Baby shower

The planet be taxed ,an influential member of the federation. Batazoids played a key role in federation affairs. Many were diplomats,scientist philosophers and many were in Starfleet.
Natasha ryker Picard was partily batazoid. Her mother was half human half beta zed and her farther human. She grew up mostly in space and spent little time on the planet. It held a special place in her heart never the less.
Her grand mother lived on beta zed.she tried to visit as much as she could. This visit was not quite her idea.
She was nine mounths pregnant. Her family decided to have a baby shower. She was not against it but she never liked having a fuss made about her. Her grandmother a diplomat and states women was all about it.
Luxana was a former head of sate and a former cabinet member to a president so she had her superior order her to beta zed. You don’t refuse the daughter of the fith house.
She did not know half of the attendees. She ran into her mom and mother in law. “I promise we were not involved! “Deana said. “I hardly know anyone!”she said. “Many of them are powerful. Probibly good gifters!”bevily said.”just what my baby needs,gd presed latnum crib!”she said.
Outside the home,an alien disguised as a beta zoid neared the gate. He took out a device. Several other aliens took out smal devices.
Beta zed orbital base
“Sir! I cannot detect the estate of the troy!”the tech said. “Are you sure?”the watch commander asked.”it’s like part of the planet is musing!”the tech said.”get me the first minister! “The watch commander ordered.
Natasha nor any of the guest was aware that the house had been cut off form the rest of the galaxy. None of the guest with telepathic abilities sense that something was amiss.
Natasha talked with several of the guest. The ones she knew and the ones she did not know. While mysterious aliens were at work.
Several walked up to her. “Hello!”Natasha said. Deana suddenly sensed something was art.she excused herself and ran to her daughter.
Sudenly the creature created some kind of force fielf. Deana tried to breach the field but was repelled. Bevily Picard ran over to her.
She asked someone to call  for security. None of the com badges we’re functional. They were trapped. Unable to escape and unable to help Natasha.
Obital base
“Your saying part of the planet is gone?”first minister hovered asked.”according to the sensors it does not exist . I do not know why!”the tech said .”security forces are on route to investigate !”the base watch announced.
“I want updates as soon as you know something. “The minister said.”you Wil be informed as soon as we know something excelentlcy.”the commander reported.
Deana tried to contact her daughter from inside the void. She could not get though. She suspected that the void or
Whatever it was was cut off form the rest of time. Perhaps she was in a different dimension. She was very woried.
Natasha was not sure where she was. The area looked green. She was not sure what was going on. She did not know where was was.
“Where am I? Is anyone else hear! I demand you show yourself! “Natasha asked.
No one showed up. She had no idea if she was being watched. For all she knew she was inside a her time in star fleet she had seen a lot of unusual things . that was not to mention the things she saw growing up on the u.s.s titen and star base 388. Of course she heard the stories of her parents on the enterprise and other ships.
Could she be inside negilum’s void? Could this be the bizare phynominion that targarted Picard due to the fact that it perceived Picard to be it’s brain. Could it be a creature?
She applied her telepathic abilities. She was more limited in her abilities then even her mother. She still tried.she senced nothing. Nayby this life form could not be detected.perhaps there was no creature. She did not bring herself hear. She got hear somehow.something else was at work.
Any attempt to get to the properly had failed. It was like it did not exist.planetary security assumed that it was the work of a force one was sure.
Planetary officials worked around the clock to breach the barier or whatever it was. They tested a transporter using a test clinlinder but it all failed. They still tried.
Inside the green area,Natasha just wanted to be home. She wanted to be free. She yelled but no one answered.
Was this a prison? Was this a waiting room. Why was she hear.Was this an abduction or something else. Was she being scanned and she just did not know it? She had no clue. All she could was wait.
Star fleet corps of engineers had an office on the planet. They joined the beta zed government in trying to get into the estate.
The s.c.e came up with a creative idea. The corps suspected that the area might be under a phase cloak. They attempted to send in a team under the phase cloak. The team headed inside the field.
Luaxana was very worried for her granddaughter. Not nearly as woried as her mother Deana. So was natasha’s mother in law.the gateway opened, the team emerged.
Office of the first minister
“The estate was some how caught off from the rest of the galaxy. It was a self contained cylinder. The government working with the s.c.e sucesfully retrieved the estate and restored it to our time. Unfortunately we have not located lt. Natasha rycer Picard!”the minister of interior Said.
“You have no idea where she is?”the first minister asked. “Not as of yet minister!”the interior minister said.
Deana tried to access her daughter. She tried to contact her.she was unable to find her.she was not sure where Natasha was. She was not if she stil was.she clung to the view that Natasha and her unborn child were alive and well.she just wished she knew where.
Deana Sat on the ground .she tried to focus on Natasha. She closed her eyes. She tried to call out in her mind to tasha. “Tash! Can you hear me?”she said.
Whever Natasha was she Was stil there. There was no sign she was going to be free any time soon. There had to be a way out. She could not accept that she was stuck hear.
She saw someone. She saw the person in the shadow. The person came out of the shadows . “you should not exist. You would not had it not been for the qayler!”the shadow man said.
“What are you some kind of watch dog group? ” she asked. “We stop the unatual! You are unatual!” the shadow man declared. “No I am not! Oh my! You want to stop me and my baby! Why are you doing this?”she said. “Wrong ! Unatual !”the shadow man said.
“I am not unatual. The reason for my inability to thrive was the result of interference. This was a correction of manipulation. “She declared. “Two wrongs do not make a right!” the shadow man said.
“Please let me continue. Let my daughter continue. “She said. The shadow man said. The man considered it.
Deana thought she got something.she focused. Sudenly tasha was back. Deana hugged her.
The u.s.s ticonderago was on petrol. “Sir! Your neaded on beta zed ! “The Jr officer said. “Do you know why?”lt commander Rene Picard asked. “You are now a farther! Mother and daughter are doing well!” the officer said.
The end


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