the one kahless wore. Most people on qonos did not even know who the emparor was or that there was an emparor. The emparor loved publicity! He took it all in. He did not know that a young boy asked his mom who that weird looking man was? And the morther did not know.
In the crowd was people from all races,all walks of life. Not all of the attendies were hear for benegn reasons. Some were hear for naferious reasons. No one would suspect her. She was a vulcan. She had soulder langth hair. She wore casual clothing at least for a vulcan. She wore a tan blouse and gray pants. She tried not to arose suspicion. That was not hard to do.
She waited for a while. Then she ran at high spead towards the float carying the high council. She rammed into the float before anyone knew it. She detonated herself. No one could stop it. Several of the klingon sicurity force known as the brotherhood of the sword rushed to protect the council. The brotherhood shielded the emparor.
The float had a pavilion wich came up. A heavy dirty armor was activated. Local security serounded the onlookers. The brotherhood protected the float with the council.
The marine medical corps parachuted in and got to work treating the injured. Only members of the council and functionaries were afected. Members of the council got treated first. The staf and body gaurds were considered expendible.
HigH council
Capital city
  “Five were killed including the Vice chairman,ten wounded. 7 Staf killed,20 wounded. “General lekrel said. ” the attacker?”the chairman litjil asked.”the attacker has been.identified as sireel lisok,formerly of Vulcan security directorate. “Likrel said. “Your sure of her identity ?”chairman litgil asked. “Certain !”likrel said.”chancellor i move for imidiate decleration of war on the comonwealth of Vulcan !”Councillor dislick said. It was seconded. The die had been cast.end of part one
The dilision of the emparor was mentioned in tng episode of “rightful hair”
The class system and rise of the warior cast was mentioned in enterprise episode “judgement”
The society is a concept i came up with.