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Klingon war past four

Part four
“Lines in the sand” .
“This just in. The federation fleet under the command by admiral emit Dawkins have been forced to withdral from the donatu syistom. The fleet was unable to push out the Klingon from the occupied area. The federation fleet took heavy loses in man power,equipment and personnel. Star fleet command had declined to comment. Federation president zurek has convened a meeting of the intergalactic security council. The pallice de la concord press sacitary has said that the president is considering all options on how to deal with the stand off with the Klingon. ” Jessica Armstrong said.
Space station k-7
The demoralized fleet returned to the station. Morale could not be any lower. The ships took heavy damage. K7 staf as well as the crews of the ships got right to work on repairs.
Confrence room.
“We need overrelming force. I intend to ask star fleet for more ships. If we match there ships we can drive them out. ” admiral Dawkins said.
“With all due respect lack of the ships is not a problem. “The Orion engineering officer said. “Who are you?”admiral Dawkins asked.
“Lt Jr grade hallak ,former Sr com tech relay station 46. “He said. “How else are we are going to win this battle without the use of overwhelming force?” the admiral asked in an incredulous manner.
“The problem is not the fleet sir. The problem is the mines. We have to find a way to defend ourselves against the mines. We need a way to counteract the mine. ” hallak said.
The admiral was unhappy with that statement. He could not dismiss the statement off hand. “What do you suggest?” the admiral asked. “I suggest we go behind enemy lines and attempt to steal one of the mines in order to study it. “The Orion said.
“Are you mad lt. That is a suicide mission. “Dawkins commented.”with all all due respect admiral. So is your plan. “Hallak said. “Put together a plan and I will consider it. “The admiral said.
Kalera reported to rihansu star naval command. She had her military status reactivated. She went to personnel. She was shocked to hear that she was assigned to the grace fire as a weapons officer. While she had the training her specialities was more suited to a scientific position.
Office of admiral kibet
“Sir? Why was I assigned as a weapons officer?”She asked. “You have the training for a gunner. We don’t need scientist. We are in a war. You don’t get to Pick your assignment. A soldier folows orders. ” he said.
“Yes sir. “She said. The admiral dismissed her.she Said the customary greeting the office. The door closed.
Qurters of lt. Norris
“So are you stil on bored the tyconderago?” captain Jason Norris asked. “No I have been resigned to special ops. “Ben said “I gues you can’t discus it?”Jason said. “I can’t. Not even with my older brother a starship captain. ” he said. “Why am I not surprised. Well as long as it helps us win this war,I’m ok with being kept in the dark. ” Jason said.
“Alright. ” Ben said.”we will all get together when the war is over. You me ,beck heck we will get Amber and the little kids up hear. “Jason said. “Sounds good. See you then jaYce. “Ben said.
Oifice of transmit hamin.
“Mr. Hamin, a former star fleet officer named Barron Jessup and his wife a Klingon national is asking to see you right away. ” the Secretary said.
“Can you confirm her identity?”hamin asked. “She was born and raised on qonos.she is from a comon family. She is a scientist but did serve in the k.d.f. ” the sacritary said.
“Send them in. “Mr.hamin said.the door opened. The two opened. “I’m transmit hamin special counselor to the president on the war effort. “Hamin said.
“Your from coridon ! I did not think coridon was a federation member.”terisha commented.
“It is in the process of reaplying.I grew up on rygel. I am a Federation citizen.so you have information for me. “He said.
“I am from anon warrior cast. I don’t have any direct information. I will help any way I can.Klingon are by nature agresive as am I but I harbor no resentlessment or ill will towards the federation. I will help any way I can. “She assured him
“I appreciate that. ” hamin said. “Our inability to retake donatu is due to the use of heavily shielded mines. ” hamin said.”may I look at your datta?”She asked. He gave her a file. She looked it over.
“The Klingon believe in total war.consider the example of General Grant in the American civil war. While Klingon prefer hand to hand combat or personal combat,they won’t hesitate to use weapons whatever they are.” terisha said.
“They used mines in the previous conflict but these are different. “Hamin asked. “They have been working on renovating mines for specific use against the federation. I believe these mines were part of an above classified mission. ” she said.
Command deck
“Admiral you have a priority message from president zurek. ” manager lury said.
Confrence room.
Lt. Ben Norris entered the room. He joined mia bolt,Orion lt. Hallak ,Joshua Anderson and a few others. “Ah good” manger lury said. Norris saw a shadow man in the back.
“Where is admiral Dawkins?” the Orion asked. ” admiral Dawkins has been relieved of command of the Klingon front. “The man said.
“Who are you?” mia asked. “Transmit hamin I am a star fleet reserve. I have been reactivated and given a battle field commission of admiral. This briefing is classified. This mission is optional . I want to send a scout vessel to capture a mine . this is a dangerous mission. I am hoping that the mine capture could turn the tide of this war. “Hamin said.
“I am in lt. Noris.”he said.mia agreed to participate in the mission. Hallak agreed.
The scout ship Cassandra was birthed outside k-7. The Cassandra left The station. The Cassandra went to warp.
“We are clear. ” Joshua Anderson reported. “Set course for the occupied zone. ” Norris ordered. “Course plotted and engaged.”mia bolt reported. The Cassandra went to warp.
The mines were very creative. The mines only affected federation ships.Klingon ships could travail in and out of the mines. These mines assured Klingon control of the occupied zone. It had to be dismantled and soon.
The Cassandra had to take the long way to the occupied zone. The Cassandra was smal but was a tough and durable ship.
“I am lunching a probe. “Hallak said.he launched the probe. The probe left the ship. The probe headed for the mines.
“I am activating the jamming device.” the Orion said. The probe neared the mines. The probe hit the mines. The probe exploded.
“It was a test. I am going to ajust the settings on the next probe.it may take some time but we can overtake these mines. “The Orion announced.
Another probe was launched. The probe entered but suffered a similar fate as the first probe. The Orion was determined to keep working. This was too important to just simply give up.
“With federation news,um Jessica Armstrong,the romulan fleet has captured territory in the kaleb sector. They are fortifying the newly acquired space. While there have been raids by scouts. The romulan are using swams and single vessels.”
“At the same time the Klingon have held on to there territory They captured. The Klingon are raiding ships and outpost outside the occupied zones. There are unconfirmed reports that admiral emit Dawkins has been relieved of command of the fleet tasked in retaking territory seized by the Klingon. ” She said.
There had been a series of failures. The Orion created a new shielding.one that one works just like the mines worked. The probe was launched. The probe headed to the mine field. The mine went inside the field.
“Probe is holding. “The Orion said.”come on,come on. “Norris said . the probe had made it though. The probe kept going.then when they were convinced that the probe worked. The probe exploded. The Cassandra would now report it’s findings to fleet command.
“Alright the fleet is being refuted even as we speak. Our mission is to breach the mine fields. Once we are inside we Will fire on The Klingon fleet and we hope to force them out out of the occupied zone. First we push them out of donatu then we work to fortify donatu.then we work on work on liberating The rest of The occupied space. ” admiral hamin said. 
“You saved my people tarry. I Will never forget this I . “He said. He hugged her. “I love you. I hope you will always know that.”she told him. That night she waited until he was asleep. She left a note by his pillow.she kissed his head. She then left the room. She changed and snunk out if his apartment.
U.s.s hood
“We are receiving a distress call from a supply convoy. They are under attract by romulan bird of prey. ” plotark The com tech said. “Head for the convoy. “Captain Jason Norris said.
The hood went to warp. It headed for the convoy. The romulan vessel hit the convoy. The vesel’s mission was not to destroy the convoy but to chip away at the fleet. It was also to attract a star fleet ship. The romulan fleet hoped to chip away at the federation. A death by a thousand slashes like strategy. Romulan vessel
“Sir! Federation starship hood is on an intercept course.they are heading for us “The pilot reported.
“Cease attack on the convoy. Head for the hood. If they want to battle us then I will gladly give it to them that chance. ” commander hired said.
“Weapons standing by!”Kalera said. The rihansu ship fired on the hood. She was vicious in her attacks.she did not let up. She inflicted a lot of damage.
A plasma weapon hit the bridge. Jason Norris was hit. He was knocked of the chair and was killed. The hood was wounded.
Several other ships arrived but not in time for Jason. Kalera had not acted like her.She had been a kind and compassionate person. That all changed that day. A new Kalera emerged.sweet lari was gone.she was sub lt dravet Weapons officer.
On earth Jason woke up the next day.he looked for terisha.she was gone. He found the letter.
“Dearest jess. I live you. I felt I had to help star fleet even the playing field. I don’t support this war. I don’t support mukerat. I gave your people a fitting chance . I am Klingon.I can’t run from that.I am returning to the empire .I filled for divorce. I wish you well terry. ”
He threw the letter across the room. He cried.how could this have happened.
End or part four.
Next up
Jess rejoins star fleet and volunteers for the front lines against the Klingon.Norris learns of his brother’s death. The federation scores it’s first victory against the Klingon. Kalera continues a downward spiral. 


Klingon war part three

Episode two war progreses.
Pallice de la Concorde
“Welcome back “talburt said.”I want my old staf back. Including gia tananie. I don’t care if they in andromida galaxy. “Hamin insisted.
“They are all hear. “Talburt said. “You expected I would have come back. What I I declined?”hamin asked. “We would offer it to the next best person for the job gia.”talburt answered.
Office of the president
“Mr. President, the Klingon attack took us all by surprise. By all accounts it was hastily planed. “Hamin said.
“What was the reason for it?”the president asked. “A starship commander with no political experience challenged the chancellor to a duel and won. He had no support. This war is what humans refer to as wag the dog. Basicaly a ploy to unite the empire under him. If we can win a major victory against the federation,he will be able to retain power. “Hamin said.
“It is a gamble,if he loses he would lose his leadership and his life .”the president commented. “Klingon live for risk.”hamin said.
“Right now Klingon control most of the donatu syisyom. Do we have to completely defeat them before they will back down?”the president asked.
“Mr. President the Klingon won’t back down. They will keep fighting.”hamin said.
“The fleet is assembling. Admiral Dawkins plans to hit the fleet at donatu. “The president said
“With all due respect admiral Dawkins is too cacious. He is timid.”hamin said. “He is the only member of the general staff who has battled the Klingon. “The president said.
“He is too conventional. Too predictable.”hamin said. “It is too late to replace him. “The president said. “Mr. President we need to take them off there game. “Hamin said. “The admiral has put things into motion. I believe he can handle it. I have full confidence I. His abilities. ” the president said.
Ki Barton
Senate building
Office of senator dravit
“You wanted to see me farther?”kalera asked. “I need you to return to the star navy. ” het farther said. “I had hoped to remain in the science corps.”she said. “We are at war. I need to set an example. You must return to the military. ” he said.
“I will not defy you. I know my duty. I am not pleased by this. “She informed him. “I cannot be swayed by you. ” the senator said. “Very wel. I will reinlist.”she informed him.
“You are dismissed.”he said. “Jorlan tru”she said. She left .
Planet Ossetia seven.
Former star fleet ensign Aaron Jessup and his wife terisha had gone to a remote planet. They were conducting research. They came back to the citty after several dad exploring ancient ruins.
They walked into a restaurant holding hands. “I can’t believe I agreed to go with you to the enge of no where to look for ancient technology. “He said.
“Despite your complaining,you love It!”she said. “I love you. The heat the sand the ancient boobie traps I am not so sure. ” he said.
She laughed. “We do make a good team!”she said. “We do. “He said. He saw a viewing screen. He saw an image of donatu station. “I don’t speak osetian. Do you know what’s going on?”Aaron asked.
She watched the view screen.”jess my people have invaded federation space. They have captured donatu v.”she said. “I got to get back to the federation. “He said. “I know. I will brief star fleet. I don’t know a lot being a civilian from an unimportant family. I’m sure my information can help. “She told him.
“Will you go back with me?”he asked.”you bet. “She said. They Got ready to return to the federation.
Freighter captive heart
The freighter had to dodge Klingon patrols. The freighter tool every detour it could find. Nebula,comets whatever.
“You did not have to help us. You risked your lives your ship. Thank you!”hallak said. “I attended the academy but did bot graduate. I stil bleed star fleet. I would not ignore your cries for help. ” Mia told said.
“I know that. ” Bianca said. “We are nearing space station k-7” Josh Anderson said. “Take us in”the captain said.
U.s.s confederation
“All ships in place admiral. “The com officer announced. “Order our ships to move out. “Admiral Dawkins ordered. The ships were everything from frigates to dreadnaughts.
The admiral had Gray hair. He was somewhat balding.he was not short but not tall either. He had a dominant personality. He was rigid.
The fleet headed out. The fleet went at high warp towards the the Klingon fleet.
The Klingon had tried to fortify the donatu sector. They set up mines that searched for federation warp signatures and detonated upon detection.
The mines were warp capable. The federation fleet headed to the Klingon fleet. Before even the federation fleet could even fire a schot,the mines went off.
Several mines went off simultaneously. Several ships were hit. The u.s.s tianimon a light cruiser exploded. The uss akagi a destroyer bottom half exploded.the vessel separated from the hulk in time.
Several ships were badly damaged. The ships had no real defense from the mines. The Klingon engaged in dirty wars. They used anything they could.
The Klingon fleet then fired on the federation fleet. Dawkins ordered the fleet to hold there ground.
Romulan vessel
“You wanted to see me?” the centurion said. “Yes my friend.”commander m’len said. The two men were veterins of the rihansu star navy serving sense they were eligible to serve. They participated in every major campaigns of the last forty years.
“We have New orders I assume?”the centurion commented.”we do. The preator in his infinite wisdom had decided to declare war on the federation joining the Klingon. The preator wants to force the federation to extend themselves too thinly. We are to participate In a raid on the neutral zone.our orders are not to conquer territory but to make it’s impossible for the federation to shore up there Klingon front. ” the commander said
“You don’t sound pleased by these orders. “The centurion said. “When I was young I never questioned our policies. The empire had to expend.now I don’t know. I just don’t feel as I once did. ” the commander said.
“You will do your duty if I know you as well as I believe I do. ” the centurion said. ” you do. I can think out loud . I will do my duty as I always do. “The commander said.
“I know that. Dosint the preator know that this will build up the Klingon. If the federation falls,the Klingon will turn against US eventually they will have to.we may be creating a monster. “The centurion said .
“It could be a great blunder my friend. I am too good a soldiers not to do my duty. I will do that duty.”the commander said. “I know that. “He said
Federation Romulan neutral zone.
“You can’t pull so many ships off of the Romulan border. “Commander Hanson said. “We have no choice commander. We are at war with the Klingon. We have a personal problem. “Admiral Lawrence said. “The Romulan are allies with the Klingon. They have treaties between them. ” Hanson said. “I’m sorry I cannot help you.”the admiral said.
The Romulan ships crossed the border. They fired on every outpost they came into contact with.the ships that were there were outnumbered.
Space station k-7
“I spoke to star fleet miss bolt. You are not eligible for a commission.the best I can do is a non commission post. “Mr. Lury said. “Oh no. I was a bridge officer on the freighter. “She said. “I can’t do it. You don’t make the muster to be an officer. “He said.
“I want to serve but not as a non com .” she said. “Alright I Will see what I can do. No promises. “Lury told her.
Pallice daconcorde
“Trans, “gia said. “Let me gues you have bad news. “Hamin said. “I have a lot of bad news. “She said.”ok let’s hear it. “He said. “The federation fleet barely made it into occupied territory. The Klingon fleet was ready.admiral Dawkins was forced to withdraw. We took heavy loses. “Gia said.
“Why do we sense you have even worse news?”hamin asked. “I am afraid I do. “The deltin said. “Ok let’s hear it.”hamin instructed. “The Romulan have declared war on the federation. A Romulan fleet crossed the neutral zone and hit our bases and ships. We now have a war on Two fronts. ” gia said.
“Oh my. This has gone from bad to apocalyptic. I need to see the president. “He said. “Do you have a recommendation?”she asked. “No but I will come up With something in the time it takes to walk from my office to the soval room. ” he said.
The end of chapter two.

The Klingon war part 2

Episode one the war begins.
Klingon expeditionary fleet. 
“Chancelor I was not expecting you to command the fleet directly. “General kord said.
“I will not share my glory with any one else. “Murkuret said. “Very well.we want to set up a staging area. We believe that we should target the planet qutok. “Admiral tirkel said
“Qutok is not a federation world. “The chancellor said.”no it is not. They have a treaty with them. The federation would interpret it as an act of war. “Kord said.
“No! We must attack the federation directly. There must be no doubt!”the chancellor said. “Sir! We need a staging area. We must do this carefully . without qutok The invasion might not succeed.”g’har said.
The chancellor considered it. “We must target the federation directly.get me a federation target!”mukeret insisted.
“In that case I recommend we hit com relay 47, 46 then charge on donitu base. Then we can take donitu five. The fleet won’t be able to mobilize before we have fortified donitu five!”the overweight General said.
Admiral tirkel did not want to lunch a full scale invasion of the federation without taking qutok but he could not do it without getting the anger of the chancellor .
Bot Tirkel and kord were not overly popular. Kord was old and overweight. He was opinated. He overendulged in alcohol.
Tirkel was a veterin of wars with the federation ,wars with the tholien and nazaka among others. He was apolitical. He spoke his mind even if no one wanted to hear it. Sometimes he said it because he knew no one wanted to hear it.
“Prepare to strike the relay stations then the donitu sector. “The chancellor ordered. The bridge crew agreed.
Relay station 46
  The relay station was part of a relay network.the station only had two officers on bored.they coordinated with other com bases. It was a bit lonely.
For the officer in charge ,that was perfect .The officer was an Orion. Hallak perfered quiet and solitude. His fellow tech did not agree. Ensign Bianca crane liked to listen to Andorien  hip hop. She liked to engage him in conversation which he was not a big fan of .
“Hallak I just lost contact with relay 47.”Bianca reported. “Are you certain?”the Orion asked. “Yes I am. I can’t raise them or activate override protical. ” she said. “Send to star fleet command. Send possible code 008. ” the Orion said. “Are you sure that’s not overkill ?”she asked . “we are out on the frontier. We are near Klingon space.”the Orion said.
“Yes good point. “She said.she sent the code to the command. The Orion believed that The federation was about to be attacked. The base was about to be attacked.
The Klingon fleet had destroyed the relay station 47. The Klingon fleet hit unmanned setilites. Anything moving was attacked. The Klingon ships neared the base .
“Com lines are down. “Bienca said . “hear we go!”the Orion said. The two were in an e.v.a suit. They put on the helmets. The Klingon ship’s
Broke formation and converged at the base. The Klingon ships fired on the base. The two launched.
They tried to hide from the ships. The Klingon pounded the base. The fleet did not stic around. The fleet headed out.
Star fleet command
San Francisco
” sir! Sir!”a young commander said.”yes. “Admiral diangello said. “Sir! Relay station 47 went off line. Then relay station 46 went off line but before it did,it sent code 008. “The aid said.
“Klingons?”the older admiral asked.”the most logical conclusion sir !”the aid said. ” alright! Order every in the area to relay 46. Order ships not in The area as well. ” he said. “You got it. ” the aid said.
U.s.s Lexington
“Captain! Star fleet is ordering all ships to Ray station 47. “The com officer said. “Lt .Leland plot course for the station. Maximum warp. ” captain Robert Wesley ordered. The helm officer complied. “Course plotted and engaged. ” Leland said
The Lexington moved out . the vessel went to warp. The vessel headed to the site of the relay station.
U.s.s charlstone
“I have a visual. ” science officer Ben noris said. “On screen!”fleet captain garf ordered. On the view screen was the massive Klingon fleet. “Oh my! ” garf commented.
The federation ships fired on the Klingon ships. The ships were hit.The ships returned fire. The ships were out numbrred. That did not matter. If the Klingons wanted a fight the star fleet ships would give them one.
Planet earth
Paris de la Concorde
President zurek kept to a tight schedule.he never duaviated. It was quite a change from his peedasesor. His predasesor was a denoblian who was known for being lackadaisical. His staf and cabinet had to get use to it. In the early days of his administration,there was a high turnover. People got use to him.
The door opened. “Mr. President! Sory  to disturb you. The Klingons invaded donatu . the federation fleet engaged the fleet but was forced to turn back. ” the aid said.
“Wake the cabinet. I want star fleet command there as well. Have the council convegn at once. I am invoking code zero zero eight. ” The president said. “Understood. Right away.”the aid said.
Freighter captive heart
“Why did we go on a trade route that is in the middle of a war zone?”co pilot mia bolt asked .” it was not a war zone when we filed this flight plan?” the freighter captain said .”true” mia said.
“Captain I am detecting two survivors from the relay station. “A tech said. “We have to help them. ” the pilot said. “We are a freighter . “mia said.
  “We are all under attack. These two need help.”the captain said. The freighter went to warp.
Halak and bienka had given up hope. They believed there lives we’re over.
Then the freighter moved by.the two we’re brought on bored. The freighter quickly left the area.
Planet romulus
Outside ki bartan
Dragon estate.
Kalera Dragon was the daughter of a former admiral and senator. She was an officer in The star navy but was inactive. She spent most of  her. Time conducting scientific research . most of it had no military application . her farther was not thrilled by that.
“You should switch back to military service!”her farther said.”we are not at war farther.besides everyone is conducting military research. It us a crowded field. I want to do something unique. “She said. “You take advantage of out satis. Our nobility was earned by your grandfather and by me. Were it not for our service you would be in a mine working along side remens . don’t forget that.”he said.
“I am not some spoiled aristocrat farther. We are not Klingon. The empire is more then a war machine. ” she said .”we must have a strong military. ” he said.
An aid came in. “Sory to disturb you senator. The Klingons have lunch an invasion of the federation . the Klingon ambassador has asked The Senate to envoke the treaty of hitoria. “The aid said.
Pro consul jihall was a friend and an ally of dravet. Jihall wanted to go to war with the federation. Therefore it would pass. The rihansu would be at war.
“Fellow rihansu the Klingon empire has asked us to invoke the treaty of hutoria and declare war on the teran federation of planets. The Senate has voted to invoke the treaty. I am giving consent. We are at war with the federation.today we end the tyreny of terrains.today we put an end to unjust restrictions on free movement of rihansu.we will win. The glory of the empire will be unchecked. “Preator lakeef said.
“After what is being compared to purl harbor or the zyindi attack of 2153,the Klingons have lunch as surprise attack on the federation.the council had voted to declare war on The  Klingon empire . admiral emit Dawkins to command the fleet .” Jessica Armstrong a  reporter said.
“With me in studio is teanset hamin he was formerly director of colonial affairs but was relieved by president zurek. What do you make of this?” She asked.
“Well jess I warned the council that this very thing was going to happen. I warned that The president policy of withdrawing from the Klingon frontier would not produce peace but would encourage the Klingons to strike. Now we are caught totally off guard .” he said.
“Do you blame this on the policies of  president zurek?” Jessica asked.”not totally of course.  The president unilaterally pulled out of the border.  He dismantled bases and colonies. It was a bad move. ” he said.
After the intervue he headed out. He saw a middle aged man. He recognized him. It was st. John talburt. ” what do you want?”hamin said. “The president wants to see you !” he said.
“He cannot keep me from The press. The constitution gives me freedom of speech. I have been a private citizen for five years without a clearance .” hamin said.
“The president wants to give you a job. ” he said. “He just wants to keep me from the media. Let me guess I will work in a building do far from the pallice de la Concorde that it is probably in briten.  ” hamin said.
“You will be special assistant to the president and counselor to the president. You will have an office right next to the president.you will spend most of your time in the Soval room. ” talburt said.
“Do I get to talk to the president directly or   Do I have to go though the I.s.a ?” hamin asked.” no you can speak your mind. The president wants your honest opinion. “Talburt said. “Alright I will do it. ” he said.
End of episode one
Next up
The federation fleet tries to push the Klingon fleet out of donatu. The romulan strike as well .Kalera rejoins the stat navy. Jess returns to star fleet.

One true path the conclusion

Chapter six
Rebecca was in the brig. She was being visited by a member of the psych team. “Her brain had been altered.”nurse chapel said.
“She has the mind of a child. “Piper said. “Legally I would say she does not have the ability to stand trial.she will probably be sent to Elba two. “Sarah Chabot said. “She will be the second enterprise alumni there.”the security chief said.
“Have you interrogated the murcunaties?”the captain asked. “Yea they have been no help. “The chief said. “We are on course for deep space two but it will take time even at maximum warp. “Noris said.
” detecting a federation ship.scout vessel. Assigned to star fleet command. “Spock said.
“We can’t engage them in communication. ” mia said. “I know. Could we send a mesege by Morse code?” the engineering officer asked. “We could use the deflector. ” mia suggested. “Make it happen!” the acting captain ordered.
The scout ship.
“Perimiter alert, “the computer said. “Can you identify the ship?”jess said. “Vessel is federation starship enterprise.”the computer said. “Can you confirm that it is the enterprise?”jess said. “Confirmed”the computer said he saw the defelctor. He translated te Morse code as do not hail. He figured something must ‘ be wrong with the com syistom.
He deactivated the com syistom.he set the ship to Intercept the enterprise. He stoped the  he got into e.v.a suit.
He went into space. He Parked the ship close to the enterprise. Once he cleared his ship ,he launched the rocket pack. He headed to the enterprise. He was recovered.
He was escorted to the bridge. “Welcome to the enterprise.”Norris said. “Thank you sir. This was one of my more unusual transfers. “Jess said.
“We could not take the risk. Our com system was taken over by a virus that is designed to infect the entire federation. ” Norris said.
“The mercenaries  tried to seize the ship. All they say is one true path over and over again.”the security said.
“I believe that a group that worships the preservers is involved in all of this.”Jess said. “The mythical aliens that have inducted endangered ethnic groups and moved them to other worlds?”Dr. Piper asked.
“The very same. It is my suspicion that they want to destroy the old orders and usher in new. “Jess said.
“That would line up with the com virus!”yeoman Smith said. “Indeed it would. “Norris said.
“I was attacked on rissa. They had mid rage fighters.”Jess said.”we faced old Klingon  vessel. They probably procured them from surplus depots or on the black market. “Norris said.
“Captian these hostages pose a huge risk to the ship and crew. I recommend we move them to a habitable planet with no population.” Jess said.
“Agred Mr Spock locate us a world. ” Norris ordered. “Aye sir. “Spock said. “So long as the com virus is active and the fleet is out there we are in danger. We have to take out there capitibility. ” Jess said.
“Yes we do. We have to find a way to do just that. ” Norris said. Noris had no way to figure it out.
“Acting captains log I am sending commander Jessup back to the scout ship Newport. He is going to inform star fleet command of what has occured.  While at the same time we are putting together a plan to counter the plot to destroy the federation.”
“I spoke to star fleet command. The fleet is on high alert. The fleet is being deployed along the border. The federation is on high alert. “Jessup said.
“Now we need to stop this plot. Prevention is fine. They need to be defeated.”the security chief said. “That might be difficult” Jess said.
“I have an ideas . Jess I need you to contact star fleet from the Newport. They need to abandon current frequency. I have an idea in how to flush them out. We need to set up a local jamming device. “Norris said.
Combat ship
“Sir the enterprise has contacted star fleet command. The virus has just beenTransmited”deret said. “Begin the operation !” quter ordered. What  qurter did not know was the jamming device was active. The response from the fleet was not real . it was from someone from The enterprise.
“They took the bait. “Jess said. “Lets get this done!”the acting captain ordered. The ship headed out.
The enterprise neard the area where the combat ship was. “I have them on on sensors.”Spock said. “Plot intercept mia!”Norris ordered.”aye sir!”mia said.
As soon as the ship was in weapons range the enterprise unleashed a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the combat ship. The enterprise went at full tilt.
“Not as damaged as we were left to believe!” deret said. “Where is our mole?”qurter said.”I can’t raise her. “A com tech said.
“Could she have been exposed ?”deret said. “Perhaps. “Qurter said. “We have to abort.the plan counts on anonymity.”deret said.”no! There is no path like the one true path. I will not abort. This is a holy cause. ” qurter said.
Ever sense he saw his people saved at the last minute,he became obsessed with these mysterious benefactors .  he had tried to find them. Now he decided that he could not find them,he would bring them to him. Create an empire that idealized them. Mayby they would return.
“Beam over the mines. “He  ordered. The mines were beemed aboard. The shields prevented beam out. “They must have modulated there shields. “The tech said.
“They have figured out our plan .” deret said. “Mantain fire. “Quarter ordered. The ship fired on enterprise.
“Good work Spock. You have earned a raise.”Norris said. “Captan we are a cash less society”the Vulcan said .”it was a .. Never mind.”Norris said. 
“They cannot possibly win but why keep fighting?”The Orion said. “They are obsessed. ” Norris said .
The enterprise fired on the combat ship. Sudebtly the ships power deactivated. “They must have found a way to steal our device. “Deret said.
“Captians log the combat ship has been seized. Some how the leader had escaped. The ship will be towed to deep space two.the enterprise will be overhauling the com system.” Norris said.
At ds two.
“Ds two will take good care of you. If they don’t they will hear form me !” Dr. Piper said. “Thank you “she said. “No matter what you will always have a home on the enterprise !”Norris said. “Thank you”Elise said.
Elba two
Rebecca was taken to the facility. Addison saw her dresed in the Gray jumo suit. She was taken into the cell . she seemed odd. Addison wondered why she was hear.

One true path chapter five

U.s.s enterprise
“Seccond officers log,while investigating a suicide bombing on the planet argelius,We followeod up on Leeds that led to an ambush. Our ships suffered heavy damage. We also suffered high casualties. ”
“We lost a lot of good people. This includes captain Thomas Raymond Conklin. He had commanded the enterprise for two years.  He is servived by a wife Debra and two daughters. We also lost communications officer plotark and helm officer Grainger.”
“In addition to multiple deaths,there have been several injuries. Lt. Elise vernon ‘s injuries are very savers. In addition to multiple burns there was also internal bleading. ”
“Commander Mark Leland is in a coma. He is stable . the ship is momentarily out if danger. The warp jump only got us so far. ”
“Unbeknownst to myself or any of the crew, we have a spy on bored.Lt. commander Rebecca price mind was altered. She presents a threat to our getting out of this alive and in one peace. “Commander Norris said.
Once the ship was temporarily clear from the hostle, security chief giotto and his forces were able to put down the bording party sent by the hostile forces.
Luckily for commander price,none of the lower ranks knew that they had a mole in the enrerpeise. She had time but that she was on bowored time.
Dr.piper ,nurse chepel and Dr. Shal 8  and others rushed to the bridge. Dr. Piper scanned Lt .vernon. “How are you feeling ellie?”Dr. Piper said. “I’v been better doc!”she said. “We will need to get you to sick bay. “He said.
“That bad?”She asked.”let me do the worrying el. I don’t plan on losing you. “He said. Leslie and Galloway put her on a auto gurney. They moved her to the turbo lift.
Dr. Shall looked over commander Leland. Megen did multiple scans using multiple devices. “Ok we can move him.”she said.
Technician Fisher ,Darnell and lemli placed the commander on a gurney. The commander was moved out.
Lt. Commander Norris entered the bridge. The bridge was in ruins.there were open cicuts. There were burn marks on multiple stations. Norris looked it over.
Technician went in and out. The bridge was full of activities. Everyone got to work.
“Ok people . if I can have your attention for a moment. I know we are tired and discouraged and disillusioned but We are not out of the woods yet. We have a lot to do. “Norris said.
“Mr. Spock if you can find a working recording device,please note that I am assuming command of the enterprise affective immediately. “Noris said.
“So noted captain. “Spock said. Mia bolt entered the bridge. “Mia ! Good. “Norris said.
Mia expected that she would be given a grunt assignment. She was well liked but she was not really officer material. She probably should have been an enlisted person.she expected to be side lined even more then usual.
“Sir!”She said. “Mia I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I am naming you internet helm officer and giving you a battlefield promotion to Lt. Commander. You probably know the bad news.”Norris said.
The helm and navigation station was virtually non existent. “Realy me sir? There are other officers in line . “she said. “Mia I saw you in action. I want you by my side. “Noris said. “Thank you sir. You won’t regret this decision. “She said. “I don’t doubt that Lt. Commander. “He said .
“The com system is still down . it will take a lot of work to get it up and running.”yeoman Smith said. “I imagine that it is being monitored any ways. ” Norris said .
Confrence room.
Norris looked over several reports in ships syistom. The security chief entered . “the prisoners have been no help. They refuse to answer any questiones except to give odd nursery rhymes that don’t translate to galatica. “The chief said .
“Barry I think that we have a mole onbored. “Norris said. “I agree. I came to the same conclusion. It could be anyone . it could even be one of the injured or dead. “The chief said.
“I know I considered that. I think we have to run on the conclusion that the mole is stil alive. ” the acting captain said. “I agree but why tell me? How do you know that I am not the mole?” giotto said. “You don’t strike me as the double agent time. You would get too confused. “Norris said. “You saying I am too dumb to play both teams? Your probably right. How do I know your not the mole.this could be a power play. ” the chief asked.
“Only a fool rules In a burning house.I am not that smart. “Noris said. “No comment “he said.
“Good call chief !”he said. “How do we flush out the mole? “The chief said .”I am thinking it over.” He said.
“Look I am sorry about your brother in law. I know you were close. “He said.”Tom was a good man. I am saddened he won’t get to hold his baby girl. “The captain said.
Planet rissa
Jess kept moving. He had stayed out of the way. He had eluded the enemy force. He knew it would not last forever.
He got close to his ship. He ran to his ship. He got inside. He went to the pilots chair. “Computor!” He said. “Working!” the computer said he showed the oubulisk file to the computer. The computer scanned it.
“Symbol is a structure found on multiple worlds. Beleved to be constructed by an ancient race . race nicknamed the preservers.”the computer said.
“Computor , sumerize the preservers “Jess said. “The preservers is a name given to a theoretical construct of an alien race believed to be have rescued tribal people and moved to other planets.some have speculated that they may have given birth to humanoid life in the galaxy. Evidence is conjecture. ” the computer said.
Jess began to suspect that they are deeling with some kind of cult that worships the preservers. He suspected that They planed some kind of plot to take on the old order. The preservers seemed to be an intergalactic robin hood.they are protecting the venerable.almost like bat man or other super heroes.he had to warn star fleet.how? He was in a scout craft In the middle of neutral space.
He decided to lunch. The scout ship launched. The vessel went up. The vesel left the planet. “Perimiter alert!” the computer announced.”explan!”he ordered “incoming vessel. Non aligned combat ship.attributed to non aligned pirates. “The computer said.
“I can’t get a break today. Man I should have stayed in bed!”Jess commented.
Jess took the ship to maximum warp . for the u.s.s Newport that was warp six. “Vessel is perusing. .The computer said. “No dah!”Jess replied.
Jess transferred some non essential syistoms to the warp drive. The vessel kept on going. He had to outrun that ship. He had to warn his superiors.
U.s. s enterprise
Sick bay
” how is she doc ?”Norris asked. “I have stabilised her. I stoped the bleading. She will recover. We had to amputate both legs. She is out of danger.” he said.
He asked to see her.She wore the blue night gown used for patients.She had a blanket .Noris went over to her. “Hello elie”s he said. “Sir!”ellie said. “At ease ellie.”Norris said.”thank you sir”She said.
“I am so sorry for what happened to you. I promise that you will not very disregarded. Your part of thus family. I won’t leave you behind . “he’s said. “I know that sir.I appreciate that. “She said.
“I have a long road ahead don’t I ?”She asked. “Yes you do. Your not alone. We will be there every step of the way” Norris told her. “Thank you.”She said.
“Sir I have temporarily transferred helm to an aft station. ” mia said. “Good work mia ” Noris said. “I located the enemy ships.they are near but near enough ” Spock said.
The security commander went to the bridge. He motioned the acting captains. They went into a corner.
“Ben we have a problem. ” giotto said.”report Barry!” He said . “the two tech in a.u , they were killed by. Star fleet issue phaser. ” he said. “Are you sure ?”Ben said. “Yes. A non aligned phaser was used post mortum to cover it up. The fatal wounds were from a star fleet issue. ” the chief said.
“The pirates could have gotten there hands on star fleet phaser. It happens. They could have raided one of our weapons locker. ” the captain said.
” maybe. I perfer to go with the more likely syinerio.  ” the chief said. “Are you suggesting what I think you are thinking. ” the acting captain Said.
“Ben I wish I was not. I have gotten where I am because I don’t play favorites.I go with the evidence and with my gut. She us records officer she has one of the highest computer proficiency rating on the ship. She is second only to Mr. Spock. She had opportunity and ability. Its a circumstantial case but we don’t need to prove guilt. Darn It captain we are a sitting duck hear. ”  Barry said.
“She is my sister. ” He said. “The ship has to take precedence. ” the chief said .
“Ok .your right. Asemble a security team. Make It smal. Keep it to ones you trusts ” Norris said. “Understood. ” Barry said.
” I want to take her into custody.phaser on stun.” he ordered. ” agreed. ” the chief said.
Rebecca was stil in auxiliary control. She was able to play both sides. When push came to shove ,she was on the side of the one true path.
The team led by Barry giotto remained outside per the orders of the acting captain. The acting captain went inside.
“Hi Ben !”  Rebecca said. “Beck you should take a break. You don’t want to over due it. ” Ben said. “Ben I’m pregnant not dying. ” rebbeca said.”of course . come on Beck. Take a break. I can make it an order. ” he said.
“I know that. I want to stay hear for now. “She said. “Beck it’s time to take a break ” he said. He had a sturn look at her.
The door opened. The gourds entered. “What is going on hear? ” Rebecca said. “Get  up Rebecca!”he ordered.
She tried to press a but on. The power in a.u was cut off. She seam to shake. She seemed different. She got up.
“Becky let’s get out of hear ok?”Ben suggested. She followed the guards.  She followed the guards.
“They wiped her mind fleet. Both the old Rebecca and the New rebbeca is gone. She has the mind of a child. ” Dr .piper said.
“We need to get out of harms way. I am guessing this is part of s bigger plot. The federation is at risk. Perhaps more. ” Noris said.
The Orion entered. “Are you unhappy but are you just in your rested taciturn face?”Norris asked. “I found a virus embedened in the com system. I can’t remove it. If we use It we will send a Trojan horse to whoever receves it. As far as I can tell the virus is similar to an e.m.p ” the chief engineer said.
“Worst case syinerio it shuts down the entire federation. Best case it cripple a local network. “Spock said.
“A prelude to invasion or an attack. ” mia commented. “I want safe guards. I don’t want the com system even usable. “Noris said.
The scout ship made it to nebula. “A cult that idolized the preservers. “The admiral said. “Yes sir. I believe that it is a plot to create a new order by destroying the old. ” Jessup said.
“I see. Alright. Good work. We will rescue you as soon as we can. “Komack said.”I totally understand. The priority has to be to stopping the plot. ” he said. “We won’t abandon you commander. ” he said.
Combat ship
“The Rebecca drone is off line. Jessep has gotten away. Star fleet knows about us. “Deret said. “This is a set back. It is not over. Asemble the principles. “Quter said.
End of chapter five.
To be concluded.

One true path chapter four.

U.s.s. enrerpeise
“I have a visual . “plotark said. “On screen. “The Captain ordered. The com officer had the image displayed.Rebecca had displayed the image of the ship. The captain ordered preparations to mount a rescue.
“Sir. I am detecting an energy surge.”Spock said. Sudenly the Vulcan ship vanished. It became something much smaller. “Sir! It is a spacial charge!”l.t giotto announced .
“Back off quckly! Its a trap!”the captain said. The helm and navigator tried to turn the ship around. The spacial charge exploded.the shock wave hit the enterprise.
The enterprise was pushed back. The helm and navigator attempted to restore gravity to the ship.the vessel tried to go to a full stop.
The shock wave continued to hit the enterprise. The wave hit. The enterprise continued to drift. The enterprise headed. Into the wave. The enterprise went to maximum warp. The vessel got though and cleared the wave. The wave kept going.
“Ship at all stop. ” navigator Elise Vernon reported. “Warp drive stil operative. “Lt. Granger reported.
In the auxiliary control, Rebecca took control of the ship.she lowered The shields.
“Our shields are down!” the security chief reported. “Raise the shields”the captain ordered. “I can’t. Something is interfering with us. ” the security chief announced.
Before Lt. Commander giotto could raise the shields. A land mine transported on to the bridge. The mine emerged near the com station. The mine exploded near the communication station. Lt. Polek was hit and killed instantly.
A second mine emerged on the bridge. A mine beamed near the helm ans navigation console. The mine exploded. Helim officer Grainger pushed navigator vernon out if the way.
The helm officer took the brunt of the impact. His body was burnt. He fell to the ground. Elie fell to the ground. She had burns. She was alive but wounded.
Several old style Klingon ships decloaked. The vessel fired on the area near the command center of the ship. The crew tried to aid The wounded.
The ship was hit. The wall started to cave in. The captain tried to escape. It was too late.  The first officer was jostled around. A wall sparked and he was hit. He fell to the ground. He was not killed but rendered unconscious.
Spock ran from his stations . giotto and others made it out. Yeoman Smith hid in a corner.
In the garden area the botanical crew had no warning. The area was hit by a disruptor. Tom price tried to protect his team. He protected as many as he could. He was struck. He was heavily wounded. He was dying. His last words was “Becky”  he had no idea that she was behind all this.
In engineering ,hallak ordered the room sealed. He tried to lock down the engine room and especially the warp drive itself.
Lt. Commander Ben Norris was in his quarters.the captain ordered him to get some sack time. He had trouble getting to sleep but finally did fall asleep. He woke up hearing the noise of multiple blast.
He got up from his bunk. He checked ship’s system. He learned that the ship came under attack from presumbily the same Klingon ships They encountered at ditelex b.
Mia bolt had been in her quarters. She was scheduled to work the night shift. She usually slept around this time. She wore a nightgown. She heard the jostle from the attack. She changed into her uniform dress.
In sick bay,Dr. Piper advised his staf to ge ready.things were about to get worse.everyone including Dr. Megen shall and nurse Christine chepel knew that was true. They all knew that they would have there work cut ahead of them.
While in the brig the yaridien activated a device In His arm. The man exploded. The force field kept most of the explosive in the cell. The blast spread though the area. The force field held but dissipated.
The Klingon ships beamed over ground forces. The birding party emerged on one of the decks. The team kept moving. They had weapons in hand.
Norris heard the sound of a transporter. He grabbed the phaser.he left the quarters. He saw the troopers.he opened fire on the troopers. He took as many as shots as he could.he dodged several schots.
He was about to be hit.then the trooper was hit. Then the team was hit. It was mia bolt. The two tried to move back.They fired on the birding party.
“Thanks I owe you one mia!”Norris said. “No problem sir. Happy to help. ” mia told him. Neither one were out of the woods. They fired on the ceiling. It hit the hostle team. They fired on the team.
Two soldiers were perusing . each aimed at one of them. Both were stunned.”both are from different worlds. ” mia said. “This is some kind of multi species group. I don’t think it is from one of the major powers. “Norris said.
“I suspect they have sent multiple birding parties. “Mia said. “Agreed we can’t let the enterprise fall to this force. ” Norris said. “Agreed. Are you suggesting we activate the self destruct?”mia asked. “Only as a last resort but if we have to yes. ” Norris said. “Understood. “She said.
The two kept moving . they moved throughout the ship. They knew that they had to find a way to retake the ship. They had to act fast.
Commander giotto had ordered the bridge sealed. The serviving bridge crew able to seal off the bridge from the rest of the ship.  Spock had rigged up a transport inhibitor. It would not last forever but hopefully long enough.
  Jessup ran as fast as he could. He just kept running. The fighter kept firing. Jesep kept dodging it. He hoped that he could get to his ship. Rissa did not have  a military or much of a police force either. He was basically on his own.
He kept going. So did the fighter. The fighters fired. He tried to crouch. He  had to not be seen. He really wanted to get what he had found to star fleet. Star fleet needs this information. That seemed unlikely.
Jess tried to crawl though the ground. He tried to endure.he tried to remain in one peace.
He saw a Vila. He ran into the complex. The fighters lost him. They fired on the villa.he had to dodge the falling ceiling.
He ran though a window. He rolled to the ground. He hoped that maybe he had one uped for a few seconds .he tried to use it to there advantage.
He ran and ran. He neared a Maine area of the planet. He ran to the beach. Would the hostile follow him into the beach . He came in. The guest saw the ships. They screamed and ran. The fighters kept going but did not fire. They tracked the commander.
Jess was able to lose the ships for a few minutes. He knew it would not last forever but he just needed it to last long enough. He had to evade,endure and out last. That was what he tried to do.
U.s.s enterprise
Yeoman Smith tried to help Lt. Elise vernon. She was in bad shape.she had multiple burns. Much of her body was numb and limp. The yeoman tried to keep her as comfortable as possible before the medics could arrive.
The security chief went over to th yeoman. “I am detecting internal bleading. We have to get her to sick bay and soon. With medical attention she will probably recover.time is of the essence.”Smith said
“How is the commander?”giotto asked.”stable but unconscious.he is in some kind of catatonic sate.” Leslie said. “I still detect intruders.the fleet is nearby.I suspect they plan to let the bording party to incompasiate the ship. “Spock said.
“Sir. This probably is not the time but this smells of an ambush. They may have a confederate aboard.”Galloway said.
“I suspected that as well. We have to regain the ship. Get us out of harms way. “The chief said.
In the corridor,Norris and mia met up with other crewman. They started to engage the enemy commandos.  They held there own.
They neared the auxiliary control . ” I am detecting a life form inside. Its human.” Lt .lemli reported. The door was sealed. Noris activated a manual override. The door opened.
The door opened. The team entered. Rebecca brandished a phaser. “Woa your among friends !”Norris declared. “I found bissel and Sawyer dead. Who attacked us?”she asked.
“We don’t know. They we’re allied with the people on the planet. “Norris said. “She needs to be told !”mia said. “Beck Tom is dead. He died trying to save his team. “Norris said. She hugged Norris.she started to cry.
“There will be time for that later. We need to retake the ship. “Beck said. “Agreed. Can we transfer bridge function down hear?”Norris asked. “Yes you have an idea?”mia asked. “Its a whopper but it might work. ” Norris said.
The crew in the a.u atepted the transfer. The enterprise headed to an asteroid field. The ship went to maximum axceleration. The ship used the shields to bounce off of the asteroid field. The ship jumped across a smal area.
The ship had temporarily escaped the hostle ships. It was not over yet. There was still danger.
End of chapter four.

One true path chapter three

Lt. Aaron Jessup took a scout ship from earth to rissa. Rissa is known as a resort planet. Humans had known about the planet sense the middle of the 22ond century.
Aaron assumed orbit around the planet. Of course, the Klingon used an assumed name. Jess knew how to find him. Jess went to his private challet deep in a remote area.
Jess walked up to the villa. He went inside. “Stompok! “Jess said the old Klingon was drinking blood wine. He gave him a bare hug. “Jess. Its has been too long !” the old Klingon said. The man had unkempt long hair. It was mostly gray with some black. He was a bit obese.  “It has. I was worried that you were killed in the war or by pirates or Orion nazaka or anipovnoids.”Jess said.
“These days,alcoholic beveges or paper cuts are more likely to do me in then a photon torpedo. I use to fear being done in by a disruptor,today I fear dying of boredom. “He said.
“I wish I was hear to reminisce!”he said .”I figured. I was like you once. All I cared about was duty and obligation. Any ways, as always you did not get any if this information from me!”the elderly alien said.
“You have my word old friend. “He said. “The Klingon have wanted to keep this off the records but Klingon embises and freighters and other interest have been attacked in the non aligned sector. Suiside bombers. All by alien from remote areas or low tech or pree warp world’s that have contact with aliens. At first we suspected dirty tricks from you or the romysnagens or gorn . it started smal then escalated. Then the argalius attack. The romusnagens are cryptic but we have discovered that they have had attacks on them. “The man said .
“You have any idea who is involved?”he asked. “This is from a bombing of the Klingon embassy on the klaystron home world. We found this symbol. “He said.
“It looks like an oubulisk! “Jess said “we found it at two other bombing sites. “The Klingon man said. “Could it be some kind of terrorist group or religious cult?”he asked.”maybe. You terusnagens you care about motives . we Klingon care about defeat. I don’t care why my enemies hate me.I only care that they are defeated .”the old man said.
“Know your enemy and know yourSelf !”he said. “Tsungstu . I perfer the Klingon philosopher hungta who said “knowledge means nothing if I don’t have a Batleth to back it up. ” he said.”even dirnat Sat that “the sword only accomplishes so much . the pure heart defeats a thousand warriors.”Jess said
He laughed.”I missed bantering with you Jess! For a pitarch your not so bad.you know who else misses you?”he said .”strompek you promised not to bring that up. “He said.  “Your stil mad at her?”he asked . “some wounds are harder to heal. “Jess said.”then stop picking at it. Leave it alone and let it heal.”the elderly man said.
All of q sudden,they heard a noise . “what is that?,”the Klingon asked.”it sounds like some kind of atmospheric craft “Jess said. “On rissa?”he asked.
The air craft fired on the villa. Jess tried to protect the old Klingon.the vessel kept firing. The two kept moving. The roof caved in. They fell in the two. The old man shoved him out of the way.
Jess went to help him. “Go! My time is past. Don’t let it end this way Jess! I don’t just mean this!”the Klingon said.
Jess reluctantly fled. A fighter craft fired on him. He kept running. He hated leaving strompek. He had to servive. He had to figure All this out. The oubulisk was an important clue. He had ti follow up on it.he just had to stay living long enough to get to a computer.
U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log,we are heading to ditalex b. We are hoping to get answers on who was behind a terrorist attack on argelius. I admit some apprehension. It feel like something is up. I feel like there are unseen forces manipulating things. All leading towards something.what I don’t know. “Conklin said.
“Now nearing the planet !”the navigator announced. “Spock scan the area.”Conklin ordered. The Vulcan began the scan. “Captian I am detecting an three old style d five clas Klingon what ship and old style birds of prey”Spock reported.
“I am also detecting an encampment on the outskirts of the mining center. “Spock said.
“The ships are arcane but they are heavily armed. “The security chief reported.
“I have to know what we are deeling with. Bridge to engineering!”the captain said. “Go ahead sir!”the surely engineer said. “I want to atept a near warp transport. “Conklin said.”do you want a bagel to go alin with it. “He asked. “That would be nice.”he sad.
“Yes I believe I can make it work.if you really want to do it”the Orion said. “Want to is not the right word. I see no other option.”the captain said.
“I can Make it happen.”he said, “ok security chief assemble a tactical aid team. “Conklin said. “You got it sir.”the chief said. “Mr Leland with me. Norris the ship is yours. “The captain ordered.
Transporter room.
“Can you do this my . Kyle?”the captain asked. “I believe I can sir “the chief said. The team stepped on to the pad. The security team in addition to the chief included Leslie.Galloway,hickborn,prosser and Norwood. The enterprise was st at warp. Kyil activated the controls.
The ship never stoped. The crew form went to several spots. Finalty They were on the surface. ” is everyone in one peace?”Conklin said. “I never ever want to do again?”the security chief said. “Realy.that was fine.I kinda want to go again. ” Leland said. “Your welcome to commander. I am all set. ” the chief said.
The team was fired on. The crew fired back. There were multiple alien races. They all had phaser or disruptors. The team hit back.
The captain ordered the team to fall back. The enemy force was relentless.
The captain wondered how they could have known they were coming. This felt like an ambush.  The captain wondered if someone tipped them off. If so who. Did they have an informant among the crew?   He had a hard time believing it but perhaps it was true.
An alien sniper took aim. The sniper hit crewman Norbert. Norbert was hit. He fell to the ground. Crewman proser came to his aid. He was hit. He fell to the ground.
The captain ordered the crew to call back. The crew tried to withdraw. “Sir? Crema Norbert and proser are dead. “Leslie said.
“We have to get to get one of them hostage. We need information and quickly ” the captain said.
Commander Leland fired on the sniper. The sniper was on a tree stand. The first officer hit the stand. The sniper fell to the ground. Leland and Galloway surrounded the attacker. The attacker was stunned by Galloway.
The captain took out his com badge. While he dodged attacks from various attackers. “Conklin to enterprise.”the captain said.
“Go ahead!” commander Norris said.”proceed with plan b. “He said “rojee that”he said. “You do know This is the wackyiest plan ever.”Grainger said. “I know but we have no other choice. ” he said. The enterprise went to warp. “Helm disengage warp. Kyile go to work”Norris ordered. The enterprise stoped. The chief beamed up the team and the hostage.
The enterprise headed for the planet. The ship bounced off the planet. The ship went to warp. The enterprise fired multiple volleys. The ship got away from the fleet .
“Kyile please tell me that you have them “”Norris asked. “I got um sir. “The operator said.   The enterprise went to warp.
Tranporter room
“Chief get our hostage to the brig.”Conklin ordered.”with pleasure sir. ” giotto said. “What species is he?”Leslie asked. “He is a yaridien!”Dr. Piper said. “Yaridiens are information peddlers.”the chief said. “Is he a broker or a true belever. “Leland asked. “I won’t help you . I don’t have to and I won’t. “The alien said .
Rebecca got right to work. She went to the auxiliary control. She created a false distess call. The ship going to ditalex was all part of the plan. The enterprise getting away was also part of the plan. All part of a complex plot to ambush the enterprise. A component in an even larger plot.
The captain entered the bridge . “captain on the bridge!”yeoman Smith said. “As you were!”the captain said. Leland and piper also entered the command center. “Captain,we are getting a distess call form a Vulcan vessels. The Vulcan explorer vessel “sonkar” they Say they were hit by a series of gravitic mines .they need assistance.”plotark said.
“Can you verify that the sonkar is in this area?”Conklin asked. “Yes it is .”Spock said. “Alright. Navigator lay in a course for the vulca vessel. Once you have the coordinates punch it in helm .”he ordered.
The enterprise went to warp . the vessel headed in the direction of the sonkar.of course it is a trap.
Noris has left The bridge. The captain wanted half of his senior staf to get rested up. He needed his crew at peak efecientcy.
The ship got close to the ship.Rebecca provided an  image of the Vulcan vessel. “I have the ship”plotark announced. “On screen “the captain ordered. The ship was displayed. Before the captain could order medical team the ship transformed into a spacial charge then exploded.
End of chapter three