Wars and rumors of wars the conclusion

Paris France
Pallice de la concorde
Office of the president.
“Mr. President ! Starfleet has uncovered evidence that the dominion was not behind the attacks in the classes sysitom.”admiral Paris said.
“They are not! Then who is? “The president ‘s security advisor asked.”we believe a group that has  Bean involved in attacks for several years is trying to reignite the dominion war so they can prepare to invade the old zeravien empire.” admiral todman told them.
“You are sure of this?”the president asked. “There is question as who is involved but that this plot existed is not. There is a secret shipyard near the klasen syustom. It is not the dominion. “Admiral parris said.
“Alright! I want all available ships to head for the shipyards. I want that ship yard secured. ” the president said .
“You have got it Mr. President! “Admiral parris informed the president .”I want us taken off a war footing with the dominion. I do not a war on two fronts for no reason. ” the president declared.
U.s.s defent
“Admirals log,we have been ordered to proceed to a secret shipyard used as a staging area probably for an invasion. We have to stop the plot before it starts.failure to secure this shipyard means that this force will be allowed to maintain a foothold in our territory. ”
The defent met up with either ships. The ships included several ships from frigates to sovereign class. There were also Klingon ships that had joined the fleet.
U.as. defent
“Colnel I am transferring my flag to the u.s.s sovereign. I am putting you in command of the defent.”the admiral told her. “I will get the job done admiral!”kira told her.”I know you will !”the admiral said.
“I releve you sir!”She informed him.”I stand relieved!”the admiral said. He got up from the command chair. The admiral excited the bridge and headed to the turbo lift.the door closed. Kira Sat down at  command chair.
The ships in the task force left the staging area. The vessels went to warp. They headed at high warp for the enemy staging area.
Dominion vessel
“The enemy vessels are heading right for the shipyard. “Kirel informed the commander. ” order all ships loyal to the beatified to head for the shipyard! ” Caitlin said.”right away. ” she said.
The two fleets met up with the other. The defient got off the first schot. The rest of the fleet followed suit.
The battle had gone into full swing.the beatified fleet returned fire. The society fleet composed of  multiple ships. All from different races including ships left behind from the hushnuck.
The society had been building up there forces for quite a while. The buildup was quiet. It was a slow process.
Now they had been exposed. They stil might be able to gain the uper hand. The federation was working to over power the force.
“Captain I believe I have located a crack in the station’s shield.it is very smal. I believe we can exploit it!”nog announced.
“Go for it!”the commander ordered. The defent headed for the base. The scout class war ship headed at high warp for the base. The ship fired on the base. A few ships came at the defiant.
Two akira class starship covered the ship. The ship went side ways and fliped around and made it to the other side of the shields.
The defiant fired multiple volleys of quntrum torpedoes on the base. Part of the base was struck. The area was heavily damaged .
One of the hangers was obstructed by the defiant. Two akira class vessel exploited the flaw that the defiant had.
The two star fleet scout ships fired on the base. They hit several parts of the base. The rest of the fleet pounded on the enemy force.
The rest of the fleet built on what the defiant had done the shield came down. The fleet moved in.
Several of the hostle moved out. They attempted to move out. They wanted. To get away.
The dominion ship commanded by catlun tried to move out. The defiant was not about to slow that the defiant and three Klingon bird of preys surrounded the vessel. 
Catlin fled the bridge. Kirel wanted to find him.he was gone. The federation ships knocked out the shield. The ships sent ground forces.
” admiral log the shipyard has been secured. The computer core was erased. Star fleet security will still try to access it. Some ships were able to escape.”
“Star fleet will fully cooperate with romulan Investigation !”Reese told her.”I appreciate that!”serva said.”does that mean that you Wil stic around for a while?”tyme asked.”yes!”she Said smiling.
Star base 381
“You got a big story?”Fullerton said to Jake. “Yes I did “Jake said. “I gues your heading back to deep space 9?”Gaby asked. “Yes I am. I will be hear for a day or two. Would be available for lunch?” he asked.”I would love to!”she said.
Kirel ended up in a star fleet prison. She wore a gray prison uniform.she was assured that her baby would be cared for while she was in custody . she felt betrayed by Carlin.she was not overly surprised. She was not sure about her next course of action. She would wait to see what there next course of action would be.
Unknown planet
“The beatified has come up with a new plan. “An elder said. “We Will build a new empire. But not hear. We want to build an empire in the delta quadrant!”the elder told Caitlin.
The end
Next up
The society wants to create an independent sate in the delta quadrant. The both might be a hindrance to that effort.


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