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Interest and principles part four

“This is a federation news service buluton. We have just learned that a Telerite convoy was attacked by an andorian armada.the Telerite are demanding that the andorian membership in the federation be suspended. ”
“The president is Keating with the council in close door session. The vice president,thrall she had,an andorian is remaining in low profile.he had cancelled all pre planed events. His staf say he is loyal to the federation. He has little else. ”
U.s.s enterprise .sickbay
The. Worst cases were brought to sickbay. Dr.mccoy,Dr.mcbinga,nurse chapel and the rest of the team were swamped. Things had started to die down. Kirk entered.
“Jim! This is beyond horrible. “The doctor said. “I thought doctors had to stay above the fray!” Jim said. “I can’t do that Jim. I was not made that way!” mccoy said. “Bones I am glad of that!”Kirk said.
“Jim the andorian will answer for this won’t they?”the doctor asked.”whoever is responsible will be. “Kirk said.
“Come on Jim! If it was a rougue unit or the andorian government,what difference does it make?”mccoy said. “Bones you cant judge a species according to it’s bad Apple’s. “Kirk said. “I know that! Jim if you saw what I saw,you might feel differently!” mccoy said.
  “Bridge to captain Kirk!”uhua said. Kirk went over to the com unit and activated it. “Kirk hear!”he said.”New reports coming in. The telerites have engaged the andorian task force that hit the convoy. The fleet was destroyed. “The com officer reported.
Kirk knew mccoy might be relieved to hear this news. Kirk was not. “Bones I know your angry and rightfully so. If the andorian leave the federation or are kicked out,it could split the federation. This could be the death knel of our union. “Kirk said. “It can’t be that bad?”bones said. “No it’s worse!”Kirk said.
Office of the emperor
“Magesty! We have received the news of the ships that the telerites claim attacked there convoy. Those ships are all  ships that were decomisoned. Manny ships had been sold to either world’s. Magesty we are being framed. We are being set up!”minister of defense shoran shiver said.
“You are certain of this? They are all decomisoned ships?”the emparor asked. “Yes that is indisputable excelentcy!”General shatot said.
“What about the trucabera?”the chancellor asked. “They used one real active ship. This is a hoax! The telerites are trying to shutus out! “The defense minister said.
“We should not jump to conclusions. There has been peace with the Tellerite for a hundred years. We cannot just give up on that. ” the chancellor said.
“We cannot alow ourselves to be rail roaded and that Is what is going on. This is only about ecomics and trade. “The defense minister said.
“What do you recommend?”the emperor asked. “Direct our ambassador to condem this incident as a fraud.”the defense minister said.
“Excelentcy this is a bad idea. It could enrage the council. We could be sanctioned even ejected from the council. We should wait. If it a setup ,it might not be the Tellerite. It could be some one outside the federation.we cannot jump to conclusions!” the chancellor admonished the ceremonial monarch.
“We must show strength! We cannot allow our enemies to write the neritive! ” the minister of internal security said.
“Excellentcy! Do not go down this road! “Foregn minister shovin said. The emperor considered both sides. “Get me our representive to the council!”the emperor said.
  On the planet,Spock was careful not to arose the suspicion of those he observed. Spock wanted answers.
The orions  left. Spock waited for a while. Then he got up. He walked a few paces from the bar. Sudenly he was surrounded.
“Please excuse me!” Spock admonished the throng. “Your a long way from Vulcan?”the head Orion said. “I am a merchant. It is not that uncommon!”Spock replied.
“No either  is Starfleet spying on my organization. I don’t like being spied on!”the Orion said.
“I don’t like the orions meddling in the affairs of the federation !”Spock Said. “Hey! Coridon was infringing on our turf Vulcan! If you think we were behind the current hub hub your way off!” the Orion said.
“What is this change you are observing?”Spock asked. “We are aware if it but not part of it. There is a new order coming. The federation is on its way out! I am happy about. The federation has brought stability. It has been a force for good. It is not good for us. We thrive on chaos! .uncertainty!we like the new order! We are not part of it. “The Orion said.
“Look I have no issue with You at  least on this occasion I am not willing to cause any trouble!”Spock said.
“I want to toss you out an airlock into open space near a black hole. Sense your federation is nearing its end I will not do that. “He said. Suddenly he fell backwards. He was rendered unconscious.
Kinera returned to her ship. She turned on the federation news service feed.
“This is a news alert. The andorian representitive to the council is acusing the Tellerite of framing them for the attacks. The ambassador clams that the ships used in the attack were all retired from active service and either sent to a junk yard or sold to either species. The Tellerite ambassador was enraged by this acuasation. The president has decided to hold closed door seasons. “Jesica Armstrong said.
Shivea  paused the newscast. She decided to contact her husband. “Hey baby ! How is your morther?”he asked. “Hunnie! I think that she might be right. Her obseson with the beatified is irrational and illogical,she May be on to something. ” she told him.
“After hearing the latest devopments. I am starting to suspect a third party is sterling all this up. How do we prove this ?”Dave asked.
“It may not be the beatified but someone like them. The andorian claim that the ships used in the attack were sent to a surplus depot or sold. Lets start there !”she said.
Sovel was brought by the feragut to scout ship Athens. From there he was escorted to earth.
Sovel would meat with the Tellerite and andorian ambassador. He would also meat with the coridon representive. Soval hoped to meat with the president and vice president as well.
As he was meeting with his staf,an aid entered. He went over to a corner. “Sir! The president collapsed while in an emergency cabinet meating. He has been rushed to the landstule hospital. The cabinet had invoked article four of the charter. The vice president has recused himself. Foregn Secretary tocrenn of delta is assuming the presidency on a temporary bases. She has asked the vice president to stay on. He has withdrawn himself from the iner circle. “The aid said.
If this was not complicated before,it certainly was now. The federation was at a crossroads. Half of the federation steamed poised to go to with the orther. Now the one man who could hold the federation together was incapacitated. This had gone from bad to worse. It was not over yet.
End of part four
While shevea is Vulcan and logical,the use of names of affection is not totally tabo. She is not completely vulcan and is married to a human.


Interest and principles part two

Planet earth
Office of the president
Pallice de la concorde
Zall hardicore was a rygelian. He had been the president of the federation for six years. He had served the federation in multiple compacities including several cabinent posts. He also represented his world in the federation council.
He was not in the best of health lately. He had contracted a virus and has never quite recovered form it due to his age and prior ilneses. He was 204 years old. He wanted to continue his term and then retire to rygel.
“Mr. President the andorian ambassador has arived. “An aid said. “Send him in!”the president said. The door opened,the andorian ambassador and his enterage entered.
“Mr. President! I am deeply troubled by what occured. The emparor himself is overseing this investigation. He wanted me to assure you that we will fully cooperate with any investigation.”ambassador tishik said.
“I apreciate that mr. Ambassador. “The president said.”the tircabera and its crew did what they did without the knowledge or aproval of the andorian government.”the ambassador said.
“Why was the tricabera placed so close to the coridon sector?”intergalatic security advisor hilken juraniv a delten.asked. “i am not sure mr. Juraniv. He was assigned by the sector commander. We are looking into that. ” Tishik informed him.
“Is it posible that the captain was not acting on his own acord but at the behast of a faction inside your military ?”tesrek a vulcan who served as chief of staf asked. “It cannot be rulled out at this jucture. “The ambassador said. “I want to be kept fully aprised of every detail of this investigation “the president admonished the andorian representive. “Of course mr. President!” The ambassador said.
“Could you wait in the ante room. I wish to speak to the coridon representive in private!’the president said. Ambassador tisik agreed. He was escorted out the back door.
Then the coridon representive entered. “Mr. Ambassador it is good to see you. I wish it could be under better circumstances !”the preaident said. “As do i. We were thrillrd by the vote of the council. The margon of pasege was quite reasering given the vocicificous opposition before the vote. This event is quite troubling !” Brink ajer said. “We all are quite desturbed by these events” the president said.
“Do the andorians have a response ?” The rep asked. “They report that the tricabera crew were acting without orders. They are conducting a full investigation. They have pledged to fully coperate with us. “The chief of staff said.
“Then you believe that they are syincere? “The coridon rep asked. “Without evidence to the contary i am inclined to believe them!’the president said.
“I will consult with my government. I hope that this truely is an asolated incident ! ” the rep said.
Uss enterprise
“You will need time to recover. Bed rest. No aceptions!”dr. Mccoy said. “I will see to it. You have my word!”amanda said. “I feel much better!”sarek said. “If you want to continue to feel that way,you will follow my instructions to the letter! No deviation! Is that clear!”dr. Mccoy said. “Quite clear doctor!”sarek said. “Vulcans! You could drive me to drink. I thought spock was bad. “Dr. Mccoy said.
Qurters of kirk.
Kirk was resting in his qurters. He had finally been discharged from sickbay. Dr. Mccoy stil would not let him return to duty.
  “Bridge to captain kirk!”uhua said. Kirk got up and activated the com unit. “Go ahead uhua!”kirk said. “Captain! Incoming message from admiral komack. ” She said. “Pipe it down hear!”kirk said.”sending now sir!”she said.
Kirk activated the view screen. “How are you feeling jim?”the admiral asked. “Like i was stabed by an andorian or an orion!”kirk said. ” “Jim the coridon situation apeared to be resolved. ” Komack said.
“Apeared?”kirk asked. “Yes. An andorian crusher crosed into coridon space and attaked a base at bratir. The ship was destroyed. Both sides are calm. I fear it might not last. I assume that ambassador sarek is not well enough to travel to earth?”he said.
“He is still recovering sir. I don’t feel he can resume his duties yet. “Kirk said. “I see. Can you reach out to ambassador soval! Perhaps he can fill in!”komack said. “Ambassador soval?”kirk asked. “You seam aprehehensive jim!”the admiral commented.”he just intimidates me?”he said.”jim kirk intimidated? “He asked.
“Alright. I will muddle though!”kirk said. “Very good. Witb sarek out of comision we will need a a strong Vulcan. A.Vulcan will be esential in a situation like this!”the admiral said.
Planet bethasda
The planet was one of the federation pre eminent non criminally insane mentile health facility. Different from elba two wich treated criminally insane. It was basically one big mentle hospital.
  One of the patcient was a Vulcan female who apeared to be 35 years of age. She was acualy 140 years of age. She has sufered a series of nervous breakdowns. This required long term hospitalizations. She wore pink scrubs and sandles.
She had a keen sence of hearing.she heard more then the average human. She heard the two orderlies talking.
“Andorians attacked a coridon planet. Every thing is In a major uproar !”one orderly said to another. “No not again !”she said.she beged to see an orderly. One rushed in.
“What is it?”the orderly asked. “Please i need to speak to my daughter! Its urgent!” Kinera said. “I will see if i can reach her!”the orderly said.
“We have breaking news. Our corispondents on coridon have confirmed that there is a masive protest outside the andorian embasy in the capital citty. The protest started with a few people but has grown to a group mesuring in the hundreds of thousand. They are chanting things luke “down with andorian imperialsm”. “Make them pay” and “no federation with the andorians” the chancellor is calling for calm. He is urging the protesters to go home. The embasy is on lock down. The embisy public information office says while there no plans to evacuate,it is an option. ”
U.s.s enterprise
The command crew were dressed in dress uniforms. “Nervous jim?”dr. Mccoy asked.”of course not!”kirk said. “The ambassador has a reputation for being quite imposing. ” Mr. Spock said.
The three entered the transporter room. “The ambassador is ready to come abored at your leisure sir!”lt. Kyil said. “Enerzize mr. Kyile!”captain kirk ordered.
The transporter operated the controls. The ambassador was brought onbored. He had retired several years erlier but continued to advise on occasion.
“Ambassador welcome abored!”kirk said.”captain kirk,you don’t look anything like captain archer!”soval commented. “No i don’t believe i do!” Kirk said. “Ambassador it is agreable to see you again !”spock said. “You as well. Your grand farther served as my aid during the federation’s charter process!”soval said. “He mentioned it frequently!”spock said. Kirk directed him to the door.
“My orders are to escort you to uss feragauit witch will transport you to earth. Unfortunately you will be tosed from ship to ship !”kirk said. “I have been a diplomat and a satesman for many years. I am used to it. “Soval said.
Alpha cinterie
University of alpha cinterie
  Profesor shivea owens completed her morning lecture. She ajurned the class. She saw her husband bob. ” This can’t be good bobby!” She said. “I just got a call from bethasda.”owens said.
“Is my morther alright ?” She asked. “She is. She wants to speak to you. “Owens said. “It is difficult to see her. I remember her before her episodes. I wish to remember her in that fashon !”she said. “It could be important. She is your morther and the grandmorther of our children. It is not logical to abandon her!”she said. “You are corect as you often are. I will go see her.”she said. “I figured!”he said. “That’s meen your teaching my class!”she said. “I saw that comming!”he said.
“Excellentcy! Every thing is in place for phase two! “The second in command told his superior. “Procede with phase two!” The elder said. The second agreed.
Andorian shipyard
Planet dreya four
Though the andorians were a federation member,they did have a military.  It was mostly for protection of shiping lanes and comerce. It was similar to the Vulcan star navy. Several member world had space service . They usually stayed close to home.
The andorians employed aliens from non andorian worlds. Most were from the federation but a few were not. There were coridonians. Though the two worlds had been at ods over membership in the federation,they did work together. The coridon who worked there had left. All but one.
That one stayed out of sight. He waited. He knew how to stay qiet. He was traned in evasive tactics. He was waiing for the right moment. That moment had arived.
He went to a cralway. He stoped. He tapped on a device embedded in his arm. The device exploded. The blast spread though half the shipyard.
A transmison went out on several frequency used by federation com users. “This is the free coridon army. As of now we are at war with the andorians. We will not be in the same allience with the andorians.we demand that the andorians be kicked out of the federation. Failue to comply with these demands will result in more attack. Long live coridon!” The message faided.
The president watched the tape. “I want to meat with the represenrives of the andorians and the coridon. “The president ordered.
The president was very worried. He saw the big picture. His health was falling. He was in a weak sate. His body was failing. His mind was as sharp as ever. He knew what was comming. He feard that it might not be stoped.    End of part two.
There is no reference to who the president of the federation was during the original series. I have a playground hear. I decided to go with a rygelian sense they are not depicted often in star trek.
I made up the bathasda planet. Elba two apeared to be a asylium for the criminally insane so i figured it would not be proper to have kinera there.