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The quizmaster part five 

U.s.s Columbus 


The Columbus was a scientific research vessel. The misson of the Columbus was to investigate am alien conduet technology. A gateway.this conduet was discovered before the quizmaster began his reign of terror. Now that it as learned that the quizmaster was using this gateway,it was a bigger priority. 

“Are you certain that the network is the same as the one used by pirate known as the quizmaster?”spock who was temporarily in command of the Columbus asked.”yes sir I is the same design .The component are very similar.”science officer beach reported.”I agree.”of arex reported.

“I suspect that the conduet network was left behind by an ancient race.perhaps a trade route of some kind.”spock commented.”it stands to reason that the aliens who built the network are gone. This could be a legacy of a forgotten race.” Beach remarked. 

“How did the quizmaster learn about this? “Lt. Herold asked.”the legends are well-known on alien world’s. It is similar to by an mythology.” Arex said.” Many myths have roots in reality. They are usually just fanciful exaduations. “Spock said.

“If the network is interconnected,could it lead us to the quizmaster?” Harold asked.” I believe it could lautanent. I suggest we get on it.” Spock said.the crew agreed. They got right to work. 


Commadore Robert Wesley had subdued the bolien who tried to kill him.he got access to a device that could lead a clue into all this. He ran as fast as he could. He worked hard to get to the shartle.although he was in his early fifties,he was still fit. He worked hard to stay in shape. Although his wife enjoyed teasing him,he succeeded. 

He preferred not to land the shartle so far away,he feared that the forces loyal to the quizmaster might capture it or destroy it. He did not want to to be stranded hear. Right now as the long as the craft was in fact.he had a fighting chance.that was all that mattered. 

The planet Risa was non aligned aliens it was known as an intergalactic resort planet.A pree federation starship Enterprise visited the planet during there first year in deep space. The federation had some diplomatic contact with rissa.some believed rises would one day become a federation member . The planet was frequented by people of less then repute including the Orion syndicate. There is some conservative elements inside the federation that had objection to the planet on moral grounds. for now it was an independent world. To Wesley it was a dangerous one. 

Wesley kept on running. He hoped to get to the shartle soon. He needed to get that device to the Lexington. The sooner it could be analyzed perhaps the sooner they could work to stop the quizmaster. 

He came upon a group of aliens. He tried to act natural.were they simply guest or were they alies of the quizmaster?  The commadore tried to keep moving. They saw what he was up to. They walked closer to him.”going somewhere?”the lead alien said.”actually I am. Last I checked this is a free planet?”the commadore remarked. ” I have always believed that might makes right!”the alien said. “You believe you have the might?,”the commadore remarked.”everything I see Indicates that I do. ” The lead alien asked. 

Wesley hit the lead alien. He pushed the alien into the crowd. He ran on. They fired on him. He fired back. He wished that the shartle has its own transporter but it did not. He ran as fast as he could. His survival instinct kicked in. He kept on going. 

He fired his phaser. He stunned one of the aliens. He stunned another one.he kept on fireing. He had to dodge a series of fire. Wesley suspected that these were just petty thugs.he was pretty sure that they were just being a pain and were not aligned with the quizmaster. He stunned another and another. It just left the lead.

He power drive the lead thug. The two wrestled . Wesley knocked him out. Then he stunned him.he took there weapons.he tied them up. Then he moved on and continued to walk to the craft. He knew that this was only going to get harder from hear. The quizmaster was going to get more desperate and more determined. Wesley decided to be more refined and more determined. He was going to be strong.he was going to outwit and outlast the quizmaster and his ilk. 

Wesley may be older but he was not going to be outdone by the likes of the quizmaster. Not now not ever.he was an old dog but the old tricks still worked.he was not going anywhere. The quizmaster would be stopped. The commadore would make sure of that. 

Quizmaster ‘s ship

“Is the commadore in custody?”the quizmaster asked.”not yet!” The lead henchman said.”make sure it happened. The commadore must be taken out of the way. His continued presence threatens my entire plans. I want him eliminated figurtivley or literally.i do not care witch!”the quizmaster said. “I will communicate that to our people sir.” Durona said.”good!See that you do!” The quizmaster said. 

The quizmaster found himself viewing weary of this human captain named Wesley. He  believed that the crippling of the federation was essential for his plan to work. Without the collapse of the federation the plan would fail.despite the objection,he went after the federation. Then with the federation out of the way he could further into his plan for the future. He believed all he had to do was endure this phase. Then he could do what he really wanted to do. He would. 

The crew knew that he was annoyed. They knew that they would be on a short leash until Wesley was defeated. They got to work. They were nervous. The quizmaster was iretible. He was prone to mood swings. He was usualy unstable any ways but especially now. He was really unpredictable now. They knew to get results and fast. Before he became really one wanted that. 

U.s.s defient


“Sir! royal sovereign was was ambushed. They were taken out by talons. Captian Saunders and the crew got to escape pods.casulties were light. ” The com officer reported.”dawn it. They are getting more and more bold” captian blare said.”they think they are wining!”the first officer said.” I know they do but they are not.  I assure you.”the captian said.”you think Wesley is OK?”the first officer asked.”Bob can think on his will take more then this quizmaster to bring hi down.”blare said.


Bob wesly neared the shartle. He saw a group of Orion’s.they were not hear the shartle. They were close enough.he suspected that they were not involved in the plot. On this planet those who were not for you were proagainst you one way or another. He had to get pass them. One way or another he would . 

Wesley quiet ly walked towards the shartle. He knew how to walk in a clendestine manner.he knew how to be stealtfully. He had his phaser ready. He was preparing to go to the shartle. He hoped he could make it there and fast. He ran to the craft.

He ran into the craft.he ran to the pilots chair. The craft lifted off. One of the thugs loyal to the quizmaster took out a service to space mistle fired a projectile in the direction of the shartle. Wesley veered away. The craft just missed the mistle.the mistake exploded. The craft did take some of the debate but came though it largely unscafed. The shartle made it to open space. He knew it was. It over. Not by a long schot. He was still in the game. That was something. Wesley believd he would make it the rest of the way. 

The startle headed for the would take a whilethe startle did not have warp.wesley went at maximum impulse.

End of part five.


The quizmaster part four 

The hitala colony was one of humanities most distention colonies. It was on in federation space but very close to the border. It was set up fithy years earlier. The planet was predominantly an agricultural and scientific research center. The planet had produced quite a few thought leaders. The federation’s president SR policy advisor was form the hitala colony. The planet had several major cities. It has had beutifull rural areas. The planet was had really good farm land. It had become a bread basket for the sector. 

 The planet has never been attacked. Orion pirates had commited some thefts. They were pretty petty. The planet enjoyed peace and prosperity. any disagreements within the population was confined to sports team. There were usually friendly and settled in the sports arena. 

Ever since the attack on the star base,the planet was in high alert.While life for the most part was going on normally. Everyone was carefully. That was a fear that the colony would be attacked by the mysterious quiz master. It appeared to be inevitable. 

The governor had ordered the colonial forced to mobilize. There was extra scrutiny at spaceports. The orbital base was on high alert. As was potrol ships.

Obital station. 

“I just  lost contact with the Lexington. I can’t raise the star base or anyone else”a com tech anounced. “I believe that we may be being jammed ! “Another tech reported. “Can you raise hitalla command!” The commander asked.”sending now!” The com tech said. 

Hitalla command

“We believe an attack is imminent.” The minister of security informed the governor. “Put the entire planet on high alert. I want a planet wide state of emergency. “Governor Steven white said. “Ay sir!,”the security minister said.

All of a suden a large warship excited some of gateway. The warship fired on the base. The ship knocked out the stations shields. The ship then fired on the several service to space much. Pad in the capital and other major cities. 

Then another gateway opened a another warship excited the gateway. The vessel went to an agricultural storage facility. A team beamed to the research center. The team acesed several strorage units.the units were beamed away. 

The warship then went back to the gateway. The gateway was gone. So was the warships. They got what they were after. By the time the Lexington arrived the danger was over.

Capital city

“So far as we can tell all that was stolen was seed samples. ” The governor said. “Why would they steal seeds?”Becky asked. “I am not sure commander. It does not make any sense to us either. ” Security minister sardines said. “The attack on the suply convoy was unimportant supplies. ” Commodore Wesley said. ” What are these samples?” Becky asked. “We want to create a library of seeds. A agricultural memory alpha. We wish to preserve seeds. If there is no elogical dasaster on a member planet or colony we can provide there seeds to correct it. The Klingons have experimented In ecological warfare such as the plot to poison the grain on Sherman’s planet.the one the tribes exposed. The project is fairly new. ” The governor said. 
“The quizmaster used to be a letter pirate. This seams beneath him. “Commander Baker said. “Could they want to create a biological warfare or a something of the like?” The commadore asked. “Perhaps. ” The security minister said. “They could be planing to produce a narcotic. The quizmaster might find irony in using the federation to create narcotics. He seams to have a warp sense of humor.” Becky  commented.

“What is this gateway?”sardines asked.” It may be an ancient network .We are not certain!”science officer Donaldson said. “Will they come back or are we in the clear?”governor white asked. “I believe you are in the clear but I want to keep the planet on high alert.”Wesley said. “I have no objection to that.”white said.”somehow governor I did not think you would.” The commadore said. 

Quizmaster command ship 

“Beaming the suplies now sir!”a henchman informed the quizmaster. “Very good! I am glad to hear it. “The quizmaster said. He was quite pleased. The plan was starting to develop quite nicely. Things were starting to take shape. 

“You think they know what we are up to?” Redeela asked.”I suspect he is getting close. Wesley is not a dumb person! Annoyingly but not unintelligent. If he has not figure it out I suspect that he is very close. “The quizmaster said. “What if he learns the truth too soon? ” Derook asked.”, By the time he figure it out it will be too late. We are several steps ahead of them. This will work.” The quizmaster assured his crew. The bridge crew was not quite as sure but they were fairly confident.



“The defient, Excalibur and good have arrived at the planet.”Lucy given reported.”alright is captian blare prepaired to take over the fleet?”Wesley asked.”,he understands. He says he can mind the store until you return.”the com officer informed him.”very good!”Wesley said.

“Helm take us out of orbit.”the commadore ordered. The Lexington left orbit. “No clear sir.”the navigator said.”is the course laid in?”the captian asked.”it is sir.”the helm reported.” Engage!”the commadore ordered. The Lexington was off. 

Quizmaster’s ship

“The Lexington has left orbit of hitala.”one of his henchman said.”where is he going?”darook asked.”I don’t know. We will keep a close eye on him. “The quizmaster said.”they must be close to figuring out our plan.”redeela said.”close butnotclose enough. We are wining. There is no cause for concern. ” The quizmaster told his crew. 

Planet rissa 

Commadore Wesley beamed down to the ship in civilian clothing. He was careful . He  went to the beach area. “What do you want ?” The Vulcan looking man said.” I hear you are persona non grata with ki bartan?” Wesley said. “It was a misunderstanding. I was dating the preators nice. He did not approve. “The man said. “The quizmaster!” Wesley said. “Last I knew he was at genosa prison.” The man said. ” He is out. He is back to his old trick except he has quit piracy. He seams to be steeling mundane items. I suspect he is planing to going to create narcotics or a bio weapon or maybe both. ” Wesley said. “He no! ” The man said. 

“What?” Wesley asked. ” A few years ago, a senator named rozek peperosed a multi faceted plan to conquer the federation. It involved framing the federation for creating narcotics . Stirng up non aligned world against the federation. At the same time non aligned pirates would detonate bio weapons . The federation resources would be stretched thin. Then a romulan Klingon task force would invade. The plan was seen as too complex too expensive.the ptrator perfered a military solution. Overwhelming force. He was not too big on bio warfare or covert operations. The plan was scraped. I believe rozek was ejected form the Senate. This sounds like the plan. I doubt the prator changed his mind.”andek said. 

All of a sudden Andek was hit.andek was vaporized. Wesley dodged the schot.Wesley puked out his phaser and fired on the sniper. Wesley knew that he could not afford to get hit even once. Why did they have to put the phaser on kill,he though. 

Wesley kept running. He tried to get to a cabin. The schoter lost the commadore. Wesley got on a roof. The schoter came in. Wesley jumped onto him. The two began to tackle each other. The two rolled over . Wesley grabed the phaser from the asalent. He hit the attacker. The attacker tried to get to the phaser. The two struggled. Wesley hit the attacker. The man was knocked unconscious. He took his phaser and set it to stun.

The man was from bolien. He was from a non aligned species. Wesley suspected that he was from the quizmaster. Wesley tied up the man.He found a data device on him. The device was encrypted. He could try to get it encrypted later. That was a task for later. Right now he needed to survive. 

Quizmaster’s ship


“Sir . Andek is dead but commadore Wesley has eluded the boarding team.We have lost contact with cokeren.” Derook said.” If Wesley get off rissa and get back to the Lexington.this could be disastrous. ” ozek said.”he won’t. “The quizmaster said. 

End of part four. 


The quizmaster part three

“Commadore’s log,I have been placed in Command of a task force assigned to shut down the terrorist activities of one called the quizmaster. we are setting up check points and patrols. It is unclear where he will strike but we know he will. ” Wesley said.


U.s.s Lexington

“This is what we believe to be the target zone! “Science officer Donaldson said. “You could be wrong?” Commander baker asked. “Yes its possible. I suspect that the quiz master will attempt to destabilize out outor rim. I doubt he will try a full fledge invasion of the federation. He may have a gerila war in mind. This area is largely undeveloped. He may believe we might pull out under enough pressure. ” Donaldson said. 

“This is assuming that the quizmaster is acting alone!”security chief Becky Parton said. There is no evidence of state sponsorship. “Donaldson said. Let’s keep speculation to a minimum. ” The commadore suggested. The science officer called up a list of bases and planets in the area. ” I just wish I knew where he was going to strike next!” Wesley remarked.

The Lexington was was on patrol.  The ship formed a chain around this region.all of the ships kept in constant contact with the Lexington. So far nothing out of the ordinary had occured. 

Quuzmaster,s ship.

“The federation has begun to fortify there outor rim. ” Valeria said. “They know that the attack on the star base was only the beginning. They know that we will keep going. They have no idea where we will attack. I know that it is gnawing at the commadore. Humans vailure all life. This will keep him up at night. He knows I’m coming! ” The quizmaster said.

“Will this plan work? We are taking some very big risk. “Qorzan said. “We have to. This plan requires us to be brave. We have to go big! I know it will work. We must work hard. We must do what the unthinkable,the impossible and the inpropible. We hit and we hit him again. We keep coming. We don’t give up. ” The quuzmaster said. The crew on the bridge agreed with there leader. They were now ready for the next phase of the plan. The plan that would change everything. 

Suply convoy

USS repulse 


“Captain! Incoming message from commadore Wesley. The sector is on high alert. They recommend we speak safe harbor. ” The com tech said. “Acknowledged. Helm turn us back!” The captain ordered. “Captain Spencer Drake said. ” The convoy attempted to turn back. 

 “Detecting energy surge. It is right on top of us!” The science officer said. “Shields up! Red alert! ” Captain Drake ordered. A kind of gateway in space opened up. A large combat ship excited the gateway. The repulse fired the first shot. The combat ship fired talons at the destroyer Colorado. The talons cut though the ship. The talons then exploded. The combat ship hen hit the Colorado with phasers. 

“Colorado reports several decks are on fire on the Colorado. Captain ayoto is dead. First officer mcgovin has taken over. “The com officer reported. ” Order the Colorado to retreat. “Captain Drake ordered. 

The Colorado struggled to get away. The repulse tried to cover the Colorado. The combat ship tried to get to the wounded ship. The repulse and Thomas pain fired on the warship. “Detecting another energy field. “The science officer reported. The field opened up. Two more combat ship excited the gateway. One of the ships hit a light cruiser. The light cruiser was hit. The repulse hit the combat ship with a massive berrage of phasers. The combat ship unleashed Mitch havok in the system.

The patrol ship tried to protect the suply ships. The patrol ships were attempting to erect a wall to protect the suply vessels from hostiles. The hostiles were relentless.  Other side’s caught hard. The combat ships were trying to chip away the wall made by the patrol ships.”we have another gateway forming!” The science officer said. A gateway opened up. A small pod came though. 

The pod emitted a jamming device! The device then knocked out shields on one of the suply ships. There was massive transports. Several supplies were beamed away. All of the supplies were non military. The jaming device vanished. The combat ships withdrew . The combat ships returned to the gateway. The gateway was gone.



“We are sure that the supplies were non military?” Wesley asked. “Mostly tools, environmenle equipment and seeds. Mostly starter pacts for be colonies. ” Donaldson said. “They wanted it badly. Go over this Donaldson,becky. I want answers. ” Wesley said. ” Commadore the hitalla colony is under attack. ” Lucy hogin reported. ” Alright. Head for the planet. Maximum warp. Order all ships to head for the planet as well!” Wesley ordered. 

End of part three. 

The quizmaster part two.

” commodore’s log,what we believed was a distress call from a cargo vessel may have been a diversion. The attack may have been to lure us away from there true target, star base 47. All attempts to contact the the base have failed. This is a grave concern to me. I am pulling all the stops to get there as soon as possible.” Wesley said. 

I am still detecting life signs. There is evidence of massive damage.”science officer Donaldson reported. “Detecting three vessels. All known designs used by pirates. We are now in weapons range.” Navigator tonner said. “Open fire!” The captian ordered. The Lexington fired phasers and photon torpedoes struck the nearest warship. The Lexington tried not to give time for the vessel to react. 

The Lexington was hit. The Lexington quickly fired back on the war ship. The base itself also hit back on the warship. ” We have an incoming vessel. “Donaldson reported. “Can you identify the ship?”Wesley asked. “Sir it’s the defiant!” Donaldson reported. 

The defiant imidietly joined the fray. They fired a massive volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the nearest warship. The Lexington shifted to two other nearby attack ships. The defiant then followed up and fired I. The warship. 

“Yorktown,Potemkin,and hood have arrived . They have already begun to be fire on the hostiles.” Donaldson reported. “Hit that lead ship Mr. Tonner. Spare no expense!”the commadore remarked. The Lexington fired a series of phasers blast followed up by photon torpedoes. The leadship was heavily damaged in key places. “Vessels are attempting to withdraw!” Donaldson reported. “Stay on um Mr. Braden! “Wesley ordered. The Lexington continued to Persue the leadship. The warship lunched a non incidiary mine. Star fleet corps of engineers had Nick named it a stinkbomb. The device mominterily blocked sensors. It was designed for ships to stage a get away. “They are gone right?” Wesley asked. “I am afraid so sir!”donaldson said. 

The commadore slammed his first on the command chair’s arm chair. “Sir! We are getting a message. Text only. Unknown source. ”  Com officer Lucy hogen reported. “Let’s hear it! “The commadore ordered. ” Who was behind the attack on s.b 47?” Hogen said. ” The quizmaster!”Wesley said.

Star base 47

The star base was a remote base out post on the edge of the federation. It was near non aligned space. It was a port of call,center of trade and vanguard for scientific research. It also served as a command post for the sector. The attack left sections of it in shambles. The station suffered casualties as well as damage to the property. Several more ships arived to offer aid . This included the medical ship murcy. The ships instantly sent aid. 

Conference room.

“I’m of. Collen archer. Acting commanding officer. Commadore neztbit is dead.”she said. “I am sorry to hear that Lt. The commadore was a friend of mine. I am saddened by her death. “Wesley remarked. ” Thank her sir. We are all sadened by her loss. “She said.

The door swished opened. Captian Thomas blare of the u.s.s defiant entered. “I owe you big time!”Wesley said. “Don’t worry about it! I am glad I can help. “Blare said. ” It was much appreciated Tom! “He said. 

After everyone arived,the commadore called the meeting to order. Everyone shaped to attention. “Lucy do you have star fleet command?” Wesley asked.” I do sir!”she responded. On his order,she turned on the   view screen. On the screen. Displayed the image of admiral komack.

“Admiral! Will you brief us on the information you have accumulated?”the commadore asked. “Yes Bob. Star fleet believed that the mastermind of he attack on SB 47 was someone who calls himself the quizmaster. He has in the past been involved in raids against the federation,romulan and Klingons and others. ” The admiral said.

“His real name is kruzok amnon.There were reports that he had been arrested by the romulan. His last known whereabouts were a romulan labor camp on omzeta 7. ” The admiral added.

“His previous raids were acts of piracy. This raid was a terrorist attack . ” Captian Derek eagon of u.s.s Yorktown commented. ” That is our conclusion as well. Perhaps his incarceration has altered his life goals.”komack said.” Could he be a romulan agent now?” Blare asked. ” At this point,we cannot rule it in or out. This whole area will now be on high alert. All bases,ships and planets will take all pro cautions. I want a task force set up with the goal of stoping the quimaster. Commadore Wesley will head this up. This is a top priority!” The admiral said. 

Commadore Wesley knew that this would not be an easy task. This appeared to be a declaration of war on the federation by the quizmaster. Wesley knew that the quizmaster would not stop. He had to be stopped. Bon Wesley was the man to do it. 

Wesley bit his lower lip. “We will get the job done admiral. ” Wesley assured him. “I know you will. We will keep In touch Starfleet out. ” The admiral said. The image faded. The screen was deactivated. Wesley then dismissed the asambly. 

Everyone got up. Captain blare went over to Wesley. ” This won’t be easy Bob! I have a feeling that this quizmaster is ten steps ahead of us. “Blare remarked. “No one is perfect. Tom he will mass up. When he does,we will get him. ” Wesley said. ” Bob you never change. Always so confident!” Blare said. “I am. I won’t roll over and play dead. Not for anyone especially not this quizmaster! Not on my watch! ” Wesley said. “Still trying to prove your not obsolete? ” Blare asked. “If I’m obsolete so are you !” He said. True!” Blare responded. ” I have nothing against him Kirk or his generation but you and I still have something to offer. ” Bob said. ” I don’t disagree. Let’s go get him!” He said.” You got it!” Bob said.

End of part two.


This is set after “the ultimate computer but before “the tholien web”. The name of the captian of the defient was not given In “the tholien web or “in a mirror darkly”. The name comes from the star trek Novak’s published by pocket books. I decided to use the name. 

The quiz master

Location u.s.s Lexington

Quarters of commadoreRobert Wesley.

“I am glad you let mom and I come with live with you on the Lexington.” His 11 year old daughter Katie told him. “This is on a trial bases for now! Let’s see how it goes. ” the commadore said. “I know! We missed you!” Katie said. “I missed both of you. It is good to have you two hear. ” he said.

“I am glad to be hear. I am hoping you will let me move that mounted Klingon animal out of the bed room. It kinda gives me the creeps. ” his wife Julie said. “I went on a hunt with a Klingon general . we captured the animal. It stooed a war!” He said. “I have told me the story often. I am proud of that too. I just would rather admire it from afar. ” she said. The commadore laughed. “OK!” He said.

“Bridge to commadoreWesley!” The first officer commander baker said. “Its never ends!” He said. “I see that. ” he said. “I can see that.”Julie said. He went over to a com unit. He activated the unit. ” go ahead!”he said.

“Captain we are receiving a distress call. It is from the cargo vessel sudberry. They are under attack by pirates. ” the comm officer reported. “Let me guess Jim kirk and the enterprise are too far away.” Wesley remarked.”we are the closest sir. “Executive officer baker reported.

” very well. Have the helm officer alter course. Then inform the sudberry that we are on our way. ” the commadore ordered. “Acknowledged on both counts. ” the exo said.”I will be right up!”he reported. “Understood” the first officer said. 

“I really need to go to the bridge!” He told his wife. ” I remember the routine. “Julie said.” OK! I will be back as soon as I can.”he told her. “I know that.” She said. 

Julie had been a star fleet yeoman on bored u.s.s constitution. That was when she met Bob Wesley. When her term was up,she opted not to reenlist. While there was no star fleet regulation for officers not to fratinize with enlisted,it was not considered a good idea. She never intended to make star fleet a carer. Sense they married she decided her time between mantilies and the Lexington. 

In Manny ways there were two Robert Wesley. The public and private.the public was no nonsense. He kept everything very professional.he was buttoned up.he was known to be stoic. He was always focused on the task at hand. The private Wesley was still serious but did let down his hair a bit. 

On the bridge the helm officer altered course. The Lexington was on course for the freighter. While trade routes inside the federation were safe. Areas outside was not. Star fleet heavily potriled there trade routes. Most pirates did not dare target the federation trade routes but outside was a different story. 


“Now in range!” The science officer reported. “Visuel!” The commadore now on the bridge ordered. The com officer activated the view screen. On the screen was a large combat ship. “Vessel is a retrofit of a war ship used by the geridins.vessel has seven photon lunchers. Four photon lunchers and talon schoter area.” The science officer reported. 

“Target the vessel!” The commadore ordered. The helm officer adjusted the targeting sansors. “Target acquired!” The helmsman anounced.”fire!” Wesley ordered. 

The Lexington fired a full volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the combat ship. The combat ship was struck. The ship had advanced shielding. The ship held together. The freighter tried to evade the pirates. The Lexington tried to run interference for the freighter. The vessel had a maximum speed of warp six. The Lexington fired everything it had at the warship.

The cargo ship was behind the Lexington.the Lexington provided a wall for the freighter. The Lexington refused to let the combat ship get to the freighter. “Order the hostile to back off!” The commadore ordered. “Sending!” The comm tech reported. 

“Vessel is not responding!” The com officer reported. “Vessel is not powering down!” The science officer reported. “Captain I believe I can jam there shields long enough to get a photon torpedo though. ” the navigator suggested. ” do it!” Wesley ordered.

The navigator activated aa jamming device. The device was designed to block the shield. It canceled out the single that shielded part of the ship from impact. The helm fired the phasers. The phasers pumalled the ship. The Lexington fired several more volleys as well. “Order the ship to stand down!” Wesley ordered. The comm officer sent the mesege. The warship did not respond. 

The Lexington sent a photon torpedo. The torpedo hit the ship. The ship was wounded. The ship suddenly the ship exploded. “The vessel did not lunch esape pods.” The science officer said. 

“Captain I have list contact with star base 45. ” the comm officer said. “Dawn it! Order all ships to head for the base. Navigator head for the base. Advise the sudberry to head for a safe harbor. ” Wesley ordered. “Course laid in !” The navigator reported. “Engage!” He ordered. 

The Lexington went to high warp. The vessel tried to get to the base as fast at it could. The commadore feared that it might be too late.

End of part one.