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Age to age part one

Planet seribus
“Colnel catlin welcome!” a tech maimed zerken said. “You wanted to see me techinician?” the colonel asked.
The tech took him into the command center. They went to an aft device. “The revilator? I believed that it was mythical? ” the colonel said. “It is not sir!”the tech said.
“Does it predict the future ?”he asked. “Not quite sir! It scans the time line and based on events and personalities of key players and races,it suggest possible predictions. It is not certain But is a good guide. “The tech said.
“I see!”it is quite fascinating. “The tech said. “It sounds it. What have you learned?”the colonel asked.
“The situation in the damilterized zone will continue to be destabilized. Attention will be played more to that reigion. There is something else. The revator believes that the starship voyager will play a key role in the future. “The tech said
“Voyager !never heard of it!”the colonel said. “It is Stil in shakedown but will oficialy  lunch soon. All indications are that they will play a major role in the future. “The tech said.
“I suspect you have a recommendation!”catlin said. “Yes I do sir. I believe we should have one of our operatives in star fleet be assigned to the voyager. We need eyes and ears on this ship. “The tech said.
The colonel considered what to do.”very well.  Have an officer assigned. I am considering an ensign perhaps in the science division. ” catlin said.
The tech entered in names of operatives actively in star fleet in to the revilator. On the screen the view screen showed a white light traveling though space. Then one image came on the screen.
“This one? ” the colonel said. The tech stoped the screen. On the view screen was the image of ensign Samantha Wildman. “I Will make the arrangements !” major kirel said.”good !” the colonel said.
U.s.s kieserge
Ensign Wildman was asleep in her quarters. The com monitor went off. She got up and turned on the monitor. On The view screen was a Vulcan admiral naimed sortok. “Admiral!”she said. “Ensign we need you to report to the u.s.s voyager. “The admiral said.
“Voyager? I had hoped to transfer to deep space 9! “She said. “I realize that but star fleet needs your ecpertise. I must ask you to comply with these transfer orders!”the Vulcan said.
While they were communicating,a subliminal message wastransmited to her subconsciously. She received the message but did now know She received it. It did work but she did not know that.
“Of course sir. I will comply!”ensign Wildman said. “Very good the voyager is at ds9 waiting to be deployed. The kieserge will go to ds9 to drop you off.”the admiral said “of course sir!”she reaplied.
There were two kinds of operatives inside star fleet who were working for the society. The first were operatives who knew that they were operatives. The orther were operatives who were basically sleeper agents. They were not aware that they were agents. They would provide valuable information. They could be activated at any time.
Wildman was a sleeper agent. The admiral Said goodby. The message ended. The monitor was deactivated.
Wildman had no idea. She would be shocked if she knew. She was a weapon against star fleet. She was hurting the fleet without ever knowing it.
She boarded the voyager. Both her and star fleet were none the wiser. She went on voyager. The voyager then left deep space 9. The voyager left the station.
The vessel disappeared in the bad lands. The ship was declared lost. The colonel then consulted the revilator. “How can this be zarcan you assured me the voyager would play a major role in the future? How do you explain this?”the colonel asked.
“First I did. Not say it the revilator did. I scanned the revilator again adding the New data. This is what came back. The voyager will Stil play a major role in galactic affairs. The ship was declared missing not destroyed. “The tech said.
“How can you explain this contradiction?”the colonel asked. “I can’t but I trust the revilator!” he said.
“Well for now I Will focus on out other avenues. Keep me apprised!”the colonel ordered. The tech said he would.
The society had been very buisy. The society was quietly building. They were aquring ships weapons. They even negotiated with other worlds. They were not ready to go public but they were back. The zeravian empire was on the road to restoration.
Secret base
“General I have news from seribus!”Korea said. “What is it?”he asked. ” voyager was not destroyed. It was taken by an aliens  seventy thousand light years to the delta quadrant. It had spent the last four years there. “Kirel informed him.
“They are Stil there?”he asked. “They Will have to travel for seventy five years to make it home. They hope to find a quicker way home. They sent multiple data to star fleet. What they have we have. Thanks to our opritives. ” kirel said.
“I want to look it over ! I want to analyze every bit of it. This could be most helpfull. “The General said. “They are uploading it to us. “She said.
He studied it. He came up with a plan. Contact with voyager was lost again. A relay used to send messages was destroyed. He knew contact would be restored.
After the dominion war ,an attempt to restart the war failed. General catlin formed a New idea. A new plan. He believed this one would work.
End of part one.


Wars and rumors of wars part six.

“Log of Jake sisco,reporter for the federation news service. I have interviewed the crew of the starbase. I am now going to the surface to survey the damage. ”
Jake Beamed to the surface. Even before he fully emerged on the planet,he could see the carnage. There was plenty of evidence of the attacks.
Responders had already got to work treating the survivors. Jake had gotten used to being after battles.
Jake had gotten the detailed accounts of the battle. He now wanted General information on the colony.
“This planet was colonized by people from earth in the year 2103. The colony became a federation member in the year 2302. Non human began to settle other continents later on. A unified government was created in 2199. ” a planetary historian told Jake.
Jake was not interested in the history of the planet. He knew his editors would be. Then something caught his attention.
“This planet was a outpost for the zeravien empire .the zeraviens never established a colony but did place unmanned equimptment on the surface. It was part of there central trade route!” the historian told Jake.
Jake got to thinking,other then the base, there was nothing of significance to the dominion. This was not necessary to conquering the federation. It was if you wanted to reconqur the zerravian empire.
U.s.s Jakarta
Mess hall
“Do you ever ralax?”shabby asked.”of course I do. This could be the story of the century. I don’t want to someone else to crack this before I do. “Jake told her. “You relay think that there is a story hear?”Fullerton asked. “Absolutely”he replied. “Oh ok!”she responded.
“Computer scan archives for anything about movement to revive zeravien empire! ” Jake asked.the computor. The screen went blue. “What happened?”Gabrialla asked.
Sudenly the screen sawed the image of star fleet security. Then the image switched to the face of admiral todman.
“Why were you accessing this information?”the admiral asked. “It is for a story admiral. I had no idea it was classified information. ” Jake told him. “It’s not. I just want to know who is trying to access it and why!”he said. 
“It’s going to coast you sir!”Jake said.””fine you can have an exclusive . “he said.”I suspect that someone is quietly planing to invade the old zerravian empire with the goal of reviving it. “Jake said.”you promise not to publish this until after the plot is thawted?”todman asked. “You have my word. “Jake said. “There has been increased activity in this sector for a few years now. It began with a theft of a Borg cube. Combined with other ships. There has been an escation. I did not believe this was connected. I am reevauating that. “The admiral said. “Who is behind all this?”Jake asked.”we are not totally sure. We suspect it may be the work of a secret society called the beatified. They have been a thorn in the side of the federation from the very beginning. ” the admiral said.
Jake was astonished by all this. This was a huge story. How could they stop this plot?
Camberin syistom .
The two ships headed into the heart of the General Camberin sector.
“Lets combine the two sensors and see if we can’t come up with something! “Reese ordered. “Implimenting now!”Justin said.
“So what is going on between you and serva?”he asked. “Neither one of us knows for certain yet.I think we both like each other. “Justin said. “I can see that. ” Reese said.
“I have something !”Justin said.”report!”the commander ordered. “I have located some kind of enomily in the surimon pulsar.it could be some kind of outpost it staging area!”tyme reported.”send to star fleet command and to Romulus. Then we are going in!”Reese said.
The two ships went to warp. The ship would not be able to hit the base. This would have to be a recon mission. It would be information gathering only.
The ships had to get close to the source of the readings to determine what it is. The pulsar was obstructing readings. That was probably why they put the base there.
“I got a visual!”Justin said. “What are you waiting for? A formal invitation?”Reese asked. The screen was turned on. On the screen was a massive base. There were ships from several races. Thus included hushnuck and others.
“Holy carp!”Reese said. “We have to warn star fleet!” tyme commented. “Agreed! We need to get out of hear. “He said. The ships headed out.
“You don’t think you and serva can make a go of it?” Reese asked. “I think so. I want to. “He said. “Your a human she is a romulan. Right now we are allies but you can’t really think the silence Will last. It is a marriage of convenience. The romulons and the federation will be In a situation where conflict nay become anavodible. “Reese said.”it does not have to be that way.”Justin said.
“Mayby our two people’s just are not ment to be allies. It won’t work Justin. I think you know I’m right on this. “He said. He did not want to believe that. He wanted to believe that it could work. He wanted to believe that love could work between these two. He wanted it to. He really liked her and hoped it would work.
Right now there were bigger issues.that fleet had to be stoped. There plot had to be exposed. This was there one chance. Right now he would be focused.
U as defent
“Bill we just received new orders!”kira said. “Ok!”he said.
End of part six.
To be concluded
Thougout the seventh season,it was assumed that the war time alience with the romulons would bot hold.it steamed that by the time of nemesis,the rumulins had abandoned the alience but would not commit to hostilities.

Wars and rumors of wars. Part five

Dominion vessel
Qurters of the general.
The vorta supervisor was the only person on a dominion ship that hit there own Qurters . they usually reserved Qurters just in case a founder was abored. Catlin kept the ship as it was. No changes well very few.
The door opened.Sence no one else In the crew dared to intrude without permission,he knew it could only be one person. Kirel.

enough it was.

“The incident with the Difient has blown Everything up. The federation is on high alert .there are rumors that the federation is considering striking the dominion in the gama quadrant. The plan is going well.”she said
“Why does this not feel

like a victory?   We accomplished the mission. We put things in motion. It did not go as planned . the Difient servived the attack. The admiral is stil alive.  I fear this portends badly for the future.”Catlinsaid.
“You worry too much . you always have. Nothing goes quite the way you plan it too. It was not a total victory. That happens. We can pull this off. We already are. “Kirel declared.
“I would believe it were it not for the incident with the Borg cube. All my life I have been a murcinary or fighting in other people’s armies. All my life I have yearned for a zeravuen empire. This is what I want for a legacy. I have no children.this is my chance. This is my gift to the galaxy. My gift to my people!”he said.
Kirel had not told him that she was pregnant with his child. “We can pull this off. We can create the universe you envision. We will. “She told her.
He hoped she was but he was not sure. He had become obsesed with recreating the zeravuen empire. She wanted to tell him her news but decided that this was not the time.
Gama qudrent
Founders home world.
The founders had moved there home world a few years earlier due to a plot by the romulon telshiar and Cardesien obsidian order to destroy it as a preemptive strike.
A vorta briefed the founders on current events including odo. “The federation believes that we are behind the attack?” odo asked.
“Yes they do.”the vorta said.”we were not involved of course. The federation May not believe them!”a founder said.
“You believe they will restart the war?”odo said. “They may! Another founder said. “We know a dominion fleet was involved. Where did it come from?”odo said.
“We are looking into it. The cardesuen and Breen has aces to our technology. Someone could have rebuilt the fleet using wrekege from battle sites. ” the vorta said.
“I want a patrol of the wormhole. “A founder said. “Of course founder!”the Vorta said.
Star base 381
Jake interviewed various people from the staf of the station to First responders. He went to the mess hall. He noticed life on the station was slowly getting back to normal. Everyone was stil on edge. They all feared another attack.
Jake got a plate of food. He saw Gabriella Fullerton. “May I join you ?”he asked.”sure! I hope what i say won’t show up in print?”she commented. “No I never print anything without expresed permission. “He said.
“Alright I just wanted to make sure.”she said. “Ok! That’s fine. How are you doing?”he asked. “Ok I know the dominion do not have the greatest reputation but I really thought the war was over,really over” she said.
“Thus could just be a miner set back.perhaps a rougue faction of the dominion. I was there on a planet near archanis after the martok changing was exposed. It looked like the war with the Klingon was on. Then it just stoped as if it never happened. “Jake said.
“You think this will blow over?”she asked. “I think  that there is a good chance of it. “Jake said.
U.s.s Difient
Admiral Ross got the damage report. It was bad but could be a lot worse. It could be repaired fairly easily.
” I want to do the repairs that can be done hear. I want to keep the. Defient on the frontier. “Admiral Ross said.
“Keep the sansors up to full strength. I would like to find that fleet. The longer they operate In this sector,the more of a threat they pose. “Ross said.
Planet deniva
Reese and tyme decided to follow up on a lead. They beamed to the surface. They went to a farm house. They saw animals.
A women held a baby in her arms. “Annie towels?”Reese said.”I have honored the condition of my perole! She said.
“Have you heard from Jack torence?” rese asked. “I have not seen him since my arest. I heard he was on desica two. There is rumors that he wants to revive the marquus but I want nothing to do it.a few weeks ago I was contacted by a friend of his named powers.he was on desica two. They want to replant colonies along the old d.m.z.” Annie said.
“Is he stil on desica two?” tyme asked.”that I don’t know . “he said.tyme and tease went over to a corner. “Feel like taking a trip to desica?”Reese asked. “Sounds like fun!” tyme said.
Desica two.
There was a bar on desica that was known as a center of activities for all kinds of activities. These included legitimate and otherwise. The two entered the bar.
He saw torence and powers. As they went over to the table. A sniper fired a phaser blast on the two. The sniper beamed away. They ran up to the area.
“Dawn it!”tyme said. “The case has just gone cold. “Reese said. “Incoming ship”the Hoover computer voice said. They beamed back to the scout ship.
They went back to the cock pit. Tyme looked at the sansors. “It is a romulon transport. “Tyme said. “Serva?”Reese said.
There was transporter beam. “Are we being captured?”tyme asked. “Teran humor!hey babe!”she said she hugged him.
“Did you come hear for a date ?”Reese asked.”if we can fit it in definitely! My superiors won’t listen to me. The attacks on the klasen system is not a coincidence .it is part of a coordinated effort. All of the attacks seam to be centered on an area once known as the camberin protectorate.it was part of the zeravian empire. I believe that the dominion has nothing to do with this. I believe that this is a plot to restore the empire. The dominion is a pawn in all this.” serva said.
“Wait a minute. Computor scan computer archives. Subject events in the camberin expance in the last forty years. “Reese asked.
It went though several entries. “Computor stop! I remember hearing about this one. A group stole a Borg cube . the real Borg showed up and dealt with them. “Reese said.
“How do We get more evidence?”Reese asked. “We need to go to the camberin sector. “Serva said. “Care to come with us?” “Reese asked. “Absolutly!” she said. The ship headed to the sector.
End of part five.

“Wars and rumors of war” part four.

The defient had been dealt a harsh blow. Several stations were ok fire.several officers took fire supreson devices and exstinguised the flame.
The admiral got up. “Shields are at 47 percent! We stil have phasers ,photon and quntrum torpedoes!”kira reported. “Return fire!”the admiral ordered.
The defient fired a full volley of quntrum torpedoes at the dominion warship. The bridge of the hostel vessel  hit.
The aft station exploded. Several recognition were killed instantly.others were seriously injured. There was visible wounds.
The next volley struck near the engine rooom. The volley did not effect the engines. There were explosions nearby . several corridors were decimated.
“I want that ship destroyed! “The General insisted. Kirel knew Carlin well. She and him had been just coworkers . he was her superior at one tines. Now they were married. She knew him . she knew what he was thinking. She did not like what she felt this was leeding.
The General thought it over. The destruction of the defiant would become a rallying cry for the federation .the federation would tear up the treaty of deep space 9. The federation would probably strike the dominion in the gamma quadrant.while the federation alliance was bogged down in the  gamma quadrant the society could quietly gobble up the old zeravien empire.
“Place a protomatter device in a photon torpedo. Target the defiant!”the general said. Kirel was not a pacifist. She did not believe in aggressive warfare. This did not seam like a time to use a weapon of last resort.
“Vesel is back tracking!”neeley reported. “Brace for impact everyone. They are gearing up for a major strike. “The admiral admonished his crew.
The crew prepared the torpedo. The defiant took pot schots at the warship. The warship fired back.it was a half hearted responce. It was designed to buy time for the crew to get the surprise ready to go.
“Our surprise is ready!”The gunner declared.”deploy it at once!”the general ordered.
The defiant hit the warship. It was a fairly significant hit. The warship fired the torpedo. “We have incoming! ” neeley reported. “Evasive action !”Ross ordered.
Nog drove the frigate in the opposite direction. He tried to take it as fast as he could.
“Oh my! This is not a conventional torpedo! It contains protomatter.”Bashir said.
If that torpedo detonated there was no way that the defiant would servive.
The dominion warship went to warp. It got as far away from the torpedo as possible. It did not look back.
The defiant went to maximum warp. If they fired on the  torpedo. It would detonate faster. The results would be the same. 
“Mr nog do you trust me?”admiral Ross asked the furengi. Nog had learned whenever a hu-Mon asked someone if they trusted them,that ment they we’re about to do something very risky. In a case like this,they really had no choice. “Yes sir. I believe I do!”the helm said.
The admiral explaned his plan.it was quite a whopper. Due to the situation it was the only plan that could potentially work.
The torpedo was detonated. The mustle exploded. The wake headed for The light vessel. The defiant fell back. The defiant flew into the center of the explosion.
The defiant was pushed back. Nog used the center of the wake to catapult the ship backwards.the ship was pushed back at high warp. The ship was flung out of the way.
The ship came to a full stop. The shock wave passed by I t kept going. The danger for the defiant and there crew had passed.
Starbase 381
Jake sisco was able to get abored one of the relief vessels heading for the site of the attack. The federation guaranteed the right of the press. Jake being the son of Benjamin sisco helped. He was granted permison to be embeded with a relief ship provided he stayed out of the way.
Jake was glad to get out. He found himself out of sorts sense his farther vanished. This was a major story. He would be on the front lines.
Jake was able to aconpony a team to the base. He saw a young officer stare into a wall. “Hi you ok?”Jake asked. It took her a few seconds to come around.
“Hi I think so. “She said .”I’m Jake sisco. I am with the federation news service!”he said. “Great a reporter!”Gabriela Fullerton commented. “Don’t worry I won’t print anything you don’t want me to. “He assured him.
“This took me by surprise. I thought the war was over!”she said “so did we all!” Jake said.
Jeros two
Jeros two was home to a Starfleet stokade. The planet had a warm climate. Some sections were warmer then orthers.
Karlita wore the Gray prison issue uniform.she was her work detail. She was told she had a visitor.
“Lt Reese!”she said .”it’s commander now!” he told her. “Oh I am sorry. I am not up on current events. “She said.
“It is current events that is why we are coming.”lt. Tyne said. “I am not really versed on current events these days lt. “She said. “The marques was all but wiped out by the dominion. Had the dominion not joined the Cardesien,the marques might have worn out the Cardesien and forced some kind of sate hood. “Reese said. “There is disagreement on that. That was one view. “She said.
“It is possible that someone in the marques is trying to reignite the war in order to either get revenge or divert attention so that they can restart the movement?”Reese asked.
“My colony is gone. Many of my close friends are dead. When I get out of hear,I don’t have a  clue  what I want to do when I get out. I don’t have any plans to get revenge!”she tried to assure them.
“Do you know anyone who might?” Tyne asked. “A few come to mind. My gues ! The man you want to look into is a guy named Jack torence . ” she said. “The former ambassador?” Reese asked.”he was quite a fire cracker. Where he was practically the face of the federation,we expected him to be a moderate. Not even close. He was a hawk even by our standards. “She told the two.
Planet earth
United federation of planets Paris
Office of the president.
“Mrm. President!”the karama said.”minister hanok it is good to see you!”the president arlon sejof a deltan said .”mr. President I have gotten to my sources inside the dominion. I got a response. It purports to be from odo. He claims  That the dominion was not responsible for the attack. “He said. “Do you believe him?”intergalactic security advisor tornek asked.”if it was actually odo,I would be inclined to believe him.I have no idea.”the kerima said.
An aid entered.”mr. President the defiant narrowly servived an engagement with a dominion warship. Sir! Some in star fleet are urging a formal deceleration of war against the dominion. Some want to lunch an attack on the dominion in the gamma quadrant. “The aid said.
“I want to meet with the head of star fleet and the top brass. I want an emergency season of the council. “The president said.
Star fleet security vessel j. Edger Hoover
“Look at this ! Jack torence former star fleet officer. Starship captain. Worked for several presidents. Was an ambassador. Resigned after the Cardesien treaty of 2270. Joined the marques. There are detailed records he saught protomatter weapons and other weapons of planetary destruction. No evidence he got any. After the attack after gul du kut joined the dominion his fate was unknown. “Tyne said. “Lets work our sources. Even rumors. I have a feeling he has gone underground. We have to fund them . ” the commander said.
Ki bartan
Oifice of Duran
“A paturn?”the commander asked.”yes Sir. Over the past forty years there have been a series of attacks on ship’s near the old zeravuen empire. The attacks were by different races. Gathers,orions,angosien,snserta and others. There is also ship’s once used by dead races stolen and used in attacks . I believe that someone is staging these attacks In a prelude to an invasion !”terra asked.
“Why?”suran asked. “My gues to revive the zaraviuen empire!”terms said. “That is obsued.”suran said.
She tried to talk to pro consul Hyren and preator neural. No one would talk to her. She decided there was only one place to go. Lt. Tyne.
End of part four.
Karlita was played by Shannon concern.her character appeared in “preemptive strike “and”defiant” She also played the Klingon sirela I “you are crodjualy invited” and romulon senator tulura in star trek nemesis.

Wars and rumors of wars part three

Medical ships started to arrive at the planet. Rescue operations began immediately. Teams. Beamed to the planet and the star base.
In orbit several ships assumed defensive stance around the planet this was just in case the dominion fleet returned.
U.s.s. defient
“I have located a dominion battle cruser! Sending coordinants to helm!”Kira reported. “I have it!”lt.nog reported. “Plot course and engage!” admiral Ross ordered. the course and speed was plotted and  engaged. The defient was off.
Dominion vessel
“The defient is heading right for us!”kirel reported. “Increase speed. Leta teach star fleet an important lesson. One they will never forget!” the colonel said.
Star base 385
The control room was shmbles.several stations were on fire. The ops center had almost completely fallen apart. commander rondon was injured but could stil perform his duties. The crew knew not to offer assistance. To do so was considered disrespect.
Lt. Gabriala Fulton felt for the commander.she knew about zaldan’s philosophy.she hated to see him suffer. It was how they did things.
There were multiple beams in.at first fullerton feared that it was jemhedar.it looked like federation transporter. Star fleet medical and engineering crew emerged in the ops center.
Dr. Kathrine palluski moved around the control room. “Rondon hoW could you allow yourself to be injured?”she asked. Rondon laughed. He always enjoyed bantering with Kate. She began to treat him. Her staf treated the orthers.
Star base 351
“Was the whole cease fire a rouse?”admiral cobern asked. “What are you talking about?”the founder asked. “A dominion fleet attacked star base 385 in the klasan syistom !”the admiral said. “We have no interest in the klasan syistom. I thought I would not be interrogated . I had the right against self incrimination.”the founder said.
“These could ne New charges. The war could be back on!”the admiral said. “What is this? An excuse to invade the gama quadrant. I thought it was illegal to invade another qudrent. “She said.
“Do you have information of an imminent attack on federation or allied holdings?” The admiral asked. “I have no knowledge of any operation. I made an agreement with odo. All of us as a link did. We would not break it!”the founder assured him.
“How do you explain this attack?”the admiral asked.”I cannot. The founders were not responsible!”the founder said.”what then a rougue unit?”he asked.”I can it speak to that witch I have no information on !”the founder said.
“You believe him?”his aid lt. Nicky Allen asked.”I am not sure. This seam under planed to be a dominion plot. They usually think six steps ahead. This is sloppy in comparison. More seat of your pants kind of stuf. “The admiral said.
Cardesia prime
Lt. Commander Reese and lt. Tyme took a scout ship to cardesia prime. The planet was a wreck.almost every Scotty every villege was devisated. Once a magnificent world was almost totally reduced to rubble.
Gull lemack looked over lucarian city. What was left of it. “Lemack it has been a long time!”Reese said. “Your a commander now. Seams like yesterday you were an ensign.”lemack said
“Look. During the dominion war there was a lot of trade between the dominion and cardesia!”Reese said
“You think we were behind the attack in the klasan syistom?”lemack asked “this seams possible. Your people staged an attack on a federation outpost in order to have us deal with your problem. You yourself tried to provoke an incident near menos corva!”Reese said.
“We are in no position to do anything of the short. Not to the federation. We have no dispute any more with the federation. “Lemack said.
“Your two enemies fight it out. Revenge!”tyme said.”is it possible a faction of the Cardesien union is involved. Mayby. We have no interest in the klasen system. During the end of the war there was a rumor that a dominion fleet vanished abd resurfaced near the klasen syistom. The founder and wuyon vihitmetly denied it.there was time to follow it up. ” lemack said.
“What if it was not the dominion. What if we are deeling with some one else. A third party a provokiter.”Reese suggested.”who?”tyme said. “Marques perhaps. Mayby an extreme faction wants revenge . “Reese said. “Lets look into it!”Justin said “let’s do it!”Reese said.
Planet Romulus
Sub commander terlva had been briefed on the situation in the klasen syistom. She found the situation odd.
She did some analyses.”computer scan archives form the last forty years. Search for theft of ship,unknown attacks !”she said. The computer began the scan.
She attended a staf meeting. “Sir may I ask a question,”she asked.”procede!”commander suran asked. “If the dominion war is resumemed ,will the empire rejoin the war?” terlva asked.”the preator is considering it. He is not revealing his intentions at least not to me!”commander suran said.
After the meeting she checked the computer.the computer had completed the scan. She looked over it. She annalized it closely. She saw a paturn. A disturbing duscovery would have to be reported.


“We will be in fireing range in ten minutes!”Keira reported. “Have all weapons standing by!”the admiral ordered. “You got it sir!”Keira said.
Dominion vessel
Sick bay.
“I have been feeling a bit Ill. I do not understand it!”kirel said.the doctor took out a recorder. He scanned her. He did some extensive scans. “I know what is going on!”the doctor said. “What is it?” she asked.
“You are pregnant!”the doctor reported. “Oh I had no idea! “Kirel said. “I have confirmed it. “He told her. “I never saw you as a type that work settle down.”he said. “Nor have I !”kirel declared .
“All officers to the bridge. We are almost in weapons range!” Caitlin said. “Duty calls. May I go?”she asked. He nodes yes. “I will want to see you frequently !”he said. She agreed.
The dominion vessel was the first to open fire on the defient. The defient fired quntrum torpedoes on the warship. On the admiral’s order Kira at weapons returned fire.
The vessel was hit. The defient hit both sections and the middle. The warship fired back.
Several decks were hit. Several decks had to be sealed off. There were multiple fires.damage control parties put out those fires.
The defient hit back on the warship. The defient had inflicted some damage. “You will try a lot harder!”Caitlin ordered.
The dominion vessel fired on the bridge. The bridge exploded. Admiral Ross barely dodged impact. He servived.
An aft officer was killed. Kira made it to safety. As had Bashir and ezri. Nog’s post was unaffected.the defient was not done yet. The batle was stil going on.
End of part three.
Admiral cobern appeared in ds9 episode “favor the bold” he gave the go ahead to attempt to retake ds9.
Dr. Palauski was Dr. Crusher’s replacement in season two of t.n.g.
Commander suran was a high ranking romulan officer In star trek nemesis.

“Wars and rumors or wars” part two

Deep space 9
“Personal. Log,in a  of  seconds everything has changed.”admiral William j Ross said in his log.
“Although the Breen joining the war on the side of the dominion breathed New life into the dominion’s war effort, the momentum was short lived. The cardesien led by danner switched sides. The federation alliance took advantage of an oversight in there defenses and exploited it. Afte a ling devusating struggle with heavy loses on all sides the war is finally over”
“Just as the treaty is formerly signed.captain Benjamin sisco is gone. His run about recovered.there is no sign of him. It seams that for now he is gone. For how long I have no idea. ”
“The bajorens believe that he has gone to the phopthets. I have no idea what to believe. I do know I will miss captain sisco. I will miss his wise consil and his leadership. ”
Ward room
“You really think he is part prophet and went to be with them ?”admiral Ross asked. “You don’t believe that?”colonel kira asked.”ok I know there are non coperial aliens who reside in the wormhole ! Mayby he has caries a part of them. It is a wallop!”Ross said.
“Admiral I saw him. “Kaydidy Cisco’s pregnant wife said. “He contacted you?” Ross asked. “Yes he said that his task was complete
He now needed to study. He would return one day but I don’t know when !”kasidy said.
  A chime was heard. “Ops to admiral Ross!”lt.nog said.he taped on his com badge.”go ahead lautannent!”Ross ordered.”sir star base 394 is under attack. They claim it is the dominion. “Nog said.
“Have you confirmed that they are under attack?”the admiral said.”it us not a false alarm !this is real!”nog said.
“Gas up the defient! I want to get there right away. “The admiral said.”right away sir!” the furegi said. “Care to come to colonel!”Ross asked. “You got it sir!”she said.
U.s.s defient -A
The admiral and colonel kira and lt.nog entered the bridge.”the ship is ready at your command sir!”crewman Stevens said.
“Very good!”the admiral said the admiral Sat down at the command chair.”ops has cleared us!”lt. Ezri dax reported.”mornings cleared !”DR.Bashir said.the smal war ship cleared the base.
“We are clear!”nog announced.”plot course for the star base! Maximum warp!”Ross ordered. the ship went to warp.
The faux dominion fleet fired multiple volleys at the station. The primary phaser bank was destroyed.the photon torpedo banks was knocked off line.
Several decks were levelled.the roofs on some decks caved in.one of the officers clubs on the base was devastated. 
The docking bay was saverly damaged.the mission of the general was not to destroy the base or to occupy the area. Its as only yo destabolize the sector.
The ‘dominion’ fleet then fired on the planet. They hit Several command and control centers on the planet.
The fleet then moved out. The fleet had done plenty of damage.they were not done yet. The Carnegie had just begun.
U.s.s defient
Mess hall
“The treaty was barely signed and the war is back on!”ensign nearly commented.”we should not jump to conclusions!”nog said.”the dominion cannot be trusted!”Stevens said. “It makes no sense. The dominion have no teratory in the alpha qudrent.this seams rushed .the dominion think long term. We are missing something!”ezri said.
“What if this is a prelude to a scorched earth syinerio?”Stevens said .”look our mission is to stop further agree on and to figure this out. That’s all. Save the speculation for later!”ezri said. They agreed.
Star fleet security
Lt. Commander Reese entered.”what are you Justin?”Reese asked.”I am trying to send flowers to Romulus! “He said.”look you and sub commander turelia. It is not going to work.”he said.”I think it could. “Justin said.
“Does she like flowers?” Reese asked.”yes she does! We have talked about it!”he said.”of course you have. I did not know flowers came in Gray!”Reese said. “Funy!” Justin said.
“Hey commander,there have been reports of hushnuck warship near enemede!”an ensign said.”really? We are not even sure what there ships look like. Keven oukbridge could have just created them out of thin air!”Reese said.
“The colony insist that it was hushnuck!”the ensign said.” do we have a ship near by that can check it out. Man I hope the romulin asle band goes back into effect!”Reese said.”do you blame everything on Romulus asle?” Justin said. “Prety much!”Reese answered.
The door opened,admiral Owen Paris entered.everyone snapped to attention. “As you were! “He said.
“You don’t look happy sir”Justin said.”I am not commander tyme. A dominion task force hit star base 395. “The admiral said.
“The cease fire is nearly a week old.”Reese said. “We are going to questione the founder. We are on high alert!”Paris said.
“Until further notice the war intelligence unit has been reactivated. We will work on war intelligence. “Commander poles said. “Understood!”resse said.
“I need information.work your sources. Rumors innuendo anything. Even that carima minister that defected. Ha ok get answers yesterday!”the admiral said.
U.s s defient
“I have the base on sensors! ” ezri reported. “On screen!” the admiral ordered. On the view screen displayed the image of the starbase.everyone was astonished. ” relief ships are hear.our mission is to find that fleet!”Ross said.”scanning now!”zero said.
The admiral was not a patient man.he knew he had to be. This was the time for being level headed.he tried to maintain his composure. It was not easy.
Dominion vessel
“Sir! The defient is in the area!”kirel said. “Good! I want to set a trap for them. I do not want to send the whole fleet! I will deal with them. “Catlin said. The bridge crew agreed.
End of part two
I am a big fan of the poket book post ds9 and post nemesis books there is no way to syink the society series with the poker book novels. I am not going to use any characters from the memory beta universe although I would like to.
Lt. Commander resse was the right hand man of chief of security Michael Eddington.he appeared in the episode “for the cause” .he seemed to have taken over for Eddington after he defected to the marques. He never was seen again .
Ensign Neely was an ensign that was a survivor of the jemheder ship that crashed in “rocks and shols “towards the begining of the dominion war when ds9 was stlil in dominion control.
Stevens was a non com enginer who appeared in starship down.

“Wars and rumors and wars”

Star trek the society
Star trek deep space 9.
“Wars and rumors of war”
From 2374 to 2375,the United federation of planets and the Klingon empire was at war with the dominion and there Cardesien alies.towards the end of the war,the Breen joined the war on the side of the dominion”
Near klasen syisyom
Dominion fleet
The jemheder manning the sensors steamed very disturbed.”report!”the vorta in charge ordered. “The Sensor data is gone! There is no alies federation fleet!”the jemheder sansor officer said.
“How is that possible? You assured me that that was a federation alliance fleet was assembling in the klasan syisyom?” the vorta supervisor said.
The jemheder at the Sansors was very nervous. Jemheder have been schot by vortas for far worse. “I do not know what happened. The Sansors are functional !”the sansor tech said.
“We have incoming!”the sansor tech reported. “Is it the fleet?”the vorta asked.”negative. Unknown fleet!”the sansor tech announced.
The unknown fleet fired on the dominion fleet. The weapons were not designed to harm the ships. They were designed to hurt the crew.
The beam was a delivery syisyom for a virus. The virus knocked out the crew. There was a transporter beam.
“It worked!”colonel  kirel said. “Of course it did. We have been carefly planing this for some time! “General catlin said.
“Please tell me we can have chairs beamed in!”a solider named ilsov said. “It is not a priority!”the general said. “Of course!”ilsov said.
Once the beatified had gained total control of the dominion fleet,the society fleet began attacking ships and bases and planet near the klasan syisyom.
They were softening up the region. Preparing the area for a bigger strike.  They were making it look it was the Dominion behind it.
On the bridge general catlin and the bridge crew watched as the u.s.s degaul exploded. This was a smal victory . for the general and his crew,it was the beginning of the rise for there group.
“Sir! “The com tech said. “Report!”the general said. “There are multiple news reports from multiple sauces that the dominion have surrendered. Reports are that a formal surrender will take place on deep space 9!” the com tech said.
“No! This is not possible! This cannot be happening! We need the war to go on at least for a few more weeks if not months!” catlin declared.
“Sir! Incoming message from the grand master!”the com officer said.the general had it transfered it to his view screen on his head. “Go ahead excelentcy!” the general said. ” I urged you not to delay the attack ! You should have started the operation during the early days of the war as I insisted. You did not listen! Now the entire operation is colapsing !”the society top leader declared.
“Excellency! We can still pull This off! The dominion war is over but we can still work! I suspected something like this might occur. “The general said.
“Look your Borg gambit turned into a total disaster ! Now This plan appears to be failing apart. Why should I not have releved of duty and have you replaced?”the grand elder asked.
“This plan is going well! We have already delt a serious blow to this reigon.we can pull this off. Let me keep going!”the general pleaded.
The grand master thought it over. “This is Your last chance catlin! If you fail this Time you will be relieved off duties .our task is too important. We have sacrificed too much. We are so close. Do not fail us ! This is your last chance general!”the grand master said.
“I understand excellency! I will not fail you !”the general informed the highest official in the society.
“From the cosmos to the tinest atom all is beatified!”the supreme leader said. “Joy to those who embrace the beatified!”he said.the screen faded.
The general deactivated the headpeace. “I convinced the grand elder to let us restart the project to reclaim the old zeravian expense. Lets get it done!”the general said.
Star base 394
Ops center
” the com syisyom seams to be non functional!”lt.Gabriela fuliton . “Is it a mechanical issue?” station commander rondon asked. “I just completed a diagnostic on the com syisyom an hour ago!  The com tech said.
“See if you can get it working!”the station commander ordered. While the tech was working on the com syisyom. Then what appeared to be a Dominion task force fired on the base.
End of part one.
Rondon was a webed ensign who appeared at the relics base in “comming of age”.