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“Wars and rumors or wars” part two

Deep space 9
“Personal. Log,in a  of  seconds everything has changed.”admiral William j Ross said in his log.
“Although the Breen joining the war on the side of the dominion breathed New life into the dominion’s war effort, the momentum was short lived. The cardesien led by danner switched sides. The federation alliance took advantage of an oversight in there defenses and exploited it. Afte a ling devusating struggle with heavy loses on all sides the war is finally over”
“Just as the treaty is formerly signed.captain Benjamin sisco is gone. His run about recovered.there is no sign of him. It seams that for now he is gone. For how long I have no idea. ”
“The bajorens believe that he has gone to the phopthets. I have no idea what to believe. I do know I will miss captain sisco. I will miss his wise consil and his leadership. ”
Ward room
“You really think he is part prophet and went to be with them ?”admiral Ross asked. “You don’t believe that?”colonel kira asked.”ok I know there are non coperial aliens who reside in the wormhole ! Mayby he has caries a part of them. It is a wallop!”Ross said.
“Admiral I saw him. “Kaydidy Cisco’s pregnant wife said. “He contacted you?” Ross asked. “Yes he said that his task was complete
He now needed to study. He would return one day but I don’t know when !”kasidy said.
  A chime was heard. “Ops to admiral Ross!”lt.nog said.he taped on his com badge.”go ahead lautannent!”Ross ordered.”sir star base 394 is under attack. They claim it is the dominion. “Nog said.
“Have you confirmed that they are under attack?”the admiral said.”it us not a false alarm !this is real!”nog said.
“Gas up the defient! I want to get there right away. “The admiral said.”right away sir!” the furegi said. “Care to come to colonel!”Ross asked. “You got it sir!”she said.
U.s.s defient -A
The admiral and colonel kira and lt.nog entered the bridge.”the ship is ready at your command sir!”crewman Stevens said.
“Very good!”the admiral said the admiral Sat down at the command chair.”ops has cleared us!”lt. Ezri dax reported.”mornings cleared !”DR.Bashir said.the smal war ship cleared the base.
“We are clear!”nog announced.”plot course for the star base! Maximum warp!”Ross ordered. the ship went to warp.
The faux dominion fleet fired multiple volleys at the station. The primary phaser bank was destroyed.the photon torpedo banks was knocked off line.
Several decks were levelled.the roofs on some decks caved in.one of the officers clubs on the base was devastated. 
The docking bay was saverly damaged.the mission of the general was not to destroy the base or to occupy the area. Its as only yo destabolize the sector.
The ‘dominion’ fleet then fired on the planet. They hit Several command and control centers on the planet.
The fleet then moved out. The fleet had done plenty of damage.they were not done yet. The Carnegie had just begun.
U.s.s defient
Mess hall
“The treaty was barely signed and the war is back on!”ensign nearly commented.”we should not jump to conclusions!”nog said.”the dominion cannot be trusted!”Stevens said. “It makes no sense. The dominion have no teratory in the alpha qudrent.this seams rushed .the dominion think long term. We are missing something!”ezri said.
“What if this is a prelude to a scorched earth syinerio?”Stevens said .”look our mission is to stop further agree on and to figure this out. That’s all. Save the speculation for later!”ezri said. They agreed.
Star fleet security
Lt. Commander Reese entered.”what are you Justin?”Reese asked.”I am trying to send flowers to Romulus! “He said.”look you and sub commander turelia. It is not going to work.”he said.”I think it could. “Justin said.
“Does she like flowers?” Reese asked.”yes she does! We have talked about it!”he said.”of course you have. I did not know flowers came in Gray!”Reese said. “Funy!” Justin said.
“Hey commander,there have been reports of hushnuck warship near enemede!”an ensign said.”really? We are not even sure what there ships look like. Keven oukbridge could have just created them out of thin air!”Reese said.
“The colony insist that it was hushnuck!”the ensign said.” do we have a ship near by that can check it out. Man I hope the romulin asle band goes back into effect!”Reese said.”do you blame everything on Romulus asle?” Justin said. “Prety much!”Reese answered.
The door opened,admiral Owen Paris entered.everyone snapped to attention. “As you were! “He said.
“You don’t look happy sir”Justin said.”I am not commander tyme. A dominion task force hit star base 395. “The admiral said.
“The cease fire is nearly a week old.”Reese said. “We are going to questione the founder. We are on high alert!”Paris said.
“Until further notice the war intelligence unit has been reactivated. We will work on war intelligence. “Commander poles said. “Understood!”resse said.
“I need information.work your sources. Rumors innuendo anything. Even that carima minister that defected. Ha ok get answers yesterday!”the admiral said.
U.s s defient
“I have the base on sensors! ” ezri reported. “On screen!” the admiral ordered. On the view screen displayed the image of the starbase.everyone was astonished. ” relief ships are hear.our mission is to find that fleet!”Ross said.”scanning now!”zero said.
The admiral was not a patient man.he knew he had to be. This was the time for being level headed.he tried to maintain his composure. It was not easy.
Dominion vessel
“Sir! The defient is in the area!”kirel said. “Good! I want to set a trap for them. I do not want to send the whole fleet! I will deal with them. “Catlin said. The bridge crew agreed.
End of part two
I am a big fan of the poket book post ds9 and post nemesis books there is no way to syink the society series with the poker book novels. I am not going to use any characters from the memory beta universe although I would like to.
Lt. Commander resse was the right hand man of chief of security Michael Eddington.he appeared in the episode “for the cause” .he seemed to have taken over for Eddington after he defected to the marques. He never was seen again .
Ensign Neely was an ensign that was a survivor of the jemheder ship that crashed in “rocks and shols “towards the begining of the dominion war when ds9 was stlil in dominion control.
Stevens was a non com enginer who appeared in starship down.


Spere of influence part two

The Borg cube came out of the transwarp conduct. The cube fired a pulse at the orbital station. The station got off a distress call. The pulse struck the station.
The station shield grid was pummulled by the energy pulse. The shields began to fluctuate. The shields were decreased.
The Borg cube struck the base again. Part of the base was hit. The base was devided from the orther. The Borg cube wanted the base out of the way. The Borg cube then disabled the weapons port. The cube then focused on the planet.
U.s.s enterprise
Ncc 1701-d
Captain Picard had assumed once again the role of fictional detective Dixon hill.
Hill was in his office. The door swung open. A man in a Nazi uniform came in. He fell to the ground. He had been shot. He was dead. Hill looked him over. He looked him over. He was a United states senator.
“Bridge to captain!”the voice of commander William rycer said. Picard went back to Picard mode.”computer freeze program. “Picard said.
The scene froze in place. “Picard hear!” the captain said. “Sir! Your needed on the bridge right away!” the first officer said. “I will be right up number one. “The captain said.
“Computor end program.”Picard said. The scene from 1940’s flim noer was replaced with a black and gold grid. The door opened. Captain Picard excited the Holowdeck.
The turbo lift door opened,captain Picard excited the turbo lift and entered the bridge. He was now Waring the standard duty uniform.”captain on the bridge!”ensign McKnight announced.
“Report!”Picard ordered. “The nelric colony is under attack. ” Rycer said “the nelric  colony is deep in federation space. Who is behind these attacks?”Picard asked.
Before he could even end the sentence,he had a feeling he already knew the answer. Then it was confirmed. “They claim it is the Borg!”Worf reported.
“Oh my!”Picard replied. Floods of memories came back to Picard.he saw the image of the Borg hiting the enterprise. Then the drones emerging on the bridge. He saw himself being captures. He saw himself transformed into locutas.
“Do we have confirmation that It is. The Borg?” Picard asked. “Negitive! All communication with the planet has been severed!” data informed him.
“Ensign alenbeam ! Set course for the nelric system maximum warp!”captain Picard ordered. The con officer altered the heading. The course was plotted. She then presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
“On course sir! “Ensign alembeaam reported. Picard tried to conceil his unease. He wanted to be the leader he usually was. The leader that the crew needed him to be.
Several ships headed for the planet.the ships came in with shields up and weapons on stand by.
“I have a visual on the planet!”lt. Worf reported. “On screen!”Picard ordered. The tactical officer transferred the visual to the view screen. On the screen,the cube hovered over the planet.
The orbital space station was stil there. It was heavily damaged. There were several ships that were adrift. The cube was in charge of the space near the planet.
“Send to star fleet command confirming that it is a Borg cube!”Picard ordered. “Sending sir!”the Klingon at tactical reported.
“Stand up phaser and photon torpedoes!”Picard ordered. “Shields up yellow alert! Wepons on stand by!”Worf reported.
“Sir! The cube has fired on the orbital station and virtually every vessel in orbit but it has not hit the planet. ” data said .
“Why has the cube not hit the planet?”Deana asked “I don’t have sufficient information but it seams that they want to take out our ability to threaten them. ” data said.
“Why this planet? Why this syistom. If they are planing another invasion of the federation this does not seam like the best place to lunch it!”Deana asked.
“Borg reasoning is different from ours. I am certain they have a complex and intricate plan that makes perfect sence to them!”data said.
“Whatever it is,I don’t like it!”the first officer said. “I don’t like anything the Borg does number one.”Picard said
The crew was not used to hearing the captain talk this way. The Borg brought us some thing different,something unusual in the captain. The emotional scars from his experience with the Borg were as raw as ever.
The enterprise remained on a direct intercept course with the Borg cube. Picard wanted them there yesterday but tried to be patience.they would get there when they got there. Picard wanted a chance to once again engage the Borg. He wanted to gain the uperhand over them. They had become his most lethal enemy.
The u.s.s enterprise got close to the cube. “In fiering range in twenty seconds. “Data reported. “Fire as soon as we are In range Mr. Worf. “Picard ordered.
As soon as the enterprise was in range,Worf fired phaser and photon torpedoes on the Borg cube. The cube fired back on the enterprise.
“Shields down to forty percent!”Worf said. “Not this again ! Rycer said. “Captian I am sensing life forms on that ship!”Deana declared.
“Borg drones do not usually register as life forms. These are highly unusual! “Data said.
“Indeed!” Picard reported. The enterprise fired on the Borg cube. The cube was hit.
Picard tried to access his Borg memories. Sense leaving the collective,he tried to forget the collective. Now he needed those memories.
One thing that puzzled Picard was how much the Borg trusted Picard.he had been an enemy. Were the Borg nieve? Were the Borg so emursed in there ideology that the assimilation had to work? What worried Picard was that it might have worked? He dared not say that out loud,not even to counselor troyi.
Picard tried to access his memories. He found it. “Mr. Data please go to science station! “Picard ordered.data got up and went to the station station. He sat down. Picard had data design a program that sent a pulse that weekend the cube. The enterprise fired on the cube from multiple sides.
Data tried to devide a key section of the cube from the rest of the craft. He had the area sealed off.
“Stand by tractor beam !” Picard ordered. Worf complied with the order.
The enterprise headed for the cube.the ship began to activate a tractor beam. It tried to move the craft away from the planet. The cube fired at the enterprise. The ship was hit.
“Shields holding!”Worf said.the enterprise hit the cube. They held the cube in the beam. The cube tried to get away. The vessel hit the cube.
“Keep a close eye on them Mr. Worf!”Picard ordered.”aye sir! “The Klingon said.
“Number one assemble an away team. I want you to gain control of that ship ! “Picard ordered.
The first officer was surprised by this order. It was a risky mission. “Right on it! Worf, with me! Rycer to Laforge!”rycer said. “Go ahead commander!”a stresed out gordi with several task all at once said.”I need an engineering team to meet me in transporter room 2. “Rycer ordered.
Gordi did not like order. He did understand it. “Understood we Will be right there. Duffy! Take charge of engineering!”gordi ordered. “Aye sir!”duty said .
“Reg,Larson, Gomez.Costa with me!Pavlov feel like stretching your legs?”gordi asked. “Yes sir!”pavkic said. “Then what are you waiting for?”gordi asked.
Pavlic smiled and joined the chief enginer and his team. They left the engine room. Duffy had no time to seam in his pro temp appointment as chief enginer . He hit the ground running. There was a lot to do.
Gordi and his team left the engine room. They ran to the transporter room . they met up with the commander and the team. “Ready for a road trip?”rycer asked. “Not really but let’s do it any way! “Gordi said. “I know what you mean! Lets do it!” the first officer said.
The team got on to the pad. “I have the coordinates! ” transporter chief obrian said. “Enerzize!”the first officer ordered.
The transporter chief activated the controls. The team was beamed off of the ship and on to the cube.
This was perhaps one of the hardest away mission an enterprise d team had ever gone on.
“What is going on? “Deana asked the captain. “I don’t think that the Borg is in control of that cube !”Picard declared.
End of part two.
I am trying to rely more on best of both words and q who for information on the Borg. I am trying not to contradict information from future episodes,first contact or voyager. Future instalment of the society series will occur in those series.

Birth pains part four

Enterprise bridge
“I gues its one for one last mission !” Archer said. “Sounds good to me!” Travis said. “Control has cleared us!” Lt hoshi satto reported. “Clear all mornings!”captain archer ordered.
Travis jetisoned the morings. “Morings away!” Travis anounced.”take us out!”archer ordered. The enterprise left the dry dock.
“We have cleared dry dock!” Travis reported. “Set course for the orion syindicate!” Archer ordered. The helm officer ploted the course.
“On course sir!”travis ordered. “Engage!” Capitain archer ordered. The enterprise went to warp.
Qurters of t’pol
“Weird i did not expect to be hear again. At least out in space! “He said. “Things seldom go as we expect it to you.”t’pol said.”yea. I am glad to be off on more adventure. Well at least on the enterprise. “Trip said.
He sat down to eat. “It my favorite dish. Please don’t tell me I’m dying. That would be ironic. Servive 12 years in deep space only to be killed before the decommision. “Trip said.
“So far as i am aware you are perfectly fine. Keep in mind i am a science officer not a doctor.”t’pol said.
“Alright! So what is it?”trip asked. “Well trip i had an exit physical from doctor phlox…”she said. “Is every thing ok?” Trip asked. “Yes.”she said. “Then.what is it? I know something is up! ” trip asked. “I’m pregnant !”t’pol said.
“A baby really ?”trip asked.”yes!”t’pol said. “Is it myine?”trip asked. “Of course it is!”she said as she lighly jab him.
“Is the baby ok?” He asked. “So far every thing is fine. Phlox wants to take extra measures but he is very optomistic about it. ” She said.
He hugged her.He thought back the tears. She held on to her. “Are you happy with this?”she asked. “Yes i am. I would be lying if i said i was not a little nervous but yes i am. “Trip said.
“I confes i was not sure how you would react.”t’pol said.”this child wont ever fill the void left by Elizabeth but we will love this child. “Trip said. “I know that!” She said.
  Telerite vessel
“We are evacuating non esential personele from the planet!” Ambassador gral told the captain. “I thought that we were one big happy fleet now?” The captain said. “There have been complications!” Gral told the.starship captain.
“This alience seamed to be almost a reality!”the captain said.”it was but it seams to be crumbling apart. “Gral said. “I see. Is the coulition In jepordy of faling apart?” The captain asked. “I am not certain !” Grall said.
“We have incoming! It is an earth fighter squadron !”the tactical officer reported. “They claim that they are hear to escort us to another birth. Apearently this area is unsicure'” the com tech said.
“This is very iregular!”the first officer said. “It is indeed! Get me admiral gardner!” Grall said.”no response. We are being jammed!” The com tech said.
The fighter started to seround the telerite vessel. “This does seam friendly!” The first officer said.”No it does not!” Grall said.
One of the fighters slammed into the telerite vessel. There was a smal explosion near the reactor.
“Earth space or no. This is an act of war. Open fire!” Grall ordered. The telerite ship picked off the fighters one by now. 
Outside borderlands.
“We are right outside the borderlands!” T’pol said. “Bryce stand by all weapons! ” archer said.”weapons on stand by!” Shumar reported. “Travis take us in!”archer ordered.
“You do know how to fire phased canons?”trip asked. “Yes i do!” Bryce answered.
“We are now inside the borderlands! “Travia reported.”i have located arand sar’s ship!”t’pol said. “Send it to the helm! Once you have it set course!” Archer ordered.
The vesel run by arand sar was not far from where the entrence to the borderlands. The enterprise made it in record time.
“Stand by!”archer said. “I’m ready !”bryce said. “Now in weapons range!” T’pol reported.”now!”archer ordered. The enterprise fired miltiple voleys of photonic torpedoes at the orion ship.
“We are being hailed!”hoshi said.”i thought that might get there attention ! On screen !”archer ordered.
On the screen displayed the image of a surely orion male.”what is this?” Arand said. “Our last encounter was not promising towards future contact. “Archer said.
“I hear your starting some kind of alience. Your stil a war criminal as far as the syindicate is concerned. It is stil dangerous for you to be hear. “Arand said.
“You trying to stir up trouble for the new coilition?”archer asked.
“Why do i care about your alience? “Arand asked. “Your friend kereth is designing augmentation for a faction of humanity oposed to the alience. “Arand said.
“Kereth. He and i parted ways mounths ago. He is no good. “Arand said. “You know where he is?”archer asked. “I heard he was on rissa. He is persona non grata with the syindicate. “Arand said.
“You don’t know anything about this plot?”archer said. “I try to avoid political intregue! There is enough politics in the syindicate. You going to repare the damage you caused? ” arand asked.
“Now entering orbit of the planet!”travis reported. “Take us into orbit!”archer ordered. “Now in standered orbit!”he anounced. “I hacked into the central mane frame! Turns out that kereth is at the central hotel in the capital room 456.”bryce said. “I domt wana know how you got In there!
Ok! Lets pay mr. Kereth a visit !”archer said. Every one agreed.
Archer shumar and t’pol emurged near the hotel. They went inside. They went up the elivator and went to the room of kereth. Opening the door, they entered.
They saw an orion man lying in a pool of blood. “Kereth i would presume!” Shumar said. He was clearly dead.
The case had just gone cold.
End of part four

Dawn of the day part seven

“Captain’s log,a klingon from the past has stolen a shipyard from our time. This has forced us to go back in time and retreve the shipyard. “Picard said.
The Klingon ship opened fire on the enterprise A. The enterprise D fired on the Klingon crusher. The shipyard fired on the enterprise-D.
“Shields and deflectors are up!”worf said. “Shields are holding captain!”yar said. “Without the shipyard,the Klingon have no chance but with it,it changes every thing!”rycer said. “If he gets reinforcement..’worf said.
The enterprise d was hit. “Your in my arena now captain picard! You were a legend in your time but soon your time will never come. Perhaps i will bomb your village in france,ensure your never born!”k’vet said.
“He must have acesed our data banks!”data said. “We must sicure that shipyard!”Picard said.
Klingon vessel
“Sir! Admiral k’vet claims that he is being attacked by two federation starships!”a com officer said.”this far in Klingon space ? Are you sure?”captain koloth asked. “Confirmed!”the science officer reported. “Order all nearby ships to converge on the vicinity of the battle!”koloth ordered. “Sir! One of the ships is the enterprise!”the science officer said. “My dear captain kirk! We meat again !”koloth said.
Several Klingon vesels from frigates,birds of prey to battle crushers headed for the battle.
While the two ships held there own against the shipyard and the battle ship.
“Sir i have detected multiple battle crushers heading our way.”worf said. “So much for aninimity!”rycer said. “Get me kirk. We need to change up our plans. Time is of the esence. “Picard said.
The shipyard had advanced shields . The shields were active. The Klingons were in control of the base and more Klingon ships were on the way. They had to act soon. They were about to.
The enterprise -A backed off a little bit. The enterprise-d fired on stratigic areas of the station. Then the two ships worked.
The crew tried to create a window of opportunity by there weapons fire. They got a crack in the shields. They were about to take advantage of it.
On the station,the transporter beam emerged. A team from the d apeared. Then a team from the A arived. They had phasers in hand.
The Klingons fired the minute they had fully materialized. The two teams returned fire on the Klingons. “Where is your captain?”kirk asked. “Captain’s don’t go on away mission anymore. Star fleet orders!”rycer said. “That is an order i would never folllow!”kirk said. They talked while exchanging fire with the eneny.” Are you advocating a course of action that is tentimount to insorbordination?”data asked. “It would not be the first time!”mccoy said. The android was confused.
The team fired on the Klingons.the Klingons hit back on the star fleet team. The team hoped to sicure the station. The station personale were in satus. The Klingon wanted no recistence.
In space the station still fired on the ships. So did the battle crushers. Picard feared when the orther ships arived. Even a galaxy class vesel from the future was no match for a fleet.
The enterprise -D hit the Klingon vessel. The ship sufered multiple hits. The Klingon vessel returned fire on the enterprise.”shields buckiling but stil holding!”the relief tactical officer reported.
On the shipyard the team continued to battle the Klingons. Kirk feared if the reinforcements arived. One thing at a time he suposed.
“Incoming vessels! It is the reinforcements!”the relief tactical officer anonced. The Klingon ships broke formation and fired on the ships. Kirk was not just going to give up. “Kirk to enterprise!” He said.
Koloth’s flagship
On the bridge,kirk emerged on the bridge. “Kirk! It has been a long time!”koloth said. “Not long enough my dear captain koloth. Look your on the wrong side. K’vet cannot be trusted. He is on the side of his ambition. He does not serve the best interest of the empire. He intends to seize control of the empire. He will destroy anyone who gets in his way!”kirk told koloth.
“It is the Klingon way. I don’t always like it but it is how we do things !”kirk said. ” This is different. That shipyard is from the future. He is trying to alter history. Not for the banefit of the empire but for his personal banefit.”kirk said.
The Klingon ship divided into two groups. One group hit the enterprise A and the orther hit the D. The two ships were no match for the Klingon ships.
“Most Klingon commanders tend to work for there own ambition!”koloth said. “Come on koloth! He is not business as usual. I saw the future. Don’t go down this road. “Kirk said.
“Our shields are down!”The weapons officer said. “Can you reroute non esential power?”spock said. “Not enough !”checov reported. “I see. Prepare a colision course. The admiral’s flagship !’spock said. The ship perpared.
“Come on koloth. K’vet does not play by the rules. Time traval. What other rules will he break? How far will he go? “Kirk asked. “Humans and Klingon are natural enemies. We always will be. It is our perpetual destiny to be at war?”koloth said. “Is it? Are you sure?”kirk asked.
There was a transporter beam. Worf emurged. “What is this?”koloth asked. “Hello koloth! It is time for a history leson!”worf told him.
The enterprise-a headed for the flagship. The ship got closer to the flagship. The klingon vessel left the area.
Kirk beamed to k’vets ship. Kirk struck the admiral. The bridge crew began to defend there admiral. The admiral called them off. He wanted to deal witn kirk himself.
K’vet batled the captain. Kirk struck him again. The man was able to stop himself from falling.he hit kirk. Kirk defelcted the blow and power drove the admiral to the ground. The admiral came back at kirk and pinned him to the ground. Kirk stugaled to regain uper hand after the admiral.
The admiral kept striking him. Kirk sumoned all of his strength and hit the admiral. He then kicked him to the ground. Kirk waited for the next move.
  The station sudenly vanished. The enterprises as well. Kirk was beamed away. The Klingon ships under koloth returned to the area. K’vets admiralty was about to come to an abrupt end.
U.s.s enterprise
Ready room
“The station is back under federation control. The Klingon have been returned to there time. “Picard said.”i gues it is time for me to be getting back as well!”kirk said. “Probably should !”Picard said.
  “Tell me do i stil have more adventure left ahead of me?”kirk asked. “Oh yes! Without going into details,there is much left for you to do!”Picard said. “Good! I am glad to see there is a bright future.”kirk said. “Good luck!”picard said. “To you as well!”kirk said.
Uss enterprise
“The enterprise A has returnes to its time. ” Data said. “Well we should be getting underway ourselves. Helm take us out !”picard said.
The end
“This fall a torch will be passed to a new generation. Based on gene rodenbary star trek,the next-generation will bodly go into new adventures. It all starts this fall.

Future day part 7

Delta qudrent
  A young women left the underground complex. She wanted to see what was beyond the underground city. She waa curious.
No sooner did she make it to the serface,she was sited by those who dwelt above the serface. They were gansters,thugs. They were called kazon. She was about to be captured by them. There capture was interupted. The combat team opened fire on the would be kazon captors.
She was alarmed. She had no idea what was going on. “Who are you? What is going on?” The young women asked.
“Kess i know you have no idea who i am but you will! I need your help. “Janeway said.
“My help?” She asked . She was quite confused.  They teliported to the relitivity. Kess was given information about her orther life.
“Are you up to speed?” Janeway asked. “I think so!”kess said.”good ! This won’t be easy! “Ducane said. “I understand my role in this captain!”she told ducane. “Alright! I hate to put presure on anyone but this is crucial to the future literally!” Ducane said.
“After the mission is over,i won’t remember any of this?”kess said. “No you won’t! “Janeway said. “Do you do this kind of thing frequently ?”kesss asked. “More then i like to!”janeway said. “Oh!”she said. “Ok are we ready?” Ducane said.
  Derozed’s ship
Chacotay and seven were studying the ship. Suddenly a light was seen. Kes apeared. “Kes?” Chacotay said puzzled. He was not expecting to see her.
“Look !i have a mesege from captain janeway. She needs your help!”kes said.
Janeway returned to the ship a few minutes before the battle begun. “Can you generate the transporter field ?”janeway said.”i can. “Tuvuck said. “Do it!”janeway said.
The doorway was opened. The voyager headed out. “What is that?”archer asked. “It is some kind of doorway!”t’pol said. “Follow that ship travis!” Archer ordered. “This is not wise captain. These are more advanced ships then enterprise!”t’pol remarked. “I am not siting on the sidelines sub commander. ” archer said.
The enterprise followed the voyager into the field. The ships were gone.
On the alien ship,chacotay and seven got to work. They found a node that atempted to bring in another time line. Seven took out a phaser and fired. She knew just where to fire. Chacotay followed suit and fired on a different temporal node.
The voyager excited the hub. The voyager came in weapons hot. Voyager fired phasers and photon torpedoes on the alien vessel. The temporal nodes being hit by the crew caused parts of the ships to go out of phase within the time line.
The alien ship was not whole now. The evidence of that could be clearly seen. The alien ship fired on the voyager. The enterprise fired on the ship as well. The enterprise fired on the ship repeatidly.
The voyager folowed up and fired. “Don’t fire on voyager! Fire on enterprise!”derozid ordered. The ship fired on the enterprise. The enterprise was hit.
“They focusing on us'”read said. “Go for the weaker link. ” Archer said. The voyager tried to cover enterprise. Voyager fired multiple voleys on the alien ship. The enterprise followed suit and fired on the ship. 
On the bridge of the murikanos ship,kes apeared. “Who are you?”derozed asked. ” Your worst nightmare !”she said. She used her telipathic abilities against him. The captain felt the energy coming at him.
The general was suprised by this. He would not think this possible . He did not expect to have a serious challenge from a little girl.
While voyager fired on multiple parts of the ship.  While more nodes were hit by chacotay and seven. The ship’s cohesion was obstructed by the attacks. 
Things started to go weird on the ship. The ship was in a kind of temporal limbo. Chacotay and seven saw evidence of that.
Chacotay and seven saw a central node. They both fired on the nodes.
“The ship is about to explode!” Kim reported. “Can you get a lock on the away teams?”janeway said. The transporter locked on to paris,chacotay and seven.
“bridge i have them!”the transporter chief reported. “Get us out of hear con!” Janeway ordered. The voyager and enterprise went to warp. They went into the field. The ship was away.
The murikurion vessel exploded.the explosion resonated though time. The time line started to be restrored. Time and space had been saved.
“Where are we?”archer asked. “We are where we were!” T’pol said. “Take us out of hear.”archer ordered. Enterprise left the area.
“Captain we are back in the delta qudrent. We are where we were.” Tuvuck said. “Of course we are! ” janeway said. “We stopped derozed!” Kim said. “It seams so!” Janeway said.
Janeway went to her ready room.”so did we do it?”janeway asked. “We did. Derozed plot has been stopped. Kes was returned. She won’t remember any of it! “Ducane said. “Thank you!”she said. He nodded.
“A part of me would love to be a fly on the wall. Archer and the enterprise. I wounder if they realize how much history they are about to make?”janeway said. “Probably not. I suspect they know things will change. Exciting isint it?”ducane said. “It is indeed!”janeway said.
Archer entered the bridge. “I spoke to admiral forest. We both agree that there is no need to turn back. We are heading into the unknown !”archer said. The enterprise went to warp.
The end

Future day part five

  From the bridge of the super starship,derozed watched several events on multiple monitors.
“Excellentcy! They have captured an intruder!” An officer reported.”have him brought hear at once!”derozed ordered.the officer agreed.
Tom paris was imidiately escorted to the bridge. The commander was tall. He was fit.
“Thomas Eugene paris. Lt star fleet. Asisgned as flight control officer u.s.s voyager. Farther is admiral owen paris. You maried a Klingon. How is her pregnancy ?”derozed said.
“How do you know that?”paris asked. “I know many things mr. Paris! I have my ways. Why were you trespassing on my vessel?”derozed said.
“We suspect your from the future. I doubt your little time traval is temporal tourism. We suspect your probably going to alter the time line for some naferious perpose. My mission was recon. We want to know why your hear!” Tom declared.
The man laughed. “You see yourselves as arbitors of the time line?”derozed asked.”as a star fleet officer and a husband and farther to be,yea i would say i have a vested interested in keeping the time line as is!”Tom said.
” What about preventing you from making the mistake that ended your carer before it began? What if you could change ending up in prison? What if you could stop the slaughter of the marquis? Or wolf 359?”derozed said.
“It is too big a risk ! You remove one thread and it all comes apart!”tom said. “It might be a positive change! You just don’t know ! ” Derozed said.
“That’s just it! We don’t know. It is better to just let it go! Leave it alone!”tom said.”i disagre! I cannot and will not do that! “Derozed said.
“Why are you doing this?”tom asked. ” Because i can! I am not afraid of challenging conventional thinking. I am not afraid of making waves tom! I am prepared to go against anything that comes against me. “Derozed said.
“My people won’t stand for this!”tom said. “Soon your people won’t exist!” Derozed said.”your erasing the time line?”tom asked.”you don’t understand ! You don’t have the fogiest idea what i am planing. When you do figure it out! It will be too late!” He said.
U.s.s voyager
“Captain! The delta flyer is reterng !”the ops officer reported.”bring them in !”janeway said. The voyager activated the tractor beam on the flyer. The flyer was brought in.
As soon as the flyer reterned to its usual birth,kim left the flyer. “I was forced to leave tom behind. I did get the data we came to get .”kim said.
Harry handed the data to the captain. She took the file. “We need to have this analized!”janeway said.
  On the alien ship, chacotay and seven were charting the mystery ship. “We have traversed five different time periods sense we arived!”seven said. ” Is the exterior of the ship fixed in time?”chacotay said. “Uncertain! It could go either way! “Seven said. “I suspected as much! “Chacotay said.
“Are you formulating a theory?”seven said. “I am forming about six. They are all contridictory and some are bordering on non sensical!”chacotay said. “In aa situation like this, a non sensical explination could apply ‘”she said. “I know what you mean! ” he said.
“On voyager,our mission often provide challenges for sciencentist!”she said. “You have no idea!”chacotay said. “We just crosed into another time period. “Seven said.
“Capin please don’t make someone else chief engineer !i know i am not flashy or a kiss but. I just work. I do my job! I leave my job evaluation to my supervisors. If i agree i say so. If i think an idea is lame but,i will say so. It makes me unpopular. I should be chief enginer not some but kisser who does not have a clue!”trip said.
” Relax trip! Your in!”archer said. “Really ?”trip said.” Your the best.i know it,you know it. I got you covered. “Archer said. “You always said you would bring me with you when you got into space . I wanted to believe you! “Trip said. “I need you ! Congrats commander!”archer said.
“So! You got someone in mind for armory?”trip asked. “I do but your not going to like it !”archer said. “Really ? An army brat!  Arnt we peace nicks ?” Trip asked. He laughed. “To every thing there is a season !”archer said. “Love it when you qote ancient popular music!”trip said.
Fort drum new york
A british sergent was deeling with raw recruits when archrer entered. “Dismished!”the sergent said.
” Sergent read!”archer said. ” Yes sir. General Santorum said you were stoping by! “Read the man with a british accent said. “I need an armory officer. I sm.authorized to comision you a major. “Archer said.
“I am a ground person ! I am not one of those exploers with star dust for blood or whatever !”he said.
“Look i need a wespons officer and you come highly recommended. “I am not interested!”he said. “Mr. Read are you going to make me beg?”archer asked. ” I was not planing to!”read said. “Are you in?”archer asked.
“If i say no,will you give this long speach about my duty to the future?”He asked. “I can. I am a man of peace,an explorer. I see the need for a good defense. I am not nieve. I know there will be dangers.  I know your up to the task of keeping this ship safe! Can i count on you?” Archer asked. “Fine! I will be there. I get to be a major.  A real comision not a brevet rank?”he asked. “Field promotion!”archer said. “Very good!”He said. “See you abored!”archer said.
An asain women was teaching a class in linguistics. The class was outside. The dress code was very informal. The teacher wore a tank top,shorts and sandles. She dismished the class. They began to disperse.
“Hoshi sato!”Archer said. “If i deny it will you believe me?”she asked.”not likely !”archer said.”that’s what i figured!”she said.
“I need a comm officer!”archer said. “Are the rumors true? Are you really planing to go into Klingon space ? “She said.”i go where the evidence leads!”archer said. ” I am reluctant to go off into deep space let alone into hostile space but it does offer quite an oportunity. Ok I’m in!”she said.
Archer took a pod from earth to the space dock. “I understand you were a space bomer?”archer said. “Grew up almost entirily on a fraighter.”travis maywreather said. “Why join star fleet? “He asked. “I want to explore. Not much time for that on a fraighter! “Travis said.”makes sense!”he said.
The pod neared the ship. “Is that it?”travis asked. “That’s it’ welcome to the future !” Archer said.
“Infirmery is ready!”doctor phlox said. “It is good to have you abored!”archer said. The alien nodded.
“All decks are standing by!”t’pol said. Archer was uncomfortable having her abored but she could be an aset. He decided to go with it.
“Ok lets get underway!”archer said. The enterprise left the morings. The ship left the dry dock. The ship was off.
Alien ship
“Excellentcy! It is as you said. The enterprise has left earth. They took the bait!”First officer ketair commented. “I knew they would.
“Begin our suprise! “Derozed ordered. The officers imidiately complied with the order.
“I am detecting an enurgy reading !”t’pol reported. “It is right on top of us!”read declared. A doorway opened,several smaler ships to the morther ship came though the arpiture. The ships imidiately opened fire.  End of part five.

Future day part three

In a remote area of space,a ship waits. It was a large ship. It was a ship with multiple weapons,multiple shield grids and sensor arays.  The ship apeared to be a preditor and a reserch lab all rolled into one. A hunter scientist.
The ship was hiding in a nebula. The ship thought it was well hiden. They suspected it might not work. They never thought it would work foever. That was how it went.
A science officer called over the commander of the super ship.  The commander went over to his underling. “Speak!”the commander admonished the subordinate.
“Excellentcy! A ship is heading for us. The ship is from what the humans call the 24th century. It is voyager!” The science officer reported.
“How did they find us?” Another officer said. “The former borg drone!”high commander derozed remarked.
“What do we do?”a third asked.”let them come! They are no match for us! I would love for them to try. “The commander said.
The man called john was in schock. He had just dodged an assasination atempt.
“Please hold still!”the alien doctor said. ” What race are you?”john asked. ” Denoblian. I am hear as part of an interspecies exchange program.my name is phlox. “He said.
“Will he live?”admiral forest asked. ” there is nothing curently that would caused a pathology to occur. Beyond that i can’t say!”philox said.
“Admiral! That was personal! I was the intended target!”the commander comented. “It apears that way! The dna is not human but it is not from an alien race known to the Vulcans.”the admiral said.
“Contary to conventional wisdom,Vulcan are not infallible !”the commander named john said. “Don’t say that too loud! “The man said.
Star fleet command
“The technology is not known to vulcan science or security directorate. “A female vulcan security agent said.
“It is an advanced race. They apear to be superior to us technologically ! “Ambassador soval said.
“I did not think that was possible !”john said. “Commander archer,i understand that you are upset. “Soval said. “I take it that you are unaware of who these people are?” Admiral leonard asked. “That is corect admiral !”toss said.
“We understand that you believe that humanity was the target. Earth is an insugnificant planet in an insugnificant area of the galaxy. No one has heard of your race. I cannot believe that. Humans were the target. I believe probably they were targarting Vulcans by proxy!”the female Vulcan said.
“With all due respect i don’t buy it. This seamed aimed at me personaly!”archer said. “You are unknown. I can’t believe that you were a target. “Soval said. “Commander archer is a rising star within our organization !”commander wiliams said. “Stil it is not logical !”tos said.
“Vulcan security should take over the investigation!” The female Vulcan said. “Admiral this is a human matter!”archer said. “I agree. Star fleet will command the investigation! “Forest said. “This is invadvisible admiral!”soval said. “My decision is made ambassador !”forest said.
U.s.s voyager
“Vessel is holding position !” Seven anounced. “They have to know we are hear!”kim said. “They do. I suspect they want us to come to them!” Chavotay ordered. “Lets not disapoint them! Tom gass up the delta flyer. Chacotay take a class three shartle. Lets do this!” Janeway ordered.
End of part three