Wars and rumors of wars part six.

“Log of Jake sisco,reporter for the federation news service. I have interviewed the crew of the starbase. I am now going to the surface to survey the damage. ”
Jake Beamed to the surface. Even before he fully emerged on the planet,he could see the carnage. There was plenty of evidence of the attacks.
Responders had already got to work treating the survivors. Jake had gotten used to being after battles.
Jake had gotten the detailed accounts of the battle. He now wanted General information on the colony.
“This planet was colonized by people from earth in the year 2103. The colony became a federation member in the year 2302. Non human began to settle other continents later on. A unified government was created in 2199. ” a planetary historian told Jake.
Jake was not interested in the history of the planet. He knew his editors would be. Then something caught his attention.
“This planet was a outpost for the zeravien empire .the zeraviens never established a colony but did place unmanned equimptment on the surface. It was part of there central trade route!” the historian told Jake.
Jake got to thinking,other then the base, there was nothing of significance to the dominion. This was not necessary to conquering the federation. It was if you wanted to reconqur the zerravian empire.
U.s.s Jakarta
Mess hall
“Do you ever ralax?”shabby asked.”of course I do. This could be the story of the century. I don’t want to someone else to crack this before I do. “Jake told her. “You relay think that there is a story hear?”Fullerton asked. “Absolutely”he replied. “Oh ok!”she responded.
“Computer scan archives for anything about movement to revive zeravien empire! ” Jake asked.the computor. The screen went blue. “What happened?”Gabrialla asked.
Sudenly the screen sawed the image of star fleet security. Then the image switched to the face of admiral todman.
“Why were you accessing this information?”the admiral asked. “It is for a story admiral. I had no idea it was classified information. ” Jake told him. “It’s not. I just want to know who is trying to access it and why!”he said. 
“It’s going to coast you sir!”Jake said.””fine you can have an exclusive . “he said.”I suspect that someone is quietly planing to invade the old zerravian empire with the goal of reviving it. “Jake said.”you promise not to publish this until after the plot is thawted?”todman asked. “You have my word. “Jake said. “There has been increased activity in this sector for a few years now. It began with a theft of a Borg cube. Combined with other ships. There has been an escation. I did not believe this was connected. I am reevauating that. “The admiral said. “Who is behind all this?”Jake asked.”we are not totally sure. We suspect it may be the work of a secret society called the beatified. They have been a thorn in the side of the federation from the very beginning. ” the admiral said.
Jake was astonished by all this. This was a huge story. How could they stop this plot?
Camberin syistom .
The two ships headed into the heart of the General Camberin sector.
“Lets combine the two sensors and see if we can’t come up with something! “Reese ordered. “Implimenting now!”Justin said.
“So what is going on between you and serva?”he asked. “Neither one of us knows for certain yet.I think we both like each other. “Justin said. “I can see that. ” Reese said.
“I have something !”Justin said.”report!”the commander ordered. “I have located some kind of enomily in the surimon pulsar.it could be some kind of outpost it staging area!”tyme reported.”send to star fleet command and to Romulus. Then we are going in!”Reese said.
The two ships went to warp. The ship would not be able to hit the base. This would have to be a recon mission. It would be information gathering only.
The ships had to get close to the source of the readings to determine what it is. The pulsar was obstructing readings. That was probably why they put the base there.
“I got a visual!”Justin said. “What are you waiting for? A formal invitation?”Reese asked. The screen was turned on. On the screen was a massive base. There were ships from several races. Thus included hushnuck and others.
“Holy carp!”Reese said. “We have to warn star fleet!” tyme commented. “Agreed! We need to get out of hear. “He said. The ships headed out.
“You don’t think you and serva can make a go of it?” Reese asked. “I think so. I want to. “He said. “Your a human she is a romulan. Right now we are allies but you can’t really think the silence Will last. It is a marriage of convenience. The romulons and the federation will be In a situation where conflict nay become anavodible. “Reese said.”it does not have to be that way.”Justin said.
“Mayby our two people’s just are not ment to be allies. It won’t work Justin. I think you know I’m right on this. “He said. He did not want to believe that. He wanted to believe that it could work. He wanted to believe that love could work between these two. He wanted it to. He really liked her and hoped it would work.
Right now there were bigger issues.that fleet had to be stoped. There plot had to be exposed. This was there one chance. Right now he would be focused.
U as defent
“Bill we just received new orders!”kira said. “Ok!”he said.
End of part six.
To be concluded
Thougout the seventh season,it was assumed that the war time alience with the romulons would bot hold.it steamed that by the time of nemesis,the rumulins had abandoned the alience but would not commit to hostilities.


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