Age to age part two

“We have breaking news! The federation news service has confirmed after seven years in the delta qudrent the u.s.s voyager has come home. The voyager is heading back to earth. “The reporter said.
“Celebrations are being planed. There will be perades all over the planet. There will be a formal caramony held by the president. Star fleet command is not commenting on how voyager returned yet .rumors are abounding on the com nets”
Sence voyager made it back to the alpha qudrent all naomi’s mom could talk about was seeing her farther. Naomi had never met the man. She found it hard to be interested in meeting someone She had no connection with. She knew it was important to her mom. It had little significance to her.
The com channels were a bus of activity. Getting though to ds9 was difficult. She still tried.
The society sent a message to her. She did not get it consciously but she got it.  “Hi I got to go. I got co caught up in the excitement forgot to stop a critical experiment. “Sam said. “Mom are you coming to the ceremony?”she asked. “We Will see!”she ran out.
This is not like her morther. She had no idea what was going on. She found it strange. Mayby it was stress.
Sam went to the science lab. No one was there. She activated a society override protocols. The computer seized the computer. She located the pertinent data and had it uploaded to the society main frame.
She got a message saying that the data had been received. Then she disabled the link. She cleared out of the computer. She reverted back to the old Wildman. She had no idea why she was there.
She then went to one of the looks out on the ship. She saw her daughter. “I did not know if you were coming ?”Naomi asked. “I would not miss this for anything! ” she told her daughter. Naomi was surprised by that answer. “Ok! I am glad you could make it!”she said.
The voyager entered earth space. There were fire works. Everyone at space control clapped. The voyager headed towards space dock.
Planet derod four
At one time,catlin was a rising star within the society. After a series of defeats he fell from grace. The bored of elders threw him into the nubula figuratively speaking. He had to be the one to take the blame. He was determined to bring himself back to glory. He wanted to bring the society to its fullest. He was certain he Stil could.
The general received the message from Wildman or operirive 4478. He had requested information on Borg transwarp conduet,delta qudrent empire’s,and map of key areas.
The data came on his screen. It was everything he had hoped for and more . this could be the key to everything. To restoration for himself. Revival of the zerabien empire and the complete ascendance of the society.
Planet caden four
Capital of the society
“The elders reviewed your plan. We were sceptical at first. With proper preparation it can work. We have decided to proceed with the plan.”the grand elder declared. The general was quite pleased.
“However we have decided that you with not command the operation!”the oversear ,the second in command said.
“I came up with this ship. I should command this operation!”catlin said. “Prior experience shows you are good at conception but not in execucution! Therefore another will lead. You will consult not you will not command!”the grand elder said.
“Who will command?” the General asked. “Admiral jitair!”the oversear said.”jetair? I have exceeded the admiral . I have proven myself far more effective then he. “Catlin said.”the desision has been made. It is final!” the grand elder declared. “Be glad we have not side lined you al together!”the oversear remarked.
He realized he should not fight this. He knew how far to go when it came to chelenging the bored of elders. “Very well. I am greatfull for this chance to serve! “The General said .
He went to the office of jetrair. “Admiral! “Catlin said. “General . it has been a long time! ” the admiral said. “Indeed it has admiral!”catlin said. “So I have read the report from the elders. I would like to hear it in your words!”the admiral said.
“Of course. Right now reqonquest I of the zerabien empire is problematic. I recommend we build an empire in the delta quadrant. There is a planet in a fairly remote area. It is clas m but inhabited. There are several other class m words and world’s capable of capable of teraforming. It could be a capital world of a new zerabien empire. ” he said .
“There’s has to be a catch?”the admiral’s aid zeredek said. “There is commander. While it is uninhabited,it is claimed by a race called the voth !” catlin said.
“The voth are a reptile race. They were encountered by voyager. They profess to be the first race in the galaxy. In truth they originated on earth. They are believed to be dinosores. ” the General’s New aid major borin said.
“Can We take it without then noticing?” the admiral asked.”yes but we will need a distraction. I have an idea on how to accomplish that. ” catlin said. “How?”the admiral’s aid asked. “We need an aly. I have a perfect candidate. “The General said.
Delta qudtent
The planet was a demonic class planet or class l. They teraformed one island making that island class m. The island was sealed off from the rest of the planet.
“Sir! There is a ship in orbit. He is asking to speak to you by name! A vadwar officer asked. “How did He know how to find us?”Gaul asked .”I don’t know!”the officer said.
The leader agreed to meat with this man. “Who are you?”Gaul asked. “My name is General catlin. I represent a group called the beatufied. We have a proposal!”the general said .
End of part two.
The voth appeared in the third season episode “distant origin”
Vaadwaur appeared in the sixth season episode”dragons teeth”
Samatha Wildman first appeared in the second season episode “elogim” and was s reacuring character seen throughout the series mostly during the second and third season. Sense she was a fairly miner character I thought she could be a sleeper agent.


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