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Advocate p’mok and the case of the jilted parmochi

Planet qonos
Curilia was walking the streets of the capital city. She went though the market. She walking fruits and vegtibles. She enjoyed the imported foods from bolias. The pro federation government on qonos has increased trade with the federation . while curia was apolitical,she did love bolien produce. She hopped that the trade continued.
She heard a ruckus.on the Klingon home world,a commotion like this usually ment that a legendary warrior was returng from a conquest. Either that or a warrior that was legendary in his one mind and needed confirmation form the mrsses so he would organize a magshift perade. Klingons loved pageantry so they would join in no matter what. It was hardly a gauge of one standing in imperial society.
She decided to see what was going on. Sure enough there was an extensive throng.
Sh saw that it was thought admiral qotim . qotim’s rank was mostly ceremonial. His grandfather had been a fleet admiral who commanded several raids against the federation,Romuluns and the keel. Qotim lived off of his family glory. He was more successful at the chessboard then the battle field.
She had no idea what the fuss was all about. She asked a friend of hers. “Kuri what is going on?”curia asked. “The thought admiral is celebrating the parmoch of his son gired and the lady huela !” she said.
“They have become parmochi ?”she said. “Aperently. Why does she get him? “Her friend said.
Unlike his farther gired was a genuine war hero. He disabled a scrudrin of jemheder fighters with just four birds if prey. Not only that Klingon women found him irresistible. Everyone women wanted to be mated with him.
Curia got very angery. Not academic wage but a furias wage. A wage combrible to Gary Mitchell after he was subjected to the energy barrier at the center of the galaxy.
What no one knew was that she and gired had caried on a secret romance for quite some time. Despite his great grand farther military success,the family were comoninors. They had planed to be formerly we’d. Then the Klingon’s brief war with the federation over archanis and then the dominion war broke out. He joined the k.d.f he rose to a Commodore. It seem the hype had gone to his head.
Lady hurla was a member of an aristocratic family.rumors were that th family patriark had been a soldier who served under simple considered the greatest emperor second only to kahless himself. Marying him would be a huge boon both to gired and his farther.
Before the war gired had been a man of horror. His New fame had gotten to his head. She was furias.she moved on. “Curie whare are you going?” her friend asked.
She headed for the throng. Gired was with his betrothed. Both sets of presents were present. She went right up to gired.
“How could you? You scheming furengi romulina hybrid!”Curia said.”please let me explain!”gired pleaded. “He has no time for you! Your not women enough for him!”huela said.”he is not interested in you only your land,and prestege. “Curia said.”my son is a giant he has no time for a peasant!”gired farther said. ” well if I can’t have him,no one can! You are a dead man!”she said .she ran off.
Admiral qotem wanted her placed under arrest but gired would not hear of it. They tried to get him to reconsider but he would not.
She told her friend what happened.”Curie that is a really bad idea to threaten the life of a war hero. “Her friend said “I know. He was a man of hournor before. Now he is drunk with power. He used to make fun if people like huela. He would not even be in the same room as her let alone marry her. ” she said .
After a time gired returned to the family estate. He went into his private study. He ordered his body gourds not to let anyone into his office.
Klingon hated paper work. It was necessary. Gired had to clean up the mass made by his father. He was a terrible accountant and administrator. Gired had to correct it. It was a full time job keeping the house of qotim a float.
He heard a noise.he turned around.a dager was pushed into him. He fell to the ground. He died shortly after.
The war hero. A future leader of the Klingon empire.dead. murdered.how had done it?
To be continued.