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Legend of zarcan part four

U.s.s enterprise 

“Captain’s log,at the zubarien and atar request we are atempting to remove mines left over from there war. Our mission is to nutrilize the mines. “Captain kirk said. 

Near airlock 

“Jim! This is crazy.  You realy think that it will be easy to remove these mines?”dr. Mccoy remarked. 

“No bones,i dont think it will be easy. If it was they would do it. This is importent.these two races wont be able to traval and trade. This area has become a no mans land. “Kirj said.

“I think its funy that we are the ones expected to do the dying. “Mccoy said. Kirk got into the e.v.a suits. 

Kirk went to spock and the rest of the team. The team moved out. The airlock opened.they moved out into open space. 

Spock was as he always was. He was serious and stoic. He was focused and concintrated. He focused on the task at hand. 

Spock knew that uhua not like him taking unnecessary risk. He preferred not to. For some reason,working alongside kirk,he did not have to look for trouble trouble always found him. 

Kirk,spock and the team went just near the mines.  Kirk ordered the team to stop. Spock modified a tricorder to scan for mines. Spock was hoping to deactivate these mines quickly. 

Spock located what he preceved was the master mine. Spock began a mine meld. Uhua did not like this plan. He assured her he could do this sucessfully. 

It was hardly a fool proof plan. Nothing in life was fool proof. Spock understood that well. Uhua did too. She wished Spock was not so blunt. He never saw the human equation. Everything was juwt a task. Everything was acedemic.he never saw the real universe implication.  Discussing potentially morbitity to spock was no different then discussing a golf game. Kirk seemed to encourege it. Kirk was a risk taker. He rushed in where fools feared to tread. Spock joined him. Uhua swore if kirk was determined to strom grethor ,spock would form a plan and a statistical anylises on the odds of sucess. 

Uhua loved and hated that about spock. She felt similar feelings about kirk. In a way kirk enabled Spock. In another way,spock enabled kirk. They formed a dangerous syimbiotic relationship.  It was there strength as well. There collaboration saved earth from nero,saved star fleet headquarters from kahn and the yorktown base from krall or captain Edison.  Could it stop these mines

Spock engaged the meld.  He saw a grid.  He had acesed the network’s main computor. He was able to circumvent the mine control. The mines decloaked and became inert.

“That was way too easy.” mccoy said. “Bones i thought  you would be happy.  No casualties.  Not even a callous.  “Kirk said. “As a great philoepher once said, “something gota to go wrong cuz im feeling way too dawn good.  ” mccoy said. 

“Doctor no one regards Nickelback as great philosophers! ” Spock said.”how do you know about archaic earth popular music?”mccoy asked. “I am well versed on multiple subjects.”spock answered. 

All of a suden an officer in a space suit went over to spock.she was a vulcan. She held the rank of ensign.she had not been on the enterprise long.   

“May i help you?”Spock asked. Sudenly she detonated herself.spock tried to get away. The explosion was smal. Spock barely made it out. The officer was gone. 


Dr. Mccoy looked over spock. Uhua held on to him. “Aside from a few singe marks. You apear to be mostly undamaged.  ” mccoy told him. 

” ceptin i serached eneign tisobsky’s qurters. They were spartin. There were clothung but not much else. There was one personal itom. A book. ‘Ilogic islogical ‘  by a vulcan called eybok.”checov said.

“Sybok?” spock said.  “You ok spock?” uhua said. “I know this sybok. We grew up together. ” he said. “Why would this eneign or sybok want to kill you?”mccoy asked. “My people are at a crossroads doctor.  It has created a species wide crises of faith if you will. Some have had a leepbof faith. They cling to the teaching of surek. Others are rejecting it. They adviocate a return to the old ways. I am seen as a pivotal person in vulcan sosiety. I am a senior most vulcan serving in star fleet. I am the son of a prominent figure in vulcan government. This could be a plot to futher destabolize vulcan sosiety. ” spock said.

“Is this Sybok a mad man?”mccoy asked. “He has alwwys been a radical.  It seams that he has gone off the deep end.”spock said. 

“Captain. I wish to take a leave of absence.  I want to go to new vulcan. ” spock said.  Of course.  ” kirk said. “Spock are you not woried that whoever was begind this wont try again.  By going to new vulcan you make youself a bigger taeget. “Mccoy said.

“I am aware of that dictor. If there is a move ment to take over vulcan,it needs to be stoped. Tjus has ramifications for the federation.a pre surek government could leave the federtion even try to become a military empire “spock said “because one romulan enpire is not sufucient. ” mccoy said. Kirk leered at him.

“I want to go too. “Uhua said.”nyota it might be safe!”Spock said. “I need to go. I want to protect you. ” uhua said. “Your hardly chivalrous spock!” mccoy said. “Bones your really not helping! “Kirk said. “It is not safe . whoever did this will come after me. Morw so if i go to new vulcan. “Spock said. “Please let ne go with you. “Uhua pleaded. “Very well. ” Spock said.

Once star fleet learned of the plot by zarcan and sybok,they saught to mobilize at once. They ordered commodore robert wesly of the starship lexington to orginize a task force to stop the zarcan.several ships had arived near the staging area. More were on the way.

U.s.s lexington


“How can zarcan think he can stop us. Its four ships vrs the federation fleet. ” commander tom mallery asked.

“Dont unestimate this man. He managed to come in to klingon space.  Ravage a secret outpost. Steal secret technology and get out. I am not counting on anything. ” Wesley said. 

“We have incoming.  “An andorian science officer said.  The fleet was ready.  

Vulcan ship 


“Now in weapons range “ston reported. “Activate the dust cloud.”zarcan ordered.  The vulcan ships deployed the dust cloud. 

The cloud enveloped the fleet. “Captain. Sansors everything is down”the science officer reported.”dawn it!”wesley said. The vulcan ships opened fire on the star fleet ships.  

The vulcan flagship fired voleys of phasers at a frigate. Thr frigate was on fire. The lead ship imobilized three more ships. The vulcan ships did exstensive damage then moved on. 

The ships were in a cripled sate. An aditonal dust cloud enveloped the fleey. Zarcan had bigger fish to fry. He would suceed. 

U.s.s frontier 

“Captain’s log at the request of commodore robert Wesley, we are heading to join uo with a task force for the perpose of stopping the threat posed by sybok and the mystetious zarcan. “Warren said. 

Warren was not sure why sarah wanted him to come to her qurters.anything private could have been delt with in the brrfing room.he rang the chime.she opened the door. He saw a vulcan women he recognized. She was a midwife and live in nany. Why was she hear.it was not bring your governesses to the starship day. 

He saw a young girl playing with toy starship.  “Mommy made these. This is a new one. It is a kelvin class. It is dIigned for long range exploration and reserch missons. “She said.

“Yes i know. I have been abored one.”he said. She had a child. He never thought she might mary someone else. He looked froward to raising a family with her. “She is your child?”warren asked. “Yes her name is mya. “She said.

They used to talk about baby names.he had sugested myia for a girl. Why did she name her that? “You gave her a human name?”warren asked. “Her middle name is vulcan. ” she said. “Who is her farther?”warren asked. 

Then it doned on him. “Is she?”warren asked. “I was going to tell you. Then nero destroyed the old planet vulcan. I was confused. I was not sure what to do.”she said.

“Why did you run away from me?i fell in love with you as a logical vulcan. I did not care wich path you chose. I had seen you to the right of a kolinar master and to the left of a furengi. I would have suported whoever you chose to be. That was never in doubt.  Why did you not trust me?” ” he asked.

“I was confused. I had to get away. It was unfair. I know that now. I never finished kolinar. I got pregnant and left. Then i went to new vulcan. I have nothing to say in my defense. It was indefensible.  ” she said. 

” whatever you drcided i would have suported you a hundred and ten percent. ” he said. ” i was confused. I had to get away. I am sorry.”she said . “captain you are needed on the brdige.”palmer said. “Duty calls. “He said.


He entered the bridge. “Sir the fleet was heavily damaged.  The vulcan ships got away. “Steve said. “Can we determine where they are going? “He asked. “At. Present course and speed they are on course for new vulcan. “Ilisia said. “Send to commodore Wesley request permission to pursue.  “The captain ordered. “We are given clearence to persue. “Palmer said.

“Helm set an intercept course.”the captain oredered. “Course plotted sir. “Oneil reported. “Engage.”he ordered. The frontier headed for the vulcan ship. 

The ships damaged by zarcan worked to repair there ships.they hoped to be able to go after zarcan. They had no idea what his plan was.it was not good. 

U.s.s frontier 


“The picture of the man called zarkan is found no where in the vulcan or federation data base. the name was popular before the reforms of surek. Mind lords used z in there first name. The last great vulcan dictator was named zarkan.he was overthrown right before surek’s reform took shape. It is no wounder someone would use his name. Zarkan is revered amoung those who want to return to pre surek age. ” sarah said.  

“I thought sybok was in charge of this group.  It seems that sybok os subvervient to this man. “Ilisia said. “It seams seams that zarkan is in charge. It seams that he is way more fanatical.  ” sarah said. 

Sarah may have revealed too much. She was not ready to reveal that she was once part of the group.  How will star fleet react. How will warren react? 

New vulcan

Federation embasy

“Ambassador fox.” sarek said.  “It is good to see you ambassor sarek. I wish it was under better circumstances.  A group of vulcans led by a man naimed zarkan stole experimental technology from the klingons . he is using that technology to wage a war on terror on the federation. It immobilized a task force led by commadore wesley.” the ambassador said.

“You said zarkan?” sarek asked. “I understand that a zarkan led the planet before surek transformed vulcan society. “Fox said. “Yes that is correct. “Sarek said. 

“What is it ambassador.  If i did not know better i would say you have seen a ghost! “Fox said. 

“Zarkan’s fate waa never revealed. He fled the capital but was never found. Some beleved he left the star system. Given our recent deelings with khan ,many believe that he may have been in some kind of suspended animation. ” sarek said.

“You believe that this man could be that zarkan? ” fox asked. “I cannot rule it out ambassador.  “Sarek said.”could this lead to a vulcan cival war ? Even cessation? “Fox asked. “Perhaps. Right now it is a smal faction. This is a precariousness time for my people and yours. ” sarek said.


The shartle Galileo lunched from the enterprise.  The shartle had spock and uhua. The shartle headed for new vulcan. 

End of part four 

Next up

Spock and uhua heading to new vulcan met trouble as they are chased by members of the pre surek faction. 

Sybok and zarkan disagre over how to wage this war. 


Star trek the universe holiday special

U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log, it seams that a lot of societies on several different planets have different kind of festivities during this time of year. There is christmast ,winter solstice ,Chanukah, kwansza and others . on Vulcan there is a solum ceremony commemorating the establishment of a government based on the philosophy of surek. The andoriens have a festival witch name is unprononcible but it appears that it is loosely translated conflugation of eyelids. Not much is known about it. ” captain Norris said.
“The crew of enterprise is from multiple backgrounds and traditions. I have decided to hold a dinner in the rec room. The crew has been though a lot recently. The attack by the one true path that killed the captain and others . the mass crises and it’s after math. Then the zombie situation. Right now we are in a survey of Klingon space effected by the mass. It is fairly routine. I am hoping that the crew can take advantage of this down time.”
“On a personal note I can’t help but think of my childhood. As a kid Jason and I waking up my presents as early as possible. Then when becca was born getting her involved. I remember coming home from the academy the night before and getting up with my younger siblings .Sense Jason died and then. Rebbeca mind was altered by one true path it is just not the same.as captain it is my job to respond to the emotional wellbeing if my crew as well as physical wellbeing. I have to put aside my desire to go crawl in a hole. ” Ben Norris said.
Rec room
Dr. Carol Marcus was setting up a plant by the door. “Carol ! Go easy !”lt. Commander Jim Kirk said. “Jim I’m fine . I can do this!”she said. “I know that. ” Kirk said. “I am pregnant not dead. I can handle this . I am setting up holiday decorations not taking on the sheliek. ” Carol told him.
Kirk laughed. “Ok ! ” he said. The door opened,several crewman brought in trees and other decorecations.
Another set of crewman brought in a large satue . “what is that?” Dr. Elizabeth  dahner asked. “It is the telleeite symbol of fertility. We want to honor all cultures . we have multiple telleeite serving on the ship. ” Dr. Piper said.
“I am aware of that . it is really gawdy?” Liz said. “Wait until the Klingon Santa Claus arrives!” terasha said . “this is going to be really strange isint it?” Liz asked .”oh yes!” yeoman Smith said .
People came in and out. People brought equipment in and out of the rec room. It was a buz of activity. People were doing this on there off time.Manny. found it to be relaxing . there were those. Who. Did not.
Addison Ryan and her. Young son and daughter put up a smal tree. They put on decorations they made.  Three bolien children and two kiterian. Put up decorations they made.
“We have quite a baby boom. On the ship!” Christine chapel commented. “I had planed to be returning to earth after a breef visit.there has been a change of plans for now. ” Ryan said . ” your stil. Planing to. Return to earth eventuality?” Smith asked. “We are still in discussion on that. ” Addison said.
” where is the captain? I figured that he would. Be hear.  He ordered the event. ” Lee kelso said. 
The captain decided to avoid the holiday hoopla.he supported the idea of holiday party. He came up with the idea. He would participate but not go all out.
Odd. He tgought . last year captain Conklin held one.they were in a survey mission. Rebecca dragged him and her husband to. Get a tree on a planet they were studying. The tree made humans break out In hives.  They. Had to use e.v.a suits to beam it off the ship. It sheaded. They had to made the rec room off limits to. Humans and the party was held in the briefing room.  He laughed. This year was different. Conklin was dead, the. First officer convolescing on earth. Elese Vernon had to have all her limos amputated.  Rebecca hospitalized on Elba and her husband dead. How things Had changed.
” you ok Ben?” lt. Mia bolt asked.”I use to love Christmas. Then Jason died. I was just starting to like it again. Becca did not give me or my brother in law a choice.  ” Ben said.
“She did not give any of US a choice. ” mia said. ” this year I just don’t feel it. !” Ben. Norris. Said. 
  “Are you going to. Not attend. Mr. Spock?” Gary mitchel asked. “I am not sure.  In Years. Past I have not. ” Spock said . ” he usually volunteers to command the bridge. ” mia said.
Rec room.
Kolona entered. She had just been turned into a zombie. Her recovery was difficult. The vaccine made. Her sick to her. Stomach.  She was finally on the mend. 
” how are you feeling?” lt. Commander gioto asked. “Better !” she said. “Glad to hear it. ” Dr. Shall said . ” has anyone seen kalera?” jesshop asked. “S he has kept a low profile. Lately..” ensign Davis said. “I thought she might to be romulunafi. The festivities. ” Kylie said. ” great! Something Gray. ” Davis said .
  Captain Norris did. Put in some Turkey in the galley. He made a green marshmallow salid.   He brought it to the rec room. Music was playing. There was. Various. Music from Manny cultures.
Some stil wore there uniforms. Others wore civilian clothing.Addison wore a blue green. Multi. Patterned dress.  Mia wore a pink dress.
Spock came in. “Spock your coming this year?” Gary Michel asked. “Yes Mr. Mitchel. Please do not gloat! ” Spock. Said. ” I would not dream of it. ” Gary said.
“Welcome to the holiday celebration 2266. We have Had a hard year. We have lost search friends but have had new editions. We. Have list much but gained mutch. We are now working with the romulans and Klingon and tholuens.   (Xi nodded) we are stronger even with all that has happened. We have made it so let’s celebrate together. ” he said.
There Was food laughing. Gary went over to Liz. “Care to dance doc?” Gary asked. “I don’t know gare. Dancing with a walking freezer unit could. Pose a risk to your health.” Liz asked .”you ever going to let that go?” Gary asked .”we will see. Come on.” she Said. Liz took her hand and they went to the dance floor.
Aaron and terasha started to dance. They were newly weds sort off. It was clear. Yeoman Smith asked the security chief to dance. Hallak eat a lot but contacted the engine room every ten minutes making sure everything was fine. The engine wach commander “loved” that.
After a while the door opened, kalera entered. She wore a purple dress. She had braided her hair. Things had become odd between her and the captain. They were heading towards a relationship until it was revealed that she fired the shot that led to his brother’s death.
They looked at each other but moved on. She went to a far off table . Addison went over to the captain. “Ben with all due respect your being a but head . go talk to her. ” Addison said .”how can I possibly get over that? ” Ben asked.”you just do !” she said.
The door opened. Kor came in with a large targ. “If your getting tired if bird meet.I have teal food. Happy festivities!”kor said. The animal was stil living mostly. The crew decided not to decline.
Norris thanked the Klingon commander. Ben went over to kalera. ” want to dance?” he asked.she smiled. They went hand in hand to the dance floor.
The end.
Mary Christmast!

The klingon war conclusion.

“With federation news service I’m Jessica Armstrong. The United federation of planets has signed a treaty with the romulan star empire ending the war with them. The treaty restores the old neutral zone. All areas occupied by the romulan have been returned to the federation. ”
“The treaty was signed on parliament the capital of the organization for interstellar law. Neither president zurek or predator jihal were present.they both signed the document. ”
“While some have objected to the treaty. Some feel that the federation should have tried to get painful consesons. The president said that he wants to discourage any future attacks not to foment more trouble. The  federation hopes to give the New leadership in ki bartan to consolidate power and hopefully Persue a different course. ”
“The federation has negotiated a seperate armistice with the klingon empire. The klingon have agreed to create a New neutral zone. A wider buffer zone has been established. The treaty was signed on grazela home world.neither heads of sate were in attendance. ” she said.
United federation of planets
“Today I present a Mendel Of the stars to vice admiral transet hamin,he is an admiral and a member of my staf. A man dedicated to safety of the federation. A reluctant warrior.he prefers not to fight. “The president said.
The Medal was put on his neck. “Thank you Mr. President. While I am known as a man of battle. A strategist. I am a pacifast at heart. I wish that this war was unesusary. I hope that somehow our people’s will one day reach an understanding. I hope we can move pass this event. I hope that this will be a thing of the past. “Hamin said.
President zurek completed his second term. He did not run for a third term. He was replaced by foreign Secretary Rona benbet of rygel.
Transmet hamin returned to the zurek administration as an advisor.he was named intergalactic security advisor to president benbet.
Captain James komack stepped down as commanding officer of the enterprise.he became a member of the admiralty.
Despite his failure,murkeret was able to hold on to power. He blamed his failure on his admirals and generals. Many of the old guard retired or were retired.the empire decided to slowly rebuild.
Kalera was promoted to dub commander. She became a reserve officer. She went though a time of dipresion and addiction to a narcotic found in rihansu space. She returned to a scientific carer.
She played a key role in the mass crises and aided star fleet. She became a civilian advisor on the enterprise.
Aaron Jessup became a member of  star fleet security. He became an anylist. He played a key role in exposing a plot by a group that revered the preserver. While he and terisha went there seperate ways, they came back together and were remarried.
The federation,klingon and romulan empire did come together . during a crises that threatens the galaxy. After they worked more closely to gather to deal with The aftermath.
The experts run the galmut on the klingon war. John gill said that the klingon war was basically the creation Of one man. He blamed it on murkeret.
Marla mcguvers Saud that the klingon war altered history. Though it was unesusary it made a mark on time.
It was a met event in federation history.it played a huge role in the history of the alpha quadrant .
The end.
Dedicated to star trek. Thanks for a great filthy years.

Revenge of nomad conclusion

Home of Amber
“Amber says I should Mary you.she says you saved her family. “He said. “It was not quite like that. “Amber said. “You seam distant.you ok?”he asked.
“Look Ben. During the war, I was forced to join the star navy. I wanted to stay in the star navy but my farther would have none of it. I was assigned as a weapons officer. I tried to transfer but I was denied that request. ” she said
“You fired on federation ships?”he asked. “Yes. Ben I fired on the hood. I killed your brother. ” she said. Ben got really quiet.
“Ben talk to me!”she said. “Kalera I have nothing to say. I would ask you to please leave. “He said.
“Alright. “She said. She started to leave. He went in the opposite direction. “Where is lari?”aber asked. “They needed her on the enterprise “he said. “Is everything ok between you too?”she asked. “Of course .”he said .
“Ben people change. People grow. Perhaps it’s best we keep the past in the past. Our family have been though a lot. It might be time to let it go. “She said. “Its not that easy. You were young when Jason died. You don’t remember him like I do.”he said.
“All I know is she saved my family.she protected me and my kids. “She said.
“Why are we hear?”Addison asked. “Trust me addie !”Liz told her. They walked to the embassy. “Vulcan embassy. ” Addison said.
She saw Ryan. “Ry! What’s going on ?”she asked.”Addison I wanted to renew our vows. Thank to Mr Spock ambassador sarek has agreed to aficiate. Will you Mary me again ?”he asked.
She hugged him.”you bet. “She said.”come on. We have a dress for you!”Liz said.”is the command staf coming?”she asked. “They are already hear. Even xi. “Liz said. “Why am I not surprised. “Addison said.
“Sure you want to do this again?”Kirk asked.”I am sure Jim.”Ryan said. Ambassador sarek was on hand. Dr. Piper escorted the bride down the isle. Bridesmaid included Liz, terisha,Kalera and mia. Kirk,Norris ,the chief and MITchel were groomsmen.Dr. piper gave her to Ryan.
“We are hear today to renew a marriage. In many ways to start anew. Many view our people as cold but we do not engage in emotion. While some of my people see marriage as a biological imperative. Vulcans accept that coupling must be more then simple accepting biology. Vulcans do accept that there is no logic in being alone. There is no logic in going though life alone. Love is not an emotion it is a choice. It is a decision made made once but also continually made.” sarek said.
“”Ryan does your heart only beat for her?”sarek asked. “It does!”Ryan said. “Addison does your heart only beat for him?”He asked .”it does”she said.
“By the authority given to me by the United federation of planets ,I declare you husband and wife. ” sarek said.
After they went to star fleet command bal room. Addison and Ryan danced.there kids joined them as well.
Terisha and jess were dancing. “So your taking over as records officer on the enterprise ?”terisha said. “And second officer. Jim and Addison are sharing first officer duties. I heard your staying on as an advisor?”he asked. “Yes . your stuck with me jes!”she said. “Good!”he said.
“Want to dance Liz?”Gary asked. “I did not think that a walking freezer unit can dance?”she said. “Your never going to let that go are you? ” he asked. She took his hand and hit the dance floor.
“May I join you?”Galloway asked the women he met while watching xi. “Of course!” s he said .”I never caught your name?”he asked.”Tonia barows.”she said.
Dr. Piper was dancing with a wheat chair bound Elise Vernon. “So I heard they are working on prosetic legs for you?”Dr. Piper asked. “I intend to galivant though the stars soon. ” she said. “I know you will. “Piper said
Ben just looked around the room.he did not feel festive but wanted to be there for Addison.Kirk and Carole sat out the next song.”cosmic thoughts Ben?”Jim asked.
“I am not really hear I gues Jim. I figured I would stic around to honor protocol. “Ben said “Ben just don’t rush into a final decision.”Jim said. “Of course.”Ben said
Alll acros the room people were enjoying themselves. Even security chief giotto was dancing. He was with yeoman Smith.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Department heads hear as ordered.” Smith said. “There have been reports of unusual activity in a neutral area near klingon and romulan space. “Ben said. “Let me gues we get to investigate. “Dr. Piper commented. “Where your Sense of adventure Mark?”Ben asked. “Far away ” Dr. Piper said
“Course plotted ” Addison said. “Helm take us out!”Addison ordered.the enterprise went to warp.
The end.

Sphere of influence part seven.

Borg cube
Colonel catlin oversaw the repairs of the cube. The crew was able to access the ship repairs. They had to manually reactivate the Borg regeneration process.
The cube could be seen regenerating. Once the process began,it went at a very rapid paste.before anyone knew it ,the ship would be ready for action. Carlin was eiger to restart the operation.
Borg cube
“Colnel the ship is now at a hundred percent! “Major kirel informed him. “Very good! The enterprise will persue us. We cannot be detered. The time is now. We must not shy away from this sacred task. “Catlin said.
“We will not. We have all pledge to do this duty with every fiber of our being. ” kirel informed him.
“I know that. Set course for the nelric system. Hear we go!”the colonel said .
“The beginning of the reign of the beatufied. Now we get to do things the right way. Out with the old. In with the gloarias new. The universe has shined the light and it will never be extinguished. Glory be the light and those who receive it!”kirel said.
“Glory be the light!”Catlin said.
“Commander rycer Is awake. It will take a while for him to recover. He will be ok. “Bevily said “I am glad to hear it Doctor!”Picard told her.
“Captain I beleve I have found information on colonel Catlin.”data said “what do you have commander?”Picard asked.
“Colonel Catlin served in the zeravien armed forces. He did rise to the rank of leftenent colonel before he was forced to retire. “Data reported.
“Why was he forced out?”Deana asked. “Uncertin. Rumors was that he was indirectly involved in a corps agents the chancellor president of zeravia . it was never substantiated. He was stil honoured. Catlin was involved with murcinaries, Orion syinducate and fighting with pro Cardesian  militia. He vanished from the scene several years ago. This is his first sighting since fighting with the gathers. “Data reported.
  “It seams our colonel is trying to set up a new galactic order. “Picard said. “Odd he has gone from a soldier for hire to a man on a mison!”bev commented. “It could have any number of causes. All I know that he has to be stoped and I assure you he will !”Picard declared.
Nelric system
The conduit opened up. The fully operational fully powered cube came out of the conduit. The vessel neared the Hunter maelstrom.
“Now in position !”kirel said. The enterprise came in . the ship fired everything it had. It fired phaser and photon torpedoes. The ship was struck from all sides.
“Ignore that ship! Procede with the mission!”the colonel ordered. The ship let the shields fight the enemy. The ship focused on the task at hand. Once the maelstrom exploded nothing would matter. A new era would begin.
“They have not returned fire!”worf reported.”I sense determination. “Deana said. “If that ship detonated itself from there position it would take out most of this syistom!”data said.”suicide mission!”bev remarked.
Picard got to thinking. He had to think fast. Time was quickly running out. There had to be a solution quickly.after fast thinking Picard had an idea. It was risky but it could would. He would try it.
Data transferred all on essential power to the tractor beam and shields. This was probably one of Picard strangest ideas. This was not ordinary ocurence. This required unconventional thinking this did count.
The enterprise tried to activate a tractor beam. The ship went to warp. The Borg cube chaffed against the weight of the beam. The cube fired.
The enterprise was hit from multiple sides. The shields were holding.
“We can’t keep this up forever!” alenbeam reported. “I am well aware of that ensign.”Picard said.
The cube tried to Go to warp in the opposite direction. The enterprise tried to hold on to the orther ship.
The cube tried to get away. The enterprise tried to stop that from happening. The Borg cube fired.the deflector dish wash it.the explosion spread to various part of the ship.
“Shieds strength has been drained slightly!”worf reported. “It Will continue to happen !”gordi said.
The cube fired again. It fired on the beam. It got free. The cube then hit the enterprise.
“Vessel has resumed course for the maelstrom !”data reported. “Pursuit!”Picard said . the enterprise followed the cube. “We are being hailed !”worf said. “On screen !”Picard said.
“Captain Picard! Your reputation is well known and it seems well deserved. “As is yours colonel !”Picard said.
“Captain ! This could end now.I will spare this sector if the federation agries to cede old space that belonged to the former zeravien empire.”The colonel declared .
“You must know I Wil never agree to that!”Picard said.”I did not expext you but I hoped maybe you would be reasonable. I am not surprised that you are not. “The colonel declared.
The screen faided. “The vessel had resumed course for the maelstrom.the enterprise fired on the cube.
“No affect!”worf announced. Picard was not surprised. “Mr. Worf collision course!”he ordered. The enterprise headed towards the cube. It headed for it at high warp.
Picard hated to go out like this. He saw no other alternative. The destruction of this sector would cripple the federation. Not only could the society take advantage of this but so could any number of other world’s.
The romulons for example. The tholiens,horn,any number of other species.the Klingon empire was currently leaderless. Gowlron was the hair apearent but this could give factions opposed to the federation the push they nedded to seize power and strike the federation. Then there was the actual Borg. This had to be stoped hear and now,Picard thought.it would be one way or another.
The enterprise was about to slam into the cube. Sudenly  they were caught in some kind of wake.the enterprise was pushed out of the way.
A conduit opened up,a Borg cube excited the conduit. The massive ship fired on the other cube. The massive conclusive charge cut though the ship like a butter knife. The vessel was sliced in half. The. The vessel then exploded.
The Borg vessel steamed to move towards them. Picard thought to himself,”out of the frying pan into the fire”. He did not say it out loud.
The vessel seemed to come at them. Then the cube went back into the conduet. “The vessel is gone!”worf said.
“Captain log,star fleet command believes that with the destruction of the Borg cube,for now the threat from the society is over. Star fleet believes they will probably go underground at least for a time. Will they resurface later is for now not known.”
“On another note, I don’t know why the Borg did not go after us. I suspect after what occured on earth earlier thus year they are evaluating what to do in regards to us. I beleve we have not seen the last of the Borg. Not by a long shot. I am not sure we have seen the last of the society either”
“I heard you did good!”will said. “I learned from the best sir! Gordi said. Will chuckled. “I knew you had it in you !”he said
“Part of me wishes we could have gotten our hands on there technology. “Gordi said.”it was probably for the best we did not!”he said “it probably was!”Gordi agreed.
The colonel had serviced the destruction of the rougye cube.he and several brothers got to an escape pod. The colonel had been injured. His face showed signs if radiation.
“The Breen have joined the war on the side of the dominion. This has strained the already tenuous alience between The Cardesian and The dominion. “Kirel said.
“We have to move quickly! ” Catlin said.”agreed!”she said.
The end
Next up
With the dominion war over,the society decides to take advantage of the chaos and lunches an attack of space they claim.


Sphere of influence part six

The enterprise entered the area. The enterprise spared no time.the enterprise immediately fired on the Borg cube.
The colonel watched the battle with interest. Jean luc Picard was a name that was known throughout the galaxy. Picard had climb though the ranks at a fairly rapid pace. He had began as very unremarkable. He was one officer out if Manny.
Even after becoming a rising star inside star fleet, he still had not had a reputation in the non aligned sectors . that quickly changed. His encounters with the furengi,the angosians,the anserta and now the Borg.
The colonel had been fully briefed on Jean luc Picard. He knew he might encounter Picard on this mission.a part of him hoped he would.
The Borg cube fired on the enterprise. “Shields are down to 20 percent!” Gleason reported. “Reroute non essential powers to shields. “Picard ordered. The power was transfered. The enterprise was hit before the transfer could be completed.
“The transfer was unsucesful!”ensign Kenny lyin reported. “Dawn it! “Picard said “shields at 10 percent!”Gleason reported. “I would advise against attempting to transfer shields ! Data said .”agreed !”Picard said.
The enterprise fired on the Borg cube with a massive volley of phaser and photon torpedoes. The projectiles struck the massive starship.
  “They are no match for us! They must know that. We have there people! Perhaps this Picard is just foolish!”Caitlin proclaimed. “Foolish or desperate!” major kirrel said.
“I recommend we withdraw captain.without shields we will never hope to hold out against them!”Gleason reported.
“No we stop now,they go back into that conduet. We will have no hope of catching up with them. We lose them,the entire federation is vanersble!”Picard exclaimed.
“Captain I may have an alternative!”data said. “Explane!”Picard ordered. “I believe I can create a hyper sonic burst that might temporarily disable there shields. It will be on a short time but perhaps long enough. “Data explained.
“Do it!”Picard ordered. The enterprise hit the ship from several angles. They tried to avoid the hits from the Borg vessel. Ensign alenbeam got a clear view of what it was like to be a starship helm officer. It was not easy. It could be rewarding.
Data thought differentially then the rest of the crew. He saw things anyilitically. Everything was seen though a positive and negative point of view. He accepted that impossible excited. It was the last step not the first. Data exhausted any avenue before accepting defeat. That made him a crucial part of the crew. 
Data was able to generate the burst. “Everything is set up. Standing by on your orders!”data reported. “Mr. Gleason ready all weapons!”Picard ordered. “Ready!”Gleason announced. “Make it happen data!”Picard ordered. Data activated the burst.the burst overpowerd the Borg shield grid. The enterprise quickly followed up with phaser and photon torpedoes. The enterprise did not give them time to adapt. Picard hoped that without the link to the collective,it would be unable to regenerate.
The enterprise hit again and again.the cube fired back. The enterprise dodged the impact. The child’s nichelle were hit.
Inside the cube,the battle between the away team and the asuslt team continued. The asuslt team advanced on the star fleet team.
Gordi was determined to protect his team. Gordi. Aimed his phaser at the control panel. The panel exploded. The energy hit the leader of the a sit team.the explosion spread to Gordi.
Gordi fell to the ground. Gordi was rendered uncnscious. He woke up somewhere else. He had no idea where. He saw what looked like a white room. He had no idea what it ment.
He saw images. They we’re going to fast. They came at him all at once.he had no clue what they ment. He felt overwhelmed. It made no sense.
He tried to absorb all of the Information. Finally it all slowed down. Gordi started to wake up.
“Commander! Commander laforge !”ensign pavlic pleaded with the commander to wake up. “The battle!”he said. “We were able to fall back to a safe position. The crew of this ship are more concerned with the ship wide battle. “She said. “We are safe for the moment  !”baur said.
“My mind was merged with the leader of the asuslt force. I think I know what this is all about!” Gordi said.
The enterprise had inflicted considerable damage on the Borg cube. The cube crew had to deal with th multiple fires and damage throughout the ship.
“Is there a nebula near by. A place where we could use as a safe harbor ?”Picard asked. “There is the erebor nebula!”data reported. “Picard to transporter room 2. I am going to lower the shields fora few seconds. See if you can get a lock!”Picard said.”aye sir!”obrian said.
The shields were down. Obrian activated the beam. The away team were beamed away. “They are a bored! Obrian announced. “Go ensign!”Picard ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. The Borg cube kept perusing. Gleason fired at soft spots on the cube. The enterprise got closer to the nebula. Picard hoped that they would not follow them into the nebula.
“Entering nebula now!”alenbeam reported. “We are inside!” the ops officer announced. “The vessel is moving off!”Gleason said. “They will be back. They will lick there wounds and swoop back in.we will be ready for them!”Picard said.
“How are you feeling Mr. Laforge?”Picard asked. “Like a super nova fell on me!”he said. “I thought as much! ” Picard said.
“I have much to tell you sir. I was linked to the leader of the asuslt team. I saw things,images. It was all a jumble but I have bean able to make sense of most of it!”Gordi said.
“Say on! “Picard instructed. “In the past there were a series of empires. Many rose and fall . some fell to super novas,others to conquest . “Gordi said.
“Historiens refer to it as the age of empires.”data said. “The last big intergalactic power was the zuravien empire. When it fell there was a group of interlecuals from many worlds who became disturbed by the fact that unlike the previous times,there was no empire in the waiting. There was a huge vacume that did not appear to be filled this time. “Gordi said.
“A group from many worlds formed a secret society based on philosophy but also mystism as well. They go by Manny names. The society the beatified “Gordi said.
“Yes! “Picard said. “You recognize this name? “Bevily asked. “A faction of this particular organization plotted to stop the federation at its very inception. A hundred years later they tried to ster up tensions between corridor. And the andorians. “Picard said.
“Colnel catlin the man who appears to be the commander is zuravuen. I believe this operation is part of the society. “Gordi said.
“To what end? Why steal a Borg cube? “Bevily asked.”the area around the nelric system was part of the zuravien empire. Perhaps they wanted to soften us up. Make the area ripe for conquest. ” data remarked.
“If they are concerned about power vacume,the federation has provided stability. With the peace treaty with the Klingon the galaxy has become more stable. There plan Is no longer nesisary!”bev said.
“They believe there order is the only real solution!”Gordi said. “Its a very old story! “Picard said. “This was only the beginning. Unless we can stop it now!” Gordi said.
“I think I have figured it out. “Pavlic reported. “What do you got?” Picard asked. “They call it the Hunter maelstrom . it is a turbulent aream. It is also a sight to see. I beleve that the society plans to pilot the Borg cube into the malestrome. “Pavlic said .
“If that happened the nelric syistom would be incinerated. The whole region will be u uninhabitable!”data announced.
“The federation would pull out. The old zeravien anex would be ripe for conquest. “Gordi said. “The ship will repair itself. Then they will resume the operation. Then so must we!”Picard declared.
To be concluded.

Interest and principles part 7

The enterprise had to holdout long enough for the rest of the fleet to arrive. The enterprise participSated in hit and run attacks on the enemy ships trying to ware down the enemy. It was designed to buy time.
The enterprise fired on the enemy ships. The ships fired back on the enterprise. Multiple decks were hit. Walls caved in. Computors circuits exploded.
“Emurgentcy protocols in place!”uhua said. “Come on !Spock get me a target!” Kirk said. “Jim he is a science officer not a marksman!”mccoy said. Kirk gave him a dirty look.
Spock sent a target to soul’s station. Sulu plotted the target. Then he pressed the fire button. The enterprise fired on the command ship. It fired on a crossover area on the ship. Sulu programmed a percussion strike on the area.
Two escort vessels hit the enterprise. Both nicheles were damaged. The vessel hit on multiple sides. The command ship hit the ship from the center.  The enterprise returned fire on the ships. They used phasers and photon torpedoe volley at the ships. The Enterprise did not give time for the ships to return fire. They kept fireing.
Enemy ship
“This ship is annoying!”the admiral in command said. “They cannot service forever. They are one ship. No ship is invincible. They are doomed. “The admiral said .
U.s.s faragut bridge
“How much longer!”Addison asked.”we are two minutes closer then the last time you inquired!”sotril said. “Sory!”Addison said.
The faragut and protempkon  finally arrived. The two ships did not hesitate to fire. They fired on multiple targets. Shortly after the Excalibur and hood arrived. Then other ships arrived.
The ships decided to fall back. The society did not want an armed conflict with the federation.the plan depended on the collapse of the federation. That now seamed unlikely. The fleet withdrew. They then would reevaluate that plan.
Planet earth
Pallice de la Concorde
Office of the president
” Mr. President We retrieved a data base that verifies that a secret group plotted  To destabilize the federation . they were behind the attacks on the tellerite and coridon. This was an effort to devide the federation. The andorian were not involved in this. ” admiral komack said.
“After looking At the evidence mr. president, it is the view of the coridon government that the whole afair is the work of outside forces. We are satisfied that the andorians did not commit acts of agressons against the coridon people!” the coridon rep said.
“As is the tellerite government. We are convinced of there innocence !” the tellerite ambassador said. “I am recommending to the council that they consider the matter closed.”the acting president said. “We have no objections Mr. President!”the tellerite ambassador said.
“This is a federation news service update, the council has voted unanimously to accept the star fleet report that  vindicate the andorians. The council has voted unanimously to restore the andorians to full membership status. The road to coridon membership will go forward as scheduled. “The reporter said.
“We have also confirmed that the vice president will take over as acting president until president zal can resume his duties. ”
“People of the federation. Although I have represented the andorians ,as Secretary of defense and intergalactic security advisor and vice president,I have endeavored to work for the federations. All of the federation. While I am exercising the duties of the president, I will endever to work for everyone in the federation. The federation world because we are United. We are one federation. We are one. We depends on each other!”the vice president said.
The end
Next up
  Set between final mission and the loss, in a remote sector of the federation space ,a Borg cube appears. The enterprise is called to deal with the situation. All is not as it seams.