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One true path chapter five

U.s.s enterprise
“Seccond officers log,while investigating a suicide bombing on the planet argelius,We followeod up on Leeds that led to an ambush. Our ships suffered heavy damage. We also suffered high casualties. ”
“We lost a lot of good people. This includes captain Thomas Raymond Conklin. He had commanded the enterprise for two years.  He is servived by a wife Debra and two daughters. We also lost communications officer plotark and helm officer Grainger.”
“In addition to multiple deaths,there have been several injuries. Lt. Elise vernon ‘s injuries are very savers. In addition to multiple burns there was also internal bleading. ”
“Commander Mark Leland is in a coma. He is stable . the ship is momentarily out if danger. The warp jump only got us so far. ”
“Unbeknownst to myself or any of the crew, we have a spy on bored.Lt. commander Rebecca price mind was altered. She presents a threat to our getting out of this alive and in one peace. “Commander Norris said.
Once the ship was temporarily clear from the hostle, security chief giotto and his forces were able to put down the bording party sent by the hostile forces.
Luckily for commander price,none of the lower ranks knew that they had a mole in the enrerpeise. She had time but that she was on bowored time.
Dr.piper ,nurse chepel and Dr. Shal 8  and others rushed to the bridge. Dr. Piper scanned Lt .vernon. “How are you feeling ellie?”Dr. Piper said. “I’v been better doc!”she said. “We will need to get you to sick bay. “He said.
“That bad?”She asked.”let me do the worrying el. I don’t plan on losing you. “He said. Leslie and Galloway put her on a auto gurney. They moved her to the turbo lift.
Dr. Shall looked over commander Leland. Megen did multiple scans using multiple devices. “Ok we can move him.”she said.
Technician Fisher ,Darnell and lemli placed the commander on a gurney. The commander was moved out.
Lt. Commander Norris entered the bridge. The bridge was in ruins.there were open cicuts. There were burn marks on multiple stations. Norris looked it over.
Technician went in and out. The bridge was full of activities. Everyone got to work.
“Ok people . if I can have your attention for a moment. I know we are tired and discouraged and disillusioned but We are not out of the woods yet. We have a lot to do. “Norris said.
“Mr. Spock if you can find a working recording device,please note that I am assuming command of the enterprise affective immediately. “Noris said.
“So noted captain. “Spock said. Mia bolt entered the bridge. “Mia ! Good. “Norris said.
Mia expected that she would be given a grunt assignment. She was well liked but she was not really officer material. She probably should have been an enlisted person.she expected to be side lined even more then usual.
“Sir!”She said. “Mia I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I am naming you internet helm officer and giving you a battlefield promotion to Lt. Commander. You probably know the bad news.”Norris said.
The helm and navigation station was virtually non existent. “Realy me sir? There are other officers in line . “she said. “Mia I saw you in action. I want you by my side. “Noris said. “Thank you sir. You won’t regret this decision. “She said. “I don’t doubt that Lt. Commander. “He said .
“The com system is still down . it will take a lot of work to get it up and running.”yeoman Smith said. “I imagine that it is being monitored any ways. ” Norris said .
Confrence room.
Norris looked over several reports in ships syistom. The security chief entered . “the prisoners have been no help. They refuse to answer any questiones except to give odd nursery rhymes that don’t translate to galatica. “The chief said .
“Barry I think that we have a mole onbored. “Norris said. “I agree. I came to the same conclusion. It could be anyone . it could even be one of the injured or dead. “The chief said.
“I know I considered that. I think we have to run on the conclusion that the mole is stil alive. ” the acting captain said. “I agree but why tell me? How do you know that I am not the mole?” giotto said. “You don’t strike me as the double agent time. You would get too confused. “Norris said. “You saying I am too dumb to play both teams? Your probably right. How do I know your not the mole.this could be a power play. ” the chief asked.
“Only a fool rules In a burning house.I am not that smart. “Noris said. “No comment “he said.
“Good call chief !”he said. “How do we flush out the mole? “The chief said .”I am thinking it over.” He said.
“Look I am sorry about your brother in law. I know you were close. “He said.”Tom was a good man. I am saddened he won’t get to hold his baby girl. “The captain said.
Planet rissa
Jess kept moving. He had stayed out of the way. He had eluded the enemy force. He knew it would not last forever.
He got close to his ship. He ran to his ship. He got inside. He went to the pilots chair. “Computor!” He said. “Working!” the computer said he showed the oubulisk file to the computer. The computer scanned it.
“Symbol is a structure found on multiple worlds. Beleved to be constructed by an ancient race . race nicknamed the preservers.”the computer said.
“Computor , sumerize the preservers “Jess said. “The preservers is a name given to a theoretical construct of an alien race believed to be have rescued tribal people and moved to other planets.some have speculated that they may have given birth to humanoid life in the galaxy. Evidence is conjecture. ” the computer said.
Jess began to suspect that they are deeling with some kind of cult that worships the preservers. He suspected that They planed some kind of plot to take on the old order. The preservers seemed to be an intergalactic robin hood.they are protecting the venerable.almost like bat man or other super heroes.he had to warn star fleet.how? He was in a scout craft In the middle of neutral space.
He decided to lunch. The scout ship launched. The vessel went up. The vesel left the planet. “Perimiter alert!” the computer announced.”explan!”he ordered “incoming vessel. Non aligned combat ship.attributed to non aligned pirates. “The computer said.
“I can’t get a break today. Man I should have stayed in bed!”Jess commented.
Jess took the ship to maximum warp . for the u.s.s Newport that was warp six. “Vessel is perusing. .The computer said. “No dah!”Jess replied.
Jess transferred some non essential syistoms to the warp drive. The vessel kept on going. He had to outrun that ship. He had to warn his superiors.
U.s. s enterprise
Sick bay
” how is she doc ?”Norris asked. “I have stabilised her. I stoped the bleading. She will recover. We had to amputate both legs. She is out of danger.” he said.
He asked to see her.She wore the blue night gown used for patients.She had a blanket .Noris went over to her. “Hello elie”s he said. “Sir!”ellie said. “At ease ellie.”Norris said.”thank you sir”She said.
“I am so sorry for what happened to you. I promise that you will not very disregarded. Your part of thus family. I won’t leave you behind . “he’s said. “I know that sir.I appreciate that. “She said.
“I have a long road ahead don’t I ?”She asked. “Yes you do. Your not alone. We will be there every step of the way” Norris told her. “Thank you.”She said.
“Sir I have temporarily transferred helm to an aft station. ” mia said. “Good work mia ” Noris said. “I located the enemy ships.they are near but near enough ” Spock said.
The security commander went to the bridge. He motioned the acting captains. They went into a corner.
“Ben we have a problem. ” giotto said.”report Barry!” He said . “the two tech in a.u , they were killed by. Star fleet issue phaser. ” he said. “Are you sure ?”Ben said. “Yes. A non aligned phaser was used post mortum to cover it up. The fatal wounds were from a star fleet issue. ” the chief said.
“The pirates could have gotten there hands on star fleet phaser. It happens. They could have raided one of our weapons locker. ” the captain said.
” maybe. I perfer to go with the more likely syinerio.  ” the chief said. “Are you suggesting what I think you are thinking. ” the acting captain Said.
“Ben I wish I was not. I have gotten where I am because I don’t play favorites.I go with the evidence and with my gut. She us records officer she has one of the highest computer proficiency rating on the ship. She is second only to Mr. Spock. She had opportunity and ability. Its a circumstantial case but we don’t need to prove guilt. Darn It captain we are a sitting duck hear. ”  Barry said.
“She is my sister. ” He said. “The ship has to take precedence. ” the chief said .
“Ok .your right. Asemble a security team. Make It smal. Keep it to ones you trusts ” Norris said. “Understood. ” Barry said.
” I want to take her into custody.phaser on stun.” he ordered. ” agreed. ” the chief said.
Rebecca was stil in auxiliary control. She was able to play both sides. When push came to shove ,she was on the side of the one true path.
The team led by Barry giotto remained outside per the orders of the acting captain. The acting captain went inside.
“Hi Ben !”  Rebecca said. “Beck you should take a break. You don’t want to over due it. ” Ben said. “Ben I’m pregnant not dying. ” rebbeca said.”of course . come on Beck. Take a break. I can make it an order. ” he said.
“I know that. I want to stay hear for now. “She said. “Beck it’s time to take a break ” he said. He had a sturn look at her.
The door opened. The gourds entered. “What is going on hear? ” Rebecca said. “Get  up Rebecca!”he ordered.
She tried to press a but on. The power in a.u was cut off. She seam to shake. She seemed different. She got up.
“Becky let’s get out of hear ok?”Ben suggested. She followed the guards.  She followed the guards.
“They wiped her mind fleet. Both the old Rebecca and the New rebbeca is gone. She has the mind of a child. ” Dr .piper said.
“We need to get out of harms way. I am guessing this is part of s bigger plot. The federation is at risk. Perhaps more. ” Noris said.
The Orion entered. “Are you unhappy but are you just in your rested taciturn face?”Norris asked. “I found a virus embedened in the com system. I can’t remove it. If we use It we will send a Trojan horse to whoever receves it. As far as I can tell the virus is similar to an e.m.p ” the chief engineer said.
“Worst case syinerio it shuts down the entire federation. Best case it cripple a local network. “Spock said.
“A prelude to invasion or an attack. ” mia commented. “I want safe guards. I don’t want the com system even usable. “Noris said.
The scout ship made it to nebula. “A cult that idolized the preservers. “The admiral said. “Yes sir. I believe that it is a plot to create a new order by destroying the old. ” Jessup said.
“I see. Alright. Good work. We will rescue you as soon as we can. “Komack said.”I totally understand. The priority has to be to stopping the plot. ” he said. “We won’t abandon you commander. ” he said.
Combat ship
“The Rebecca drone is off line. Jessep has gotten away. Star fleet knows about us. “Deret said. “This is a set back. It is not over. Asemble the principles. “Quter said.
End of chapter five.
To be concluded.


One true path chapter three

Lt. Aaron Jessup took a scout ship from earth to rissa. Rissa is known as a resort planet. Humans had known about the planet sense the middle of the 22ond century.
Aaron assumed orbit around the planet. Of course, the Klingon used an assumed name. Jess knew how to find him. Jess went to his private challet deep in a remote area.
Jess walked up to the villa. He went inside. “Stompok! “Jess said the old Klingon was drinking blood wine. He gave him a bare hug. “Jess. Its has been too long !” the old Klingon said. The man had unkempt long hair. It was mostly gray with some black. He was a bit obese.  “It has. I was worried that you were killed in the war or by pirates or Orion nazaka or anipovnoids.”Jess said.
“These days,alcoholic beveges or paper cuts are more likely to do me in then a photon torpedo. I use to fear being done in by a disruptor,today I fear dying of boredom. “He said.
“I wish I was hear to reminisce!”he said .”I figured. I was like you once. All I cared about was duty and obligation. Any ways, as always you did not get any if this information from me!”the elderly alien said.
“You have my word old friend. “He said. “The Klingon have wanted to keep this off the records but Klingon embises and freighters and other interest have been attacked in the non aligned sector. Suiside bombers. All by alien from remote areas or low tech or pree warp world’s that have contact with aliens. At first we suspected dirty tricks from you or the romysnagens or gorn . it started smal then escalated. Then the argalius attack. The romusnagens are cryptic but we have discovered that they have had attacks on them. “The man said .
“You have any idea who is involved?”he asked. “This is from a bombing of the Klingon embassy on the klaystron home world. We found this symbol. “He said.
“It looks like an oubulisk! “Jess said “we found it at two other bombing sites. “The Klingon man said. “Could it be some kind of terrorist group or religious cult?”he asked.”maybe. You terusnagens you care about motives . we Klingon care about defeat. I don’t care why my enemies hate me.I only care that they are defeated .”the old man said.
“Know your enemy and know yourSelf !”he said. “Tsungstu . I perfer the Klingon philosopher hungta who said “knowledge means nothing if I don’t have a Batleth to back it up. ” he said.”even dirnat Sat that “the sword only accomplishes so much . the pure heart defeats a thousand warriors.”Jess said
He laughed.”I missed bantering with you Jess! For a pitarch your not so bad.you know who else misses you?”he said .”strompek you promised not to bring that up. “He said.  “Your stil mad at her?”he asked . “some wounds are harder to heal. “Jess said.”then stop picking at it. Leave it alone and let it heal.”the elderly man said.
All of q sudden,they heard a noise . “what is that?,”the Klingon asked.”it sounds like some kind of atmospheric craft “Jess said. “On rissa?”he asked.
The air craft fired on the villa. Jess tried to protect the old Klingon.the vessel kept firing. The two kept moving. The roof caved in. They fell in the two. The old man shoved him out of the way.
Jess went to help him. “Go! My time is past. Don’t let it end this way Jess! I don’t just mean this!”the Klingon said.
Jess reluctantly fled. A fighter craft fired on him. He kept running. He hated leaving strompek. He had to servive. He had to figure All this out. The oubulisk was an important clue. He had ti follow up on it.he just had to stay living long enough to get to a computer.
U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log,we are heading to ditalex b. We are hoping to get answers on who was behind a terrorist attack on argelius. I admit some apprehension. It feel like something is up. I feel like there are unseen forces manipulating things. All leading towards something.what I don’t know. “Conklin said.
“Now nearing the planet !”the navigator announced. “Spock scan the area.”Conklin ordered. The Vulcan began the scan. “Captian I am detecting an three old style d five clas Klingon what ship and old style birds of prey”Spock reported.
“I am also detecting an encampment on the outskirts of the mining center. “Spock said.
“The ships are arcane but they are heavily armed. “The security chief reported.
“I have to know what we are deeling with. Bridge to engineering!”the captain said. “Go ahead sir!”the surely engineer said. “I want to atept a near warp transport. “Conklin said.”do you want a bagel to go alin with it. “He asked. “That would be nice.”he sad.
“Yes I believe I can make it work.if you really want to do it”the Orion said. “Want to is not the right word. I see no other option.”the captain said.
“I can Make it happen.”he said, “ok security chief assemble a tactical aid team. “Conklin said. “You got it sir.”the chief said. “Mr Leland with me. Norris the ship is yours. “The captain ordered.
Transporter room.
“Can you do this my . Kyle?”the captain asked. “I believe I can sir “the chief said. The team stepped on to the pad. The security team in addition to the chief included Leslie.Galloway,hickborn,prosser and Norwood. The enterprise was st at warp. Kyil activated the controls.
The ship never stoped. The crew form went to several spots. Finalty They were on the surface. ” is everyone in one peace?”Conklin said. “I never ever want to do again?”the security chief said. “Realy.that was fine.I kinda want to go again. ” Leland said. “Your welcome to commander. I am all set. ” the chief said.
The team was fired on. The crew fired back. There were multiple alien races. They all had phaser or disruptors. The team hit back.
The captain ordered the team to fall back. The enemy force was relentless.
The captain wondered how they could have known they were coming. This felt like an ambush.  The captain wondered if someone tipped them off. If so who. Did they have an informant among the crew?   He had a hard time believing it but perhaps it was true.
An alien sniper took aim. The sniper hit crewman Norbert. Norbert was hit. He fell to the ground. Crewman proser came to his aid. He was hit. He fell to the ground.
The captain ordered the crew to call back. The crew tried to withdraw. “Sir? Crema Norbert and proser are dead. “Leslie said.
“We have to get to get one of them hostage. We need information and quickly ” the captain said.
Commander Leland fired on the sniper. The sniper was on a tree stand. The first officer hit the stand. The sniper fell to the ground. Leland and Galloway surrounded the attacker. The attacker was stunned by Galloway.
The captain took out his com badge. While he dodged attacks from various attackers. “Conklin to enterprise.”the captain said.
“Go ahead!” commander Norris said.”proceed with plan b. “He said “rojee that”he said. “You do know This is the wackyiest plan ever.”Grainger said. “I know but we have no other choice. ” he said. The enterprise went to warp. “Helm disengage warp. Kyile go to work”Norris ordered. The enterprise stoped. The chief beamed up the team and the hostage.
The enterprise headed for the planet. The ship bounced off the planet. The ship went to warp. The enterprise fired multiple volleys. The ship got away from the fleet .
“Kyile please tell me that you have them “”Norris asked. “I got um sir. “The operator said.   The enterprise went to warp.
Tranporter room
“Chief get our hostage to the brig.”Conklin ordered.”with pleasure sir. ” giotto said. “What species is he?”Leslie asked. “He is a yaridien!”Dr. Piper said. “Yaridiens are information peddlers.”the chief said. “Is he a broker or a true belever. “Leland asked. “I won’t help you . I don’t have to and I won’t. “The alien said .
Rebecca got right to work. She went to the auxiliary control. She created a false distess call. The ship going to ditalex was all part of the plan. The enterprise getting away was also part of the plan. All part of a complex plot to ambush the enterprise. A component in an even larger plot.
The captain entered the bridge . “captain on the bridge!”yeoman Smith said. “As you were!”the captain said. Leland and piper also entered the command center. “Captain,we are getting a distess call form a Vulcan vessels. The Vulcan explorer vessel “sonkar” they Say they were hit by a series of gravitic mines .they need assistance.”plotark said.
“Can you verify that the sonkar is in this area?”Conklin asked. “Yes it is .”Spock said. “Alright. Navigator lay in a course for the vulca vessel. Once you have the coordinates punch it in helm .”he ordered.
The enterprise went to warp . the vessel headed in the direction of the sonkar.of course it is a trap.
Noris has left The bridge. The captain wanted half of his senior staf to get rested up. He needed his crew at peak efecientcy.
The ship got close to the ship.Rebecca provided an  image of the Vulcan vessel. “I have the ship”plotark announced. “On screen “the captain ordered. The ship was displayed. Before the captain could order medical team the ship transformed into a spacial charge then exploded.
End of chapter three


“Wars and rumors of war” part four.

The defient had been dealt a harsh blow. Several stations were ok fire.several officers took fire supreson devices and exstinguised the flame.
The admiral got up. “Shields are at 47 percent! We stil have phasers ,photon and quntrum torpedoes!”kira reported. “Return fire!”the admiral ordered.
The defient fired a full volley of quntrum torpedoes at the dominion warship. The bridge of the hostel vessel  hit.
The aft station exploded. Several recognition were killed instantly.others were seriously injured. There was visible wounds.
The next volley struck near the engine rooom. The volley did not effect the engines. There were explosions nearby . several corridors were decimated.
“I want that ship destroyed! “The General insisted. Kirel knew Carlin well. She and him had been just coworkers . he was her superior at one tines. Now they were married. She knew him . she knew what he was thinking. She did not like what she felt this was leeding.
The General thought it over. The destruction of the defiant would become a rallying cry for the federation .the federation would tear up the treaty of deep space 9. The federation would probably strike the dominion in the gamma quadrant.while the federation alliance was bogged down in the  gamma quadrant the society could quietly gobble up the old zeravien empire.
“Place a protomatter device in a photon torpedo. Target the defiant!”the general said. Kirel was not a pacifist. She did not believe in aggressive warfare. This did not seam like a time to use a weapon of last resort.
“Vesel is back tracking!”neeley reported. “Brace for impact everyone. They are gearing up for a major strike. “The admiral admonished his crew.
The crew prepared the torpedo. The defiant took pot schots at the warship. The warship fired back.it was a half hearted responce. It was designed to buy time for the crew to get the surprise ready to go.
“Our surprise is ready!”The gunner declared.”deploy it at once!”the general ordered.
The defiant hit the warship. It was a fairly significant hit. The warship fired the torpedo. “We have incoming! ” neeley reported. “Evasive action !”Ross ordered.
Nog drove the frigate in the opposite direction. He tried to take it as fast as he could.
“Oh my! This is not a conventional torpedo! It contains protomatter.”Bashir said.
If that torpedo detonated there was no way that the defiant would servive.
The dominion warship went to warp. It got as far away from the torpedo as possible. It did not look back.
The defiant went to maximum warp. If they fired on the  torpedo. It would detonate faster. The results would be the same. 
“Mr nog do you trust me?”admiral Ross asked the furengi. Nog had learned whenever a hu-Mon asked someone if they trusted them,that ment they we’re about to do something very risky. In a case like this,they really had no choice. “Yes sir. I believe I do!”the helm said.
The admiral explaned his plan.it was quite a whopper. Due to the situation it was the only plan that could potentially work.
The torpedo was detonated. The mustle exploded. The wake headed for The light vessel. The defiant fell back. The defiant flew into the center of the explosion.
The defiant was pushed back. Nog used the center of the wake to catapult the ship backwards.the ship was pushed back at high warp. The ship was flung out of the way.
The ship came to a full stop. The shock wave passed by I t kept going. The danger for the defiant and there crew had passed.
Starbase 381
Jake sisco was able to get abored one of the relief vessels heading for the site of the attack. The federation guaranteed the right of the press. Jake being the son of Benjamin sisco helped. He was granted permison to be embeded with a relief ship provided he stayed out of the way.
Jake was glad to get out. He found himself out of sorts sense his farther vanished. This was a major story. He would be on the front lines.
Jake was able to aconpony a team to the base. He saw a young officer stare into a wall. “Hi you ok?”Jake asked. It took her a few seconds to come around.
“Hi I think so. “She said .”I’m Jake sisco. I am with the federation news service!”he said. “Great a reporter!”Gabriela Fullerton commented. “Don’t worry I won’t print anything you don’t want me to. “He assured him.
“This took me by surprise. I thought the war was over!”she said “so did we all!” Jake said.
Jeros two
Jeros two was home to a Starfleet stokade. The planet had a warm climate. Some sections were warmer then orthers.
Karlita wore the Gray prison issue uniform.she was her work detail. She was told she had a visitor.
“Lt Reese!”she said .”it’s commander now!” he told her. “Oh I am sorry. I am not up on current events. “She said.
“It is current events that is why we are coming.”lt. Tyne said. “I am not really versed on current events these days lt. “She said. “The marques was all but wiped out by the dominion. Had the dominion not joined the Cardesien,the marques might have worn out the Cardesien and forced some kind of sate hood. “Reese said. “There is disagreement on that. That was one view. “She said.
“It is possible that someone in the marques is trying to reignite the war in order to either get revenge or divert attention so that they can restart the movement?”Reese asked.
“My colony is gone. Many of my close friends are dead. When I get out of hear,I don’t have a  clue  what I want to do when I get out. I don’t have any plans to get revenge!”she tried to assure them.
“Do you know anyone who might?” Tyne asked. “A few come to mind. My gues ! The man you want to look into is a guy named Jack torence . ” she said. “The former ambassador?” Reese asked.”he was quite a fire cracker. Where he was practically the face of the federation,we expected him to be a moderate. Not even close. He was a hawk even by our standards. “She told the two.
Planet earth
United federation of planets Paris
Office of the president.
“Mrm. President!”the karama said.”minister hanok it is good to see you!”the president arlon sejof a deltan said .”mr. President I have gotten to my sources inside the dominion. I got a response. It purports to be from odo. He claims  That the dominion was not responsible for the attack. “He said. “Do you believe him?”intergalactic security advisor tornek asked.”if it was actually odo,I would be inclined to believe him.I have no idea.”the kerima said.
An aid entered.”mr. President the defiant narrowly servived an engagement with a dominion warship. Sir! Some in star fleet are urging a formal deceleration of war against the dominion. Some want to lunch an attack on the dominion in the gamma quadrant. “The aid said.
“I want to meet with the head of star fleet and the top brass. I want an emergency season of the council. “The president said.
Star fleet security vessel j. Edger Hoover
“Look at this ! Jack torence former star fleet officer. Starship captain. Worked for several presidents. Was an ambassador. Resigned after the Cardesien treaty of 2270. Joined the marques. There are detailed records he saught protomatter weapons and other weapons of planetary destruction. No evidence he got any. After the attack after gul du kut joined the dominion his fate was unknown. “Tyne said. “Lets work our sources. Even rumors. I have a feeling he has gone underground. We have to fund them . ” the commander said.
Ki bartan
Oifice of Duran
“A paturn?”the commander asked.”yes Sir. Over the past forty years there have been a series of attacks on ship’s near the old zeravuen empire. The attacks were by different races. Gathers,orions,angosien,snserta and others. There is also ship’s once used by dead races stolen and used in attacks . I believe that someone is staging these attacks In a prelude to an invasion !”terra asked.
“Why?”suran asked. “My gues to revive the zaraviuen empire!”terms said. “That is obsued.”suran said.
She tried to talk to pro consul Hyren and preator neural. No one would talk to her. She decided there was only one place to go. Lt. Tyne.
End of part four.
Karlita was played by Shannon concern.her character appeared in “preemptive strike “and”defiant” She also played the Klingon sirela I “you are crodjualy invited” and romulon senator tulura in star trek nemesis.

Interest and principles part two

Planet earth
Office of the president
Pallice de la concorde
Zall hardicore was a rygelian. He had been the president of the federation for six years. He had served the federation in multiple compacities including several cabinent posts. He also represented his world in the federation council.
He was not in the best of health lately. He had contracted a virus and has never quite recovered form it due to his age and prior ilneses. He was 204 years old. He wanted to continue his term and then retire to rygel.
“Mr. President the andorian ambassador has arived. “An aid said. “Send him in!”the president said. The door opened,the andorian ambassador and his enterage entered.
“Mr. President! I am deeply troubled by what occured. The emparor himself is overseing this investigation. He wanted me to assure you that we will fully cooperate with any investigation.”ambassador tishik said.
“I apreciate that mr. Ambassador. “The president said.”the tircabera and its crew did what they did without the knowledge or aproval of the andorian government.”the ambassador said.
“Why was the tricabera placed so close to the coridon sector?”intergalatic security advisor hilken juraniv a delten.asked. “i am not sure mr. Juraniv. He was assigned by the sector commander. We are looking into that. ” Tishik informed him.
“Is it posible that the captain was not acting on his own acord but at the behast of a faction inside your military ?”tesrek a vulcan who served as chief of staf asked. “It cannot be rulled out at this jucture. “The ambassador said. “I want to be kept fully aprised of every detail of this investigation “the president admonished the andorian representive. “Of course mr. President!” The ambassador said.
“Could you wait in the ante room. I wish to speak to the coridon representive in private!’the president said. Ambassador tisik agreed. He was escorted out the back door.
Then the coridon representive entered. “Mr. Ambassador it is good to see you. I wish it could be under better circumstances !”the preaident said. “As do i. We were thrillrd by the vote of the council. The margon of pasege was quite reasering given the vocicificous opposition before the vote. This event is quite troubling !” Brink ajer said. “We all are quite desturbed by these events” the president said.
“Do the andorians have a response ?” The rep asked. “They report that the tricabera crew were acting without orders. They are conducting a full investigation. They have pledged to fully coperate with us. “The chief of staff said.
“Then you believe that they are syincere? “The coridon rep asked. “Without evidence to the contary i am inclined to believe them!’the president said.
“I will consult with my government. I hope that this truely is an asolated incident ! ” the rep said.
Uss enterprise
“You will need time to recover. Bed rest. No aceptions!”dr. Mccoy said. “I will see to it. You have my word!”amanda said. “I feel much better!”sarek said. “If you want to continue to feel that way,you will follow my instructions to the letter! No deviation! Is that clear!”dr. Mccoy said. “Quite clear doctor!”sarek said. “Vulcans! You could drive me to drink. I thought spock was bad. “Dr. Mccoy said.
Qurters of kirk.
Kirk was resting in his qurters. He had finally been discharged from sickbay. Dr. Mccoy stil would not let him return to duty.
  “Bridge to captain kirk!”uhua said. Kirk got up and activated the com unit. “Go ahead uhua!”kirk said. “Captain! Incoming message from admiral komack. ” She said. “Pipe it down hear!”kirk said.”sending now sir!”she said.
Kirk activated the view screen. “How are you feeling jim?”the admiral asked. “Like i was stabed by an andorian or an orion!”kirk said. ” “Jim the coridon situation apeared to be resolved. ” Komack said.
“Apeared?”kirk asked. “Yes. An andorian crusher crosed into coridon space and attaked a base at bratir. The ship was destroyed. Both sides are calm. I fear it might not last. I assume that ambassador sarek is not well enough to travel to earth?”he said.
“He is still recovering sir. I don’t feel he can resume his duties yet. “Kirk said. “I see. Can you reach out to ambassador soval! Perhaps he can fill in!”komack said. “Ambassador soval?”kirk asked. “You seam aprehehensive jim!”the admiral commented.”he just intimidates me?”he said.”jim kirk intimidated? “He asked.
“Alright. I will muddle though!”kirk said. “Very good. Witb sarek out of comision we will need a a strong Vulcan. A.Vulcan will be esential in a situation like this!”the admiral said.
Planet bethasda
The planet was one of the federation pre eminent non criminally insane mentile health facility. Different from elba two wich treated criminally insane. It was basically one big mentle hospital.
  One of the patcient was a Vulcan female who apeared to be 35 years of age. She was acualy 140 years of age. She has sufered a series of nervous breakdowns. This required long term hospitalizations. She wore pink scrubs and sandles.
She had a keen sence of hearing.she heard more then the average human. She heard the two orderlies talking.
“Andorians attacked a coridon planet. Every thing is In a major uproar !”one orderly said to another. “No not again !”she said.she beged to see an orderly. One rushed in.
“What is it?”the orderly asked. “Please i need to speak to my daughter! Its urgent!” Kinera said. “I will see if i can reach her!”the orderly said.
“We have breaking news. Our corispondents on coridon have confirmed that there is a masive protest outside the andorian embasy in the capital citty. The protest started with a few people but has grown to a group mesuring in the hundreds of thousand. They are chanting things luke “down with andorian imperialsm”. “Make them pay” and “no federation with the andorians” the chancellor is calling for calm. He is urging the protesters to go home. The embasy is on lock down. The embisy public information office says while there no plans to evacuate,it is an option. ”
U.s.s enterprise
The command crew were dressed in dress uniforms. “Nervous jim?”dr. Mccoy asked.”of course not!”kirk said. “The ambassador has a reputation for being quite imposing. ” Mr. Spock said.
The three entered the transporter room. “The ambassador is ready to come abored at your leisure sir!”lt. Kyil said. “Enerzize mr. Kyile!”captain kirk ordered.
The transporter operated the controls. The ambassador was brought onbored. He had retired several years erlier but continued to advise on occasion.
“Ambassador welcome abored!”kirk said.”captain kirk,you don’t look anything like captain archer!”soval commented. “No i don’t believe i do!” Kirk said. “Ambassador it is agreable to see you again !”spock said. “You as well. Your grand farther served as my aid during the federation’s charter process!”soval said. “He mentioned it frequently!”spock said. Kirk directed him to the door.
“My orders are to escort you to uss feragauit witch will transport you to earth. Unfortunately you will be tosed from ship to ship !”kirk said. “I have been a diplomat and a satesman for many years. I am used to it. “Soval said.
Alpha cinterie
University of alpha cinterie
  Profesor shivea owens completed her morning lecture. She ajurned the class. She saw her husband bob. ” This can’t be good bobby!” She said. “I just got a call from bethasda.”owens said.
“Is my morther alright ?” She asked. “She is. She wants to speak to you. “Owens said. “It is difficult to see her. I remember her before her episodes. I wish to remember her in that fashon !”she said. “It could be important. She is your morther and the grandmorther of our children. It is not logical to abandon her!”she said. “You are corect as you often are. I will go see her.”she said. “I figured!”he said. “That’s meen your teaching my class!”she said. “I saw that comming!”he said.
“Excellentcy! Every thing is in place for phase two! “The second in command told his superior. “Procede with phase two!” The elder said. The second agreed.
Andorian shipyard
Planet dreya four
Though the andorians were a federation member,they did have a military.  It was mostly for protection of shiping lanes and comerce. It was similar to the Vulcan star navy. Several member world had space service . They usually stayed close to home.
The andorians employed aliens from non andorian worlds. Most were from the federation but a few were not. There were coridonians. Though the two worlds had been at ods over membership in the federation,they did work together. The coridon who worked there had left. All but one.
That one stayed out of sight. He waited. He knew how to stay qiet. He was traned in evasive tactics. He was waiing for the right moment. That moment had arived.
He went to a cralway. He stoped. He tapped on a device embedded in his arm. The device exploded. The blast spread though half the shipyard.
A transmison went out on several frequency used by federation com users. “This is the free coridon army. As of now we are at war with the andorians. We will not be in the same allience with the andorians.we demand that the andorians be kicked out of the federation. Failue to comply with these demands will result in more attack. Long live coridon!” The message faided.
The president watched the tape. “I want to meat with the represenrives of the andorians and the coridon. “The president ordered.
The president was very worried. He saw the big picture. His health was falling. He was in a weak sate. His body was failing. His mind was as sharp as ever. He knew what was comming. He feard that it might not be stoped.    End of part two.
There is no reference to who the president of the federation was during the original series. I have a playground hear. I decided to go with a rygelian sense they are not depicted often in star trek.
I made up the bathasda planet. Elba two apeared to be a asylium for the criminally insane so i figured it would not be proper to have kinera there.

Birth pains part 7

“Captain’s starlog ,the coilition we have worked so hard to create is hanging on by a thread. A third party,a secreat society that is part mythological part ideological is trying to destroy the coilition before it starts. It is a kind of devide and conqur like aproach. ”
“Unfortunately we have no proof. All of our evidence is mostly conjecture and speculation. We have nothing that can be tied to this group or even prove it exists. ”
“So we know soong aided kareth in reserch in genetic enhancement. Enhancement used by tera prime. “Archer said.
“The evidence does provide a link between kareth and tera prime. The tera prime members claim they hired kereth not the orther way around. “T’pol said.
“Tera prime is compartmentilized. It is a top down group. “Kinera said. “Let my gues vashar has several files on tera prime!”shumar commented. “Yes we do. “She said. “Mostlikly that knowledge died when ogden died. “Travis said.
“We have to keep going. There has to be something ,some evidence implicating off world agitators. “Archer said.
“I reccomend we start at squre one. We intervue family members,group members every thing. What is the human expreson? No stone unturned. “Kinera said.
Planet earth
Montrial earth
“Hello i am lt. Commander read and this is colnel hays.”he said.”i have barely ever talked to a star fleet officer in a life time. In the last few days i have seen enough to last a lifetime. ” alysia ogden said.
“Your brother. Did he travel off earth controled space recently ?”read asked. “He went to rygal 8 to meat with a rygelian group that disagred with colition membership. That was a mounth ago. “She said.
“Do you know who he met with?”hays asked. “No i don’t. I never paid too mutch attention to his rhetoric . I loved my brother but he comonly had a pet cause. That changed frequently. He staged protest against the use of the transporter. For a while he was oposed to using technology to deflect asteroids. I tuned it out most of the time!” She said.
“Did he make any orher visits off sector?”read asked. “No! I don’t think so. “She said.
Planet rygal 8
Argert caphal was a rygelian business man. He was also a member of the executive comite of the planetary legislature. He had fallen into disrepute over the last few years.
A group of macos arived. They stormed the complex. They stuned several body gourds. Archer went to argert.
“Mr.caphal. I’m captain jonathen archer. “He said.”what do you want?” He said. “You seam to have been a very buisy man!”archer said.
“I thought that fredom of movement was a gurente in your charter. ” caphal said. “It is. You met with anti coilition group all over the coilition. This includes violent radical groups!”archer said.
“I don’t want this alience. Until the charter is ratified,it is not a total reality. I do not engage in violence!”caphal said.
“You turn a blind eye towards those who do. “Shumar said. “I hope to have a peaceful resolution. “Caphal said.
“You met with tera prime?”archer asked. “Yes i did. “He said. “You have ties to business inteterest outside of the rygelian sphere of influence?’ Archer asked. “Yes i do!”caphal said. “You aware of a group called the beatified?” Archer asked. “It is a myith. It may have excisted a thousand years ago but not now. “Caphal said.
“I think that the beatified is trying to destabilize the coiition. I think you are a part of it!” “Archer said.
“I heard humans love conspiracy theories. This one is a whoper. “Caphal said. “I dont think so. I dont think so at all!” Archer said
“You will never prove any of this. “Caphil said. “Your going to blow the whistle on all this. Your going to blow this plot sky high!”archer said.
“Me? Come on? “He said. T’pol went over to him. “A mind meld? It will never hold up in court?”he said. “I am not looking for a conviction , i am looking to convince the council!”archer said.
T’pol placed her hand on his temples. “My mind is your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. Our minds are murging. Our minds are one. Tell me about the beatified. “She said.
Sanfransisco earth.
“Caphal was recruted by an orion naimed kereth. His job was to locate potential desenters to the coilitiion. Group like tera prime. The goal was to colapse the coilition before the syimbolic vote could take place. “T’pol said.
“Why?”the andorian ambassador asked.”we don’t know. Some speculated that it was the work of the orion syidicate. The colition presents a threat to there ligitiment,iligitiment and nutral business. “Read said.
“We have goten several members of tera prime to admit that they were provocked by those linked to off world interest. We have found links to the orions and orher smuglers and gansters!”hays said.
“All of this was outside agitation ?”soval asked.”yes ambassador !”read said. “You understand my scepticism. That human were so piliable is troubling!”gral said. “Things take time. We have gone so far. This is not the time to turn back. The orions and orther fear the stability we have already created. Think of what will happen if we fully abandon it!” Archer said.
“They have been debating for six houers!”hoshi said. “It is nurve wracking!” Archer said. “I can’t believe we have no evidence to tie it to the beatified!”read said. “Will they go away?”travis asked. “No. The group will factionize,a remnant will go underground. They will be back. “Kinera said.
The door opened,president Vanderbilt came over to them,”get your dress uniforms ready. We are about to have the bigest party in galatic history !’the president said. Archer smiled.”yes sir!”he said.
Unknown location
“The coilition is going foward. The telerites are back in as are the rygelians. “An aid said. “This is an unfortunate event. “An elder said. “The coilition can be stoped. We will need to prepare. I do not intend to give up. This is not over!”the zackdorn said.
Earth sanfransisco
Aliens races from multiple worlds were assembled. There were multiple oficials and dignitaries from human worlds were there.
Archer went to his crew. “We did it. The moment we have worked so hard for is hear. Though we will be going our seperate ways,this is not an end but an beginning. “Archer said. Archer went to the center of the room to give his speach.
The end.

Birth pains part six

Terna,the delten was abored his ship. He looked out in to the stars. Terna had been put in charge of the operation. Terna was suposed to make the operation work. If it suceded,he would receve some praise. If it failed,he would get all the blame. He knew that well.
Terna had got kereth to set all this up. Terna presented himself as an arms dealer. He was careful not to implicate the society.  If he was exposed,he would take the blame for it. The society must endure.
Archer got too close. Terna had killed kereth killed. He hoped to be off planet before he could be aprehended by archer. Archer had no jurisdiction hear but terna would take no chances.
“The enterprise left orbit. It is on an intercept course . It is heading straght for us. ” The tactical officer told him.
“How did they figure this out? We killed kereth before they arived. Besides he knew nothing !” An eloriam named rizza said. “I don’t know. Feign ignorence. No agresive moves!” Terna said.”we should have screens up!” Dezrek the tactical officer a gazerite said. “We do. We will arouse suspisions. We cannot risk exposing our organization!”terna said.
“Suspose they already know?”reza said. “They will be destroyed!”terna said. “What if archer told his superiors?”reza asked. “One thing at a time!”terna said.
“We are on intercept course!”t’pol anounced. “There shields and screens are down!” Shumar said. “Odd. I believed that they would have come in weapons hot'”travis commented.”they are going to play the by stander card. ” Archer said. “Should we activate our shields and screens?”shumar asked. “Negitive! I don’t want to be the bully. “Archer said.
“This is risky!”t’pol said.”i know. If we are being set up,i don’t want to give them a plasible plan b. We do this carefully. ” Archer declared.
“This breaking news,the earth news network has confirmed that the telerite legislative asambly is considering leaving the coilition. They have suspended all activities involving the coilition. While the rygelian have also suspended all activities as well. The alience seams to be falling apart. While coilition president thomas Vanderbilt is trying to show a brave front!” Reporter gannet brocks said.
“We are hopeful that these isues can be resolved in a timley fashion. “The president said.
“It is unclear if the vote witch was mostly cerimonial will take place. There is a  question wrether the coilition could occur only with humanity,Vulcan and andorians. Coilition oficials are debating contingency plans just in case.” The reporter said.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral gardner
“We have confirmed that the fighters were unmanned. ” Read said. “Were they controled by remote?” Admiral gardner said. “We don’t Know yet sir. “Read said. “Was there an order given to detain the telerite vessel?” Gardner asked. “We have not found any. We checked and rechecked. ” Read said. “I see. I want you to keep looking into this. ” Admiral gardner ordered. “Yes sir!” Read said.
“We are now in ip with the alien ship!” T’pol reported. ” Hail the vessel!”archer ordered. “Your on!”hoshi said.”alien vessel this is captain jonathen atcher of the earth vessel enterprise. “Archer said.
“No responce!”hoshi said. ” they feel cornored! Give the go order!”archer said. The columbia and intrepid went at high warp towards the ship.
“Try again !”archer ordered. “The ship is heading in the oposite direction!”t’pol said.”they are uncomfortable !”shumar said.” We are being hailed !”hoshi said.
“On screen !”archer ordered. On the screen displayed the image of the bridge.
“What is this about ? I have had no deelings with your people! “The deltin said. “You seam nervous !”archer said. “I am not acustomed to being bulied by a race i have never met before. “Terna said.
” You killed mr. Kereth ! “Archer said. “Who?” Terna said.”we know your trying to destabilize the coilition of planet. I know about the beatified. ” Archer said.
The view screen went dark. “I am detecting a masive energy surge comming from that ship!”t’pol reported.
“Order all our ships to back away!”archer said. The ships backed away from the ship.the ship exploded.
Ready room.
“The ship was uterly destroyed!”trip said. “It apears to have been a self destruct detonation. “T’pol said. “We currently have no proof of the society. We have nothing directly tied to outside groups being involved in the incidents. “Archer said.
“We basically have a conperacy theory with absolutely no proof.” Trip said. “What do we do now?” Trip asked. ” I am working on it!” Archer said.
Unknown ship
“Excellentcy! Terna’s ship has been destroyed. The evidence sugest that they destroyed themselves.”an aid said.
“I see. “The elder said.
End of part six
Gannet brooks apeared in ” demons” and “tera prime” although the reporter is a day job,i decided to use her as the reporter rather then create a new character.

Bajoren sector part four

Star base ds9
Most star bases were busiling with activity. Usually they were a port of call. Ds9 was erily qiet. It had a skeleton crew abored. The federation contingent was smal for now. There were plans for aditional personale after the withdrawl was complete. Now was not the time.
Most of the bojorens held as slave laboers left once the forced labor was suspended. The star fleet contingent was not the only people stil on the station.
Some bajorens did remain. Many shop kepers were stil present. Many planed to leave.a furengi businessman who ran a bar had already made arangements to return to furenginar. He did not like political instability. It was bad for business and hazerdous to ones health especially business men.
Once the cardesian withdrawal was complete,there would be instability.  The bojorens would have to set up a stable government. That would take time. They would have to create a stable economy witch would also take time. Many outside system would be reluctant to conduct trade and comerce with bajor. This was not a place for furengi or orther business men. At least that was the prevaling belief.
Dr. Bevily crusher headed for the infirmery. She studied up on dr. Basher on the enterprise way hear. He had just graduated second in his class at the academy. He would have been first but he got a gangular nurve mixed up with a post gangular nerve. He was known for being energetic and talkitive.
She went inside . The infirmery was in ruins. Like every thing else on the station,it had been guted. She looked for the doctor.
She went into a iner section of the medical bay. She found a man in a cover all with blue.
“Are you dr. Bashir?”she asked.”you must be dr. Bevily crusher.I’m honored. I am quite a fan of yours!” He said. “You are?” She asked.
“Oh yes indeed! Your treating of doctor manheim,being captured by the anserta,the patcient called john doe,it is all so fasinating!” Dr. Basher said. “Glad you aprove!” Dr. Crusher said. “I am pleased to meat you doctor. ” Bashir said. “Why chose ds9. It is in the middle of no where. You could have any asignment you wanted. Why hear?”she asked.
“This is the on the edge of the fronter ! I am convinced that the focus of attention will be hear. “Dr. Basher said. “Your probably right. “She said.
Planet bajor
“We have determined that the attacks were commited by lone individual and not part of any plot!”gul ersole said. The bajorens in the galery bood and exclaimed cat calls. The gul tried to reclaim the stage.
“These action show that the situation will continue to be viotile so long as ocupation forces remain! “The first minister said. The crowd claped and cheered.
“We demand you excelerate your withdrawl! Leave bajor at once!” The minister said. The claps and cheer increased.
“We stil have equipment we have to move. We are moving as fast as we posibly can. These incidents are regretible but should not impact our time table for withdrawl. I asure you they will not! ” gul ersole declared.
One of the bajorens in the galery shouted,”leave now! Over and over. Others folowed. The shouts got louder and louder.
The gul tried to speak. It was just shouted down more. As he got louder,the crowd got louder.
This made gul ersole even more angery. After a while the gul began to lash out. “We will never be intimidated ! We are cardesiens! ” the gul said.
The meating desended into chaos. Picard tried to regain order. “That’s enough! “Picard said. Finally the room got qiet. You could hear a pin drop.
“Gul ersole. These attacks are desturbing. They are unacceptable. They show a disturbing paturn. You need to control your personale. “Picard said.
“We are trying to captain! These are trying times. Tempors ans nurves are high. We are doing what we can!” Gul ersole said. “You should have never been hear!” A crowd said.
“You were a bunch of primitive tribes. We bettered you!” Ersole said. “Better! I am the only serviving member of a family of 12. I don’t consider my life better !” He said. The meating discended into chaos and efectivly ended.
Picard and sisco went up to the gul after ward. “Gul your words and action are at best unhelpful!” Picard said. “You raped there world of every resource they have.  Now you expect the bajorens to give you a pass. “Sisco said.
“These stories of histrocities are just not true. We are not butchers. It is propinganda. Every war crimes tribunal who has looked into this has cleared us. No serious investigator believes those fanciful stories. The attack though tragic do not represent the cardesien administration of bajor as a whole. “Ersole said.
“From what i have seen,i do not think i can agre. “Picard said. “Our administration of bajor provided stability to this world. Know this! The decision to withdraw was baised on praticality. Understand bajor wil always be part of cardesia!” The gul said. Then he walked of.
“I take that as a threat!” Sisco said. “As do i! “Picard said. “From what i heard, the military was shut out of this decision. Many commanders were unhappy to say the least! “Sisco said. “Do you think that the commanders planed these attacks ?” Picard asked. “I doubt they planed it. I don’t think they are disapointed!” Sisco said. “Your probably right! “Picard said.
“This could lead to clashes. The bojoren people are getting restless. The cardesiens don’t need any eagin on at this point. If this leeds to conflict,the cardesiens could send in trops for ‘force protection ‘ “sisco said.
“They are trying to force the government into changing there mind on ending the ocupation. ” Picard said. “Star fleet will never alow bajor to be reaxed. The federation ia commited to an independent bajor. How does the hardliners plan to deal with our presence because i have to be honest with you captain,i am not leaving even if i was ordered to by the president himself !” Sisco said.
“That i don’t know commander. I intend to find out. That does concern me. This situation has to be deflated now. “Picard said.
“I agree. I am just not sure what to do !”sisco said. “We have to come up with a solution soon!” Picard said.
Ds9 prominade
Commander rycer walked though the business district of the station. There was not mutch business going on. Rycer saw the shape shifting security chief tanting the furengi proprietor. The bearded first officer made it to the tailor shop. He entered the shop. 
“I hear you are the best place to get a suit?”rycer asked. “Indeed it is commander rycer!”the cardesian taler said.”you know who i am?” The commander asked. “In my business i need to know top people !”he declared. “The taler business ?”he asked. “Why yes! What business did you think?” He asked. “I’m not sure mr..”rycer said.
“Garek. Plain and simple garek. “He said. “I see. “He said.” These attacks are most desturbing dont you think?” Garek commented. “Yes. I cant help but think many guls are happy. They might be able to force the detopa council in changing there mind!”rycer said. “The gul don’t care about the detopa council or even central command. They do care about public opinion. On cardesia you can get away with treason if you have enough suport.  Whip the mases into a frenzy and the so called leaders will back down!” Garek said.
“How do we stop that chain of events?”rycer asked. “The gul don’t want to get there hands dirty. They never get involved in these short of things. This is an act of a thug. One acting on his own. No one is unhappy by this. They can’t look like they are suportive. “Garek said.
“Then the military are not the problem. At least not the imidiate isue. We need to deal with the bombers. Those behind it.”rycer said.
“Well that is how i see it. I am not a civics expert. I am just a simple tailer!”he said.
It was helpful. We were deeling with some kind of sleeper cell. A cell with no oficial ties to the cardesian union. Plausible denibility.  They had to go after the cell. If the cell was stoped,the guls would have no chioce but to back off. Rycer knew this was not over yet. It had only begun.  It would get a lot worse.
End of part four