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Interest and principles part three

“This is a federation news service special report.  A group calling itself the free coridorn army has clamed responbility for an attack on an andorian craft. While the chancellor of coridon has condemed the attack. Protest against the andorians continue on coridon and alied worlds. ”
“While some andorians acuse the coridorns of staging the original incident. Tensions on both sides apear to be high.”reporter jesica Armstrong said in a news cast.
Qurters of soval
Spock ringed the chime. The door opened. “Ambassador !”spock said. “Something is on thy mind!”soval said. “Indead. I wish to use you as a sounding bored!”spock said. “Of course. I am thy disposal. “He said. “I assume you are aware of the orions atempt to disrupt the babel confrence!”spock said. “Indeed i am. “Soval said. “What if the two incidents are a continuation of that?”Spock asked.
“Its possible. The orions do stand to lose considerable.business if coridon becomes a full federation member. “Soval said.
“You are not convinced?”spock asked. “I am not certain. What troubles me is that the coridon attack on the andorian ship does not seam to be in reponse to the andorian incident. It seams to be pre planed. “Soval said. “A third party. Perhaps orions perhaps not.”spock said. “That is my suspicion. “Soval said.
Office of the president
” we can confirm that the attack. On the andorian vesel was commited by known radicals. Before this they had never commited violence. They talked only!”the coridon representive said. “Yet now they have commited extensive violence!”the ambassador said.
“The attack on bratair had angered us. I diplore the attack on your ship. We sufered first!”the coridon rep said. “As we conduct an investigation all sides mut work to bring calm!”the president urged the reps. “My government will do what we can!”the andorian said. “As will myine!”the coridon said.
“I apreciate that!”the president.said.
Bathasda planet.
The planet was sealed off. The planet was a hospital not a prison. It was not as heavily shielded as elba but they were carefull. The patcients needed to be safe.
Profesor shivia owen’s ship arived at the obital base. She was cleared to dock. She was granted permission to visit with her morther. The doctors felt her presence could be a help.m
After speaking to the staf,she was escorted to a selarium like area. She sat down. Her morther was brought in. She gave her morther the triditional Vulcan silute. She returned it. They both sat.
“It is agreible to see you morther! Your lack of presence has been felt!”shivea said. “I have been cognisent on your absence in my life as well. “Kinera said.
“I believe that the beatified is behind the rising conflict between the andorians and coridons. “She said.
“Morther! We have discused this before. The beatified was disoved. Many were captured or killed. There bases were destroyed by the Klingons. The beatified does not exist any more!”shivea tried to tell her.
“They have been around sence the fall of the great empires. They would not just give up. They went underground !”she told her daughter.
“Morther i have always respected you. I owe who i am to you.  This behavor is not logical. This is irational. “Shivea said.
“Do you really believe this situation is not the work of outside agitation. The attack on the andorian vessel was not a spontaneous reaction to the attack on bratair. The evidence indicates that this was well planed in advance. Something is going on. “Kinera said.
“The timming of the attack on the andorian ship is suspect. We know that the atempt to stop the babel confrence was perpitrated by the orions. I am open to the posibility of a third party but i cannot believe that is the work of the beatified. “Her daughter said.
“Don’t ignore this. Something is off. You have to see that!” She told her. “I will look into that. ” She assured her.  “Please do. “She admonished her.
“I can’t gurente anything ! I will try to keep an open mind!”she told her. “if coridon and andoria go to war,the telerites will be In a tough spot. If the telerites try to trade with both,either side might give them an altimadom. They side with the andorians,the coridon cry fowel and vice versa. While human and Vulcan may try to stay nutral,the rygelians and ithimites might take sides. This thing will spiral out of control. The federation could distinigrate.this fits the goal of the beatified. “She said. “I will look into it. I cannot promise anything !”she said. “Very well!”kinera said.
Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log,we have randavezed with the u.s.s faragaut. We will be beaming over ambassador soval over to the faraguit. ” Kirk said In his log.
Transporter room.
“I wish you luck ambassador !”kirk said. Sime Vulcans would winch at a saying like that but soval was used to human terminology. “Thank you captain. I may need it. “Soval said. He steped foot on to the pad. “Enerzize mr. Kyile!” Kirk said. Sovel gave the Vulcan solute. Kyile activated the beam. Soval was beemed over to the orther ship.
U.s.s faragout
Transporter room
“Welcome abored. It is an hornor ambassador !” Captain adison mcommic said. “The hornor is myine. You have distinguished yourself. “Sovel said. “Greatings!”the first officer sotril said. He nodded.
The two ships dispersed. The ships went In oposite directions. The faraguit headed for earth. The enterprise headed back to the final fronteer.
Office of security chief gioto
“I was curias who is the orion in charge if operations near babel?”spock asked. “Star fleet security is not totally sure. It is believed that it is ereend ghakule. “Gioto said.
“Where is his base of operations ?”spock asked. “He spends a lot of time on the planet enopoc. “Gioto said. “I see!”spock commented. “Why the interest in the orions?”the chief asked. “I have my reasons commander!” The first officer told the chief of security.
Captain’s qurters.
“Captain! I wish to take a leave of absence.”spock said. “I am suprised. We just left your home planet. You declined any leave. What’s up spock?”kirk asked. “Jim i would ask that you respect my pravicy. “He said. “This is odd!”kirk said. “I understand that but i need you to respect my wishes in this!” Spock said. ‘Very well! “Kirk said.
“Personal log,spock recording. I have taken the shartle galalao to rygel ten. From there i have booked pasege to the planet ecopoc. ”
The planet was non aligned. The government was corupt. The leaders were subject to bribery by the orions and orther criminal groups.  Many of the intergalatic underworld freqented this world. ”
“I have observed that the key source of information seams to be bars. Emotionall beings seam obsesed with alchole. I have never understood preoccupation with alchole. I have tried to be liberterian on this isue. I do find it unusual as i do with manny humanoid activity. “Spock said in his log.
Spock wore civilian clothing. He pased him off as a merchent. He went inside the bar. He looked around. He saw various cretures from many worlds. There were some from worlds he did not recognize.
Spock saw the orion believed to head up operations in this sector. Spock was convinced if this was an orion operation,ereend gokhul knew about it.
Gokhul had an enterage. They were known orion footsolders. There were new comers. He saw a group of aliens from multiple non aligned worlds. He had acute hearing.
He focused on there words. He also read lips. They were discusing smugling operations. Ghokule assured his business partners that things were chaning. Political boundries would be dramatically different in the next few weeks. Was this a guess or did he have inside information ? If he did have information ?where did he get it?
Spock was convinced a third party was behind all this. He had no idea how to prove it.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“You really let spock go off on his own?”dr. Mccoy asked. “Bones he is a big boy!”kirk said. “Its not like him!”mccoy asked. “If spock gone off on some task,he has a good reason. I trust him!”kirk said.
“Captain we are getting a distress call from a telerite convoy. They are being refused pasege though andorian space !”uhua said.
“Great we get to some space police dutty! Mr. Checiv set course for the andorian border. Uhua hail the andorian border fleet. “Kirk ordered. “No response !”uhua said. “Dawn!”kirk reaplied.
The enterprise arived at the border. “Captain! The convoy. Several vessels were destroyed. Several wracked. I am detecting evidence of andorian weapons!” Lt hadley at science reported. “Oh my! Uhua send to star fleet prority one!” Kirk said.
The federation council could not ignore this. The andorians would have to be held acontible.kirk knew that this could leed to the andorians leaving the federation. If that happened,the telerites could go to war with the andorians. It would split the federation. What was going on ? Kirk thought.
End of lart three


Birth pains part 7

“Captain’s starlog ,the coilition we have worked so hard to create is hanging on by a thread. A third party,a secreat society that is part mythological part ideological is trying to destroy the coilition before it starts. It is a kind of devide and conqur like aproach. ”
“Unfortunately we have no proof. All of our evidence is mostly conjecture and speculation. We have nothing that can be tied to this group or even prove it exists. ”
“So we know soong aided kareth in reserch in genetic enhancement. Enhancement used by tera prime. “Archer said.
“The evidence does provide a link between kareth and tera prime. The tera prime members claim they hired kereth not the orther way around. “T’pol said.
“Tera prime is compartmentilized. It is a top down group. “Kinera said. “Let my gues vashar has several files on tera prime!”shumar commented. “Yes we do. “She said. “Mostlikly that knowledge died when ogden died. “Travis said.
“We have to keep going. There has to be something ,some evidence implicating off world agitators. “Archer said.
“I reccomend we start at squre one. We intervue family members,group members every thing. What is the human expreson? No stone unturned. “Kinera said.
Planet earth
Montrial earth
“Hello i am lt. Commander read and this is colnel hays.”he said.”i have barely ever talked to a star fleet officer in a life time. In the last few days i have seen enough to last a lifetime. ” alysia ogden said.
“Your brother. Did he travel off earth controled space recently ?”read asked. “He went to rygal 8 to meat with a rygelian group that disagred with colition membership. That was a mounth ago. “She said.
“Do you know who he met with?”hays asked. “No i don’t. I never paid too mutch attention to his rhetoric . I loved my brother but he comonly had a pet cause. That changed frequently. He staged protest against the use of the transporter. For a while he was oposed to using technology to deflect asteroids. I tuned it out most of the time!” She said.
“Did he make any orher visits off sector?”read asked. “No! I don’t think so. “She said.
Planet rygal 8
Argert caphal was a rygelian business man. He was also a member of the executive comite of the planetary legislature. He had fallen into disrepute over the last few years.
A group of macos arived. They stormed the complex. They stuned several body gourds. Archer went to argert.
“Mr.caphal. I’m captain jonathen archer. “He said.”what do you want?” He said. “You seam to have been a very buisy man!”archer said.
“I thought that fredom of movement was a gurente in your charter. ” caphal said. “It is. You met with anti coilition group all over the coilition. This includes violent radical groups!”archer said.
“I don’t want this alience. Until the charter is ratified,it is not a total reality. I do not engage in violence!”caphal said.
“You turn a blind eye towards those who do. “Shumar said. “I hope to have a peaceful resolution. “Caphal said.
“You met with tera prime?”archer asked. “Yes i did. “He said. “You have ties to business inteterest outside of the rygelian sphere of influence?’ Archer asked. “Yes i do!”caphal said. “You aware of a group called the beatified?” Archer asked. “It is a myith. It may have excisted a thousand years ago but not now. “Caphal said.
“I think that the beatified is trying to destabilize the coiition. I think you are a part of it!” “Archer said.
“I heard humans love conspiracy theories. This one is a whoper. “Caphal said. “I dont think so. I dont think so at all!” Archer said
“You will never prove any of this. “Caphil said. “Your going to blow the whistle on all this. Your going to blow this plot sky high!”archer said.
“Me? Come on? “He said. T’pol went over to him. “A mind meld? It will never hold up in court?”he said. “I am not looking for a conviction , i am looking to convince the council!”archer said.
T’pol placed her hand on his temples. “My mind is your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. Our minds are murging. Our minds are one. Tell me about the beatified. “She said.
Sanfransisco earth.
“Caphal was recruted by an orion naimed kereth. His job was to locate potential desenters to the coilitiion. Group like tera prime. The goal was to colapse the coilition before the syimbolic vote could take place. “T’pol said.
“Why?”the andorian ambassador asked.”we don’t know. Some speculated that it was the work of the orion syidicate. The colition presents a threat to there ligitiment,iligitiment and nutral business. “Read said.
“We have goten several members of tera prime to admit that they were provocked by those linked to off world interest. We have found links to the orions and orher smuglers and gansters!”hays said.
“All of this was outside agitation ?”soval asked.”yes ambassador !”read said. “You understand my scepticism. That human were so piliable is troubling!”gral said. “Things take time. We have gone so far. This is not the time to turn back. The orions and orther fear the stability we have already created. Think of what will happen if we fully abandon it!” Archer said.
“They have been debating for six houers!”hoshi said. “It is nurve wracking!” Archer said. “I can’t believe we have no evidence to tie it to the beatified!”read said. “Will they go away?”travis asked. “No. The group will factionize,a remnant will go underground. They will be back. “Kinera said.
The door opened,president Vanderbilt came over to them,”get your dress uniforms ready. We are about to have the bigest party in galatic history !’the president said. Archer smiled.”yes sir!”he said.
Unknown location
“The coilition is going foward. The telerites are back in as are the rygelians. “An aid said. “This is an unfortunate event. “An elder said. “The coilition can be stoped. We will need to prepare. I do not intend to give up. This is not over!”the zackdorn said.
Earth sanfransisco
Aliens races from multiple worlds were assembled. There were multiple oficials and dignitaries from human worlds were there.
Archer went to his crew. “We did it. The moment we have worked so hard for is hear. Though we will be going our seperate ways,this is not an end but an beginning. “Archer said. Archer went to the center of the room to give his speach.
The end.

Birth pains part four

Enterprise bridge
“I gues its one for one last mission !” Archer said. “Sounds good to me!” Travis said. “Control has cleared us!” Lt hoshi satto reported. “Clear all mornings!”captain archer ordered.
Travis jetisoned the morings. “Morings away!” Travis anounced.”take us out!”archer ordered. The enterprise left the dry dock.
“We have cleared dry dock!” Travis reported. “Set course for the orion syindicate!” Archer ordered. The helm officer ploted the course.
“On course sir!”travis ordered. “Engage!” Capitain archer ordered. The enterprise went to warp.
Qurters of t’pol
“Weird i did not expect to be hear again. At least out in space! “He said. “Things seldom go as we expect it to you.”t’pol said.”yea. I am glad to be off on more adventure. Well at least on the enterprise. “Trip said.
He sat down to eat. “It my favorite dish. Please don’t tell me I’m dying. That would be ironic. Servive 12 years in deep space only to be killed before the decommision. “Trip said.
“So far as i am aware you are perfectly fine. Keep in mind i am a science officer not a doctor.”t’pol said.
“Alright! So what is it?”trip asked. “Well trip i had an exit physical from doctor phlox…”she said. “Is every thing ok?” Trip asked. “Yes.”she said. “Then.what is it? I know something is up! ” trip asked. “I’m pregnant !”t’pol said.
“A baby really ?”trip asked.”yes!”t’pol said. “Is it myine?”trip asked. “Of course it is!”she said as she lighly jab him.
“Is the baby ok?” He asked. “So far every thing is fine. Phlox wants to take extra measures but he is very optomistic about it. ” She said.
He hugged her.He thought back the tears. She held on to her. “Are you happy with this?”she asked. “Yes i am. I would be lying if i said i was not a little nervous but yes i am. “Trip said.
“I confes i was not sure how you would react.”t’pol said.”this child wont ever fill the void left by Elizabeth but we will love this child. “Trip said. “I know that!” She said.
  Telerite vessel
“We are evacuating non esential personele from the planet!” Ambassador gral told the captain. “I thought that we were one big happy fleet now?” The captain said. “There have been complications!” Gral told the.starship captain.
“This alience seamed to be almost a reality!”the captain said.”it was but it seams to be crumbling apart. “Gral said. “I see. Is the coulition In jepordy of faling apart?” The captain asked. “I am not certain !” Grall said.
“We have incoming! It is an earth fighter squadron !”the tactical officer reported. “They claim that they are hear to escort us to another birth. Apearently this area is unsicure'” the com tech said.
“This is very iregular!”the first officer said. “It is indeed! Get me admiral gardner!” Grall said.”no response. We are being jammed!” The com tech said.
The fighter started to seround the telerite vessel. “This does seam friendly!” The first officer said.”No it does not!” Grall said.
One of the fighters slammed into the telerite vessel. There was a smal explosion near the reactor.
“Earth space or no. This is an act of war. Open fire!” Grall ordered. The telerite ship picked off the fighters one by now. 
Outside borderlands.
“We are right outside the borderlands!” T’pol said. “Bryce stand by all weapons! ” archer said.”weapons on stand by!” Shumar reported. “Travis take us in!”archer ordered.
“You do know how to fire phased canons?”trip asked. “Yes i do!” Bryce answered.
“We are now inside the borderlands! “Travia reported.”i have located arand sar’s ship!”t’pol said. “Send it to the helm! Once you have it set course!” Archer ordered.
The vesel run by arand sar was not far from where the entrence to the borderlands. The enterprise made it in record time.
“Stand by!”archer said. “I’m ready !”bryce said. “Now in weapons range!” T’pol reported.”now!”archer ordered. The enterprise fired miltiple voleys of photonic torpedoes at the orion ship.
“We are being hailed!”hoshi said.”i thought that might get there attention ! On screen !”archer ordered.
On the screen displayed the image of a surely orion male.”what is this?” Arand said. “Our last encounter was not promising towards future contact. “Archer said.
“I hear your starting some kind of alience. Your stil a war criminal as far as the syindicate is concerned. It is stil dangerous for you to be hear. “Arand said.
“You trying to stir up trouble for the new coilition?”archer asked.
“Why do i care about your alience? “Arand asked. “Your friend kereth is designing augmentation for a faction of humanity oposed to the alience. “Arand said.
“Kereth. He and i parted ways mounths ago. He is no good. “Arand said. “You know where he is?”archer asked. “I heard he was on rissa. He is persona non grata with the syindicate. “Arand said.
“You don’t know anything about this plot?”archer said. “I try to avoid political intregue! There is enough politics in the syindicate. You going to repare the damage you caused? ” arand asked.
“Now entering orbit of the planet!”travis reported. “Take us into orbit!”archer ordered. “Now in standered orbit!”he anounced. “I hacked into the central mane frame! Turns out that kereth is at the central hotel in the capital room 456.”bryce said. “I domt wana know how you got In there!
Ok! Lets pay mr. Kereth a visit !”archer said. Every one agreed.
Archer shumar and t’pol emurged near the hotel. They went inside. They went up the elivator and went to the room of kereth. Opening the door, they entered.
They saw an orion man lying in a pool of blood. “Kereth i would presume!” Shumar said. He was clearly dead.
The case had just gone cold.
End of part four

The society part five

  “Vulcan security log,vashar agent tijira reporting. My investigation has taken me to notley four. There i have discovered a secret base. I have been captured. I am hoping to get answers. ”
  She was escorted to the command center by the efrosien and a contingency of armed gaurds. She was led to the control room though a series of elivators. The door opened,they entered.
“A Vulcan ! I should have known. Vulcan don’t like to leave anything alone!” The man in charge said. “I recognize your species. You are a klaystron. “She said.
“I am.” He said. “This is far from klaystron space. Is this base part of the klaystron military?” She asked.
“Hardly! I am part of a different unit these days. “Colnel tiando said. “What unit would that be?”tijira asked. “Colnel!”an aid said. The colnel dismissed his aid. The aid backed off.
“Lets talk in my office!” Tiendo said. The two went into the office.the door closed. “I am part of a very ancient order known as the beatified. This entire complex belongs to that group !”the colnel said.
“The beatified. I have heard them called by manny things,the order,the society manny orthers.Vulcan security investigated claims of your order and concluded that it was mythical snd had no bases in reality. A simple conspiracy theory. “Tijira said.
“It is true! We do exist. We try to mantain animity. Our work requires absolute secrecy. Someday we will reveal ourselves. We hope that day will be soon. “He said.
“Your behind the attack on qonos. Your trying to start a war between the Vulcan and Klingons why?”tijira asked.
“Our group was formed after the colapse of the great empires. The supernova that erased the t’kon empire,the dissaperence of the iconians,the war that led to the mutural destruction of the menthar and promeliens,it left a huge vacume. We saw that there needed to be a new stability. A group representing a thousand worlds over a large distence United to create a better stronger universe. This is only the beginning. We are embarking on a one hundred year plan. “He said.
“A plot to enslave the galaxy !”she said. “Not enslave but to liberate! ” the colnel said. “You believe you poses secreat knowledge. Knowledge reserved only for the truely enlightened. The smart. The strong minded controling everyone else. “Tijira said. “We don’t see it that way. We believe that anyone can be beatified but most chose not to. Most perfer there sports,there roleplaying card games,entertainment. Those who are beatified have a sacred duty to act. We won’t scrimp on those responsibilities. ” the colnel declared.
“Why start a war between two major universal powers? This will cause more chaos! This will enable the doomsday syinerio you claim to fear!” Tijira said.
“You don’t understand. Yes sutch a war would bring about death,destruction on a masive scale.  The galaxy will be looking for someone to fill the void. That is us. We will pick up the peaces. We will save the universe. ” the colnel said.
“To break something for the perpose of fixing it is masicistic. It is not benovolent.”tijira said. “Is letting the galaxy get closer to an eventual caticlism murciful or benevolent. Races build more and more deadly weapons. To counter those weapons ,orther planitary nation states build even more dreadfull weapons. An arms race begins. Mayby the only answer is to let it happen . Let the empires colapse. Let the devisation come. Colapse the system in order to rebuild it later. ” the colnel said.
“I am stuned by your plan. It is very cyinical. It is very alarming.”tijira said.” It is the best idea we have. Alowing the satis qo is not an option for us. It is an ethema to our very thinking. ” The colnel said.
“Why tell me?”she said. “Your going to die anyways so why not. Besides i have to bottle it up. I do enjoy talking about it. It is an epic plan. One that will change every thing. “The colnel said.
“I don’t share that view. I do,whoever admit that it would profoundly alter the course of events in the universe. I don’t believe it would be positive in the short or long term. ” She declared.
“Have you contacted your superiors sense you arived on qonos?” He asked. “No i have been on a constent radio silence. I was ordered to do so. “She told him. “No one knows what you uncovered?” The colnel said. “That is corect!” She answered him.
The colnel presed a buton on his pad. The door opened and the gaurd entered the office.”take her to the lab. “The colnel ordered. She ofered no recistence. She went with the security detail. They left the office. The door closed.
High council
” Our fleet has pushed the Vulcans out of qutil. The planet is now under our control. The Vulcan have retreted to p’jem. “The admiral said.
“The winds of change are blowing in our favor. “A councillor said. “Lets not get too excuberent councillor liquil. This is very early !” Shivek said. “Vulcan are asking for reinforcements. Admiral shaveer is on his way with a fleet. It seams they will make there stand at p’jem. ” The admiral said.
“Send reinforcement of our own.have admiral turkrel command the fleet. ” The chairman said. The admiral agreed.
“I have a question for the admiral!”shivek said. The chairman decided to alow it. ” Admiral have you determined what caused the battle to begin?”shivek asked.
“It was one of our crushers. The i.k.c turshock under the command of captain jatleen. “The admiral said.
“Has the commander been releved of duty ?”shivek said. “No ! He has not!” The admiral answered. “Why has he not!” Shivek asked. “I don’t know councillor “the admiral said.
“I recomend he be releved of duty at once.” Shivek commented. “Have the commander escorted hear at once. He is to be arested!”the chairman ordered. Then the conversation moved to other topics.
Shivek returned to his house’s command post. He had all records on the commander brought to him. He looked it over.
Jatleen was of the house of quzek. Quzek was an influential house. His farther was a general and his grandfarther was a governor of a important world in the empire. The family did not hold a seat in the council but stil had influence.
Jeenteel had a prestigious record of his own. He dissapered during a battle with the mirradorn. He was presumed dead. He was captuted and took there ship.he became a war hero. He was cellebrated and given command of a war ship. Shivek wondered what happened to him during there time? This just added to a paturn he had been noticing. He could not ignore it.
The door opened,an aid entetered. “Excellentcy captain jatleen is dead. He commited suiside before he could be taken into custody. “The aid said.
Shivek found this curias. What was going on? Shivek wanted to get to the bottom of this.
“What it is sir?”terdek asked.”i suspect that someone in the Klingon high command has been compromised. “Shivek said. “For what perpose!”cherdek asked.”i don’t know. Perhaps this is a power play. A prelude to a hostile takeover. Perhaps someone on the outside has infiltrated the empire. I have to find it. “He said.
“Councillor’s journal, i have come to suspect that someone,either on the outside or inside is trying to sercomvent the empire.i don’t know who. I have decided to focus on the mysterious Vulcan security agent. ”
“Using my influence as a member of the high council?as well as head of a prominent house and my military carer i have found out where the mystery Vulcan women went. She went to the orions. She booked pasege on a trash barge.the vessel headed to the notely system. I decided to go after her.”
“I took my ship and headed for the notely system. I feared that this might be a wild globe fly chase but i suspected it was not.”
Planet notely four
She was escorted to the lab. Tijira saw a Vulcan female. She recognized her. She was a former agent that dissapered a few years ago. She was made to sit.
The rougue Vulcan placed her hand on hers. “My mind to your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. ” she looked into her mind. She tried to uncover what she knew.
“It seams that she did not contact anyone in the Vulcan high command after she arived on qonos. Her contacts on qonos are dead. She did speak to the orion syindicate following the incident. “The Vulcan said.
“We can handle that easily enough! Very well. The mission is stil savegiable. “The colnel said. “What do we do about tijira?”a corvelon asked. “Schooot her! “The colnel said.the gaurds took her out of the chair. They took out energy compreson rifles. They aimed it at her.
Datalix b
“The Klingons  have advanced into Vulcan space. Several Klingon ships have crosed into Vulcan space commiting raids in there teritory. The Vulcan are facing multiple attacks. Vulcan forces may be streched thin. ” the aid told his seperior.
“The Vulcan cannot lose totally. We do not want a strong Klingon empire. We need to put a elverian noise wrench in the plan. “The elder said.
“Tijira was captured by the notely base. It seams anyone she talked to on the qonos is dead. There is the orion opritives but we will deal with them. There is a Klingon councul member i am concerned about !”the underling said.
“Keep a close eye on this. I do not want any trouble.i fear this thing is faling apart!”the elder said. “It is going acording to plan?”the underling asked. “Is it?”the elder asked. He was not so sure.
End of part five
The notely system was naimed after rachel notely. Notely is a canadien polician and is a member of the new democratic party. She is premere of alberta.
The klaystron apeared in the ds9 episode dax. A klaystron ship made it to the micromichine set.
The corvelon are murcinaries.they were seen in tng episode “face of the enemy”