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The klingon war conclusion.

“With federation news service I’m Jessica Armstrong. The United federation of planets has signed a treaty with the romulan star empire ending the war with them. The treaty restores the old neutral zone. All areas occupied by the romulan have been returned to the federation. ”
“The treaty was signed on parliament the capital of the organization for interstellar law. Neither president zurek or predator jihal were present.they both signed the document. ”
“While some have objected to the treaty. Some feel that the federation should have tried to get painful consesons. The president said that he wants to discourage any future attacks not to foment more trouble. The  federation hopes to give the New leadership in ki bartan to consolidate power and hopefully Persue a different course. ”
“The federation has negotiated a seperate armistice with the klingon empire. The klingon have agreed to create a New neutral zone. A wider buffer zone has been established. The treaty was signed on grazela home world.neither heads of sate were in attendance. ” she said.
United federation of planets
“Today I present a Mendel Of the stars to vice admiral transet hamin,he is an admiral and a member of my staf. A man dedicated to safety of the federation. A reluctant warrior.he prefers not to fight. “The president said.
The Medal was put on his neck. “Thank you Mr. President. While I am known as a man of battle. A strategist. I am a pacifast at heart. I wish that this war was unesusary. I hope that somehow our people’s will one day reach an understanding. I hope we can move pass this event. I hope that this will be a thing of the past. “Hamin said.
President zurek completed his second term. He did not run for a third term. He was replaced by foreign Secretary Rona benbet of rygel.
Transmet hamin returned to the zurek administration as an advisor.he was named intergalactic security advisor to president benbet.
Captain James komack stepped down as commanding officer of the enterprise.he became a member of the admiralty.
Despite his failure,murkeret was able to hold on to power. He blamed his failure on his admirals and generals. Many of the old guard retired or were retired.the empire decided to slowly rebuild.
Kalera was promoted to dub commander. She became a reserve officer. She went though a time of dipresion and addiction to a narcotic found in rihansu space. She returned to a scientific carer.
She played a key role in the mass crises and aided star fleet. She became a civilian advisor on the enterprise.
Aaron Jessup became a member of  star fleet security. He became an anylist. He played a key role in exposing a plot by a group that revered the preserver. While he and terisha went there seperate ways, they came back together and were remarried.
The federation,klingon and romulan empire did come together . during a crises that threatens the galaxy. After they worked more closely to gather to deal with The aftermath.
The experts run the galmut on the klingon war. John gill said that the klingon war was basically the creation Of one man. He blamed it on murkeret.
Marla mcguvers Saud that the klingon war altered history. Though it was unesusary it made a mark on time.
It was a met event in federation history.it played a huge role in the history of the alpha quadrant .
The end.
Dedicated to star trek. Thanks for a great filthy years.


Klingon war past four

Part four
“Lines in the sand” .
“This just in. The federation fleet under the command by admiral emit Dawkins have been forced to withdral from the donatu syistom. The fleet was unable to push out the Klingon from the occupied area. The federation fleet took heavy loses in man power,equipment and personnel. Star fleet command had declined to comment. Federation president zurek has convened a meeting of the intergalactic security council. The pallice de la concord press sacitary has said that the president is considering all options on how to deal with the stand off with the Klingon. ” Jessica Armstrong said.
Space station k-7
The demoralized fleet returned to the station. Morale could not be any lower. The ships took heavy damage. K7 staf as well as the crews of the ships got right to work on repairs.
Confrence room.
“We need overrelming force. I intend to ask star fleet for more ships. If we match there ships we can drive them out. ” admiral Dawkins said.
“With all due respect lack of the ships is not a problem. “The Orion engineering officer said. “Who are you?”admiral Dawkins asked.
“Lt Jr grade hallak ,former Sr com tech relay station 46. “He said. “How else are we are going to win this battle without the use of overwhelming force?” the admiral asked in an incredulous manner.
“The problem is not the fleet sir. The problem is the mines. We have to find a way to defend ourselves against the mines. We need a way to counteract the mine. ” hallak said.
The admiral was unhappy with that statement. He could not dismiss the statement off hand. “What do you suggest?” the admiral asked. “I suggest we go behind enemy lines and attempt to steal one of the mines in order to study it. “The Orion said.
“Are you mad lt. That is a suicide mission. “Dawkins commented.”with all all due respect admiral. So is your plan. “Hallak said. “Put together a plan and I will consider it. “The admiral said.
Kalera reported to rihansu star naval command. She had her military status reactivated. She went to personnel. She was shocked to hear that she was assigned to the grace fire as a weapons officer. While she had the training her specialities was more suited to a scientific position.
Office of admiral kibet
“Sir? Why was I assigned as a weapons officer?”She asked. “You have the training for a gunner. We don’t need scientist. We are in a war. You don’t get to Pick your assignment. A soldier folows orders. ” he said.
“Yes sir. “She said. The admiral dismissed her.she Said the customary greeting the office. The door closed.
Qurters of lt. Norris
“So are you stil on bored the tyconderago?” captain Jason Norris asked. “No I have been resigned to special ops. “Ben said “I gues you can’t discus it?”Jason said. “I can’t. Not even with my older brother a starship captain. ” he said. “Why am I not surprised. Well as long as it helps us win this war,I’m ok with being kept in the dark. ” Jason said.
“Alright. ” Ben said.”we will all get together when the war is over. You me ,beck heck we will get Amber and the little kids up hear. “Jason said. “Sounds good. See you then jaYce. “Ben said.
Oifice of transmit hamin.
“Mr. Hamin, a former star fleet officer named Barron Jessup and his wife a Klingon national is asking to see you right away. ” the Secretary said.
“Can you confirm her identity?”hamin asked. “She was born and raised on qonos.she is from a comon family. She is a scientist but did serve in the k.d.f. ” the sacritary said.
“Send them in. “Mr.hamin said.the door opened. The two opened. “I’m transmit hamin special counselor to the president on the war effort. “Hamin said.
“Your from coridon ! I did not think coridon was a federation member.”terisha commented.
“It is in the process of reaplying.I grew up on rygel. I am a Federation citizen.so you have information for me. “He said.
“I am from anon warrior cast. I don’t have any direct information. I will help any way I can.Klingon are by nature agresive as am I but I harbor no resentlessment or ill will towards the federation. I will help any way I can. “She assured him
“I appreciate that. ” hamin said. “Our inability to retake donatu is due to the use of heavily shielded mines. ” hamin said.”may I look at your datta?”She asked. He gave her a file. She looked it over.
“The Klingon believe in total war.consider the example of General Grant in the American civil war. While Klingon prefer hand to hand combat or personal combat,they won’t hesitate to use weapons whatever they are.” terisha said.
“They used mines in the previous conflict but these are different. “Hamin asked. “They have been working on renovating mines for specific use against the federation. I believe these mines were part of an above classified mission. ” she said.
Command deck
“Admiral you have a priority message from president zurek. ” manager lury said.
Confrence room.
Lt. Ben Norris entered the room. He joined mia bolt,Orion lt. Hallak ,Joshua Anderson and a few others. “Ah good” manger lury said. Norris saw a shadow man in the back.
“Where is admiral Dawkins?” the Orion asked. ” admiral Dawkins has been relieved of command of the Klingon front. “The man said.
“Who are you?” mia asked. “Transmit hamin I am a star fleet reserve. I have been reactivated and given a battle field commission of admiral. This briefing is classified. This mission is optional . I want to send a scout vessel to capture a mine . this is a dangerous mission. I am hoping that the mine capture could turn the tide of this war. “Hamin said.
“I am in lt. Noris.”he said.mia agreed to participate in the mission. Hallak agreed.
The scout ship Cassandra was birthed outside k-7. The Cassandra left The station. The Cassandra went to warp.
“We are clear. ” Joshua Anderson reported. “Set course for the occupied zone. ” Norris ordered. “Course plotted and engaged.”mia bolt reported. The Cassandra went to warp.
The mines were very creative. The mines only affected federation ships.Klingon ships could travail in and out of the mines. These mines assured Klingon control of the occupied zone. It had to be dismantled and soon.
The Cassandra had to take the long way to the occupied zone. The Cassandra was smal but was a tough and durable ship.
“I am lunching a probe. “Hallak said.he launched the probe. The probe left the ship. The probe headed for the mines.
“I am activating the jamming device.” the Orion said. The probe neared the mines. The probe hit the mines. The probe exploded.
“It was a test. I am going to ajust the settings on the next probe.it may take some time but we can overtake these mines. “The Orion announced.
Another probe was launched. The probe entered but suffered a similar fate as the first probe. The Orion was determined to keep working. This was too important to just simply give up.
“With federation news,um Jessica Armstrong,the romulan fleet has captured territory in the kaleb sector. They are fortifying the newly acquired space. While there have been raids by scouts. The romulan are using swams and single vessels.”
“At the same time the Klingon have held on to there territory They captured. The Klingon are raiding ships and outpost outside the occupied zones. There are unconfirmed reports that admiral emit Dawkins has been relieved of command of the fleet tasked in retaking territory seized by the Klingon. ” She said.
There had been a series of failures. The Orion created a new shielding.one that one works just like the mines worked. The probe was launched. The probe headed to the mine field. The mine went inside the field.
“Probe is holding. “The Orion said.”come on,come on. “Norris said . the probe had made it though. The probe kept going.then when they were convinced that the probe worked. The probe exploded. The Cassandra would now report it’s findings to fleet command.
“Alright the fleet is being refuted even as we speak. Our mission is to breach the mine fields. Once we are inside we Will fire on The Klingon fleet and we hope to force them out out of the occupied zone. First we push them out of donatu then we work to fortify donatu.then we work on work on liberating The rest of The occupied space. ” admiral hamin said. 
“You saved my people tarry. I Will never forget this I . “He said. He hugged her. “I love you. I hope you will always know that.”she told him. That night she waited until he was asleep. She left a note by his pillow.she kissed his head. She then left the room. She changed and snunk out if his apartment.
U.s.s hood
“We are receiving a distress call from a supply convoy. They are under attract by romulan bird of prey. ” plotark The com tech said. “Head for the convoy. “Captain Jason Norris said.
The hood went to warp. It headed for the convoy. The romulan vessel hit the convoy. The vesel’s mission was not to destroy the convoy but to chip away at the fleet. It was also to attract a star fleet ship. The romulan fleet hoped to chip away at the federation. A death by a thousand slashes like strategy. Romulan vessel
“Sir! Federation starship hood is on an intercept course.they are heading for us “The pilot reported.
“Cease attack on the convoy. Head for the hood. If they want to battle us then I will gladly give it to them that chance. ” commander hired said.
“Weapons standing by!”Kalera said. The rihansu ship fired on the hood. She was vicious in her attacks.she did not let up. She inflicted a lot of damage.
A plasma weapon hit the bridge. Jason Norris was hit. He was knocked of the chair and was killed. The hood was wounded.
Several other ships arrived but not in time for Jason. Kalera had not acted like her.She had been a kind and compassionate person. That all changed that day. A new Kalera emerged.sweet lari was gone.she was sub lt dravet Weapons officer.
On earth Jason woke up the next day.he looked for terisha.she was gone. He found the letter.
“Dearest jess. I live you. I felt I had to help star fleet even the playing field. I don’t support this war. I don’t support mukerat. I gave your people a fitting chance . I am Klingon.I can’t run from that.I am returning to the empire .I filled for divorce. I wish you well terry. ”
He threw the letter across the room. He cried.how could this have happened.
End or part four.
Next up
Jess rejoins star fleet and volunteers for the front lines against the Klingon.Norris learns of his brother’s death. The federation scores it’s first victory against the Klingon. Kalera continues a downward spiral. 

The Klingon war part 2

Episode one the war begins.
Klingon expeditionary fleet. 
“Chancelor I was not expecting you to command the fleet directly. “General kord said.
“I will not share my glory with any one else. “Murkuret said. “Very well.we want to set up a staging area. We believe that we should target the planet qutok. “Admiral tirkel said
“Qutok is not a federation world. “The chancellor said.”no it is not. They have a treaty with them. The federation would interpret it as an act of war. “Kord said.
“No! We must attack the federation directly. There must be no doubt!”the chancellor said. “Sir! We need a staging area. We must do this carefully . without qutok The invasion might not succeed.”g’har said.
The chancellor considered it. “We must target the federation directly.get me a federation target!”mukeret insisted.
“In that case I recommend we hit com relay 47, 46 then charge on donitu base. Then we can take donitu five. The fleet won’t be able to mobilize before we have fortified donitu five!”the overweight General said.
Admiral tirkel did not want to lunch a full scale invasion of the federation without taking qutok but he could not do it without getting the anger of the chancellor .
Bot Tirkel and kord were not overly popular. Kord was old and overweight. He was opinated. He overendulged in alcohol.
Tirkel was a veterin of wars with the federation ,wars with the tholien and nazaka among others. He was apolitical. He spoke his mind even if no one wanted to hear it. Sometimes he said it because he knew no one wanted to hear it.
“Prepare to strike the relay stations then the donitu sector. “The chancellor ordered. The bridge crew agreed.
Relay station 46
  The relay station was part of a relay network.the station only had two officers on bored.they coordinated with other com bases. It was a bit lonely.
For the officer in charge ,that was perfect .The officer was an Orion. Hallak perfered quiet and solitude. His fellow tech did not agree. Ensign Bianca crane liked to listen to Andorien  hip hop. She liked to engage him in conversation which he was not a big fan of .
“Hallak I just lost contact with relay 47.”Bianca reported. “Are you certain?”the Orion asked. “Yes I am. I can’t raise them or activate override protical. ” she said. “Send to star fleet command. Send possible code 008. ” the Orion said. “Are you sure that’s not overkill ?”she asked . “we are out on the frontier. We are near Klingon space.”the Orion said.
“Yes good point. “She said.she sent the code to the command. The Orion believed that The federation was about to be attacked. The base was about to be attacked.
The Klingon fleet had destroyed the relay station 47. The Klingon fleet hit unmanned setilites. Anything moving was attacked. The Klingon ships neared the base .
“Com lines are down. “Bienca said . “hear we go!”the Orion said. The two were in an e.v.a suit. They put on the helmets. The Klingon ship’s
Broke formation and converged at the base. The Klingon ships fired on the base. The two launched.
They tried to hide from the ships. The Klingon pounded the base. The fleet did not stic around. The fleet headed out.
Star fleet command
San Francisco
” sir! Sir!”a young commander said.”yes. “Admiral diangello said. “Sir! Relay station 47 went off line. Then relay station 46 went off line but before it did,it sent code 008. “The aid said.
“Klingons?”the older admiral asked.”the most logical conclusion sir !”the aid said. ” alright! Order every in the area to relay 46. Order ships not in The area as well. ” he said. “You got it. ” the aid said.
U.s.s Lexington
“Captain! Star fleet is ordering all ships to Ray station 47. “The com officer said. “Lt .Leland plot course for the station. Maximum warp. ” captain Robert Wesley ordered. The helm officer complied. “Course plotted and engaged. ” Leland said
The Lexington moved out . the vessel went to warp. The vessel headed to the site of the relay station.
U.s.s charlstone
“I have a visual. ” science officer Ben noris said. “On screen!”fleet captain garf ordered. On the view screen was the massive Klingon fleet. “Oh my! ” garf commented.
The federation ships fired on the Klingon ships. The ships were hit.The ships returned fire. The ships were out numbrred. That did not matter. If the Klingons wanted a fight the star fleet ships would give them one.
Planet earth
Paris de la Concorde
President zurek kept to a tight schedule.he never duaviated. It was quite a change from his peedasesor. His predasesor was a denoblian who was known for being lackadaisical. His staf and cabinet had to get use to it. In the early days of his administration,there was a high turnover. People got use to him.
The door opened. “Mr. President! Sory  to disturb you. The Klingons invaded donatu . the federation fleet engaged the fleet but was forced to turn back. ” the aid said.
“Wake the cabinet. I want star fleet command there as well. Have the council convegn at once. I am invoking code zero zero eight. ” The president said. “Understood. Right away.”the aid said.
Freighter captive heart
“Why did we go on a trade route that is in the middle of a war zone?”co pilot mia bolt asked .” it was not a war zone when we filed this flight plan?” the freighter captain said .”true” mia said.
“Captain I am detecting two survivors from the relay station. “A tech said. “We have to help them. ” the pilot said. “We are a freighter . “mia said.
  “We are all under attack. These two need help.”the captain said. The freighter went to warp.
Halak and bienka had given up hope. They believed there lives we’re over.
Then the freighter moved by.the two we’re brought on bored. The freighter quickly left the area.
Planet romulus
Outside ki bartan
Dragon estate.
Kalera Dragon was the daughter of a former admiral and senator. She was an officer in The star navy but was inactive. She spent most of  her. Time conducting scientific research . most of it had no military application . her farther was not thrilled by that.
“You should switch back to military service!”her farther said.”we are not at war farther.besides everyone is conducting military research. It us a crowded field. I want to do something unique. “She said. “You take advantage of out satis. Our nobility was earned by your grandfather and by me. Were it not for our service you would be in a mine working along side remens . don’t forget that.”he said.
“I am not some spoiled aristocrat farther. We are not Klingon. The empire is more then a war machine. ” she said .”we must have a strong military. ” he said.
An aid came in. “Sory to disturb you senator. The Klingons have lunch an invasion of the federation . the Klingon ambassador has asked The Senate to envoke the treaty of hitoria. “The aid said.
Pro consul jihall was a friend and an ally of dravet. Jihall wanted to go to war with the federation. Therefore it would pass. The rihansu would be at war.
“Fellow rihansu the Klingon empire has asked us to invoke the treaty of hutoria and declare war on the teran federation of planets. The Senate has voted to invoke the treaty. I am giving consent. We are at war with the federation.today we end the tyreny of terrains.today we put an end to unjust restrictions on free movement of rihansu.we will win. The glory of the empire will be unchecked. “Preator lakeef said.
“After what is being compared to purl harbor or the zyindi attack of 2153,the Klingons have lunch as surprise attack on the federation.the council had voted to declare war on The  Klingon empire . admiral emit Dawkins to command the fleet .” Jessica Armstrong a  reporter said.
“With me in studio is teanset hamin he was formerly director of colonial affairs but was relieved by president zurek. What do you make of this?” She asked.
“Well jess I warned the council that this very thing was going to happen. I warned that The president policy of withdrawing from the Klingon frontier would not produce peace but would encourage the Klingons to strike. Now we are caught totally off guard .” he said.
“Do you blame this on the policies of  president zurek?” Jessica asked.”not totally of course.  The president unilaterally pulled out of the border.  He dismantled bases and colonies. It was a bad move. ” he said.
After the intervue he headed out. He saw a middle aged man. He recognized him. It was st. John talburt. ” what do you want?”hamin said. “The president wants to see you !” he said.
“He cannot keep me from The press. The constitution gives me freedom of speech. I have been a private citizen for five years without a clearance .” hamin said.
“The president wants to give you a job. ” he said. “He just wants to keep me from the media. Let me guess I will work in a building do far from the pallice de la Concorde that it is probably in briten.  ” hamin said.
“You will be special assistant to the president and counselor to the president. You will have an office right next to the president.you will spend most of your time in the Soval room. ” talburt said.
“Do I get to talk to the president directly or   Do I have to go though the I.s.a ?” hamin asked.” no you can speak your mind. The president wants your honest opinion. “Talburt said. “Alright I will do it. ” he said.
End of episode one
Next up
The federation fleet tries to push the Klingon fleet out of donatu. The romulan strike as well .Kalera rejoins the stat navy. Jess returns to star fleet.

The Klingon war

Prologue prelude to war.
Ensign Aaron Jessup had made it to the escape pod. He had been on bored a federation transport. The transport had transported a myzarian diplomat to an summit of the organization for interstellar law.it did not go as planed.
An Orion vessel detected the transport. It suspected that the transport might be ferrying An important deligate. Of course they had already had off loaded the v.I.p.
The transport eluded the ship. The Orion was furious . the Orion commander decided to just destroy the transport. Jessup’s fellow crewman were killed. Jessup went to the escape pod. He set the ship to explode just as he jetisend the pod.
The pod was flung out beyond the exploding debre.the pod was propelled to the planet. The pod fell to a nearby planet.
He woke up. He had no idea where he was . for a small second,he was not sure who he was. Then in a flood everything came back to him. He tried to get up.
He saw a Klingon female.she had disruptor. “Woa get back down!”she said. She was concerned for his health but it was misinterpreted as agresson. “This is non aligned space. The Klingon empire has no claims hear. “He said.
“You have two cracked ribs. Posibly a concusion. You need to lie back down and be still!”She pleaded. “Why did you just not shot me .I thought Klingon don’t take prisoners. ” he remarked. “I forgot to read my manual for dealing with terusnagens. Next. Wounded Human  I encounter I will shot . please don’t report me to the warrior eticite bored. ” she said
“So am I your prisoner?”He asked.”no but I really would stat stil. ” She said. “Who are you?” Jessup asked. “I am a scientist. I am doing a biological survey. This planet has an amazing ecco system. “She said.
“Klingon scientist. I thought you would all warriors. ” he said. “That’s what the warrior cast want you to think. Kahless envisioned an empire where all facets of society were United towards the comon goal of glory of the empire. The warriors cast have worked to take over the empire and marginalize the non military. Less people get involved in non military occupations.even professionals are
being observed into the military. “She said.
“Do you intend me to turn me over to the military?”he asked. “This is neutral space. I contacted the echo base . rescue is on it’s way. ” she said .
“Why did you do this ?” he asked. “The federation and Klingon empire are not at war. This is non aligned space. Your injured I will help you. I can disrupt you if you want me to. “She said.
“Thank you. ” he said.”this is federation starship Northampton. “The voice said. She took out Her com badge. “The patients is standing by. “She said. “Hey I would love to thank you. Ever been on bored a federation starship?”he asked.
Two years later.
Trascot hamin sat at the bar. He was drinking a brandy imported from the planet casperia prime. The coridorn was very unhappy. That was nothing new for him these days .
“I should have not known I wod find you hear” horn acron said. “Don’t you have something better to do like pushing paper around?”hamin asked. “We use disk. We don’t push paper on earth any more. “The zackdorn said. “I suppose you make someone else do The leg work. You are now chief asistent foreign Secretary. “Hamin said.
“Look I know your mad You were dismissed from federation service. “Acron said. “President zurek . electing a pacifist Vulcan as president. He said I was too war like. I am a man of peace. I Did what I had to.  He asked me for am honest asestnent but because I did not give him a Pollyanna view of the galaxy  he had me dismissed.he discredited me. He Said I was pushing war with the Klingon. I merely pointing out that the Klingon expansion will have to reach out to the federation. He told the press I was a war monger. ” hamin said.
“Look I can get you a job with Secretary benbet. “Acron said. “A another pacifist ?”he said. “Benbet is a realest. She will be President one day. Join her staff tras. When She is President you will have an important seat at her table. ” acron said.
“Look I am not a war monger or even a hawk. At heart I am a pacifist but I can’t bury my head in the sand.all the evidence dygwst that Rona banbet is just like zurek.why should I trust her?” hamin asked. “She is a straight schoter trans. ” hamin said.
” I perfer to stay on the side lines?I am not interested in government service . “hamin said. “Trans your voice is important . I hope you will reconsider. “Acron said.
Chancelor lytep was a very popular leader. He was very old. There was no clear sucesor.the factions were not ready to challenge the chancellor. Klingon empire did not have much of a bureaucracy. That was starting to change. The office of chancellor was starting to become weak .
“I call this council to order!” the chancellor said. They began to adress. mundane stuf. Then the door opened. Commander murkeret entered the chamber. He had a bethleth.
“What is this?” the usually mild mannered leader said in an indignant tone. ” I am captain merkuret son of r’hun. I am hear to challenge the corruption and evidence of this so called high council. ” the captain said.
“How dare you little glob fly challenge me ?”he said. “I am the voice of true warriors. Wariors who have put up with you for far too long! No longer.”murkeret said.
The council was appalled by this. All of them wanted to take his job.they had to build up there power and influence then when they had enough support then challenge him. This was crazy.
The elderly chancellor asked for his batleth. A Jr officer gave it to him. The chancellor had been a marine. Forty years ago. He was a powerull soldjer. That was a long time ago.
They began to fight. The two clashed. Both struggled to get the uper hand. The chancellor was doing surprisingly well given his age and lack of practice. He wanted to hold on  to his office and his life.
Mykuret was determined to kill the chancellor and take power. The Chancellor was making It a lot harder. Murkeret was not going to just slip into the ash heep of history. He would endure. He would win.
The chancellor held on with all his might. He felt young young.he believed he would be triumphant.
The younger man got very agresve.he took unessisary risk. His arm was kicked.he ignored it and kept fighting .he tried to bypas his oponets betleth and stuck him. He fell to the ground. The younger man took the sword and went at him. The Chancelor tried to defend himself. The younger man used his sword to push the other sword.the man was plunged into the wall. He dropped the betleth.
Murkuret came at him with all his might. He stabbed The chancellor.the warriors screamed over the Chancelor.murkurat by right was now Chancelor by law.
Murceret shouted his name.no one else joined in. Everyone was silent. Several key leaders we’re considering challenging him right then and there. Some even considering stiring up a mob against him.
The senior member of the council g’har stepped in. “We should give the Chancelor time to meet with hi a inner circle.he has much to discuss.”g’had said.
The council and the Chancelor Apearent and many generals and admiral went to his private chambers.
“That was stupid ! Yes any one can challenge the Chancelor.you have to have a built in network.you have no allies. Even now everyone from the high council to a lowly beck is plotting to challenge you.heck I bett somewhere a targ control officer is thinking about it. “G’har said.
“You will show me respect.I can have you killed just by ordering it. “Mekeret said. “I very much doubt that “G’har said. “There was no reason to kill ltyop it held the factions together. You have causes chaos. Soon the conqured world’s will revolt. This was a mistake.” Commodore arjitos said.
“I a Chancelor by every law handed down form keihless. I am in charge.”murkeret said. “You will be dead before the day is done. ” admiral ferek said.
“I won fair abd square. I should be able to lead. “Murkeret said. “You should have established some of networ first. You have upset the durat Barry cart. The noble houses won’t forgive you for that. ” counselor jobrin said.
“The Chancelor was weak. He was a laughing stalk. The Klingon empire was becoming decadent.warriors were being replaced by technocrat without hiurnor,without battle. Something had to be done. We are losing sight of the dreams Sat down by Kahless.”The new Chancelor said.
“Is there a way mukurat can remain in power?”general n’long asked. The Chancelor didn’t like the question or the fact that he got his name wrong.
“There is a way. If you lead US into a great victory over a great enemy.the factions would support you. ” G’har said. “Not The romulan. They have Manny allies ans there are much intermixing on the border. I suggest attacking the federation. ” Commodore arjitos said.
The Chancelor liked the idea. “Inform the General staf the great crusade against the great grathor will soon be began. ” the chancellor said.
End of prologue.
Next up
The Klingon attack the federation. The romulans follow suit. President zurek ask hamin to rejoin the government. Jess and terisha offer to help.

Sphere of influence part four

“Captain’s log,while attempting to intervene in an alien attack,the enterprise has lost an away team abored a Borg cube. The Borg use transwarp conduet. It is not certain how we can find them. ”
“Mr. Data I want you to turn science two into a station dedicated to locating the Borg cube!”Picard said. “Aye sir!”data said.
The android lt.commander got up from the ops station and went over to the science two consul. He got to work at once. He knew how important it was to accomplish this mission.
“So was this part of there plan? Did they intend to abduct our people and hold them hostage?” Deana asked. “I don’t know. I suspect they thought it might happen. I suspect they had several contincenty plans this was probably one of them” Picard told the counselor.
On the Borg cube,commander rycer had been hit. The engineers worked to stabilize him. The security officers were at the door.
“He is unconscious but stable! “Pavlic said. “Is he out of the woods?”gordi asked.”I don’t know!for the moment but I don’t know if he is totally out of the woods. He needs medical attention.”Larson said.
“Unforunently they may not be possible!”worf Said. “Based on how fast we are moving,I believe we are at warp even something beyond warp!”Bauer reported.
“Then we are probably out of the range of the enterprise or the federation.we are on our own!”Gomez said.
“Agreed! I want to establish a chain of command while we are hear. Worf your my second then Sonya and Linda. “Gordi said. The team members agreed.
Gordi appeared shy. He was amiable.he did not Like to make waves. He was not a wilflower. He was chief engineer. He was a leader. He was good at it. When it counted he took charge and no one questioned him.
Before becoming chief engineer,Gordi took command of the enterprise while Picard and rycer were on the planet minos  during a dangerous mission. Gordi had to stand up to the chief enginer who wanted to circumvent him.Gordi held his own and won.
Ensign Pavlic was not sure how to deal with all of this. She was nervous. She tried to be a very professional . she wanted to keep her cool. She did all she could to do that. It was nerve wracking . She had no idea how it would play out.
In the area that was serving as a command area,the colonel was ready for a report from his team. “The enterprise team is secure in b quad!”major torad said. “The commander was injured. The officer with the prosthetic appears to be in command!” “major kirel said.
“I see. Have our forces hold position. Get the hollow grid ready!”major catlan ordered. His underling agreed.
The engineering team tried to hack into the cube. Though Barkley was awkward and nervous he was a good enginer. He knew his stuf. Gordi came to value him even though he could Be s nuisance at time.
Saduenly a figure entered. Several security officers aimed there chasers at the figure. Worf stopped them. “It is just a projection !”worf said.
The officers stood Down but Were ready. Odd the Klingon thought. This was him a few years ago.during there first mission,worf almost fired a hole into a view screen when the image of seemingly all powerfull entity called q appeared. He was different then he was then. Much had changed.much of it unnoticed especially by worf himself.
“Commander laforge !” colonel  Caitlin said. “To whom am I  speaking? ” gordi asked. “My name is colonel Caitlin ? I am in command of this ship?”he Said.
“You don’t look like any Borg I have ever seen before!”gordi said.
“This vessel is under New management as it were using human coloquism. “The colonel said.
“Steling a ship from the local giant is hardly a good ide colonel! “Gordi said.”il like to live dangerously commander laforge! “The colnel Said.
“Play with fire you get burned! “Gordi said “that is the excitement. It is like what do humans call it Russian roulette. “He said.
“What do you want from us?” Gordi said. “All in good time!”he said.
The image faded. “What was the point of that?”Pavlic asked.”they are trying to taunt us!”Gomez said.”to try to steal a Borg cube. I cannot decide if it is incredibly brave or incredibly stupid?”worf said .”on the one hand I can’t believe the Borg would just allow there ship to be seized by what they would consider an inferior life form.”Larson said.
“I can’t see them doing that!”Bary said. “We could be facing a war on two fronts !”Barclay said. “So Could we!”Gordi said.
U.s.s enterprise
Ready room
“You don’t believe this is the work of the Borg?”admiral Hayden Said.”no sir.the vessel is a Borg. We have confirmed that . someone else us controlling it at present !”Picard informed the admiral.
“Who us behind it?”the admiral said “we were unable to do extensive scans but there were multuple life forms. It may not be a power but an organization comprised of  various groups. “Picard said.
“I can’t say I liked this Jean luc!”he said.”I feel the same way admiral. “Picard said. “Do I us us a sector wide sate of emergency or do I issue it for the entire federation ?”he asked. “As if now the federation. I don’t know where they Will strike next or if they will strike now what they intend to do with the away team !”Picard said.
“Jean luc that cube Is a clear and present threat to the federation. One that must be neutralized. “Hayden said .”I understand andrae.I will do I have to to protect the federation at all coast! “Picard told him.
“I have no doubt about that ! We will keep in touch Starfleet out!”He said. The screen turned from the image of the admiral’s office to the syimbol of the United federation of planets. Then the screen went blank.
Picard had an idea. It was risky. He believed it was doable. “Commander data I need to speak to you,counselor troy and doctor Crusher in my ready room in the double!”the captain said. “Acknowledged. We are on our way!”the android commander said.
A few minutes later.
“With all due respect caprain,this is. Terible idea!”Bevily said.”It is very risky. We need you in command!”Deana said. “That cube is a huge threat to the federation. It has to be stoped. In this occasion the needs of the many outweugh the needs of the few. “Picard said.
“What do you think data .you have been awfully quiet though this! “Dr. Crusher commented.
The doctor knew that would make him uncomfortable. That was her plan. She wanted him to be put on the spot.
“We do need all hands on deck as the expression goes. Whoever your idea does have meter. I might be able to do what you plan to!”data said.
“You dint have the link. I believe we have no choice!”Picard Said “we need you in command. Your the caprain. With Rycer gone,we need you!”bev said. “I appreciate your position on thus doctor but I see no other choice! Make it happen Mr. Data!”Picard said.
“Dawn it Jean luc. Listen to reason !your not thinking clearly on this !”bev said. “That will be all!”Picard said.
Dr. Crusher backed off. She never knew Jean luc Picard to behave irationaly. He was the consummate professional. The Borg was his arkealias heel. The Borg brought out the worst In him. She could not blame him. He was in command of not just the ship but this sector. The federation counted on him being on his game. She was not sure he was. She did not want to admit it but she was prety sure he was not.
End of part four.

Interest and principles part five

Spock had been rendered unconscious. Spock started to regain concsiciousness. Spock instantly got up. He was not where he was before. He surmised that the orions had moved him.
He figured that the orions did not want to kill him. They wanted him out of the way.
Spock had no desire to be in there way. He just wanted answers. The orions did not have those answers. At least they were not willing to share the answers they have. He would have to find them elsewhere.he came hear thinking that this was a plot by the orions like Babel. Now He was prety sure that it was not the orions .
Spock was not far from the Galileo.he had a smal device that located the shartle. He entered the craft. He went inside. The case had gone cold. He decided to head for the enterprise.
“Warning! Incoming vessel! ” the computer said. The startle tried to get out of the way. Sudenly the vessel was surrounded. There were three Klingon vessels all around him. This was quite an unexpected turn of events. 
Office of the president
“Madam president! The tellerite have set up a blockade at there border. They will no longer allow andorian murchent vessels to operate in there space. As a result The andorian have announced they are setting up a similar blockade. The andorian parliament is planing to consider banning Tellerite commerce inside andorian space. The tellerite ambassador has filled a complaint with the agency on member world’s. “The new Vulcan foreign Secretary said.
“I want to speak to the emperor of andor and the grand prefect of the tellerite. We need to calm things now. “The acting president said.
“That May not be easy madom president. ” The defense Secretary said. “We have to try!”the president said. They agreed.
Federation surplus depot 27
Planet angur four.
Shivea saw her husband. He hugged her. “I can’t believe I agreed to do this !” Dave said. “You said we need to get away just the two of us!”she said. “This is not quite what I had In mind but ok!” commander Owens said.
They held hands as they went to the control center. “Are you ernum cete?”Owens asked. “I am. Half of the federation is calling me. Usualy people avoid this place. Its like we are haunted or something?” he said.
“Are the ships hear ?”Shevea asked.”the ships described by the tellerite ,Manny were hear. They were procured by a colonial transport company two years ago .they operated out of Altair . they checked out. “The dock master said.
“Do you stil have the documents?” Owens said. “I keep everything. I am required to by the surplus intregrety act. We follow poetical to the letter. Everything from cataloging to waste extraction is done by the book!” he said. Neither knew how to respond to that.
“Can we see them?”Owens said. Come with me. They went to The Office. He took a pad and found the data. He showed it to them. “They intended to add it to there fleet? “Shevea said. “Yes. Under the surplus act The starship commission has to know what they plan to do with the ships. They want to insure no prime directive violation,no ending up in the hands of smugglers etc. “He said.
“If the buyers want to flip It? ,”Owens said. “They have to go though the same process. Once ownership is transfer,it is between the commission and the buyer. It is quite a castle!”he said.
“Can you access the comision records?”Shevea asked. “I am logging on to shipchive now. It says the ships were sold to aridon cooperation. Oh no! “He said. “What?” Owens asked. “The cooperation headquarters was in the malurian system. The cooperation was whipped out when well you know!”he said.
“So anything could have happened to those ships ? Including stolen by smugglers ?” Shevea said. “Yes. It seams so. ” the dock master said.
“What do you think babe?” Owen’s asked. “I think that either the aridon was a front for smugglers or some orther naferious group or someone else got to it. I don’t know that it was the beatified but I think that someone is trying to devide the federation. Posibly a prelude to  invasion. “The Vulcan told her husband.
“We have to go to star fleet!”Owens said. “Do we have enough proof ?”She asked. “Enough to prove that a third party is trying to meddle in the affairs of the federation. Probibly to bring it down. “He said.
Sudenly there was a transporter beam. Kor emerged.”where is your entourage?”Spock asked.”I am hear to have a chat Spock! “Kor said. “With or without the mind sifter?”Spock asked. “Without. Your federation is in quite a bind!”he said. “I figured you would be celebrating over a glass of vintage blood whine!”Spock u. “I don’t want the federation overthrown unless the empire is doing the overthrowing. The enemy of my enemy could also be my enemy. “Kor said.
“Do you know who is behind all this?” Spock asked.”over the past year,we started to see a paturn. Smaler powers were Sudenly going though upheavals. Insurection,revolts,revolutions. All centered near the federation most remote border. All too far away to be a concern. Last mounth the planet fezel was taken over by a seemingly insufficient political faction. I believe that soon a new defense fact will be created. If the Federation falls in rival war then this pact can anex minor world’s on the frontier of federation space. Qudrent affairs will shift hear. A religion barely  notice will be an emerging power. It will be some time before they pose a threat to the empire but they will eventuality will be. “Kor said.
“Who is behind this?”Spock asked.”I don’t know. My gues is someone we are not aware of. Someone who prefers to be in the shadows. “Kor said.
“Why share this with me?”Spock said. “As I said I want the federation conquered by the Klingon. The Federation does check the galaxy. It prevents expansion by the romulons,gorn,thalonians or the tholiens. The organisms won’t allow us to fight but the federation serves a useful purpose for now. While I don’t care to be on the same team. I wi share this information!”He said.
“Thank you commander. I am in your dept!” Spock said. “Perhaps one day I will collect. “He said. He returned to the ship and the ships left. This would need to be verified.

Star fleet command
“You believe this is all the work of outside agitators?”admiral Womack asked. “We are certain of it sir!” Owens answered. “It does seam to make sense. Do you know who is behind it?” he asked. “No not as of yet!” Shevea asked. “I see. Good work. Send me everything you have. ” the admiral asked.
The admiral asked to speak to the president at once. Perhaps there was time to stop the avalanche. There would not be a lot of time.
End of part five
Although this is a plot by the society,there are always outside unforeseen forces. There was usually coincidences. The society could not have the health of the president or nomad destroying the malurian system. It did work into there plan.
While this is set in the prime universe,I am using the events of the original series but not totally bound to it. This event could have happened.

Birth pains part four

Enterprise bridge
“I gues its one for one last mission !” Archer said. “Sounds good to me!” Travis said. “Control has cleared us!” Lt hoshi satto reported. “Clear all mornings!”captain archer ordered.
Travis jetisoned the morings. “Morings away!” Travis anounced.”take us out!”archer ordered. The enterprise left the dry dock.
“We have cleared dry dock!” Travis reported. “Set course for the orion syindicate!” Archer ordered. The helm officer ploted the course.
“On course sir!”travis ordered. “Engage!” Capitain archer ordered. The enterprise went to warp.
Qurters of t’pol
“Weird i did not expect to be hear again. At least out in space! “He said. “Things seldom go as we expect it to you.”t’pol said.”yea. I am glad to be off on more adventure. Well at least on the enterprise. “Trip said.
He sat down to eat. “It my favorite dish. Please don’t tell me I’m dying. That would be ironic. Servive 12 years in deep space only to be killed before the decommision. “Trip said.
“So far as i am aware you are perfectly fine. Keep in mind i am a science officer not a doctor.”t’pol said.
“Alright! So what is it?”trip asked. “Well trip i had an exit physical from doctor phlox…”she said. “Is every thing ok?” Trip asked. “Yes.”she said. “Then.what is it? I know something is up! ” trip asked. “I’m pregnant !”t’pol said.
“A baby really ?”trip asked.”yes!”t’pol said. “Is it myine?”trip asked. “Of course it is!”she said as she lighly jab him.
“Is the baby ok?” He asked. “So far every thing is fine. Phlox wants to take extra measures but he is very optomistic about it. ” She said.
He hugged her.He thought back the tears. She held on to her. “Are you happy with this?”she asked. “Yes i am. I would be lying if i said i was not a little nervous but yes i am. “Trip said.
“I confes i was not sure how you would react.”t’pol said.”this child wont ever fill the void left by Elizabeth but we will love this child. “Trip said. “I know that!” She said.
  Telerite vessel
“We are evacuating non esential personele from the planet!” Ambassador gral told the captain. “I thought that we were one big happy fleet now?” The captain said. “There have been complications!” Gral told the.starship captain.
“This alience seamed to be almost a reality!”the captain said.”it was but it seams to be crumbling apart. “Gral said. “I see. Is the coulition In jepordy of faling apart?” The captain asked. “I am not certain !” Grall said.
“We have incoming! It is an earth fighter squadron !”the tactical officer reported. “They claim that they are hear to escort us to another birth. Apearently this area is unsicure'” the com tech said.
“This is very iregular!”the first officer said. “It is indeed! Get me admiral gardner!” Grall said.”no response. We are being jammed!” The com tech said.
The fighter started to seround the telerite vessel. “This does seam friendly!” The first officer said.”No it does not!” Grall said.
One of the fighters slammed into the telerite vessel. There was a smal explosion near the reactor.
“Earth space or no. This is an act of war. Open fire!” Grall ordered. The telerite ship picked off the fighters one by now. 
Outside borderlands.
“We are right outside the borderlands!” T’pol said. “Bryce stand by all weapons! ” archer said.”weapons on stand by!” Shumar reported. “Travis take us in!”archer ordered.
“You do know how to fire phased canons?”trip asked. “Yes i do!” Bryce answered.
“We are now inside the borderlands! “Travia reported.”i have located arand sar’s ship!”t’pol said. “Send it to the helm! Once you have it set course!” Archer ordered.
The vesel run by arand sar was not far from where the entrence to the borderlands. The enterprise made it in record time.
“Stand by!”archer said. “I’m ready !”bryce said. “Now in weapons range!” T’pol reported.”now!”archer ordered. The enterprise fired miltiple voleys of photonic torpedoes at the orion ship.
“We are being hailed!”hoshi said.”i thought that might get there attention ! On screen !”archer ordered.
On the screen displayed the image of a surely orion male.”what is this?” Arand said. “Our last encounter was not promising towards future contact. “Archer said.
“I hear your starting some kind of alience. Your stil a war criminal as far as the syindicate is concerned. It is stil dangerous for you to be hear. “Arand said.
“You trying to stir up trouble for the new coilition?”archer asked.
“Why do i care about your alience? “Arand asked. “Your friend kereth is designing augmentation for a faction of humanity oposed to the alience. “Arand said.
“Kereth. He and i parted ways mounths ago. He is no good. “Arand said. “You know where he is?”archer asked. “I heard he was on rissa. He is persona non grata with the syindicate. “Arand said.
“You don’t know anything about this plot?”archer said. “I try to avoid political intregue! There is enough politics in the syindicate. You going to repare the damage you caused? ” arand asked.
“Now entering orbit of the planet!”travis reported. “Take us into orbit!”archer ordered. “Now in standered orbit!”he anounced. “I hacked into the central mane frame! Turns out that kereth is at the central hotel in the capital room 456.”bryce said. “I domt wana know how you got In there!
Ok! Lets pay mr. Kereth a visit !”archer said. Every one agreed.
Archer shumar and t’pol emurged near the hotel. They went inside. They went up the elivator and went to the room of kereth. Opening the door, they entered.
They saw an orion man lying in a pool of blood. “Kereth i would presume!” Shumar said. He was clearly dead.
The case had just gone cold.
End of part four