The Klingon war part five

“This is Jessica Armstrong with the federation news service, we have just confirmed that the federation fleet has sucesfully liberated donatu five. The fleet commanded by reserve star fleet admiral transmet hamin has sucesfully pushed out the Klingon fleet. The battle of donatu continues. The fleet is stil engaging the enemy fleet.” Jessica said.
U.s.s vericruz
Lt. Ben Norris was really happy about the victory everyone was. Now the fleet was planning on advancing further into occupied space.
“Lt, you have a personal messege from your sister. “The com officer. “Captain with your permission I would like to take it in my quarters.”Ben said. “Of course.”the captain said.
Ben Norris went to his quarters.he activated the screen. “Beck what is it?”he asked. He could tell that she had been crying. “Ben! Jasson is dead. “She said. “Oh my! What happened. “He asked.
“His ship was attacked by a romulan bird of prey. He was killed while in the command chair on the bridge. ” She said.Ben got teared up.
Ben did not know how to feel. Angery,sad distraught .He felt numb. Lost. He wished he could  fly to the romulan front and find the ship that fired on his brother and blow them out of The stars. He knew that that was not possible.
Klingon fleet
Command ship
“How did this happen?”the chancellor asked. “They found a defense against the mines. Once they were able to shield themselves from The mines,we lost our advantage ” a lt named kor said.
“We still have a good section of the donatu syistom. We could be able to retake The sector. ” Commodore arjitos said.
“It will be a long and dirty campaign . we may take heavy loses. “Kor said .”we are Klingon. It is our way. We live for struggle. ” the chancellor said.
“Then we are continuing the war?”kord asked “of course we are. Failure is not an option. We make our stand hear. Hear we prove that we are warriors. “The chancellor said.many of the commanders had there doubts.
Aaron Jessup was devisated. Why did she leave. He did not get it. He wished he could find her. Convince her to come back. There were bigger issues now. There we’re more pressing matters.
At his apartment in sanfransisco, he stared at a picture of him with her. In the picture he had his arm around her. They both smiled. He looked at it for a prolonged time. Then he put the picture in a drawer.he put cloths on top of it.he closed the drawer.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral Lawrence
“Your help was invaluable. “The admiral said. “Thank you sir. “Jessup said. “You have a bright future ahead of you.I think the sky could be the limit lt. “The admiral told him.
“Perhaps sir!”jess said. “What  I do for you?” the admiral asked. “I would like to join a combat unit. ” jess said. “Really? You could get any assignment you want?” the admiral said. “I realize that. I want to do my part. “Jess said. “If this is really want you want. Ok. “He said.
Pallice de ls Concorde
Office of the president
“Donatu five has been liberated.donatu station is back in federation control. Our Forces are moving in on donatu six and four. While the fleet has been able to set up a wall and so far we have held the line against them. ” admiral Lawrence said.
“Our next goal is to drive them totally out of occupied zone. Then hopefully drive them back into Klingon space. After that hopefully the Klingon will sue for peace. ” Secretary of defense Rob alexander said.
“Are we near the end of the war?”the president asked. “I don’t know frankly Mr. President I have my doubts it will be that easy. “Admiral Wilson said.
“I agree. This could be a long May be longer and harder then we can possibly think. ” admiral Lawrence said.
“Can we sue for peace now?”the president asked. “We have sent some feelers but we have not gotten any resonce yet. “Foregn Secretary groden of andor said.
This made the admirals of star fleet nervous. Was the president faltering. They hoped he was not.
” I would prefer to end this peacefully.even if it ment agreeing to less then desirable concensons. If we cannot then we will continue the operations to liberate the occupied zone. ” the president said.
“There is also the question of the romulan front. “Chief of staf corington of teller said. “The romulan have taken advantage of our forces being stretched too thin. They have been able to fortify there New holdings. ” the defense Secretary said.
“If we were not fighting a war on two fronts we could probably retake it fairly easily. The manpower issue is hurting us. “Gia said.
“Could we negotiate a truce with the romulan?” the president asked. “What we are hearing is the romulan are willing to entertain begoatiins but they want heavy concessions including a New neutral zone. “The foreign sec said.
The president after a time dismissed the meeting.the staf dismissed.
Many of The staf especially those in star fleet felt disheartened. They feared that the president may snatch defeat from the jaws if victory. None of them wanted this war but they wanted the conclusion of the war to be with the federation getting there old territory back.
Romulan federation space
Kalera had changed. She went from a sweet person to a cold callous person. She wanted to crush the one wanted to be around her. People were worried that she was spiraling around the control.
The victory In the donatu sector had turned into a stand off. Both sides were forced into a stand stil.neither side was wining. It was more like the first world war on Earth. The war was undecided.
Donatu seven
The Klingon sent ground forces early on. The Klingon tried to get a. Administrative foot hold on the planet early on. The citizens of the cony tried to be peaceful and service before the star fleet troops arrived.
Aaron was assigned to a unit tasked with liberating the planet. The force. Began to attack the Klingon.
The force hit a Klingon command post. The Klingon were force. Every grain of sand was considered sacrosanct. They refused to yield.
Jessup watched friends die.others wounded. He had no idea why this was happening. Indications were that that this was to prop up a leader who had no support.
Now terisha had joined them..why?why did she switch sides. He tried to forget all that.he wanted to stop them.
His unit was tired cold Hungary.the command post was smal. It was lightly armed. It should have Ben am easy victory.the Klingon made I’t as uncomfortable as possible.
After s while Jessup ordered the force to retreat. The battle was now was lost. The teem returned to a federation staging area.
They would rest then prepare to try again. The command post had to fall. There was no denying that. It would not be easy.
Terisha took a freighter to deniva. From deniva She boarded s non aligned freighter. She made it to s neutral planet.she went to qonos.
She was allowed to realist in the kdf.she worked on defensive technology. While she did not regret helping the federation she would not aid the destruction of her empire.
She did regret betraying Jess. She had to level the playing that she had she would be  loyal to her people. What happened after that was left to the leaders of both sides.
Jessup and his unit charged again on the command post. They attacked the post. After a long struggle the post fell. The Klingon retreted.
After he looked over y he Carnegie.he saw the bodies.he saw the damage it felt awfull. It was not a victory. There was no joy in it.notice relief.this was a meaningless battle In a meaningless war.
The planet was still in Klingon hands. The Klingon had to be driven off the planet. Then they had to be driven away from the occupied zone. This war had to end.
With romulan support,that seemed to be a taller order then thought. The war was far from.over. it stil had a ways to go. More lives we’re at steak. How many more casualties could happen?
End of part five


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