One true path the conclusion

Chapter six
Rebecca was in the brig. She was being visited by a member of the psych team. “Her brain had been altered.”nurse chapel said.
“She has the mind of a child. “Piper said. “Legally I would say she does not have the ability to stand trial.she will probably be sent to Elba two. “Sarah Chabot said. “She will be the second enterprise alumni there.”the security chief said.
“Have you interrogated the murcunaties?”the captain asked. “Yea they have been no help. “The chief said. “We are on course for deep space two but it will take time even at maximum warp. “Noris said.
” detecting a federation ship.scout vessel. Assigned to star fleet command. “Spock said.
“We can’t engage them in communication. ” mia said. “I know. Could we send a mesege by Morse code?” the engineering officer asked. “We could use the deflector. ” mia suggested. “Make it happen!” the acting captain ordered.
The scout ship.
“Perimiter alert, “the computer said. “Can you identify the ship?”jess said. “Vessel is federation starship enterprise.”the computer said. “Can you confirm that it is the enterprise?”jess said. “Confirmed”the computer said he saw the defelctor. He translated te Morse code as do not hail. He figured something must ‘ be wrong with the com syistom.
He deactivated the com syistom.he set the ship to Intercept the enterprise. He stoped the  he got into e.v.a suit.
He went into space. He Parked the ship close to the enterprise. Once he cleared his ship ,he launched the rocket pack. He headed to the enterprise. He was recovered.
He was escorted to the bridge. “Welcome to the enterprise.”Norris said. “Thank you sir. This was one of my more unusual transfers. “Jess said.
“We could not take the risk. Our com system was taken over by a virus that is designed to infect the entire federation. ” Norris said.
“The mercenaries  tried to seize the ship. All they say is one true path over and over again.”the security said.
“I believe that a group that worships the preservers is involved in all of this.”Jess said. “The mythical aliens that have inducted endangered ethnic groups and moved them to other worlds?”Dr. Piper asked.
“The very same. It is my suspicion that they want to destroy the old orders and usher in new. “Jess said.
“That would line up with the com virus!”yeoman Smith said. “Indeed it would. “Norris said.
“I was attacked on rissa. They had mid rage fighters.”Jess said.”we faced old Klingon  vessel. They probably procured them from surplus depots or on the black market. “Norris said.
“Captian these hostages pose a huge risk to the ship and crew. I recommend we move them to a habitable planet with no population.” Jess said.
“Agred Mr Spock locate us a world. ” Norris ordered. “Aye sir. “Spock said. “So long as the com virus is active and the fleet is out there we are in danger. We have to take out there capitibility. ” Jess said.
“Yes we do. We have to find a way to do just that. ” Norris said. Noris had no way to figure it out.
“Acting captains log I am sending commander Jessup back to the scout ship Newport. He is going to inform star fleet command of what has occured.  While at the same time we are putting together a plan to counter the plot to destroy the federation.”
“I spoke to star fleet command. The fleet is on high alert. The fleet is being deployed along the border. The federation is on high alert. “Jessup said.
“Now we need to stop this plot. Prevention is fine. They need to be defeated.”the security chief said. “That might be difficult” Jess said.
“I have an ideas . Jess I need you to contact star fleet from the Newport. They need to abandon current frequency. I have an idea in how to flush them out. We need to set up a local jamming device. “Norris said.
Combat ship
“Sir the enterprise has contacted star fleet command. The virus has just beenTransmited”deret said. “Begin the operation !” quter ordered. What  qurter did not know was the jamming device was active. The response from the fleet was not real . it was from someone from The enterprise.
“They took the bait. “Jess said. “Lets get this done!”the acting captain ordered. The ship headed out.
The enterprise neard the area where the combat ship was. “I have them on on sensors.”Spock said. “Plot intercept mia!”Norris ordered.”aye sir!”mia said.
As soon as the ship was in weapons range the enterprise unleashed a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes at the combat ship. The enterprise went at full tilt.
“Not as damaged as we were left to believe!” deret said. “Where is our mole?”qurter said.”I can’t raise her. “A com tech said.
“Could she have been exposed ?”deret said. “Perhaps. “Qurter said. “We have to abort.the plan counts on anonymity.”deret said.”no! There is no path like the one true path. I will not abort. This is a holy cause. ” qurter said.
Ever sense he saw his people saved at the last minute,he became obsessed with these mysterious benefactors .  he had tried to find them. Now he decided that he could not find them,he would bring them to him. Create an empire that idealized them. Mayby they would return.
“Beam over the mines. “He  ordered. The mines were beemed aboard. The shields prevented beam out. “They must have modulated there shields. “The tech said.
“They have figured out our plan .” deret said. “Mantain fire. “Quarter ordered. The ship fired on enterprise.
“Good work Spock. You have earned a raise.”Norris said. “Captan we are a cash less society”the Vulcan said .”it was a .. Never mind.”Norris said. 
“They cannot possibly win but why keep fighting?”The Orion said. “They are obsessed. ” Norris said .
The enterprise fired on the combat ship. Sudebtly the ships power deactivated. “They must have found a way to steal our device. “Deret said.
“Captians log the combat ship has been seized. Some how the leader had escaped. The ship will be towed to deep space two.the enterprise will be overhauling the com system.” Norris said.
At ds two.
“Ds two will take good care of you. If they don’t they will hear form me !” Dr. Piper said. “Thank you “she said. “No matter what you will always have a home on the enterprise !”Norris said. “Thank you”Elise said.
Elba two
Rebecca was taken to the facility. Addison saw her dresed in the Gray jumo suit. She was taken into the cell . she seemed odd. Addison wondered why she was hear.


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