The Klingon war

Prologue prelude to war.
Ensign Aaron Jessup had made it to the escape pod. He had been on bored a federation transport. The transport had transported a myzarian diplomat to an summit of the organization for interstellar did not go as planed.
An Orion vessel detected the transport. It suspected that the transport might be ferrying An important deligate. Of course they had already had off loaded the v.I.p.
The transport eluded the ship. The Orion was furious . the Orion commander decided to just destroy the transport. Jessup’s fellow crewman were killed. Jessup went to the escape pod. He set the ship to explode just as he jetisend the pod.
The pod was flung out beyond the exploding debre.the pod was propelled to the planet. The pod fell to a nearby planet.
He woke up. He had no idea where he was . for a small second,he was not sure who he was. Then in a flood everything came back to him. He tried to get up.
He saw a Klingon female.she had disruptor. “Woa get back down!”she said. She was concerned for his health but it was misinterpreted as agresson. “This is non aligned space. The Klingon empire has no claims hear. “He said.
“You have two cracked ribs. Posibly a concusion. You need to lie back down and be still!”She pleaded. “Why did you just not shot me .I thought Klingon don’t take prisoners. ” he remarked. “I forgot to read my manual for dealing with terusnagens. Next. Wounded Human  I encounter I will shot . please don’t report me to the warrior eticite bored. ” she said
“So am I your prisoner?”He asked.”no but I really would stat stil. ” She said. “Who are you?” Jessup asked. “I am a scientist. I am doing a biological survey. This planet has an amazing ecco system. “She said.
“Klingon scientist. I thought you would all warriors. ” he said. “That’s what the warrior cast want you to think. Kahless envisioned an empire where all facets of society were United towards the comon goal of glory of the empire. The warriors cast have worked to take over the empire and marginalize the non military. Less people get involved in non military occupations.even professionals are
being observed into the military. “She said.
“Do you intend me to turn me over to the military?”he asked. “This is neutral space. I contacted the echo base . rescue is on it’s way. ” she said .
“Why did you do this ?” he asked. “The federation and Klingon empire are not at war. This is non aligned space. Your injured I will help you. I can disrupt you if you want me to. “She said.
“Thank you. ” he said.”this is federation starship Northampton. “The voice said. She took out Her com badge. “The patients is standing by. “She said. “Hey I would love to thank you. Ever been on bored a federation starship?”he asked.
Two years later.
Trascot hamin sat at the bar. He was drinking a brandy imported from the planet casperia prime. The coridorn was very unhappy. That was nothing new for him these days .
“I should have not known I wod find you hear” horn acron said. “Don’t you have something better to do like pushing paper around?”hamin asked. “We use disk. We don’t push paper on earth any more. “The zackdorn said. “I suppose you make someone else do The leg work. You are now chief asistent foreign Secretary. “Hamin said.
“Look I know your mad You were dismissed from federation service. “Acron said. “President zurek . electing a pacifist Vulcan as president. He said I was too war like. I am a man of peace. I Did what I had to.  He asked me for am honest asestnent but because I did not give him a Pollyanna view of the galaxy  he had me dismissed.he discredited me. He Said I was pushing war with the Klingon. I merely pointing out that the Klingon expansion will have to reach out to the federation. He told the press I was a war monger. ” hamin said.
“Look I can get you a job with Secretary benbet. “Acron said. “A another pacifist ?”he said. “Benbet is a realest. She will be President one day. Join her staff tras. When She is President you will have an important seat at her table. ” acron said.
“Look I am not a war monger or even a hawk. At heart I am a pacifist but I can’t bury my head in the sand.all the evidence dygwst that Rona banbet is just like zurek.why should I trust her?” hamin asked. “She is a straight schoter trans. ” hamin said.
” I perfer to stay on the side lines?I am not interested in government service . “hamin said. “Trans your voice is important . I hope you will reconsider. “Acron said.
Chancelor lytep was a very popular leader. He was very old. There was no clear sucesor.the factions were not ready to challenge the chancellor. Klingon empire did not have much of a bureaucracy. That was starting to change. The office of chancellor was starting to become weak .
“I call this council to order!” the chancellor said. They began to adress. mundane stuf. Then the door opened. Commander murkeret entered the chamber. He had a bethleth.
“What is this?” the usually mild mannered leader said in an indignant tone. ” I am captain merkuret son of r’hun. I am hear to challenge the corruption and evidence of this so called high council. ” the captain said.
“How dare you little glob fly challenge me ?”he said. “I am the voice of true warriors. Wariors who have put up with you for far too long! No longer.”murkeret said.
The council was appalled by this. All of them wanted to take his job.they had to build up there power and influence then when they had enough support then challenge him. This was crazy.
The elderly chancellor asked for his batleth. A Jr officer gave it to him. The chancellor had been a marine. Forty years ago. He was a powerull soldjer. That was a long time ago.
They began to fight. The two clashed. Both struggled to get the uper hand. The chancellor was doing surprisingly well given his age and lack of practice. He wanted to hold on  to his office and his life.
Mykuret was determined to kill the chancellor and take power. The Chancellor was making It a lot harder. Murkeret was not going to just slip into the ash heep of history. He would endure. He would win.
The chancellor held on with all his might. He felt young young.he believed he would be triumphant.
The younger man got very agresve.he took unessisary risk. His arm was kicked.he ignored it and kept fighting .he tried to bypas his oponets betleth and stuck him. He fell to the ground. The younger man took the sword and went at him. The Chancelor tried to defend himself. The younger man used his sword to push the other sword.the man was plunged into the wall. He dropped the betleth.
Murkuret came at him with all his might. He stabbed The chancellor.the warriors screamed over the Chancelor.murkurat by right was now Chancelor by law.
Murceret shouted his one else joined in. Everyone was silent. Several key leaders we’re considering challenging him right then and there. Some even considering stiring up a mob against him.
The senior member of the council g’har stepped in. “We should give the Chancelor time to meet with hi a inner circle.he has much to discuss.”g’had said.
The council and the Chancelor Apearent and many generals and admiral went to his private chambers.
“That was stupid ! Yes any one can challenge the have to have a built in have no allies. Even now everyone from the high council to a lowly beck is plotting to challenge you.heck I bett somewhere a targ control officer is thinking about it. “G’har said.
“You will show me respect.I can have you killed just by ordering it. “Mekeret said. “I very much doubt that “G’har said. “There was no reason to kill ltyop it held the factions together. You have causes chaos. Soon the conqured world’s will revolt. This was a mistake.” Commodore arjitos said.
“I a Chancelor by every law handed down form keihless. I am in charge.”murkeret said. “You will be dead before the day is done. ” admiral ferek said.
“I won fair abd square. I should be able to lead. “Murkeret said. “You should have established some of networ first. You have upset the durat Barry cart. The noble houses won’t forgive you for that. ” counselor jobrin said.
“The Chancelor was weak. He was a laughing stalk. The Klingon empire was becoming decadent.warriors were being replaced by technocrat without hiurnor,without battle. Something had to be done. We are losing sight of the dreams Sat down by Kahless.”The new Chancelor said.
“Is there a way mukurat can remain in power?”general n’long asked. The Chancelor didn’t like the question or the fact that he got his name wrong.
“There is a way. If you lead US into a great victory over a great enemy.the factions would support you. ” G’har said. “Not The romulan. They have Manny allies ans there are much intermixing on the border. I suggest attacking the federation. ” Commodore arjitos said.
The Chancelor liked the idea. “Inform the General staf the great crusade against the great grathor will soon be began. ” the chancellor said.
End of prologue.
Next up
The Klingon attack the federation. The romulans follow suit. President zurek ask hamin to rejoin the government. Jess and terisha offer to help.


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