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Interest and principles part 7

The enterprise had to holdout long enough for the rest of the fleet to arrive. The enterprise participSated in hit and run attacks on the enemy ships trying to ware down the enemy. It was designed to buy time.
The enterprise fired on the enemy ships. The ships fired back on the enterprise. Multiple decks were hit. Walls caved in. Computors circuits exploded.
“Emurgentcy protocols in place!”uhua said. “Come on !Spock get me a target!” Kirk said. “Jim he is a science officer not a marksman!”mccoy said. Kirk gave him a dirty look.
Spock sent a target to soul’s station. Sulu plotted the target. Then he pressed the fire button. The enterprise fired on the command ship. It fired on a crossover area on the ship. Sulu programmed a percussion strike on the area.
Two escort vessels hit the enterprise. Both nicheles were damaged. The vessel hit on multiple sides. The command ship hit the ship from the center.  The enterprise returned fire on the ships. They used phasers and photon torpedoe volley at the ships. The Enterprise did not give time for the ships to return fire. They kept fireing.
Enemy ship
“This ship is annoying!”the admiral in command said. “They cannot service forever. They are one ship. No ship is invincible. They are doomed. “The admiral said .
U.s.s faragut bridge
“How much longer!”Addison asked.”we are two minutes closer then the last time you inquired!”sotril said. “Sory!”Addison said.
The faragut and protempkon  finally arrived. The two ships did not hesitate to fire. They fired on multiple targets. Shortly after the Excalibur and hood arrived. Then other ships arrived.
The ships decided to fall back. The society did not want an armed conflict with the federation.the plan depended on the collapse of the federation. That now seamed unlikely. The fleet withdrew. They then would reevaluate that plan.
Planet earth
Pallice de la Concorde
Office of the president
” Mr. President We retrieved a data base that verifies that a secret group plotted  To destabilize the federation . they were behind the attacks on the tellerite and coridon. This was an effort to devide the federation. The andorian were not involved in this. ” admiral komack said.
“After looking At the evidence mr. president, it is the view of the coridon government that the whole afair is the work of outside forces. We are satisfied that the andorians did not commit acts of agressons against the coridon people!” the coridon rep said.
“As is the tellerite government. We are convinced of there innocence !” the tellerite ambassador said. “I am recommending to the council that they consider the matter closed.”the acting president said. “We have no objections Mr. President!”the tellerite ambassador said.
“This is a federation news service update, the council has voted unanimously to accept the star fleet report that  vindicate the andorians. The council has voted unanimously to restore the andorians to full membership status. The road to coridon membership will go forward as scheduled. “The reporter said.
“We have also confirmed that the vice president will take over as acting president until president zal can resume his duties. ”
“People of the federation. Although I have represented the andorians ,as Secretary of defense and intergalactic security advisor and vice president,I have endeavored to work for the federations. All of the federation. While I am exercising the duties of the president, I will endever to work for everyone in the federation. The federation world because we are United. We are one federation. We are one. We depends on each other!”the vice president said.
The end
Next up
  Set between final mission and the loss, in a remote sector of the federation space ,a Borg cube appears. The enterprise is called to deal with the situation. All is not as it seams.


Interest and principles part six

Admiral komack had his team get together to formulate a briefing to the president and federation council. They were able to put together a cohesive beefing.
Pallice da la Concorde
Office of the president.
The acting president was a diplomat and an administrator. She had a very different style from the elected president. She saw herself as a caretaker,a place holder. Either she would yield to president zal or she would yield to the vice president. Until that time according to the charter, she was in charge. This was a crises situation . there needed to be a leader so she fulfilled that role.
“I have invited the andorian and tellerite ambassador as well as the coridorn council. Admiral you may begin !”she Said.
“Thank you madam president. Star fleet has determined that apart from the tricabera, the ships that have engaged in agresive action of ships that were sold to orther world’s,to private organization or persons or sent to a surplus depot. We have also determined that ships that were supposed to be at a surplus depot are missing. These ships are among the debree.  “Admiral komack said.
“What are you suggesting?”tellerite ambassador horchub asked. “Well the evidence does call into questione the andorian involvement In these attacks. ” the admiral said.
“You beleve this vindicates the andorians?” the coridon representative asked. “It does all andorian involvement into question. It is certainly  justifiable doubt. “The admiral’s aid said.
“Who is behind all this?” the president ‘s chief of staf asked. “I don’t know . we beleve this indeterminadate third party is trying to destabilize the federation from within. Probably for the purpose of invading some of all of the federation after it collapses. ” admiral Fitzpatrick said.
“You are convinced of the inosence of the andorians or at least the andorian government?” the president asked.
“That is correct madam president!”admiral komack said. “How do I know that this is not some kind of white washing by star fleet. In order to save the federation you come up with your theory to protect the federation?”the coridorn rep asked.
“I assure you that star fleet would not engage in that kind of activity Mr. Representive. “Admiral Fitzpatrick said.
“I will want to look over all of your evidence admiral!”the tellerite ambassador said. “That will be provided to all of the council members. “The acting president assured the ambassadors.
“It will be closely scrutinized. “The tellerite ambassador informed the president. “Of course. We wood expect no less!” admiral komack said.
“I am sceptical. I will try to keep an open mind. “The Representive of the coridon said. “Very good!” the president said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Did Spock give any indication why he had called us out hear?”Dr. Mccoy asked. “No. He did say that this was important !”kirk said. “You trust him Jim ?”mccoy asked. “Implicitly bones. Why? You don’t trust him ?” kirk asked.”I have my doubts about him Jim !” mccoy said. “Now why am I not surprised by that?”kirk asked.
“‘ve have incoming keptian! It is z Gallo!”checov at science said. ” have it brought in! “Kirk ordered.
The Shartle was brought into the hanger. Spock excited the craft. “Do you have a lead?” kirk asked. “Captain I beleve that someone wants to an an anax words near the fegen system. I beleve that the attacks attributed to the andorian are a distraction and a plot to open up the frontier to conquest!  “Spock said.
“The fegen system? That area is remote and insignificant. Why go to all this trouble? ” Dr. Mccoy asked.
“At current it is insignificant and unimportant. That was not always the case. This area was once part of the ilvian imperial order. ” Spock said.
“That was three thousand years ago. “Kirk said. “Many of the world’s remane. I beleve that someone May be trying to recreate that empire or part of it. I don’t yet have proof!”Spock said. “Let me gues that is where we come in!” Dr. Mccoy said. “The enterprise can get there faster then the Shartle can. ” Spock said.
“Where can we go is get this vaunted proof?”Dr. Mccoy asked. “The fegen system!”Spock said.  ” so we go there and ask them if they are planing to invade the near by world’s?”mccoy said.
“Captain we have to follow up on This. We may not have a lot of time.someone is invading or persuading world’s to join a secret pact. They are gobbling up world’s on the edge of the federation frontier!”Spock said.
Kirk went over to a com unit. “Mr. Checkov what ships near us,”kirk asked. “The faragut,hood,Excalibur and potempkon.”he said. “Have all ship head for the fegen system!”kirk ordered. “Aye sir!”uhua said.
U.s.s faragut
“Addison! The enterprise is asking us to procede to the fegen syistom!” the com officer said. “We seam to be doing a lot of favors for the enterprise!”Addison said. “Someone needs to Set up a tab!”ryian said. “Yes we do! Ry set course for the feign syistom. Maximum warp!”Addison ordered. “Course plotted!” the helm officer said. The faragut went to warp.
Fegan system
“We are getting closer to the Fegan system. We are now in sansor range!”science officer Spock reported. “Scan the area mr Spock! “Kirk said. Spock activated the scanning device. “Scanning. I have a visual !”the Vulcan reported. “On screen!”kirk ordered.
The science officer sent the visual to the Maine view screen. On the screen was a series of starships. They were from several different races. The ships ran the gammit from frigate to dreadnauhht. They were all heavily armed.
“I beleve It is a multi planetary fleet !”Spock said. “What is the glue holding this fleet together?” Scotty asked. “I wish I knew. “Kirk said .
“I hopped that you were wrong Spock?”mccoy commented.”uhua send to star fleet command. “Kirk said. “We are being jammed !”uhh said . “get us pass that jamming device!” kirk ordered.
The vessel headed in the opposite direction. The ship headed back for the federation.
Command ship
“Excelentcy the federation space is withdrawing. ” the sansor officer said. “The vessel is probably trying to get out of jamming range !” the first officer said. ” lay in a persist course!” the admiral in charge ordered.
The plan depended on keeping there activities low key. Without anonymity the plan would not work.the plan was to quietly build and then overwhelm and devastate.
“We have incoming. Several ships are on a direct course. They are attempting to intercept us. “Spock reported.
“Shields up! Red alert!”kirk ordered. Sulu raised the shields and screens. “Shields and screens up!”sulu reported. “Mantain course and speed!”kirk ordered . “aye sir!” sulu answered.
The enterprise kept withdrawng in order to get pass the jammers. The hostile ships remained on course for the enterprise.
The ships headed for the enterprise.once in fireing range,the hostels fired. The photon torpedoes struck the enterprise from several sections.
The enterprise quickly returned fire on the ships. The enterprise maintained course for the edge of federation space.
The ships hit the enterprise. “Damage on several decks!”Spock said. “Begin damage control procedures!” kirk ordered. “Damage control is on its way!” uhua said.
The enterprise unleashed phasers and photon torpedoes at the warships. It fired as many schots as it could get off.
The ships continued to fire on the enterprise. The command ship fired a large mistle . the enterprise ran to the mistle,fired a payload of phasers and photon torpedoes at the mistle. Then it got out of the way. The mistle exploded .
The enterprise has gotten away from the projectile. It fired at the wake. It hit the command ship. It stil had the rest of the fleet to deal with.
The faragut and several other ships were on there way. Would they arrive on time? Could the enterprise hold out until the orther ships arrived?
To be concluded .

Interest and principles part three

“This is a federation news service special report.  A group calling itself the free coridorn army has clamed responbility for an attack on an andorian craft. While the chancellor of coridon has condemed the attack. Protest against the andorians continue on coridon and alied worlds. ”
“While some andorians acuse the coridorns of staging the original incident. Tensions on both sides apear to be high.”reporter jesica Armstrong said in a news cast.
Qurters of soval
Spock ringed the chime. The door opened. “Ambassador !”spock said. “Something is on thy mind!”soval said. “Indead. I wish to use you as a sounding bored!”spock said. “Of course. I am thy disposal. “He said. “I assume you are aware of the orions atempt to disrupt the babel confrence!”spock said. “Indeed i am. “Soval said. “What if the two incidents are a continuation of that?”Spock asked.
“Its possible. The orions do stand to lose considerable.business if coridon becomes a full federation member. “Soval said.
“You are not convinced?”spock asked. “I am not certain. What troubles me is that the coridon attack on the andorian ship does not seam to be in reponse to the andorian incident. It seams to be pre planed. “Soval said. “A third party. Perhaps orions perhaps not.”spock said. “That is my suspicion. “Soval said.
Office of the president
” we can confirm that the attack. On the andorian vesel was commited by known radicals. Before this they had never commited violence. They talked only!”the coridon representive said. “Yet now they have commited extensive violence!”the ambassador said.
“The attack on bratair had angered us. I diplore the attack on your ship. We sufered first!”the coridon rep said. “As we conduct an investigation all sides mut work to bring calm!”the president urged the reps. “My government will do what we can!”the andorian said. “As will myine!”the coridon said.
“I apreciate that!”the president.said.
Bathasda planet.
The planet was sealed off. The planet was a hospital not a prison. It was not as heavily shielded as elba but they were carefull. The patcients needed to be safe.
Profesor shivia owen’s ship arived at the obital base. She was cleared to dock. She was granted permission to visit with her morther. The doctors felt her presence could be a help.m
After speaking to the staf,she was escorted to a selarium like area. She sat down. Her morther was brought in. She gave her morther the triditional Vulcan silute. She returned it. They both sat.
“It is agreible to see you morther! Your lack of presence has been felt!”shivea said. “I have been cognisent on your absence in my life as well. “Kinera said.
“I believe that the beatified is behind the rising conflict between the andorians and coridons. “She said.
“Morther! We have discused this before. The beatified was disoved. Many were captured or killed. There bases were destroyed by the Klingons. The beatified does not exist any more!”shivea tried to tell her.
“They have been around sence the fall of the great empires. They would not just give up. They went underground !”she told her daughter.
“Morther i have always respected you. I owe who i am to you.  This behavor is not logical. This is irational. “Shivea said.
“Do you really believe this situation is not the work of outside agitation. The attack on the andorian vessel was not a spontaneous reaction to the attack on bratair. The evidence indicates that this was well planed in advance. Something is going on. “Kinera said.
“The timming of the attack on the andorian ship is suspect. We know that the atempt to stop the babel confrence was perpitrated by the orions. I am open to the posibility of a third party but i cannot believe that is the work of the beatified. “Her daughter said.
“Don’t ignore this. Something is off. You have to see that!” She told her. “I will look into that. ” She assured her.  “Please do. “She admonished her.
“I can’t gurente anything ! I will try to keep an open mind!”she told her. “if coridon and andoria go to war,the telerites will be In a tough spot. If the telerites try to trade with both,either side might give them an altimadom. They side with the andorians,the coridon cry fowel and vice versa. While human and Vulcan may try to stay nutral,the rygelians and ithimites might take sides. This thing will spiral out of control. The federation could distinigrate.this fits the goal of the beatified. “She said. “I will look into it. I cannot promise anything !”she said. “Very well!”kinera said.
Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log,we have randavezed with the u.s.s faragaut. We will be beaming over ambassador soval over to the faraguit. ” Kirk said In his log.
Transporter room.
“I wish you luck ambassador !”kirk said. Sime Vulcans would winch at a saying like that but soval was used to human terminology. “Thank you captain. I may need it. “Soval said. He steped foot on to the pad. “Enerzize mr. Kyile!” Kirk said. Sovel gave the Vulcan solute. Kyile activated the beam. Soval was beemed over to the orther ship.
U.s.s faragout
Transporter room
“Welcome abored. It is an hornor ambassador !” Captain adison mcommic said. “The hornor is myine. You have distinguished yourself. “Sovel said. “Greatings!”the first officer sotril said. He nodded.
The two ships dispersed. The ships went In oposite directions. The faraguit headed for earth. The enterprise headed back to the final fronteer.
Office of security chief gioto
“I was curias who is the orion in charge if operations near babel?”spock asked. “Star fleet security is not totally sure. It is believed that it is ereend ghakule. “Gioto said.
“Where is his base of operations ?”spock asked. “He spends a lot of time on the planet enopoc. “Gioto said. “I see!”spock commented. “Why the interest in the orions?”the chief asked. “I have my reasons commander!” The first officer told the chief of security.
Captain’s qurters.
“Captain! I wish to take a leave of absence.”spock said. “I am suprised. We just left your home planet. You declined any leave. What’s up spock?”kirk asked. “Jim i would ask that you respect my pravicy. “He said. “This is odd!”kirk said. “I understand that but i need you to respect my wishes in this!” Spock said. ‘Very well! “Kirk said.
“Personal log,spock recording. I have taken the shartle galalao to rygel ten. From there i have booked pasege to the planet ecopoc. ”
The planet was non aligned. The government was corupt. The leaders were subject to bribery by the orions and orther criminal groups.  Many of the intergalatic underworld freqented this world. ”
“I have observed that the key source of information seams to be bars. Emotionall beings seam obsesed with alchole. I have never understood preoccupation with alchole. I have tried to be liberterian on this isue. I do find it unusual as i do with manny humanoid activity. “Spock said in his log.
Spock wore civilian clothing. He pased him off as a merchent. He went inside the bar. He looked around. He saw various cretures from many worlds. There were some from worlds he did not recognize.
Spock saw the orion believed to head up operations in this sector. Spock was convinced if this was an orion operation,ereend gokhul knew about it.
Gokhul had an enterage. They were known orion footsolders. There were new comers. He saw a group of aliens from multiple non aligned worlds. He had acute hearing.
He focused on there words. He also read lips. They were discusing smugling operations. Ghokule assured his business partners that things were chaning. Political boundries would be dramatically different in the next few weeks. Was this a guess or did he have inside information ? If he did have information ?where did he get it?
Spock was convinced a third party was behind all this. He had no idea how to prove it.
U.s.s enterprise bridge
“You really let spock go off on his own?”dr. Mccoy asked. “Bones he is a big boy!”kirk said. “Its not like him!”mccoy asked. “If spock gone off on some task,he has a good reason. I trust him!”kirk said.
“Captain we are getting a distress call from a telerite convoy. They are being refused pasege though andorian space !”uhua said.
“Great we get to some space police dutty! Mr. Checiv set course for the andorian border. Uhua hail the andorian border fleet. “Kirk ordered. “No response !”uhua said. “Dawn!”kirk reaplied.
The enterprise arived at the border. “Captain! The convoy. Several vessels were destroyed. Several wracked. I am detecting evidence of andorian weapons!” Lt hadley at science reported. “Oh my! Uhua send to star fleet prority one!” Kirk said.
The federation council could not ignore this. The andorians would have to be held acontible.kirk knew that this could leed to the andorians leaving the federation. If that happened,the telerites could go to war with the andorians. It would split the federation. What was going on ? Kirk thought.
End of lart three

Interest and principles part two

Planet earth
Office of the president
Pallice de la concorde
Zall hardicore was a rygelian. He had been the president of the federation for six years. He had served the federation in multiple compacities including several cabinent posts. He also represented his world in the federation council.
He was not in the best of health lately. He had contracted a virus and has never quite recovered form it due to his age and prior ilneses. He was 204 years old. He wanted to continue his term and then retire to rygel.
“Mr. President the andorian ambassador has arived. “An aid said. “Send him in!”the president said. The door opened,the andorian ambassador and his enterage entered.
“Mr. President! I am deeply troubled by what occured. The emparor himself is overseing this investigation. He wanted me to assure you that we will fully cooperate with any investigation.”ambassador tishik said.
“I apreciate that mr. Ambassador. “The president said.”the tircabera and its crew did what they did without the knowledge or aproval of the andorian government.”the ambassador said.
“Why was the tricabera placed so close to the coridon sector?”intergalatic security advisor hilken juraniv a delten.asked. “i am not sure mr. Juraniv. He was assigned by the sector commander. We are looking into that. ” Tishik informed him.
“Is it posible that the captain was not acting on his own acord but at the behast of a faction inside your military ?”tesrek a vulcan who served as chief of staf asked. “It cannot be rulled out at this jucture. “The ambassador said. “I want to be kept fully aprised of every detail of this investigation “the president admonished the andorian representive. “Of course mr. President!” The ambassador said.
“Could you wait in the ante room. I wish to speak to the coridon representive in private!’the president said. Ambassador tisik agreed. He was escorted out the back door.
Then the coridon representive entered. “Mr. Ambassador it is good to see you. I wish it could be under better circumstances !”the preaident said. “As do i. We were thrillrd by the vote of the council. The margon of pasege was quite reasering given the vocicificous opposition before the vote. This event is quite troubling !” Brink ajer said. “We all are quite desturbed by these events” the president said.
“Do the andorians have a response ?” The rep asked. “They report that the tricabera crew were acting without orders. They are conducting a full investigation. They have pledged to fully coperate with us. “The chief of staff said.
“Then you believe that they are syincere? “The coridon rep asked. “Without evidence to the contary i am inclined to believe them!’the president said.
“I will consult with my government. I hope that this truely is an asolated incident ! ” the rep said.
Uss enterprise
“You will need time to recover. Bed rest. No aceptions!”dr. Mccoy said. “I will see to it. You have my word!”amanda said. “I feel much better!”sarek said. “If you want to continue to feel that way,you will follow my instructions to the letter! No deviation! Is that clear!”dr. Mccoy said. “Quite clear doctor!”sarek said. “Vulcans! You could drive me to drink. I thought spock was bad. “Dr. Mccoy said.
Qurters of kirk.
Kirk was resting in his qurters. He had finally been discharged from sickbay. Dr. Mccoy stil would not let him return to duty.
  “Bridge to captain kirk!”uhua said. Kirk got up and activated the com unit. “Go ahead uhua!”kirk said. “Captain! Incoming message from admiral komack. ” She said. “Pipe it down hear!”kirk said.”sending now sir!”she said.
Kirk activated the view screen. “How are you feeling jim?”the admiral asked. “Like i was stabed by an andorian or an orion!”kirk said. ” “Jim the coridon situation apeared to be resolved. ” Komack said.
“Apeared?”kirk asked. “Yes. An andorian crusher crosed into coridon space and attaked a base at bratir. The ship was destroyed. Both sides are calm. I fear it might not last. I assume that ambassador sarek is not well enough to travel to earth?”he said.
“He is still recovering sir. I don’t feel he can resume his duties yet. “Kirk said. “I see. Can you reach out to ambassador soval! Perhaps he can fill in!”komack said. “Ambassador soval?”kirk asked. “You seam aprehehensive jim!”the admiral commented.”he just intimidates me?”he said.”jim kirk intimidated? “He asked.
“Alright. I will muddle though!”kirk said. “Very good. Witb sarek out of comision we will need a a strong Vulcan. A.Vulcan will be esential in a situation like this!”the admiral said.
Planet bethasda
The planet was one of the federation pre eminent non criminally insane mentile health facility. Different from elba two wich treated criminally insane. It was basically one big mentle hospital.
  One of the patcient was a Vulcan female who apeared to be 35 years of age. She was acualy 140 years of age. She has sufered a series of nervous breakdowns. This required long term hospitalizations. She wore pink scrubs and sandles.
She had a keen sence of hearing.she heard more then the average human. She heard the two orderlies talking.
“Andorians attacked a coridon planet. Every thing is In a major uproar !”one orderly said to another. “No not again !”she said.she beged to see an orderly. One rushed in.
“What is it?”the orderly asked. “Please i need to speak to my daughter! Its urgent!” Kinera said. “I will see if i can reach her!”the orderly said.
“We have breaking news. Our corispondents on coridon have confirmed that there is a masive protest outside the andorian embasy in the capital citty. The protest started with a few people but has grown to a group mesuring in the hundreds of thousand. They are chanting things luke “down with andorian imperialsm”. “Make them pay” and “no federation with the andorians” the chancellor is calling for calm. He is urging the protesters to go home. The embasy is on lock down. The embisy public information office says while there no plans to evacuate,it is an option. ”
U.s.s enterprise
The command crew were dressed in dress uniforms. “Nervous jim?”dr. Mccoy asked.”of course not!”kirk said. “The ambassador has a reputation for being quite imposing. ” Mr. Spock said.
The three entered the transporter room. “The ambassador is ready to come abored at your leisure sir!”lt. Kyil said. “Enerzize mr. Kyile!”captain kirk ordered.
The transporter operated the controls. The ambassador was brought onbored. He had retired several years erlier but continued to advise on occasion.
“Ambassador welcome abored!”kirk said.”captain kirk,you don’t look anything like captain archer!”soval commented. “No i don’t believe i do!” Kirk said. “Ambassador it is agreable to see you again !”spock said. “You as well. Your grand farther served as my aid during the federation’s charter process!”soval said. “He mentioned it frequently!”spock said. Kirk directed him to the door.
“My orders are to escort you to uss feragauit witch will transport you to earth. Unfortunately you will be tosed from ship to ship !”kirk said. “I have been a diplomat and a satesman for many years. I am used to it. “Soval said.
Alpha cinterie
University of alpha cinterie
  Profesor shivea owens completed her morning lecture. She ajurned the class. She saw her husband bob. ” This can’t be good bobby!” She said. “I just got a call from bethasda.”owens said.
“Is my morther alright ?” She asked. “She is. She wants to speak to you. “Owens said. “It is difficult to see her. I remember her before her episodes. I wish to remember her in that fashon !”she said. “It could be important. She is your morther and the grandmorther of our children. It is not logical to abandon her!”she said. “You are corect as you often are. I will go see her.”she said. “I figured!”he said. “That’s meen your teaching my class!”she said. “I saw that comming!”he said.
“Excellentcy! Every thing is in place for phase two! “The second in command told his superior. “Procede with phase two!” The elder said. The second agreed.
Andorian shipyard
Planet dreya four
Though the andorians were a federation member,they did have a military.  It was mostly for protection of shiping lanes and comerce. It was similar to the Vulcan star navy. Several member world had space service . They usually stayed close to home.
The andorians employed aliens from non andorian worlds. Most were from the federation but a few were not. There were coridonians. Though the two worlds had been at ods over membership in the federation,they did work together. The coridon who worked there had left. All but one.
That one stayed out of sight. He waited. He knew how to stay qiet. He was traned in evasive tactics. He was waiing for the right moment. That moment had arived.
He went to a cralway. He stoped. He tapped on a device embedded in his arm. The device exploded. The blast spread though half the shipyard.
A transmison went out on several frequency used by federation com users. “This is the free coridon army. As of now we are at war with the andorians. We will not be in the same allience with the andorians.we demand that the andorians be kicked out of the federation. Failue to comply with these demands will result in more attack. Long live coridon!” The message faided.
The president watched the tape. “I want to meat with the represenrives of the andorians and the coridon. “The president ordered.
The president was very worried. He saw the big picture. His health was falling. He was in a weak sate. His body was failing. His mind was as sharp as ever. He knew what was comming. He feard that it might not be stoped.    End of part two.
There is no reference to who the president of the federation was during the original series. I have a playground hear. I decided to go with a rygelian sense they are not depicted often in star trek.
I made up the bathasda planet. Elba two apeared to be a asylium for the criminally insane so i figured it would not be proper to have kinera there.

“Interest and principles”

Star trek
The society
Star trek the original series
“Interest and principles”
With the decline of the ancient empires,a group made up of multiple alien races created a secret society bent on creating stability in the universe. As the united federation was formed briging stability but not every one was pleased with this. ”
Federation newscast.
“This is Jessica Armstrong with the federation news service. We have this breaking news. The babel confrence has anounced that the council has unenimously voted to admit the planet coridon into the federation. This concluded two weeks of intensive negociations and deliberations by the ambassadors. While the andorians and telerites were last holdouts,both voted in favor of the admission. There will be time of transistion before coridon takes its seat at the council as a full member.” The reporter said. 
Planet andor
Capital citty
“Sir we have lost contact with the tircabera! The vessel has failed to respond to all hails. One of our long range setilites traced it to bratair.”andorian admiral shibret said.
“A coridon colony!”the emparor said. “Corect excellentcy!” Admiral shibret answered. “The commander is oposed to coridon admission to the federation. If the ship opens fire on the planet,this could be seen as an act of hostility on the part of the andorians!” The emparor said.
“Get me the consul general from coridon to earth. Perhaps we can prevent a major incident if we act quickly!” The emparor ordered. His military commanders agreed.
“Have all of our ships intercept the tricabera but make it clear that our ships are not to cross into coridon space !”the emparor ordered. “Understood !”the admiral and generals said.
The emparor was very concerned by this news. Manny in the andorian government were vehitmently oposed to coridon membership. The emparer was nutral even apithetic towards this issue. He did not want war between coridon and andor. He feared there own future in the federation if the tricabera did attack the colony. He hoped that this could be stoped.
By the time the andorian task force neared the last known location of the tricabera,the ship was gone. The task force would not disobey orders. The task force did inform command of what had occured.
“Sir we are unable to get any message in or out of the planet!”a tech said. “What is the nature of this interference?”the coridonian commander asked.”it could be from a comet or orther steler phynomina. It could also be some kind of dampening field. “The tech responded.
“Send to tildarin citty. Inform them what has happened. “The. Obital station commander informed the com tech.
The andorian battle crusher came out of warp. The crusher opened fire on the obital base. The crusher fired multiple phaser burst all over the outpost.
“Our shields are down!” A tech said. Near by coridon vessels intercepted the warship. The warships quickly returned fire on the andorian vessel. The warship was no match for the coridorn vessels.
The andorian vessel was disarmed. Instead of surendering,the andorian vessel ploted a colision course for the coridon lead ship. The orther vesels tried to protect there command ship. They fired multiple burst on the hostle ship. The explosive wave hit the command ship. The ship was wounded. There was exstensive damage. The real damage was the fact that one federation member apeared to have attacked a member to be. This was the begining of a masive power keg just beginning.
  Planet andor
“Excellentcy! The tricabera opened fire on the bratair’s obital station. The outpost was heavily damaged. The tricabera was destroyed. The ship seamed to have trigered the self destruct protical. “Shibret said. “Oh my !”the emparor said.
“The intersection on earth never got our warning. There are already theories that the attack was not a rougue strike. “General teverek said.
“I see. I want to speak to the chancellor of coridon,the federation president and our ambassador on earth. I want to hold an emergentcy cabinet meating right away!” The emparor ordered.
Office of the chancellor
“Sir! We have confirmed that the bratair base was attacked by an andorian vessel. The vessel has been confirmed to be the tricabera. It is taelcher class war crusher. The commander was commander tashaeer. He was known to be oposed to our admission into the federation!”the minister of defense said.
“This news is quite troubling !” The chancellor said. “The andorian embasy on earth claims that had no knowledge of the attack. It claims the vessel.went rougue!”the foregn minister said.
“Do we have any information that substaniates there claim ?”the chancellor asked. “At this point we have no information for or against !”the defense minister asked.
“I want to speak to the head of the interasection on earth. I also would like to speak to the federation president at his erliest convenience. ” The chancellor declared.
Planet argelius
A man went into a bar. He saw a ring on a table. He took it. He went outside. He went to a park banch. He waited. Then a man who had watched him came over to him.
“It has begun! The coridon chancellor is acting with extreme orthers. There is also outrage especially by those on bratair. While the andorian government is trying to prove that they were not involved. Others say the coridon are trying to frame them. The seeds of discent are being sown. “The seccond man told the first man to arive.
“We need to go slow. We muat avoid the mistakes of the past. I want this to work. “The superior said. “Yes sir!” The seccond man.said. then the two dispersed.
End of part one.
Although the andorians are a federation member,i have surmised that they have a cerimonial emparer.