Wars and rumors of wars part three

Medical ships started to arrive at the planet. Rescue operations began immediately. Teams. Beamed to the planet and the star base.
In orbit several ships assumed defensive stance around the planet this was just in case the dominion fleet returned.
U.s.s. defient
“I have located a dominion battle cruser! Sending coordinants to helm!”Kira reported. “I have it!”lt.nog reported. “Plot course and engage!” admiral Ross ordered. the course and speed was plotted and  engaged. The defient was off.
Dominion vessel
“The defient is heading right for us!”kirel reported. “Increase speed. Leta teach star fleet an important lesson. One they will never forget!” the colonel said.
Star base 385
The control room was shmbles.several stations were on fire. The ops center had almost completely fallen apart. commander rondon was injured but could stil perform his duties. The crew knew not to offer assistance. To do so was considered disrespect.
Lt. Gabriala Fulton felt for the commander.she knew about zaldan’s philosophy.she hated to see him suffer. It was how they did things.
There were multiple beams in.at first fullerton feared that it was jemhedar.it looked like federation transporter. Star fleet medical and engineering crew emerged in the ops center.
Dr. Kathrine palluski moved around the control room. “Rondon hoW could you allow yourself to be injured?”she asked. Rondon laughed. He always enjoyed bantering with Kate. She began to treat him. Her staf treated the orthers.
Star base 351
“Was the whole cease fire a rouse?”admiral cobern asked. “What are you talking about?”the founder asked. “A dominion fleet attacked star base 385 in the klasan syistom !”the admiral said. “We have no interest in the klasan syistom. I thought I would not be interrogated . I had the right against self incrimination.”the founder said.
“These could ne New charges. The war could be back on!”the admiral said. “What is this? An excuse to invade the gama quadrant. I thought it was illegal to invade another qudrent. “She said.
“Do you have information of an imminent attack on federation or allied holdings?” The admiral asked. “I have no knowledge of any operation. I made an agreement with odo. All of us as a link did. We would not break it!”the founder assured him.
“How do you explain this attack?”the admiral asked.”I cannot. The founders were not responsible!”the founder said.”what then a rougue unit?”he asked.”I can it speak to that witch I have no information on !”the founder said.
“You believe him?”his aid lt. Nicky Allen asked.”I am not sure. This seam under planed to be a dominion plot. They usually think six steps ahead. This is sloppy in comparison. More seat of your pants kind of stuf. “The admiral said.
Cardesia prime
Lt. Commander Reese and lt. Tyme took a scout ship to cardesia prime. The planet was a wreck.almost every Scotty every villege was devisated. Once a magnificent world was almost totally reduced to rubble.
Gull lemack looked over lucarian city. What was left of it. “Lemack it has been a long time!”Reese said. “Your a commander now. Seams like yesterday you were an ensign.”lemack said
“Look. During the dominion war there was a lot of trade between the dominion and cardesia!”Reese said
“You think we were behind the attack in the klasan syistom?”lemack asked “this seams possible. Your people staged an attack on a federation outpost in order to have us deal with your problem. You yourself tried to provoke an incident near menos corva!”Reese said.
“We are in no position to do anything of the short. Not to the federation. We have no dispute any more with the federation. “Lemack said.
“Your two enemies fight it out. Revenge!”tyme said.”is it possible a faction of the Cardesien union is involved. Mayby. We have no interest in the klasen system. During the end of the war there was a rumor that a dominion fleet vanished abd resurfaced near the klasen syistom. The founder and wuyon vihitmetly denied it.there was time to follow it up. ” lemack said.
“What if it was not the dominion. What if we are deeling with some one else. A third party a provokiter.”Reese suggested.”who?”tyme said. “Marques perhaps. Mayby an extreme faction wants revenge . “Reese said. “Lets look into it!”Justin said “let’s do it!”Reese said.
Planet Romulus
Sub commander terlva had been briefed on the situation in the klasen syistom. She found the situation odd.
She did some analyses.”computer scan archives form the last forty years. Search for theft of ship,unknown attacks !”she said. The computer began the scan.
She attended a staf meeting. “Sir may I ask a question,”she asked.”procede!”commander suran asked. “If the dominion war is resumemed ,will the empire rejoin the war?” terlva asked.”the preator is considering it. He is not revealing his intentions at least not to me!”commander suran said.
After the meeting she checked the computer.the computer had completed the scan. She looked over it. She annalized it closely. She saw a paturn. A disturbing duscovery would have to be reported.


“We will be in fireing range in ten minutes!”Keira reported. “Have all weapons standing by!”the admiral ordered. “You got it sir!”Keira said.
Dominion vessel
Sick bay.
“I have been feeling a bit Ill. I do not understand it!”kirel said.the doctor took out a recorder. He scanned her. He did some extensive scans. “I know what is going on!”the doctor said. “What is it?” she asked.
“You are pregnant!”the doctor reported. “Oh I had no idea! “Kirel said. “I have confirmed it. “He told her. “I never saw you as a type that work settle down.”he said. “Nor have I !”kirel declared .
“All officers to the bridge. We are almost in weapons range!” Caitlin said. “Duty calls. May I go?”she asked. He nodes yes. “I will want to see you frequently !”he said. She agreed.
The dominion vessel was the first to open fire on the defient. The defient fired quntrum torpedoes on the warship. On the admiral’s order Kira at weapons returned fire.
The vessel was hit. The defient hit both sections and the middle. The warship fired back.
Several decks were hit. Several decks had to be sealed off. There were multiple fires.damage control parties put out those fires.
The defient hit back on the warship. The defient had inflicted some damage. “You will try a lot harder!”Caitlin ordered.
The dominion vessel fired on the bridge. The bridge exploded. Admiral Ross barely dodged impact. He servived.
An aft officer was killed. Kira made it to safety. As had Bashir and ezri. Nog’s post was unaffected.the defient was not done yet. The batle was stil going on.
End of part three.
Admiral cobern appeared in ds9 episode “favor the bold” he gave the go ahead to attempt to retake ds9.
Dr. Palauski was Dr. Crusher’s replacement in season two of t.n.g.
Commander suran was a high ranking romulan officer In star trek nemesis.


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