One true path

Planet abkelast
The planet was inhabited by primitive tribes. They knew of other planets. They knew of other beings. They knew something was wrong.ships have left the syistom by the fleet load. The elders were convinced that there was some kind of imminent catastrophe. They did not know what.
Then the planet got darker.wreaber had changed. They knew whatever was going to happen,it would happen soon.
Qutir was only ten years ago.he knew something was up. He knew it was bad. “Grand farther what is going on?”he asked.”it is not for you to be concerned with young one.”the elder said. “I wish to know the truth.”he said. “We all Spence danger. We do not know  it  is. It will soon threaten us all. “The grandfather .

“Will we servive?”the young boy asked. “I do not know.”the old man said. In space an asteroid got closer. The asteroid was about to hit the planet.
The sky was darker and darker. Then the asteroid was visible. The tribes all believed that they would soon be dead. All of a sudden a large beam seam to have come from no where. The asteroid seemed to have been deflected.
As soon as it was gone. The Sun resumed. The tribal people rejoiced.many engaged in ceremonial dances. The boy had to know what had happened.
He followed the trail. It led to the forest. He. Found a structure. The tribes believed it was a diety.he called on it and somehow he fell inside.
He saw that it was a kind of command center. He would learn all he could. This was now his life cause to do the biding of the Huber race.the race who saved them from outer doom. Those the computer called the preservers. He would find them.
Thirty years later.
Qutir the young boy eventually left the back ward planet. He made it to The non aligned sector. He began to preach the good news of the preserves .he called his group the one true path. He had a plan. A plan that would change everything.
He gathered his followers. “If I can have your attention. Today is the day we have worked for for some time. Today we put an end to the old order and usher in a new one. Today we  destroy so that one day we can create. All followers of the one true path must unifyin comin cause. We must all wor together.we must rise up and seize our destiny. ” Qutir said. They all agreed. They cheered.
“Today is our day! Today the dream is born. Today we truly live. Today is our day. No one will be able to take it form us. “He said. His followers claped and cheard.
Qutir went over to his aid. “Zedker give the unit the go ahead to begin.”Qutir said. “Sucess today and for all time!”the aid said. “Sucess for us all today and for all time!”Qutir said.
Planet argelius
The planet was non aligned but was a port of call for many world’s. It was a friendly world. Many species liked to stop there. The bar was frqented by many races. It was a popular spot.
Today was many from may diverse races. There were federation citizens. There were Klingons and multiple others. Though many were advaseries hear they all leave them alone they did the same. That was how it was at least at this moment.
An alien man walked in. His species was not known but that was not that surprising.unknown aliens came hear many times. Suprise was always the order of the day. Today was no different. No one would expect this to happen.
The man shouted out that he was part of the one true path. He then detonated himself. He had a smal device embeded in his wrist. The explosive device spread though the room. This was an opening salvo.
End of part one.


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