The quiz master

Location u.s.s Lexington

Quarters of commadoreRobert Wesley.

“I am glad you let mom and I come with live with you on the Lexington.” His 11 year old daughter Katie told him. “This is on a trial bases for now! Let’s see how it goes. ” the commadore said. “I know! We missed you!” Katie said. “I missed both of you. It is good to have you two hear. ” he said.

“I am glad to be hear. I am hoping you will let me move that mounted Klingon animal out of the bed room. It kinda gives me the creeps. ” his wife Julie said. “I went on a hunt with a Klingon general . we captured the animal. It stooed a war!” He said. “I have told me the story often. I am proud of that too. I just would rather admire it from afar. ” she said. The commadore laughed. “OK!” He said.

“Bridge to commadoreWesley!” The first officer commander baker said. “Its never ends!” He said. “I see that. ” he said. “I can see that.”Julie said. He went over to a com unit. He activated the unit. ” go ahead!”he said.

“Captain we are receiving a distress call. It is from the cargo vessel sudberry. They are under attack by pirates. ” the comm officer reported. “Let me guess Jim kirk and the enterprise are too far away.” Wesley remarked.”we are the closest sir. “Executive officer baker reported.

” very well. Have the helm officer alter course. Then inform the sudberry that we are on our way. ” the commadore ordered. “Acknowledged on both counts. ” the exo said.”I will be right up!”he reported. “Understood” the first officer said. 

“I really need to go to the bridge!” He told his wife. ” I remember the routine. “Julie said.” OK! I will be back as soon as I can.”he told her. “I know that.” She said. 

Julie had been a star fleet yeoman on bored u.s.s constitution. That was when she met Bob Wesley. When her term was up,she opted not to reenlist. While there was no star fleet regulation for officers not to fratinize with enlisted,it was not considered a good idea. She never intended to make star fleet a carer. Sense they married she decided her time between mantilies and the Lexington. 

In Manny ways there were two Robert Wesley. The public and private.the public was no nonsense. He kept everything very professional.he was buttoned up.he was known to be stoic. He was always focused on the task at hand. The private Wesley was still serious but did let down his hair a bit. 

On the bridge the helm officer altered course. The Lexington was on course for the freighter. While trade routes inside the federation were safe. Areas outside was not. Star fleet heavily potriled there trade routes. Most pirates did not dare target the federation trade routes but outside was a different story. 


“Now in range!” The science officer reported. “Visuel!” The commadore now on the bridge ordered. The com officer activated the view screen. On the screen was a large combat ship. “Vessel is a retrofit of a war ship used by the geridins.vessel has seven photon lunchers. Four photon lunchers and talon schoter area.” The science officer reported. 

“Target the vessel!” The commadore ordered. The helm officer adjusted the targeting sansors. “Target acquired!” The helmsman anounced.”fire!” Wesley ordered. 

The Lexington fired a full volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the combat ship. The combat ship was struck. The ship had advanced shielding. The ship held together. The freighter tried to evade the pirates. The Lexington tried to run interference for the freighter. The vessel had a maximum speed of warp six. The Lexington fired everything it had at the warship.

The cargo ship was behind the Lexington.the Lexington provided a wall for the freighter. The Lexington refused to let the combat ship get to the freighter. “Order the hostile to back off!” The commadore ordered. “Sending!” The comm tech reported. 

“Vessel is not responding!” The com officer reported. “Vessel is not powering down!” The science officer reported. “Captain I believe I can jam there shields long enough to get a photon torpedo though. ” the navigator suggested. ” do it!” Wesley ordered.

The navigator activated aa jamming device. The device was designed to block the shield. It canceled out the single that shielded part of the ship from impact. The helm fired the phasers. The phasers pumalled the ship. The Lexington fired several more volleys as well. “Order the ship to stand down!” Wesley ordered. The comm officer sent the mesege. The warship did not respond. 

The Lexington sent a photon torpedo. The torpedo hit the ship. The ship was wounded. The ship suddenly the ship exploded. “The vessel did not lunch esape pods.” The science officer said. 

“Captain I have list contact with star base 45. ” the comm officer said. “Dawn it! Order all ships to head for the base. Navigator head for the base. Advise the sudberry to head for a safe harbor. ” Wesley ordered. “Course laid in !” The navigator reported. “Engage!” He ordered. 

The Lexington went to high warp. The vessel tried to get to the base as fast at it could. The commadore feared that it might be too late.

End of part one. 


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