One true path chapter five

U.s.s enterprise
“Seccond officers log,while investigating a suicide bombing on the planet argelius,We followeod up on Leeds that led to an ambush. Our ships suffered heavy damage. We also suffered high casualties. ”
“We lost a lot of good people. This includes captain Thomas Raymond Conklin. He had commanded the enterprise for two years.  He is servived by a wife Debra and two daughters. We also lost communications officer plotark and helm officer Grainger.”
“In addition to multiple deaths,there have been several injuries. Lt. Elise vernon ‘s injuries are very savers. In addition to multiple burns there was also internal bleading. ”
“Commander Mark Leland is in a coma. He is stable . the ship is momentarily out if danger. The warp jump only got us so far. ”
“Unbeknownst to myself or any of the crew, we have a spy on bored.Lt. commander Rebecca price mind was altered. She presents a threat to our getting out of this alive and in one peace. “Commander Norris said.
Once the ship was temporarily clear from the hostle, security chief giotto and his forces were able to put down the bording party sent by the hostile forces.
Luckily for commander price,none of the lower ranks knew that they had a mole in the enrerpeise. She had time but that she was on bowored time.
Dr.piper ,nurse chepel and Dr. Shal 8  and others rushed to the bridge. Dr. Piper scanned Lt .vernon. “How are you feeling ellie?”Dr. Piper said. “I’v been better doc!”she said. “We will need to get you to sick bay. “He said.
“That bad?”She asked.”let me do the worrying el. I don’t plan on losing you. “He said. Leslie and Galloway put her on a auto gurney. They moved her to the turbo lift.
Dr. Shall looked over commander Leland. Megen did multiple scans using multiple devices. “Ok we can move him.”she said.
Technician Fisher ,Darnell and lemli placed the commander on a gurney. The commander was moved out.
Lt. Commander Norris entered the bridge. The bridge was in ruins.there were open cicuts. There were burn marks on multiple stations. Norris looked it over.
Technician went in and out. The bridge was full of activities. Everyone got to work.
“Ok people . if I can have your attention for a moment. I know we are tired and discouraged and disillusioned but We are not out of the woods yet. We have a lot to do. “Norris said.
“Mr. Spock if you can find a working recording device,please note that I am assuming command of the enterprise affective immediately. “Noris said.
“So noted captain. “Spock said. Mia bolt entered the bridge. “Mia ! Good. “Norris said.
Mia expected that she would be given a grunt assignment. She was well liked but she was not really officer material. She probably should have been an enlisted person.she expected to be side lined even more then usual.
“Sir!”She said. “Mia I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I am naming you internet helm officer and giving you a battlefield promotion to Lt. Commander. You probably know the bad news.”Norris said.
The helm and navigation station was virtually non existent. “Realy me sir? There are other officers in line . “she said. “Mia I saw you in action. I want you by my side. “Noris said. “Thank you sir. You won’t regret this decision. “She said. “I don’t doubt that Lt. Commander. “He said .
“The com system is still down . it will take a lot of work to get it up and running.”yeoman Smith said. “I imagine that it is being monitored any ways. ” Norris said .
Confrence room.
Norris looked over several reports in ships syistom. The security chief entered . “the prisoners have been no help. They refuse to answer any questiones except to give odd nursery rhymes that don’t translate to galatica. “The chief said .
“Barry I think that we have a mole onbored. “Norris said. “I agree. I came to the same conclusion. It could be anyone . it could even be one of the injured or dead. “The chief said.
“I know I considered that. I think we have to run on the conclusion that the mole is stil alive. ” the acting captain said. “I agree but why tell me? How do you know that I am not the mole?” giotto said. “You don’t strike me as the double agent time. You would get too confused. “Norris said. “You saying I am too dumb to play both teams? Your probably right. How do I know your not the mole.this could be a power play. ” the chief asked.
“Only a fool rules In a burning house.I am not that smart. “Noris said. “No comment “he said.
“Good call chief !”he said. “How do we flush out the mole? “The chief said .”I am thinking it over.” He said.
“Look I am sorry about your brother in law. I know you were close. “He said.”Tom was a good man. I am saddened he won’t get to hold his baby girl. “The captain said.
Planet rissa
Jess kept moving. He had stayed out of the way. He had eluded the enemy force. He knew it would not last forever.
He got close to his ship. He ran to his ship. He got inside. He went to the pilots chair. “Computor!” He said. “Working!” the computer said he showed the oubulisk file to the computer. The computer scanned it.
“Symbol is a structure found on multiple worlds. Beleved to be constructed by an ancient race . race nicknamed the preservers.”the computer said.
“Computor , sumerize the preservers “Jess said. “The preservers is a name given to a theoretical construct of an alien race believed to be have rescued tribal people and moved to other planets.some have speculated that they may have given birth to humanoid life in the galaxy. Evidence is conjecture. ” the computer said.
Jess began to suspect that they are deeling with some kind of cult that worships the preservers. He suspected that They planed some kind of plot to take on the old order. The preservers seemed to be an intergalactic robin hood.they are protecting the venerable.almost like bat man or other super heroes.he had to warn star He was in a scout craft In the middle of neutral space.
He decided to lunch. The scout ship launched. The vessel went up. The vesel left the planet. “Perimiter alert!” the computer announced.”explan!”he ordered “incoming vessel. Non aligned combat ship.attributed to non aligned pirates. “The computer said.
“I can’t get a break today. Man I should have stayed in bed!”Jess commented.
Jess took the ship to maximum warp . for the u.s.s Newport that was warp six. “Vessel is perusing. .The computer said. “No dah!”Jess replied.
Jess transferred some non essential syistoms to the warp drive. The vessel kept on going. He had to outrun that ship. He had to warn his superiors.
U.s. s enterprise
Sick bay
” how is she doc ?”Norris asked. “I have stabilised her. I stoped the bleading. She will recover. We had to amputate both legs. She is out of danger.” he said.
He asked to see her.She wore the blue night gown used for patients.She had a blanket .Noris went over to her. “Hello elie”s he said. “Sir!”ellie said. “At ease ellie.”Norris said.”thank you sir”She said.
“I am so sorry for what happened to you. I promise that you will not very disregarded. Your part of thus family. I won’t leave you behind . “he’s said. “I know that sir.I appreciate that. “She said.
“I have a long road ahead don’t I ?”She asked. “Yes you do. Your not alone. We will be there every step of the way” Norris told her. “Thank you.”She said.
“Sir I have temporarily transferred helm to an aft station. ” mia said. “Good work mia ” Noris said. “I located the enemy ships.they are near but near enough ” Spock said.
The security commander went to the bridge. He motioned the acting captains. They went into a corner.
“Ben we have a problem. ” giotto said.”report Barry!” He said . “the two tech in a.u , they were killed by. Star fleet issue phaser. ” he said. “Are you sure ?”Ben said. “Yes. A non aligned phaser was used post mortum to cover it up. The fatal wounds were from a star fleet issue. ” the chief said.
“The pirates could have gotten there hands on star fleet phaser. It happens. They could have raided one of our weapons locker. ” the captain said.
” maybe. I perfer to go with the more likely syinerio.  ” the chief said. “Are you suggesting what I think you are thinking. ” the acting captain Said.
“Ben I wish I was not. I have gotten where I am because I don’t play favorites.I go with the evidence and with my gut. She us records officer she has one of the highest computer proficiency rating on the ship. She is second only to Mr. Spock. She had opportunity and ability. Its a circumstantial case but we don’t need to prove guilt. Darn It captain we are a sitting duck hear. ”  Barry said.
“She is my sister. ” He said. “The ship has to take precedence. ” the chief said .
“Ok .your right. Asemble a security team. Make It smal. Keep it to ones you trusts ” Norris said. “Understood. ” Barry said.
” I want to take her into custody.phaser on stun.” he ordered. ” agreed. ” the chief said.
Rebecca was stil in auxiliary control. She was able to play both sides. When push came to shove ,she was on the side of the one true path.
The team led by Barry giotto remained outside per the orders of the acting captain. The acting captain went inside.
“Hi Ben !”  Rebecca said. “Beck you should take a break. You don’t want to over due it. ” Ben said. “Ben I’m pregnant not dying. ” rebbeca said.”of course . come on Beck. Take a break. I can make it an order. ” he said.
“I know that. I want to stay hear for now. “She said. “Beck it’s time to take a break ” he said. He had a sturn look at her.
The door opened. The gourds entered. “What is going on hear? ” Rebecca said. “Get  up Rebecca!”he ordered.
She tried to press a but on. The power in a.u was cut off. She seam to shake. She seemed different. She got up.
“Becky let’s get out of hear ok?”Ben suggested. She followed the guards.  She followed the guards.
“They wiped her mind fleet. Both the old Rebecca and the New rebbeca is gone. She has the mind of a child. ” Dr .piper said.
“We need to get out of harms way. I am guessing this is part of s bigger plot. The federation is at risk. Perhaps more. ” Noris said.
The Orion entered. “Are you unhappy but are you just in your rested taciturn face?”Norris asked. “I found a virus embedened in the com system. I can’t remove it. If we use It we will send a Trojan horse to whoever receves it. As far as I can tell the virus is similar to an e.m.p ” the chief engineer said.
“Worst case syinerio it shuts down the entire federation. Best case it cripple a local network. “Spock said.
“A prelude to invasion or an attack. ” mia commented. “I want safe guards. I don’t want the com system even usable. “Noris said.
The scout ship made it to nebula. “A cult that idolized the preservers. “The admiral said. “Yes sir. I believe that it is a plot to create a new order by destroying the old. ” Jessup said.
“I see. Alright. Good work. We will rescue you as soon as we can. “Komack said.”I totally understand. The priority has to be to stopping the plot. ” he said. “We won’t abandon you commander. ” he said.
Combat ship
“The Rebecca drone is off line. Jessep has gotten away. Star fleet knows about us. “Deret said. “This is a set back. It is not over. Asemble the principles. “Quter said.
End of chapter five.
To be concluded.


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