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Legend of zarkan the conclusion. 

U.s.s frontier 

“Sir the vesels have stand down.there shields and screens are off line. “Steve reported. “We will send bording party over. I want to sicure those ships as soon as we can. ” warren said.

“Sir. I cant locate one of the ships in the fleet.  The vessel was a tanker. It was not carying fuel. It seemed to have been converted into a cargo hauler. ” ilisia said. 

“Oh no! Try to locate that ship. Suspect it is a doomsday ship. My gues is that this was designed as a weapon of last  resort.  A sorched earth gambit.  I take zarkan for a sore loser!” warren said.

Ilisia went though the sensor logs. “Dawn it. That vessel used transwarp beeming. “Ilisia said. “I am not sure who to be mad at. Kahn or scoty?”warren said. 

“Can you ascertain where they went?”steve asked. “Attempting to steve. “Ilisia said. Ilisia was impatcient. She was known to be iretible especially when she was under pressure.  

“Oh no! They are right above new vulcan. ” ilisia reported.” crap! Of course they are. Go to maximum acceleration.  “Warren said. “Aye sir.”oneil said.

Oniel was a bit reluctent. He knew he had no chioce. The destruction of vulcan was crusing emough.if new vulcan fell,the vulcan society might never recover. 

Oneil diverted every non esential power to the engines. He set the ship to maximum warp. Then he presed the engines engage buton.the ship went to warp. The ship went as fast as it could. 

“The frontier has gone to maximum warp. They have devored every last power they could think off. “Zordol said .

“Mantain course! “Zarkan ordered. The ship tried to ignore the frontier.the ship kept heading for new vulcan. 

“Ship is stil on course. ” ilisia anounced. “Come on come on. We have to i.p with that ship!”warren said. The ship finaly came into weapons range. The frontier fired a series of phasers at the vessel. 

The cargo carier deployed the dust cloud. The ship was caught up in it.”i cannot get pass the cloud.”steve said. 

The ore carier neared the planet.  A Klingon ship came in.the crusier fired on the ore freighter. 

“The dust cloud generator is off line.”an aid said. “Return fire.”zarkan said. The freighter fired on the crusier. The ship used minumum crew. The vessel was striped down so they have more cannons. Three torpedo were lunched at the klingon vessel. The vessel was knocked out. 

“Get me raming speed!”khas ordered.”warp drive is off line. Impulse off line. “The klingon helm said. “Dawn it!”khas said. 

The ore freighter neared the planet.”take us to the planet’s core. We will detonate inside there.nothing will survive then. “Zarkan said. 

The vessel seam unable to be stoped.the vessel was about to unleash a deadly weapon. “I canot lead the vulcan people. No one can.” zarkan said. 

Suddenly a transporter like beam apeared out of where. The enterprise beemed in. The enterprise unleashed a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes.  The freighter was hit. The enterprise did not give them time to let up. It just kept fireing and fireing. 

The freighter was determined to carry out its deadly misson.zarkqn knew he would not survive. He had to carry out his misson. He had to see all this though.

The enterprise fired on the engines.the enterprise tried to cut off zarkan’s ability to perform its deadly task. The enterprise fired on the ship. 

Zarkan seperated the command module from the rest of thr ship.the hulk exploded. The command module tried to used the distraction to get to the core. The command mod had the bio weapon. It was about to be unleshed.

The frontier made it to the mod. On the bridge,sarah came on to the bridge.  “Wait ! Call up the command mod on tactical plot. “Sarah said. “Do it.”warren said.”tactical plot on viewer. ” ilisia reported. 

On the screen displayed what remained of the command module. “Hit hear. “Steve said.the frontier fired on the module. The module was wounded. The module decided to unleash its payload above the planet.  The frontier fired everything it had. The module exploded. 

“The enterprise is hailing us. “Palmer said. “On screen. “Warren said.on the view screen displayed the image of the enterprise bridge. “Its just like you jim to come in on the white horse. ” warren said. “You did prety good on your end. “Kirk said. Warren laughed. 


“Captains log the plot by zarkan has been thawted. Zarkan was killed in the atempt. The government on vulcan is considering a pardon for some involved in the plot. It is not clear what will happen to them. Some are pushing for exile whole orthers want them to play a part in the political process of new vulcan.it is not clear how it will go. Another questione is what to do with the folowers of zarkan who like him were revived.  There are alot of unanswered questiones. While the crises may be over, its legacy remains. “He said.

Qurters of waren.

“Apparently sybok flew the coupe.we cannot locate him. “Steve said. “Why am i not suprised?”he asked. “What are you doing?”steve asked. “When sarah left me,she left a hand written note with. Her ring. I kept it holding on to the hope that i could return it to her one day. Except i cant find it. I considered throwing it into the refuse on the excalibur but i am prety sure i did not. Now i cant find it. “He said.

“You did throw it into the refuse!” steve told him. “Oh no i did. Now i remember.  It was a moment of weaknesses.  ” warren said. “Warr comr down.”steve  said. He pulled the ring out of his pocket.” you fished it out?” warrrn asked.”not quite. I could not fit inside. I held the door open  while ilisia fished it out. Your welcome by the way. “Steve said.

“Some times i feel like you save me from myself. Thank you. “He told her. “Hey! What are friends for?”he said to him. 

He gave warren the ring. He took it from his friend.”now go see her. Tell her what you what you waited so long to tell her. “Steve said.  “Ok im going!”warren said.

Qurters of tsarah

“Hi sarah hi myia!”he said. “Hi daddy!”she said. “They cleared me. I can have my commission back if i want it.”Sarah said.  “You mearly exersized fredom of speech.  “Warren said.”is that why your hear?”she asked. “No its not. “Warren said. “Then why have you come?”she asked.

“Your left something behind. I would like to have it back. ” he said. She started to cry. “Look i know you have a lot to figure out. Are you going to be logical,emotionally or something in between?  I want youvto figure it out with me. I love you. That wont change.  I realize that now. Will you mary me again.you can be hear as an oficer ora civilian advisor.  I know the captain. I think he will let you stay on the ship. “He said.

“What do you think myia. Do you want momy and you to live with daddy. ” she asked her daughter.”yes i do.”she said. “I will marry you. “She said.

She huged him. He held on to her. Myia joined in the group hug. 

The end. 


Birth pains part 7

“Captain’s starlog ,the coilition we have worked so hard to create is hanging on by a thread. A third party,a secreat society that is part mythological part ideological is trying to destroy the coilition before it starts. It is a kind of devide and conqur like aproach. ”
“Unfortunately we have no proof. All of our evidence is mostly conjecture and speculation. We have nothing that can be tied to this group or even prove it exists. ”
“So we know soong aided kareth in reserch in genetic enhancement. Enhancement used by tera prime. “Archer said.
“The evidence does provide a link between kareth and tera prime. The tera prime members claim they hired kereth not the orther way around. “T’pol said.
“Tera prime is compartmentilized. It is a top down group. “Kinera said. “Let my gues vashar has several files on tera prime!”shumar commented. “Yes we do. “She said. “Mostlikly that knowledge died when ogden died. “Travis said.
“We have to keep going. There has to be something ,some evidence implicating off world agitators. “Archer said.
“I reccomend we start at squre one. We intervue family members,group members every thing. What is the human expreson? No stone unturned. “Kinera said.
Planet earth
Montrial earth
“Hello i am lt. Commander read and this is colnel hays.”he said.”i have barely ever talked to a star fleet officer in a life time. In the last few days i have seen enough to last a lifetime. ” alysia ogden said.
“Your brother. Did he travel off earth controled space recently ?”read asked. “He went to rygal 8 to meat with a rygelian group that disagred with colition membership. That was a mounth ago. “She said.
“Do you know who he met with?”hays asked. “No i don’t. I never paid too mutch attention to his rhetoric . I loved my brother but he comonly had a pet cause. That changed frequently. He staged protest against the use of the transporter. For a while he was oposed to using technology to deflect asteroids. I tuned it out most of the time!” She said.
“Did he make any orher visits off sector?”read asked. “No! I don’t think so. “She said.
Planet rygal 8
Argert caphal was a rygelian business man. He was also a member of the executive comite of the planetary legislature. He had fallen into disrepute over the last few years.
A group of macos arived. They stormed the complex. They stuned several body gourds. Archer went to argert.
“Mr.caphal. I’m captain jonathen archer. “He said.”what do you want?” He said. “You seam to have been a very buisy man!”archer said.
“I thought that fredom of movement was a gurente in your charter. ” caphal said. “It is. You met with anti coilition group all over the coilition. This includes violent radical groups!”archer said.
“I don’t want this alience. Until the charter is ratified,it is not a total reality. I do not engage in violence!”caphal said.
“You turn a blind eye towards those who do. “Shumar said. “I hope to have a peaceful resolution. “Caphal said.
“You met with tera prime?”archer asked. “Yes i did. “He said. “You have ties to business inteterest outside of the rygelian sphere of influence?’ Archer asked. “Yes i do!”caphal said. “You aware of a group called the beatified?” Archer asked. “It is a myith. It may have excisted a thousand years ago but not now. “Caphal said.
“I think that the beatified is trying to destabilize the coiition. I think you are a part of it!” “Archer said.
“I heard humans love conspiracy theories. This one is a whoper. “Caphal said. “I dont think so. I dont think so at all!” Archer said
“You will never prove any of this. “Caphil said. “Your going to blow the whistle on all this. Your going to blow this plot sky high!”archer said.
“Me? Come on? “He said. T’pol went over to him. “A mind meld? It will never hold up in court?”he said. “I am not looking for a conviction , i am looking to convince the council!”archer said.
T’pol placed her hand on his temples. “My mind is your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. Our minds are murging. Our minds are one. Tell me about the beatified. “She said.
Sanfransisco earth.
“Caphal was recruted by an orion naimed kereth. His job was to locate potential desenters to the coilitiion. Group like tera prime. The goal was to colapse the coilition before the syimbolic vote could take place. “T’pol said.
“Why?”the andorian ambassador asked.”we don’t know. Some speculated that it was the work of the orion syidicate. The colition presents a threat to there ligitiment,iligitiment and nutral business. “Read said.
“We have goten several members of tera prime to admit that they were provocked by those linked to off world interest. We have found links to the orions and orher smuglers and gansters!”hays said.
“All of this was outside agitation ?”soval asked.”yes ambassador !”read said. “You understand my scepticism. That human were so piliable is troubling!”gral said. “Things take time. We have gone so far. This is not the time to turn back. The orions and orther fear the stability we have already created. Think of what will happen if we fully abandon it!” Archer said.
“They have been debating for six houers!”hoshi said. “It is nurve wracking!” Archer said. “I can’t believe we have no evidence to tie it to the beatified!”read said. “Will they go away?”travis asked. “No. The group will factionize,a remnant will go underground. They will be back. “Kinera said.
The door opened,president Vanderbilt came over to them,”get your dress uniforms ready. We are about to have the bigest party in galatic history !’the president said. Archer smiled.”yes sir!”he said.
Unknown location
“The coilition is going foward. The telerites are back in as are the rygelians. “An aid said. “This is an unfortunate event. “An elder said. “The coilition can be stoped. We will need to prepare. I do not intend to give up. This is not over!”the zackdorn said.
Earth sanfransisco
Aliens races from multiple worlds were assembled. There were multiple oficials and dignitaries from human worlds were there.
Archer went to his crew. “We did it. The moment we have worked so hard for is hear. Though we will be going our seperate ways,this is not an end but an beginning. “Archer said. Archer went to the center of the room to give his speach.
The end.

Birth pains part five

Office of the president
“I am deeply troubled by the incident ambassador. The coilition,military asult command and earth government are looking into this. “President Vanderbilt said.
“Mr. President,when i acepted the post of ambassador ,i was assured that i could traval safly to and from earth. Yet my ship was attack. This was an unprovoked attack!”grall said.
“Mr. President we are conducting a full investigation. I consider the response by the telerite ship to be overkill. An entire fighter crew are dead. “General cassy said. “We had no chioce! “Grall said. “We do not have all the facts. I urge all sides to keep an open mind until the enquiry is complete.”president Vanderbilt said.
“This attack was an act of war mr. President. I have spoken to my superiors. They have agreed to hold off any judgement until the investigation is complete. Whoever i have oficialy been recalled to teller. My government is reconsidering our paticpation in the allience.” The tellerite ambassador said.
“I am sory to hear that. I do not want to lose the tellerites. I am commited to getting to the botom of this!”Vanderbilt said. “I will comunicate that to my government.”grall said.
Star fleet command
“This is petposterpus. The telerites engaged in overkill! “Colnel hays said.”i can’t discus this! “Read said.”the telerites overacted. If they had just coperated with the inspection!”read said. “Look i really cannot this with you jeff!”read said. “I know. I don’t like having my friends killed and then have them being rail roaded.”the colnel said.
The door opened,a jr star fleet officer entered. “Commander read,we found no evidence of any dna In the floatsome!” The ensign said. “Thsts imposible!”hays said. “Your sure?”read said. “We checked and rechecked. The black box was unsalvegible. “Ensign emma rese said. “The black box is made to last though anything. I can’t believe it was destroyed. “Hays said.
“We don’t know who was flying those ships?”read asked. “Negitive. All of bravo scraiud are acounted for. “Emma said. “What if no one piloted those ships?”read said. “Auto pilot?”hays asked. “Captain archer suspected a third party is trying to disrupt the coilition. “Read said.
“Someone had to steal those ships. “Rese said. “According to the bravo commander,the fighters were suposed to be at the base. No one knew that the ships were not at the birth.” Hays said.
“Did you check for known ties to tera prime or afiliated or like minded group associated with bravo group?” Read said. “I found none. ” emma said. “Who was in charge of the hanger deck where bravo group is birthed?” Read asked. “Chief petty officer tyrel. “Emma said. “We need to have a chat with mr. Tyrel!” Read said.
Space dock
“The chief never showed up for his duty shift. We came to see him and found him.”a superior officer said. “Phased pistol to the head!” A security officer said.”no suiside note?”emma asked. “No mam.” The officer said.
Star fleet detention center.
“They all claim to have no knowledge of the involvement of the orions or the telerite attack,”security officer boyed said. “You believe them?”hays asked. “I don’t know sir! I have no information either way!”boyed said.
Office of ambassador soval
“Sir!  The rygeliam ambassador is ordering all non esential staf to leave there embisy. He is suspending all oficial activities until further notice!”skoden said.”curious. We have accomplished so much. Now we are In danger of losing it. “Soval said.
“It is puzzling. “Scoden said.”indeed. Captain archer suspect a third party may be involved. Perhaps non humans!”soval said.”i remember the archives mentioning a similar incident.one that ocured just prior to our contact with the humans.”scoden.said. “fasinating. Perhaps there is a conection. We should look into this!”the ambassador said.
Vulcan security ministry.
“Agent kinera?”the director said.”you asked to see me sir?” She asked. “Please come in. “Dirctor shapal said.
“We suspect that the group that calls itself the beatified may have been behind the crises on earth.”the director said. “I too have had suspected that. “Kinera said.
“Right now the coilition is at a stand stil. I want you to brief captain archer. He is on rissa. “The chief said.
“Rissa?”she asked.”they located an orion who may be involved in the plot. He was found murdered. I want you to coordinate with archer and his crew. ” The director said. “I will do that sir!”kinera said. “Good!”the director said.
“Captain’s log april first 2161. With a few days before what was suposed to be a syimbolic vote to create a coilition of planets,the aliience is faling apart. I have come to suspect that this is the work of a third party working to obstruct our alience. We have been anable to prove it. Now with the death of our only link to a plot,the case has seamed to have cold. ”
“The risian government has taken over the case. The cause of death is a phase pistol. I cannot determine if the cause of death is self inflicted or murder!”dr. Phlox said.
“I can’t believe this was suiside'”shumar said.”nor do i but i have no idea to prove that it was not! ” archer said.
“Captain to the bridge!” T’pol said over the com. “Lets go to the bridge!”archer said. His crew agreed.
Archer and commander shumar entered the bridge. “Captain on the bridge!”an officer said. “Report!” Archer ordered.
“We have an incoming ship. It is runing at high warp! It is heading right for us!” T’pol said.
“Can you identify it?” Archer asked. “Atempting to!”hoshi said. Hoshi tried to id the ship. “The vesel is Vulcan. It Apears to be a curior. The vesel is requesting permission to dock with us.” Hoshi said. “Granted. “Archer said.
The vessel came along side the enterprise. The vessel linked up with the earth vessel. “Docking complete!”t’pol said. “T’pol with me. ” Archer said. The first officer followed the captain. They excited the bridge.
Docking bay
The airlock opened,a women that looked half Vulcan half Klingon. The crew was startled. “Are you Klingon or Vulcan ?”trip asked. T’pol gave him a dirty look. “My maternal grandmorther was the product of a union between a Klingon and Vulcan. “She said.
“It is agreable to see you again! “T’pol said. “And you. I have inportent information for you captain. I believe i know. Who is involved In this. “Kinera said.
Captain’s qurters
“Twenty years before first contact between earth and Vulcan ,my great grand morther uncovered a plot by a group known as the batified. They are a group that is involved in mythology and political intrege. After the fall of the empires,the beatified saught to preserve order. There definition of order is only those they created. “She said.
“What was the plot that occured a hundred years ago?” Shumar asked. “The beatified framed Vulcan for an attack on the Klingon high council during a perade on the homeworld. They then tried to escilate the war. My great grandmorther helped expose the plot and stop the war. “Kinera said.
“Bridge to captain!”trip said. Archer pulled out his com device. “Go ahead!”archer said.”kepin a vessel registered to a delten left orbit an hour after his death. “Trip said. “Locate that ship! It may be the key to stoping this!” Archer said.
End of part five.

Birth pains part 2

Coilition of planets council chamber.
Sanfrancisco earth.
Several deligates entered the room. This included ambassador soval of Vulcan,ambassador storvan of andoria,ambassador lyman eller the third of earth and ambassador grall of teller. The admiral and his aides entered the room. Everyone sat down.
“Earth isolationest have seized the observation dome in anartica. They incist that we put the convention on hold. We of course will not cave to the demands of terorist. We are perparing to act.”admiral gardner said.
“We were asured that tera prime was a thing of the past. Now it seams they are still a force in earth society. ” grall remarked.
“It is a small group. It will be delt with.”gardner said. “I find this troubling as well. We had to delay the full implementation of this alience during  the last incident involving this group. Now as we are about to make history they do it again!”storvan said.
“We will do every thing in our power to end it quickly. “Gardner said.” See that you do!”gral said.
After the brefing was dismissed the deligates began to disperse.the admiral went over to the Vulcan and earth representives. “You were atypicaly qiet ambassador soval!”gardner said.”i am trying to obsorb all of this keith. I began to see that the dream of a coilition of planets could be sustainable. Now it seams to be in doubt. I find it concerning.”the ambassador said.
“I am fairly certain that this will be over but we are a few days before the convention begins. We cannot aford a major incident. I fear some of the signers might pull out. This could be a wimper but it could be a bang. “Ambassador eller said. “I agree. That is my concern as well!”the Vulcan ambassador said.
“Do you really think that all of this could fall apart?”gardner asked. “I think there is a big chance it could !”soval said.”i am forced to agree. My family has seen manny revolutions in our time. All were highly unexpected. I pray this is not one of them!”eller said.
  Fort drum
New york
The maco’s began to orginize. One of the most elete units got ready to deploy. They grabed weapons and perpaired to leave.
The anartica base activated a shield that prevented beaming. They had to go in with transports.
The shartles and fighter escirts left fort drum. They headed to the sight.
Anartica base
” mikee the macos have left there base. They are heading right for us!”clare fuller said.
“Ok people ! This is it! The moment we were waiting for!” Ogden said.
They had there weapons ready. They were excited to impliment there plan.
“Hi t’pol.”archer said. “The macos are off to storm anartica?”she asked. “They are leaving now. “Archer said. “I see.do you think that this will be resolved?”t’pol asked. ” I hope so!”archer said.
“Johnathen,do you think trip and i can wreather any storm?”she asked. “Well you two have wreathered a lot. You got though cultural and racial diference. You got though koss. You got though Elizabeth dying. You got though meating trips family! I think you two are stronger together. I think you two can withstand things you never thought you could. “Archer commented.
“I am concerned that there may be something that we cannot handle. Something too big. “She said.
“What is it t’pol?”archer asked.”I’m pregnant. “She said. “I take it trip does not know yet?”archer asked. “I just found out myself !”she answered.
“Does phlox feel that you can cary the child sucesfully to term?’archer asked. “He does. He wants to be careful. He advises constent monitoring. He fells that the complication with Elizabeth was due to the cloning techneques used by paxton and his team. “She said.
“You and trip never really talk about Elizabeth do you?”he asked. “No we have not. It is a difficult subject for us both. We have never found a way to discus it. “She said.
“Look this is not going to be easy. This may be the bigest thing you two have ever faced. You two are stronger together. Don’t push him away.”archer told her.
“That is not easy for me. As a Vulcan it is easier to go inward. To deal with it internaly!”she said. “You two chose to go on this jouney together. You both have to be all in or all out!”he said.
The trop transports began to land near the base. The fighters fired air strikes landed on the base. The base returned fire on the ships.
The fighters hit the serface to air turets. While the tropers ran to the base. They threw granades. The door was forced open.
They were fired on. The macos returned fire on the the tera prime extremest. The macos struggled to advance.
While another unit ganed acess to an uper floor of the structure..the paratropers were able to gain aces to the uper level.
The operation was going as planed. The macos had overwelming force. The tera prime force were out numbered.
The ocupiers faught to the very end. The force made it to the control center. Ogden and his people did not relent.
“Its over Ogden ! Time to give up!” Colnel hays the brother of the late enterprise maco commander major hays said.
He fired. “Never! Tera prime foever!”odgen declared. Ogden tried to fire at hays. He was hit multiple times. He kept fireing until he was cut down. He fell to the ground.
The unit serounded the injured odgen. The remaning team continued to fire. Finally several were injured or killed. Clare fuller was arested.
Earth government
“Mr. President! The crises is over. Anartica base has been sicured. There were fithty members of the group. Ten dead including there leader. There are 20 injuries. The rest were arested. “General cassy reported.
“Well it could have been worse i supose. I am going to make a. Adress from the horizontal office. I hope this will blow over. “President nathen Samuels said.
  Later on.
“This is breaking news. “Earth news network reporter Jessica Armstrong said. “The earth president nathen samuals is about to adress the people of earth and guest on the standoff at anartica and its conclusion. Hear we Go!”she said.
“My felllow earthers,and residents and assembled guest. I had looked foward to the pomp and circumstances of this historic week. I was sadened to be informed that the anartica observitory was seized by those claming to be part of tera prime an organization believed to be defunct. “Samuels said.
“On my orders,i authorized the military asult command to deploy forces to sicure the base. The mission was conplete. Those ocupying the conplex have been killed or captured. ”
“Humanity has gone though unprecedented changes over the last hundred years. We endured a third world war then the devasating aftermath. Then we made contact with the Vulcans. Began to look to the stars!”
“11 Years ago we began to explore deep space. It was not easy. We faced the zyindi crisis and the conflict with the romulans. I plead with you to go further. Do not go backwards. We have a great oportunuty hear. Let us not go backwards . Let us reject fear. Let us embrace a new future.”
Earth lock up
Clare fuller was examoned at star fleet medical then transfered to lock up. She wore a gray prison issue jump suit and cufs. She was led to a confrence room.
“Miss fuller. I am captain wiliams head of earth security for star fleet. This is commander Malcolm read who will be heading up the security for the confrence. ” Wiliams said.
“I know who you both are. I especially know you ‘commanser’ read. You sols us out several times !”she said.
“You had to know the raid would fail! “Read said. “It was not about that! We could not stand by and do nothing !”she said.
“You had a bright future. Graduated from columbia school of jounalism. Studied at juliard. Clasical pianist. You had a bright future !”read said. “I can’t sit by and let people like you destroy it. This is our world! It is of and for humanity. “She said.
Star fleet command.
“Those i questioned claim that that the plot is confined to there group. They claim that there is no one else or any orther group not at the site!” Captain wiliams reported.
“Do you believe it?” Admiral Gardner asked. “I have no evidence for or against. I have to think orthers were involved. I can’t prove either posibilities. ” Read answered.
“The incoming coilition president, president samuls,the prime minister and everyone else from hear to qonos wants to know answers. “Gardner said.
“Are we going though with the confrence?” Commander shumar asked. “Yes we are. Until further notice. For right now we are on. Lets keep on our toes.”Gardner said.
Archer and read left the office. “Why did i take this assigment ? “Read asked. “A favor for a friend!”archer said. “I thought this would be an easy mission !”read commented. “So did i !” Archer said.
  Andorian embisy
The andorian embasy was on high alert after anartica. There was no clear indication of a credible threat against the embasy. The andorians would take no chance.
People were going in and out. The scaners detected something. Before they cook act the bomber detonated themselves. The damage was negligible. It was confined to the entrence. It sent a powerfull message that could not be ignored.
End of part two.
Captain wiliams is the former aid to admiral forest. He apeared in broken bow,regeneration,and “home”. He was played by jim bever. I imagine he was probably was either a first officer or a starship commander during the romulan war.
Nathen Samuels was a minister presumbly prime minister of earth in “demons” and tera prime. He was played by henry groner.  There is no mention of a planitary president but in a parliamentry system ,there is usually some kind of head of sate. I can’t believe post first contact earth would have a monarchy.
Admiral Gardner was seen briefly in “in a mirror darkly”
Lyman eller is a character i created for star trek new beginning and star trek beginning.
Grall apeared in two episodes of the romulan trilogy of season four. (Babel one,and united).
I imagine steven culp also playing the brother of hays.

Dawn of the day part three

U.s.s enterprise
Ncc 1701 -A
“Captain i am detecting three vessels. I believe them to be Klingon vessels!” Lt. Rylie enders reported. “I agree with that conclusion jim!”spock informed him.
“We are in federation space corect?”kirk asked. “That is corect!”spock answered. “Vhy are the Klingons in our space?”checov said.
“I have no idea pavil. I don’t like that. Not at all. Mr. Sulu plot an intercept course for those ships. “Kirk ordered.
Sulu ploted the intercept course.”course plotted!”sulu informed the captain.
” Jim! Are you sure this is a good idea? “Doctor mccoy asked.”Klingon battle crushers in the heart of the federation. What is the confusion in that? It seams clear to me!”kirk remarked.
“Jim its been a little less then a  hundred years. A lot can change in that time. “Mccoy said.
“Not them! Not the klingons. The Klingon don’t change. Warfare is in there dna. Its who they are! You must see that!” Kirk declared.
“This is a new century. We cannot be sure of any facts. It would be unwise to make any asumptions! “Spock said.
“Come on spock! These are Klingons. We have seen what they are capable off. “Kirk answered.
“On earth it was believed that the united states and the Soviet union would be in a perpetual sate of war. Then in 1998,the soviet premer anounced they would end the arms race. In 2020,Soviet leader cherienko declared that any nation that wanted to could leave the Soviet union. History indicates that things and people change over time!” Spock said.
“People change,not klingons. Klingon are always blood thirsty. They don’t change. “Kirk said.
While kirk did not say it all,every one knew it was on his mind. It was a Klingon that killed kirk’s son. He had never goten over it.
  The enterprise headed for the Klingon vessels. The enterprise went as fast as they could. To kirk,this was a threat to the federation. One that had to be delt with. Kirk would deal with it.
Klingon vessel
“Sir. Detecting incoming vessel ! It is a constitution class vessel!”lt.McKenna libson commented. “Constitution class ! Those ships were retired from service a long time ago. “The Klingon commander said.
“It is on a direct intercept course for us!”a Klingon science oficer reported. “This is quite unusual !”the first oficer remarked.
The enterprise neared the vessels. “Now in veapons range!” Checov reported. “Open fire!”kirk ordered. “Now wait a minute jim! ” mccoy said.
Before mccoy could fully elaborate on his position ,the enterprise fired. The enterprise fired with a full volley of phasers and photon torpedoes on the Klingon ships.
“Why are they opening fire?”a jr officer asked. “I wish i knew!”the commander said.
” Do we return fire? “The gunner asked. “This is federation space. This could be interpreted as an act of agreson. We do by treaty have a right to be hear. Open hailing frequency !”the commander ordered.
“They are not returning fire!”scoty said. “Odd isint it?”kirk remarked. “We are being hailed by the lead ship!” Uhua said.
“This could be a Klingon trap. They could be testing a new weapon. No response. “Kirk said.
“Jim! This is a bad idea!”dr. Mccoy commented. “Bones qiet yourself.”kirk said. Mccoy was not happy but did as asked.
“Fire a warning schot!”the commander ordered. The Klingon flagship fired near the enterprise. The torpedo came near and detinated just off the nichelle. The ship felt the wake.
“See bones. Proof of agreson!” Kirk said. “That’s hardly proof!”the doctor said.
“We have an incoming ship!”rylie said. “More Klingons?”kirk asked. “Negitive. It is a federation. Call letters,ncc 1701-D u.s.s enterprise. ” Spock said. “The enterprise?”sulu said.
“We are being hailed !”uhua said. “On screen !”kirk said. The view screen turned on. On the screen was the bridge of the megestic starship.
A captain stood up from the center seat. The captain moved away from the hourse shoe like command area. He tuged on his uniform tunic. He went to the view screen.
“I am captain jean luc picard of the enterprise D. To whom am i speaking ?”the older man with a french accent asked in a commanding tone.
“I,sir,am captain james t kirk of the enterprise A. “He said. “Please stop your attack on the Klingon ships at once! “Picard demanded.
“Why are they alowed in federation space !”kirk demanded to know. “Captain things have changed. The federation and Klingon empire are no longer at war. We are alies. “Picard said.
Kirk saw a Klingon at one of the aft stations. “They have sued for peace before. It is a routine staling tactic. Either that or a decision perpetrated by the political government usually vitoed by the military one way or another.” Kirk said.
“That was true in the past. My people have changed. In your time the organiens predicted that humans and klingon would become fast friends. That day has come. Even in your day,you cooperated with kang to defeat a creture that fed on agresson. “Worf said.
“Captain,i urge you to stand down. Even with the alience they wil defend themselves. If a battle begins,there is no knowing what the results will be.”picard urged.
“Lower shields! Stand down!”picard ordered. The weapons officer complied with the order.
“There shields and screens are down! “Lt. Yar reported. “Thank you sir.” Picard said.
Picard gave a non verbal que to the female security officer to terminate the transmison. “Transmission closed.” Yar reported. “Counselor ! Can you sense anything from them?”picard asked “they believe they are the crew of the enterprise?” Deana troyi said.
“Do you doubt there syincerity?”will rycer asked. “I can’t determine that. They believe they are!”deana answered.
“Have doctor crusher asemble a medical team. Have her go over and examine the crew. Lets find out who these people are. ” Picard ordered. “Aye sir!”yar said.
Picard got up from the command chair. “Number one you have the bridge.”picard said.”your going over there? You said so yourself ,we don’t know who these people are for certain yet!”rycer said.
“If this is jim kirk,i should go over there. If it is,i would love to meat him. I would love to see an older starship ! The matter is setled. I am going over there. “Picard informed his second in command.
“Be careful sir. If this is an alien plot,your capture would be a huge blow to the ship and to star fleet!”rycer said. “I am aware of that.”picard said.
Transporter room
Picard and and android joined the medical team. Picard felt uncomfortable around the chief medical officer. She had been maried to his best friend. He was in command of the mission that led to her husband’s death. While they had always been cordjial,there was a unspoken frost between them. They tried to keep things professional. Both had respect for the ortner.
“I have the cordinents set for the bridge “a slightly balding officer reported. “Enerzize!”picard said.
The team emurged on the bridge. “After all the advances, you have not cured male paturn baldness ?”kirk said. “I am afraid not!”Picard answered. “It is not a high priority !”dr. Crusher said.
A male nurse scaned the captain. “He is human. Aperent age 56 give or take. His readings are consistent with the records of james t kirk!”he said.
“You thought we were lying ?”dr. Mccoy asked. “The thought did accur to us!” Picard said.
“Who or what pretell are you?”scoty asked commander data. “I am android sir!”he replied. ” Hopefully not like the ones on exo 2?”uhua said. “No very different. I am benevolent !”data said. “Oh!”uhua said.
“You believed that we were lying?”spock said. “The story apeared far fetched!’data said. “We are who we say we are!” Kirk said. “From the evidence i have,i believe that to be true!”dr. Crusher said.
“I had some doubts about you but mr. Spock believes being catipaulted into the future is possible . We have been knocked into the last enough times. Why not the future !”kirk said.
“I’m glad there is a future !”mccoy said. “I don’t want to blow the lid on events yet to occur but thr future is quite bright. In many ways you pqved the way for what we have today.we created a universe i think you would be proud off. We saught to protect your legacy. “Picard said.
Near by
Adrift in space was a klingon ship. It was a ship from the past. Right now the crew was asleep. They would not stay that way foever.
End of part three
I am writing this as if if was writen in 1986. Sense the soviet union was stil in excistence as well as the cold war. The fall of the berlin wall did not occur until 1989. It was not until December 1990 that michile gorbichov disoved the soviet union. The dates and name of the soviet premer was pulled out of my bum.
The male nurse was an unamed recurring character that apeared in several episodes including “heart of glory”. He was played by brad zerbrist.
The transporter chief was played by micheal ryder. He apeared in “code of hournor” among others.


Dawn of the day part two

  Captain james t. Kirk had been knocked out. He was unconscious. He was dreaming. Visions flew his head. His boyhood in iowa. His time at the academy including pranks played on by an uperclassman.
He saw gary mitchel. He saw the life form on tycho IV. He saw carol marcus,ruth,edith keeler. He saw tribles,nazies,klingons. He saw the enterprise.
He saw viger probe. He saw kahn.he saw spock dying. He saw the enterprise destroyed. He saw spock regenerated. He saw the whales. He saw himself returing to the new enterprise.
“Jim! Jim!”dr. Mccoy said. “Bones! “Kirk said. Kirk started to get up. “Easy jim!”the doctor said. Kirk gently got up. He was starting to get back to normal.
“Satus!”kirk ordered. “We sustained minnor damage on deck 10 Though 12. There was substancual damage to the main deflector dish. There was damage to the shartle bay and torpedo luch bay. ” Spock reported.
“Where are we?” Kirk asked. “Keptin we are near delta wega!”checov said. “Are you sure?”kirk asked. “Confirmed sir!”sulu said. “How in blazes did we get there?”mccoy asked.
“I believe the energy wave propeled us hear at high speads!”spock said. “It is theoretically posible!”scoty said.
“Hail star fleet command ! Inform them of what has occured!”kirk informed uhua. Uhua agreed. She sent the information to star fleet command.
“sir! I am getting a parculer response! They seam to doubt who we are! “Uhua said. “Whats going on?”dr. Mccoy asked. “I wish i knew. Uhua get a visual contact !”kirk ordered.
Lt. Commander uhua sent the request for a visual. The view screen was activated by the comm officer. On the screen was an admiral. The uniform was not one any of the enterprise crew recognized. The man in the screen was a man with the apearent age of being in his fithties or sixties.
“Who is this! This is a chanel no longer used by star fleet!”the admiral said. ” Why was i not informed?”kirk asked. “Who is this?”the admiral demanded to know. “This is captain james t kirk of the starship enterprise!” Kirk said.
“Is this some kind of joke?”The admiral asked. “I asure you sir,this is no joke! Who sir are you?”kirk asked. “I am reer admiral hildalgo star fleet command. “The admiral answered.
“I am not familar with you sir!” Kirk declared. “You cannot be jim kirk.  If you were,you would look a lot older. “The admiral said.”this is not a joke or a prank sir. I am captain james t. Kirk. I am abored the enterprise ncc 1701-A. “Kirk informed the admiral.
“If i may jim.”spock said. Kirk non verbily gave him the go ahead to procede. Spock went to the screen. “Sir! May i ask what year is this?” Spock asked.
The admiral was puzzled. “Earth calander 2386. “The admiral said.”the 24th century ?”kirk asked. “How is that posible?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“You claim your the crew of the enterprise A?”hildalgo asked.”we are the crew of the enterprise!”scoty said. “Your captain kirk?”the admiral asked.”yes i am sir !”kirk said. The admiral showed evidence that he did not believe the claim. “You travaled into the future ?”the admiral asked in a somewhat cyinical tone.
“If i may sir!”spock said. “Say on!”hildalgo said. “We encountered a Klingon experiment involving time waves.i believe that we got caught in a wave. It propelled us into the future.”spock said.
The admiral thought it over. “I want you to hold position where you are. I am dispatching a ship to your position. Please cooperate with them!”hildalgo said.
“You have my assurance we will sir!”spock said. “Very good. We will keep in touch ! Star fleet out!”he said. The screen faided. Open space could be seen.
Starfleet command sanfransisco
“What do you make of this?” The admiral asked an aid. “I have no idea. It could be an alien deception,hologrophy,or the itiotions. They do like to imitate. Temporal displacement is not that odd! “Lt. Rylie enders said.
“Do you believe that is little chance that they are who they claim to be?” An ensign asked.
“I have no idea ensign. It is definitely posible. I just don’t know. We will find out. “The admiral said. “Who are you going to send?”lt. Enders asked.
“There is only one person up to this task! Get me captain jean luc picard!” The admiral said.
In space a gigentic starship warped on by. It was one of the largest ship ever assembled by star fleet. Having a thousand people on bored,it was almost a citty in space. It was designed for long term exploration vessel.it included families and civilian advisors. It had resorceses and fuel for a long trip. 
The vessel mission was the same as all of ships naimed enterprise.to boldly go where no one had gone before. It had a long term emphises.
  The ship’s captain walked though the ship. He looked at the vest engines. He could not get over the imensity of the ship.its magesty.
The commanding officer was from french lineage. He had grown up in a smal vilege in france. He was balding and not particularly tall. He had a commanding presence about him.
He left engineering and toured orther parts of the ship. He was a serious man. Some who call him stoic. This was not his first command. He had commanded starship before. He was considered one of the best in star fleet.
He was roaming the halls. His jaunt was interupted by the sound of the p.a syistom. “Bridge to captain!”a vioce said.the captain went over to a com unit in the coridor. “This is picard!”he said.
“Sir! Incoming message from star fleet command! Its admiral hildalgo!” The duty officer said.
“I will take it in my qurters!”he said. He went to his qurters. He went inside. He sat down and fliped on the monitor.
On the screen was the admiral.”jean luc i have a bit of an unusual asignment for you! “He said. “Ok!”the captain said. “We were contacted on an old style star fleet frequency. A man claming to be jim kirk abored the old enterprise contacted us. Sence your near his location. I would like you to check it out! “The admiral ordered.
“What do you think is going on?”picard asked. “Frankly jean luc i don’t have a clue. “The admiral told picard. “I see!”picard said.
“I want that ship brought to a star base. Evaluate what is going on. It could be a hoax or a prank. It could be hero worship. It could even be some kind of Trojan horse invasion by an alien race. Your the best man for the job of figuering all this out! “The admiral told the captain.
“I will do my best admiral !”picard asured his superior. “I know you will captain! “Hildalgo said. “I will keep you aprised!”he asured the spanish officer. “I know you will. Good luck star fleet out!”he said.
“The enterprise -A ?” Security officer lt. Tasha yar a women of eastern European discent said. “This is not posiable!”a Klingon officer who maned an aft station said.
“Do we believe that this is kirk?”First officer wiliam rycer asked. ” I have no idea number one. I want to keep an open mind! We rule nothing in or out. “Picard said. “Understood sir!”rycer said.
“I have the coordinates sir!”an officer who had an usual eye peace on his head said. “Very good! Mr. Lagorge engage!”picard ordered. The ship went to warp.
“Sir! I am getting a mesage from the Klingon crusher n’vedda. They say they are under attack !”yar reported.
“Inside federation space?” A female officer in a blue uniform dress commented. “They are being attacked by the vessel perported to being the enterprise-A. ” the Klingon officer naimed worf observed.picard thought to him”oh no!”
End of part two.
Keeping with the ncis-csi model for introducing spins offs, the enterprise-D was already operating. I am ignoring the events of encounter at farpoint.
I am ignoring history established by future episodes or future movies. I am writing this as if it was in 1986.
The year sighted by admiral hildalgo was pulled out of my bum. The year 2264 was not established til later. In encounter at farpoint,data said he graduated in 2379. I just picked 2386 at random.
The character of admiral hildalgo was depicted in the poket books novilization of “encounter at farpoint” writen by david gerold. The character was referenced in the lost era novel “buried age” by cristopher l bennet.

Future day part six

“Detecting energy reading!” T’pol reported. A large arpiture in space opened. “Detecting multiple vessels!  They are all heavily armed!” Read reported.
The vesels imidiately opened fire on the enterprise. The ships hit from multiple directions of the ship. The goal had been to draw the enterprise out and to destroy it.
“Return fire mr. Read!” Archer ordered. The enterprise fired a series of phase volleys at the attacking ships. 
“Detecting a masive energy emision. It seams to some kind of transporter beam!”tuvock said.” In space ? I did not think that was possible !” An ensign said. “It seams it is !”janeway said.
“The beam has transported the ship only a short distence. The ship are attacking a 22ond century earth ship. It is the enterprise!”tuvok anounced.
“There was a pre star fleet space vesel called enterprise?”kim asked. ” Yes i believe it was commanded by a jonathen archer!” Janeway said.
“Helm! Set course for the beam!”janeway said. “Would that not constitute a violation of the temporal prime directive?”an ensign asked. ” we are preventing temporal incursion.the enterprise was not destroyed in 2150. “Janeway said.
The voyager went to warp. The voyager entered the door way. “Excellentcy! Voyager has entered the door way!”the science officer reported. “They must not be alowed to stop us!”the exo said. “They won’t make it! They will fail!”derozed said.
The enterprise was hit again. “Shields at 87 percent but we are ok!”read said. “We canot keep this up foever kepin!”trip said.
The enterprise fired again on the attacking ships. The ships fired again on the enterprise. “Damage to multiple decks!”t’pol said.
“We are not going to make it are we?” Travis asked. “We are not dead yet!” Archer declared. “I am detecting another energy emision! Something is emerging!”t’pol said.
The voyager came though. The ship fired on the two nearest ships. Voyager then hit the third with a series of voleys. The enterprise took advantage of the situation and fired on the nearest vessel.
“That ship is on our side?”read asked. “They are against us’ ” archer said. “A wise conclusion !”t’pol said.
The voyager and enterprise fired on several ships. The ships were hit. “Order those ships to back off !”Janeway ordered. “Sending !”kim replied.
One of the ships headed to enterprise. It riged a colision course. The voyager tried to aid the enterprise. The two orther ships delt with voyager.
The enterprise tried to get away.it was no match for the alien vessel.
The vessel came at the more primitive vessel. Travis cut all power to the ship. The ship started to drift. The enterprise crew let the ship get close ,dangerously close. Then the enterprise fired every thing it had. The enterprise coasted and the explsion sent the ship flying.
The voyager fired on one of the ships. Voyager then fired on the orther ship at close range.  The two ships acidently colided into eachorther. The ships exploded.
“That should not have worked!”trip said. “Mayby we are ment to be out hear! “Archer said. “That is highly ilogical. That is highly non sensensical !”t’pol said. “Works for me!”trip said. “I’m sure it does!”t’pol said.
“We had better get out of hear! Take us back though the beam!” Janeway said. “Course ploted!”the relief helm reported. “We are being hailed by enterprise!”kim said. “We cannot talk to them. I don’t want braxton trying to schot us down as a threat to the time line!”janeway said. The voyager started to go to warp.
“The enterprise has laid in a persuit course !” Kim said. ” Captain i have an idea!”tuvuck said. “Lets hear it !”janeway said.”Vulcan were much more advanced then humans. Why not convince them that we are an advanced prototype!”he sugested.”there is a Vulcan abored is that not?”janeway asked. “I believe i can still put it off!”tuvuck said. “Mr. Tuvuck no ofense but your not good at ablibing!”janeway said. “I can handle this!”tuvuck asured her. “Very well!”janeway said.
“We are being hailed! They speak a formal english ! “Hoshi said. “On audio!”archer said. “This is the Vulcan ship shakerie,i am captain tuvuck !”he said. “Your ship is not a design known to star fleet! “Archer said. Voyager crew was puzzled “it is a prototype! We were testing our drive system when we found you!”he said. 
“I apreciate your help! Some Vulcan ships would not!”archer said. “We are not all the same captain. Vulcan society is made up of individuals. “He said.
“Do you have any idea of who those ships belong to?”archer asked. “No i not! This is the first time i have encontered them! “He said.
“They were involved in an atempt to asasinate me. “Archer said. “I see! You traced it to them?”tuvuck asked. ” you probably think i am full of it?”archer said.”on the contrary ,i am trying to asertain what is ocuring. I have no aganda!”tuvuck said. “Your like no Vulcan i have encontered!”archer said. “We should get out of this area. “Tuvuck said. “I want to get to the bottom of this. “Archer said. “You need to make repairs. It is a resonible course of action !”tuvuck said. “Very well. “Archer said.
Alien ship
“Look at this! “Seven said. “These nodes are generating the time distortions! “Chacotay said. “The ship is artificially creating the temporal distortion. I suspected as mutch! “Seven said. “Why? Why flood a ship with multiple time lines. We usually avoid it. “Chacotay said.
“Are you familer with a profesor paul manheim?”seven asked. “Yes!  he believed time could be a doorway to other dimension. His experiments caused a disruption in the space time continum a few years back. “Chacotay said. “I wonder if these aliens are not behind something similar. “Seven said. “I think you may be right. Where does the past come in?”chacotay said. “That i dont know !”she said.
“In star fleet history,we have encountered races who were humanoid and later went though a metamorphosis! The organians were once humanoids or so they clame. The enterprise encountered a race called the zonconians. Some wanted to transform orther did not.  ” kim said.
“I think i am beginning to understand all this! They are not wiling to wait. They are trying to transform early before they are ready! They are trying to cheat!”janeway said. “Why try to alter history at the same time? Why is humanity a threat to them?”kim asked. “I don’t know. “Janeway said.
“We have incoming !” A female ensign anounced. “Its the morthership!” Kim reported. “Shields up red alert!”janeway reported. The shil fired on voyager. Voyager was hit from multiple directions.
One projectile hit the cargo bay.the cargo bay exploded. The blast spread into kess’ garden.
“Shields at 33 percent!”kim said.the voyager was hit again. The engineering was hit. “Bridge this is ensign vorek. We have a containment breach!” He said.
Janeway was about to order an abandon ship. Suddenly time stoped. She fainted.
She woke up somewhere else. “Hello captain!”ducane said. “Mr.ducane ! I was wondering when you would show up! ” janeway said.
” This situation is very fluid captain. We have been working over time to figure it all out. We were as blind sided as you. We had no idea what was happening until the universe exploded. We were able to hault it. “He said.
“This is more serious then even i thought !”janeway said. “Correct. Perhaps more then even i realize! “He said. “I see!”janeway said. “i need to fill you in on what’s going on! I think you have peaced together some of it! “He said. “Lets have it!”she said.
” derozed the leader of the murikanons studied ancient readings of his people. He then discovered writing about metamorphosis amoung other race. He become obsesed with it. It is not something you can juat turn on. It is a natural event. A ceterpiller can’t decide when it happen ,it just does. “Ducane said.
“Derozed was not satisfied with that. It could be tomorrow or a thousand years from now. He refused to wait. He seized control of his government and built the starship he called the demolition.”
“Every atempt to cause the transformation failed. Then he came up with a plan. If he destroyed time itself,they could transform. Of course those of us involved in temporal waching noticed something. We conected the dotes and figured out his plan !”derozed said.
“Several temporal watch dog groups from several powers joined together. Derozed was defeated several times. Now derozed has decided to go on the ofensive. They believe that the glue that held the anti derozed coilition is the federation. The central fugure if the federation are humans. They believe the way to stop the coilition is to destroy the federation before it started. They believe the man primarily responsible for the founding of the federation was Jonathan archer!”ducane said.
“No archer! No federation. No federation no temporal integrity comison no comision no anti derozed coilition!” Janeway said.
“Your correct captain! Then they can destroy time and advance into the next level. “Ducane said.”voyager was not faring well when you pulled us out of the battle !”janeway said.
“I can help a little ! I cannot not as much as i would like to. “He said. “This really is do or die time?”janeway said. “Yes. You lose hear,its over. “He said.
“I know your limited in what you can do. I respect your position but i have one favor to ask. ” She said. “Name it!” He said.
Delta qudrent
On a desert planet a young women roams the planet. She was about to captured by a race of gangs. Suddenly they are stoped. A team came out of no where and stuned them.
“Who are you?” She said. “Kess i know you have no idea who i am but you will ! I need your help! ” janeway said.
To be concluded.