The quizmaster part three

“Commadore’s log,I have been placed in Command of a task force assigned to shut down the terrorist activities of one called the quizmaster. we are setting up check points and patrols. It is unclear where he will strike but we know he will. ” Wesley said.


U.s.s Lexington

“This is what we believe to be the target zone! “Science officer Donaldson said. “You could be wrong?” Commander baker asked. “Yes its possible. I suspect that the quiz master will attempt to destabilize out outor rim. I doubt he will try a full fledge invasion of the federation. He may have a gerila war in mind. This area is largely undeveloped. He may believe we might pull out under enough pressure. ” Donaldson said. 

“This is assuming that the quizmaster is acting alone!”security chief Becky Parton said. There is no evidence of state sponsorship. “Donaldson said. Let’s keep speculation to a minimum. ” The commadore suggested. The science officer called up a list of bases and planets in the area. ” I just wish I knew where he was going to strike next!” Wesley remarked.

The Lexington was was on patrol.  The ship formed a chain around this region.all of the ships kept in constant contact with the Lexington. So far nothing out of the ordinary had occured. 

Quuzmaster,s ship.

“The federation has begun to fortify there outor rim. ” Valeria said. “They know that the attack on the star base was only the beginning. They know that we will keep going. They have no idea where we will attack. I know that it is gnawing at the commadore. Humans vailure all life. This will keep him up at night. He knows I’m coming! ” The quizmaster said.

“Will this plan work? We are taking some very big risk. “Qorzan said. “We have to. This plan requires us to be brave. We have to go big! I know it will work. We must work hard. We must do what the unthinkable,the impossible and the inpropible. We hit and we hit him again. We keep coming. We don’t give up. ” The quuzmaster said. The crew on the bridge agreed with there leader. They were now ready for the next phase of the plan. The plan that would change everything. 

Suply convoy

USS repulse 


“Captain! Incoming message from commadore Wesley. The sector is on high alert. They recommend we speak safe harbor. ” The com tech said. “Acknowledged. Helm turn us back!” The captain ordered. “Captain Spencer Drake said. ” The convoy attempted to turn back. 

 “Detecting energy surge. It is right on top of us!” The science officer said. “Shields up! Red alert! ” Captain Drake ordered. A kind of gateway in space opened up. A large combat ship excited the gateway. The repulse fired the first shot. The combat ship fired talons at the destroyer Colorado. The talons cut though the ship. The talons then exploded. The combat ship hen hit the Colorado with phasers. 

“Colorado reports several decks are on fire on the Colorado. Captain ayoto is dead. First officer mcgovin has taken over. “The com officer reported. ” Order the Colorado to retreat. “Captain Drake ordered. 

The Colorado struggled to get away. The repulse tried to cover the Colorado. The combat ship tried to get to the wounded ship. The repulse and Thomas pain fired on the warship. “Detecting another energy field. “The science officer reported. The field opened up. Two more combat ship excited the gateway. One of the ships hit a light cruiser. The light cruiser was hit. The repulse hit the combat ship with a massive berrage of phasers. The combat ship unleashed Mitch havok in the system.

The patrol ship tried to protect the suply ships. The patrol ships were attempting to erect a wall to protect the suply vessels from hostiles. The hostiles were relentless.  Other side’s caught hard. The combat ships were trying to chip away the wall made by the patrol ships.”we have another gateway forming!” The science officer said. A gateway opened up. A small pod came though. 

The pod emitted a jamming device! The device then knocked out shields on one of the suply ships. There was massive transports. Several supplies were beamed away. All of the supplies were non military. The jaming device vanished. The combat ships withdrew . The combat ships returned to the gateway. The gateway was gone.



“We are sure that the supplies were non military?” Wesley asked. “Mostly tools, environmenle equipment and seeds. Mostly starter pacts for be colonies. ” Donaldson said. “They wanted it badly. Go over this Donaldson,becky. I want answers. ” Wesley said. ” Commadore the hitalla colony is under attack. ” Lucy hogin reported. ” Alright. Head for the planet. Maximum warp. Order all ships to head for the planet as well!” Wesley ordered. 

End of part three. 


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