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The Klingon war part six

U.s.s enterprise bridge
“Captians log,captain James komack reporting. We have been dodging mines. While the new shielding poetical has worked,wr have to ‘ve catefull. We have been intentionally detonating mines. ”
“So far our forces have been unable to push the Klingon forces out of the donatu syistom. ”
“Wr have incoming. Klingon cruiser d-5. Vessel is on an intercept course.wait I believe it is on a Collison course. “Lt. Addison mccomic reported.
“Shields up . brace for impact “the captain said. Helm officer Leland and navigator Conklin tried to stear away form the warship.
Addison altered the shielding. The enterprise deflector dish fired a pulse at the ship.the enterprise fired all weapons at the warship. The warship was struck. It would either have to withdrawal or implode.
The Klingon ship refused to yield.the vessel imploded. The enterprise was able to get away in time.
Romulan vessel Grace fire .
Office of the commander
“You wanted to see me?”kalera said. “Sit down sub lt.”the commander said. She Sat down.”your a fine officer. You are a skilled weapons officer. You are command officer material.”he said.
“Why do I get the impression that this is not a congratulations talk?”kalera asked .”lt,you have shown a reckless attitude. You have shown a level of brutality we find disturbing.”the commander said.
“We are at war. ” kalera said. “Yes I understand that. We are not Klingon.we do what we do because we must.brutality for it’s sake alone. “The commander said.
“I am doing what I must. “Kalera said. “Kalera whatever you trying  to prove. This is not you.”kalera said.
“What do you expect me to do sir. “Kalera asked. “Tone it down.  “He said . ” I will try “kalera said. He dismissed her. She left the office. The door closed.
Planet earth.
Office of the president.
“The Romulans want us to anex the Caleb sector to them. They will create a New neutral zone hear. “The foreign Secretary said.
“This is unwise. This is a very serious concession. “Gia said.
“We are not wining the romulan front. We could negotiate a process of transition. ” an advisor said.
“If we can defeat the Klingon and force a surrender the romulans might be willing to end there occupation. The war was not there idea. ” gia said.
The president considered his options. He was in many ways a pacifist. He was also a realist. He was practical. He did take his role as president ,leader of all of the people seriously.
“We will continue negotiations . I will not sacrifice our citizens. I would prefer not to have to cede the Caleb sector to the romulans.” the president said.
U.s.s confederation
Confrence room
“I have an idea on how to break the stand off.”lt. Halak said. “Let’s hear it. “Admiral hamin said.”this is a probe that has been retrofitted. The probe is now a weapon. “The Orion said. “I have modified three of these weapons.”he said.
On the screen the unmanned drones entered a simulation of Klingon space. “The probes will hit three unmanned Klingon post. At the same time we can hit the territory occupied by the Klingon. “The Orion said.
“If successful we can modify more of these probes. This will demonstrate our resolve.  A long range weapon capable of attacking Klingon territory. ” lt.giotto said.
“Alright I like this plan. I am going to present it to the president. “Hamin said.
The president approved the plan. The federation sent more ships to the fleet. The probes were launched to the Klingon space. The probes arrived in Klingon space and detonated. The setilites were destroyed.
Then the fleet fired on the Klingon ships. The fleet used New shielding designed to withstand the mines.the fleet held it’s own.
The fleet tried to advance. The Klingon wanted to keep hold of this territory. The federation fleet was not making that easy. The federation fleet was mobilized.they were determined. This was important. They wanted the battle won.
The fleet was able to break the stale mate. The fleet moved forward. The Klingon were surprised. The federation.had a lot of resolve. They surprised the Klingon.
“Breaking news. We are hearing reports that the Klingon have been pushed out of the donatu sectors .the federation fleet was able to push them back. It is uncertain what will happen next. “Jesica Armstrong said.
Klingon flagship
Mukurat was furious. The fleet was wining.they had won a huge victory early on. Now the Klingon had basically been defeated.
“You are incompetent . “mukurat said. “This was a poorly planed operation. You cannot do things on the fly.” General kord said.
“Kahless did.as did sompeck.I will not tolerate these incompetence .”mukurat said.
The fellow commanders were not thrilled by this. They did not like being thrown under a bus.
“I want to attempt another invasion of the donatu sector.”mukurat said. “Sir! The war is over. We cannot risk another defeat. “A General said. “We can win. We almost did.” the chancellor said.
“We need to wait. Slowly build up our forces. Prepare to strike in a few years.”an admiral said.
“Do you not have the will to fight?”the chancellor said. “You do not have the ability to lead” a commander said. “Are you challenging me?”he asked.
The commander was not ready to take on the chancellor. The commander backed down.
Office of the president
“Mr.  president “the chief of staf. “Yes! “The president said. “There has been an internal shake up on romulus. The Senate voted no confidence in the preator. Pro clnsul jihal has been maimed the new preator. The Senate is suspending the war. The romulans are withdrawing from the neutral zone. ” the chief of staff said.
“The romylons are abandoning the war?”zurek asked.”we are hearing that many in the leadership on Romulus are unhappy with going to war in the first place. “The chief of staf said.
“I’m Jessica Armstrong with this news update.the federation fleet has launched attacks into Klingon space. The plan is to convince the Klingon to end the war. ”
The federation fleet was able to advance. The federation was not interested in territorial expandion. They wanted to stop the Klingon war machines . the Klingon did not Like that there territory was being ransacked by the federation.
Office of the president
“Mr. President the klingon are asking for a cease fire. They are willing to negotiate an end to the war. “The chief of staf said.
End of part six.
To be concluded.


Klingon war part three

Episode two war progreses.
Pallice de la Concorde
“Welcome back “talburt said.”I want my old staf back. Including gia tananie. I don’t care if they in andromida galaxy. “Hamin insisted.
“They are all hear. “Talburt said. “You expected I would have come back. What I I declined?”hamin asked. “We would offer it to the next best person for the job gia.”talburt answered.
Office of the president
“Mr. President, the Klingon attack took us all by surprise. By all accounts it was hastily planed. “Hamin said.
“What was the reason for it?”the president asked. “A starship commander with no political experience challenged the chancellor to a duel and won. He had no support. This war is what humans refer to as wag the dog. Basicaly a ploy to unite the empire under him. If we can win a major victory against the federation,he will be able to retain power. “Hamin said.
“It is a gamble,if he loses he would lose his leadership and his life .”the president commented. “Klingon live for risk.”hamin said.
“Right now Klingon control most of the donatu syisyom. Do we have to completely defeat them before they will back down?”the president asked.
“Mr. President the Klingon won’t back down. They will keep fighting.”hamin said.
“The fleet is assembling. Admiral Dawkins plans to hit the fleet at donatu. “The president said
“With all due respect admiral Dawkins is too cacious. He is timid.”hamin said. “He is the only member of the general staff who has battled the Klingon. “The president said.
“He is too conventional. Too predictable.”hamin said. “It is too late to replace him. “The president said. “Mr. President we need to take them off there game. “Hamin said. “The admiral has put things into motion. I believe he can handle it. I have full confidence I. His abilities. ” the president said.
Ki Barton
Senate building
Office of senator dravit
“You wanted to see me farther?”kalera asked. “I need you to return to the star navy. ” het farther said. “I had hoped to remain in the science corps.”she said. “We are at war. I need to set an example. You must return to the military. ” he said.
“I will not defy you. I know my duty. I am not pleased by this. “She informed him. “I cannot be swayed by you. ” the senator said. “Very wel. I will reinlist.”she informed him.
“You are dismissed.”he said. “Jorlan tru”she said. She left .
Planet Ossetia seven.
Former star fleet ensign Aaron Jessup and his wife terisha had gone to a remote planet. They were conducting research. They came back to the citty after several dad exploring ancient ruins.
They walked into a restaurant holding hands. “I can’t believe I agreed to go with you to the enge of no where to look for ancient technology. “He said.
“Despite your complaining,you love It!”she said. “I love you. The heat the sand the ancient boobie traps I am not so sure. ” he said.
She laughed. “We do make a good team!”she said. “We do. “He said. He saw a viewing screen. He saw an image of donatu station. “I don’t speak osetian. Do you know what’s going on?”Aaron asked.
She watched the view screen.”jess my people have invaded federation space. They have captured donatu v.”she said. “I got to get back to the federation. “He said. “I know. I will brief star fleet. I don’t know a lot being a civilian from an unimportant family. I’m sure my information can help. “She told him.
“Will you go back with me?”he asked.”you bet. “She said. They Got ready to return to the federation.
Freighter captive heart
The freighter had to dodge Klingon patrols. The freighter tool every detour it could find. Nebula,comets whatever.
“You did not have to help us. You risked your lives your ship. Thank you!”hallak said. “I attended the academy but did bot graduate. I stil bleed star fleet. I would not ignore your cries for help. ” Mia told said.
“I know that. ” Bianca said. “We are nearing space station k-7” Josh Anderson said. “Take us in”the captain said.
U.s.s confederation
“All ships in place admiral. “The com officer announced. “Order our ships to move out. “Admiral Dawkins ordered. The ships were everything from frigates to dreadnaughts.
The admiral had Gray hair. He was somewhat balding.he was not short but not tall either. He had a dominant personality. He was rigid.
The fleet headed out. The fleet went at high warp towards the the Klingon fleet.
The Klingon had tried to fortify the donatu sector. They set up mines that searched for federation warp signatures and detonated upon detection.
The mines were warp capable. The federation fleet headed to the Klingon fleet. Before even the federation fleet could even fire a schot,the mines went off.
Several mines went off simultaneously. Several ships were hit. The u.s.s tianimon a light cruiser exploded. The uss akagi a destroyer bottom half exploded.the vessel separated from the hulk in time.
Several ships were badly damaged. The ships had no real defense from the mines. The Klingon engaged in dirty wars. They used anything they could.
The Klingon fleet then fired on the federation fleet. Dawkins ordered the fleet to hold there ground.
Romulan vessel
“You wanted to see me?” the centurion said. “Yes my friend.”commander m’len said. The two men were veterins of the rihansu star navy serving sense they were eligible to serve. They participated in every major campaigns of the last forty years.
“We have New orders I assume?”the centurion commented.”we do. The preator in his infinite wisdom had decided to declare war on the federation joining the Klingon. The preator wants to force the federation to extend themselves too thinly. We are to participate In a raid on the neutral zone.our orders are not to conquer territory but to make it’s impossible for the federation to shore up there Klingon front. ” the commander said
“You don’t sound pleased by these orders. “The centurion said. “When I was young I never questioned our policies. The empire had to expend.now I don’t know. I just don’t feel as I once did. ” the commander said.
“You will do your duty if I know you as well as I believe I do. ” the centurion said. ” you do. I can think out loud . I will do my duty as I always do. “The commander said.
“I know that. Dosint the preator know that this will build up the Klingon. If the federation falls,the Klingon will turn against US eventually they will have to.we may be creating a monster. “The centurion said .
“It could be a great blunder my friend. I am too good a soldiers not to do my duty. I will do that duty.”the commander said. “I know that. “He said
Federation Romulan neutral zone.
“You can’t pull so many ships off of the Romulan border. “Commander Hanson said. “We have no choice commander. We are at war with the Klingon. We have a personal problem. “Admiral Lawrence said. “The Romulan are allies with the Klingon. They have treaties between them. ” Hanson said. “I’m sorry I cannot help you.”the admiral said.
The Romulan ships crossed the border. They fired on every outpost they came into contact with.the ships that were there were outnumbered.
Space station k-7
“I spoke to star fleet miss bolt. You are not eligible for a commission.the best I can do is a non commission post. “Mr. Lury said. “Oh no. I was a bridge officer on the freighter. “She said. “I can’t do it. You don’t make the muster to be an officer. “He said.
“I want to serve but not as a non com .” she said. “Alright I Will see what I can do. No promises. “Lury told her.
Pallice daconcorde
“Trans, “gia said. “Let me gues you have bad news. “Hamin said. “I have a lot of bad news. “She said.”ok let’s hear it. “He said. “The federation fleet barely made it into occupied territory. The Klingon fleet was ready.admiral Dawkins was forced to withdraw. We took heavy loses. “Gia said.
“Why do we sense you have even worse news?”hamin asked. “I am afraid I do. “The deltin said. “Ok let’s hear it.”hamin instructed. “The Romulan have declared war on the federation. A Romulan fleet crossed the neutral zone and hit our bases and ships. We now have a war on Two fronts. ” gia said.
“Oh my. This has gone from bad to apocalyptic. I need to see the president. “He said. “Do you have a recommendation?”she asked. “No but I will come up With something in the time it takes to walk from my office to the soval room. ” he said.
The end of chapter two.

The Klingon war part 2

Episode one the war begins.
Klingon expeditionary fleet. 
“Chancelor I was not expecting you to command the fleet directly. “General kord said.
“I will not share my glory with any one else. “Murkuret said. “Very well.we want to set up a staging area. We believe that we should target the planet qutok. “Admiral tirkel said
“Qutok is not a federation world. “The chancellor said.”no it is not. They have a treaty with them. The federation would interpret it as an act of war. “Kord said.
“No! We must attack the federation directly. There must be no doubt!”the chancellor said. “Sir! We need a staging area. We must do this carefully . without qutok The invasion might not succeed.”g’har said.
The chancellor considered it. “We must target the federation directly.get me a federation target!”mukeret insisted.
“In that case I recommend we hit com relay 47, 46 then charge on donitu base. Then we can take donitu five. The fleet won’t be able to mobilize before we have fortified donitu five!”the overweight General said.
Admiral tirkel did not want to lunch a full scale invasion of the federation without taking qutok but he could not do it without getting the anger of the chancellor .
Bot Tirkel and kord were not overly popular. Kord was old and overweight. He was opinated. He overendulged in alcohol.
Tirkel was a veterin of wars with the federation ,wars with the tholien and nazaka among others. He was apolitical. He spoke his mind even if no one wanted to hear it. Sometimes he said it because he knew no one wanted to hear it.
“Prepare to strike the relay stations then the donitu sector. “The chancellor ordered. The bridge crew agreed.
Relay station 46
  The relay station was part of a relay network.the station only had two officers on bored.they coordinated with other com bases. It was a bit lonely.
For the officer in charge ,that was perfect .The officer was an Orion. Hallak perfered quiet and solitude. His fellow tech did not agree. Ensign Bianca crane liked to listen to Andorien  hip hop. She liked to engage him in conversation which he was not a big fan of .
“Hallak I just lost contact with relay 47.”Bianca reported. “Are you certain?”the Orion asked. “Yes I am. I can’t raise them or activate override protical. ” she said. “Send to star fleet command. Send possible code 008. ” the Orion said. “Are you sure that’s not overkill ?”she asked . “we are out on the frontier. We are near Klingon space.”the Orion said.
“Yes good point. “She said.she sent the code to the command. The Orion believed that The federation was about to be attacked. The base was about to be attacked.
The Klingon fleet had destroyed the relay station 47. The Klingon fleet hit unmanned setilites. Anything moving was attacked. The Klingon ships neared the base .
“Com lines are down. “Bienca said . “hear we go!”the Orion said. The two were in an e.v.a suit. They put on the helmets. The Klingon ship’s
Broke formation and converged at the base. The Klingon ships fired on the base. The two launched.
They tried to hide from the ships. The Klingon pounded the base. The fleet did not stic around. The fleet headed out.
Star fleet command
San Francisco
” sir! Sir!”a young commander said.”yes. “Admiral diangello said. “Sir! Relay station 47 went off line. Then relay station 46 went off line but before it did,it sent code 008. “The aid said.
“Klingons?”the older admiral asked.”the most logical conclusion sir !”the aid said. ” alright! Order every in the area to relay 46. Order ships not in The area as well. ” he said. “You got it. ” the aid said.
U.s.s Lexington
“Captain! Star fleet is ordering all ships to Ray station 47. “The com officer said. “Lt .Leland plot course for the station. Maximum warp. ” captain Robert Wesley ordered. The helm officer complied. “Course plotted and engaged. ” Leland said
The Lexington moved out . the vessel went to warp. The vessel headed to the site of the relay station.
U.s.s charlstone
“I have a visual. ” science officer Ben noris said. “On screen!”fleet captain garf ordered. On the view screen was the massive Klingon fleet. “Oh my! ” garf commented.
The federation ships fired on the Klingon ships. The ships were hit.The ships returned fire. The ships were out numbrred. That did not matter. If the Klingons wanted a fight the star fleet ships would give them one.
Planet earth
Paris de la Concorde
President zurek kept to a tight schedule.he never duaviated. It was quite a change from his peedasesor. His predasesor was a denoblian who was known for being lackadaisical. His staf and cabinet had to get use to it. In the early days of his administration,there was a high turnover. People got use to him.
The door opened. “Mr. President! Sory  to disturb you. The Klingons invaded donatu . the federation fleet engaged the fleet but was forced to turn back. ” the aid said.
“Wake the cabinet. I want star fleet command there as well. Have the council convegn at once. I am invoking code zero zero eight. ” The president said. “Understood. Right away.”the aid said.
Freighter captive heart
“Why did we go on a trade route that is in the middle of a war zone?”co pilot mia bolt asked .” it was not a war zone when we filed this flight plan?” the freighter captain said .”true” mia said.
“Captain I am detecting two survivors from the relay station. “A tech said. “We have to help them. ” the pilot said. “We are a freighter . “mia said.
  “We are all under attack. These two need help.”the captain said. The freighter went to warp.
Halak and bienka had given up hope. They believed there lives we’re over.
Then the freighter moved by.the two we’re brought on bored. The freighter quickly left the area.
Planet romulus
Outside ki bartan
Dragon estate.
Kalera Dragon was the daughter of a former admiral and senator. She was an officer in The star navy but was inactive. She spent most of  her. Time conducting scientific research . most of it had no military application . her farther was not thrilled by that.
“You should switch back to military service!”her farther said.”we are not at war farther.besides everyone is conducting military research. It us a crowded field. I want to do something unique. “She said. “You take advantage of out satis. Our nobility was earned by your grandfather and by me. Were it not for our service you would be in a mine working along side remens . don’t forget that.”he said.
“I am not some spoiled aristocrat farther. We are not Klingon. The empire is more then a war machine. ” she said .”we must have a strong military. ” he said.
An aid came in. “Sory to disturb you senator. The Klingons have lunch an invasion of the federation . the Klingon ambassador has asked The Senate to envoke the treaty of hitoria. “The aid said.
Pro consul jihall was a friend and an ally of dravet. Jihall wanted to go to war with the federation. Therefore it would pass. The rihansu would be at war.
“Fellow rihansu the Klingon empire has asked us to invoke the treaty of hutoria and declare war on the teran federation of planets. The Senate has voted to invoke the treaty. I am giving consent. We are at war with the federation.today we end the tyreny of terrains.today we put an end to unjust restrictions on free movement of rihansu.we will win. The glory of the empire will be unchecked. “Preator lakeef said.
“After what is being compared to purl harbor or the zyindi attack of 2153,the Klingons have lunch as surprise attack on the federation.the council had voted to declare war on The  Klingon empire . admiral emit Dawkins to command the fleet .” Jessica Armstrong a  reporter said.
“With me in studio is teanset hamin he was formerly director of colonial affairs but was relieved by president zurek. What do you make of this?” She asked.
“Well jess I warned the council that this very thing was going to happen. I warned that The president policy of withdrawing from the Klingon frontier would not produce peace but would encourage the Klingons to strike. Now we are caught totally off guard .” he said.
“Do you blame this on the policies of  president zurek?” Jessica asked.”not totally of course.  The president unilaterally pulled out of the border.  He dismantled bases and colonies. It was a bad move. ” he said.
After the intervue he headed out. He saw a middle aged man. He recognized him. It was st. John talburt. ” what do you want?”hamin said. “The president wants to see you !” he said.
“He cannot keep me from The press. The constitution gives me freedom of speech. I have been a private citizen for five years without a clearance .” hamin said.
“The president wants to give you a job. ” he said. “He just wants to keep me from the media. Let me guess I will work in a building do far from the pallice de la Concorde that it is probably in briten.  ” hamin said.
“You will be special assistant to the president and counselor to the president. You will have an office right next to the president.you will spend most of your time in the Soval room. ” talburt said.
“Do I get to talk to the president directly or   Do I have to go though the I.s.a ?” hamin asked.” no you can speak your mind. The president wants your honest opinion. “Talburt said. “Alright I will do it. ” he said.
End of episode one
Next up
The federation fleet tries to push the Klingon fleet out of donatu. The romulan strike as well .Kalera rejoins the stat navy. Jess returns to star fleet.

The Klingon war

Prologue prelude to war.
Ensign Aaron Jessup had made it to the escape pod. He had been on bored a federation transport. The transport had transported a myzarian diplomat to an summit of the organization for interstellar law.it did not go as planed.
An Orion vessel detected the transport. It suspected that the transport might be ferrying An important deligate. Of course they had already had off loaded the v.I.p.
The transport eluded the ship. The Orion was furious . the Orion commander decided to just destroy the transport. Jessup’s fellow crewman were killed. Jessup went to the escape pod. He set the ship to explode just as he jetisend the pod.
The pod was flung out beyond the exploding debre.the pod was propelled to the planet. The pod fell to a nearby planet.
He woke up. He had no idea where he was . for a small second,he was not sure who he was. Then in a flood everything came back to him. He tried to get up.
He saw a Klingon female.she had disruptor. “Woa get back down!”she said. She was concerned for his health but it was misinterpreted as agresson. “This is non aligned space. The Klingon empire has no claims hear. “He said.
“You have two cracked ribs. Posibly a concusion. You need to lie back down and be still!”She pleaded. “Why did you just not shot me .I thought Klingon don’t take prisoners. ” he remarked. “I forgot to read my manual for dealing with terusnagens. Next. Wounded Human  I encounter I will shot . please don’t report me to the warrior eticite bored. ” she said
“So am I your prisoner?”He asked.”no but I really would stat stil. ” She said. “Who are you?” Jessup asked. “I am a scientist. I am doing a biological survey. This planet has an amazing ecco system. “She said.
“Klingon scientist. I thought you would all warriors. ” he said. “That’s what the warrior cast want you to think. Kahless envisioned an empire where all facets of society were United towards the comon goal of glory of the empire. The warriors cast have worked to take over the empire and marginalize the non military. Less people get involved in non military occupations.even professionals are
being observed into the military. “She said.
“Do you intend me to turn me over to the military?”he asked. “This is neutral space. I contacted the echo base . rescue is on it’s way. ” she said .
“Why did you do this ?” he asked. “The federation and Klingon empire are not at war. This is non aligned space. Your injured I will help you. I can disrupt you if you want me to. “She said.
“Thank you. ” he said.”this is federation starship Northampton. “The voice said. She took out Her com badge. “The patients is standing by. “She said. “Hey I would love to thank you. Ever been on bored a federation starship?”he asked.
Two years later.
Trascot hamin sat at the bar. He was drinking a brandy imported from the planet casperia prime. The coridorn was very unhappy. That was nothing new for him these days .
“I should have not known I wod find you hear” horn acron said. “Don’t you have something better to do like pushing paper around?”hamin asked. “We use disk. We don’t push paper on earth any more. “The zackdorn said. “I suppose you make someone else do The leg work. You are now chief asistent foreign Secretary. “Hamin said.
“Look I know your mad You were dismissed from federation service. “Acron said. “President zurek . electing a pacifist Vulcan as president. He said I was too war like. I am a man of peace. I Did what I had to.  He asked me for am honest asestnent but because I did not give him a Pollyanna view of the galaxy  he had me dismissed.he discredited me. He Said I was pushing war with the Klingon. I merely pointing out that the Klingon expansion will have to reach out to the federation. He told the press I was a war monger. ” hamin said.
“Look I can get you a job with Secretary benbet. “Acron said. “A another pacifist ?”he said. “Benbet is a realest. She will be President one day. Join her staff tras. When She is President you will have an important seat at her table. ” acron said.
“Look I am not a war monger or even a hawk. At heart I am a pacifist but I can’t bury my head in the sand.all the evidence dygwst that Rona banbet is just like zurek.why should I trust her?” hamin asked. “She is a straight schoter trans. ” hamin said.
” I perfer to stay on the side lines?I am not interested in government service . “hamin said. “Trans your voice is important . I hope you will reconsider. “Acron said.
Chancelor lytep was a very popular leader. He was very old. There was no clear sucesor.the factions were not ready to challenge the chancellor. Klingon empire did not have much of a bureaucracy. That was starting to change. The office of chancellor was starting to become weak .
“I call this council to order!” the chancellor said. They began to adress. mundane stuf. Then the door opened. Commander murkeret entered the chamber. He had a bethleth.
“What is this?” the usually mild mannered leader said in an indignant tone. ” I am captain merkuret son of r’hun. I am hear to challenge the corruption and evidence of this so called high council. ” the captain said.
“How dare you little glob fly challenge me ?”he said. “I am the voice of true warriors. Wariors who have put up with you for far too long! No longer.”murkeret said.
The council was appalled by this. All of them wanted to take his job.they had to build up there power and influence then when they had enough support then challenge him. This was crazy.
The elderly chancellor asked for his batleth. A Jr officer gave it to him. The chancellor had been a marine. Forty years ago. He was a powerull soldjer. That was a long time ago.
They began to fight. The two clashed. Both struggled to get the uper hand. The chancellor was doing surprisingly well given his age and lack of practice. He wanted to hold on  to his office and his life.
Mykuret was determined to kill the chancellor and take power. The Chancellor was making It a lot harder. Murkeret was not going to just slip into the ash heep of history. He would endure. He would win.
The chancellor held on with all his might. He felt young young.he believed he would be triumphant.
The younger man got very agresve.he took unessisary risk. His arm was kicked.he ignored it and kept fighting .he tried to bypas his oponets betleth and stuck him. He fell to the ground. The younger man took the sword and went at him. The Chancelor tried to defend himself. The younger man used his sword to push the other sword.the man was plunged into the wall. He dropped the betleth.
Murkuret came at him with all his might. He stabbed The chancellor.the warriors screamed over the Chancelor.murkurat by right was now Chancelor by law.
Murceret shouted his name.no one else joined in. Everyone was silent. Several key leaders we’re considering challenging him right then and there. Some even considering stiring up a mob against him.
The senior member of the council g’har stepped in. “We should give the Chancelor time to meet with hi a inner circle.he has much to discuss.”g’had said.
The council and the Chancelor Apearent and many generals and admiral went to his private chambers.
“That was stupid ! Yes any one can challenge the Chancelor.you have to have a built in network.you have no allies. Even now everyone from the high council to a lowly beck is plotting to challenge you.heck I bett somewhere a targ control officer is thinking about it. “G’har said.
“You will show me respect.I can have you killed just by ordering it. “Mekeret said. “I very much doubt that “G’har said. “There was no reason to kill ltyop it held the factions together. You have causes chaos. Soon the conqured world’s will revolt. This was a mistake.” Commodore arjitos said.
“I a Chancelor by every law handed down form keihless. I am in charge.”murkeret said. “You will be dead before the day is done. ” admiral ferek said.
“I won fair abd square. I should be able to lead. “Murkeret said. “You should have established some of networ first. You have upset the durat Barry cart. The noble houses won’t forgive you for that. ” counselor jobrin said.
“The Chancelor was weak. He was a laughing stalk. The Klingon empire was becoming decadent.warriors were being replaced by technocrat without hiurnor,without battle. Something had to be done. We are losing sight of the dreams Sat down by Kahless.”The new Chancelor said.
“Is there a way mukurat can remain in power?”general n’long asked. The Chancelor didn’t like the question or the fact that he got his name wrong.
“There is a way. If you lead US into a great victory over a great enemy.the factions would support you. ” G’har said. “Not The romulan. They have Manny allies ans there are much intermixing on the border. I suggest attacking the federation. ” Commodore arjitos said.
The Chancelor liked the idea. “Inform the General staf the great crusade against the great grathor will soon be began. ” the chancellor said.
End of prologue.
Next up
The Klingon attack the federation. The romulans follow suit. President zurek ask hamin to rejoin the government. Jess and terisha offer to help.

Advocate P’mok and the jilted promichai

On qonos,a defense attorney was considered one of the worst occupations one could have. Defense lawyers almost never won a case. Most Klingon trials ended with a guilty verdict. Most were show trials.
No one wanted to be a defense attorney. In the past when the warrior cast was just starting to take over,lawyers hoped to use the law to stop the takeover. That ended a long time ago. Those who did practice law in the empire knew there jobs were useless.
P’mok loved being a lawyer. He hated the system. He did not believe in lying to his client’s. He was not as bothered if he was prety sure that they were guilty. If he was sure that they were innocent ,he hated it.
This case was far worse. This was hus coursing. They were raised as siblings. She was like his sister. He was certain that even if she was innocent,that was probably nothing he could do about it.
He was able to visit his client . he had to visit her In her cell. He had to speak to her with oversight by guards.
“I am glad you are hear!”curia said. “Curia I wish this has not happened. “He said. “I am innocent.I did not kill him!”she said. “Please tell me you have an aliby!”he said. “I am afraid I don’t. I was alone when the crime was said to have ocured. “She said.
“You put me in a bad position. I have never won a case. Not guilty verdicts are rare. “He said.
“I am innocent. “She said.”I know that. I am bound by the way things are not as I want them to be!”he said “if you have overwhelming evidence the judge would have to dismis the charges. “She said. “It would have to be beyond compelling. “He said.
“Will you take my case?”she asked.”I cannot refuse you. I am bound by family honor and by personal conviction. I won’t lie to you. Slaying a targ assimilated by the Borg would be easier. “P’mok said
“So it’s over. I am doomed just like that. There is no hope?”curia asked her cousign and lawyer. “Not that I can see. “He said.
P’mok never menaced words. He told it like it was. She appreciated his honesty. She wished that it was not true.
After his meeting with his client he arranged to meat the advocate for the sate. Advocate chipok considered himself a warrior for the law. He saw the courtroom as a battle field. As a prosecutor he was almost always a winner. It was an unfair fight. Everone knew it.
“Advocate P’mok !”the proscicutor said. “Advocate chipok. I assume you will be leading the prosecution ?”P’mok asked. “Of course I will . I would not leave a case like this to an underling. “He said.
“I did not think so. Look this case is hardly what humans call a slam dunk. This should be an actual trial not a show trial. The evidence is not there to convict. There is what humans refer to as responsible doubt. “The defense laser declared.
“We do not have that criteria in the Klingon justice syistom. ” the proscicutor said. “It irrational  to assume that she is guilty.”he insisted. “We have motive,ability to have commited the crime. There us sufficient evidence to warrant such a verdict. The chancellor Is working on a judicial reform but it has not yet passed. The old syistom stands!”he said
. “so curia gets executed and that is just how it goes!”the defense lawyer said. “The best I can is to forgo the death penalty. “He said. “Let me gues, she will be sent to aurora pentae. A death sentence by any other name. Sorry !”he said.
“You should take this to your client.under the circumstances it is a good deal!”he said. “I won’t waste my client time!”he said.
He thanked him for his time. Then he left the office. He knew that it was a long schot. He needed overweliming evidence proving her innocence. That was a tall order.
P’drak was once a promising warrior. His arm was lost in a battle. He was deemed unworthy to serve in The k.d.f. . he decided to offer private security to whatever house would hire him. It was usually smaller houses. Then there was p,mok. P”mok had plenty of work but he was limited in what he could pay. It was usually a barter syistom. It was usually useles junk. All of all the recess he could have been born into it turned out to be Klingon.
P,drak spent a lot of time at the bar. He was not quite a drunkard but he drank more then was socially  aceptible. Power dreaded p’drak. Almost as much as the man he found himself working for more then he wanted.
“You know you could work anywhere in the galaxy and be sucesfull yet you chose to stay in The empire!”the bartender said. “I know .I am a patriot. I love the empire!”he said. “You know your a sap!”the bartender said. “I do. Doi really want to be successful in the nighbrite alience. There unofficial moto is paperwork is next to godliness!”he said.
“Hey !”a waitress said.”if p”mok wants me I am not available! “The investigator said. “He says it is urgent!”The female waitress said.”it is always urgent with him. That job on the nighbrite alience looks pretty good right now!”he said .
Against his better judgement,he went to the office of p,mok. He went to see his usual boss.the lawyer explained the situation to the private detective.
“You got to be kidding me? You took the case of curia? You realize gired Is a war hero. He is beloved by warrior and comon person. I mean duras and the Borg and the dominion are slightly more popular then curia. I thought you wanted to improve the image of lawyers in the empire. The only thing worse then this is becoming good will ambassadors for the romulans.”he said.
“She is family! She is a consign by birth but she is my sister. I cannot abandon her. I May not be a warrior but I am a child of keyless.horror demands I act on her behalf “he said.
“She could be guilty?”p’dark suggested.”she is not. “He said.”I know martok is working on reforming the justice system but this case could put it on the back burner. Leave this case behind. “He said.
“I can’t.I won’t. You going to help me or shook hire someone else ?”the lawyer asked. “As the humans say if we don’t hang together we will hang sepritly. I will get on it.”he said.

To be continued.
My inspiration for p’drak is Paul drake. Drake was the private detective on the show Perry Masson.

Advocate p’mok and the case of the jilted parmochi

Planet qonos
Curilia was walking the streets of the capital city. She went though the market. She walking fruits and vegtibles. She enjoyed the imported foods from bolias. The pro federation government on qonos has increased trade with the federation . while curia was apolitical,she did love bolien produce. She hopped that the trade continued.
She heard a ruckus.on the Klingon home world,a commotion like this usually ment that a legendary warrior was returng from a conquest. Either that or a warrior that was legendary in his one mind and needed confirmation form the mrsses so he would organize a magshift perade. Klingons loved pageantry so they would join in no matter what. It was hardly a gauge of one standing in imperial society.
She decided to see what was going on. Sure enough there was an extensive throng.
Sh saw that it was thought admiral qotim . qotim’s rank was mostly ceremonial. His grandfather had been a fleet admiral who commanded several raids against the federation,Romuluns and the keel. Qotim lived off of his family glory. He was more successful at the chessboard then the battle field.
She had no idea what the fuss was all about. She asked a friend of hers. “Kuri what is going on?”curia asked. “The thought admiral is celebrating the parmoch of his son gired and the lady huela !” she said.
“They have become parmochi ?”she said. “Aperently. Why does she get him? “Her friend said.
Unlike his farther gired was a genuine war hero. He disabled a scrudrin of jemheder fighters with just four birds if prey. Not only that Klingon women found him irresistible. Everyone women wanted to be mated with him.
Curia got very angery. Not academic wage but a furias wage. A wage combrible to Gary Mitchell after he was subjected to the energy barrier at the center of the galaxy.
What no one knew was that she and gired had caried on a secret romance for quite some time. Despite his great grand farther military success,the family were comoninors. They had planed to be formerly we’d. Then the Klingon’s brief war with the federation over archanis and then the dominion war broke out. He joined the k.d.f he rose to a Commodore. It seem the hype had gone to his head.
Lady hurla was a member of an aristocratic family.rumors were that th family patriark had been a soldier who served under simple considered the greatest emperor second only to kahless himself. Marying him would be a huge boon both to gired and his farther.
Before the war gired had been a man of horror. His New fame had gotten to his head. She was furias.she moved on. “Curie whare are you going?” her friend asked.
She headed for the throng. Gired was with his betrothed. Both sets of presents were present. She went right up to gired.
“How could you? You scheming furengi romulina hybrid!”Curia said.”please let me explain!”gired pleaded. “He has no time for you! Your not women enough for him!”huela said.”he is not interested in you only your land,and prestege. “Curia said.”my son is a giant he has no time for a peasant!”gired farther said. ” well if I can’t have him,no one can! You are a dead man!”she said .she ran off.
Admiral qotem wanted her placed under arrest but gired would not hear of it. They tried to get him to reconsider but he would not.
She told her friend what happened.”Curie that is a really bad idea to threaten the life of a war hero. “Her friend said “I know. He was a man of hournor before. Now he is drunk with power. He used to make fun if people like huela. He would not even be in the same room as her let alone marry her. ” she said .
After a time gired returned to the family estate. He went into his private study. He ordered his body gourds not to let anyone into his office.
Klingon hated paper work. It was necessary. Gired had to clean up the mass made by his father. He was a terrible accountant and administrator. Gired had to correct it. It was a full time job keeping the house of qotim a float.
He heard a noise.he turned around.a dager was pushed into him. He fell to the ground. He died shortly after.
The war hero. A future leader of the Klingon empire.dead. murdered.how had done it?
To be continued.

The society part four

The planet dytalic b was an uninhabited planet full of minerals. The planet was under the control of a multi planitary mining consortium.  The planet was a perfect cover for covert meatings. The planet was used for that perpouse on multiple occasions.
The mining operations were only in certain areas of the planet. Clendestine meatings were held in areas far away from
Mining complexes. The minerals provided natural shielding.
A man excited the shartle. He was ocompined by a contingency of body gaurds. The man had a hood on. He was greated by another man.
“This is not going according to plan!”the hooded man said.”there have been a few bumps in the road excellentcy but they are not serious. The plan while not totally according to our guidelines is going well. The Vulcans and Klingon are at war. The war will drag on for some time! The one hundred year plan can go unincumbered!”the visator said.
“The border was to be fully sealed off. A vulcan agent made it to qonos. She has seen too much. That mistle rases too many questiones and it failed to acheve its misson. This is unaceptible. The entire project is thretened!”the man in charge said.
“There is no need for panic excelentcy. These devopments are not ideal,i am convinced we are on tract. ” The guest said.
“We cannot be careless. We have worked too hard on this. “The genteman in charge said.
“I will handle the vulcan agent. This will work. “The younger man said. “See that it does! I dont tolerate failue! Our future depends on the sucses of this operation. Do not let me down druslik!”the hooded gentleman urged him. “I wont!”the younger man assured him.
Klingon high council
  “There was an incident at the medical complex in the goverment district. A mistle struck the complex. We have determined that the mistle was fired from a soulder fired mistle guidence device. The device is used by many races including the vulcans!” A planitary security oficial said.
“Why would the vulcans target a morgue? “A council member asked. “I dont know!”the security chief answered. “You dont think you should answer that question!” The council member asked. “This is a minnor event councelor! The chief of security said. “A mistle was fired in the capital ! There was destruction of government property and you dont see this as sugnificant? ” the council member asked.
“Not in the big scheme of things no !”the chief said. The chairman of the high council wanted to move the meating along.
  The door opened, a military advisor entered the chamber. The aid wispered something in the ear of the chairman.the two went back and forth for a few minutes.then the aid left.
“The battle has begun. Our forces have engaged the vulcans!”the chairman said. “On whose authority?”a councilmam asked. ” the admiral in command incist that it was not on his authority. The war isin ernest. Thereis no going back. So says the empire!” The chairman said. 
Councelor shelvik was very puzled by all this. While everyone else saw random insugnificant events,he saw a paturn. What if these random events were somehow conected. Orthers seam to be content to ignore it,he would not.  He would look into it.
Medical complex
  Shivek was given a personal security detail by the council and the house he belonged to. He refused to use them hear. He knew that his colegues and the military would object. He wanted to do this undetered. 
“You can’t come hear. This is a scene of potential terorism. Councillor shivek! I did not know you were comming!”a sicurity officer said.”i am displeased with the reports thus far. I wanted to see the progress for myself !”shivek said.
He looked over the evidence. He was unsure what was going on. Something was wrong about this.
He watched the servelience recording of the mougue. “Hold who is that?” Shivek asked. “We have not been able to determine her identity. She seams to be a guest of kazerek. “A security officer said.
Imperial inteligence building
“Who is she?”shivek asked. “She was a Vulcan agent. Kazerek used her as a go between Klingon and Vulcan inteligence aperatus. “Gired said.
“Why was kazerek meating with a vulcan inteligent ?”shivek asked. “He suspected that the Vulcan government may not have played a direct role in the bombing !”gired said.
“Klingon law has mantaned that an attack by a citizen of a foregn power was an act of war regardless of wrether or not the government was involved or not.”shivek said.
“He feared that a third party might be trying to start a war between two powers that had mostly avoided eachorther and had given them a wide birth. It seamed curious. ” Gired said.
“What kind of a third party?” Shivek asked. “He was not sure. While most Klingon dismiss the myithos pf Vulcan,they don’t do things for no reason. There is no logic behind that incident. There is no logic for a private Vulcan citizen to attack the Klingons. Anyone. Could be behind it. The orions,the romulins,tholiens, it could be someone else. A planitary nation sate or a group. The perpose mostly to destabilize one or both governments. “Gired said.
“Did you not believe this ?”shivek asked. “Kezerek tended to overthink things. He was not really cut out to be a Klingon. He was too interlecual.  Were he right,it is a problem but he seams to conect dotes that are not there. “Gired said.
Shivek thought it over. It was odd. What if they were being played? The evidence said that the mystery women was stil alive.where was she? He would look into all this.
Notley sector
Tijira was the only non syintentic life form abored. The ship was cramped and life suport was suficient but that was about it.
The area was under a qarentine due to the radition. The ship went to a safe distence. She took a shartle and went into the qarentine zone. She knew how to get pass the patrols. 
She realized this was a bit of a fool hardy plan but this was important. One had to follow the evidence. The evidence led hear. 
She had no idea who or what she was looking for. The evidence seamed to indicate that this was an important location in all of this.
She scaned the area. The equipment on the pod was limited. She believed that most obsticles could be overcome.
Then she found something. She discovered a faint reading in and out. It originated on notely four. She set the shartle on course for the planet.
Notley four
She landed the shartle in a remote location of the area near the readings. She was traned in stelph operations. She had to do it often. She continued on.
She came on to a large complex in the middle of a desert. It was an odd sight. An outpost in the middle of no where. The base was self sustaned.
While there was the radiactive contemination risk ,it was the perfect spot for a secret base. She suspected that this was the lyinch pin for some kind of covert operation. She believed that this was never ment to be uncovered.
This might be a set back to this shadow master plan but it was still not over. She had to know who these people were.
There were no gaurd towers,no patrols. She suspected that whoever lived hear did not leave the complex much. Inside they would probably be protected from the radiation.
She kept going. She hoped to find a way inside. She knew it was an important clue. She was not sure how to acheve that goal.
She found a door. It was sealed .she atempted to meld with the door. She tried to trigger the door. It was tricky . She was well traned in telipathic operations. It was very draning. The door finally opened.
She entered. She had an energy pistol in hand. She sealed the door. She heard a noise. She stoped. She waited. She listened.she focused her energy on hearing what was going on.
She heard two people talking. It was a trade langrege. It seamed that it was a multi species venture.
Suddenly someone entered where she was. She turned around and saw an efrosien. They were known for having long hair almost a mane. “Stop right there!” He said.
She was in a bit of a pickle. She knew it. She had to do some fast thinking. “I have an intruder!”he said. “Bring him up to control !”the commander said.
She needed answers. She decided to coperate with her captors for now. She hoped to figure out what this was all about.
End of part four.
Efrosiens were depicted in star trek four and six. In star trek four the helm officer of the u.s.s Saratoga was an efrosiens. The federation president was an efrosien in star trek 6.