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Quizmaster the conclusion

A few minutes earlier 

“Excellentcy! We have located the Lexington! ” Durona said. “Good. We meet at last. No pretense. One warrior to another. Take me to him!”the quizmaster ordered. The vessel headed for the Lexington. The tunnel opened.the pilot took the combat ship into the tunnel. The ship though it. 

The vessel arrived in open space.”now in fireing range!”enreq the henchman said. “Fire!”the quizmaster said. The combat ship unleashed a berage of romulan style disruptor at the Lexington. The Lexington was hit on its left,right and center. 

U.s.s Lexington


“Damage reported on multiple decks. “Lucy hogen reported. “Shields at sixty five percent “Becky said. “Return fire!”the commadore ordered. The Lexington hit back. They fired multiple phasers at the warship. “We barely puts dent into that ship.” Donaldson said. “We are being hailed.”Lucy reported

He got up from the command chair. “On screen !”the commadore said. The com tech activated the view screen. On the view screen,the image of the bridge.the quizmaster was in the shoes. The quizmaster came out of the shadows. It was revealed that he was a romulan. The commadore recognized him.”rozek I figured the quizmaster would be hear. I was looking froward to meeting him!” He said sarcastically.

“There seams to some confusion hear commadore. You see I am the quizmaster.”rozek size. “What happened to the previous quizmaster?”Wesley asked. ” The first quizmaster was very colorful with his riddles and trivia questiones. He was a pirate. His raids were fairly petty. He was arested. He died in a romulan labor camp. I decided to take his place. I wanted to do it qietly. Make people think it was him. I wanted to stay anonymous. High command suspected I may be aiding him but they no idea that I was in charge of all this!”rozek said. 

“Why are you going after us. It was the preator and the Senate that banished you. Why target the federation?”wesley asked. “I am still a patriot. I am loyal to my home land just not those who govern it. If I can wage a successful war against the federation. The leaders on Romulus will have tow choices. Back me or be overthrown. A new order headed by me.”rozek said. 

“You have not won yet. I doubt your plan is going as you hopped.”Wesley said.”you think your prepared. You think you are safe. You are not. I am five steps ahead of you commadore.you will loose. You will lose life’s planets,even star systems! Your federation will be brought to its knees. You will have to make deviating concessions. Then. The Klingons,tholiens and other race will test you. Every major power will move against it. You won’t survive. “Rozek said. 

“Your qaurel is with the government on Romulus. It is not necessary to pick a fight with us!”Wesley insisted. “Oh but it is commadore. It must certainly is. You see in every epic all over the galaxy. There is a good guy and and a bad guy. The epic struggle. The romulan empire needs an enemy. You are that enemy. The Klingons don’t quite fit the bill. Eventually our empire will have to contend with each other but not today. Today we have a common enemy. The people need a rallying cry. I can give them a winable war. With the gateway technology and the talons and the mine I can devices the federation and destroy it. I am only sad that you won’t get to see it. You are going to die now!”he said.

The screen faded.the ship fired talons.a talon exploded near the warp core. The explosion spread. “Sealing off erected decks.”Donaldson said.”shields at thirty percent.”Becky said. “I want all non essential decks cleared . I want all non essential equipment deactivated. I want all the extra power I can. “Wesley said.”aye sir!”Baker said. 

The Lexington moved away. The Lexington fired phasers and photon torpedoes.the power was transfered. “Power transfer complete.”first officer Baker said. “Alright !Hear goes the hard part!”Wesley remarked. The Lexington fired the deflector dish. It pulled out the talon that hit the haul. The haul was sealed off with a force field. The talon was going by the defector dish to the warship.

The spent talon hit the warship. The talon was not as potent as it had been but still caused damage. The Lexington fired with phasers and photon torpedoes. The Lexington kept fireing and fireing.

“Come now Robert. That was good but you will still loose. Give up while you still can. Hail them!,”the quizmaster said. “Is this necessary! We can still outpower them!”the lead henchman said.” Follow my orders!”rozek insisted. 

“We are being hailed.”the com tech said.”on screen !”Wesley said. “Robert. You are very resourceful. To honor your skill I offer you a compromise. “Rozek said.”I’m listening!”Wesley said. “You agree to withdraw from the x zone and I will give you time to evacuate. A phased withdrawal over a year. By then the federation must be fully disengaged form this sector.”rozwrk said.”,that is a very fast reigon rozek. Your asking a lot!”Wesley said.”oh I am not asking. This area is mine from this point on. Either I will take it by force or you will give it to me. Either way it is mine.”he said.”no deal. End transmission!”Wesley ordered. 

“I was woried you were going to negotiate !”Baker said.”I listened . No I’m not giving away the store dylen. “Wesley said.”I did not think so.”Baker Said. ” The Lexington used the defector again. The Lexington fired a pulse at the warship. The Lexington fired on the com really. 

“There com relay is off line!”Donaldson said. “They can’t call for reinforcements.”Baker said. “Suppose they come if they don’t hear form them?”Becky said.”one issue at a time !”Wesley said. The Lexington opened the gateway. The Lexington was hit again. The Lexington blocked the entrance to the gateway. 

The Lexington was hit. “Shields at 11 percent.”Donaldson said.”we can’t keep taking these hits.”tonor said.”I am aware of that navigator. Now!”Wesley ordered.the science officer located the sauce of the gateway control on the ship. The device was destroyed.”they are trapped hear.”Donaldson said. 

The Lexington was hit. Several decks were hit. “Our shields are gone!”Becky said.” Dawn it. “Wesley said. The warship headed for the Lexington. “The are looting a collision course.”Donaldson said. The warship headed for the Lexington. Wesley pushed the helmsman’s aside.he sat in the helm. He dodged the warship.the ship tried to get away. The Lexington fired on the warship. The Lexington went inside the debre. The Lexington flew at warp speed towards the warship. The warship was hit. The Lexington fired a torpedo. The torpedo exploded. The Lexington went to warp. It got pass the warship. The warship exploded. 

“We have extensive damage on several decks. There are fires.”Donaldson reported.”send damage control to affected decks. “Wesley said. ” Aye sir.”hogen said. “We are not out of the woods yet. “Wesley said. “The quizmaster may be dead but the plot remains.”commander Baker said.

“We have the mines. We have the attacks. The plot involved a multi faceted invasion. Where is the bio weapons phase come from?”Wesley said.”my guess is will be a surprise attack. Perhaps form a freighter.”Donaldson said.”I a calling up all records of transport. Only one vessel has not reported in or accounted for. The Montana.,” Becky said.”where was the last known location of the Montana?”Wesley asked. “Near Iona base. “Donaldson reported.”that is on the course to the planet Alton. There are nine million people on that world. ” Baker said.”order all ships to locate the Montana. The Montana is to be considered a clear and deadly threat. “Wesley ordered. “Sending!”Lucy hogen said. “That ship is a deadly threat . My guess is that ship is on a suicide attack. That ship has to be destroyed. “Commadore Wesley ordered. 

The freighter neared Alton. The freighter stood ready to release it’s payload. The crew was not planning to survive this.They planed to die. It was about the cause. The cause would go on. The freighter boldly went towards the planet. The Lexington went at high warp. The Lexington was followed by other ships. The Lexington fired on the freighter. “The freighter has been retrofitted with advanced shielding.”,Donaldson reported.”why am I not surprised?”the commadore said. The freighter kept going. The Lexington and the other ships fired a volley on the freighter.

“Ship is unharmed.”Donaldson said. “Warn the planet !”Wesley ordered.”sending.”the com tech said.”the planet has an obital defence syistem.”Becky said..”it has never been tested for bio weapons.”Baker said. The freighter neared the planet. The obital platform fired a series of mistle at the freighter. The freighter was hit. The Lexington fired torpedoes at the freighter. Part of the freighter exploded. “Command module left the freighter.”Donaldson reported. “Man they never quit!” The commadore declared. 

The module got passed the mistle shield. The Lexington went at warp speed after the module. The Lexington fired a series of volleys at the module. The module was hit. The module exploded.”it ejected a small device.”Donaldson anounced.”destroy it!”Wesley ordered. The device exploded. 

“Commodore’s log, the high alert is still on while the fleet try to find the rest of those involved in the plot. The mines have been detected and removed. The romulan government deny involvement. The evidence points to former members of the imperial forces not current ones. The crises seams to slowly dying down. I hope that calm will be fully restored. For now that seams to be be happening. 

Quarters if wesley.

“I guess this old dog still has tricks up his sleeve !”,weesly said.”I never doubted that!”Julie said. He kissed his wife. 

The end

Robert wesly will return. 


An ancient ship carying followers of a pree Reformation Vulcan is recovered. The group plans to invade Vulcan and bring Vulcan back to its old ways. Now Robert Wesley now a governor on the colony of  mantilies is recruited to come back. He teams up with ambassador sarek to stop this threat. 


Klingon war past four

Part four
“Lines in the sand” .
“This just in. The federation fleet under the command by admiral emit Dawkins have been forced to withdral from the donatu syistom. The fleet was unable to push out the Klingon from the occupied area. The federation fleet took heavy loses in man power,equipment and personnel. Star fleet command had declined to comment. Federation president zurek has convened a meeting of the intergalactic security council. The pallice de la concord press sacitary has said that the president is considering all options on how to deal with the stand off with the Klingon. ” Jessica Armstrong said.
Space station k-7
The demoralized fleet returned to the station. Morale could not be any lower. The ships took heavy damage. K7 staf as well as the crews of the ships got right to work on repairs.
Confrence room.
“We need overrelming force. I intend to ask star fleet for more ships. If we match there ships we can drive them out. ” admiral Dawkins said.
“With all due respect lack of the ships is not a problem. “The Orion engineering officer said. “Who are you?”admiral Dawkins asked.
“Lt Jr grade hallak ,former Sr com tech relay station 46. “He said. “How else are we are going to win this battle without the use of overwhelming force?” the admiral asked in an incredulous manner.
“The problem is not the fleet sir. The problem is the mines. We have to find a way to defend ourselves against the mines. We need a way to counteract the mine. ” hallak said.
The admiral was unhappy with that statement. He could not dismiss the statement off hand. “What do you suggest?” the admiral asked. “I suggest we go behind enemy lines and attempt to steal one of the mines in order to study it. “The Orion said.
“Are you mad lt. That is a suicide mission. “Dawkins commented.”with all all due respect admiral. So is your plan. “Hallak said. “Put together a plan and I will consider it. “The admiral said.
Kalera reported to rihansu star naval command. She had her military status reactivated. She went to personnel. She was shocked to hear that she was assigned to the grace fire as a weapons officer. While she had the training her specialities was more suited to a scientific position.
Office of admiral kibet
“Sir? Why was I assigned as a weapons officer?”She asked. “You have the training for a gunner. We don’t need scientist. We are in a war. You don’t get to Pick your assignment. A soldier folows orders. ” he said.
“Yes sir. “She said. The admiral dismissed her.she Said the customary greeting the office. The door closed.
Qurters of lt. Norris
“So are you stil on bored the tyconderago?” captain Jason Norris asked. “No I have been resigned to special ops. “Ben said “I gues you can’t discus it?”Jason said. “I can’t. Not even with my older brother a starship captain. ” he said. “Why am I not surprised. Well as long as it helps us win this war,I’m ok with being kept in the dark. ” Jason said.
“Alright. ” Ben said.”we will all get together when the war is over. You me ,beck heck we will get Amber and the little kids up hear. “Jason said. “Sounds good. See you then jaYce. “Ben said.
Oifice of transmit hamin.
“Mr. Hamin, a former star fleet officer named Barron Jessup and his wife a Klingon national is asking to see you right away. ” the Secretary said.
“Can you confirm her identity?”hamin asked. “She was born and raised on qonos.she is from a comon family. She is a scientist but did serve in the k.d.f. ” the sacritary said.
“Send them in. “Mr.hamin said.the door opened. The two opened. “I’m transmit hamin special counselor to the president on the war effort. “Hamin said.
“Your from coridon ! I did not think coridon was a federation member.”terisha commented.
“It is in the process of reaplying.I grew up on rygel. I am a Federation citizen.so you have information for me. “He said.
“I am from anon warrior cast. I don’t have any direct information. I will help any way I can.Klingon are by nature agresive as am I but I harbor no resentlessment or ill will towards the federation. I will help any way I can. “She assured him
“I appreciate that. ” hamin said. “Our inability to retake donatu is due to the use of heavily shielded mines. ” hamin said.”may I look at your datta?”She asked. He gave her a file. She looked it over.
“The Klingon believe in total war.consider the example of General Grant in the American civil war. While Klingon prefer hand to hand combat or personal combat,they won’t hesitate to use weapons whatever they are.” terisha said.
“They used mines in the previous conflict but these are different. “Hamin asked. “They have been working on renovating mines for specific use against the federation. I believe these mines were part of an above classified mission. ” she said.
Command deck
“Admiral you have a priority message from president zurek. ” manager lury said.
Confrence room.
Lt. Ben Norris entered the room. He joined mia bolt,Orion lt. Hallak ,Joshua Anderson and a few others. “Ah good” manger lury said. Norris saw a shadow man in the back.
“Where is admiral Dawkins?” the Orion asked. ” admiral Dawkins has been relieved of command of the Klingon front. “The man said.
“Who are you?” mia asked. “Transmit hamin I am a star fleet reserve. I have been reactivated and given a battle field commission of admiral. This briefing is classified. This mission is optional . I want to send a scout vessel to capture a mine . this is a dangerous mission. I am hoping that the mine capture could turn the tide of this war. “Hamin said.
“I am in lt. Noris.”he said.mia agreed to participate in the mission. Hallak agreed.
The scout ship Cassandra was birthed outside k-7. The Cassandra left The station. The Cassandra went to warp.
“We are clear. ” Joshua Anderson reported. “Set course for the occupied zone. ” Norris ordered. “Course plotted and engaged.”mia bolt reported. The Cassandra went to warp.
The mines were very creative. The mines only affected federation ships.Klingon ships could travail in and out of the mines. These mines assured Klingon control of the occupied zone. It had to be dismantled and soon.
The Cassandra had to take the long way to the occupied zone. The Cassandra was smal but was a tough and durable ship.
“I am lunching a probe. “Hallak said.he launched the probe. The probe left the ship. The probe headed for the mines.
“I am activating the jamming device.” the Orion said. The probe neared the mines. The probe hit the mines. The probe exploded.
“It was a test. I am going to ajust the settings on the next probe.it may take some time but we can overtake these mines. “The Orion announced.
Another probe was launched. The probe entered but suffered a similar fate as the first probe. The Orion was determined to keep working. This was too important to just simply give up.
“With federation news,um Jessica Armstrong,the romulan fleet has captured territory in the kaleb sector. They are fortifying the newly acquired space. While there have been raids by scouts. The romulan are using swams and single vessels.”
“At the same time the Klingon have held on to there territory They captured. The Klingon are raiding ships and outpost outside the occupied zones. There are unconfirmed reports that admiral emit Dawkins has been relieved of command of the fleet tasked in retaking territory seized by the Klingon. ” She said.
There had been a series of failures. The Orion created a new shielding.one that one works just like the mines worked. The probe was launched. The probe headed to the mine field. The mine went inside the field.
“Probe is holding. “The Orion said.”come on,come on. “Norris said . the probe had made it though. The probe kept going.then when they were convinced that the probe worked. The probe exploded. The Cassandra would now report it’s findings to fleet command.
“Alright the fleet is being refuted even as we speak. Our mission is to breach the mine fields. Once we are inside we Will fire on The Klingon fleet and we hope to force them out out of the occupied zone. First we push them out of donatu then we work to fortify donatu.then we work on work on liberating The rest of The occupied space. ” admiral hamin said. 
“You saved my people tarry. I Will never forget this I . “He said. He hugged her. “I love you. I hope you will always know that.”she told him. That night she waited until he was asleep. She left a note by his pillow.she kissed his head. She then left the room. She changed and snunk out if his apartment.
U.s.s hood
“We are receiving a distress call from a supply convoy. They are under attract by romulan bird of prey. ” plotark The com tech said. “Head for the convoy. “Captain Jason Norris said.
The hood went to warp. It headed for the convoy. The romulan vessel hit the convoy. The vesel’s mission was not to destroy the convoy but to chip away at the fleet. It was also to attract a star fleet ship. The romulan fleet hoped to chip away at the federation. A death by a thousand slashes like strategy. Romulan vessel
“Sir! Federation starship hood is on an intercept course.they are heading for us “The pilot reported.
“Cease attack on the convoy. Head for the hood. If they want to battle us then I will gladly give it to them that chance. ” commander hired said.
“Weapons standing by!”Kalera said. The rihansu ship fired on the hood. She was vicious in her attacks.she did not let up. She inflicted a lot of damage.
A plasma weapon hit the bridge. Jason Norris was hit. He was knocked of the chair and was killed. The hood was wounded.
Several other ships arrived but not in time for Jason. Kalera had not acted like her.She had been a kind and compassionate person. That all changed that day. A new Kalera emerged.sweet lari was gone.she was sub lt dravet Weapons officer.
On earth Jason woke up the next day.he looked for terisha.she was gone. He found the letter.
“Dearest jess. I live you. I felt I had to help star fleet even the playing field. I don’t support this war. I don’t support mukerat. I gave your people a fitting chance . I am Klingon.I can’t run from that.I am returning to the empire .I filled for divorce. I wish you well terry. ”
He threw the letter across the room. He cried.how could this have happened.
End or part four.
Next up
Jess rejoins star fleet and volunteers for the front lines against the Klingon.Norris learns of his brother’s death. The federation scores it’s first victory against the Klingon. Kalera continues a downward spiral. 

One true path chapter four.

U.s.s. enrerpeise
“I have a visual . “plotark said. “On screen. “The Captain ordered. The com officer had the image displayed.Rebecca had displayed the image of the ship. The captain ordered preparations to mount a rescue.
“Sir. I am detecting an energy surge.”Spock said. Sudenly the Vulcan ship vanished. It became something much smaller. “Sir! It is a spacial charge!”l.t giotto announced .
“Back off quckly! Its a trap!”the captain said. The helm and navigator tried to turn the ship around. The spacial charge exploded.the shock wave hit the enterprise.
The enterprise was pushed back. The helm and navigator attempted to restore gravity to the ship.the vessel tried to go to a full stop.
The shock wave continued to hit the enterprise. The wave hit. The enterprise continued to drift. The enterprise headed. Into the wave. The enterprise went to maximum warp. The vessel got though and cleared the wave. The wave kept going.
“Ship at all stop. ” navigator Elise Vernon reported. “Warp drive stil operative. “Lt. Granger reported.
In the auxiliary control, Rebecca took control of the ship.she lowered The shields.
“Our shields are down!” the security chief reported. “Raise the shields”the captain ordered. “I can’t. Something is interfering with us. ” the security chief announced.
Before Lt. Commander giotto could raise the shields. A land mine transported on to the bridge. The mine emerged near the com station. The mine exploded near the communication station. Lt. Polek was hit and killed instantly.
A second mine emerged on the bridge. A mine beamed near the helm ans navigation console. The mine exploded. Helim officer Grainger pushed navigator vernon out if the way.
The helm officer took the brunt of the impact. His body was burnt. He fell to the ground. Elie fell to the ground. She had burns. She was alive but wounded.
Several old style Klingon ships decloaked. The vessel fired on the area near the command center of the ship. The crew tried to aid The wounded.
The ship was hit. The wall started to cave in. The captain tried to escape. It was too late.  The first officer was jostled around. A wall sparked and he was hit. He fell to the ground. He was not killed but rendered unconscious.
Spock ran from his stations . giotto and others made it out. Yeoman Smith hid in a corner.
In the garden area the botanical crew had no warning. The area was hit by a disruptor. Tom price tried to protect his team. He protected as many as he could. He was struck. He was heavily wounded. He was dying. His last words was “Becky”  he had no idea that she was behind all this.
In engineering ,hallak ordered the room sealed. He tried to lock down the engine room and especially the warp drive itself.
Lt. Commander Ben Norris was in his quarters.the captain ordered him to get some sack time. He had trouble getting to sleep but finally did fall asleep. He woke up hearing the noise of multiple blast.
He got up from his bunk. He checked ship’s system. He learned that the ship came under attack from presumbily the same Klingon ships They encountered at ditelex b.
Mia bolt had been in her quarters. She was scheduled to work the night shift. She usually slept around this time. She wore a nightgown. She heard the jostle from the attack. She changed into her uniform dress.
In sick bay,Dr. Piper advised his staf to ge ready.things were about to get worse.everyone including Dr. Megen shall and nurse Christine chepel knew that was true. They all knew that they would have there work cut ahead of them.
While in the brig the yaridien activated a device In His arm. The man exploded. The force field kept most of the explosive in the cell. The blast spread though the area. The force field held but dissipated.
The Klingon ships beamed over ground forces. The birding party emerged on one of the decks. The team kept moving. They had weapons in hand.
Norris heard the sound of a transporter. He grabbed the phaser.he left the quarters. He saw the troopers.he opened fire on the troopers. He took as many as shots as he could.he dodged several schots.
He was about to be hit.then the trooper was hit. Then the team was hit. It was mia bolt. The two tried to move back.They fired on the birding party.
“Thanks I owe you one mia!”Norris said. “No problem sir. Happy to help. ” mia told him. Neither one were out of the woods. They fired on the ceiling. It hit the hostle team. They fired on the team.
Two soldiers were perusing . each aimed at one of them. Both were stunned.”both are from different worlds. ” mia said. “This is some kind of multi species group. I don’t think it is from one of the major powers. “Norris said.
“I suspect they have sent multiple birding parties. “Mia said. “Agreed we can’t let the enterprise fall to this force. ” Norris said. “Agreed. Are you suggesting we activate the self destruct?”mia asked. “Only as a last resort but if we have to yes. ” Norris said. “Understood. “She said.
The two kept moving . they moved throughout the ship. They knew that they had to find a way to retake the ship. They had to act fast.
Commander giotto had ordered the bridge sealed. The serviving bridge crew able to seal off the bridge from the rest of the ship.  Spock had rigged up a transport inhibitor. It would not last forever but hopefully long enough.
  Jessup ran as fast as he could. He just kept running. The fighter kept firing. Jesep kept dodging it. He hoped that he could get to his ship. Rissa did not have  a military or much of a police force either. He was basically on his own.
He kept going. So did the fighter. The fighters fired. He tried to crouch. He  had to not be seen. He really wanted to get what he had found to star fleet. Star fleet needs this information. That seemed unlikely.
Jess tried to crawl though the ground. He tried to endure.he tried to remain in one peace.
He saw a Vila. He ran into the complex. The fighters lost him. They fired on the villa.he had to dodge the falling ceiling.
He ran though a window. He rolled to the ground. He hoped that maybe he had one uped for a few seconds .he tried to use it to there advantage.
He ran and ran. He neared a Maine area of the planet. He ran to the beach. Would the hostile follow him into the beach . He came in. The guest saw the ships. They screamed and ran. The fighters kept going but did not fire. They tracked the commander.
Jess was able to lose the ships for a few minutes. He knew it would not last forever but he just needed it to last long enough. He had to evade,endure and out last. That was what he tried to do.
U.s.s enterprise
Yeoman Smith tried to help Lt. Elise vernon. She was in bad shape.she had multiple burns. Much of her body was numb and limp. The yeoman tried to keep her as comfortable as possible before the medics could arrive.
The security chief went over to th yeoman. “I am detecting internal bleading. We have to get her to sick bay and soon. With medical attention she will probably recover.time is of the essence.”Smith said
“How is the commander?”giotto asked.”stable but unconscious.he is in some kind of catatonic sate.” Leslie said. “I still detect intruders.the fleet is nearby.I suspect they plan to let the bording party to incompasiate the ship. “Spock said.
“Sir. This probably is not the time but this smells of an ambush. They may have a confederate aboard.”Galloway said.
“I suspected that as well. We have to regain the ship. Get us out of harms way. “The chief said.
In the corridor,Norris and mia met up with other crewman. They started to engage the enemy commandos.  They held there own.
They neared the auxiliary control . ” I am detecting a life form inside. Its human.” Lt .lemli reported. The door was sealed. Noris activated a manual override. The door opened.
The door opened. The team entered. Rebecca brandished a phaser. “Woa your among friends !”Norris declared. “I found bissel and Sawyer dead. Who attacked us?”she asked.
“We don’t know. They we’re allied with the people on the planet. “Norris said. “She needs to be told !”mia said. “Beck Tom is dead. He died trying to save his team. “Norris said. She hugged Norris.she started to cry.
“There will be time for that later. We need to retake the ship. “Beck said. “Agreed. Can we transfer bridge function down hear?”Norris asked. “Yes you have an idea?”mia asked. “Its a whopper but it might work. ” Norris said.
The crew in the a.u atepted the transfer. The enterprise headed to an asteroid field. The ship went to maximum axceleration. The ship used the shields to bounce off of the asteroid field. The ship jumped across a smal area.
The ship had temporarily escaped the hostle ships. It was not over yet. There was still danger.
End of chapter four.

One true path chapter two

U.ss. enterprise
Rec room.
“If I join you,you cannot make any jokes about how I don’t do anything. I will charge you with something. I am a lawyer I can indite a vulca for showing emotion.”lt. Sarah Chabot said. “Y would you want to frame a Vulcan of engaging in behavior reluctant to his or her culture? Oh was this a joke?”Spock asked.
“We will lay off the jag jokes today. Beyond that it is anyone’s guess.” security chief giotto said. “Say whare is Becky ?”the com officer asked. “She said she had something she wanted to check up!” Tom price said. ” please tell me your not turning into a work aholic. “Mark piper said. “I will try not to.”he said.
She made sure She was not being watched. She made it to the auxiliary control room. She went over to the table. She entered in a few commands. She had several filles sent to a sma device. The upload took seconds. She was an expert in computer profecientcy. She had access being records officer. She knew how to erase the filles. Everything was done quickly. Then she left. With luck no one would find out.
U.s.s enterprise
“Now nearing argelias!” navigator Grainger reported. “Com officer request permison to assume orbit. “Captain Conklin ordered. “We are cleared to orbit captain. “Assume slandered orbit lt. Vernon. “Conklin ordered. The vessel went into orbit. “Now in orbit captain!”Grainger announced.
” alright. Commander Leland, security chief giotto ,yeoman Smith with me. Lt. Commander noriss take charge of the ship until we are gone!” Conklin ordered. “Aye sir!” Norris said.
Conklin got up from the command chair. Norris sat down at the command chair. The four left The bridge and entered the turbo lift.
Transporter room.
” you sure you should be going Tom?”doctor piper asked. “Argeluius is an important port of call. I am the captain and a defecto federation representive. I need to go”the captain said .”this could be a war zone. The attack could have been a plan to ambush a starship captain.” piper said. “I must agree with Mark on this. “The security chief said.
“I’m going and that’s settled. Do you have the coordinates?”the captain asked. ” ready on your orders sir. “Transporter chief Kylie said. The team got on to the pad. “Energize!” the captain ordered.
Lt. Kyil activated the beam. The team was beamed from the enterprise to the planet.
The team beamed to the bar. The bar was sealed off by a for e field. There were security agents as well. The injured had been moved to hospitals. The dead had been moved. The evidence remained.
The captain recognized the prefect.jaris was a formidable man. He looked like a statesman. “Perfect I am captain Tom Conklin commanding office to of the federation starship enterprise. My first officer commander Mark Leland. This is doctor Mark piper,yeoman Andrea Smith my asistent and security chief giotto. “Conklin said.
“My security advisor hengiest”jaris said. “The device was embedded to the man’s body. He had a detonator ended in his hand. “The human advisor said.
“What was the device used?”the security chief asked .” it was a Klingon device. The device is older generation. It is comon on The black market. It used a dispersal agent. Designed for multiple casualties. “The human said. “It did that!” jeris said.
“Have you learned anything more about the bomber?”the security chief asked. “He came to the planet thoug a casnerien starliner. The man acted like a tourist.he visited the merchants shops and cafes. He seemed to keep to himself”hengiest said.
“Have you searched the casnerien ship?”commander Leland asked “not yet I was about to. I would not object to having company. ” the human security chief said. “Do you have objections prefect?” the captain asked. “None captain.”jaris said.
“Commander Leland,security chief giotto you can ocompony the administration. “Conklin said. They understood.
“I am deeply troubled that this occured. There has not been anything like this in a millennia. We will get to the heart of it. ” jaris said.
Star fleet command.
Planet earth
“I understand you read Klingon?”ensign Davis asked. “That is a silly statement. That is like do you speak terran. There are several laungrege groups just like on earth. There are also colonial dialect and several protectirates. Yes I do speak several Klingon dialects!”commander Aaron jeshop said.

  The door opened,an officer entered. “Commander, we have confirmed that the Klingons transfered key assets to the border with the non aligned region . several ships were pulled from outside the territory . they have even canceled some operations agagainst  words they wish to conqur. “Lt. Hayden said.
“When did they start this?” commander jeshop asked. “About three hours after the news of the attack on argelius broke. “Lt. Jayce said.
“Your sure about this?”jess asked. “Yes sir. ” Hayden said. “Then this proves that the Klingons were not behind the attack nor did they have advanced knowledge of the attack. They seam to believe that they might be hit next. “Jess said.
“Are you sure this exonerates them?”Davis asked. “Yes I am. They had no knowledge of this attack. In the Klingon one way they are spooked. “He said.
“Don’t Klingons live for war?”Jayne asked. “It is more complicated then that. They are a warrior race but they like to fight wars that have clear goals and a reasonable chance of  wining. They want to expand there influence. They like wars they control. They don’t want an arch duke Ferdinand moment that Leeds to a war They have no control of. After the war with us did not go there way I doubt they want to get caught up in one not of there choosing. ” jess said.
“What about the romulans? They like to engage In covert warfare !”Davis commented. ” look into it. ” jess said. They agreed.
Jess had an idea on how to get more information but he knew that it would be less then celebrated by his superiors. He would try.
Space port.
The star liner was a curse ship in space. The vessel was moored in an area just outside the capital. The argeliens did not have any real police force. The planet was one of the most peaceful world’s in the galaxy. With off world visitors things happened so there was a small public safety unit. They were under trained and under equped.
Security chief giotto and first officer Leland accompanied heingest and the smal force. The team moved to the ship.
They went to the airlock. ” I am planetary administrator hengiest. We would like to examine the quarters of Mr. Qozsn. “The security chief said.
“If course this way!”the cruise ship captain said. “Follow us!”the first officer said. The team followed the ships commanding officers.
In the quarters ,the room was designed for guest. The room had clothing. There was little else. There was no clues to his motives. The room offered no help in figure out the mystery.
Records office
“Mr. Quzon came on bored from our port on the planet ardana. ” the ships records officer. “About half of the guest came aboard from ardana. “The captain said. ” I would like to intervue the guest. “The enterpris security chief said. “Of course. “The captain said.
Being records officer,Rebecca could get around the ship without arosing too much suspicion. She had to keep records of ships reedings. She headed to the ships ion pod. She entered the pod. She took out a device that altered the readings. She took out a small device. She beamed out of the pod.
She Beemed to the planet. She beamed to a wooded area outside the capital city. She changed from her uniform to civilian clothing. She did not want to attract attention.
She arrived at a prearranged meeting place. She waited at a park banch. Then an alien arrived. The man was humanoid. His noise resembled a tusk. He had long black hair.
“Victory to the one true path!”the agent that used to be Rebecca price said. “To the preservation of all that really matters. ” trajeek the alien declared.
She presented the disk to the alien. “This is all the information that you will need. “She told him. “Thank you.the preserver will smile on you for this deed. I have further instruction. They are on this disk. “The alien said.
“Off course. I will Cary out the work of the preservers. I will accomplish the true path. “She vowed. “I know you will. Good day. We both have much to do. ” the alien male said .
Rebecca changed back into the yellow uniform dress. She beamed back to the enterprise ion pod. She left the pod.
Enterprise quarters.
“You ok? You seam down lately!”staf doctor Megan shall asked. “I don’t fit in hear. I have a good record hear yet I can’t the image of a fraghter boomer. I am not a star fleet team player. ” Lt jg marea bolt said. “Mia . your a good officer. You excel at reviews.tough it out you can do this . your a rising star in star fleet. ” shall said.
“I Wil never be accepted. I try to be a team player but they know I am not one of them. ” mia said.
“Marea jeen bolt are you having a low self esteem group session ? “Megan asked. ” maybe . I just want to matter meg. I Don’t need to single handily change history or anything like that . I just want to play a role . I want people to recognize that I can be an a set.I am tired if being a misfit. I want to be able to put my stay at hotel tantilous behind. ” mia said.
“You can only do that by staying in the game. I know. Its hard. You have to fight. Your not alone mia. You have supporters you are not aware of. ” Megan said. ” I will have to take your word for it I gues. ” mia said.
Star fleet command.
Office of admiral komack
“Let me get this straight! You want to meet with a Klingon official on natural world?” the admiral asked.”yes I do.look I have a contact in the Klingon government. One I trust .” jess said.
“Where do you want to go?”the admiral asked. “Rissa?”he said. “The resort planet?” the admiral asked. “I believe I can  get him to go there. ” jess said. “He is not there right now?” the admiral asked.”I have reason to believe that I can. Get him there. ” jess said.
“I am really reluctant to go along With this. Whoever I see the validity in this. We need information. Set this up. “The admiral said. “Thank you sir. ” he said.
“This had better be worth my wild lautenent. ” the admiral said. . “it will be sir. ” jess said.
U.s.s enterprise conference room.
“The bomber was quiet. He kept to himself. He stayed in his suite almost exclusively the whole trip from Ardana to. Argelius. On the planet he visited various cafaes and market places. ” the security chief said.
“They found no manifesto or any other statement. Both crew and pasingers said he barely had any views political k to ther wise. ” Leland said.
“His world is remote. The planet is not involved in any dispute or anything else. ” Spock said .
“Why does an alien from a remote world stage a bombing on the other side of The galaxy for no aperent reason. ” the captain asked.
“I checked with ardana. He went to ardana from the planet ditalex b . ” Rebecca price said. “Ditalex is a mining planet. It is non aligned but trades with multiple worlds. ” commander Norris said.
Ditalex does not have a permanent  population. The miners are itinerant. The planet is hardly the place to put down roots. ” Leland said.
“Alright. I want to go to Ditalex. See if we can get some clues. Have all decks prepare to leave orbit. ” the captain said. “Your going to push my ship to the breaking point arn’t you,” the Orion engineer asked “and  beyond!”the captain said . “oh great!” the Orion said.
“The enterprise is heading to Ditalex .”deret said. “Excellent. Just as I hopped. Everything is going according to plan .everything is about to be destroyed then we can rebuild it in our image. ” Qatar said.
End of chapter two
Argelius was featured in tos episode “Wolf  the fold”
Probably hengiest in this universe is not inhabited  by the Jack the ripper entity.
Admiral komack appeared in tos episode a mock time”
Risa is a pleasure planet introduced in “captain’s holiday” 
Ditalek b was featured in next gen episode “conspiracy”
Ardana is the planet of the cloud city of stratos . see “the cloud minners “

Sphere of influence part seven.

Borg cube
Colonel catlin oversaw the repairs of the cube. The crew was able to access the ship repairs. They had to manually reactivate the Borg regeneration process.
The cube could be seen regenerating. Once the process began,it went at a very rapid paste.before anyone knew it ,the ship would be ready for action. Carlin was eiger to restart the operation.
Borg cube
“Colnel the ship is now at a hundred percent! “Major kirel informed him. “Very good! The enterprise will persue us. We cannot be detered. The time is now. We must not shy away from this sacred task. “Catlin said.
“We will not. We have all pledge to do this duty with every fiber of our being. ” kirel informed him.
“I know that. Set course for the nelric system. Hear we go!”the colonel said .
“The beginning of the reign of the beatufied. Now we get to do things the right way. Out with the old. In with the gloarias new. The universe has shined the light and it will never be extinguished. Glory be the light and those who receive it!”kirel said.
“Glory be the light!”Catlin said.
“Commander rycer Is awake. It will take a while for him to recover. He will be ok. “Bevily said “I am glad to hear it Doctor!”Picard told her.
“Captain I beleve I have found information on colonel Catlin.”data said “what do you have commander?”Picard asked.
“Colonel Catlin served in the zeravien armed forces. He did rise to the rank of leftenent colonel before he was forced to retire. “Data reported.
“Why was he forced out?”Deana asked. “Uncertin. Rumors was that he was indirectly involved in a corps agents the chancellor president of zeravia . it was never substantiated. He was stil honoured. Catlin was involved with murcinaries, Orion syinducate and fighting with pro Cardesian  militia. He vanished from the scene several years ago. This is his first sighting since fighting with the gathers. “Data reported.
  “It seams our colonel is trying to set up a new galactic order. “Picard said. “Odd he has gone from a soldier for hire to a man on a mison!”bev commented. “It could have any number of causes. All I know that he has to be stoped and I assure you he will !”Picard declared.
Nelric system
The conduit opened up. The fully operational fully powered cube came out of the conduit. The vessel neared the Hunter maelstrom.
“Now in position !”kirel said. The enterprise came in . the ship fired everything it had. It fired phaser and photon torpedoes. The ship was struck from all sides.
“Ignore that ship! Procede with the mission!”the colonel ordered. The ship let the shields fight the enemy. The ship focused on the task at hand. Once the maelstrom exploded nothing would matter. A new era would begin.
“They have not returned fire!”worf reported.”I sense determination. “Deana said. “If that ship detonated itself from there position it would take out most of this syistom!”data said.”suicide mission!”bev remarked.
Picard got to thinking. He had to think fast. Time was quickly running out. There had to be a solution quickly.after fast thinking Picard had an idea. It was risky but it could would. He would try it.
Data transferred all on essential power to the tractor beam and shields. This was probably one of Picard strangest ideas. This was not ordinary ocurence. This required unconventional thinking this did count.
The enterprise tried to activate a tractor beam. The ship went to warp. The Borg cube chaffed against the weight of the beam. The cube fired.
The enterprise was hit from multiple sides. The shields were holding.
“We can’t keep this up forever!” alenbeam reported. “I am well aware of that ensign.”Picard said.
The cube tried to Go to warp in the opposite direction. The enterprise tried to hold on to the orther ship.
The cube tried to get away. The enterprise tried to stop that from happening. The Borg cube fired.the deflector dish wash it.the explosion spread to various part of the ship.
“Shieds strength has been drained slightly!”worf reported. “It Will continue to happen !”gordi said.
The cube fired again. It fired on the beam. It got free. The cube then hit the enterprise.
“Vessel has resumed course for the maelstrom !”data reported. “Pursuit!”Picard said . the enterprise followed the cube. “We are being hailed !”worf said. “On screen !”Picard said.
“Captain Picard! Your reputation is well known and it seems well deserved. “As is yours colonel !”Picard said.
“Captain ! This could end now.I will spare this sector if the federation agries to cede old space that belonged to the former zeravien empire.”The colonel declared .
“You must know I Wil never agree to that!”Picard said.”I did not expext you but I hoped maybe you would be reasonable. I am not surprised that you are not. “The colonel declared.
The screen faided. “The vessel had resumed course for the maelstrom.the enterprise fired on the cube.
“No affect!”worf announced. Picard was not surprised. “Mr. Worf collision course!”he ordered. The enterprise headed towards the cube. It headed for it at high warp.
Picard hated to go out like this. He saw no other alternative. The destruction of this sector would cripple the federation. Not only could the society take advantage of this but so could any number of other world’s.
The romulons for example. The tholiens,horn,any number of other species.the Klingon empire was currently leaderless. Gowlron was the hair apearent but this could give factions opposed to the federation the push they nedded to seize power and strike the federation. Then there was the actual Borg. This had to be stoped hear and now,Picard thought.it would be one way or another.
The enterprise was about to slam into the cube. Sudenly  they were caught in some kind of wake.the enterprise was pushed out of the way.
A conduit opened up,a Borg cube excited the conduit. The massive ship fired on the other cube. The massive conclusive charge cut though the ship like a butter knife. The vessel was sliced in half. The. The vessel then exploded.
The Borg vessel steamed to move towards them. Picard thought to himself,”out of the frying pan into the fire”. He did not say it out loud.
The vessel seemed to come at them. Then the cube went back into the conduet. “The vessel is gone!”worf said.
“Captain log,star fleet command believes that with the destruction of the Borg cube,for now the threat from the society is over. Star fleet believes they will probably go underground at least for a time. Will they resurface later is for now not known.”
“On another note, I don’t know why the Borg did not go after us. I suspect after what occured on earth earlier thus year they are evaluating what to do in regards to us. I beleve we have not seen the last of the Borg. Not by a long shot. I am not sure we have seen the last of the society either”
“I heard you did good!”will said. “I learned from the best sir! Gordi said. Will chuckled. “I knew you had it in you !”he said
“Part of me wishes we could have gotten our hands on there technology. “Gordi said.”it was probably for the best we did not!”he said “it probably was!”Gordi agreed.
The colonel had serviced the destruction of the rougye cube.he and several brothers got to an escape pod. The colonel had been injured. His face showed signs if radiation.
“The Breen have joined the war on the side of the dominion. This has strained the already tenuous alience between The Cardesian and The dominion. “Kirel said.
“We have to move quickly! ” Catlin said.”agreed!”she said.
The end
Next up
With the dominion war over,the society decides to take advantage of the chaos and lunches an attack of space they claim.


Birth pains part 7

“Captain’s starlog ,the coilition we have worked so hard to create is hanging on by a thread. A third party,a secreat society that is part mythological part ideological is trying to destroy the coilition before it starts. It is a kind of devide and conqur like aproach. ”
“Unfortunately we have no proof. All of our evidence is mostly conjecture and speculation. We have nothing that can be tied to this group or even prove it exists. ”
“So we know soong aided kareth in reserch in genetic enhancement. Enhancement used by tera prime. “Archer said.
“The evidence does provide a link between kareth and tera prime. The tera prime members claim they hired kereth not the orther way around. “T’pol said.
“Tera prime is compartmentilized. It is a top down group. “Kinera said. “Let my gues vashar has several files on tera prime!”shumar commented. “Yes we do. “She said. “Mostlikly that knowledge died when ogden died. “Travis said.
“We have to keep going. There has to be something ,some evidence implicating off world agitators. “Archer said.
“I reccomend we start at squre one. We intervue family members,group members every thing. What is the human expreson? No stone unturned. “Kinera said.
Planet earth
Montrial earth
“Hello i am lt. Commander read and this is colnel hays.”he said.”i have barely ever talked to a star fleet officer in a life time. In the last few days i have seen enough to last a lifetime. ” alysia ogden said.
“Your brother. Did he travel off earth controled space recently ?”read asked. “He went to rygal 8 to meat with a rygelian group that disagred with colition membership. That was a mounth ago. “She said.
“Do you know who he met with?”hays asked. “No i don’t. I never paid too mutch attention to his rhetoric . I loved my brother but he comonly had a pet cause. That changed frequently. He staged protest against the use of the transporter. For a while he was oposed to using technology to deflect asteroids. I tuned it out most of the time!” She said.
“Did he make any orher visits off sector?”read asked. “No! I don’t think so. “She said.
Planet rygal 8
Argert caphal was a rygelian business man. He was also a member of the executive comite of the planetary legislature. He had fallen into disrepute over the last few years.
A group of macos arived. They stormed the complex. They stuned several body gourds. Archer went to argert.
“Mr.caphal. I’m captain jonathen archer. “He said.”what do you want?” He said. “You seam to have been a very buisy man!”archer said.
“I thought that fredom of movement was a gurente in your charter. ” caphal said. “It is. You met with anti coilition group all over the coilition. This includes violent radical groups!”archer said.
“I don’t want this alience. Until the charter is ratified,it is not a total reality. I do not engage in violence!”caphal said.
“You turn a blind eye towards those who do. “Shumar said. “I hope to have a peaceful resolution. “Caphal said.
“You met with tera prime?”archer asked. “Yes i did. “He said. “You have ties to business inteterest outside of the rygelian sphere of influence?’ Archer asked. “Yes i do!”caphal said. “You aware of a group called the beatified?” Archer asked. “It is a myith. It may have excisted a thousand years ago but not now. “Caphal said.
“I think that the beatified is trying to destabilize the coiition. I think you are a part of it!” “Archer said.
“I heard humans love conspiracy theories. This one is a whoper. “Caphal said. “I dont think so. I dont think so at all!” Archer said
“You will never prove any of this. “Caphil said. “Your going to blow the whistle on all this. Your going to blow this plot sky high!”archer said.
“Me? Come on? “He said. T’pol went over to him. “A mind meld? It will never hold up in court?”he said. “I am not looking for a conviction , i am looking to convince the council!”archer said.
T’pol placed her hand on his temples. “My mind is your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. Our minds are murging. Our minds are one. Tell me about the beatified. “She said.
Sanfransisco earth.
“Caphal was recruted by an orion naimed kereth. His job was to locate potential desenters to the coilitiion. Group like tera prime. The goal was to colapse the coilition before the syimbolic vote could take place. “T’pol said.
“Why?”the andorian ambassador asked.”we don’t know. Some speculated that it was the work of the orion syidicate. The colition presents a threat to there ligitiment,iligitiment and nutral business. “Read said.
“We have goten several members of tera prime to admit that they were provocked by those linked to off world interest. We have found links to the orions and orher smuglers and gansters!”hays said.
“All of this was outside agitation ?”soval asked.”yes ambassador !”read said. “You understand my scepticism. That human were so piliable is troubling!”gral said. “Things take time. We have gone so far. This is not the time to turn back. The orions and orther fear the stability we have already created. Think of what will happen if we fully abandon it!” Archer said.
“They have been debating for six houers!”hoshi said. “It is nurve wracking!” Archer said. “I can’t believe we have no evidence to tie it to the beatified!”read said. “Will they go away?”travis asked. “No. The group will factionize,a remnant will go underground. They will be back. “Kinera said.
The door opened,president Vanderbilt came over to them,”get your dress uniforms ready. We are about to have the bigest party in galatic history !’the president said. Archer smiled.”yes sir!”he said.
Unknown location
“The coilition is going foward. The telerites are back in as are the rygelians. “An aid said. “This is an unfortunate event. “An elder said. “The coilition can be stoped. We will need to prepare. I do not intend to give up. This is not over!”the zackdorn said.
Earth sanfransisco
Aliens races from multiple worlds were assembled. There were multiple oficials and dignitaries from human worlds were there.
Archer went to his crew. “We did it. The moment we have worked so hard for is hear. Though we will be going our seperate ways,this is not an end but an beginning. “Archer said. Archer went to the center of the room to give his speach.
The end.

The society part four

The planet dytalic b was an uninhabited planet full of minerals. The planet was under the control of a multi planitary mining consortium.  The planet was a perfect cover for covert meatings. The planet was used for that perpouse on multiple occasions.
The mining operations were only in certain areas of the planet. Clendestine meatings were held in areas far away from
Mining complexes. The minerals provided natural shielding.
A man excited the shartle. He was ocompined by a contingency of body gaurds. The man had a hood on. He was greated by another man.
“This is not going according to plan!”the hooded man said.”there have been a few bumps in the road excellentcy but they are not serious. The plan while not totally according to our guidelines is going well. The Vulcans and Klingon are at war. The war will drag on for some time! The one hundred year plan can go unincumbered!”the visator said.
“The border was to be fully sealed off. A vulcan agent made it to qonos. She has seen too much. That mistle rases too many questiones and it failed to acheve its misson. This is unaceptible. The entire project is thretened!”the man in charge said.
“There is no need for panic excelentcy. These devopments are not ideal,i am convinced we are on tract. ” The guest said.
“We cannot be careless. We have worked too hard on this. “The genteman in charge said.
“I will handle the vulcan agent. This will work. “The younger man said. “See that it does! I dont tolerate failue! Our future depends on the sucses of this operation. Do not let me down druslik!”the hooded gentleman urged him. “I wont!”the younger man assured him.
Klingon high council
  “There was an incident at the medical complex in the goverment district. A mistle struck the complex. We have determined that the mistle was fired from a soulder fired mistle guidence device. The device is used by many races including the vulcans!” A planitary security oficial said.
“Why would the vulcans target a morgue? “A council member asked. “I dont know!”the security chief answered. “You dont think you should answer that question!” The council member asked. “This is a minnor event councelor! The chief of security said. “A mistle was fired in the capital ! There was destruction of government property and you dont see this as sugnificant? ” the council member asked.
“Not in the big scheme of things no !”the chief said. The chairman of the high council wanted to move the meating along.
  The door opened, a military advisor entered the chamber. The aid wispered something in the ear of the chairman.the two went back and forth for a few minutes.then the aid left.
“The battle has begun. Our forces have engaged the vulcans!”the chairman said. “On whose authority?”a councilmam asked. ” the admiral in command incist that it was not on his authority. The war isin ernest. Thereis no going back. So says the empire!” The chairman said. 
Councelor shelvik was very puzled by all this. While everyone else saw random insugnificant events,he saw a paturn. What if these random events were somehow conected. Orthers seam to be content to ignore it,he would not.  He would look into it.
Medical complex
  Shivek was given a personal security detail by the council and the house he belonged to. He refused to use them hear. He knew that his colegues and the military would object. He wanted to do this undetered. 
“You can’t come hear. This is a scene of potential terorism. Councillor shivek! I did not know you were comming!”a sicurity officer said.”i am displeased with the reports thus far. I wanted to see the progress for myself !”shivek said.
He looked over the evidence. He was unsure what was going on. Something was wrong about this.
He watched the servelience recording of the mougue. “Hold who is that?” Shivek asked. “We have not been able to determine her identity. She seams to be a guest of kazerek. “A security officer said.
Imperial inteligence building
“Who is she?”shivek asked. “She was a Vulcan agent. Kazerek used her as a go between Klingon and Vulcan inteligence aperatus. “Gired said.
“Why was kazerek meating with a vulcan inteligent ?”shivek asked. “He suspected that the Vulcan government may not have played a direct role in the bombing !”gired said.
“Klingon law has mantaned that an attack by a citizen of a foregn power was an act of war regardless of wrether or not the government was involved or not.”shivek said.
“He feared that a third party might be trying to start a war between two powers that had mostly avoided eachorther and had given them a wide birth. It seamed curious. ” Gired said.
“What kind of a third party?” Shivek asked. “He was not sure. While most Klingon dismiss the myithos pf Vulcan,they don’t do things for no reason. There is no logic behind that incident. There is no logic for a private Vulcan citizen to attack the Klingons. Anyone. Could be behind it. The orions,the romulins,tholiens, it could be someone else. A planitary nation sate or a group. The perpose mostly to destabilize one or both governments. “Gired said.
“Did you not believe this ?”shivek asked. “Kezerek tended to overthink things. He was not really cut out to be a Klingon. He was too interlecual.  Were he right,it is a problem but he seams to conect dotes that are not there. “Gired said.
Shivek thought it over. It was odd. What if they were being played? The evidence said that the mystery women was stil alive.where was she? He would look into all this.
Notley sector
Tijira was the only non syintentic life form abored. The ship was cramped and life suport was suficient but that was about it.
The area was under a qarentine due to the radition. The ship went to a safe distence. She took a shartle and went into the qarentine zone. She knew how to get pass the patrols. 
She realized this was a bit of a fool hardy plan but this was important. One had to follow the evidence. The evidence led hear. 
She had no idea who or what she was looking for. The evidence seamed to indicate that this was an important location in all of this.
She scaned the area. The equipment on the pod was limited. She believed that most obsticles could be overcome.
Then she found something. She discovered a faint reading in and out. It originated on notely four. She set the shartle on course for the planet.
Notley four
She landed the shartle in a remote location of the area near the readings. She was traned in stelph operations. She had to do it often. She continued on.
She came on to a large complex in the middle of a desert. It was an odd sight. An outpost in the middle of no where. The base was self sustaned.
While there was the radiactive contemination risk ,it was the perfect spot for a secret base. She suspected that this was the lyinch pin for some kind of covert operation. She believed that this was never ment to be uncovered.
This might be a set back to this shadow master plan but it was still not over. She had to know who these people were.
There were no gaurd towers,no patrols. She suspected that whoever lived hear did not leave the complex much. Inside they would probably be protected from the radiation.
She kept going. She hoped to find a way inside. She knew it was an important clue. She was not sure how to acheve that goal.
She found a door. It was sealed .she atempted to meld with the door. She tried to trigger the door. It was tricky . She was well traned in telipathic operations. It was very draning. The door finally opened.
She entered. She had an energy pistol in hand. She sealed the door. She heard a noise. She stoped. She waited. She listened.she focused her energy on hearing what was going on.
She heard two people talking. It was a trade langrege. It seamed that it was a multi species venture.
Suddenly someone entered where she was. She turned around and saw an efrosien. They were known for having long hair almost a mane. “Stop right there!” He said.
She was in a bit of a pickle. She knew it. She had to do some fast thinking. “I have an intruder!”he said. “Bring him up to control !”the commander said.
She needed answers. She decided to coperate with her captors for now. She hoped to figure out what this was all about.
End of part four.
Efrosiens were depicted in star trek four and six. In star trek four the helm officer of the u.s.s Saratoga was an efrosiens. The federation president was an efrosien in star trek 6.