The klingon war conclusion.

“With federation news service I’m Jessica Armstrong. The United federation of planets has signed a treaty with the romulan star empire ending the war with them. The treaty restores the old neutral zone. All areas occupied by the romulan have been returned to the federation. ”
“The treaty was signed on parliament the capital of the organization for interstellar law. Neither president zurek or predator jihal were present.they both signed the document. ”
“While some have objected to the treaty. Some feel that the federation should have tried to get painful consesons. The president said that he wants to discourage any future attacks not to foment more trouble. The  federation hopes to give the New leadership in ki bartan to consolidate power and hopefully Persue a different course. ”
“The federation has negotiated a seperate armistice with the klingon empire. The klingon have agreed to create a New neutral zone. A wider buffer zone has been established. The treaty was signed on grazela home world.neither heads of sate were in attendance. ” she said.
United federation of planets
“Today I present a Mendel Of the stars to vice admiral transet hamin,he is an admiral and a member of my staf. A man dedicated to safety of the federation. A reluctant warrior.he prefers not to fight. “The president said.
The Medal was put on his neck. “Thank you Mr. President. While I am known as a man of battle. A strategist. I am a pacifast at heart. I wish that this war was unesusary. I hope that somehow our people’s will one day reach an understanding. I hope we can move pass this event. I hope that this will be a thing of the past. “Hamin said.
President zurek completed his second term. He did not run for a third term. He was replaced by foreign Secretary Rona benbet of rygel.
Transmet hamin returned to the zurek administration as an advisor.he was named intergalactic security advisor to president benbet.
Captain James komack stepped down as commanding officer of the enterprise.he became a member of the admiralty.
Despite his failure,murkeret was able to hold on to power. He blamed his failure on his admirals and generals. Many of the old guard retired or were retired.the empire decided to slowly rebuild.
Kalera was promoted to dub commander. She became a reserve officer. She went though a time of dipresion and addiction to a narcotic found in rihansu space. She returned to a scientific carer.
She played a key role in the mass crises and aided star fleet. She became a civilian advisor on the enterprise.
Aaron Jessup became a member of  star fleet security. He became an anylist. He played a key role in exposing a plot by a group that revered the preserver. While he and terisha went there seperate ways, they came back together and were remarried.
The federation,klingon and romulan empire did come together . during a crises that threatens the galaxy. After they worked more closely to gather to deal with The aftermath.
The experts run the galmut on the klingon war. John gill said that the klingon war was basically the creation Of one man. He blamed it on murkeret.
Marla mcguvers Saud that the klingon war altered history. Though it was unesusary it made a mark on time.
It was a met event in federation played a huge role in the history of the alpha quadrant .
The end.
Dedicated to star trek. Thanks for a great filthy years.


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