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Birth pains part three

Confrence center
Captain archer looked over the confrence center. He was working on putting the finishing touches. He saw an officer comming up to him. “Captain ! There has been an incident at the andorian embasy!”an officer said.
Star fleet medical and security arived at that scene. Star fleet security sicured the scene. The medical and first responders started to treat the wounded.
Captain archer arived at the scene. He was alowed in.”it was a human ! It was an explosive device implanted in his chest. The device is orion but can be found on the intergalatic black market. “A security officer said.”can you identify the attacker?”archer asked. “Donald crane he was a member of tera prime. He had seam to leave that life. He got maried,had a child he started his own business. “The security officer said.
Paris france
Pallice de la concorde
“Mr. President! You assured us that we would be safe! I lost five people ! 29 Injured. “Ambassador storvan said.
“If you cannot protect us during a confrence,how can you protect us if we take up perminent residence hear?”ambassador grall said.
“This event is tragic and unacceptable. We are doing every thing we can to get this situation under control !”admiral Gardner said. “It is not suceding!”storvan said.
“Earth voted unanimously three times to create this coilition. This is a loud minority i assure you. “Earth president Samuels said. “A fly can be dangerous if it feels threatened. I will not endanger my staf any further. I may have to evacuate the embasy. “Grall said.
“I would ask you to reconsider. This is a serious situation but we can get it control. “Soval said. “I do not wish to risk my people on empty promises you canot keep.”storvan said.
“We knew that this would a long hard process. Look at what we have overcome. Look at what we have accomplished. We are building something that could change the face if this reigion. “President Vanderbilt said.
“You contend that this is not a coordinated group but individuals. To my way of thinking smal leaderless cells or lone individuals may be a more problimatic situation. Manny revolutions started with a single spark. I do not want to see that!” Grall said.
“We will have this situation under control !”the federation president said. “I am going to start moving non esential personale back to our ships. “Storvan said. “Of  course!”the president said.
Outside the office.
“The deligates seam to be getting ansy?”archer said. “They are. Look i fear they may start puling out. This thing could all fall apart!” Gardner said. “I can see that! I just can’t believe that a few rable rouser could destroy what took ten years to create.”archer said.
“We have to get this under control jon!” Gardner told archer. “I will do every thing i can to accomplish that. I am going to intervue the widow of the bonber. “Archer said. “Get some answers!”the admiral said. “I will sir!”the captain assured his superior.
Seatle Washington
Archer knocked on her door. He waited but then the door was opened. She had brown hair. There was two young kids behind her.
“Elsa crane?” Archer said. “Come on in!”she said. “Mrs crane i am really sory to brother you at this time. “Archer said.
“I had no idea that don had been a member of tera prime. We only met two years ago. I was a college student and frequented his cofe shop. We just conected!”she said.
“Did he ever vioce concerns about the coilition or alien influence?”archer asked. “No . He never talked politics. Every thing was his business or sports. Little else. He said little about aliens or the coilition. “She said.
“You never suspected he might do something like that? “Archer said. “No he was not a violent man! I can’t phatom him doing something like this!” She said.
Star fleet medical
“Phlox please tell me you tell me something?”archer asked.”the device is orion. What’s odd is that i find evidence of genetic alteration. The device was fuised in to him. “Dr. Phlox said.
“Mr. Crane has no back ground in genetics. ” Wiliams said. “You think he had help?” Shumar said.”i am certain of it Bryce !”archer said.
Star fleet command
“Well those involved with genetic reserch who were part of tera prime are either dead or in prison. None have been around crane!” Shumar said.
“Crane kept close to his circle of friends. None were involved in tera prime or like groups. The evidence sugest he avoided anything asiciated with his old life!”read said.
“A sleaper cell perhaps ?”t’pol asked. “Usually i would say yes but the evidence does not indicate that. “Commander read said.
Seatle Washington
“You were a friend of donald crane?”archer asked. “Yes i am. I don’t know why don did what he did.”greg said.” You did not see any red flag? “Archer said.
“Well four days ago. He did not show up for a run. He has not missed a run in four years. He refused to talk about it!” Greig said.
Star fleet command
“He was totally off the grid for four hours!” Colnel hays said.”yoyr sure?”archer said.”yes!”read said. ” I found something.  The method used to implant the device was developed by everyone’s favorite geneticist!” Phlox said. “Soong!”archer said.
Dentention facility
“Bored! Jonathan? Sick of perades in your hornor?”soong asked. “WE found your handiwork on a suicide bomber!”archer said. “I have been a guest of the rehab commission. “He said.
“I don’t think your involved doctor but someone is banking on your work. Who knows of your work?”archer asked.
“Can i see the autopsy?”soong asked. Archer handed it to him. “Oh my!”soong said. “What is it?”archer asked.
“It has a marker that indicates who designed it? “Dr. Soong asked. “Who designed it?” Archer said. “Dr. Kereth ferind an orion geneticist who worked for arand sar. When i realized humanity would never acept my work. I turned to aliens. “Dr. Soong said
“Your not sending me on a wild ghose chase?”archer asked. “I have no dog in this fight. Why not cooperate? I am done with human genetic reserch. I have no reason to lie. “Dr. Soong said.
Star fleet command
“Kereth feran is known to Vulcan security. He work for the syindicate but has known to what is the human expresion moonlight. He does it with and without the knowledge of the syindicate. “Soval said.
“It seams far fetched ,i believe it is a plausible explination!” T’pol exclaimed.
“This could indicate that a third party is atempting to destabilize or even colapse the coilition before it starts! ” shumar said.
“Perhaps the orion syindicate ir perhaps someone else?” Hays said. “Klingons romulons? Kitasens because we snezed in there presence?” Eller asked. “The romulons have seamed to have retreated from universal afairs following the defeat at cheron. The Klingons are buisy deeling with the aftermath of the augment virus. I suspect it may be something else.”t’pol said.
“I want to folow up on this admiral. I want to take the enterprise to the borderlands!”archer said. “Are you serious kepin? Remember the last time we went to the borderlands?” Trip asked.
“I am inclined to suport surch an operation. I want you to take columbia and intrepid with you. I don’t want to put all our eags in one basket! Read i want you and hays to continue the investigation hear on earth. ” Gardner said. They agreed. “Well gas up the enterprise  Hear we go again !”archer said.
Every one got up. “Bryce ? Care to take over armory for this mission ?” Archer asked. “Absolutely !”he said. 
Space dock
“You volunteered me?”captain erica Hernandez asked. ” It was Gardner’s idea. I had nothing to do with it!”archer said. “You did not protest?”she asked. “Look erica i really did not want to do this now. I planed on doing it during the cerimony but every thing is in limbo.”Archer said.
He took out a box from his pocket. “Is this what i think it is?”erica asked. He got on one knee. “Erica Hernandez will you mary me?”he asked. ” Yes! I will!” She said.
End of part three
The star trek novals published by pocket books mention thomas Vanderbilt as the first president of the federation. I can’t find any information on him. I did not have a lot to go on as far as his personality.
In the star trek crosover book series “destinyz”, captain Hernandez and the columbia who captured by the qaylar. I disliked how the books handled her future. I am disovowing that story line.