Age to age part one

Planet seribus
“Colnel catlin welcome!” a tech maimed zerken said. “You wanted to see me techinician?” the colonel asked.
The tech took him into the command center. They went to an aft device. “The revilator? I believed that it was mythical? ” the colonel said. “It is not sir!”the tech said.
“Does it predict the future ?”he asked. “Not quite sir! It scans the time line and based on events and personalities of key players and races,it suggest possible predictions. It is not certain But is a good guide. “The tech said.
“I see!”it is quite fascinating. “The tech said. “It sounds it. What have you learned?”the colonel asked.
“The situation in the damilterized zone will continue to be destabilized. Attention will be played more to that reigion. There is something else. The revator believes that the starship voyager will play a key role in the future. “The tech said
“Voyager !never heard of it!”the colonel said. “It is Stil in shakedown but will oficialy  lunch soon. All indications are that they will play a major role in the future. “The tech said.
“I suspect you have a recommendation!”catlin said. “Yes I do sir. I believe we should have one of our operatives in star fleet be assigned to the voyager. We need eyes and ears on this ship. “The tech said.
The colonel considered what to do.”very well.  Have an officer assigned. I am considering an ensign perhaps in the science division. ” catlin said.
The tech entered in names of operatives actively in star fleet in to the revilator. On the screen the view screen showed a white light traveling though space. Then one image came on the screen.
“This one? ” the colonel said. The tech stoped the screen. On the view screen was the image of ensign Samantha Wildman. “I Will make the arrangements !” major kirel said.”good !” the colonel said.
U.s.s kieserge
Ensign Wildman was asleep in her quarters. The com monitor went off. She got up and turned on the monitor. On The view screen was a Vulcan admiral naimed sortok. “Admiral!”she said. “Ensign we need you to report to the u.s.s voyager. “The admiral said.
“Voyager? I had hoped to transfer to deep space 9! “She said. “I realize that but star fleet needs your ecpertise. I must ask you to comply with these transfer orders!”the Vulcan said.
While they were communicating,a subliminal message wastransmited to her subconsciously. She received the message but did now know She received it. It did work but she did not know that.
“Of course sir. I will comply!”ensign Wildman said. “Very good the voyager is at ds9 waiting to be deployed. The kieserge will go to ds9 to drop you off.”the admiral said “of course sir!”she reaplied.
There were two kinds of operatives inside star fleet who were working for the society. The first were operatives who knew that they were operatives. The orther were operatives who were basically sleeper agents. They were not aware that they were agents. They would provide valuable information. They could be activated at any time.
Wildman was a sleeper agent. The admiral Said goodby. The message ended. The monitor was deactivated.
Wildman had no idea. She would be shocked if she knew. She was a weapon against star fleet. She was hurting the fleet without ever knowing it.
She boarded the voyager. Both her and star fleet were none the wiser. She went on voyager. The voyager then left deep space 9. The voyager left the station.
The vessel disappeared in the bad lands. The ship was declared lost. The colonel then consulted the revilator. “How can this be zarcan you assured me the voyager would play a major role in the future? How do you explain this?”the colonel asked.
“First I did. Not say it the revilator did. I scanned the revilator again adding the New data. This is what came back. The voyager will Stil play a major role in galactic affairs. The ship was declared missing not destroyed. “The tech said.
“How can you explain this contradiction?”the colonel asked. “I can’t but I trust the revilator!” he said.
“Well for now I Will focus on out other avenues. Keep me apprised!”the colonel ordered. The tech said he would.
The society had been very buisy. The society was quietly building. They were aquring ships weapons. They even negotiated with other worlds. They were not ready to go public but they were back. The zeravian empire was on the road to restoration.
Secret base
“General I have news from seribus!”Korea said. “What is it?”he asked. ” voyager was not destroyed. It was taken by an aliens  seventy thousand light years to the delta quadrant. It had spent the last four years there. “Kirel informed him.
“They are Stil there?”he asked. “They Will have to travel for seventy five years to make it home. They hope to find a quicker way home. They sent multiple data to star fleet. What they have we have. Thanks to our opritives. ” kirel said.
“I want to look it over ! I want to analyze every bit of it. This could be most helpfull. “The General said. “They are uploading it to us. “She said.
He studied it. He came up with a plan. Contact with voyager was lost again. A relay used to send messages was destroyed. He knew contact would be restored.
After the dominion war ,an attempt to restart the war failed. General catlin formed a New idea. A new plan. He believed this one would work.
End of part one.


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