Age to age part three

Voth city ship
Delta quadrant
Odala was the head of the voth government. Her influence had weined slightly Sense The incident with voyager. She held on to power despite some roadblocks.
The voth influence had never been stronger. Despite the growth of the devore inperium,the voth were not really threatened. The voth and devore stayed away from each other generally.
Minister Odala held a weekly briefing of the sate of affairs before the ruling legislachor. It was fairly routine. The only big issue  was continued use of voth shipping lines by the malon freighters. The voth hardly wanted to risk war with the malon over this. The there was spies of the hierky. Nothing of major conciquence.
Command center
“Sir! The sansors went dark for a moment. It is working again but they were definitely out!”a tech reported. “Anything out of the ordinary?”the watch commander said. “Checking commander!”the tech said.
“Should we inform the first minister?”the com tech said. “Not yet. Lets see what we are dealing with !”the watch commander said.
“Sir we have a ship heading our way. It is a tactical fighter .it is a Vaadwaur!”the teach said.
“Advise them to withdraw at once!”the watch commander advised them. The fighter kept going. The fighter slammed into the ship. The ship exploded. The area was hit.
In the council chamber the members of the parliament felt The blast. “Odala to command center. What is going on?”the minister demanded to know. A Vaadwaur fighter slammed into the rear of the ship. We are accessing the damage. “The commander said
“Have the kitty ship go to full alert have all nearby warship head for us. I want the whole sector on high alert. Stand by alert for the whole voth empire. “Odala said.
“Understood minister. “The commander said. “I want to kept fully apprised by the situation.”of course minister!”the officer of the deck said.
The combined Vaadwaur and society fleet took advantage of the chaos caused by the attack on the citty ship. The ships first attacked a series of unmanned setilites.
The ships then moved in further into the region. The vessels moved quickly to take control of the remote teratory. The plan was to seized the sector with overwhelming force. They hoped that they would not want to brother to retake the sector. They hoped they would back off.
Society flagship
“Detecting incoming vessels. They are voth patrol ships!”the tactical officer said. “How Manny?”jatrair asked.”three ships! They are standard patrol ships!”the tactical officer said.
“Send The avenger,vengience and cross hairs to intercept The vessels. The fleet will stand by!”the admiral ordered. “Aye sir!”the com officer said.
The three warships headed out to the patrol ships. They had weapons standing by. The vessels opened fire on the patrol ships. The warships hit the patrol ships. The ships were unprepared.
The voth ships refused to go quietly.They hit back with everything They had. They fired ans fired. The ships loyal to the society had the advantage. This area was not seen as strategicly important they did not protect it as much. No one seemed interested in attacking it. That made it perfect for the society.
The ships were destroyed. While the society ship moved in. They destroyed any unmanned setilite or other unmanned craft in the area. They quickly moved to fortify the area. They hoped to claim it for The New zerabien empire.
Voth citty ship
Council chambers.
“Minister the attack was perpetrated by the Vaadwaur. The vessel fully matches there design and configuration. “Admiral totlek said. “We have no relations with them!”opposition leader arvien said “the Vaadwaur consider themselves destined to rule the galaxy. Anyone that gets in there way is a threat to that. “The admiral said.
“Was the Vaadwaur behind the invasion in sector 14d4?”education minister lucreta asked. “No it is Avery different design. I suspect that the attack on the city ship was a diversion. I believe that the Vaadwaur are aliens with this mystery race!”admiral zihed said.
“Who are these aliens ?”Odala asked.”the technology and infrastructure are not from this quadrant. These ships originate In the voyager qudrent. Some of the technology is very similar to voyager. “Defense minister deret said.
“Is voyager involved in this?”Odala asked. “That information is inconclusive minister!”the def min said “is it possible they were involved?”Odala asked. “It cannot be rulled in or out!”admiral totlek said.
“Alright I want a build up of our forces at gentic four. I do not want to strike the occupied area yet but I do want to stop them from expending any further. “Odala said.
“We are already working on organizing ships and resources to do that. Admiral nored has been naimed supreme commander and he is organizing his forces. “Totlec responded.
“Excellent. Another thing! I want a raid on space in voyager’s federation. I want a fairly soft target! I don’t want maximum casualties but I want a definitive message to them to stay out of our qudrent. ” Odala said. “Agreed!”the admiral said.
Alpha qudrent
Federation unmanned com relay.
Near Caleb sector.
The voth used the Borg transwarp network. The voth sent a small task force to hit the com relay. The ships came in and opened fire in the com unit. The relay was destroyed.
Star fleet command
San Francisco
“Bill you wanted to see me?”admiral Janeway asked. “Yes I did. We have confirmed that the com relay 49 was destroyed by a deliberate attack. “Admiral Ross said.
“Do we know who was behind this?”Janeway asked. “Yes!”Ross said the aid played the tape.
“This is admiral ontek of the voth. We carried out this attack and will Cary out more if you do not stay out of our affairs!”the admiralsend. The message ended.
End of part three.


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