Wars and rumors of wars. Part five

Dominion vessel
Qurters of the general.
The vorta supervisor was the only person on a dominion ship that hit there own Qurters . they usually reserved Qurters just in case a founder was abored. Catlin kept the ship as it was. No changes well very few.
The door opened.Sence no one else In the crew dared to intrude without permission,he knew it could only be one person. Kirel.

enough it was.

“The incident with the Difient has blown Everything up. The federation is on high alert .there are rumors that the federation is considering striking the dominion in the gama quadrant. The plan is going well.”she said
“Why does this not feel

like a victory?   We accomplished the mission. We put things in motion. It did not go as planned . the Difient servived the attack. The admiral is stil alive.  I fear this portends badly for the future.”Catlinsaid.
“You worry too much . you always have. Nothing goes quite the way you plan it too. It was not a total victory. That happens. We can pull this off. We already are. “Kirel declared.
“I would believe it were it not for the incident with the Borg cube. All my life I have been a murcinary or fighting in other people’s armies. All my life I have yearned for a zeravuen empire. This is what I want for a legacy. I have no children.this is my chance. This is my gift to the galaxy. My gift to my people!”he said.
Kirel had not told him that she was pregnant with his child. “We can pull this off. We can create the universe you envision. We will. “She told her.
He hoped she was but he was not sure. He had become obsesed with recreating the zeravuen empire. She wanted to tell him her news but decided that this was not the time.
Gama qudrent
Founders home world.
The founders had moved there home world a few years earlier due to a plot by the romulon telshiar and Cardesien obsidian order to destroy it as a preemptive strike.
A vorta briefed the founders on current events including odo. “The federation believes that we are behind the attack?” odo asked.
“Yes they do.”the vorta said.”we were not involved of course. The federation May not believe them!”a founder said.
“You believe they will restart the war?”odo said. “They may! Another founder said. “We know a dominion fleet was involved. Where did it come from?”odo said.
“We are looking into it. The cardesuen and Breen has aces to our technology. Someone could have rebuilt the fleet using wrekege from battle sites. ” the vorta said.
“I want a patrol of the wormhole. “A founder said. “Of course founder!”the Vorta said.
Star base 381
Jake interviewed various people from the staf of the station to First responders. He went to the mess hall. He noticed life on the station was slowly getting back to normal. Everyone was stil on edge. They all feared another attack.
Jake got a plate of food. He saw Gabriella Fullerton. “May I join you ?”he asked.”sure! I hope what i say won’t show up in print?”she commented. “No I never print anything without expresed permission. “He said.
“Alright I just wanted to make sure.”she said. “Ok! That’s fine. How are you doing?”he asked. “Ok I know the dominion do not have the greatest reputation but I really thought the war was over,really over” she said.
“Thus could just be a miner set back.perhaps a rougue faction of the dominion. I was there on a planet near archanis after the martok changing was exposed. It looked like the war with the Klingon was on. Then it just stoped as if it never happened. “Jake said.
“You think this will blow over?”she asked. “I think  that there is a good chance of it. “Jake said.
U.s.s Difient
Admiral Ross got the damage report. It was bad but could be a lot worse. It could be repaired fairly easily.
” I want to do the repairs that can be done hear. I want to keep the. Defient on the frontier. “Admiral Ross said.
“Keep the sansors up to full strength. I would like to find that fleet. The longer they operate In this sector,the more of a threat they pose. “Ross said.
Planet deniva
Reese and tyme decided to follow up on a lead. They beamed to the surface. They went to a farm house. They saw animals.
A women held a baby in her arms. “Annie towels?”Reese said.”I have honored the condition of my perole! She said.
“Have you heard from Jack torence?” rese asked. “I have not seen him since my arest. I heard he was on desica two. There is rumors that he wants to revive the marquus but I want nothing to do it.a few weeks ago I was contacted by a friend of his named powers.he was on desica two. They want to replant colonies along the old d.m.z.” Annie said.
“Is he stil on desica two?” tyme asked.”that I don’t know . “he said.tyme and tease went over to a corner. “Feel like taking a trip to desica?”Reese asked. “Sounds like fun!” tyme said.
Desica two.
There was a bar on desica that was known as a center of activities for all kinds of activities. These included legitimate and otherwise. The two entered the bar.
He saw torence and powers. As they went over to the table. A sniper fired a phaser blast on the two. The sniper beamed away. They ran up to the area.
“Dawn it!”tyme said. “The case has just gone cold. “Reese said. “Incoming ship”the Hoover computer voice said. They beamed back to the scout ship.
They went back to the cock pit. Tyme looked at the sansors. “It is a romulon transport. “Tyme said. “Serva?”Reese said.
There was transporter beam. “Are we being captured?”tyme asked. “Teran humor!hey babe!”she said she hugged him.
“Did you come hear for a date ?”Reese asked.”if we can fit it in definitely! My superiors won’t listen to me. The attacks on the klasen system is not a coincidence .it is part of a coordinated effort. All of the attacks seam to be centered on an area once known as the camberin protectorate.it was part of the zeravian empire. I believe that the dominion has nothing to do with this. I believe that this is a plot to restore the empire. The dominion is a pawn in all this.” serva said.
“Wait a minute. Computor scan computer archives. Subject events in the camberin expance in the last forty years. “Reese asked.
It went though several entries. “Computor stop! I remember hearing about this one. A group stole a Borg cube . the real Borg showed up and dealt with them. “Reese said.
“How do We get more evidence?”Reese asked. “We need to go to the camberin sector. “Serva said. “Care to come with us?” “Reese asked. “Absolutly!” she said. The ship headed to the sector.
End of part five.


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