The quizmaster part two.

” commodore’s log,what we believed was a distress call from a cargo vessel may have been a diversion. The attack may have been to lure us away from there true target, star base 47. All attempts to contact the the base have failed. This is a grave concern to me. I am pulling all the stops to get there as soon as possible.” Wesley said. 

I am still detecting life signs. There is evidence of massive damage.”science officer Donaldson reported. “Detecting three vessels. All known designs used by pirates. We are now in weapons range.” Navigator tonner said. “Open fire!” The captian ordered. The Lexington fired phasers and photon torpedoes struck the nearest warship. The Lexington tried not to give time for the vessel to react. 

The Lexington was hit. The Lexington quickly fired back on the war ship. The base itself also hit back on the warship. ” We have an incoming vessel. “Donaldson reported. “Can you identify the ship?”Wesley asked. “Sir it’s the defiant!” Donaldson reported. 

The defiant imidietly joined the fray. They fired a massive volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the nearest warship. The Lexington shifted to two other nearby attack ships. The defiant then followed up and fired I. The warship. 

“Yorktown,Potemkin,and hood have arrived . They have already begun to be fire on the hostiles.” Donaldson reported. “Hit that lead ship Mr. Tonner. Spare no expense!”the commadore remarked. The Lexington fired a series of phasers blast followed up by photon torpedoes. The leadship was heavily damaged in key places. “Vessels are attempting to withdraw!” Donaldson reported. “Stay on um Mr. Braden! “Wesley ordered. The Lexington continued to Persue the leadship. The warship lunched a non incidiary mine. Star fleet corps of engineers had Nick named it a stinkbomb. The device mominterily blocked sensors. It was designed for ships to stage a get away. “They are gone right?” Wesley asked. “I am afraid so sir!”donaldson said. 

The commadore slammed his first on the command chair’s arm chair. “Sir! We are getting a message. Text only. Unknown source. ”  Com officer Lucy hogen reported. “Let’s hear it! “The commadore ordered. ” Who was behind the attack on s.b 47?” Hogen said. ” The quizmaster!”Wesley said.

Star base 47

The star base was a remote base out post on the edge of the federation. It was near non aligned space. It was a port of call,center of trade and vanguard for scientific research. It also served as a command post for the sector. The attack left sections of it in shambles. The station suffered casualties as well as damage to the property. Several more ships arived to offer aid . This included the medical ship murcy. The ships instantly sent aid. 

Conference room.

“I’m of. Collen archer. Acting commanding officer. Commadore neztbit is dead.”she said. “I am sorry to hear that Lt. The commadore was a friend of mine. I am saddened by her death. “Wesley remarked. ” Thank her sir. We are all sadened by her loss. “She said.

The door swished opened. Captian Thomas blare of the u.s.s defiant entered. “I owe you big time!”Wesley said. “Don’t worry about it! I am glad I can help. “Blare said. ” It was much appreciated Tom! “He said. 

After everyone arived,the commadore called the meeting to order. Everyone shaped to attention. “Lucy do you have star fleet command?” Wesley asked.” I do sir!”she responded. On his order,she turned on the   view screen. On the screen. Displayed the image of admiral komack.

“Admiral! Will you brief us on the information you have accumulated?”the commadore asked. “Yes Bob. Star fleet believed that the mastermind of he attack on SB 47 was someone who calls himself the quizmaster. He has in the past been involved in raids against the federation,romulan and Klingons and others. ” The admiral said.

“His real name is kruzok amnon.There were reports that he had been arrested by the romulan. His last known whereabouts were a romulan labor camp on omzeta 7. ” The admiral added.

“His previous raids were acts of piracy. This raid was a terrorist attack . ” Captian Derek eagon of u.s.s Yorktown commented. ” That is our conclusion as well. Perhaps his incarceration has altered his life goals.”komack said.” Could he be a romulan agent now?” Blare asked. ” At this point,we cannot rule it in or out. This whole area will now be on high alert. All bases,ships and planets will take all pro cautions. I want a task force set up with the goal of stoping the quimaster. Commadore Wesley will head this up. This is a top priority!” The admiral said. 

Commadore Wesley knew that this would not be an easy task. This appeared to be a declaration of war on the federation by the quizmaster. Wesley knew that the quizmaster would not stop. He had to be stopped. Bon Wesley was the man to do it. 

Wesley bit his lower lip. “We will get the job done admiral. ” Wesley assured him. “I know you will. We will keep In touch Starfleet out. ” The admiral said. The image faded. The screen was deactivated. Wesley then dismissed the asambly. 

Everyone got up. Captain blare went over to Wesley. ” This won’t be easy Bob! I have a feeling that this quizmaster is ten steps ahead of us. “Blare remarked. “No one is perfect. Tom he will mass up. When he does,we will get him. ” Wesley said. ” Bob you never change. Always so confident!” Blare said. “I am. I won’t roll over and play dead. Not for anyone especially not this quizmaster! Not on my watch! ” Wesley said. “Still trying to prove your not obsolete? ” Blare asked. “If I’m obsolete so are you !” He said. True!” Blare responded. ” I have nothing against him Kirk or his generation but you and I still have something to offer. ” Bob said. ” I don’t disagree. Let’s go get him!” He said.” You got it!” Bob said.

End of part two.


This is set after “the ultimate computer but before “the tholien web”. The name of the captian of the defient was not given In “the tholien web or “in a mirror darkly”. The name comes from the star trek Novak’s published by pocket books. I decided to use the name. 


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