One true path chapter one

Planet earth
Paris France
Though this was not his world,zackdorn presidential chief of staf developed a roundness for earth and the federation city of Paris. He found he stil had not experienced all that Paris had to offer.
Han acron was playing stratigema with the telerite ambassador .he had to come several levels in order to play against the telerite.the telerite did better then expected. The telerite was improving. He came to wining a few Times. 
His communicator went off. “Can I have a minute ?”the advisor asked . “of course.” the telerite ambassador said.the palice de la Concorde chief of staf took out the com units . “this is acron.”he said. “Sir .there has been a suicide bombing in a bar on argelius. Federation citizens were among the casualties. ” the voice said.
“Alright . have the transporter Been me to my office. Have the iner circle meat me there. I want to be briefed before the president. ” he said .”if course sir” the voice said.
“We will have to pick this up should probably return to the council. “Acron said.”very well. “The ambassador said.
Office of the president
“We have confirmed that 10 were killed three federation citizens. 62 injured five federation citizens. “Intergalatic security adviser transmit hanan said. “Do we know the identity of the bomber?”u.f.p president Rona benbet asked.”he was from planet Jeter four. It is a remote planet deep in non aligned space. ” the security advisors said.
“Has any group claimed responsibility?”the president asked. “No. The argelien are investigating. They have promised to coordinate with us. ” acron said .
“Was the federation a target?”the president said.”not the primary target but we don’t know for sure. We don’t know the motive for certain.”Hanin said .
“Alright. I want all federation citizens to report in with the embassy. Are there any starships near the planet?”the president asked.
“Yes mam. The enterprise! “Admiral komack said.”send them to argelius. We don’t abandon our people. “The president said. “I will issue the order right away madam president . “the admiral said
Uss enterprise
Rec room
The captain fired his phaser at a projectile. The first officer hit it first. “You do know that one upping ones captain is a court marshal offense. ” captain Thomas Raymond Conklin said. “I will keep that in mind although I think I am consult with Sarah . I am not sure about that one. “Commander mark leeland said. “I Will over look it this time. ” yes said. “Your a man of compassion sir.”he said.
They were about to go again. The match was interrupted by the com pannel .”bridge to captain.” a bridge officer said. The captain went over and activated the com pannel. “Go ahead. “The captain said. “Sir. Incoming message from star fleet command priority one. “The captain said. “I will take it down hear.have the department heads assemble on the bridge in twenty minutes. “Conklin said.
The captain now back in a standered duty uniform .”captain on the bridge!”yeoman Smith declared.”the department heads are assembled as ordered.”commander Leland announced. “Very good. There was a suicide bomb in a bar on argelias.our orders is to investigate and show the flag as well. ” captain conklin said.
“The engines are at peak efecientcy sir!” chief enginer Hallak Said. “Glad to hear it chief. ” the captain said. “Are we anticipating space combat?”halak asked. “I don’t know about antiparing but I would say it is not out of the realm of possibility.” the captain said. “I always anticipate combat! Even during a botentenical survey. “Secuity chief giotto said. “Why am I not surprised?”first officer Leland said . “well let’s do everything we can to not have that become a reality. “The captain said.
“I will have sickbay just in case. I really hope that that will not be necessary. “Dr. Piper said.”so do I mark.”the captain said. “I am not sure how much work there will be for the science staf but I am sure you can make use of your time. “The captain informed Spock. “I am certain We will think of something sir.”Spock said. “Yes of course. ” the captain said.
“What that a joke Mr. Spock?”yeoman Smith asked. “No yeoman. Just an observation.”Spock told her. “Oh ok!”she Said in response. “Com tech I want you to monitor communications with arhelius and star fleet command. “Conklin said. “Will do sir!”lt. Polek said.
The captain Sat down at the command chair. “Helm set course for argelius maximum warp.”the captain ordered.the navigator lt. Elise Vernon. Ploted the New course. The helm officer lt. Granger presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
“We are on course sir. “Granger reported. “Very good. I want some routine maintenance  and diagnostic performed while on route. “The captain said. The crew agreed.
Planet charon
The planet was a dead world. The planet’s population had died out long ago. Evidence of the Carnegie renamed. It was a perfect spot for a secret meeting.
A man looked over the planet. There were fires everywhere. It was unclear how the fire got started. Perhaps one if the equipment malfunctioned from not being used.
“You think the cheron are totally dead?”qutar said. “I have not really thought about it excellently.”a younger man Said. “I wonder if the preservers rescued some in order to maintain the species. ” qutar said. “It Is possible. ” deret said.
“I suppose such idle speculation is not worthy distribution of mental resources but oh well. “Qutar said.
“The enterprise is being sent to argelius . “deret informed him. “Good. We Will soon be ready to proceed to the next phase.  ” qutar said. “I hoped that you would. I am ready for this.”deret said. “Call up the resources on the enterprise. Bring it on line. “Qutar ordered. “Right away. Victory to the one true path. ” deret said.
U.s.s enterprise
Qurters of lt commander Tom and Rebecca price.
Tom was the ships senior botanist. Rebecca was the records officer. Rebecca was pregnient. The ship was due to stop at star base 12 in a mounth. Both planed to go on a sabetical while her daughter was born. They both planed to return to active duty at a later date.
Rebecca had a secret .a secret unknown even to her. She was a sleeper agent. A new matrix replaced her personality with one loyal to the one true path. The matrix had been implanted years earlier. It laid dorment. Now it had been reactivated.
The program had been created by the romulan telshiar. The o.t.p had been able to get the program. They had sleeper agents in several members of key intergalactic powers. Now they were about to be activated. Just as becca had been.she got out of bed .”you ok Becky?”he asked. “Yea I’m fine. ” she said.
She wore a pink nightie.she was barefoot. She went to a com unit.she covered her tracks. Then she activated the unit. On the screen the image if oouver deret appeared. “I am active.  ” she said.”I am uploading the plan. We will not be  in contact until the phase ie complete. ” deret Said. “Understood.”she said.
“Victory to the one true path. “The man Said. “Victory to the one true path. ” she said in response. The screen failed.
The datta was uploaded straight to her brain. She started to process it all.then she went back to bed. “You ok beck?”he asked. “Yes I am fine .just call of nature. Go back to bed “she said.
Planet earth
Star fleet command
Lt. Aaron jesshop was an anyilist. He studied reports. He made recommendations biased on them. “This makes no sense?”he said. “What is it?” ensing Davis asked. “The Klingon empire has closed it’s embassies on twilek. Several Klingon ex pats have been escorted by Klingon ships back to Klingon space. Everything is quiet on twilek. The new overseer general is pro Klingon. The house if gitel a prominent family that hold a seat in the Hugh council depends on a substence made on twilek that energizes a enzyme that is weak within that house. They have cuts all ties with twilek. They have pulled out of the non aligned sector. They are seiling there borders. ” jess said.
“You think the empire knows something we don’t?” Davis asked.”they would have to. The universe is quiet. I might suspect that mukerat is planing another military adventure but there is no evidence of that!”jess said.
“Merkerat?”he asked. “That is a nickname given to chancellor murceret by his general’s and admiral. ” jess said.
“It is also strange that the romulons have downgraded there embassy staf with several world’s. The preator cancelled a good will tour of the star empire. Something is up. ” Davis said. “Something is up. ” he said. “It is related to argelius?'” Davis asked. “Could it  be.could this be the opening salvo of something big? “Jess asked.
“If so what?” Davis asked .”I don’t know. I want you to look at everything. Anything out of the ordinary.for right now confine the search to the non aligned sector. “Jess said.
Something was up. He knew It. There was a plot. What it was he did not know. In the non aligned area a master plan probably in the making for years was being unleased. Argelius was only the begging. This would askilate. He knew he did not have a lot if time.he had to figure this out now.
End of chapter one


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