One true path chapter four.

U.s.s. enrerpeise
“I have a visual . “plotark said. “On screen. “The Captain ordered. The com officer had the image displayed.Rebecca had displayed the image of the ship. The captain ordered preparations to mount a rescue.
“Sir. I am detecting an energy surge.”Spock said. Sudenly the Vulcan ship vanished. It became something much smaller. “Sir! It is a spacial charge!”l.t giotto announced .
“Back off quckly! Its a trap!”the captain said. The helm and navigator tried to turn the ship around. The spacial charge exploded.the shock wave hit the enterprise.
The enterprise was pushed back. The helm and navigator attempted to restore gravity to the ship.the vessel tried to go to a full stop.
The shock wave continued to hit the enterprise. The wave hit. The enterprise continued to drift. The enterprise headed. Into the wave. The enterprise went to maximum warp. The vessel got though and cleared the wave. The wave kept going.
“Ship at all stop. ” navigator Elise Vernon reported. “Warp drive stil operative. “Lt. Granger reported.
In the auxiliary control, Rebecca took control of the ship.she lowered The shields.
“Our shields are down!” the security chief reported. “Raise the shields”the captain ordered. “I can’t. Something is interfering with us. ” the security chief announced.
Before Lt. Commander giotto could raise the shields. A land mine transported on to the bridge. The mine emerged near the com station. The mine exploded near the communication station. Lt. Polek was hit and killed instantly.
A second mine emerged on the bridge. A mine beamed near the helm ans navigation console. The mine exploded. Helim officer Grainger pushed navigator vernon out if the way.
The helm officer took the brunt of the impact. His body was burnt. He fell to the ground. Elie fell to the ground. She had burns. She was alive but wounded.
Several old style Klingon ships decloaked. The vessel fired on the area near the command center of the ship. The crew tried to aid The wounded.
The ship was hit. The wall started to cave in. The captain tried to escape. It was too late.  The first officer was jostled around. A wall sparked and he was hit. He fell to the ground. He was not killed but rendered unconscious.
Spock ran from his stations . giotto and others made it out. Yeoman Smith hid in a corner.
In the garden area the botanical crew had no warning. The area was hit by a disruptor. Tom price tried to protect his team. He protected as many as he could. He was struck. He was heavily wounded. He was dying. His last words was “Becky”  he had no idea that she was behind all this.
In engineering ,hallak ordered the room sealed. He tried to lock down the engine room and especially the warp drive itself.
Lt. Commander Ben Norris was in his quarters.the captain ordered him to get some sack time. He had trouble getting to sleep but finally did fall asleep. He woke up hearing the noise of multiple blast.
He got up from his bunk. He checked ship’s system. He learned that the ship came under attack from presumbily the same Klingon ships They encountered at ditelex b.
Mia bolt had been in her quarters. She was scheduled to work the night shift. She usually slept around this time. She wore a nightgown. She heard the jostle from the attack. She changed into her uniform dress.
In sick bay,Dr. Piper advised his staf to ge ready.things were about to get worse.everyone including Dr. Megen shall and nurse Christine chepel knew that was true. They all knew that they would have there work cut ahead of them.
While in the brig the yaridien activated a device In His arm. The man exploded. The force field kept most of the explosive in the cell. The blast spread though the area. The force field held but dissipated.
The Klingon ships beamed over ground forces. The birding party emerged on one of the decks. The team kept moving. They had weapons in hand.
Norris heard the sound of a transporter. He grabbed the phaser.he left the quarters. He saw the troopers.he opened fire on the troopers. He took as many as shots as he could.he dodged several schots.
He was about to be hit.then the trooper was hit. Then the team was hit. It was mia bolt. The two tried to move back.They fired on the birding party.
“Thanks I owe you one mia!”Norris said. “No problem sir. Happy to help. ” mia told him. Neither one were out of the woods. They fired on the ceiling. It hit the hostle team. They fired on the team.
Two soldiers were perusing . each aimed at one of them. Both were stunned.”both are from different worlds. ” mia said. “This is some kind of multi species group. I don’t think it is from one of the major powers. “Norris said.
“I suspect they have sent multiple birding parties. “Mia said. “Agreed we can’t let the enterprise fall to this force. ” Norris said. “Agreed. Are you suggesting we activate the self destruct?”mia asked. “Only as a last resort but if we have to yes. ” Norris said. “Understood. “She said.
The two kept moving . they moved throughout the ship. They knew that they had to find a way to retake the ship. They had to act fast.
Commander giotto had ordered the bridge sealed. The serviving bridge crew able to seal off the bridge from the rest of the ship.  Spock had rigged up a transport inhibitor. It would not last forever but hopefully long enough.
  Jessup ran as fast as he could. He just kept running. The fighter kept firing. Jesep kept dodging it. He hoped that he could get to his ship. Rissa did not have  a military or much of a police force either. He was basically on his own.
He kept going. So did the fighter. The fighters fired. He tried to crouch. He  had to not be seen. He really wanted to get what he had found to star fleet. Star fleet needs this information. That seemed unlikely.
Jess tried to crawl though the ground. He tried to endure.he tried to remain in one peace.
He saw a Vila. He ran into the complex. The fighters lost him. They fired on the villa.he had to dodge the falling ceiling.
He ran though a window. He rolled to the ground. He hoped that maybe he had one uped for a few seconds .he tried to use it to there advantage.
He ran and ran. He neared a Maine area of the planet. He ran to the beach. Would the hostile follow him into the beach . He came in. The guest saw the ships. They screamed and ran. The fighters kept going but did not fire. They tracked the commander.
Jess was able to lose the ships for a few minutes. He knew it would not last forever but he just needed it to last long enough. He had to evade,endure and out last. That was what he tried to do.
U.s.s enterprise
Yeoman Smith tried to help Lt. Elise vernon. She was in bad shape.she had multiple burns. Much of her body was numb and limp. The yeoman tried to keep her as comfortable as possible before the medics could arrive.
The security chief went over to th yeoman. “I am detecting internal bleading. We have to get her to sick bay and soon. With medical attention she will probably recover.time is of the essence.”Smith said
“How is the commander?”giotto asked.”stable but unconscious.he is in some kind of catatonic sate.” Leslie said. “I still detect intruders.the fleet is nearby.I suspect they plan to let the bording party to incompasiate the ship. “Spock said.
“Sir. This probably is not the time but this smells of an ambush. They may have a confederate aboard.”Galloway said.
“I suspected that as well. We have to regain the ship. Get us out of harms way. “The chief said.
In the corridor,Norris and mia met up with other crewman. They started to engage the enemy commandos.  They held there own.
They neared the auxiliary control . ” I am detecting a life form inside. Its human.” Lt .lemli reported. The door was sealed. Noris activated a manual override. The door opened.
The door opened. The team entered. Rebecca brandished a phaser. “Woa your among friends !”Norris declared. “I found bissel and Sawyer dead. Who attacked us?”she asked.
“We don’t know. They we’re allied with the people on the planet. “Norris said. “She needs to be told !”mia said. “Beck Tom is dead. He died trying to save his team. “Norris said. She hugged Norris.she started to cry.
“There will be time for that later. We need to retake the ship. “Beck said. “Agreed. Can we transfer bridge function down hear?”Norris asked. “Yes you have an idea?”mia asked. “Its a whopper but it might work. ” Norris said.
The crew in the a.u atepted the transfer. The enterprise headed to an asteroid field. The ship went to maximum axceleration. The ship used the shields to bounce off of the asteroid field. The ship jumped across a smal area.
The ship had temporarily escaped the hostle ships. It was not over yet. There was still danger.
End of chapter four.


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