One true path chapter two enterprise
Rec room.
“If I join you,you cannot make any jokes about how I don’t do anything. I will charge you with something. I am a lawyer I can indite a vulca for showing emotion.”lt. Sarah Chabot said. “Y would you want to frame a Vulcan of engaging in behavior reluctant to his or her culture? Oh was this a joke?”Spock asked.
“We will lay off the jag jokes today. Beyond that it is anyone’s guess.” security chief giotto said. “Say whare is Becky ?”the com officer asked. “She said she had something she wanted to check up!” Tom price said. ” please tell me your not turning into a work aholic. “Mark piper said. “I will try not to.”he said.
She made sure She was not being watched. She made it to the auxiliary control room. She went over to the table. She entered in a few commands. She had several filles sent to a sma device. The upload took seconds. She was an expert in computer profecientcy. She had access being records officer. She knew how to erase the filles. Everything was done quickly. Then she left. With luck no one would find out.
U.s.s enterprise
“Now nearing argelias!” navigator Grainger reported. “Com officer request permison to assume orbit. “Captain Conklin ordered. “We are cleared to orbit captain. “Assume slandered orbit lt. Vernon. “Conklin ordered. The vessel went into orbit. “Now in orbit captain!”Grainger announced.
” alright. Commander Leland, security chief giotto ,yeoman Smith with me. Lt. Commander noriss take charge of the ship until we are gone!” Conklin ordered. “Aye sir!” Norris said.
Conklin got up from the command chair. Norris sat down at the command chair. The four left The bridge and entered the turbo lift.
Transporter room.
” you sure you should be going Tom?”doctor piper asked. “Argeluius is an important port of call. I am the captain and a defecto federation representive. I need to go”the captain said .”this could be a war zone. The attack could have been a plan to ambush a starship captain.” piper said. “I must agree with Mark on this. “The security chief said.
“I’m going and that’s settled. Do you have the coordinates?”the captain asked. ” ready on your orders sir. “Transporter chief Kylie said. The team got on to the pad. “Energize!” the captain ordered.
Lt. Kyil activated the beam. The team was beamed from the enterprise to the planet.
The team beamed to the bar. The bar was sealed off by a for e field. There were security agents as well. The injured had been moved to hospitals. The dead had been moved. The evidence remained.
The captain recognized the prefect.jaris was a formidable man. He looked like a statesman. “Perfect I am captain Tom Conklin commanding office to of the federation starship enterprise. My first officer commander Mark Leland. This is doctor Mark piper,yeoman Andrea Smith my asistent and security chief giotto. “Conklin said.
“My security advisor hengiest”jaris said. “The device was embedded to the man’s body. He had a detonator ended in his hand. “The human advisor said.
“What was the device used?”the security chief asked .” it was a Klingon device. The device is older generation. It is comon on The black market. It used a dispersal agent. Designed for multiple casualties. “The human said. “It did that!” jeris said.
“Have you learned anything more about the bomber?”the security chief asked. “He came to the planet thoug a casnerien starliner. The man acted like a tourist.he visited the merchants shops and cafes. He seemed to keep to himself”hengiest said.
“Have you searched the casnerien ship?”commander Leland asked “not yet I was about to. I would not object to having company. ” the human security chief said. “Do you have objections prefect?” the captain asked. “None captain.”jaris said.
“Commander Leland,security chief giotto you can ocompony the administration. “Conklin said. They understood.
“I am deeply troubled that this occured. There has not been anything like this in a millennia. We will get to the heart of it. ” jaris said.
Star fleet command.
Planet earth
“I understand you read Klingon?”ensign Davis asked. “That is a silly statement. That is like do you speak terran. There are several laungrege groups just like on earth. There are also colonial dialect and several protectirates. Yes I do speak several Klingon dialects!”commander Aaron jeshop said.

  The door opened,an officer entered. “Commander, we have confirmed that the Klingons transfered key assets to the border with the non aligned region . several ships were pulled from outside the territory . they have even canceled some operations agagainst  words they wish to conqur. “Lt. Hayden said.
“When did they start this?” commander jeshop asked. “About three hours after the news of the attack on argelius broke. “Lt. Jayce said.
“Your sure about this?”jess asked. “Yes sir. ” Hayden said. “Then this proves that the Klingons were not behind the attack nor did they have advanced knowledge of the attack. They seam to believe that they might be hit next. “Jess said.
“Are you sure this exonerates them?”Davis asked. “Yes I am. They had no knowledge of this attack. In the Klingon one way they are spooked. “He said.
“Don’t Klingons live for war?”Jayne asked. “It is more complicated then that. They are a warrior race but they like to fight wars that have clear goals and a reasonable chance of  wining. They want to expand there influence. They like wars they control. They don’t want an arch duke Ferdinand moment that Leeds to a war They have no control of. After the war with us did not go there way I doubt they want to get caught up in one not of there choosing. ” jess said.
“What about the romulans? They like to engage In covert warfare !”Davis commented. ” look into it. ” jess said. They agreed.
Jess had an idea on how to get more information but he knew that it would be less then celebrated by his superiors. He would try.
Space port.
The star liner was a curse ship in space. The vessel was moored in an area just outside the capital. The argeliens did not have any real police force. The planet was one of the most peaceful world’s in the galaxy. With off world visitors things happened so there was a small public safety unit. They were under trained and under equped.
Security chief giotto and first officer Leland accompanied heingest and the smal force. The team moved to the ship.
They went to the airlock. ” I am planetary administrator hengiest. We would like to examine the quarters of Mr. Qozsn. “The security chief said.
“If course this way!”the cruise ship captain said. “Follow us!”the first officer said. The team followed the ships commanding officers.
In the quarters ,the room was designed for guest. The room had clothing. There was little else. There was no clues to his motives. The room offered no help in figure out the mystery.
Records office
“Mr. Quzon came on bored from our port on the planet ardana. ” the ships records officer. “About half of the guest came aboard from ardana. “The captain said. ” I would like to intervue the guest. “The enterpris security chief said. “Of course. “The captain said.
Being records officer,Rebecca could get around the ship without arosing too much suspicion. She had to keep records of ships reedings. She headed to the ships ion pod. She entered the pod. She took out a device that altered the readings. She took out a small device. She beamed out of the pod.
She Beemed to the planet. She beamed to a wooded area outside the capital city. She changed from her uniform to civilian clothing. She did not want to attract attention.
She arrived at a prearranged meeting place. She waited at a park banch. Then an alien arrived. The man was humanoid. His noise resembled a tusk. He had long black hair.
“Victory to the one true path!”the agent that used to be Rebecca price said. “To the preservation of all that really matters. ” trajeek the alien declared.
She presented the disk to the alien. “This is all the information that you will need. “She told him. “Thank you.the preserver will smile on you for this deed. I have further instruction. They are on this disk. “The alien said.
“Off course. I will Cary out the work of the preservers. I will accomplish the true path. “She vowed. “I know you will. Good day. We both have much to do. ” the alien male said .
Rebecca changed back into the yellow uniform dress. She beamed back to the enterprise ion pod. She left the pod.
Enterprise quarters.
“You ok? You seam down lately!”staf doctor Megan shall asked. “I don’t fit in hear. I have a good record hear yet I can’t the image of a fraghter boomer. I am not a star fleet team player. ” Lt jg marea bolt said. “Mia . your a good officer. You excel at reviews.tough it out you can do this . your a rising star in star fleet. ” shall said.
“I Wil never be accepted. I try to be a team player but they know I am not one of them. ” mia said.
“Marea jeen bolt are you having a low self esteem group session ? “Megan asked. ” maybe . I just want to matter meg. I Don’t need to single handily change history or anything like that . I just want to play a role . I want people to recognize that I can be an a set.I am tired if being a misfit. I want to be able to put my stay at hotel tantilous behind. ” mia said.
“You can only do that by staying in the game. I know. Its hard. You have to fight. Your not alone mia. You have supporters you are not aware of. ” Megan said. ” I will have to take your word for it I gues. ” mia said.
Star fleet command.
Office of admiral komack
“Let me get this straight! You want to meet with a Klingon official on natural world?” the admiral asked.”yes I do.look I have a contact in the Klingon government. One I trust .” jess said.
“Where do you want to go?”the admiral asked. “Rissa?”he said. “The resort planet?” the admiral asked. “I believe I can  get him to go there. ” jess said. “He is not there right now?” the admiral asked.”I have reason to believe that I can. Get him there. ” jess said.
“I am really reluctant to go along With this. Whoever I see the validity in this. We need information. Set this up. “The admiral said. “Thank you sir. ” he said.
“This had better be worth my wild lautenent. ” the admiral said. . “it will be sir. ” jess said.
U.s.s enterprise conference room.
“The bomber was quiet. He kept to himself. He stayed in his suite almost exclusively the whole trip from Ardana to. Argelius. On the planet he visited various cafaes and market places. ” the security chief said.
“They found no manifesto or any other statement. Both crew and pasingers said he barely had any views political k to ther wise. ” Leland said.
“His world is remote. The planet is not involved in any dispute or anything else. ” Spock said .
“Why does an alien from a remote world stage a bombing on the other side of The galaxy for no aperent reason. ” the captain asked.
“I checked with ardana. He went to ardana from the planet ditalex b . ” Rebecca price said. “Ditalex is a mining planet. It is non aligned but trades with multiple worlds. ” commander Norris said.
Ditalex does not have a permanent  population. The miners are itinerant. The planet is hardly the place to put down roots. ” Leland said.
“Alright. I want to go to Ditalex. See if we can get some clues. Have all decks prepare to leave orbit. ” the captain said. “Your going to push my ship to the breaking point arn’t you,” the Orion engineer asked “and  beyond!”the captain said . “oh great!” the Orion said.
“The enterprise is heading to Ditalex .”deret said. “Excellent. Just as I hopped. Everything is going according to plan .everything is about to be destroyed then we can rebuild it in our image. ” Qatar said.
End of chapter two
Argelius was featured in tos episode “Wolf  the fold”
Probably hengiest in this universe is not inhabited  by the Jack the ripper entity.
Admiral komack appeared in tos episode a mock time”
Risa is a pleasure planet introduced in “captain’s holiday” 
Ditalek b was featured in next gen episode “conspiracy”
Ardana is the planet of the cloud city of stratos . see “the cloud minners “


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