One true path chapter three

Lt. Aaron Jessup took a scout ship from earth to rissa. Rissa is known as a resort planet. Humans had known about the planet sense the middle of the 22ond century.
Aaron assumed orbit around the planet. Of course, the Klingon used an assumed name. Jess knew how to find him. Jess went to his private challet deep in a remote area.
Jess walked up to the villa. He went inside. “Stompok! “Jess said the old Klingon was drinking blood wine. He gave him a bare hug. “Jess. Its has been too long !” the old Klingon said. The man had unkempt long hair. It was mostly gray with some black. He was a bit obese.  “It has. I was worried that you were killed in the war or by pirates or Orion nazaka or anipovnoids.”Jess said.
“These days,alcoholic beveges or paper cuts are more likely to do me in then a photon torpedo. I use to fear being done in by a disruptor,today I fear dying of boredom. “He said.
“I wish I was hear to reminisce!”he said .”I figured. I was like you once. All I cared about was duty and obligation. Any ways, as always you did not get any if this information from me!”the elderly alien said.
“You have my word old friend. “He said. “The Klingon have wanted to keep this off the records but Klingon embises and freighters and other interest have been attacked in the non aligned sector. Suiside bombers. All by alien from remote areas or low tech or pree warp world’s that have contact with aliens. At first we suspected dirty tricks from you or the romysnagens or gorn . it started smal then escalated. Then the argalius attack. The romusnagens are cryptic but we have discovered that they have had attacks on them. “The man said .
“You have any idea who is involved?”he asked. “This is from a bombing of the Klingon embassy on the klaystron home world. We found this symbol. “He said.
“It looks like an oubulisk! “Jess said “we found it at two other bombing sites. “The Klingon man said. “Could it be some kind of terrorist group or religious cult?”he asked.”maybe. You terusnagens you care about motives . we Klingon care about defeat. I don’t care why my enemies hate me.I only care that they are defeated .”the old man said.
“Know your enemy and know yourSelf !”he said. “Tsungstu . I perfer the Klingon philosopher hungta who said “knowledge means nothing if I don’t have a Batleth to back it up. ” he said.”even dirnat Sat that “the sword only accomplishes so much . the pure heart defeats a thousand warriors.”Jess said
He laughed.”I missed bantering with you Jess! For a pitarch your not so know who else misses you?”he said .”strompek you promised not to bring that up. “He said.  “Your stil mad at her?”he asked . “some wounds are harder to heal. “Jess said.”then stop picking at it. Leave it alone and let it heal.”the elderly man said.
All of q sudden,they heard a noise . “what is that?,”the Klingon asked.”it sounds like some kind of atmospheric craft “Jess said. “On rissa?”he asked.
The air craft fired on the villa. Jess tried to protect the old Klingon.the vessel kept firing. The two kept moving. The roof caved in. They fell in the two. The old man shoved him out of the way.
Jess went to help him. “Go! My time is past. Don’t let it end this way Jess! I don’t just mean this!”the Klingon said.
Jess reluctantly fled. A fighter craft fired on him. He kept running. He hated leaving strompek. He had to servive. He had to figure All this out. The oubulisk was an important clue. He had ti follow up on it.he just had to stay living long enough to get to a computer.
U.s.s enterprise
“Captains log,we are heading to ditalex b. We are hoping to get answers on who was behind a terrorist attack on argelius. I admit some apprehension. It feel like something is up. I feel like there are unseen forces manipulating things. All leading towards something.what I don’t know. “Conklin said.
“Now nearing the planet !”the navigator announced. “Spock scan the area.”Conklin ordered. The Vulcan began the scan. “Captian I am detecting an three old style d five clas Klingon what ship and old style birds of prey”Spock reported.
“I am also detecting an encampment on the outskirts of the mining center. “Spock said.
“The ships are arcane but they are heavily armed. “The security chief reported.
“I have to know what we are deeling with. Bridge to engineering!”the captain said. “Go ahead sir!”the surely engineer said. “I want to atept a near warp transport. “Conklin said.”do you want a bagel to go alin with it. “He asked. “That would be nice.”he sad.
“Yes I believe I can make it work.if you really want to do it”the Orion said. “Want to is not the right word. I see no other option.”the captain said.
“I can Make it happen.”he said, “ok security chief assemble a tactical aid team. “Conklin said. “You got it sir.”the chief said. “Mr Leland with me. Norris the ship is yours. “The captain ordered.
Transporter room.
“Can you do this my . Kyle?”the captain asked. “I believe I can sir “the chief said. The team stepped on to the pad. The security team in addition to the chief included Leslie.Galloway,hickborn,prosser and Norwood. The enterprise was st at warp. Kyil activated the controls.
The ship never stoped. The crew form went to several spots. Finalty They were on the surface. ” is everyone in one peace?”Conklin said. “I never ever want to do again?”the security chief said. “Realy.that was fine.I kinda want to go again. ” Leland said. “Your welcome to commander. I am all set. ” the chief said.
The team was fired on. The crew fired back. There were multiple alien races. They all had phaser or disruptors. The team hit back.
The captain ordered the team to fall back. The enemy force was relentless.
The captain wondered how they could have known they were coming. This felt like an ambush.  The captain wondered if someone tipped them off. If so who. Did they have an informant among the crew?   He had a hard time believing it but perhaps it was true.
An alien sniper took aim. The sniper hit crewman Norbert. Norbert was hit. He fell to the ground. Crewman proser came to his aid. He was hit. He fell to the ground.
The captain ordered the crew to call back. The crew tried to withdraw. “Sir? Crema Norbert and proser are dead. “Leslie said.
“We have to get to get one of them hostage. We need information and quickly ” the captain said.
Commander Leland fired on the sniper. The sniper was on a tree stand. The first officer hit the stand. The sniper fell to the ground. Leland and Galloway surrounded the attacker. The attacker was stunned by Galloway.
The captain took out his com badge. While he dodged attacks from various attackers. “Conklin to enterprise.”the captain said.
“Go ahead!” commander Norris said.”proceed with plan b. “He said “rojee that”he said. “You do know This is the wackyiest plan ever.”Grainger said. “I know but we have no other choice. ” he said. The enterprise went to warp. “Helm disengage warp. Kyile go to work”Norris ordered. The enterprise stoped. The chief beamed up the team and the hostage.
The enterprise headed for the planet. The ship bounced off the planet. The ship went to warp. The enterprise fired multiple volleys. The ship got away from the fleet .
“Kyile please tell me that you have them “”Norris asked. “I got um sir. “The operator said.   The enterprise went to warp.
Tranporter room
“Chief get our hostage to the brig.”Conklin ordered.”with pleasure sir. ” giotto said. “What species is he?”Leslie asked. “He is a yaridien!”Dr. Piper said. “Yaridiens are information peddlers.”the chief said. “Is he a broker or a true belever. “Leland asked. “I won’t help you . I don’t have to and I won’t. “The alien said .
Rebecca got right to work. She went to the auxiliary control. She created a false distess call. The ship going to ditalex was all part of the plan. The enterprise getting away was also part of the plan. All part of a complex plot to ambush the enterprise. A component in an even larger plot.
The captain entered the bridge . “captain on the bridge!”yeoman Smith said. “As you were!”the captain said. Leland and piper also entered the command center. “Captain,we are getting a distess call form a Vulcan vessels. The Vulcan explorer vessel “sonkar” they Say they were hit by a series of gravitic mines .they need assistance.”plotark said.
“Can you verify that the sonkar is in this area?”Conklin asked. “Yes it is .”Spock said. “Alright. Navigator lay in a course for the vulca vessel. Once you have the coordinates punch it in helm .”he ordered.
The enterprise went to warp . the vessel headed in the direction of the sonkar.of course it is a trap.
Noris has left The bridge. The captain wanted half of his senior staf to get rested up. He needed his crew at peak efecientcy.
The ship got close to the ship.Rebecca provided an  image of the Vulcan vessel. “I have the ship”plotark announced. “On screen “the captain ordered. The ship was displayed. Before the captain could order medical team the ship transformed into a spacial charge then exploded.
End of chapter three



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