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Legend of zarkan part two

U.s.s fronter

Omicron class

Mass hall. 

The captian enteted. He went to the computor. “Bakon egs and chese on a bagle.cofee black. “He said. The slot opened. He brought his tray to a table and sat down.

“This replicator unit hates me.i ordered bacon eag and chese o. A bagle. It gives me a bagle bakon and chese seperatly. I dont want to asemble it myself.  “Captian waren. Burgele said. 

“You have to be specific with the replicator. “Ilisia said. “I gues so. ” waren said. “Did you get the invite?” lt. Commander steve dilivent asked.”yea star fleet academy five year reunuon. I thought about attending but i think i will explore the andromida galaxsy instead.” he said. 

“Why not attend. You made captian within five years of graduation. You command a class of ships slightly smaller then the constitution class but not by much. You have already made history several times over. You have everything you want.” elisia said. 

He looked at his ring finger. He saw the indentation on his ring finger.at one time there had been en a ring there. “Not everything! ” he said.

“I figured.  You still miss her?” steve said. “I do. ” waren burgelle said. “Have you tried to find her?” elisia said.  “I know she was not on vulcan when nero struck. She was on rygal. Orther then that i dont know. ” warren said. 

He did not say was that he did want to see her again. He was not ready to reveal that part. 

Steve and elisia were his closest friends. Steve like waren grew up on earth in the sate of maine in north America.  Elisia was a cardesien. They all met at the acedemy. They had become friends sense then. He asked for them on his first command. 

Secret klingon weapons research post. 

Near klingon- romulan border. 

Khas was the commander of the facility. The facility was tasked with creating various new weapons for the empire. Khas was an expert at proxy wars. He led advisory teams to various planets ususly involved in cival wars. It was with the aim of advancing the interest of the empire. 

Now he was supervising the construction of the new weapons.this time it was to be used directly by the empire in battle.  He perfered this task to his previous one.

He liked desinging new technology for the perpose of war fare. He was glad to have this task. 

“Sir! I present the dust cloud. ” dr. Kuruga said.a smal device was lunched. The device emited a kind of dust that spread though the station. 

“All view screens and port holes are are blocked. Not only is the screen blocked but the dust created by the device blocks sansors including targeting sansors. It will eventually dispitate but it will do alot of damage before that. ” dr. Keraga said. 

“Does it weakon the strucual integrety of the object hit?” the first officer said. “This device does not but we have created a version that does. “Dr. Keraga said.

“This is quite impressive.  Not quite my thing but i am impressed.  “Khas said. “You will reccomend that the ticumba  aprove its use?”kuraga asked. 

“There wont be time for that!” the first officer said. Everyone was confused. The exo detonated an explosive device embedded in his arm. Khas pushed keraga out if the way. The blast spread. 

The lead flagship


“The station is clear of the debree.”t’pring reported. “Are there shields down?” zarcan asked. “Afirmitive. ” tpring answered. “Move us in to tranaporter range. “Zarcan ordered. “We are in place sir”zordom answered. “Send over the bording party. ” he ordered. “Sending now. ” sybok said. 
A transporter beam emerged.  The landing party all armed with phaser or disruptor rifles quickly moved out. 

The team used a kind of canister that administers a non lethal gass.the canister scans for targets.it wont release the gass until it detects a combatent. 

A team of klingon marines headed for the bording party.  The mobile canisters ran for the marines.  The klingon fired on the canisters. It did not accomplish anything. The canisters exploded. The klingon were all knocked out. 

Ston ordered the team to keep advancing. They ran and ran. A nearby klingon marine fired his disruptor. Ston fired. He conrinued to fire. The marine fell to the ground. The team did not stop. They kept moving. 

The team neared the weapons locker. A vulcan female named sorel tried to get inside the locker. She was an expert at technology and breaching though secuity system.  Klingons loved to feel sicure. They believed they were invincible.  They knew they were not so they overcompensated by being beyond parinoid. Sudenly the door opened.

The team rushed in. There weapons were at the ready. One of Zarcan’s folowers, a female named zera tried to get into a vault.

“Morw sucurity codes?” zera said. Sorel took control of the situation.sorel quickly ganed acess to the lockers.  They raided every weapon they could get there hands on. 

Zorak went over to a vault with the klingon lable for bio toxens. “No! We fight fairly.we do not use bio ,chemical or weapons of mass destruction. We fight within rules if war. “Stone said.”there are no rules in war. There is one rule. You must win ” zorak said.

Ston tried to stop him from entering the bio weapon vault. “No! I did not agree to using dirty weapons. Conventional warfare. Both sybok and i are clear on that. “Ston said. 

“I do not recoznize your authority over me. I answer to sovereign Zarcan and he alone.  ” zorak declared. He opened the vault and took the bio weapons. 



“Excellently!  We have most of the weapons .the klingon fleet will be hear soon. We have to get out of hear. “Sybok said. “I want every last weaoon this ship has. From a supernova generator to a kitchen fork i want them. The only key to victory is overwhelming force.  ” Zarcan said. 

“We have it. If we never leave klingon space, this revolution of yours will never happen.” sybok said.”revolution no. This is restoration.surek was wrong. Logic is not the answer. The universe is chaos. It is wild uncontroled untamed. We must conquer the universe. We must outsmart the universe. To do it we must be unpredictable and more chaotic. ” Zarcan said.

“The weapons are loaded.  The team has returned. ” t’pring reported. “Good. Xon set the coordinants.do not engage until i give the order. “Zarcan ordered.  “Understood. ” the pilot acknowledged.  

“Zordol,target that base. Eliminate them. “Zarcan ordered. “This is not necessary.  They have been cripled!” sybok said. “My authority will not be questoned.sybok do not forget who i am. Zordol!” Zarcan ordered. 

The weapons officer fired on the station.the reactor took several indirect hits. The impact was close enough to cause a cascade of explosions. Several aditional hits caused the station to explode.

Before this all occured, khas anticipated that this might be the plan. He and keraga got into e.v.a suits. They got off the ships. They used the rokets packs. They made it out. The shick wave and use of the rocket packs render the rockets useless. They were traped until the fleet arived or there oxygen ran out.


“We are clear.  ” xon reported. ” engage course pilot.”zarcan ordered.the pilot agreed. The ship headed out.   

“Sybok! You recognize that i am emperor of the new vulcan order?”zarcan asked. “Of course. You are zarcan the great. “Sybok said. “A king cannot be questoned.  Humana refer it to a devine right of kings. I am the soveregn leader of all vulcans? Am i not?” he asked.”yes yes! Without a doubt. You are the undisputed ruller of all vulcans! ” sybok said. “My orders will not be questoned.  I owe you a great debt of gratutude. You found me revived me. Gave me ships folowers a plan. I am greatfull. Your past help only gives you so much leaway. You have much privledges.do not think i will tolerate discent ! I do not. There will only be one supreme leader of vulcans. ” Zarcan said.” undrstood!” sybok said.

New vulcan 

“Welcome back to new vulcan ambassador sarek!” sovel said. “Thank you. It is agreeable to be back on our new home world. ” sarek said. ” how are things on earth?” sovel asked. “Things are quiet.  Sense section 31 was disolved.humanity seams back on the tract embarked on by such men as zefren cocren,lyman eler,Jeremy greyson,Jonathan archer ,nathen samuals, thomas vandrtbelt and others. ” sarek said.

“How are the cambera korolas doing?” soval asked. “They were eliminated from the playofs i am afriad.” sarek said. “There is always next year i supose.” sovel said. “Indeed.” sarek said. 

“I wish that ambassador spock was stil among us.” sovel said. “I agree. I do feel his absence.  I got the impresson that he the sarek of his time line never achieved peace between them. I regret that. I may never underatand spock i can see his unique contribution to the galaxy and to vulcan race.  It is a bit disconcerting that my counterpart did not come to that realization.” sarek said. “Perhaps he did. It is regrettable that ambassador Spock was unaware of it if it did occur. ” sovel said.

“Sybok i do not understand him.i asked the older Spock about the sybok of his time.  He was reluctant to discus it. I get the impreson that They came to an understanding but at a high price. ” sarek said. 

U.s.s frontier 


Captain burgele entered. “Captain on the bridge.  ” an officer said.”as you were. “Warren said. The bridge crew went back to what they had been doing.  

“Captain i have an incoming mesege from admiral robert april it is pre recorded. ” com officer Audrey palmer reported. “On maibe viwer Audrey.  ” warren ordered.the com tech transfered the mesege.on the screen the stars and blackness of space was replaced by the image of the star fleet at his office at sanfrancisco. 

“Monitor post near the klingon border have uncovered an incident at what star fleet intelligence believes in a weapons reserch station. The station was raided and destoyed. The Klingons deny such an incident ever took place. They have always denied the reserch station as well. It is a badly kept secreet. This is not the first raid that has occured in the last few weeks. Several reserch post known to be producing experimental weapons belonging to the romulons,tholien and others. A paturn is emerging.  I want you to head for the border. Do not cross. Be on the look out. I am sending you a new first officer. She is on route.  We will keep in touch.star fleet out. ” the admiral said. 

“A new first officer ? i thought i was stil in the runing to replace ramerez.  “Steve said.”so did i!” the captain said. 

Later on. 

“We have imcoming. Feferation registered vessel. Registered vessel.  Listed as s.s lovecraft. “Ilisia said. “She says her name is sarah burgelle. She is in star fleet but on inactive satis. ” palmer said. 

“Oh my! Of all the people bob april could have sent. ” waren said. “I take it you know her?” c.m.o mark piper asked. “I do. ” he said. 

“Vessel is on bored. ” ilisia reported.”Audrey have someone escort to the bridge. “Warren said.”your not going down there yourself? “Plamer asked. “No i dont think its necessary.  “He said.

He was not ready to see her again. He would. Have to soon. 

End of part two 


Dawn of the day part six

“Captain’s log,there have been several unusual events that have transpired in the last few days. First a u.s.s enterprise from the past has emurged. Then a Klingon vessel has arived. I suspect they are about to atempt to steal a ship or ships for there own naferious perposes. “Captain picard said in his log.
“Captain’s log captain james t kirk reporting. One minute we are on a shakedown cruz of our new ship,the next we are batiling the Klingons. Then we find ourselves a hundred years in the future. Then we discover that the Klingon we were batiling are hear just as we are.now we must again battle them. This time we have the advantage or do we?” Kirk said in his log.
“I am unable to raise the shipyard. “Yar said. “I don’t sense any iminent fear from the inhabitents of the shipyard. They are very concerned about the com blackout !”deana said.
“How did they intend to get the ship out?”rycer asked. “I wish i knew number one!”picard said. “This plan seems doomed to failue!”gordi said. “We do not yet know what they are planing. It is difficult to counter there plans until we do!”worf said.”agreed!”picard said.
U.s.s enterprise A
“He is bold! I will give him that!”mccoy said. “He must have a plan! I can’t believe he is just puling this out of no where!”sulu said. “That is a logical deduction mr. Sulu! “Spock said.
Klingon vesel
“Nearing the shipyard my lord!”the science officer said.”stand by all weapons ! Prepare our suprise as well”k’vet said. The officers did as instructed. The Klingon ship headed for the shipyard.
The planet wescot had one moon. The moon was placed in a
Planitary blindspot. No one on the planet knew that it excisted until the inhabitents began space traval. The moon was the perfect spot for a shipyard.
“Now in weapons and transport range my lord!”the science officer reported. “Disengage cloak!”he ordered. The vessel was now visible.
The two enterprises neared the base and the Klingon vessel. The Klingon vessel ignored the ships and mantained course for the shipyard.
“Hail them!”Picard ordered. “No response! “Yar said. “He will be not be  detered. They will not yield! “Worf said.
“No response !”uhua said. “They are stiking to z klingon playbook !”checov said. “Always ! Well at least the ones from our era!”mccoy said.
“Both enterprises are hear! “The science officer said. “Just in time to witness the final triumph of the Klingon empire. “K’vet said.
The vesel went towards the shipyard. “There deflector is emiting some kind of energy emission !”data said.
“Is it some kind of weapon?”uhua asked.”open fire quickly !”kirk ordered. The enterprise A fired phasers and photon torpedoes at the warship.before the weapons hit the ship,the station was gone.
“Was it destroyed?”rycer asked.”i do not see how it could have been!”data said. Then the Klingon ship was gone.
“They have travaled back in time!”spock declared. “My gues is they will send it to there space.the commander will present it as a gift to the emparor. “Dr. Mccoy said.
“If they use the technology ,reverse engineer it,make more. Then use the station and ships! It will alter the balience of power in the whole sector!” Scoty said.
“Spock. Can we go after them?’kirk asked. “Yes i believe we can. “Spock said. “Uhua get me captain Picard! “Kirk ordered.
Uss enterprise D
“You believe that they returned to there time?” Picard asked. “I suspect that they plan to use the shipyard and ships against the federation in there time. It could totally alter the course of history. The history you experienced may never happen. It has to be stopped !”kirk said.
“I take it you want to go back and go after them?” Picard asked. “I don’t believe we have any other choice ! “Kirk said. Picard gave it some thought. “I am reluctant to aloq you to go back and to retreve the technology. I am just as reluctant to  go back myself. If they have gone back,history is already in jepordy. Perhaps we have no orther choice ! ” picard said.
“Captain! The Klingons of our era are night and different from those of yours. They will use this technology against the federation and every one else. We have to act and act quickly! If we don’t,we could lose every thing. “Kirk said.
“Captain! He is corect. My people in that era will not hesitate to use those weapons against any and all of there enenies”worf said.
Picard paced around the bridge for a few seconds. Then he huged on his uniform. Then he came back to the view screen. “Very well my mr. Data will work with your mr. Spock. Lets get on it. “Picard ordered. “Agreed!”kirk said.
“Captain’s log with the combined resources of lt. Commander data and captain  spock we are ready to procede with a plan for time traval. I am hopfull that we can prevent the klingons from there plan. We do not have a lot of time!” Kirk said.
Uss enterpriseD
“All decks reporting ready!”yar reported. “Alright ! Its time we get underway. “Picard said. “You seam concerned about this?”rycer asked. “There are a lot of uncertainties with time traval. I see no chioce but it is a gamble and the steaks are quite high!”Picard said. “The orther enterprise signals that they are ready. “Yar reported. “Take us back!”Picard said.
U.s.s enterprise A
“We are cleared !”uhua said. “Take us back!”kirk ordered. The two ships headed into the sun.the ships headed back to the 23rd century.
23rd century
The shipyard had emurged. K’vet called in his alies and subdued the station and ships. K’vet convinced the emprarer to support his plan. The empire pretended to sue for peace but it was a stal tactic.
The empire built more ships. Then two years after the historic signing of a peace acord,the new Klingon fleet reveged though federation space. The federation took heavy loses. The federation gave in and acepted masive concessions including cedding all disputed teritories to the empire. They agreed to give concessions to the romulins as well.
The Klingons worked to undermind the federation by forcing them into proxy wars. While the empire continued to build. K’vet would become emparor. He would wage war on the romulins ,tholions and any one else who came agents him.
The federation chocked economicaly was forced to disolve. Some races agreed to a warsaw pact like organization with the empire. Some were conquered. Others joined other empires.
If all went well,that would all be changed. The enterprise united and worked to restore time to way it was. The way it should be.
The station had just emerged. It had worked. The station had emerged in Klingon space. The plan was sucseding so far. That was about to change.
“Thr high senate is dispatching a envoy at once to check us out!”the com officer said.”excellent !”k’vet said.
“Detecting temporal energy signiture!”the science officer said. “Where?”the admiral ordered. ” Right on top of us. It is in two locations. “The science officer said. The two ships excited the doorway.
This was not how the admiral had planed it. This was a definate set back. There was no denying that. He was stil confident.
“Sir one of the ships is from the future. “The science officer reported. This was not what he wanted to hear. He wanted a swift victory. It might not go that way. He could stil win this. He was not going to give up.
To be concluded
The Klingon government structure was not established until season three of next gen. The office of chancellor was not established until star trek 6. K’npeck was refered to as leader of the high council as was gowlone until ds9’s season four opening where he was called chancellor probably to syinct the next gen universe with star trek 6. The idea of a klingon senate was mentioned in the bantum book”spock must die”.  Sence this is not ment to be conotical i decided to go with tje Senate.